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Failure of the Heart
Chapter 2

Written by Blackheart
Final Edit by Watch

It's hard; knowing every minute that passes is one less I'll have him in my life. I often find myself praying in the middle of the night as I sit and cradle his hand in mine. Seeking the power, if only for a short while, to stop time. Maybe those few precious moments would ease the pain that bears down on my soul.

It's times like these, when he's resting peacefully, that my heart lies to me and says he's coming home. Then the thought of him actually waiting for me there brings a smile to my face, and much needed warmth to this elderly body.

I'm sure he told you that I am his rock. You'll have to pardon the old fool, he tells everyone that. I have never done anything more than what I had to do. I held him when he was weak, stood by him when he was strong.

Like everyone, our love has been tested, but we stuck with it. And to give you some insight to what I had to deal with, he only ever felt guilty about telling me one thing, which he shared a week after he had found out about the heart disease. I have to admit I did cheat. Tears found their way past my eyes easy that day. It was one of the few times he had ever seen my cry out of heartache. He didn't want to be the messenger of his mortality; naturally, I would have refused such news from anyone else.

My, It's starting to rain.

Anyhow, he tells me he was recounting the last day the three of us spent time together at the quarry.

You know they filled it in some years later. A boy lost his life in those placid clear waters, so the county deemed it unsafe. Funny thing, I never felt more secure in my life then the years I spent there with my two boys.

I was smart enough to realize I was doubly blessed in my life, first with Matt, then with Jacob. Not everyone meets the perfect person for his or her self, much less two of them. Yes I've had a lion's share of love. Much of it before I left my teenage years behind.

Poor dear, he thought he had to love me twice as much after Jacob's accident. It took him a long time to understand that just one of them would have been enough. Yet with the two of them my cup over ran. I often thought I was the luckiest girl alive in those years. The two of them were, and always have been, among the greatest gifts God has ever blessed me with.

Oh look, I've started to cry. I promised him I wouldn't. It's a fool's credo anyhow.

Just give me a second.

Ok, where did he leave off?

Ahh yes.

The day we graduated was the last full day that the three of us spent in one another's company. We ditched the local theme park's grad night preferring our own company to that of the entire graduating class. As we did whenever we cut classes -- or the boys felt the overwhelming urge to flash their bodies at each other or me -- we headed to the old Reche quarry.

A blistering summer sun blazed as it unwillingly sank in the late afternoon sky. The air around the quarry seemed to be permanently imbued with the moist, mildew-laden aroma of a recent storm. A steady electronic buzz of insects was only interrupted by the sound of play and the splashes breaking the placid surface of the water.

Valerie did an easy breaststroke as her body slid through the refreshing liquid. The new sounds of splashing and excitement drew her like a moth to a flame, yet she continued her steady pace until she happened upon the squirming mass of flesh.

Matt was crouched in the shallow water trying to knock Jacobs' legs from beneath him as he held him in a friendly headlock. Matts' arms flexed around the knee he managed to hold above the surface while Jacob taunted him playfully.

"Starting without me?" Val put on an insincere pout complete with the most pathetic set of puppy dog eyes she could muster.

Both boys relaxed their grip and disentangled themselves.

"Sweets!" Jacob shouted the pet name with as much enthusiasm as a toddler in a candy store.

A wide smile spread across his face, one that quickly dissolved into a mischievous grin. Matt caught the impish twinkle in his eye and matched it as their sights settled on the bathing beauty before them.

The curious smile quickly faded from Valerie's lips as her brain rapidly made the connection in the pair of faces before her.

"Please guys," she said with a nervous laugh as she slowly began to back away, "don't."

Her pleas came too late as the boys crouched in the water like pair of tigers in the Sahara. She quickly turned in the water squealing as she attempted in vain to run through the chest-high water. The boys sprang, pouncing on their prey.

Matts arms snaked their way around Valerie's mid-section just below her veiled breast. With a shrill yell from Val, he plucked her from the water and raised her into the air.

Her hands flailed playfully at his arms as he slowly leaned back sending both of them, her kicking and screaming, beneath the water.

