Butt Touchers Club VIII


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    Julie and Mitch were driving out on the road from the farm where Mitch had just had a pretty intense lesson in anal play, his asshole was still burning a little bit, and his mind was running in circles, from the boys idea of fun, and he was with HER... the sexiest girl in school.   He looked over at her while she drove the car, thinking about those beautiful full breasts, her nipples in his mouth while his hard cock drove her pussy wild with desire.  He longed to see the trimmed bush she had stashed away behind those silky panties, to smell it, and touch it.  His X-Ray eyes burning her clothes off her nubile body made his cock stand at attention, although at that age, the wind blowing was sufficient!  He didn't care about her rambling on and on about her friend this, her friend that, something about shopping... her sister Suzy....   He looked interested and she didn't notice his selective hearing had kicked in, until she said "By the way, I have a little surprise for you!"

    Mitch snapped back to reality, his girlfriend, sitting right next to him now had on all her clothes once again, much to the disappointment to his imagination, of course.  "Wh-What? A surprise?  What kind of surprise is that?"  he stammered, a little startled.

    "Mom is leaving to do some shopping, and I'll have the whole house to myself"  she began, "are you interested in, well, maybe..."

    "OH HELL yes!"  Mitch over excitedly answered.  "But what about your sister?"

    "Oh, Suzy? She went with mom, they had school shopping to do, they wont be back till around 7 o'clock tonight.  It's only 3 right now, is that enough time?"

    "No, it never is" he chuckled at her

    "Well, I wanted to know, well... "she blushed

    "What? Anything, tell me!"

    "Well, remember that night that we did it the first time, you know 'It' " she began "I remember when you put your finger in my butt, I kinda liked that, can we do that again?"

    DUH he thought... "Sure! Anything you like! I think its pretty hot myself!"

    Breathing a sigh of relief, they pulled into the long lane of Julie's house, she guided the car around to its parking space beside the garage.  Mitch leaped out of the passenger side door before she even put the car in "Park" and ran around to open her door, trying not to look overly anxious, but still trying to speed things up a bit, as he just couldn't wait to get in her pants!  He held her hand, pulled her body close, and nibbled on her ear as they walked together towards the house, his erection straining against the denim fabric especially hard when she giggled.

    Unknown to Mitch, a curtain moved back into place as a young face, belonging to Julie's sister, Suzy, backed away from the window.  Suzy was talking to Julie last night after a quick mutual masturbation session, and the conversation went towards Mitch.  Suzy replayed the whole evening in her mind as she quickly removed her clothing and squatted down in the closet and closed the louvered door, but she flipped the louvers open on the bottom of the door so she could see out towards the bed.  She made a little nest out of sweatshirts and T-shirts she dumped on the floor so that the hardwood floor of the spacious closet would not be so hard on her butt to sit on.  While she sat there waiting for the first sexual encounter with a boy, last night conversation played in her head like it was five minutes ago....

    "Julie, what does a boy do for you that I can't?"  she asked

    "Oh, honey, you wouldn't believe what sex with a boy is like!  His warm, thick dick rubbing in and out of my pussy feels wonderful! I love the way a big powerful man can make you feel so good when he hugs you as he thrusts in and out of me, how powerful I feel to reduce that big man down to a withering slave just so he can get to my pussy, it really is fun!"  Julie continues "I love to jack off that big cock in my hand and watch his face, especially his eyes as he cums all over me and himself.  The taste of his salty cock in my mouth, and the white seed he feeds me is delicious! I can't get enough!"

    Suzy gave her sister a look of perplexion "You put his peter in your mouth?  Isn't that GROSS?  He pees with that thing doesn't he?"

    Julie laughed out loud at her sisters naive question "Listen, you have licked my pussy before, and I lick yours alot, do you taste any pee when we do that?"


    "Well, what makes you think a boy tastes like pee?"

    "Well, because you said stuff shoots out of it.  You don't have anything shoot out of you!"  she defended

    "Well, yes, I guess you're right, but it's not the same kinda stuff... pee is yellow, sperm is white."

