Coming to Terms
Chapter 4
By John Yager

This is the fourth of five chapters. This story contains descriptions of both straight and gay sexual acts. If such stories are not to your liking or if you are not allowed access to such material under the laws of the area in which you live, please exit now.

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Jason and I needed to talk.

He lay at my side, his face pressed into my shoulder and from the gentle rhythm of his breathing it was clear he was sleeping deeply.

Outside the early summer sun was shining and beams of bright golden light illuminated the bedroom and fell across the big bed.

The sex we'd had the night before was wonderful, as great as any I'd ever had with a girl, probably better. There was no question about that.

The questions were about what it all meant.

I rolled over onto my side and slid out of the big bed. I'd let Jason sleep a little longer. In the bathroom I took a long, rewarding piss and then turned on the water in the big shower. When it was warm I stepped in, letting the water cascade over my body for a while before I even bothered reaching for the soap.

Finally relaxed, I lathered myself up and had just begun to rinse off when Jason came in from the bedroom. He grunted some sort of unintelligible greeting and then stood at the toilet and let it roar. When he'd drained the pipes he came over to the shower stall and slid open the door.

"Hey, bro," I said in greeting. "you going to join me?"

There was another grunt and he stepped in. I was quickly learning that Jason was not a morning person. I was more or less finished anyway so I moved over so he could stand under the shower. As his handsome body glistened in the spray I took the soap and began to run it over his shoulders and chest. He didn't object to I just kept going.

As I lathered his chest and stomach I said, "Jason, babe, I think we need to talk."

"Oh shit." There was a look of panic in his now wide awake eyes.

"What, man?"
"I knew I went too far last night," he said. There was a slight catch in his voice.

"What do you mean?"

"I went too far didn't I? You think what I did was completely queer."

"Hey, man," I said, reaching out to grasp his muscular shoulders, "it was fucking wonderful. I just wanted to know how the hell you learned to give such great head."

"You aren't upset?"

I drew him to me. "How could I be upset? I never had such an awesome blow job in my entire life. I just couldn't figure how you'd learned to do that. I'm about convinced you've been holding out on me and you'd done it before."

"No, John," he whispered against my shoulder. "Never."

"Well, I've heard about natural born cock suckers before," I said, stroking his back, "I guess you must be one."

"Well," he said pulling back so he could look me in the eyes, "I've been practicing."

"So how do you practice if I was the first guy you've done it to?"

He looked down sheepishly and said, "I bought a dildo."

"No shit? Does Sharon know?"

"Yeah," he grinned. "I figured if I hid it around the apartment she might find it and then it would be even more embarrassing, so I just showed it to her when I brought it home."

"She didn't think that was a little weird?"

"Well, yeah, she did, but now she enjoys as much as I do."

"What the hell have you two gotten up to?"

"Well, you know that conversation you and I had over at the guys house about butt fucking?"

"Sure. You said you and Sharon hadn't gotten into all that."

"We hadn't then but we've sort of opened some new doors over the last few weeks."

"Jason, this is beginning to sound a little kinky."

"Yeah, I know," he grinned, "but a lot of fun."

"So what have you two been doing?" We had stepped back a little from one another but our cocks were getting hard as we talked and I could see he was over any embarrassment he'd originally had. He sort of looked like he was enjoying this.

"Well, after Billy and Stan sort of put the dare on us and suggested this trip I figured you and I would hook up."

"Yeah, I guess that much was obvious."

"John, I knew next to nothing about man-to-man sex but I figured giving head was a big part of it."


"Well, I'd certainly never done it before so I figured I should learn."
"So you went out and bought a dildo and started sticking it down your throat."

"Yeah, after I'd done a lot of licking and sucking first." I guess he was looking embarrassed after all.

"And you were enjoying it?"

He smiled. "I'll tell you, John, you taste a lot better than it does."

"Well, I guess I'd consider that a compliment."

"Yeah, either that or I like cock better than rubber."

"Oh, watch it, buddy, that's a telling admission."

"Just speaking the truth."

"So where did you get this little play toy?"

"I went to one of those shops over in West Memphis. I figured nobody would know me there."


"Well, for starters, I looked for one about the size I figured you'd be."

"How did you go about figuring that one out?"

"Well, we'd been around each other naked enough. I'd seen you cock but I'd never seen you hard."

"Until last night."

"Yeah," he grinned.

"So how did you go about figuring how big my hard cock would be?"

"Well, I'd seen you sort of relaxed and stretched out in the sauna and the shower and it looked to me, under those conditions, at least, as if you were about the same size as me."

"So you bought one about the same size as your own hard cock."