"Matt you shit!" Val screamed as she broke the surface and tossed her hair back.

She turned to find him floating as if sitting on a chair under the water's surface, his face plastered with a smile of triumph.

"Wipe that smile of your face!" She chided as a small wave of water left her hand and crashed over the side of his head.

"Matty, what a sacrifice babe!" Jacob cheered as he swam to Val turning her attentions toward him.

"Ohh, don't make me start on you."

"But, Sweets I love when you start stuff with me," he said smiling.

"Yeah?" Valerie's eyebrow rose in suspicion.

"Yeah," Jacob's chest heaved as he answered in a husky voice.

Val moved her gaze down over Jacob's nude form, trailing them across the rolling surface of the water seeking out Matt's equally bare form. He had remained silent during their exchange. Now looking stoically silent as drops of water fell from his nose and matted hair.

She gave him a slight smile. It was all the encouragement he needed as he slowly swam forward. Waiting till he was in front of her before letting his feet find the rock bed. His action slowly pushed his shoulders from the surface of the calming water. Jacob moved in closing the space between their group. He bit on his supple lower lip as he slid a hand over Matts' round, stripped rear end. He repeated the motion with his other hand on Val.

He traded off placing small kisses along Matt and Valerie's necks, tasting the remnants of the sweet water that was there. He loved to opposite reactions his attentions gave them. Valerie arched her neck out, exposing more skin, while Matt craned his neck in and rested the side of his face against Jacobs'.

Val's mouth sought out Matts' as she pulled him close to her, crushing her covered breasts against his smooth chest. Jacobs' lips foraged lightly across Matts' shoulders as he maneuvered himself until he was standing behind him, allowing his arms to roam down the soft flesh of Matt's sides until he rested them on his hips.

Seated with the pale white walls of the room around her. Val's trembling hand moved to the surface of her neck. Her fingers ran lightly across the small spot that held a phantom memory.

"It's sometimes funny the way the mind works," the elderly, gracefully beautiful Valerie sighed as she sat up slowly. Her frail hands reaching out and taking hold of Matt's pale, limp one. "The oddest thing might set off a long distant memory. The colors of a sunset bring phantom sensations across the small of your back. I muse sometimes, that its Jacob reminding me he's still waiting for me, gone all these years and yet I can still feel his lips along my neck in the warm summer breeze."

She absently stroked the aged hand in her grasp, doing her best to soothe his fitful rest.

"He dreams so vividly," she said in a hushed whisper as she gazed lovingly at the sleeping man. "He always has, to the point it caused him the be a light sleeper. Jacob on the other hand; Jacob could sleep through a stampede of buffalo in a hurricane."

Valerie chuckled quietly to herself, eyes sparkling in the low light of the room.

"I'm sure you wonder what it was about Jacob, what made the three of us fall into the same way of thinking. We all shared a freedom with each other. It started out with friendship, but as the years passed longing grew. Jacob and Matt didn't know how to deal with their feelings for each other at first. So their desire was translated into joking and name-calling." Her words ebbed as she relived a distant memory that brought a smile to her face.

"The taunts served as an outlet but hungry young minds craved more."

"How to phrase this?" she paused.

"Mutual exploration? Yes, yes that's a good term," she finally settled.

"Boys do what boys do you know. I found out long after our first encounter that Matt and Jacob had been enjoying each other for some while. I can't say it didn't surprise me, but I figured it this way, there were two of them and one of me. A girl needs her rest."

Valerie shifted in her seat before standing and peering at the I.V. bag. Its level seemed to satisfy her as she moved to the small table and took hold of a dusty rose-colored plastic cup. Her free hand grasped a matching pitcher and poured a drink of water.

The yellow-hued headlamps of the mustang burned through the twilight. Jacob, Matt and, Valerie lay nude on the terry blanket, their limbs intertwined, Valerie's painted toenails grazing through the sparse hair on Jacobs' calf. His hand lightly teasing the length of Matts' spine as they watched the stars bloom in the warm summer sky.

