Coming to Terms
Chapter 3
By John Yager

This is the third of five chapters. This story contains descriptions of both straight and gay sexual acts. If such stories are not to your liking or if you are not allowed access to such material under the laws of the area in which you live, please exit now.

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We'd all gotten out of the hot tub and were hurriedly drying off in the cool night air. It was Melissa who asked the question I think we'd all been wondering about but hadn't asked.

"Stan, are you going to assign rooms or do you just want us to take our pick?"

"Actually," Stan said, "when Billy and I have been up here before he and I have used the top right room, the one overlooking the dining area. I'd sort of like to have it again."

It was the first mention I'd heard of them making previous trips to his uncle's lodge but I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

We wrapped the towels around us and scurried in, happy to get into the warmer interior of the lodge.

"Which of the girls is pairing off with you?" Jason asked Stan as we closed the sliding patio doors.

"Melissa," Stan said and Melissa smiled and waved and did a little pirouette. I don't know when they'd settled that issue but it looked like the girls were in on it and agreeable.

"Joan and I can take the other upstairs bedroom, if that's okay with the rest of you," Billy chimed in.

We agreed it was okay and that left the two downstairs bedrooms. Jason and I had no preference so Barb and Sharon headed for the one at the living room end and he and I took the one off the dining area.

We all sorted out our bags and prepared to settle down for the night.

Both Jason and I managed to get alone with our girls for a goodnight kiss.

"You going to be okay?" I asked Barb as we nuzzled, or bodies pressed together through our damp towels.

"Oh, yeah," she grinned. "What about you?"

"I have no idea," I said, meaning it. "This may be totally whacked."

"Well, take notes," she said, giving me a last quick kiss. "I want a full report."

"Yeah, right." I said. There was no way I was going to tell her what Jason and I did or didn't do. "It's supposed to be guys who get off on the idea of girls making it together," I added as we broke apart.

"Hey, mister," she laughed, "don't think you have the corner on that market. I think the idea of you and Jason doing it is incredibly hot."

I gave her a little slap on the butt as she turned to go into the bedroom she'd be sharing with Sharon.

Boy was wondering around on the balcony looking a little lost, not understanding why his two masters were going off to separate rooms, and with girls, no less.  He came back down the stairs, gave little short and settled down on a soft rug by the fireplace.

When I got to the room Jason and I were sharing he was already there. His duffle bag and backpack were on the floor just inside the door and I could hear running water. The bedroom lights were off but a beam of light shown across the floor from the open bathroom door.

"John?" he called when he heard me shut and lock the door.

"Yo, bro," I called to him as I put my own stuff down by his and headed across to join him.

He was standing by the sliding glass doors of the big shower stall, reaching in to adjust the water temperature.

"We'd better shower before we get in bed," he said as he finished messing with the controls, dropped his towel and stepped into the stall. "The water in that hot tub had enough chlorine in it to pickle a horse." When I held back, watching him, he said, "you coming in?"

I wasn't sure if he intended for us to shower together but the stall was certainly big enough for two, so I dropped my towel and stepped in.

"You seem pretty damned relaxed with this whole thing," I said as he handed me the soap.

"Well, what you gona do?" he grinned. "I figure we are both complete novices with this whole gay thing so we can just relax and mess around. Neither of us has anything to prove."

"Except whether we're really straight or maybe gay."

"I thought you were the guy who argues we're all bi."

"Yeah, I did say that, didn't I?"

"Yeah, John, you did."

We stood at opposite sides of the shower stall rinsing off and sort of avoiding looking at each other. As soon as we were finished I reached out and grabbed two fresh towels off the shelf.

We dried off in silence, stealing little glances at each other from time to time, then tossed the damp towels onto the floor with the others we'd brought from the hot tub, and walked into the dark bedroom.

Without a word being said, Jason headed for the far side of the bed and I went to the nearer. We each grabbed a corner of the bedspread and between us, pulled it down, letting it slip onto the floor at the foot of the big bed. The clean white sheets seemed to glow in the soft light from the nearly closed bathroom door.

