Heritage 1-2


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Chapter one

`My mum and dad are the perfect couple. Mum came from a small country town, where she was the first female in their community to go to college on full scholarship. She was one quarter Scottish, English and half New Zealand Maori. It made for an extremely exotic look. Long black hair with unusual red highlights, dark almond eyes streaked with gold and a curvy figure that gave her the look of a siren.
My best friend Ina is sighing; she says mum is the most beautiful woman she has ever met. Then she looks at me and asks
"What happened to me?"
Naturally I give her The Evil Eye. After all, that cliche is so old it's prehistoric.

Anyway, as I was saying, mum was a siren when she went to college for her first semester, and that is where she met dad. It was lust at first sight. Both of them readily agree on that topic.
Now I know most people would say things like... "Gross that's like nasty that your parents are doing the deed and admitting it in your presence".
I just shrug, mum, dad, me and my perfect twin brother, we have a close family unit and we can tell anything to each other. It's really cool in a weird kinda Brady bunch way, it wasn't when I was younger, but that's in the past.
As for dad? Well he came from England. My grand parents are from old money but Grandpa Jones was setting up a law firm so dad ended up here in New Zealand. He was a looker in his hay day my dad was. I mean with black hair and cobalt blue eyes; I don't blame my mum for drooling after him. Not that mum would admit to it right away. She secretly believes that to keep dad on his toes, he has to earn his praise since his ego is bigger than his sock drawer, and trust me on this, dad has a fetish for socks because he has thousands of the pairs! But there is more to this than meets the eye. Dad reckons that he had been dreaming of mum ever since he was like 12, so when he actually saw her in the flesh, he kinda freaked. I mean imagine meeting your dream woman in the flesh. Not many people get to say that too often.
Anyway, pretty much the first week there at campus, they got their groove on and mum ended up pregnant.
Now that don't sound unusual, but mum had her pelvis crushed as a kid on a horse riding accident that left her barren. She had accepted she wouldn't be a mother. To discover she was pregnant was unthinkable, especially with a full ride through college. Dad on the other hand was over the moon, mum was playing hard ball and it was only at a frat party that he managed to get past first base.
But reality hit, when my oh so proper English grand parents disowned him for trafficking with riff raff and a native at that, they did not want a half breed bastard as a grandchild. Grandpa Jones went so far as to call mum a tramp who was trying to corrupt his son to steal his money. Now here is where the story gets interesting, dad told me, mum was a little scary after grandad ranted and raved. She stared at granddad and for a split second her face changed, and right there Grandpa had an apoplectic fit and collapsed. Dad said it was like watching water move and ripple across mums face and her eyes had turned pitch black, before grandpa was on the floor frothing at the mouth and the second passed making him wonder what he saw.

Now had that been me seeing something like that pass across the face of a person that was having my baby, I think I would have run for the hills.
But dad believes he has courage in spades full, and from the first time he met mum, he felt drawn to her like no one before her, or after her. He said she had this aura that drew people to her like honey and he had been strongly affected even to this day. Mum just smiles that secret smile of hers as always. Plus I believe that he was just too stupid to run for shelter when he had the chance.
`Ouch! Dad, it's not fair when you and mum double team to hit me upside the head, I have delicate sensibilities I tell you. Sheesh some children are so unappreciated in their years of development, damaging me like that!'

Dad is ready to hit me up side the head again and my best friend Ina is encouraging him for another smack. That heifer will pay dearly for her betrayal!