"If we hadn't ditched tonight what would we be doing right now?" Valerie asked absently

"Standing in line," Matt answered dreamily, enjoying the sensations firing from his back.

"Nah" Jacob piped, a grin neither of them saw spreading across his face. "We'd be on a ride with one of us between the others legs; Oh wait, we've done that already." Jacobs' chest shook as he rolled with laughter.

Matt could only groan.

"Pig," Valerie said as she slapped his shoulder playfully.

"Owww," Jacob yelped in-between laughs.

"Well boy's I think its time to pack up," she added pulling herself from the tangle of limbs.

"Awww," Jacob groaned. "I still have half a beer left."

"Finish it while I get dressed," she offered

"I could finish it while I watch you get dressed," he countered his eyebrows wiggling.

"Jacob, babe, anyone ever tell you have a one-track mind?" Matt offered.

"I do not," he laughed as he turned his attention to Matt.

"Hun, just because the train on that track operates in reverse as well as forward doesn't disprove that it's a one track mind," Valerie groaned as she pulled her shirt over her head.

Jacob sat silent for a while as Matt chuckled and gathered their clothes.

"Its not my fault you guys enjoy the track," he said swallowing a swig of beer.

His eyes crossed between Matt and Valerie, stopping as he saw Matt pulling on a pair of boxers.

"Hey Punk! Those are my boxers!"

"Not anymore sexy," Matt winked as he pulled the waistband over his flaccid package.

"Sweets! Tell him to de-ass my drawers!"

Matt slowly turned and slid the waistband of the boxers under his round rear.

Jacob let out a loud cat call.

"Would you knock it off and get dressed already?" Val finally said. "I'm kinda hungry"

"Do we have to?" Jacob sighed his eyes resting on the last rays of sunset dancing off the water.

Matt slowly padded towards Jacob. He sat down behind him and pulled him to his chest in a hug rocking him gently. Jacob sighed contently in the security of Matt's arms as he held him close. Valerie could not argue with the sight before her as her resolve melted.

She was hesitant to interrupt the tender moment they were sharing. Her heart was content enjoying it vicariously. She loved when they stole quiet moments like these. They could show her love a million times and it didn't matter to her if was accepted by society. The love they held for each other wouldn't have been. For this reason, she thought, they had to continually prove their love.

They cuddled long after the silvery light of the moon had washed over them. Val rustled in the velvet blue darkness just beyond the light of the headlamps.

"You ready yet babe?" Matt whispered as he nuzzled Jacob.

His words washed over Jacobs' neck. Jacob nodded easily as he stirred from his position in search of his clothes. He opted for a fresh pair of denim shorts over the pants he had worn earlier, pulling them on with nothing beneath he fished his belt though the loops and tightened it.

Valerie emerged from her seat it the darkness and helped Matt shake the terry blanket free of sand and folded it haphazardly. The three of them tidied their alcove before piling into the car. Matt hopped in the back clad in just the claimed boxers. Val took the driver's seat and Jacob sat shotgun fiddling with the knobs on the stereo. The Mustang pulled away into the night bathing their haven in the red glow of taillights.

The ride was quiet. Matt had fallen asleep to the purr of the ponies engine and the sensation of the summer eve racing across his body. Jacob turned in his seat, seeing Matt asleep he turned back and lowered the volume allowing Wild Horses to fade into the night.

"Do you think I'm crazy?" He asked her.

Val gave him a sideways look as she continued to drive. Her eyes rested on him before spying Matt's near nude figure in the rear view.

"The two of you worry about your love too much." She sighed.

Jacob stared at her blankly.

"The two of you always asking me if it's right, never asking each other," she commented as she shifted down to round a curve.

"I never have to, with him it feels just as right as being with you," he said.

Valerie looked at him and smiled with approval, a look, which brought a knowing smile to the surface of his lips. With out answering his question, she had forced him to answer it for himself. The answer he came up with was that it was only crazy to question notion of something so right.

"I love ya Sweets," he said out of nowhere. "I don ever tell ya enough, I figured you always knew, but that doesn't change the fact that ya need to hear it."

