A brief respite from battle lead to Michael and Donovan  taking their relationship to a new level.



    God dammit!  Just because I’m a mech mechanic doesn’t mean that I carry my tools everywhere with me.  I wasn’t on the bridge to be a mechanic, I was on the bridge to be a cultural advisor, Donovan thought to himself as he shifted his legs across the conduit while trying to reach the breach in the shielding.  “Don’t touch anything on that com panel!” He screamed back down as the conduit shifted against his groin.  For some reason the damn thing was wiggling.  “I said leave that com panel alone!” he screamed again.  Muttering to himself, “Last thing I need is hard-on in a conduit tube.”  He wrapped his legs around it, and shifted his back away, hoping to reduce it’s bucking.   

    Suddenly the motion stopped and in the space on the other side of the conduit appeared the rather embarrassed looking form of Ensign Prince.  Not looking a gift horse in the mouth he told him, “Hey Mike.  How about holding that conduit?  It keeps moving around on me.”

    “Uh, sure, Donnie.”  Prince told him as he reached out and grabbed the long snake-like cable.  Michael had been on his mind a lot of late, and he wasn’t sure how to deal with him.  The two had been spending a lot of time together, and he was starting to think of him in ways not exactly appropriate for a good working relationship.  After all the man is the son of the hero of the Jupiter Gate Battle.  Why would he want to get involved with me?  From what Donovan could tell, Prince had been assigned to Challenger’s mission over his father’s objections.  It seems that somebody back home had a whole career planned out for him.  He wasn’t sure how Michael felt about that, but knew that Prince was excited about the posting.

    “How’d you get here?” he asked suddenly remembering that the corridor to the bridge had been blocked off by that last torpedo hit.

    “Uh, remember when Doc said that being around this much gate energy might have an effect on some of us quantums?”  Michael smiled sheepishly at him, as he brushed the dark blue hair from his eyes.

    “Yeah,” Donovan told him finally reaching the breach in the conduit.  “Hold this plate in place.” he indicated the loose panel between them.

    Michael nodded, and reached around the conduit to hold the plate.  Donovan felt the man’s hand brush against the growing hardness in his coveralls.  Great, now he’s going to think I’m some kind of pervert getting off on power conduits.

    “Well, it seems that I’m going through some changes.” The man actually blushed.

    “Some changes?” Donovan asked as he tried to seal the plate into place.

    “Yeah,” Michael told him.  “It seems there are some differences in how fast quantums mature compared to base-line humans.”

    “Really?” he looked down at Michael.  “Damn, this seal is not going to hold.”

    He felt Michael shift his hands, pulling the plate tighter against the conduit.  Once again he felt the man’s hand brush against the sensitive areas of his dick where it had extended past its sheath.  “What’s wrong?” Michael asked.

    “Oh, nothing,” Donovan told him.

    Michael looked confused for a second and then something seemed to dawn on him, “I mean with the conduit.”

    “The seal’s not going to hold.  First time power is run through it, it’s going to blow loose.”

    He watched Michael look down at the plate, but noticed his eyes kept wandering toward the outline in his cover-alls.  “What’s it need?”

    Donovan told him, “to be one solid sheet.  If we can get it to hold until we can evacuate the bridge, we can seal off the area and then come back in and replace the section.”

    Michael smiled at him, “If I can make it one solid sheet, would we have to do that?”

    “No. That would fix the problem.” Donovan told him.

    Michael got mischievous grin on his face.  “If I save you all that work, will you have dinner with me?”

    “You save me all that work, I’ll even cook dinner.” Donovan told him.

    “You’re on.” Michael said.  There was a low vibration from Michael’s hand, and a soft glow.  Donovan felt himself disappointed when the vibration stopped.  

    Looking down at the conduit, he saw it was now one solid piece from junction to junction. “Damn, good work,” he told Michael. “We’ll make a techie out of you yet.”

    Michael seemed to preen under the compliment, “Like I said, I’m going through some changes.”  

    Suddenly the circulation fans in the crawlway kicked in and the familiar musky scent of cum hit Donovan’s nose.  He looked down to see a dark stain in the front of Michael’s flight suit.  “Interesting changes,” he told him.

