Coming to Terms
Chapter 5
By John Yager

This is the fifth and final chapter of a story which contains descriptions of both straight and gay sexual acts. If such stories are not to your liking or if you are not allowed access to such material under the laws of the area in which you live, please exit now.

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Over the next few days and nights Jason and I became increasingly bold in our sexual explorations.

On Thursday afternoon after we'd all had lunch, Melissa, bless her heart, said she was tired and wanted to rest a while. She and Stan rose together almost as if it had been prearranged, to go off to their bedroom. It was only natural that the rest of us would follow their example.

Sharon and Barb had volunteered to do the kitchen cleanup and Jason and I stayed around long enough to help them clear the table. Then, trying not to look too obvious, he and I went off to our own room.

As soon as we'd closed and locked the door Jason practically attacked me, pulling my shirt off over my head and yanking my shorts down to my bare feet so I could step out of them. To accomplish this he'd knelt in front of me and without hesitation went down on my hardening tool.

He sucked my cock into his eager mouth before it was completely erect so, as it continued to grow, it pressed forward into his welcoming throat.

"Oh, Jason," I moaned, falling back against the door with a thud. "Easy man, or you're going to get me off too soon."

He looked up at me, my cock still deep in his throat, as if to silently say that was a contradiction in terms.

I gently but firmly pushed him off and then, as he complained, pulled him up to a standing position so I could get him out of his own clothes and then propel him toward the bed. Once there I got him stretched out so his head was toward the pillow end and then reversed direction so my own head was toward his feet.

Jason swallowed my cock again as soon as I laid down and I proceeded to make slow and timid progress on his. I wish I'd had the benefit of Jason's dildo practice sessions but I took a quick catch-up course, starting with as slow but steady licking of his tool from drooling head to hairy root.

I found I liked the taste and smell of soap and sweat and that little something extra tossed in which I quickly decided was just Jason.

When I had him dripping wet I worked up my courage and opened my mouth. Holding my lips in a perfect O, I slipped my lips over the throbbing head of his cock. Interesting, I thought, before beginning my slow descent.

With no more than half his length in my mouth, I gagged. He grunted some sort of nonverbal encouragement and I started in again. My eyes were watering and I felt as if I could gag again any minute but by gradually working down his length, I got most of him into my mouth and stopped before I'd triggered the gag reflex again. Happy with what I had, I began to suck while with my right hand I stroked the part of him I'd not been able to accommodate.

I was feeling the effects of his excellent work on my own cock and figured I'd not last long. As I sucked and stroked I also realized I was having the same effect on Jason that he was having on me. At some point, as our mutual orgasms approached, I swallowed and, low and behold, the last bit of Jason's cock was in my mouth as its pulsing head slid effortlessly down into my throat!

I held very still for a moment, fearing that I'd gag again. To my amazement I didn't.

This was very interesting. If anybody had told me I'd be able to deep throat Jason's cock I'd have laughed. Well, I wasn't laughing now, for obvious reasons. I mean, how can you laugh with the twitching head of your best friend's dick in your gullet?

I swallowed again and Jason moaned. He seemed to like the swallowing thing, I guessed, so I did it again. He moaned again, his own throat did some sort of advanced gymnastics on the head of my own favorite toy and all at once we were both in the throes of ecstasy.

I had my hands on Jason's ass and he had his hands on mine. I pressed Jason forward into my mouth and he pressed me forward into his.

The first bolt of Jason's hot cum shot down my throat. I pulled back quickly and caught the next volley on my tongue. I'd tasted my own juice many times and this was definitely the same substance, just a slightly different variety.

I let it roll over my taste buds and decided on the spot that I liked it a lot.

I also decided on the spot that sixty-nine had just become my favorite number.

I moved around so my head was next to Jason's and pulled a pillow over next to his. We snuggled together and I rolled onto my side, one hand under my head, the other free to continue exploring Jason's hard, warm body. It was also something new for me and I was finding I really enjoyed it. Just letting my hand roam over his chest and along the ridges and valleys of his belly was like exploring a new land, one I wanted to know intimately.

"Um," he murmured contentedly. I nuzzled into his shoulder and we both drifted off to sleep, our tired bodies demanding rest after an almost sleepless night, a long walk and lots of sexual exertion.