"Yeah, I wanted to get the hang of it, so to speak." He grinned and I gave him a little punch on the shoulder. It wasn't a good idea. It was just a slight punch but standing in the wet shower stall, I almost lost my balance.

I reached out for the wall but Jason caught me, throwing his arms around me and steadying me as he pulled me into a close embrace. Our warm, wet bodies pressed together. God, his body felt so good against mine!

"You okay?" he said.

"Yeah." I lifted my arms and hugged him to me. "I guess you were about right on the size thing."

"Yeah, I noticed last night," he whispered. "We are about the same size."

"So that explains how you got so good at sucking cock, but what did you and Sharon end up doing with the dildo?"

"We just played with it. I got her lubed and sort of played with her ass and she did the same with mine."

"You two have been butt fucking each other with a dildo?" The image of shy, reserved Sharon getting off on a rubber dick was a little difficult for me to picture.

"Yeah," he grinned. "Once I got her to loosen up and enjoy it, she let me fuck her in the butt with my own cock."

"Well, buddy, congratulations," I said. "It sounds like you two have been cultivating a more varied sex life."

"Yeah," he grinned again.

"So did you bring this educational toy with you this weekend?"

"Well, no, not that one. Sharon wanted to keep the first one in her stuff so she and Barb could use it if they got in the mood."

"Holy shit!" The idea of Sharon and Barb getting kinky with a dildo was a bit of a shock, but at the same time, an incredibly hot shock. Then it dawned on me what Jason had just said. "What did you mean by, 'not the first one?'"

"I'm becoming a frequent visitor to West Memphis," he grinned.

"You went back and bought another one?"


"Where is it?"

"In my duffle."

"Well, Jason, what exactly did you have in mind doing with it?"

"I had in mind what WE might do with it."

"Which is what?"

"Hell, I don't know, John. Use your imagination."

"For the guy with no gay experience you certainly have an active imagination."

"Yeah, I guess I do." He leaned in a kissed me squarely on the mouth.

I kissed him back.

We stood there getting hugely aroused as the warm water played out and we were suddenly blasted with a cutting cold spray.

"Oh shit," he yelped as we both grabbed for the controls and shot the water.

Suddenly we were standing there in the shower stall with no water spraying on us, naked and wet and both of us as hard a rocks.

"Let's dry off and go back to bed," I said, recognizing how silly our situation was.

"Cool," Jason grinned as he reached out and grabbed a couple of towels.

"Literally," I agreed as we dried off a quickly as possible.

We left the bathroom and headed for the big bed. But before we'd covered even half the distance we were stopped in our tracks by an insistent knocking on the bedroom door.

"Hey, guys, are you up?" It was Billy's voice.

"Yeah," Jason and I both called out at once. It was true in more ways than one.

"Everybody else is ready to sit down to breakfast. Get your sorry bodies on out here."

Jason and I looked at each other and groaned.

"I guess we don't have much choice," Jason said looking rather dejected.

We changed course and headed for our bags, which lay side by side on the floor, just inside the door, where we'd left them the night before.

"Maybe we can sneak back in here for a while after we eat."

We both grabbed shorts and pulled them on - no underwear.

"Yeah, everybody will probably be tired and willing to just cool it, maybe take a nap."

"Right," I said, taking a T-shirt from my bag.

We made it to the table fast enough. The others were either seated or helping Billy and Stan carry dishes in from the kitchen. I couldn't help wondering how long they'd been up.

The guys had outdone themselves. There was a big platter of pancakes, hot syrup, bacon and a bowl of scrambled eggs. Melissa and Sharon were in the process of putting glasses of juice at each place and Barb was pouring coffee.

She grinned at me across the table but didn't say anything. Knowing Barb, I sort of expected some wise remark. Maybe that would came later.

Soon we'd all found places and everyone dug in. It was odd how the seating arrangements worked out. I guess I'd assumed we'd revert to our usual pairings but it didn't happen. Barb was at one end of the table with Sharon on her left and Billy on her right. Next to Billy was Joan and next to Barb was Stan and then Melissa. I was at the other end so I had Melissa on my right and Jason on my left. In other words, the parings from the night before had all found places together at the table, either by intent or happenstance. The ordinary parings had been split up and Barb and I were facing each other over the length of the table, looking like Mom and Dad.

"Well, boys and girls," I said when we were all seated, "did everyone sleep well?"

My question was greeted a mixture of grins, dirty looks, giggles and groans.

If our appetites were a gauge of exertion it looked as if we'd all expended a lot of energy over the last twelve hours. The platters had seemed so full that I first thought Stan and Billy had cooked way too much food, but we managed to eat our way through every bit of it and come up smiling.

