Butt Touchers Club VI

    Mitch jumped in the car before Julie could even open the door to get out, and after some small talk, they got on their way.  Julie was Mitch's girlfriend from school, she was 17, same as he was, she had dark hair, hazel eyes, about D cup breasts, slender body, with legs that went straight up to her ass!  Mitch was a walking hard-on anytime she was around!  Especially since they actually got past second base last week.  They have been dating steady for about 3 months, when they got a little brave and horny from all the petting they did in the car on lovers lane.  He would reach under her top and feel her tits, she rubbed his thighs, slowly working her hands closer to his crotch to feel the thick tube of muscle straining behind the bulletins, all the while her pussy was juicing up pretty good and soaking her underwear.  Mitch took the initiative and worked the button on his jeans to let go, and her hand went to the top of his waistband to find the head of his dick poking out from the fabric of his underwear.  They both liked the feeling, so she worked his zipper down, and his fly open, then pulled his underwear down to expose his manhood for her to reach better, all the while they were tongue wrestling.  Mitch got braver and slid her bra away from her breasts and rubbed on and around Julie's fat nipples, making them crinkle up and get harder, they both moaned from the pleasure they were giving each other.

    Mitch next moved his hand down to her leg and started to rub her thigh, as she had done to him, and she responded by spreading her legs wider, so he took the invitation and started rubbing his finger hard on the inseam of her jeans, pressing on the moist folds of skin under the course outer fabric of her jeans.  After a few hip grinds from her on his hand, he unsnapped her button, slid the zipper down and reached inside for his prize!  She broke the kiss from him. At first he thought he screwed up, but she mearly leaned her seat back and slid it away from the steering wheel so he could get her easier.  He had no objections to this!  He returned to kiss her, but she grabbed his head and guided it to her breast, so he mouthed over it through her top while fingering her wet pussy. Julie wasn't pleased about her shirt being in the way, so she leaned up a bit, looked around to find nobody there but her and Mitch, and she pulled her top and bra off, and lay back down in the seat to let Mitch get back to work on her again.  Mitch busied himself on her again for a while, then he got up, and put his thumbs at her waistband, hooked them and tugged a little bit, she helped by picking her ass up off the seat so he could remove the pesky jeans in his way.  When the jeans were a crumpled pile at her ankles, she picked her feet up out of them and spread her legs wide so he could rub her clit better while sucking on her teen-age tit.  He was now pretty much on his hands and knees in the passenger seat of her car, so he hurried and pulled his pants and underwear down and finally off so his cock was free at last for her to grab.  She was cranking his stiff cock while he was sucking her nipple and finger fucking her pussy, which was draining like a gutter into her seat down between her ass crack.  He would rub between her pussy lips, hitting her erect clit, then he sunk his finger in her love tunnel, then rub the opening to her pussy, massage her lips some more and occasionally his finger went a little south and he felt moist pucker of her asshole.  He never tried to penetrate her butt hole, but he wanted to know what her reaction was to his finger being down there.  She never gave any negative reaction to it, so he continued to rub more pussy juice down to her butt hole, which didn't take long to do, by the way.

    Then, Mitch bit his lip, hoped for the best and slowly circled her anus with his wet finger and slowly, slowly, pushed his finger in her ass as she gasped and squeezed his cock in her hand a lot harder, as his middle finger slipped up her all the way to his last knuckle.  Then his thumb went into her pussy, and his other hand went down to help jack off her clit as she rocketed off to a very intense orgasm!  After she was done shaking, she spun around in her seat, put her head on the door arm rest, hiked her legs up as far as she could exposing her wet pussy and still penetrated asshole to Mitch and practically begged him to fuck her!

    Now, up until now, Mitch had never even seen a real pussy before, and had only felt three others in his whole life, now here he was, a pussy just inches away from his face and dripping cock and the hormones were about to kill him!  But he pulled his finger out of her tight little butt, leaned over her and rubbed his erection of the moist patch between her legs, but she wanted him NOW so she grabbed his cock and lined him up for the score and he pushed it in her pussy with a load moaning grunt.