    "I still don't understand.... I wish I could see it" Suzy shrugged

    "I'll make you a deal, Suzy, if you help me out, I think I can arrange for you to see everything a boy has," Julie crept out of her bed, quietly walked over to Suzy's bed, kneeled on the floor to get close to Suzy's now perked ear "I'll bring Mitch over here to fuck me, but I want you to follow my EXACT instructions.  Let me tell you what I want, if you agree, fine. If not. Fine. Deal?"

    Suzy excitedly leaned up to hear her sisters words.........

    The bedroom door opened, Julie looked around quickly, finding nothing out of order, led Mitch in by the hand and they both sat on the bed.  Mitch wasted no time as he leaned across and gave Julie a small, closed mouth kiss that quickly escalated to a tonsil swabbing of the likes that even those mushy TV shows could not compare to.  Suzy didn't quite understand why boys and girls just had to kiss like that, but she remembered her promise and stayed very still in the closet, watching.... Mitch reached out and groped Julie's full breast through her top and bra, but his hand slid down, poked under the troublesome shirt and snaked its way back up to her breast again.  Julie unsnapped the clasp in the front of the bra to release the objects of his hand's desire, her goose flesh popping up on her belly and chest as he took advantage of the opening.  Julie pulled her lips away from his open mouth and whispered "I want your cock out... take those pants off!"  Mitch released the nipple in his nimble fingers and unbuttoned his jeans as he kicked his sneakers off his socked feet without even untying them, pulled down his pants and stepped out of them.  Suzy saw the biggest bulge in Mitch's underwear, she knew that boys got bigger as they got older, Julie told her that, but the boy from school she spied peeing on the tree didn't even begin to compare!

    The boy, Brad, ran off from his friends while they were in the park to pee in the mens restroom, but the sign on the door said "Out Of Order".  Undaunted the boy pulled his shorts down and released the stream of yellow fluid on the tree next to the entrance on a wet spot on the tree. Apparently, lots of boys had the same idea. "What the fuck" he muttered as relief soon hit him.  Just as the first few shots hit the bark, Suzy came out of the Girls room to see a cute boy pissing on a tree!  Brad blushed and whipped away, Suzy stopped dead in her tracks.  Brad looked back at her and said "What?"  "I never saw one of those before... I'm sorry"  Brad got a devious grin on his face, turned around to finish his pee, took his hardening member in his right hand and shook it violently so Suzy could get a good look at it.  And look at it she did!  The light fuzzy hair over the top of his cock must not have been there very long, his smooth balls hanging below the stiffening rod bounced at his shaking.  Brad pulled his dick straight up, rubbed the underside of the shaft and the nutsack a few times, then pulled the waistband of his shorts up over his growing boyhood and ran off.  Suzy had very busy fingers when she got home and Julie didn't think she would ever be able to satisfy her sister enough!

    Mitch stood there for a second in his underwear, looked at Julie who began to strip her clothes off, and he pulled the tighty-whities off from his waist, down on the floor, he bent down, hooked first one, then the other tube sock off his now bare feet.  Mitch stood facing Julie on the bed watching her finish undressing, his legs slightly bent, Suzy saw his nuts hanging between his buttcrack.  Her smooth, hairless pussy was really starting to ache with desire on the floor in the closet, the clear fluid dripping on the pile of soft clothes.  Her finger gently went to work to ease the pain in her developing loins.  Julie finally finished stripping, she laid down on her back, lifted her legs high and wide in the air to spread her pussy for Mitch and told him "Eat me!"

    Mitch, never one to start an argument with her, especially during sex, got down on his knees and leaned over to put his mouth on her sex.  She held his head with her hands and guided him to her "Sweet spot" and writhed in joy as his magical tongue did it work.   Suzy saw Mitch bent over eating her sister out, his right hand going under his belly and shaking, much like Brad did in the park.  His balls were doing a little dance, his exposed butt hole still a little red from playtime in the barn earlier, was winking at Suzy.