    Sixteen hours of hard work later, the bridge was finally functional, and the ship was preparing to drop out of gate space in two days.  Donovan had lost track of Michael not long after they’d come out of the crawl space.  There were just too many repairs to be made, and Michael had been sent back out on patrol, in case the Kregar attacked again.  Finally, the ship had deemed space-worthy, and Donovan was dismissed to return to his quarters.    

    Opening the door he began to peel off his filthy cover-alls, when a very pleasant smell came wafting from the small kitchen he shared with Lt. Wilson of security.   Thinking Wilson might be entertaining Ensign Carter again, he picked up his cover-alls and skirted off to his room.  “Looks like it’s dining in the galley again,” he said to room.

    “Not, unless you want to insult Ensign Prince,” the ship’s AI told him.

    Dropping his cover-alls in the recycling bin, he pulled off his briefs, and freed his tail, “Huh?” he asked.

    “Ensign Prince is in the kitchen waiting on you.”  The AI told him.  “He said he was going to fix you dinner this time.  What ever that means.”

    “Okay,” Donovan said.  “Would you mind telling him I’ll be out in fifteen minutes.

    “Very well,” the AI told him.  “Oh, and by the way Donovan?”


    “Tamara is spending the evening in Carter’s quarters.  She said the suite was all yours.”

    “Remind me to do something nice for her.”

    “Will do.”

    A quick sonic shower and a long brush later, Donovan left his quarters wearing the loosest fitting lounge pants he had, and black tank.  The smells coming from the kitchen were delightful.   Potatoes, corn, and fresh bread were arranged on the table with two place settings.   Michael, standing with his back to him was turning two steaks on the stove.  He looked Michael’s form up and down, “Looks good.”

    “I hope it tastes good,” Mike replied, not realizing the double entendre. He’d changed from his usual flight suit and was wearing a one piece utility, that many of the pilots aboard ship favored.  The light blue of the material offset the lighter highlights of his navy hair.

    “I’m sure it will.” Donovan told him, as Michael turned around.  He could see some surprise in the man’s face.

    “Something wrong?” Donovan asked.

    Michael just smiled.  “Not wrong.  Just I hadn’t realized you had a tail.”

    Donovan looked back and twitched it, “Yeah.  But careful, it has a mind of its own.”

    Michael chuckled, “I like it.”

    “I’m glad you approve.” Donovan told him.

    “That did sound a little conceited didn’t it.  I’m sorry.” Mike told him.

    “That’s all right fly-boy. I understand you pilots are supposed to be conceited,” he paused for a second. “With good cause.”

    Mike put a steak on each plate, “You like you’re meat rare, right?”

    “Uh huh,” he wondered if Mike was purposefully flirting, “the rarer the better.”  He smiled, “Just a little above body temperature is good.”

    “Well, this is a little hotter than that,” He told him. “I hope you don’t mind.  It’s fresh though.”

    “A rare treat out here.”

    Michael smiled, “My situation does have some advantages.”


    “Yeah.  I was able bribe one of the ship’s restaurants out of a couple of their better cuts of steak.”

    “I’m impressed.  The restaurant’s hoard their supplies worse than a dragon hoarding gold.”

    “Well, sit down, before it gets cold.” Michael told him.

    “Yes sir,” Donovan teased him about his rank.  Since Donovan was Warrant Officer, technically they weren’t in any breach of etiquette.

    For long minutes they ate silence.  Donovan relished the taste of fresh meat, a rare treat for him.  It sure beat the hell out of the reconstituted stuff the ship’s galley supplied.  The running joke was that it was cat chow.  People didn’t seem to realize that a great many furries were carnivores, and those of predator stock like himself, even more so.  Finally, Michael broke the silence, looking up from the white locks at his brows that offset his darker hair.  He’d once told Donovan that he’d had that white streak since the day his mother died. “Uh, Don.  Can we talk?”

    “Sure,” Donovan wondered what was on the man’s mind.  “I’m all ears,” he told him wiggling his ears.

    Michael smiled, “I’m not sure how to say this.” Donovan could tell something was making him uncomfortable.

