The following story is my second attempt at writing erotica for the fun of it. (My first attempt turned into a novel length story that is currently submitted to a publishing house. It sort of got out of hand. **weg** ) As usual all the characters are fictional, the universe is fictional, and it all belongs to me. It involves sex between human males , human and alien males, human males and anthropomorphic animals, and will eventually include sex with the most alien of all species- human females. I am always up for constructive criticism and am interested in hearing people's responses to the story. If reading this material is offensive to you leave and don't read it. If it is illegal for you to read, then leave and elect some less repressive officials who will change outdated and archaic laws, and then come back. Most of all enjoy it.


Ensign Michael Prince twisted hard on the yoke and pulled back, sending his fighter into a hundred and eighty degree spin as he continued his forward momentum, yet spinning the nose backwards. Not waiting for the computer lock he swagged the sights and fired. Twin beams of fused particle beam/lasers lanced out at the Kregran fighter on his tail. Ignoring the collision warnings from the approaching ventral bay of the Challenger he held the triggers down pouring the punishing energy into the attacking craft. He watched as the Kregan shields built from invisible to red, to orange to yellow to green to blue to ultraviolet until it finally erupted into a rather satisfying explosion.

Twisting his craft back around he fired his dorsal thrusters, forcing his fighter down and below the ventral docking bay. In a matter of seconds, he covered the mile long distance of the Challenger and came out in front of her. "Go ahead, throw all my sensors out of alignment," the voice of Sara, his onboard computer came over the psiber-link he shared with his fighter.

"It was either that or take torp up the tail-pipe." He replied.

"You let me worry about what I take up my tail pipe and you worry about what you take up yours," she replied, and Michael could feel her smile.

Looking around he mentally recalibrated her scanners, and saw the Kregans disappearing back into the distance of gate space. "Where they going?" he asked.

"It would seem they're retreating. Like the colonel said, "Only a fool fights in gate space."

"But they attacked us, why retreat now?"

"There is your answer," Sara told him. Looking up he saw the Kregan fighters suddenly unleash a synchronized barrage of torpedoes at the Challenger just before they opened a gate back to real-space.

"Take control Sara, I'm going to try something," Michael told the ship as he tore his mind from the psiber-link and hurled it out a thousand miles into the space. He reached out and found the targeting programming of the lead torpedo. Sending a slight pulse through the torpedo's programming he detonated the device taking out several around it.

Jumping from torpedo to torpedo, he detonated as many of them in clusters as he could, but there were too many. It quickly became apparent that the fighters were going to have to protect the ship manually. Plunging his mind back into the psiber-link he answered the com. "Ensign Prince, acknowledge!"

"I'm here LT," Prince told him, "Just trying to take out the enemy at range," he told the man. Lieutenant Hassad made it clear that he disliked Quantums and Michael was the epitome of what he disliked. His mother had died at the Battle of the Gate, using her quantum powers to destroy the invading Kregan fleet and finally liberating Earth. But the Muslim nations, what was left of them after the Kregans bombed most of them out of existence, hated quantums more than they did the furries- individuals who'd had animal genetics grafted onto them by the Kregans to be used as shock troops and slaves.

"Stay with us, Ensign. I don't want to have to pull you out of a situation." The LT told him. Michael could hear the disdain in his voice.

"Yes sir."

Closing ranks with his wingman, Carter the two plunged their ships forward in a vain attempt to stop all the incoming torpedoes from hitting the Challenger. In the end it was a quick and vicious piece of flying, but many of the Challenger's other space-worthy quantums were forced to the hull of the ship trying to the defend Earth's first deep space expeditionary force. Only three torpedoes got through, but one of them had hit dangerously close to the bridge.

Flying close to the hull, Michael could see frozen atmosphere where the hull had been breached somewhere. Waiting in silence for his turn to recover, he quietly considered, popping Sara's hatch and taking a more direct route to the ship, but after this battle, he know the Challenger couldn't afford to lose a fighter. He just had to sit quietly and pray that Donovan was all right.

After an eternity he found himself of the recovery bay with a technician going over the battle damage done to his fighter. "Don't know how you held this one together out there Ensign. She's pretty banged up, but I think we can get her space worthy again..." Michael didn't hear what the rest of the technician was saying, because he'd hit the deck at a run. It was all he could do to keep himself from taking to the air. The captain didn't like it when quantums, those that could at least, flew through the ship's corridors.

Cursing himself for taking so long to put into words what he'd been feeling for Donovan for the past few weeks, he promised to rectify the situation first opportunity he got. They'd spent almost every free moment they had together since the met three months ago. He enjoyed Donovan's company and discovered that it had slowly become something more than just friendship. It was just he wasn't accustomed to dealing with these kinds of emotions.

Dr. Grey had been amused when she'd told him what to expect after his first physical aboard ship. "Quantums mature at a different rate than normal humans- or even furries for that matter," the older woman had told him. Many of you reach your physical peak in your early teens, when most other people are going through puberty. Then you take another ten to fifteen years to reach sexual maturity. Basically your body has to have time to adapt to your powers before it's ready to develop your uh... sex drive." She shook her head and chuckled, "In other words Ensign, I'm afraid you're starting to notice the opposite sex." Then taking a closer look at the readout in front of her, "or maybe not."

Michael had shaken his head and gave her questioning look, "do you mean I'm about to start acting goofy over every pretty head that catches my attention?" That was all he needed. Michael had enjoyed the fact that he hadn't been distracted during his four years in the Academy by the same hormonal drives that he'd given his best friend and battle-buddy Carter so much grief over.

"That's up to you," Grey had told him. "I'm just saying that your body is now ready to finish developing. You are going to start noticing things about your ship mates that hadn't caught your eye before."

