The Butt Touchers Club VII

     I guess I should start by thanking all those who have written me with kind words, thoughts, and ideas! I know its been awhile since I have written anything, but YOU have spurred me on, so, again, I say THANKS!

ALSO.... just a reminder, this story started based on truth, there really used to be a "Butt Touchers Club" but that was a few years ago, and although I really wish it did, but it really never got as far as my imagination has taken this particular story.  But from all the e-mail I have received, I learned that I was a member of only a Chapter of "The Butt Touchers Club" and your stories are truly worth writing and submitting, I am not a professional writer at all, so I know YOU can do it also!

If, by chance, anyone is offended by kids experimenting with their bodies, think back to your childhood.... If you didn't grow up in a monastery by strict nuns, or an over zealous parent or guardian, you probably snuck to the closet, or bathroom or a secluded spot with your sibling, best friend, or cousin and said "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours" or "Let's play 'Doctor'",  It's all a part of growing up.  You know it. I know it.  I like reading and writing stories like this to help my memories re-capture what I once had, and is now long gone.

NOW if you're STILL offended, go elsewhere, bug someone else.  This story is fiction about CONSENSUAL sexual experimentation, masturbation, sex, whatever you want to call it, and you wouldn't be here if you weren't at least CURIOUS about this kinda thing, so instead of crying about it to someone, just click the "BACK" button on your browser and go play somewhere else.   If your under age, or local laws prohibit this stuff, then maybe you should not be here either.... DON'T blame me, just go away......

    Julie took Suzy by the hand and together they ran back to the room, where Suzy flopped on the bed with a little bounce in anticipation to what Julie was going to show her.   Julie guided her little sister to lay on her back on the bed, spread her knees wide and the bottoms of her feet next to her butt so she could see the fat hairless mounds of flesh in her groin easily.  As Suzy did this, Julie saw how her lips parted slightly and the small opening of her virginity came to view.   Julie used the tips of her soft fingers and carefully and slowly caressed the outer lips, making sure she touched every fold and every goose bump she was causing Suzy to get.  Sometimes she would rub ever so lightly between the parted gash and brush against the little bud of flesh that had been tormented earlier by both Suzy's and then her own foot, making little Suzy shudder and gasp for breath.  "Feels good there, doesn't it?"  Julie would ask her occasionally.  She always received a moaning "Yes" in reply.

    "This is how I usually play with myself, nice and slow"  Julie explained.  "I can do this for hours"

    "Why do you do it?" asked Suzy

    "Well, because it feels so good silly!  Besides, when I come home from school, and Phys Ed is my last class, I feel so excited down there from watching all those hunky boys playing in the gym.  They wear those gym shorts that show off a lot of their stuff, and I can see the outline of their dicks, most of them look hard too!"  Julie began

    "Really? Have you ever seen a boy before?"  Suzy asked, enthralled by her sisters story.

    "Well, once, a cute boy named Mitch and I snuck under the bleachers when the teacher wasn't looking and he pulled the front of his shorts down and I got to see his cock and balls, so I raised up my shirt and pulled my bra up to show him my boobie, It was so hot!  I really wanted to touch him, but I was so scared to, I thought he would pee on me or something, but he just stood there looking at my boobie as I looked at his dick.  I came home after then and I just HAD to touch myself, something inside me made me do it.  All i could think about all the way home was to do it, so I did!   I kept imagining what it really felt like, what my hand on it would do to him, or if he would have touched me, what would that do?   I really like to rub and pinch my nipples like this" as her hand reached up and pinched her erect nipple between her thumb and finger for Suzy to see "I wonder what someone else's hand would feel like?"

    Julie was busy pinching her nipple and caressing her sisters young sex box, especially her clit, and Suzy, turned on by this and her sisters story started to buck a little under Julie's finger, then she gasped, held her breath and started to quietly moan, then it picked up to a half hearted scream as her voice trailed off on another orgasm.   Julie smiled and said "See what you can do for yourself?" and chuckled

    Suzy wanted to hear more about this boy, so she asked "What does a dick look like? What does a boy do with it?"

    "Well" Julie started "His was about this long" as she spread her hands apart about 7 or 8 inches "and about this big" she put her fingers and thumb around like an "O" her fingers barely touching "and the tip of it has a bigger head on it and a hole at the end of it"

    "A hole? what's the hole for?"

    "That's where a boy pees from, Its also where he shoots sperm into a woman's body to make babies"

    "Did he make a baby with you?" Suzy asked wide eyed.

    "No No No, he didn't put it in me, he just showed it to me is all" She laughed in her response.

    "Where does a boy shoot his sperm to make a baby then?"

    "Right in here"  Julie rubbed the tip of her finger in the opening of her sisters vagina, then she let it slip in past the first knuckle, then she found resistance from her sisters hymen.  Then she slowly entered another finger in beside the first one, and the stretching feeling running through Suzy's body was almost overwhelming as she moaned through a very quick but small orgasm.  "I don't want to go deeper because I don't want to break your hymen, That will be up to you to do, when you do break it though, you will bleed a little bit, and it will hurt, but only for a little bit, I promise"

    "What do you mean I'll bleed?!" Suzy cried  "I don't want to bleed to death!"