When I woke I was lying on my back and Jason was hovering over me, his eyes looking down into mine.

"Hey, John," he whispered.

"Hey, Jason," I whispered back.

There was the slight odor of something vaguely Italian, garlic and cheese and tomatoes. My stomach rumbled and I realized I was famished.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's got to be after seven."

"We've been asleep over four hours."

"Yeah, that's about right," Jason agreed, stroking my chest.

"It smells like somebody's fixing dinner."

"I think they put one of those frozen lasagnas in the oven."

"It smells great," I said, lifting my lips to his. "I hope you're right." Then, raising my arms to embrace him and pulling his body down against mine, I asked, "do you think we have time to do anything before dinner?" I could feel our cocks hardening between us.

"I doubt it, John, but we'll have all night."

"Yeah," I grinned. "I'm glad we got some sleep."

"Maybe we should take a quick shower and go out and help with dinner."

"Okay," I said reluctantly. "I'd rather  have stayed in bed with you."

"Me, too," he smiled.

We pried ourselves out of bed and traipsed off to the shower. I watched Jason's cock as we got under the water. We'd both gone a little soft but as we washed each other we again became fully erect. I worked up a thick lather in his public hair and then began to slowly stork him.

"Um," he purred, "that feels so good, John, but don't get me off. I want to save it."

"Yeah," I agreed, moving back up to lather his chest. It was amazing to me how we'd both become so relaxed about touching each other. Straight guys don't do that, I told myself. We finished up, dried each other and got dressed; white tennis shorts and polo shirts this time. Jason had brought a bright red one and I fished a navy blue one out of my duffle bag. We looked downright patriotic!

"Well," Billy laughed when we came out of our room together, "you two look like you're going to wave a flag."

"It's not flags they've been waving around," Stan quipped.

"Hey, guys," Jason stated with mock scorn, "it is the Fourth of July, remember. We were just trying to set the right mood."

As it turned out, we weren't the only ones looking like bunting. All four of the girls showed up for dinner that evening in flag colors and Billy and Stan finally gave up and went off to the balcony rooms to change into white shorts and shirts. They both tended to dress in more neutral preppy tones and dressed all in white Jason immediately began calling them the cabin boys. At least they didn't clash with the rest of us.

Dinner that evening was a blast. The lasagna, even though it was store-bought, was great, or maybe it was just our appetites. We had a big salad and warm Italian bread. Stan opened a big bottle of Chianti and we all more than drank our share. Everyone was relaxed and in a good mood. It was as if any reticence we might have had about the role-swapping program of the weekend had been abandoned and we'd all settled comfortably into our pairings.

I looked over at Jason during dinner and winked. He smiled back, understanding my meaning. "Later," I mouthed silently and he smiled again.

"I saw that," Barb snapped.

"Yeah?" Jason responded before I could react.

"Silent table talk between lovers," Barb said, giving me a little grin.

"Sure," Jason shot back without the slightest hesitation. "John promised to fuck me later and I was just giving him little silent reminders to keep his cock hard."

I'd made no such promise, of course, even though I'd certainly been thinking about it. But Jason's boldness caught me and everyone else off guard.

"Oh, we're on the same wavelength," Sharon said. Maybe there was something about Jason and Sharon I'd not recognized before. She, at least, was usually the shy, reticent, ladylike one, yet Sharon, like Jason often said the most outlandish things. "Barb promised to fuck me, too."

"Yeah," Billy countered, "what with?"

"Oh," Barb jumped in, "you'd be surprised, where there's a will there's a way."

"I don't know about you same-sex wonks," Stan laughed, "sometimes you embarrass the hell out of us straight folk.'

That, of course, caused everyone to laugh.

After dinner we sat around the table drinking coffee for quite a while. By the time we began an eight person parade to the kitchen with our dishes, it was beginning to get dark.

"Is it time for the Roman Candles?" Melissa asked.

"I'm in the mood to hold something while it shoots," Jason said, which prompted another round of friendly ridicule from the others.

We did shoot Roman Candles, standing on the wide upper deck and sending the pulsing fireballs off down the hill.

"Do you think this is okay," I asked Stan. "Couldn't they start a fire?"