    Julie pulled up on the handfuls of hair and told Mitch "Fuck me, stud!"
    Mitch pulled Julie's legs up over his shoulder, and with a small tug, he had her ass hanging over the very edge of the mattress.  He straightened up, lined his aching cock to the opening of her dripping snatch and eased it in, listening to her loud moans as his teen cock searched for her deepest recesses buried within her body.  After he had his furry bush against her neatly trimmed bush, he stayed still for a second as he kissed her feverously.  Her hands reached around his back, down his waist and pulled the thick moons of his ass apart, as if to ask him to go farther in.  Suzy saw the heavy balls belonging to her sisters stud laying over Julie's butt hole, Mitch's anus was being stretch apart by the to feminine hands grabbing at the gluteus maximums, then the hands reached lower on the male body above her, down his legs to the back of his knees and pulled them to come up on the bed.  Her legs where still on top of Mitch's shoulders, and as he raised up on the bed, he pulled her body tighter in a ball under her.  The contortion her body went through and the new angle of the blonde cock diving in her drive him into new depths.  Mitch was now feeling all that pussy around his dick and began fucking her like a rabbit tripping on caffeine!  Suzy, watched Mitch's balls slapping the puckered butt hole of her sister, realized it was her cue!  "Oh shit! I almost forgot!" she whispered barely audible to herself.

    Suzy reached beside her, found the tube of Vaseline in the closet with her, squeezed some of its contents on her fingers and slowly opened the door with her other hand.  The girls made sure the door wouldn't squeak by spraying WD-40 on the hinges this morning just so this plan would work... it was now up to Suzy not to fuck this up, and she new it.  She crept out of the closet and crawled on her hands and knees towards the incredible sex scene taking place in front of her, her heart beating like a drum, sweat pouring from her forehead, soon she was close enough.  Mitch started to move a little, Suzy froze.... Julie grabbed him by the head again and made him kiss her madly, Julie saw her sister and knew she had to distract him... it worked!  But as they kissed, Mitch moved one hand down to her ass, his finger searching for the hole that Julie had told him she wanted fucked while they were in the car.  Suzy was stuck!  She had a big glob of the slimy lube on her fingers and was ready to begin... then there was this.  "Now what?" she asked herself.

    She looked again at the puckered hole above the balls, and the one his hand brushed the troublesome testicles away so he could access it.  She changed the plan a little.  Suzy lightly touched Julie's hand, and guided it up to Mitch's spread rump, and then she pushed the tip of her sisters finger on the hole, then moved her away a little bit.  Suzy used some grease on her left hand, aimed the stiff digit at the boys butt hole, and pushed it home.  Mitch slowed his tempo, but didn't quit his humping hips, he still gyrated on her 10 year old index finger as it pulsed and spasmed.  He did however, move his hand out of the way from Julie's very exposed puckered ass dent, so she went back to "Plan A" and pushed 3 lubed fingers quickly in her expecting hole, swarmed them around a few seconds, then pulled out and shoved 4 in!  Julie moaned loudly, her sisters hand spreading every nerve ending in her sphincter made her puss quiver on Mitch's cock, now slamming faster in the wet folds of flesh.  Suzy pulled out the one finger in Mitch's asshole.  The hand invading her sisters backdoor was feeling the roving python slamming in and out of the hot pussy.  Mitch grunted at Julie "Your pussy is so fuckin' hot! Stick your finger back in my ass so I can CUM!"  Suzy took 2 of her fingers and shoved them back in the hole above Mitch's bouncing balls.  His anus squeezed hard against the intruders, but Mitch just groaned "Fuck ya! God I'm gonna CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!!" Mitch pulled out and squirted 4 huge ropes of cum all over Julie's full red lips, mounds of her breasts and nipples, and the last 2 landed on her tight, toned stomach, a pool collected in her belly button.  "Fuck Ya baby! That was HOT!" Mitch sweated.

    Something appeared to be wrong to Mitch though.  There in front of him was the hottest, sexiest, horniest girl he had ever heard of, playing with the little puddle of cum with her left hand, her right hand was rubbing the new skin cream in her tits, her tongue was lapping the spent jiz juice off of her lips and chin.... why was his asshole still stinging?

    "AAAAACCCKKK!!!!" he screamed looking behind his sweaty shoulder seeing Suzy on her knees, her arm reaching toward his butt "What in the FUCK........."