The big king-sized bed loomed between us.

Jason stood there, separated from me by the white expanse. There was an expression on his handsome face I'd never seen before. I couldn't take my eyes off him and he seemed to be equally happy just looking openly at me.

"What do you think?" he finally asked, breaking the silence.

"I guess this is it."

We pulled back the top sheet and slid under it, lying stiffly on our backs, the sheet covering us up to our waists, our arms at our sides, not one part of our bodies touching. We stayed that way for a minute or more.

"I locked the door," I finally said. It didn't make much sense but I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Good," Jason said back.

We were both silent again.

"John," he said after another long pause.

"Yeah, bro?"

"If you want to just go to sleep, it's okay with me."

"You want that?"

"Well, no, not really."

I waited a minute more and then said, "kissing in the hot tub was great."

"Yeah, I liked it," he said, rolling over on his side to face me. There was a sort of wise-ass grin on his face.

"I could tell," I said, grinning back.

"It felt really strange at first."


"What was the strangest part for you?"

"Well," I said, trying to think how to start, "you feel so different from Barb, different from any girl."

"I know, hard where you're used to soft," he grinned.

"In more ways than one," I laughed.

"Don't give me trouble, buddy," he said with a mock snarl. "You had a boner, too."

"Yeah," I admitted, "we both did."

There was further silence as we just lay there on our sides looking at each other across the expanse of white sheet.

"You know what else was strange?" Jason eventually asked.


"Man," he laughed, "I thought I'd flip when I felt your rough stubble against my cheek."

"I know," I said. "At first it was really turning me off but after a while it seemed sort of hot."


"Yeah," I agreed.

"Different, but very hot."

"Yeah," I said again.

"I guess that's what this is all about, right, John?"

"I guess so."

"Different but nice."

"Yeah," I whispered as his hand came over to touch mine. Our fingers twisted together and we both sort of smiled. We just lay there holding hands for a while, his eyes fixed on mine, mine on his.

"How would you feel about trying another kiss," I whispered.

"Great," he whispered as we scooted together and embraced, still lying on our sides.

There was no audience this time, nothing to prove. Our lips pressed together softly, just touching. Eventually I felt his lips open slightly and just the tip of his soft, wet tongue came out to move slowly over my still closed lips.

We drew apart a little and I said, "that was nice."

"Yeah," he said, smiling at me and rolling over onto his back. "You want to come over here?"

I wasn't sure what he meant but as I pulled the sheet back and moved toward him he spread his legs and held his arms open to me. I knelt between his legs and lowered my body gently onto his. His arms came around me and, supporting my upper body on my own arms, I looked down at him and smiled.

"Is this okay?" I asked. "Am I too heavy?"

"No," Jason whispered, "I like it."

I lowered my body fully onto his so that my entire weight was on him. As I pressed my lips to his he brought his legs up around my buttocks, holding my body even more firmly against his, pressing my crotch into his crotch as our cocks pulsed between us. His arms came around me and his hands gently stroked my back.

Our kiss grew in intensity, no longer a tender meeting of lips but a harsh devouring of mouths. We were both groaning, thrusting together, reveling in our strength, in our masculinity.

Suddenly Jason rolled onto his side, dislodging me.

"What?" I panted. "Was I hurting you?"

"No, man, it's great," he panted, trying to catch his breath. "If we'd kept it up I was going to come."

"Isn't that the idea?"

"Yeah, eventually, but let's make it last a little longer, okay?"


We lay side be side for a few minutes, just calming down. Then, as he'd done before, Jason reached over to take my hand. It still felt odd, his strong solid hand, his very masculine hand, but it also felt very nice.

We lay there like that, just holding hands, as our breathing slowed and our bodies more or less settled down. Eventually Jason rolled onto his side and moved over so his head was above mine. I figured he was going to kiss me, and eventually he did, but for quite a while he just looked down at me, studying my face, looking deeply into my eyes.

"This is very odd," he said.

"I know. Are you okay with it?"

"Yeah, I'm liking it a lot." He grinned and added, "that's the strangest part."