"No, it's okay," he said. "After that downpour this afternoon the woods are still very wet."

I had no idea it had rained. I guess both Jason and I had slept through it.

The fireworks were fun but everybody seemed glad when we'd finished with them and could go off to bed.

Again, as soon as Jason and I were in our room, we locked the door and stripped. As he stood there naked before me, I held out my arms to him and he moved willingly into my embrace. Our bodies felt so good together. They seemed to fit, to mold. Any awkwardness we'd felt the night before was now gone.

After being with Barb, the hard, muscular maleness of Jason's body amazed me. I loved the feel of his firm chest against mine. I ran my hands over his shoulders and down over his upper arms. His biceps flexed as he pulled me closer to him and I squeezed and stroked the hard bulging muscles.

"Yeah," he moaned as my mouth found his and we kissed. There was no hesitation now. Our lips parted and our tongues explored. He pulled back, breathing hard. "Let's lie down," he gasped as he pulled me toward the still crumpled bed. As soon as we were horizontal, he rolled onto his back and pulled me over onto him. As our mouths again merged Jason raised his legs and locked me to him, pressing my buttocks down and crushing my crotch against his.

Our cocks were hard and pulsing, pressed between us but in only a moment he slid his hands between us and repositioned mine so it was pointed down between his spread legs, nudging into the gap between his buttocks.

I lifted my mouth from his, raised up just enough to look into his eyes, and gave him a questioning look.

"Fuck me, John," he growled. "I want you in me."

"You sure, babe?" I asked. "Neither of us have done it before."

"It can't be that hard to figure out."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't," he grinned. "Remember, I've been practicing."

I rolled off him and into a seating position on the edge of the bed.

"Where you going?" Jason asked, a note of apprehension in his voice.

"Condoms and lube," I said as I bolted across the bedroom to my duffle bag.

"Lube, no condoms," Jason said as I crawled back onto the bed.

"What happened to safe sex?"

"Who've you been with for the last year?"

"Barb, just Barb."

"And you get tested, right?"

"Yeah, every six months," I said as I rolled onto my side. "I have to for my job."

"Sharon and I were tested in May and I've not been with anyone but her for the last two years." He paused, grinned shyly and added, "until you."

"Okay," I said as I tossed the box of condoms onto the bedside table, "if you're really sure about this."

"It'll be a first for both of us, right?"

"Yeah, Jason, you know I've never done this with any other guy."

"Well, I don't want some latex between us."


"And I want to feel it when you come and I want your seed in my gut."

"Yeah, I understand," I whispered as I moved to kneel between his legs. I really did - understand, I mean.

He looked so damn appealing lying there like that, so completely yielded, offering himself to me. I leaned forward, placing my hands on the bed either side of his chest and lowered my lips to him.

We kissed deeply and as we parted, as I was looking down at him, his lips still slightly opened, with their corners curved up in a little happy smile, I said, "this has gone a long way beyond a little sexual experimentation, hasn't it?"

"Yeah, John, it has."

"Does that scare you?"

"No, not at all."

"It does surprise you, though."

"A little, more because it's moved so fast. I guess I already knew, it just seemed to burst in my mind, in my thinking mind, I mean."

"Can you say it?"

"Yeah, can you?"

"Yeah, Jason, with no hesitation at all." I took a deep breath and uttered the words I knew had been in both our heads, "I really love you, man."

"I know," Jason smiled. "You love Barb and you love me,"

"Yeah." I lowered my body onto his and gently kissed his neck, just below his left ear, were his blood pulsed in the vein there.

"And I love you. I love Sharon, too, but right now it's you I'm with, John, and I want you to fuck me, please."

I lifted my body off him and kissed him on his lips.

He returned my kiss but after the briefest moment he used his own hands on my shoulders to gently push me away. "Please."

I knelt between his wide spread legs and looked down at his beauty as I reached for the lube. "I really love you, Jason," I said again. It seemed so right to say it.

"Yeah," he whispered. "Yeah."

I lifted his legs to my shoulders, resting them there, elevating and spreading him so his ass was exposed to my touch. I squeezed a generous dollop onto my index finger and spread it on and around the bud of his ass.