    Suzy looked horrified as Mitch dove off the impaling fingers in his ass, leaving Suzy with her fingers in the air pointing up, slowly retracting them to a fist and dropping her hand to her side, then she pulled her other hand out and away from her sisters bung hole and dropped it to her other side, not bothering to conceal her nudity to the teen boy trying to get on the bed and away from the newest sex partner.  "Y-Y-You said she was GONE!" Mitch stammered in disbelief. "AW damn... what the hell is this anyway? You gonna let her get away with this Julie?"

    Julie smiled at Mitch "Why? Didn't you like it or something? I thought it was pretty good for me..."

    Now Mitch gave her one of those stupid looks... the one that was trying to figure out in his head how she could enjoy sex with her little brat sister.  But then it hit him... he had just finished having sex with those 3 boys a little earlier today, he really enjoyed them, what's the difference? He got his rocks off, the fingers in his ass felt good, she didn't hurt him or herself in any way... so what the fuck? He decided he was game!  "Hey, your mom isn't around here sneaking around anywhere is she? That might really freak me out!" All three laughed at the last comment.

    Suzy smiled, knowing everything would be alright now, and she stood up and sat next to her sister on the bed.  She took her mouth and nose close to her breast and smelled a few drops of the thick cum still laying on her. "It doesn't smell" she told her sister.  She stuck her tongue out and touched the tip to the puddle.  "It doesn't taste bad" she said, and licked some more.  She moved up to her face and lightly tickled her sister with the tip of her tongue, helping  Julie to remove the remains on her cheek she couldn't reach, then moved to her tummy and eagerly sucked and licked the splatters of seed off her sisters ticklish belly.  When she was satified Julie was cleaned up, she looked at Mitch, he pointed to his semi erect cock, and the trail of clear cum that strung down to the sheets of the bed.  Suzy got up with her elbows, moved to the other side of the bed and got on all fours in front of Mitch's throbbing member, pulsing with his heartbeat.  She stuck her tongue out, licked just the tip of his piss slit, tasted it, then she covered more of the glans in her mouth, then put almost 3 inches of it in her mouth and sucked on him like a straw, trying to get out the very last drop.  "You're right, sis, it does taste good!" she gleamed.  "My hands are a mess, I am going to the bathroom to wash up, do you guys need anything?"

    "Yeah Suzy, get me some paper, would ya?"

    "Sure sis, I'll be right back"

    "I gotta piss bad" Mitch groaned "Hurry up if you can"

    "Come on! There's room in here!" Suzy giggled.

    Mitch looked at Julie, she nodded, he shrugged "OK... Here I come!"

    Suzy had a handful of soap working it in a good lather to get the sticky Vasaline off her fingers, Mitch walked behind her naked butt, stood in front of the toilet and looked at the bowl for a few seconds.

    "Go on and pee, I've seen your stuff, whats the big deal now?" Suzie chided him

    "Guys just cant piss like that girl, I just had an orgasm, I gotta get my pisser to relax so I can let the piss go now"

    Suzy was finishing rinsing her hands off and started to dry them when Mitch finally released the bladder build up.  She rubbed her hands slowly through the cloth as she watched the thick stream of yello urine exit the same slit the cum had shot from and hit the standing water of the toilet.  Mitch padded his bare feet back and forth a little on the cold floor a little bit.  His hands on his hips, exposing all to her to see.  A fart erupted from him.  Mitch stopped his piss a little and his face turned beet red as Suzy burst out laghing "OOPPS!  I guess i was pushing a little to hard." he barely managed to say.Suzy reached her dry hand over Mitch's cock to grab a lenth of toilet paper.  Mitch was finishing with three finall squirts to the toilet.  "Let me!" Suzy offered.  She took her hand, put his penis in her closing fist and shook it like the boy in the park did, and like she thought she saw Mitch do while he was eating Julie's snatch on the bed, up and down the shaft in a quick masturbation sequence Mitch new all to well!  Suzy dabbed a square of paper on his cock, soaked the last drop od urine off and told him "Come on, lets get you cleaned up for more!" Suzy grabbed his hand and ran to the bedroom.

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