    “Say what?”

    “You know, I told you that Doc said I was going through some changes.”


    “Well, among them, I’ve sort of uh… started uh.. having… uh… noticing…”

    “Spit it out.  It’s not going to bite you in the ass.” Donovan told him.

    “I-think-I’m-falling-for-you,” Michael told him so rapidly he had to stop for a second to interpret the words. “I had to tell you before…”

    “Do you think you could tell me that while breathing this time.”

    Michael smiled, “You know I don’t breathe anyway.  But,” he took a deep breath and enunciated the words slowly, the whole time his face turning bright red from embarrassment. “I think I’m falling for you.”   He reminded Donovan of a thirteen year-old with his first crush.

    “And what brings you to that conclusion?” Donovan replied leaning back in his chair, his tail beginning to twitch.  

    “How should I know. I don’t understand these things.  They just seem to be happening.”  Michael told him with frustration in his voice.  “Look I understand that I may not be as experienced as you might like.  I may not even be what you might like, and this may cost me your friendship, but I couldn’t take the chance of anything happening to you without my at least saying something.”  Now he really did sound like a thirteen-year-old.

    Donovan looked at him, “You know what I am.  Or at least what I was.”

    Michael swallowed hard and nodded.

    “You know what getting involved with me is likely to do to your career.  It will make it very difficult for you to eventually make the admiralty, or go into politics like your father.” Donovan told him.  “Or even live a normal life on Earth.  If there’s anything that is distrusted more than the Kregar, it’s a quantum.  And anything worse than a quantum in the eyes of most base-lines is a furry. In me you get both, with the added on benefit of my having been a body servant to the Kregan Governor.  She wasn’t a nice woman.”

    Michael looked confused, “what made you think I was interested in the admiralty, or politics. I specifically requested this mission to get as far from my father’s influence as possible.  It’s bad enough living in mother’s shadow, without being the son of a man who’s running for Terran President.”

    “You see that just makes you all that more appealing to them.  You’ve been the good little son, who’s never embarrassed Daddy, and has gone out of the way to make it on his own.  Doesn’t matter what you want.  You’re fast tracked anywhere you want to go.”  Donovan told him, “If you decided tomorrow that you wanted to be Regional Governor of the Outsystems, within ten years, you’d be that.”  Then something occurred to him, “You’re involvement with me could be politically embarrassing to your father.” He leaned across the table, “Is that what you’re wanting to get involved with me for?  If so, you should know. I don’t play politics.”

    Michael got up from the table and walked to the door.  Donovan could see tears in his eyes.  “I just wanted to tell you that I think I’m falling in love with you.  That’s all.”  Just before the door closed behind him, he said, “I’m sorry that you see something else there, because there isn’t.”

    “Wait,” Donovan told him heading toward the door.  As it opened, he reached out and pulled the man back in.  “I’m sorry.  It’s just the last time somebody wanted to get involved with me, it was purely for political reasons and to get back at their family.  The bad part was that I really fell for them.”  He hit lock on the door and continued, “Not that I would piss up their ass if their guts were on fire now, but at the time, I was in love with them.”  He took a deep breath and started picking at the end of his tail, “I let my mouth over-ride head just now.  Because well, I find myself in the same situation.”  He took a deep breath and tried to explain further, “Not the political one, but the feelings one.”

    Michael fought back the tears that seemed to well up in his eyes.  He was hurt.  He’d known that the chances were that Donovan wouldn’t return his feelings.  After all the man had been genetically designed to be the bed warmer for a Kregan governor, and since they were a matriarchical society, he was not likely to be interested in another man.  Yet now he was standing here telling me that he felt the same way, and was just as scared as I am.  “I didn’t know how to tell you.   Everything has been so confusing lately.  I’ve had these feelings for you that I don’t understand, and at times they are just overwhelming.  Sometimes I want you to look at me and smile, and then I’m scared to death that you would.”  Michael poured his feelings out.  

Donovan smiled at him, “Yeah I can be a real sight when I smile.  It’s all those sharp teeth.”

