Butt Touchers Club V

   I told Mitch to take the position that he had Mike in, so we could have our way with his asshole for a little while. He hesitated for a minute or so, but he rolled on his back on the make shift bed he had created, and proceeded to expose his asshole for us to look at.  He is a blonde, of course, and the light hair around his hole wasnt thick and barely noticible, but his pink winker stood out for us pretty clearly. We stood there looking at the whole package for a few minutes, kinda discussing to ourselves what we wanted to do to him to initiate him to our secret organization.  I took the initiative and reached my still slimey finger towards his butthole and began to penetrate his very tight hole.

    "WAIT dude!" Mike said "we didn't give him his enema yet"

    "Well, i dont think we got enough out here to give him a good one" I replied.

    Erin, however, went to the room, and got in the box, and got the liquid dish soap we snuck out of the kitchen from my aunt and brought it back to us, he was already pouring some on his fingers and rubbing it around, and we took turns greasing up with "DAWN" dish soap.

     Mitch looked at us like we were weird or something, he really didn't seem to mind my finger in his butt, but that was just lube, apperantly, he never had "the soapy finger" before and didn't really know what was happining, so we just never explaned it to him.

    Since Erin was ready first, i pulled out my lubed finger, and let him put his soapy finger in its place. Well the look on Mitches face was totally awsum! Erin giggled a little as Mitch was flexing his now burning asshole, like was going to be able to open up his hole bigger than Erins finger or something!  His butthole was pushing out, tightening up, over and over, making his cock jump around on his belly, and he was breathing kinda funny, and his legs hanging in the air were shaking and trembling.  I asked him if he ever had anything up his butt, and Mitch replied "Mom used to take my tempurature when I was a kid, but it never burned like this."

    I then moved beside Erin, and i put my finger next to his and pushed it home also, with an audible moan from Mitch, i knew he was feeling this! "Mike, your turn!" Erin said. Mike came around and joined his finger with ours, and the three of us felt the anal workout we were giving Mitch together.  The ring of fire was really getting tight, and trying to push us out of him, but we resisted, to mitch's delight apparrently! His now throbbing cock was beginning to ooze pre cum on his belly, and his eyes were closed.

    "Erin, squeeze my balls, Mike, stroke my cock, Kenny, fuck my ass"

    We took our places, Mike and Erin pulled out of his ass and started doing their job, i took my stiff 4 incher, lined up and drove it home. Although we had three fingers up there a few seconds ago, the soap kept the ring tight and his bowels busy, it felt almost like a hand stroking my cock inside him! i didn't have to hump really hard, he basically jacked me off with the grumbling of his guts around my cock! After a few short minutes, i cranked off a dry orgasm and pulled out, Mike took my place, and I took his, i watched Mike give Mitch the same thing i just did while stroking Mitches hard throbbing cock.  Erin and Mike traded then, i had a brainstorm that i had to try, i told Mike to jack Mitch, then i got behind Erin, and i shoved my finger in Mitches ass while Erin was pumping his boycock in Mitch's ass.  The feeling of my finger under Erins cock got him all stirred up, and when I put my other hand under his butt and pushed the tip of my finger in Erins ass, it set him flying! I knew he was cumming hard (but dry!) because it felt like his ass was cutting my finger off! Erin pulled out of Mitch's ass and away from my finger in his ass, so i was left fingering Mitch's flaming tunnel, so i shoved in two, then worked a third finger in while Mike was slowly pumping the teen cock in his hand, and Erin got back to squeezing those big hair balls perched on top of Mitches groin.

   When i tried to get four fingers in, Mitch really let out a moan that sounded kinda painful. I asked if he was alright, he said yeah, but looking back, i think he really hurt, but didn't want to lose out on being a member! I got my fingers out of his butt, smeared some more lube AND soap on my whole hand to make a really slick mess, actually, and plowed his ass again with 3 fingers, but my pinky finger was lining up to go in also, and i tried really hard to shove it in, slowly, almost trying to sneak it, i didn't want to be told "no" so i was trying to be careful.  When i got buried up to the widest part of my hand in his ass, i felt somethin else inside him fighting me a little, i knew what it was, all that soap and bowel irritation worked up a good shit for Mitch, just like when my aunt gave us all the "soapy finger" treatment in the basement a couple years later, but when you live on a big dairy farm, and you walk thru shit, get splattered by it, get your clothes all fucked up with it, you treat it more like mud than anything, it all washes off, its not a big deal, we never eat shit or anything gross like that, but its just part of the job i guess, no big deal.

    Anyway, I started pushing his shit back farther into him, fighting his bowels for release, and he really started groaning like it hurt and he gently complained he was cramping, so I pulled my fingers out of his ass and told him to shit.  Mitch started to get up, Mike said "No, dont get up, we didn't say you could move."  Mitch had a look of disbelief on his face and i thought it was all over now, not that Mitch would tattle on us, because he KNEW he would be in as much or more trouble than us, but we were enjoying our domination over him!  But he laid back down, hiked up both his legs again and tried to relax to let nature take its course in full view of us!  His face was beet red, i dont know if it was pain from the soapy shit working down against his butthole or from pure embarrassment of us watching him shit, but it was totally awsum!  His ass opened up a little and the tip of the turd came out and he squeezed it back in, then let it out, almost like he was trying to get his butthole to quit hurting before he let the big turd stretch him that far again.  Finally with a loud gasp from his mouth, the log shot out about 2 or 3 inches from his aching hole and stayed there long enough for mike to pinch the head of Mitch's cock with his slimy fingers.  Mitch reflexed by cutting the exposed turd off with his butthole!  Then he pushed again, More shit came out to its tapered end and fell on the piece that just landed a few seconds ago, but the soap didn't quite quite just then, he grunted like he had to shit some more, but all he was really doing push push his asshole way out and it was opening up a little as it pushed out about an inch then retreated back into his asscrack again. Once in awhile a rabbit turd pushed out, but not much.

    We all got cleaned up with the cold well water tap in the barn with the remainder of the soap and got dressed just in time as a car pulled into the drive. "Shit! Fuck!" Mitch yelled

    "I forgot! I am supposed to pick up my girlfriend! I gotta go boys! We'll do this again later, OK?"