The conversation around the table centered on things we were going to do, overtly avoiding any mention of our nocturnal activities. It was the morning of the Fourth of July and there was some talk of driving down to Marshall that evening for a fireworks display. Billy and Stan said they'd actually brought along some bottle rockets and Roman Candles and a couple of boxes of sparklers so we quickly agreed we'd all rather just stay at the lodge and have our own celebration.

I looked over at Jason and it was clear from his expression that he was relieved.

"Besides," Barb quipped from the far end of the table, "if we stay here we can get to bed early."

The one excursion we all agreed we'd like to make was to Blanchard Springs Caverns.
We thought we might try it on Saturday.

"What's the plan for the rest of today?" Melissa asked.

Yeah, good question, I was thinking. I was sure hoping everybody would opt for a little more bed time.

No such luck.

"Look," Billy said, "it's almost ten thirty." I had no idea it was that late. "Why don't we go for a short hike. There are some great trails around here. When we get back we can just put out cold cuts and bread and everyone can make their own sandwiches."

Jason and I didn't want to be too obvious and everyone else seemed to think a hike was a great idea. Well, some time alone with Jason, preferably in the privacy of our own room, would have to wait, probably until after lunch.

When breakfast was over and we'd all stayed at the table for an additional cup of coffee, Jason got up and offered my services and his for the kitchen clean-up and dishwashing. "Billy and Stan did the cooking. John and I will do the washing up."

Everybody agreed and set about helping to clear the table and carry the dishes out to the sink.

As Jason and I were washing dishes, alone at least for a few minutes, he said, "You know, John, I think we should both make an effort to spend some time with the girls while we're all out on this fucking hike."

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"No big deal. You sort of pair off with Barb and I'll do the same with Sharon. Give them a little attention, that kind of thing."

"Yeah," I agreed, "maybe so."

"We are going to be living with them after this crazy weekend is over and I can see the relationships getting a little frayed if we don't act like we really want to be with them."

I knew he was right.

When we'd all changed into jeans and shirts and hiking boots we started out, Stan and Billy in the lead. Boy was gleefully running ahead and then doubling back to see why the rest of us were so slow.  We followed a trail which ran into thick woods along the ridge of the hill on which the lodge had been built. Soon the path became so narrow that walking in single file was a necessity. We seemed to be making a gentle curve to the east and then to the south. At times long vistas opened through the trees and we could see distant ridges, one behind the other. It was unlike the landscape I'd known as a kid and I found it quite beautiful.

"You could believe in fawns and satyrs in these hills," Barb said.

"Or white supremacists and bootleggers," Jason shot back.

After half an hour we came to a clearing from which we had a wide panoramic view of the valley to the north. The sparkling, silver serpentine of the river was visible far below through the trees. An old tree had fallen, its trunk forming an ideal bench, on which we all gratefully sat to enjoy the view.

"This is wonderful," Melissa said. We all agreed.

After a rest we started off again, coming eventually to a dirt road which ran at right angles to the trail.

"If we take the road back to the right," Stan said, "we'll be back at the lodge in twenty minutes. If we stay on the trail, we'll make a circle and get back in about an hour."

"Do we take a vote?" Barb said. "I think I'm ready to head back."

"What about the rest of you?" Stan asked. Melissa and Joan were happy to go on.

"Why don't John and I go back with Barb and Sharon?" Jason volunteered. "We'll get lunch on the table by the time you four show up."

Everyone seemed happy with that proposal so Stan and Billy took off with Melissa and Joan. Jason and I started back along the road with Barb and Sharon.

At breakfast we'd paired off with the person with whom we'd spent the previous night. Now, however, Jason quickly moved ahead with Sharon and I fell back, walking side by side with Barb.

Soon we were holding hands as we walked down the narrow dirt road between tall, dark pines.

"So how was last night?" Barb asked when Jason and Sharon had moved on ahead.

"Interesting," I said, "what about you and Sharon?"

"We had a lot of fun," she grinned.

"So what did you do?"

"Are you sure you want to ask that?" she said, squeezing my hand.

"Sure, it won't bother me to know."

"That's not what I meant, John."

"What then?"

"Well, if I tell you, I expect you to tell me what you and Jason got up to."

"I don't mind," I said with a bolder tone than I really felt.

Jason and Sharon had moved on ahead and were just rounding a little curve, going momentarily out of our sight.

I pulled her to me and we kissed.

I was again reminded of the difference between holding her and holding Jason, her soft, conforming body compared to his hardness, the softness of her lips, the smoothness of her cheek against mine. Different . . . I had to admit I liked both.

"That was nice," she smiled mischievously as we parted. "Is Jason as good a kisser as I am?" I almost felt as if she'd read my mind.