    Julie was a virgin, to a certain extent, as this was the first real cock ever in her body, but she was not a true virgin because she was a lover of masturbation.  She always had been fascinated by that pink hole between her legs ever since she was a young girl.  It started when she was 4 or 5 and got her moms hand held bathroom mirror and put it on the floor and squatted over it so she could examine her pee pee to see how it worked, and what it looked like, and what made that funny feeling when she touched and rubbed it.  Sometimes she put it in the bathtub and squatted so she could watch herself pee and she also propped it on the toilet seat, bent over and shit so she could watch that hole work too! She really got to love the feeling of a big turd coming out of her ass, and one day she decided she wouldn't go poop for a couple days so she could really poop a big log out, just so she could watch and feel it slide out of her asshole.  But that backfired, as she got constipated, and the more she tried and failed to go, the more she knew she was in trouble.  Embarrassed, she went to her mom for help.  She was of course kinda vague about the details, only that she couldn't go potty and was feeling crampy, mom knew how to fix it.

    She told her to go up to her room, get undressed and lay on her bed and wait, she would be up in a minute.  She was 15 years old at the time, and her little sister, then 8 shared the bedroom upstairs as it only had a landing, a bedroom and a bathroom, mom and dad were downstairs in that bedroom, it was a small house, but very comfortable.

    Julie got to the room and Suzy, her sister was laying on her bed with a few Barbie dolls and a slew of outfits for them and Julie began undressing, as it was no big deal, they still took showers together occasionally and see each other naked all the time.

    "Whatcha doing Julie?" asked Suzy

    "I don't feel good and mom is going to help me" she replied

    "Why? What's the matter?"

    "I cant go poop"


    Mom arrived with a greasy finger and a suppository and told Julie to roll on her back, and Suzy to help her. Suzy jumped down off her bed and went to her mom. "Unwrap this for me sweety" and handed her the aluminum foil wrapped suppository.  Then she spread Julie's legs apart and pushed her finger inside the troublesome orifice and twisted it around a few times while Suzy watched interested in these proceedings.  Suzy handed her mother the greasy pill and she took it in her slimy fingers, and planted it as deep as she could in Julie's rectum, swished her finger around a few times, then pulled out. "There honey, just lie there until the pill gets to work, then you should be able to go potty, OK?"  "OK mom" "Suzy, help your sister if she need it, ok?" "OK mom"

    After mom left, Suzy sat on Julie's bed.  "did that hurt, Julie?"

    "No, it kinda felt good, actually" Julie told her

    "What does it feel like?"

    "I don't know, but does it hurt to poop?"

    "Sometimes, when its feels to big, but mostly, no" Suzy replied

    "Well, that pill is a lot smaller than poop, so it doesn't hurt at all" Julie explained "But when i poop this out, i bet it hurts"

    "Suzy, would you do me a favor?"

    "Sure! What do you need?"

    " My butt feels weird, would you get a piece of toilet paper so i can wipe that stuff off mom put on me?"

    "Sure!" As she ran to the bathroom, ripped off a few squares of paper and rush back in to Julie's side again.

    "Can I help you Julie?"

    "Sure, I guess" and Julie spread and lifted her legs for her sister "wipe off all that wet stuff, would ya?"

    Suzy looked down at her older sister, spread out on the bed in front of her. Although they saw each other naked a lot, this was not a typical view.  Sure, Suzy saw her naked butt and watched as Julie hit puberty just 3 years ago when she was 5, she saw how her pussy lips went from two hairless folds of skin to a thick bush of pubic hair, and then in the last 2 summers, her mom showed her how to trim that bush back so she could wear swim suites and this year she had a true 2 piece bikini!  But now, here was her older sister, with just a thin patch of hair left on her pussy, her shaved lips spread open to reveal its secretes right above her butt hole that suzy had only seen twice when she glimpsed at Julie bending under the bed to pick something up or in the bottom drawer of her dresser to get something to wear, but even that was no where near the vision in front of her!

    Suzy carefully put the wad in her finger tips and started rubbing Julie's butt clean of the slimy lube around her anus, she found that she really had to rub kinda hard to get the stick stuff off her and started digging a little harder on her anus with the paper.  She also noticed that her pussy looked really pink and her lips were getting puffy, and a trickle of fluid was making its way out.  "Don't move yet, Julie, I need some more paper"

    Suzy returned to the bathroom, and Julie took her hand and rubbed her now sensitive butt, but she felt it was very dry, and wondered what Suzy wanted more for.  Suzy was back and sat between her sisters upstretched legs, and proceeded to wipe the moisture off her moist folds of highly sensitive skin.  Julie gasped and jolted "My God, what are you doing?"

    "I'm sorry, you told me to dry you off! I didn't mean to hurt you! Honest!"

    "No, no, no! Its not that at all! It just feels really good! Do it some more if you want to!"