    "No, you're not gonna bleed to death, you probably wont even know you even bled until you get up and see the spot, really, you wont get hurt at all, all girls have to do it once!  Besides, you don't know bleeding yet, just wait, you'll bleed for a few days down here every month! That gets to be a pain in the ass, but it's something you'll have to learn to live with, I have"

        "When will that be?" Suzy asked her knowledgeable sister.

    Julie stood up on her knees a little taller "See my hair down here? When you start to get hair, you will start to have your monthly cycles, actually, you might bleed first, then you will notice yourself getting hair, its pretty close together."

    Julie sat back down on her haunches and helped Suzy pull her knees up to her un developed chest and hold them with her own arms.  Julie then rubbed her slimy finger over her sisters pussy, scooping the juicy extracts from the pink hole and rubbed the clear fluid over her sisters wrinkled exit ring and she introduced the tip of her finger to her sisters rectum just past her fingernail, stretching the opening past its slammed door resistance.   Suzy's body worked on its own accord to remove the intruder by push out with her intestinal muscles and the fleshy muscle ring wrapped around her finger was persistent in ejecting the foreign object presented, all the the delight of Julie!

    "Does this hurt?" Julie looked into her sisters eyes.

    "No, it just feels weird is all.  Like i gotta go poop"

    "Do you want me to stop?"

    "No, keep going, I think it feels kinda good"

    "OK then, hang on a second"  Julie pulled her finger out, ran to the bathroom and she got the Vaseline open that her mother had just used on her, she then put a dab on her finger, closed the lid, put the jar away and went back to the room, Suzy was still waiting with her butt hole exposed for Julie's penetration to begin again.

    Julie slid her greasy finger around her rose bud and slowly entered the resisting ring back to about where she was a few seconds ago, and found her not meeting any resistance this time.  "Good, just relax"  Julie told her sister as she pushed a little deeper, then a little more and soon, her finger was deep enough the the knuckles on the back of her hand were pressed against the outside of her anus.  Julie wiggled her finger inside, Suzy giggled and looked up at her sister "Whatcha doing?" "You like that, huh?" Julie pulled out her finger, put 2 of them together and slowly pushed them both back in, as she intently watched the flesh of her sister envelope the fingers on her own hand until she could go no farther and began to wiggle them inside her, and then she spread her fingers apart and pulled out a little, trying to expand her sisters butt hole a little more.

    "Does that hurt? I think you poop bigger than that" Julie asked

    "It doesn't hurt, it just feels funny, and my pussy feels good too, I really like it!"

    "You want me to put another finger in?" Julie questioned "I'll stop if you tell me too".

    "Yeah, just go slow"

    Julie backed out again, put 3 fingers together and penetrated her turd cutter once again, and slowly pushed them deep in Suzy's rectum. When Julie lined up her fingers side by side instead of all 3 touching each other, Suzy's anus had other plans and cramped down on Julie's fingers.  Suzy gasped "OWIE! That hurt a little! Slow down a little bit, OK?"

    "You want them out?" Julie pulled out a bit.

    "NO... just go slow. I like it!"

    After a few minutes of slowly finger fucking her little sister in the ass, she slowly started to work her slender fingers a little wider and Suzy went into yet another orgasm!  "OK, take out your fingers please"

    Julie removed her fingers, and the both got up, went to the bathroom.  Julie went to the sink to wash the Vaseline off, and Suzy grabbed toilet paper to wipe what she could off her butt.  When Suzy was done, Julie helped her on on hands and knees and used the warm wash cloth and soap to finish the clean up, then dried her with a towel.

    "Will you show me how you play with yourself Julie?"

    "On the bed? Sure! Come on!"  Julie bolted out the door.

    They both got up on the bed, Julie laid down flat, and Suzy propped herself against the wall so she could see everything her big sister was about to show her.  Julie licked her fingers and rubbed her heavy breast, and zeroed in on her nipples, then her right hand slowly slid down her taut stomach, around her belly button and through the trimmed line of pubic hair to the waiting wetness below.  Suzy saw her sister rub the outer lips all over, her motions stretching her entrance into view, then her middle finger sunk into the moist depths, then pulled out to ride between the folds up to her little soldier, now standing at complete attention, and she circled her finger over and around it, occasionally one and then two fingers would sink into the pink petals leading to her womanhood then back up to arouse her sensitive clit.

    Suzy, aroused again by Julie's actions, began to mimic the scene in front of her.  One hand rubbing the little buds that would one day become the breasts of a woman, the other hand finding new places to go between her legs.  Julie pulled her knees and feet up to further expose her wet cunt and now her wet asshole and her left hand left her tits, and went down to her puckered anus, two finger tips entered her ass, two in her pussy and her thumb rubbing  her clitty furiously.  Suzy tried to imitate, she didn't get very far when Julie moaned very loudly to announce her orgasm had arrived!  Suzy was triggered by her sisters excitement, and joined her for a mutual orgasm!

    After a quick break, they both caught their breath.   "Can we do this more often? Will you teach me all that you know? PLEASE?"  Suzy was pleading.

    Julie told her "I'll tell you what, as long as mom isn't around, we can do what ever you want, OK?"

    "GREAT!" Suzy squealed "This is gonna be fun!"

    Over the next couple years, Julie and Suzy were inseparable, especially at night when they were supposed to be in bed.   They each had friends to be with during the day, they did their chores, they even had their  squabbles now and again, but it usually all went away when they were alone... They both knew what they wanted, and they usually got it!