"You are definitely better," I said but I wasn't all that sure. "How would you compare me with Sharon?"

"Oh, you're both good. I guess it's just different."

"Yeah," I laughed. "Jason and I were saying that a lot last night."

"I still wish I could watch you two together," she laughed.

"There is absolutely no way that is going to happen."

"Spoil sport," she teased as we started on after the others.

Back at the lodge the four of us quickly got things in order. Many hands make light work, as the old saying goes. Within minutes we had everything ready for lunch but left it all in the refrigerator, not knowing how long it would be before the others got back.

When we'd finished setting the table, Jason said, "guys, mind if Sharon and I disappear for a few? We'd like some time alone."

"Not a problem," I said, speaking for Barb and me. "Where you heading?"

Jason looked at Sharon and shrugged.

"Take our room," Barb offered.

"You're sure?" Sharon asked.

"Go, kids," Barb said. "Maybe John and I will hang out in the guys' room."

"Cool," Jason said as they headed into the room Barb and Sharon had shared the night before.

Barb and I stood there looking after them as the door closed, followed by the telltale click of the lock. "What do you think?" she asked.

"Fucking," I said, still looking at the closed bedroom door. "They're definitely fucking."

"Not them, dummy," she giggled. "What do you think about us?"

"Well," I grinned, "Jason's and my door has a lock on it, too."

It took Barb and me about ninety seconds to get in bed. There was as trail of abandoned clothes all the way from the locked door and we were really getting into each other.

Sex with Barb is always a blast. She's on the pill of course, so we don't bother with any other precautions. Our bodies pressed together, Barb soft, me hard. We grappled and rolled, her on top, then me. There was a lot of groaning but no intelligible words. We were kissing up a storm and in about three minutes my wet, drooling cock was deep in her equally wet pussy.

It was hard and fast and truly raunchy. We love it like that.

By the time we both came we were exhausted, gasping for air, our hearts pounding like the rhythm section of a heavy metal band.

It had been spontaneous and fast. Before either of us had given it much thought we were through.

"Wow," I groaned as my breath began to settle back to normal.

"Wow," Barb purred back.

We lay there for a few minutes before Barb insisted we get up and take a quick shower. We both felt odd about being in bed together when the others got back.

"It's not like we're breaking any rules," I insisted. New experience for all of us was the stated modus operandi for the weekend. It surely didn't matter if Barb and I got it on as well.

"I know," Barb sighed as I lathered her back.

We lingered in the shower for a while, then dried off and headed into the bedroom, still naked. Neither of us wanted to get back into our sweaty hiking clothes so I pulled on the shorts and T-shirt I'd started the day in and handed Barb a clean pair of gym shorts and a fresh T. Wearing them, she looked sexy as hell. I found her especially hot, knowing she didn't have anything on underneath.

When we strolled out into the living room, trying to look as cool and collected as possible, we found only Sharon and Jason there. They were sitting on separate sofas on either side of the big fireplace and seemed to be engaged in some easy, casual conversation.

They both smiled and gave us little waves as we walked the length of the big room to join them.

"The others aren't back?" Barb asked when we reached them.

"They're back," Sharon said.

"They looked like four flushed and sweaty members of a cross country track team," Jason said.

"So they're all taking showers." It was comical the way Sharon and Jason always seemed to talk in tandem.

"Who's showering with whom, may I ask?" Barb said.

"Oh, we kept an eye on them," Sharon grinned. "It's all boy - girl on the balcony level."

"Good," Barb quipped, "we certainly want to keep them straight."

With that she went over and sat down by Sharon. I looked at Jason and shrugged. He smiled and patted the sofa by his side and I went over to join him.

Sharon had her arm on the back of the sofa and when Barb sat down, she slid it around Barb and drew her over. Barb leaned over toward her and they kissed. It was a gentle kiss, not all that passionate but nice.

"So," Barb said when they broke apart, "did you get your jollies off with that cute stud over there?"

"Sure did," Sharon smiled, looking over at Jason and winked. "What about you?"

"Oh my yes," Barb said. "John took care of my hetero needs quite nicely. Now we can get back to the girl to girl stuff."

We all laughed as Barb primly moved over, so close against Sharon that their thighs pressed together.

"Well, what about you guys?" Barb said, "don't you have a welcome back kiss for each other?"

Jason looked at me and grinned. "So are you glad to see me, John?"

"Yeah," I barely managed to say before his mouth closed over mine.

We kissed deeply, a long, loving kiss, which the girls, seen out of the corner of my eye, seemed to approve. When we broke I realized I should have put on a jock strap under my shorts.

To be continued.