    Suzy looked a little perplexed, but she got back to work, rubbing the toilet paper on her big sisters open gash, but is seemed to her that the harder she worked to dry it, the wetter it became!  She was wiping her from front to back, like mom taught her, but she was first wiping hard on her clit, then pushing against her vagina, then back up to do it again, over and over, while Julie lay there on her back, legs up in the air, knees to her chest

    "Faster, wipe faster, Suzy....Please"

    Suzy picked up the pace as her sister writhed in ecstasy under her, the paper almost ruined, Suzy said "I need more paper, this one is done"

    "NO! DON'T QUIT!" Julie strained "Put it down, just use your fingers! PLEASE"

    Suzy thought this was strange, but she was having fun, and the feelings between her legs were aching to stay there and help too!  So she dropped the paper and put her index finger in the cleft of her sex and rubbed some more, up and down, sometimes her finger tried to enter the pink hole, but she managed to continue rubbing her clit.  Suzy positioned herself to sit on her own foot sitting Indian style, her big toe was resting against her swelling clit, as she rocked on her foot to rub her sister, she was getting herself hot, not quite understanding the feeling.

    Then her big sister started breathing heavy, Suzy saw her ass wiggle and shake as she hit her first orgasm brought on by someone other than herself, and it was a big one!  She trembled and shivered to her little sister's ministrations and Suzy rubbed her toe on her button once to many and orgasmed for the first time in her life!  Suzy slumped over her sisters naked body, breathing hard and loving this new sensation her sister taught her...they were both in a little piece of heaven.

    But that pill up Julie's butt decided it was time to come out now, so the cramps began...pretty hard too!    Julie got up and ran bent over to the toilet and tried to sit, but her bowels didn't like that position and a stab of pain told her otherwise.  Julie was forced to stand over the toilet, just slightly bent over of let it out.  Suzy came in just as Julie spread her ass apart with her hands and tried to evacuate her bowels, Suzy sat down on the stool beside the toilet to watch.  Julie grunted again and Suzy saw the tip of the shit poke out from her opening hole and push out, spreading her sphincter to new depths, Julie was painfully aware of the exiting bowel blocker, but the pain shot burst of pleasure to her groin as the immense size of the feces past through her once tight anus, a large shot of urine blasted out of her puss, the harder she pushed the thick dark summer sausage out of her asshole, the harder the piss came out until she thought she would pass out from the pleasurable pain! Suzy stood beside her looking at her asshole being opened wider than Julie had ever known, or Suzy could ever believe!

    After about 12 inches of the thick, heavy shit came out of her distended asshole, and landed in the toilet with a loud splash, and the rest of her urine flowed out of her very wet pussy, she sat down on the toilet for a few seconds shaking off the shivers it had given her.  "You all right, Julie?" asked Suzy. "Yeah, I'll be all right sis. But boy does my butt hurt after that one!"

    Julie grabbed a wad of paper and started wiping her butt, but the pain was kinda high for her, so she asked Suzy if she would help her. "Sure! What do you need?"

    Julie got on the floor, on her knees, bent over on her elbows and asked Suzy to wipe her butt for her.  Suzy looked as her ass cracked open to reveal her red hole, but she noticed that it was open about the size to fit her finger in it. "Cool Julie, you should see this!" Suzy exclaimed. "What is it?" Julie asked, turning her head.

    "Your butt hole, its still open! I can see inside you!"

    "Huh? Really? Give me the mirror, i want to see too!"

    Suzy got the mirror off the sink, and followed Julie's instructions to aim it so she could see her butt from between her legs.  When the open orifice was in her view, she attempted to tighten it closed, but as soon as she relaxed, it would open back up again, Suzy was amazed at the new trick her sister could do!  Julie took the mirror in her own hand, away from Suzy and said "Go ahead, clean me up if you would, please"  Julie watched intently on her sister's hands as she gently wiped her dirty bung hole clean.  She would spread her right cheek, stretching her hole a little as she wiped, then switch and do the other side.  Something caught Suzy's eye, however, that familiar gleam of wetness arrived again between the folds of skin, and her pussy seemed to get puffy and open up for her inspection, Julie noticed this also in the mirror.

    "Julie, you look like you have diaper rash, like Tiffany used to get"

    "Yeah, it does, doesn't it"

    "Mom still has some cream, you want me to go get it? It might feel better'' she asked

    "Yeah, sure, ill be on my bed"

    Suzy ran downstairs, as Julie got in her bed and flopped down on her belly waiting.  Suzy returned upstairs "Mom asked if you were all right, I told her you went potty, she said 'OK' and that she would be back in a few hours, she has some errands to run, OH, and i found this" as she produced a tube of topical ointment with a numbing agent for diaper rash. "Do you want me to doctor you up a little?"

