Army Life

By Erik Maskot

I'm Samantha, an ordinary 20-year-old brunette, with an ordinary job at the reception desk in an ordinary office building downtown L.A. You might have seen me shopping at the mall or dancing at the local night club. You might have found me attractive, too. Some men can't keep their eyes off me.

Did I say ordinary? Well, not quite. I'm an nymphomaniac. I just love men. I just love making myself look sexy, and make men staring at me. It makes me so hot.

Anyway, I didn't mention that I quit my job some time ago. Instead I joined the Army, and got my own room in the camp. Yes, I said room! Can you believe it? I was the only female in the whole company, so I got my own room. In a camp full of sex starving young soldiers.

I've seen their hungry eyes. Their shy smiles, their bulges. I've smiled back at them, inviting smiles. I've given them the hopes, given them something to dream about. They wanted me, and I'd let them. That's why I joined.

The first few days I didn't let them too close. I wanted them to beg for me, let them starve. My eyes met theirs, made them feel that they were special, but at the same time they wouldn't get anything. Not yet.

I also had my own shower. The first couple of weeks I didn't try to hide myself. I didn't shut the door tight, and soon the young recruits were peeking at me. I could feel their hungry eyes on me, but I did nothing to cover myself. Pretty soon they had hard-ons wherever I met them.

It was the second Friday after I enlisted that I decided to make my move. All the soldiers were going to the shower stalls in the evening, to take a shower before they went to town.

After the last one walked in, I sneaked into the dressing room. At first they seemed to be a little shocked when they saw me, a female, and tried to cover themselves up.

Then one of them whistled when he saw me. I smiled at him, walked over to him and said: "So far you guys have been staring at me, isn't it about time I get to see what you guys can offer?"

He blushed when my hand touched his bulge, only covered by his jock strap. I could feel his dick harden. To my satisfaction everybody's dicks were growing. There were must have been at least thirty men in there. Some were tanned and muscular, real studs, others skinny. They all appealed to me.

They didn't know what I was up to. Had I come to just look at them? They had all been watching me. As nobody wanted to make the first move, I started stripping. Slowly I unbuttoned my uniform jacket. Recruits who have been in the shower came into the dressing room. They whistled and cheered when they discovered what was going on. Soon there were at least fifty men in the room. They were standing around me in a circle. I was trapped. They could do anything they wanted to me. It was too late for me to change my mind. I just had to go through with this.

One of the soldiers pushed the start button on a CD player. The music of Madonna filled the room. I was dancing to the music, the boys were cheering and moving to the rhythm as well. My pants fell to the floor.

A soldier, a tall blond stud, came into the circle and started dancing behind me. He was rubbing his crotch on my ass. More cheering from the crowd. They were getting wild. Before I could do anything, buttons were flying and he had pulled my shirt off. I was only wearing my bra and thong.

The tall blonde was clenching his body to mine, and I could feel his big, hard cock through the fabric of his jocks, still rubbing it against my ass. He put his hands on my big breasts, and started fondling with the bra. He pulled it off, so my tits fell out and my hard nipples were pointing at the young men in front of me.

When the blonde let his jocks fall to the floor, he whispered in my ear "You came here to be fucked in every hole. And so we will. If you get pregnant tonight, there's no fucking way you'll find out who's the father." Then he ripped my thong off, lifted me off the floor, and put me down on his at least ten inch dick.

I let out a little scream, then a moan, when he entered me. Still moving to the rhythm of the music, I was riding on his cock. After a few minutes he came inside me, and when he was dry, he pulled himself out, and pushed me towards the bunch of horny guys in front of me.

I was held by many hands. I was starting to wonder if I'd done the right thing. I could handle a whole group of men, but a group of fifty-or-so sex starved men who haven't seen a girl for several months?

A black guy with a monster dick pulled me down on a bench. He wanted me to sit down on him. His big cock filled my hole. Another soldier came up behind me, forced me to lay down on the black guy. This new guy entered my asshole. He lied down on top of me, so I was being fucked by two men, being squeezed between them like a sandwich. At the same time two guys came up to me and forced their cocks inside of my mouth, one on each side of my head.

The group of soldiers almost turned into a mob. Another soldier decided he could stand behind those two guys who were fucking me, as they were both lying down, and he figured he could squeeze his cock inside my cunt, where there already was a big cock. I tried to protest, but was left without any chances. With two cocks in my mouth, I could do nothing but moan and growl.