Val's heart swelled as she turned her head and gazed at him full on.

"Those are four words I could never hear enough of from either of you. Ever."

Jacob thought for a moment.

"He still can't call you Sweets though; that's from me, just for you."

Valerie laughed at the notion of jealousy rising between them. If Matt ever did call her Sweets, which he never had, Jacob would only hoot and holler before stealing the air from his lungs by way of a deep kiss.

Valerie slowed the car to park on the side of their local pizza haunt. The lack of motion in the car roused Matt from his nap but he kept his eyes closed.

"You gonna roust Matty?" Jacob asked checking on him again.

"Is it my turn?!" she asked with glee as she pulled up the parking break.

Jacob nodded as he watched her climb and lean over the seat back.

Her hand reached out and snaked through the open flap of his fly, then ran across the rubbery piece of flesh it found there as her nails raked through his pubic hair. The muscles on the flat of his stomach tightened as he tried to suppress a building fit of giggles.

Before long his tight tummy was shuddering with unheard laughter as tears squeaked out the corners of his eyes. Finally able to take no more he pushed her hand away and propped his body against the side of the car.

"Geez, I was awake," he said trying to catch his breath.

"We know," Val said smiling as she rested her chin on the seat back. "So you gonna get dressed, or are you just gonna go in those pirated boxers?"

The three laughed as they jumped out of the car. Matt looked around the lot as he reached back in for a pair of shorts and a shirt.

"I'm gonna go grab us a booth and get the usual grub," Jacob shouted walking away.

"K," Val said, her eyes resting on Matt as he pulled up the shorts.

"You know, he's just as crazy about us as we are him," Valerie said echoing their earlier conversation at the quarry.

Matt looked at her questioningly.

"Don't question it love, just run to the wind with it," she smiled. "Oh one thing though, don't call me Sweets."

"I know," Matt said. "It's his thing with you; we've shared our whole lives. I have to leave him something of his own with you."

Valerie smiled and grabbed Matt's arm as they walked into the small eatery. They found Jacob in the corner booth, a pitcher of soda before him with three empty glasses. He was looking bored as he doodled on a paper menu. His face lit up as they sat down sharing the same bench with him, leaving the opposite empty.

"I ordered pizza, chicken wings and antipasto for us," he said excitedly throwing the menu aside. "Sorry Sweets, no pineapple, that stuff doesn't belong on pizza."

Val gave a mock huff as she poured the three glasses of soda.

"What kind?" she asked.

"Three meat; pepperoni, Canadian bacon and, sausage."

"Men!" Val said, rolling her eyes.

Matt laughed as he high-fived Jacob over Valerie's head.

"When do you get your bike?" she asked about Jacob's not-so-secret present of a brand new Yamaha street cycle.

"Yeah?" Matt added his voice to the question.

"Moms and I go and pick it up tomorrow!" Jacob said excitedly, a proud smile spreading across his face.

The waitress arrived 15 minutes later, Her makeup-plastered eyes casting suspicious looks from the huddled trio to the empty second seat of the booth. The scene had become less and less shocking over time. Through the years they had been coming to the little dive it had become a slow migration from both sides to the one. At first it was just the two, Matt and Valerie, who sat opposite one another. Then Jacob joined the fray, sitting with Matt. One day they changed, and for about three months the boys would trade off sitting with the girl.

One night they decided to sit on the same side with each other and it had been the same ever since. Marge had made the mistake of questioning the seating arrangements that night, earning her a tongue-lashing from Jacob. She hadn't thought much him ever since.

The trio sat in the back of the pizzeria, listening to the various oldies belting out of the Wurlitzer, sharing the food amongst them, forks and hands grazing across plates, stealing chunks of abandoned meat or sharing the last piece of pizza.

The sounds and smells of the pizzeria faded along with the din of silverware, replaced by white noise from the air-conditioner and the smell of Lysol.

A piercing squeal filled the small room as rain pelted the windows outside. An electronic green line raced across the face of a dull gray monitor. The nursing staff stood at bay and watched as an elderly Valerie clutched Matt's cooling hand to her tear-stained face.