"I understand about sex Doc. I've just never thought it was that interesting of a subject before," Michael shuddered. "It just always seemed so... messy."

"Well, I don't think that's going to be the situation now." She smiled slyly at him, "Besides, I've read your psych profile. A little mess would do you some good. Maybe bring you down to earth, from trying to live up to the legend that you called " Mother"."

"I'm not trying to live up to any legend," Michael told her, "it's just that I can't let her legacy be embarrassed."

The doc shook her head, "you are going to have to make your own way in the universe, Ensign. We all can't die saving the human race."

"That's not fair..."

"I'm not trying to be fair, Prince. I'm trying to keep you from locking yourself off to the joys of puberty. God only knows there's enough grief involved." He voice became very stern, "Now you are to take this as doctor's orders. You are hereby instructed to find yourself a nice willing partner somewhere on this ship, and engage in some of that messiness." She leaned in close, "barring that you are to go to download several of the adult files available on the shipnet and at least engage in some self gratification." Turning to a nearby cabinet she took out a bottle of something, "I'm not about to have one of my charges get himself killed in combat because he's so sexually frustrated he can't do his job." Handing him the bottle, "Now get out of here, and don't come back unless it's something serious."

That had been two days before he'd met Donovan. The first time he'd met the young technician he was entranced. He wasn't sure if it was soft lavender fur that covered his body, or his huge green eyes, or the broad ears - Donovan was obviously a furry- but something clicked inside him. After staying up all night after their meeting he'd started to think that maybe a little mess wouldn't be a bad idea. He'd even gone so far as to break into the ship's files ( a serious violation of regulations that could have resulted in losing his commission- fortunately the ship's AI liked him, and for some reason approved of his interest in the young furry.) to find out more about Donovan.

He'd discovered that Donovan had been the personal body servant- he knew enough to read as bed-warmer- of the Kregan Imperial Governor of Earth. And whereas Michael was just now going through puberty, Donovan had been genetically designed to reach sexual maturity at the age of three. In other words the man was a hell of a lot more experienced than he was. To top that off, Michael had also discovered that Donovan was one of those rare furries who also carried the Quantum gene. It seems that he too was a psiber-psi.

Now he was faced with the prospect of losing his first love without ever telling him how he felt. It didn't matter if Donovan didn't return the feelings or not. He had to at least clear the air on how he felt. He bolted from the lift as soon as its doors opened, only to find the passage blocked by a large pile of rubble. Another quantum with a security pip on his shoulder was carefully moving large sections of twisted metal and wallboard out of the way. "The passage is blocked sir," the man told him. "We have to be careful moving the debris. Computer says that there's a hull breach somewhere."

"Do you know if anybody is alive on the bridge?"

The man shook his head, "all power's been cut to the forward section. Torpedo hit the main power coupling. We can't get through to them."

Michael only nodded and felt a familiar buzz at the base of his skull, and the world around him began to grow. He felt slightly dizzy, and sick to his stomach- like the first time his quantum powers first ignited. Doc had warned him about this. She'd told him that the onset of puberty combined with direct exposure to the quantum energies of the gate- something generally believed to be responsible for awakening the powers of quantums- might also awaken new facets of his powers.

Without any other consideration, he shoved his stomach back down to his gut where it belonged and took to the air. After several false starts, he finally found a way through the rubble, to the main bridge door. Judging from the size of the letters on the door, he estimated that he'd shrunk down to about half an inch tall.

Reaching out for the door, he felt along it's seam and discovered a slight breeze escaping into the corridor. "Good," he said to himself. "If air is escaping in this direction then there is an atmosphere on the bridge." Putting his hands on either side of the crack he forced the door to open slightly. He barely felt the strain of fighting the hydraulic safeties on the doors, and realized that somehow he'd managed to retain his enhanced strength in this size.

Slipping through the crack he suddenly felt himself grow to normal size. "Prince!" he heard Captain Connery call, "How'd you get here?"

"I came through the rubble sir!" he called out and saluted, "What can I do to help?"

Captain Connery smiled at him, "Assist Donovan in getting the main power coupling back on line. We'll talk about how you got here later." The tall grey-haired man indicated an access hatch on the back wall.

Without another thought, he squeezed himself into the cramped space. Again he felt the buzz at the base of his skull and saw the world grow to huge proportions. Even with his smaller size, he had difficulty squeezing past Donovan's form. Slowly working his way deeper into the hatch, he found himself squeezed tightly between Donovan's lithe form and the power conduit leading the main bridge.

Sliding along a bend in the conduit he found himself pressed tightly against Donovan's lower torso. As he wiggled past he felt the soft fur under the man's fatigues begin to harden and firm up. A strong musky odor began to permeate the cramped quarters, and he felt a strange feeling creep down his back to lodge somewhere in the front of the base of his spine. It was exciting and made his heart race with something he'd never before felt.

For long seconds he simply lay there feeling the velvet hardness pressed tightly against his entire body. He felt his own hardness press against the front of his flight suit, and reached out and stroked the fabric along his sides. Again he felt Donovan shift his weight and was suddenly pressed hard against the conduit. He could feel a a new section of the hardness- without the soft feel of fur- begin to extend and lengthen as it pressed into his chest. He felt his back scraped along the conduit as the force of the growth slid past his body and pushed him upward and into a hollow of space between Donovan's stomach and the conduit.

Suddenly he was free and floating freely in the empty area. As he was hurled backwards, he felt and explosion of release of the tightness in his own groin followed by a wet feeling in his undergarments. For a moment he thought he'd lost bladder control, until it slowly dawned on him that he'd just experienced his first orgasm.