Soon my cunt and ass were both filled with big loads of cum. I could feel it running down the insides of my legs. New cock entered me. My mouth and face was filled with cum. So was my hair, my tits and stomach. The guys took their turns, I lost control and after a while I hardly knew what was going on around me. I didn't notice when one guy pulled out and a new one entered. I didn't notice what hole they were fucking. Buckets of cum covered my whole body. I'm sure some of them fucked me more than once, and I'm also sure that even more soldiers came down to the dressing room and fucked me. I had no idea how many guys could've been there. I was close to fainting.

When the last guy left the room it was three o'clock in the morning. I had been therefor hours. I was all sticky. I was too tired to even think of taking a shower. My clothes on the floor were all wet and sticky too. Holding my clothes in front of me, covering my tits and cunt, I tried to sneak up to my room without being seen. There were nobody there, so I got up without any trouble. They must have been on the town, partying their asses off. Maybe bragging about this night. Maybe the word would spread.

I sat down on a chair, turned on the TV, lit a cigarette. I actually didn't smoke, but I found a pack in the dressing room that I took with me. I needed one right now. I felt sore, I felt tired, but I felt good. I was happy. This had always been my dream, and now it had come true.

I was so tired I went to bed covered with sperm all over my body. By the time I woke up the next morning it had all dried up, but the sheets, the blanket and pillow was stained with the goo. I was glad it was Saturday, so I could do some cleaning. That included myself.

My cunt and ass were still sore. My whole body felt like I'd been beaten up. I spent the whole day in my room. Was afraid to face any of the soldiers again, in case they wanted to fuck me again. It was all too soon.

* * * * *

On Monday everything was back to normal. Or was it? I was back to my duties, but the group seemed to desire me even more than before. I could see it in their eyes when they passed me, I could see it in their bulges, and they were more friendly, kinda like a comrade. I wasn't someone they couldn't touch anymore. To them I wasn't just a girl they could dream about while masturbating anymore. They could actually have me, and they thirsted for more. And they actually knew I would let them. They were waiting for my signal.

When I was in my room they'd leave me in peace, but as soon as I walked out they were like dogs, closely watching every move I made.

* * * * *

The following week there was a major exercise, and we were going to sneak in on an enemy and conquer their camp. I knew, to my team this wasn't gonna be an ordinary military attack. The guys told me I was gonna take off my uniform, and walk up to the post on a lookout and distract the guard.

The enemy guard was halfway hiding in a hole in the ground, and I didn't discover him. He saw me first and pointed his gun at me, and asked me who I was. He seemed to be really surprised when he saw that I was a half naked girl, just wearing my sexy underwear. He had to be sure that I was a civilian, and that I was lost in the woods.

He pulled me down into his post. Didn't want anybody else to see me. I could see he was hot, a six-foot tall stud, and a big boner was making a big tent in front of his pants. When he saw that I accepted him, he unbuttoned his uniform pants, and a thirteen-inch cock popped out.

I started working on it right away with my mouth. My lips embraced the head of his cock, and my tongue was working on the piss slit. It was an extraordinary cock. The tip of my tongue actually went inside his slit. I was suspecting that he'd been inserting things in his piss slit, because it opened up so much. It also appeared to have been pierced before, but no ring was in it. As his pants dropped down, I could see that he had tattoos all over. And he was all muscles. He turned me on.

I had no idea what time it was, but soon another guard came over to us. Obviously it was time for change of guards. This new guy jumped into the hole, and let his pants drop. Another big cock was bouncing up and down in front of my face. The cock had a tattoo of a scorpion on it, and he was also all muscles and tattoos.

Then something that surprised me happened. This new guy obviously wasn't interested in me, but in this other guy. He started French kissing the first guy, and grabbed his ass with a strong hand. The one with his cock inside my mouth didn't seem to reject him at all. He returned his kisses, and started pulling on his cock. I thought this was hotter than anything I've seen in my life.

The two enemy soldiers grabbed me, and lifted me up. I was squeezed between them, as one of them entered my sizzling wet cunt, while the other one forced himself inside my asshole. The two of them were still kissing and fondling each other as they were fucking me.