 “I would never use you for political or any other kind of gain.” Michael wanted to make his feelings clear, “And I’m not trying to use you to embarrass anybody. I wouldn’t do that.  I’m not that kind of person.” He took deep breath, “And I am not very experienced with any of this.”

“Emotional neither do I,” Donovan told him.  “I know every technique in the book, and a few that aren’t.  But when it comes to the feelings part, I haven’t had a lot of luck.”

Michael blushed again, and looked down at where Donovan was playing with his tail, “So what do we do now?”

“Sit down, finish dinner, talk,” Donovan replied, leading him back to the table.

Michael sad down and picked up his fork, but found his appetite to be gone, “talk about what?”

“What we’re going to do tomorrow night?” Donovan replied playfully.  Then more seriously, “Unless of course I’ve pissed you off to the point that you never want to talk to me on this level again.

“I’m more interested in what we’re going to do tonight,” Michael told him trying to sound playful and seductive, but unsure of his success.

Something soft and furry stroked his ankle under the table, “I don’t know.  What did you have in mind?” Michael felt a shiver of something run directly to the base of his spine and then to his dick.

Fighting the sudden urge to tackle the casually smiling man across the table from him, Michael struggled to find his voice, “Desert?”  He hoped to sound more confident than he did.

“If you insist, I think there’s some cheese cake in the flasher unit,” he got up and headed toward the flasher, “Personally I was hoping for something more substantial in my room maybe.” He turned back and smiled wickedly, “but if you want the cheese cake.”

Something deep down in Michael’s groin, suddenly reached up and strangled the conversational part of his brain.  He shoved his chair back and with a growl coming from somewhere deep in his throat grabbed Donovan by the wrist.  Pulling the cat-man to him, he stood and kissed him hard on the mouth.  He could feel a deep rumble come from Donovan as the man actually began to purr, and returned the kiss.   Michael had never kissed anyone on the mouth before, so it was a strange feeling.  He felt something hot and rough pushing against his lips, as something else began to stroke the inside of his knee.  Opening his mouth, he let Donovan’s tongue dance inside his mouth.   Tentatively, he began to probe the other man’s mouth with his own tongue.  Sharp fangs brushed against Michael’s tongue as Donovan pulled him tightly against his form.

Breaking the kiss Donovan told him, “Let’s go to my quarters.”

Things were happening faster than Donovan had anticipated.  He had really wanted to take it slow with Michael, but there was an urgency in the other man’s touch that was both frightening and exciting.  Closing and locking the door to his quarters behind them, he allowed them to collapse onto the rack.  “I’m not sure what to do,” Michael broke the kiss and whispered next to where his ear would be if he were human.

“Slow down.” Donovan told him, “we’ve got all night.”  He felt the other man’s hands fumbling with the draw-string of his pants.

“You have no idea, how much I am slowing down,” Michael told him.  

In an attempt to slow him further, Donovan pulled himself free from the other man’s vice-like embrace.  Sitting up, he straddled Michael and unzipped the utility suit he was wearing, exposing the smooth skin beneath.  He leaned forward and began to lick his way down the bare chest, paying extra attention to the quarter sized nipples.  He could feel Michael shudder beneath him from the touch, as small sounds of pleasure erupted from his throat.  “I think I can get you slow down.”

Continuing southward, was little surprised to find the creamy skin smooth and free of all but the tiniest of light blue hairs.  Forcing the zipper down and past the hardness he felt rising at the crotch of the suit, he opened it to its termination point at the knee.  Pulling the fabric aside to reveal the white briefs Michael was wearing, he could see the outline of the other man’s cock.  A spreading stain indicated where the man was leaking prodigious amounts of pre-cum.  

Leaning down, he licked and nibbled the fabric at the base of Michaels dick up toward the head while using his tail to tickle his sides making the other man writhe beneath his touch.  Taking his time, and enjoying the musky odor that was filling his nostrils, with great care he extended two claws and gently raked them from just below Michaels floating rib to the band of his briefs.  Then, ever so gently he lifted the band and pulled them down to expose his goal beneath.  Again he was surprised to find that there was only two small tufts of soft dark blue hair at the base of Michael’s uncut dick.   Small beads of perspiration were welling up between juncture of his legs and his hairless balls and they had a deliciously musky scent to them.  