As I lifted my lips to kiss his, he lowered his to mine. We met midway, my head lifted off the pillow, his coming down. We held ourselves like that for a moment of two, kissing lightly, then I raised my hands and pushed him up away from me and then over onto his back. Jason spread his legs again. Maybe he figured I was going to lay on him again, but I just propped myself up on one arm, facing him, and ran my free hand over his beautiful body. I stroked his chest, making him moan. What I was doing was clearly giving Jason a lot of pleasure but I have to admit I was really enjoying it, too.

When I'd looked at Jason's body as we'd worked out together and sat naked in the sauna and when we'd showered together, I'd become increasingly fascinated with him. I knew his hard, muscular body would feel more or less like my own but I'd longed to touch him and, until now, had never had an excuse. Now, in the charged environment of the lodge, anything seemed permissible.

It was really odd. I mean, I know I loved Barb and I love having sex with her. But the appeal of another guy's body, of Jason's body, was something new, something I'd never consciously thought about before all our discussions of sexuality had begun.

So Jason was moaning, really getting off by what I was doing, and I was getting off on it, too. The feel of his hard chest was amazing. I loved the feeling of his pectoral muscles, hard and mounded under his soft, warm skin. As I continued to gently stroke him his nipples hardened and stood up. His cock was already hard, jutting up over his pubes, drooling pre-cum, pulsing and jumping with every beat of his heart.

My god, he was beautiful!

I let my hand roam up over his shoulders then down his left arm. The muscles there were tense and hard. I squeezed his upper arm and marveled at the feeling of his biceps. I couldn't believe I was getting charged from feeling another guy's muscles but it was really turning me on.

I returned my hand to Jason's chest and then slowly moved down to his abs. He tensed at my touch, causing all the mounds and valleys of his hard stomach to stand out under my touch.

I knew where my hand was headed but it scared the hell out of me. I wanted to touch his cock. I knew he'd welcome my touch but feeling another guy's equipment was really getting weird. I felt as if it were crossing the line. We were really moving from straight to gay and it was as if there was no turning back.

I ran my fingers lower, into his public hair, felt the wetness where his cock had dripped. It sort of shocked me to be feeling his stuff on my fingers and I quickly pulled back. My fingers were sticky with his pre-cum and I moved back up to stroke his abs, spreading the clear goo over his hard muscles .

This was safer territory. I worked back up as far as his cute little belly button before getting my nerve up again and moving slowly back down. This time when I reached his pubic hair I moved my fingers down through it, avoiding touching his cock, and began to run my hand along his upper thigh, down into the space between his leg and his balls, stroking his thigh but letting the top of my fingers touch his scrotum. I was touching his balls without really admitting that was my intent.

Jason was not only groaning now but also thrusting his hips up, wanting more. I finally worked up my nerve. I moved my hand back up, determined that this time I'd do it. I circled back up, ran my fingers through the sticky puddle which had accumulated in his pubic hair, and then, not giving myself time to think about it, grasped his cock.

My first realization was how natural it felt. It was incredibly hot and the sensation of soft skin moving over the rock-hard shaft was so much like touching myself. I spread the pre-cum over the length of his shaft and then slowly pumped it, not holding it too tight, just stroking Jason the way I liked to begin on myself.

"Oh, John!" he moaned.

I grasped him a little more firmly and speeded up. In about thirty seconds he stiffened. You hear guys say their toes curled. Well, Jason's really did. His body went rigid, arching up off the bed as his head rocked back and his eyes almost bulged.

I felt his cock swell in my tight grip and then the first blast of his thick seed shot out with so much force that it formed a long white strand which ran down from his nose, over his gaping mouth, across his chin and then in a suspended strand which bridged to his chest before it collapsed into a line that ran down over his throat. I couldn't remember ever coming with such force and had to admit that I was very impressed by Jason's trajectory.

As I watched his tongue came out between his lips and licked away the cum which was within its reach. It was so incredibly hot that I felt my own cock jump in response. He looked up at me, his eyes still not really focused, and his lips curved into a slow, easy smile.