They were penetrating me for a long time, before they shot their loads inside me. When they lifted me off, I knew it was not the first time the two of them had had each other. The one with the thirteen-incher turned the other one around, and entered his already greased ass. I went down on the other guy and sucked him off, while he was being filled from behind. They both came when we heard some shooting and then some yelling about the enemy soldiers being captured. The soldiers on my team had sneaked past us and taken the camp.

The two guards suddenly panicked and forgot all about me for a moment. Quickly they pulled their sperm soaked pants up and buttoned them. I ran into the woods, where one of the guys on my team, a young guy named Robert, was waiting with my uniform. He had seen the whole thing. He smiled and the scene had turned him on. I don't know what turned him on the most, but I had a feeling it was the two enemy guards fucking each other. Rob did seem a little feminine. I decided to make friends with Rob, because two guys doing it together turned me on more than anything. By being friends with Rob, I was hoping the same thing would happen again.

I invited him to come over to my room when everybody went to sleep that following night. He seemed a little nervous about getting under my blankets and touching my naked body, but I made him calm down. I let him do everything his way, and I knew he didn't have much sexual experience, especially not with a girl. He came fast inside me. We were lying together, talking, that whole night, and I made him admit I was the first girl he had ever been with, and that he was gay, by promising not to tell anybody.

Rob was exceptionally cute. He kinda looked like Leonardo di Caprio, and I actually fell in love with him. It was not the only night that he slept in my bed. When he started trusting me, I told him that I got turned on by two guys making love to each other, and asked him if he would be interested in a triangle.

He was actually happy about this, because he had fallen in love with me, but at the same time he was sexually attracted to guys.

* * * * *

I was expecting Rob to take me to a gay party sometime, but he surprised me. He didn't do what I expected. Instead the following Friday after duty he told me to come to the same dressing room I'd been gang banged at earlier, but he told me to wait a few minutes after him. He had greased his ass with Crisco, and dressed up really sexy. When I came down there, it turned out he's done the same thing I did. He had started stripping to steaming hot music, and then opened up his ass for fellow soldiers. The sex starved soldiers were all willing to fuck his tight asshole. There was a line of about fifty soldiers waiting, and they were fucking his ass, his mouth, and they were jerking off and shooting their cream all over him. When I came in some of the men grabbed me and pulled my clothes off me. I was put on the bench right next to Rob, and soon we were both drenched in cum.

I noticed that one of the guys used his cell phone and started calling more soldiers. Never before had the dressing room been that packed. I was sure that during that night every single recruit in the camp must have been in there. Several of them started kissing and fondling each other while they were waiting to empty their cocks on Rob or me. I was pretty sure that some of the 400 men were even fucking both of us. Not before 8 AM the next morning the last one left the room, and Rob and I were sore, left behind on the benches. No matter how tired we were. Rob surprised me again. I was half asleep on the bench when he started licking the cum off me, on every inch off my body. He turned me on again. We got into a sixtynine position, and I started licking him as well. I had never seen this much cum in my life, and I was licking it up and swallowing it. About ten o'clock we were both dry, got dressed and stumbled up to my room, and slept the whole day.

After that night things changed in our camp. Nobody used the other dressing rooms or showers anymore. The one we'd been in, was now being referred to as the "fuck room", and there was action every evening. Everybody were fucking everybody.

Rob was the best looking guy in the whole camp, and he didn't get any sleep unless he slept in my room. In his own room, his roommates, and even other guys, jumped in bed with him and fucked him continuously, even if he needed rest. So he ended up moving in with me.

* * * * *

Eventually, it turned out that I was pregnant, and of course, there was no way I knew who was the father of the child. I didn't want to know either, because there were more than 400 candidates, and I was sure none of them wanted to take the responsibility of supporting the child either. Rob said he's take the responsibility, so I decided not to take a DNA test. Rob was one of the candidates, and he wanted to be the father.

Even when I was pregnant I couldn't get enough cock and cum, so I still showed up in the dressing room and had my share. However, they were not so rough on me anymore, and some of the guys wanted to suck on my nipples. I was squirting milk in their faces. I felt like we were a big family.

A few months before I had a son, I had to retire from the Army. I found an apartment for me and Rob in the town close to the camp. Rob had a group of about ten regular lovers, and I also had a group of guys who desired me, so you could say we both got something out of the Army.