Gently he lifted the dick, and peeled the foreskin back to expose the deep purple head beneath.  Taking in the heady aroma, he licked up the base, around the glans and then plunged his mouth down over it.  Before he could pull back for a second stroke, he felt it pulse beneath him, suddenly filling his mouth with the salty-sweet taste of cum.  For several long seconds, Michael’s dick continued to pulse the fiery liquid into his mouth, until he couldn’t swallow it all.  Fiinally, the flood stopped and he felt himself pulled upward along Michael’s body, until the other man was kissing him, his tongue exploring the darker recesses of his mouth.

Michael had never experienced anything like that in his life.  Maybe the messiness of sex was worth it after all.  NO, the messiness of sex was definitely worth it.  Breaking the kiss he whispered into the lavender fur at his face, “Now it’s my turn.”  Within seconds he’d managed to shuck his own utility suit, and with fumbling hands, he removed Donovan’s tank before reaching for the drawstrings of his pants.  

“You don’t have to…” Donovan began.

“I want to,” Michael told him, “Now lay back and enjoy yourself.”  At least Michael hoped he would enjoy himself.

Pushing Donovan’s pants down past his knees, and then off to the floor, Michael sat back to take a better look at Donovan.  Whereas his sides, back, and arms were covered in a rich luxurious lavender fur, there was a thick coat of white running from just under his chin, down the front of his throat, across his chest and all the way down to his ankles.  It continued past his nipples- Michael was somewhat surprised and disappointed that there were only two-and down the insides of his arms to end at his wrists.  He could make out the definition of muscle under the soft fur, as it stretched across his flat abs.  The faint indentation of his navel was almost totally obscured by the long dark pink flesh of Donovan’s manhood.  There was no glans as such, but instead it tapered to a point with a long slit running down the front.  It glistened down its length before disappearing into a long fur covered white sheath, that Michael assumed was the furry version of a foreskin.  His balls were thick and heavy, and coated with the softest looking white fur.

“Few rules about my fur,” Donovan told him. “No clippers, no scissors, no dye.”

Michael winked at him.  “Wouldn’t dream of it.  You’re beautiful like you are.”

“And if you don’t do something I’m beginning to think you’re not interested,” Donovan told him. Afraid of losing his chance, he quickly dropped to his hands and pushed Donovan’s dick into his mouth until he felt it pushing at the back of his throat, setting off his gag reflex.   Michael then felt Donovan’s hands on his shoulder pushing him back, and off.  “Relax. This isn’t something you can just jump right into.”

Feeling sheepish, he glanced up to Donovan’s face, hoping that he hadn’t hurt him.  “Sorry.  I just want to make you feel as good as you made me.”  He shook head, “I’ve never done this before.”

“How about we ease into it,” Donovan pulled him up until they bodies were laying along each other, and then reached for something on the night table.  

“Okay.  What do you want me to do?”  Michael asked.

“Here,” Donovan handed him a tube like the doc had given him.  “For now, just put this on your hand.”  Michael complied, and Donovan guided his hand back down between them until he could feel Donovan’s dick.  “Now squeeze it gently, and stroke it.”

Michael was surprised at how hot it felt in his hand, as he gently started stroking Donovan up and down.   Donovan pulled his face over and began kissing him.  Michael began relax and enjoy the feeling of another man’s dick in his hand.  He could still taste himself on Donovan’s tongue.  He also felt Donovan’s tail brush against up against his own still hard, cock and balls.

For long moments they lay there, he stroking Donovan, as the furry’s tail was doing the most interesting things to him.  As he felt Donovan begin to thrust against his hand with more urgency, he broke the kiss, and knelt down between them.  Without missing a beat he plunged his mouth down on the head of Donovan’s dick just before it erupted in spurts of hot cum.  Michael was not about to miss-out on the chance to taste Donovan.

At the same time he felt an exciting pressure at the opening of his ass.  Without thinking, he plunged his hips backwards and impaled himself, as he shot a second load all over Donovans fur, the tail in his ass keeping time with the pulsing of Donovan’s dick.