"Oh, John," he moaned, his words formed lethargically as if his whole being was moving in slow motion.

"Good?" I asked.


I released his softening cock and got up from the bed. I walked into the bathroom and let the water run until it was warm, then soaked a small towel and wrung it out . Returning to the bed I found Jason still in a stupor and gently wiped the cum from his chest and neck, them moved up to dab away the strands which still clung to his face.

He didn't move, just lay there submissively as I cleaned him up. When I finished with his face I folded the towel so the cleanest part was on the outside of a folded square and used it to gently wipe his now soft cock. It pulsed a little as I handled it, too spent to get hard again, at least for a while, but still showing signs of life. When I finished I dropped the wet towel onto the floor beside the bed and stretched out next to a limp but happy Jason, snuggling against him as we both slid into a peaceful doze.

Sometime later - I'd lost all sense of time - I was awakened by the sensation of Jason's hand gently stroking my chest. When I opened my eyes I looked directly into his.

"Your turn," he whispered.

"You sure you wouldn't like to save it and just go to sleep?"

"No, not yet. There's something I've been wanting to do."

I just relaxed and let Jason's gentle hands stroke my body. I figured he thought he had to do for me what I'd done for him. His hand circled my chest and then moved down over my abs, which tensed under his touch. I'm not usually ticklish but as his hand moved over me I felt my muscles jerk involuntarily.

By the time he'd reached my cock I was fully erect.

Jason was lying on his side, propped up on his left arm as he used his right hand to stroke and caress my body. When his hand reached my cock he grasped it with no hesitation. I admired his boldness, remembering how I'd had to steel myself to touch his drooling dick.

As Jason continued to stroke my cock he turned himself around and then with no hesitation, lowered his lips to my cock and kissed it gently on its wet head.

I groaned but moved my hand to this shoulders and squeezed him gently.

"Jason," I moaned, "you don't have to do that, man."

"I want to," he whispered as he began to lick the enflamed head of my cock. His saliva mixed with my pre-cum and with that slick combination he moved lower to wet the entire length of my cock. I rose up just a little to look down at what he was doing and marveled at my wet, glistening shaft. Then, as I still watched, Jason opened his lips and slid down until about a third of my shaft was in his hot, wet mouth.

I flopped back onto the bed, the back of my head crashing into the pillow, as Jason continued to give me the most amazing blow job I'd ever had. My mind, as well as my body, was on overload but I tried to analyze what was going on. I'd had oral sex with Barb and a few other girls but they'd never done more than lick my cock and maybe take the head of it into their mouth for a few seconds. It was clear that the girls who'd gone down on me had not expected to get me off. For them it was just a brief stop on the path to fucking.

What Jason was doing was of a completely different order. It was clear that he expected to bring me to climax. It was also clear that, as a guy, he know how to please another guy.

Jason was bobbing up and down on my meat, taking more and more of it into his mouth with each descent. I felt the flared head of my cock hit the back of his mouth and he began to gag. He backed off but didn't completely abandon my cock. He managed to keep the head of it in his mouth even while he recovered from the gagging response. And while he held only the head of my cock in his mouth, he continue to slowly stroke the wet shaft.

As soon as he'd stopped gagging he was working his way down again. This time, when he got the head of my cock deep into his mouth he seemed to swallow several times in succession and, to my amazement, my cock slipped beyond the back of his mouth, into the tight recesses of his throat.

How in hell is he doing that? I wondered,

It was awesome. I'd never felt anything like it.

I was moaning and my body had begun to shake.

"Jason, man, you'd better back off," I growled. I was so close.

He signaled his intention to stay for the whole race and I flopped back onto the pillow and just let him do his thing.

Within another thirty seconds I was shooting a big load down his throat as he sucked and swallowed, taking it all.

It was an intense climax, probably the most intense I'd ever had.

As my cock went limp in Jason's mouth he licked it clean and then let it slip out, feeling wet and cool as it lay against my belly. He moved back up and nuzzled his face into my shoulder. We were both breathing hard but as our hearts returned to more normal rhythm we both slipped into a happy and gentle sleep.

To be continued.