    As Julie thought about it, she became aroused by the fact that her little sister had masturbated her earlier with a great result, and her butt hole was tingling now, both of pain and excitement over what just occurred in the bathroom "Yeah sis, do your thing"

    Suzy squirted a good glob on her fingers and started to massage her big sisters rosebud. She remembered how her mom put her whole finger in her butt and then again with that slimy pill, and she wondered how that felt.  "When mom put her finger in you, did it feel good?"

    "Yes, why?"

    "I dunno, i was just wondering, i guess"

    "Do you want to try it sis?"

    "Yeah! But, only if it wont hurt you, i mean"

    "Are you kidding? That must have been the biggest turd to ever come out of anyone's body! You think your little finger is going to hurt? I think i just crapped out your hand!"

    Both girls got a little wetter at the thought of Julie's last statement. " Suzy, stand up a minute"  She did, and Julie leaned over to help her out of her night shirt, and then hooked her thumbs in her panties, and yanked them down also, leaving her little sister totally naked, as she was.  Julie saw Suzy with new eyes at that moment, not just a gangly 8 year old sister, but as a beautiful body, with flowing lines and perfect skin.  Her still flat chest and fat pussy lips made Julie excited with anticipation, as she also wanted to touch her as intamently as she had been touched.  Suzy, again took command and told her sister to get back down so she could finish her job, Julie obliged.

    Suzy began her massage again, slowly, gently, concentrating on her hole.  She then circled the wrinkled ring and as the circle got smaller, the hole opened up to receive her.  The sensation was almost overwhelming as she felt her finger slide deep into her sister, and her own pussy had an awful itch that need scratched.  Suzy stroked her finger in and out a few times and asked "Is this all right?" "More" came the reply

    Suzy then pushed another finger past the sphincter, Julie barely responded, so Suzy added a third, to which Julie moaned softly.  Suzy pulled out her fingers, took the tube of cream and squirted a big glob in Julie's open ass, and then a little more on her fingers and started to push all four of her fingers into her gaping hole.  She had them inserted to the second knuckle and met with a little resistance, but Julie moaned "More, keep going"  so Suzy began to push a little harder, and Julie tried to back into her sisters intruding hand.  Suzy watched as slowly her hand was disappearing into the waiting hole of her sister, and Julie could not believe what she was feeling as her ass opened up once again to outrageous proportions, and the fingers of her sisters own hand, although relatively smaller than her own hands, were pushing all the right places in her gut, that made her juices flow freely!  Julie took her hands up and under her chest and started to pinch and caress her nipples as Suzy continued her inward thrust to satify her big sister.  Then Julie got up on her knees, with her chest still on the bed to thrust her ass in the air so Suzy could work her a little better.  Suzy watched as the last little bit of her hand plopped into her sisters butt hole! Julie shoved her face in her pillow as she screamed, startling her sister, but the combination of twisting her nipples, her asshole numbed by the cream and a fist in her ass making her pussy feel full also, was just to much!  Then Suzy pulled the ace out of her sleave, and started rubbing her sisters pussy with her finger like she did a little earlier, and her wrist just about snapped off her arm from the anal contractions!  Julie was moaning, groaning, breathing very choppy, and writhing in pleasure as her sister continued her assault on her pussy and asshole.  Julie put her feet together behind her, and Suzy waisted no time to sit on the, lining up her joy button with the balls of Julies feet, and rocked herself to another orgasm, getting her feet wet in the process.  Suzy started to pull her hand out of Julie's ass, and fingered her clitty at the same time, ass her hand popped out, Julie cried out again as another orgasm rocked her teen-age body, making her anus flicker again to the involintary muscle contractions she was going through.  Julie fell down on the bed hard, trying to catch her breath, Suzy was sitting there, perched on Julies feet, amazed at what she had caused, and very courious indeed!

    Suzy took this time to walk to the bathroom and wash her hands from the cream and sex juice, then she sat on the toilet to pee.  When she was done peeing, she wiped her pussy and noticed that same spot she rubbed her sisters feet again, was very sensitive, and she tingled everytime she wiped it, which ended up being several times due to the fact that she liked it so well!  Then Julie walked in, and caught her in the act.  Suzy blushed, but julie said "Come on sweety, let me help!"