"Yes," he hissed as my finger entered him. I twisted it slowly, spreading the clear goo over the interior walls of his ass, feeling him twitch and his sphincter slowly relax. When he seemed ready I withdrew my index finger and then with two bunched fingers, reentered him. He sighed as I probed him, jumping slightly when I pressed in far enough to touch his prostate, then smiling up at me again.

"Yeah, John, please fuck me now."

I spread more of the lube over the length of my tool, leaving an even more generous amount on the tip, then moved forward on my knees until I could bring the head of my cock to his welcoming ass. As I leaned forward it seemed to take no effort at all for the head to slip into him.

"Yeah," he moaned again. I stayed there, just barely in him, letting his body adjust to my presence. It didn't take long before he was coaxing me to move further in. His legs and arms came around me, fusing our bodies together.

I'd fucked Barb in the butt before but it was nothing like this. Jason was so tight and so hot I couldn't believe it. By the time I was all the way into him I was so turned on that I felt as if I'd come with the slightest movement.

I wanted this to last as long as possible and I knew Jeff wanted the same thing. I pulled back slowly and then reversed directions and moved into him again.

When I looked down at him there was the sweetest smile on Jason's lips. It was a smile for me and it almost broke my heart. It was also a smile of such contentment and joy that I felt as if he and I were joined, not just physically, but at some far deeper level. I knew for certain that I was in love with him and he with me.

"This is so wonderful," he whispered, expressing everything I also felt.

"Amazing," I whispered back, afraid that if I spoke too loudly I would break the spell. And a spell it really seemed to be. Jason and I were one.

"Do you think we can move?" he asked.

"I'm almost afraid to."

"I know, but maybe if we take it real slow."

"I'll try, man, but I don't want to come," I said, pulling back what seemed like a fraction of an inch. It was okay. My cock didn't explode as I really expected it to do. I pulled back a little more and then eased back in with all the gentleness I could manage. My nerves seemed to be on fire. I don't think I'd ever felt such a heightened sense of sexual arousal. Every cell in my body was screaming for me to drive into Jason with all the strength at my command. It took all the control I could muster to hold back.

"Oh, yeah, John," Jason moaned. "This is amazing."

"I know."

"No, man, I don't think you do. You'll not understand what I'm feeling until I top you."

He was right, of course, as I discovered later that night when, for the first time, I felt the amazing fullness of him in me.

With infinite slowness we gradually increased the pace. When either of us felt as if we were getting too close, we slowed down. It took more control than I could have imagined we possessed, but by the sheer tenacity of our shared discipline, we managed to make our union last.

It was almost twenty minutes later when without a single spoken word, just by the look in his eyes, that I sped up and let our bodies go free. Within seconds we went over the top together as I felt my own body tense and then erupt deep inside Jason's body and he in turn exploded in a torrent of white across his chest.

We were both trembling as I lowered myself onto him, our hearts pounding and our lungs demanding air. We lay for a long time, secure in each other's arms, Jason's legs still locked around my hips, holding us together.

The rest of the weekend passed in a fog of sexual pleasure. By some unspoken mutual agreement each of our newly matched couples seemed to retreat to the privacy of their rooms. When the eight of us were together, we said very little and seemed to be reticent to share any details of our private activities.

Before we returned to Memphis on Sunday evening, I had fucked Jason one more time and he'd also fucked me twice. A lot of our time together was spent naked in our bed, just touching, kissing gently, learning love.

So what did that weekend prove? What lessons did we learn?

The truth was so simple and at the same time so complex that it seems to resist being put into words. There are some lessons which defy all forms of communication other than the form in which they are learned. The truths Jason and I learned were communicated in the wonder of being together, of being entered and of entering another person whom we love.

I can't speak for the others but for Jason and me, at least, I guess we came to terms. . . unspoken terms, to be sure.

Old labels were abandoned. Old stereotypes were forgotten.

We never made it to Blanchard Cave, but on a later trip to the lodge, we did.  It was amazing and if you're ever in the Ozarks, I'd recommend it.

Boy? Oh, he survived the weekend, a little confused, admittedly, but still Boy.

Back in Memphis, Barb and I are still living together as are Jason and Sharon and Melissa and Joan and Billy and Stan.

But Jason and I find time to be together a couple of nights a week. The girls don't mind at all. They, after all, need time together, too.

The end