Well back to my story, grandpa drops to the floor like a spastic...ouch! Dad stop hitting me!
As I was saying, grandpa... collapsed to the floor and mum turns this deathly pale colour and tumbles forward too. Dad naturally prevents her from hurting herself by catching hold of her.
The doctors claimed it was the stress, and that grandpa Jones had a stroke. He was put under surveillance for the night, while mum seemed healthy and demanded that she contact her grandmother or great gran to me, and come pick her up.
Dad at this time was half exhausted and worried about Grandpa Jones and demanding that mum come stay with him at his apartment.
See under all the arrogance and charm that dad shows to the world, he is really a very responsible person, he just hides it well. Sometimes too well mum would say.
Before gran gran came to get mum that night, mum showed dad something of what it is to hold the power that is part of her heritage and mine'.
Clasping his hand in hers, she closed her eyes. Dad looking perplexed followed suit as he was instructed. Taking a deep breath, dad felt a tug from his chest and before his next breath he felt himself black out. From the darkness he saw a ring of colour. Round and round it spun changing colour the harder he looked at it. Then like a flash from a camera bulb, he stood in the middle of a river of red. Beside him stood mum. On opposite sides of the flowing river lay two warrior tribes. Blood trailed from the dead bodies, trickling and flowing into the water. Wailing could be heard as women from the two tribes came to gather the bodies. One girl in particular from one side of the bank wailed her pain at seeing her dead lover from the opposite tribe.
`Dad began hyperventilating at this stage'.
I remember when I first heard this story I commented on the fact that it took him this long to start to panic. I mean HELLO; people would have started screaming the first time their feet were in a river of blood. But NO dad starts panicking when he sees the girl wailing. Mind you the girl looked just like mum, while the real mum was standing beside him holding his hand. But that's later on in this story.
From the water, floated a blood soaked log that moved against the currents making small waves in its wake, it stopped in the centre of the two tribes of wailing woman and began an eerie humming. (Trust me on this guys, its kinda scary to hear that damn wailing sound, it always sends shudders down my spine).
Ina is looking at me as if to say I always ruin the whole atmosphere of the story when I put my adlibs in. But I will just say that this log turned into a real muscly looking tall hunk of a man, and made a pact with the wailing girl that, if she bore him a child, she and her baby would have the power to change the future. And the pact was made.
That's where this whole heritage thing comes in. Our family are a line of what is called "tohunga" or in the western world witches, psychics or whatever the western version is of what we can do. Or on another level, we have fey or fairy blood flowing through our veins.
Get this, it is mainly the female line that holds the abilities, but there have been rare occasions that the males have had it too. I am the first male in five generations to have tohunga abilities and it was prophesized that there will be two more males born in the family that will have tohunga status too. Apparently a great reckoning of sorts is coming, and this is the first time in our long history that we have had three male tohungas born in the same generation. So whatever is coming is huge. But it doesn't scare me at all... No nothing scares me!

Chapter two

'Mum keeps telling me not to side track the story.
So here goes, back at the hospital with mum waiting for gran gran to arrive. Dad freaked out once mum pulled him back from the past. But it wasn't the whole typical `what are you, or who are you' type of freak out, dad was freaking out as if mum was Mother Mary, precious and special to behold. See I told you, Dad freaks at the strangest things, I mean who in their right mind accepts all this off the cuff? Obviously dad does. He asked mum a thousand and one questions about her abilities, and just when mum was getting into the run of how her talents work, gran gran comes barging in, takes one look at mum and says she will be having twin boys, looks at Dad ready to give him the `stare', which then brightens and gives him a hug saying it was about bloody time he came to New Zealand. She had predicted he would have arrived a year earlier. Dad was amazed all over again to meet another tohunga and the matriarch of our family. Gran gran then tilted her head like she was listening to something and asked dad where was his father sleeping and to take her to him.
Dad looked a little puzzled at first as to why gran gran would want to visit his father, but led the way. Mum was ushered along and told to act as backup when the time came. When dad looked at mum to see what was going on, she refused to answer but told him to watch.
By grandpa's bed sat Grandma Jones. When dad and everyone else went in, grandma was alarmed, but mum just took one look at her, smiled, did her witchy thing and grandma seemed to melt as if under a hypnotic stare. Mum comforted grandma and told her grandpa Jones would be fine. Grandma just looked at mum, smiled and patted her hand as if they were old friends. Dad looked a little uneasy about that, but mum looked at dad and promised him, that there were no long lasting effects, and it would help calm her down.
Gran gran in the meantime had placed her hands on Grandpa Jones and bowed her head as if in prayer. With a singular soft musical note that rose in volume gran grans hands began to glow. As if involuntarily, dad took a step forward, but mum held him back with a gentle hand and told him to watch. Mum then joined her voice with gran gran and their harmonic voices blended and swayed creating a surreal atmosphere.
Grandpa opened his eyes, looked at gran gran and started ranting that there was riff raff in his room and why he wasn't in his own house. Gran gran pointed one finger at him and gave The Stare, and said `not one more word of trollop out of his mouth'. Grandpa was shocked into silence. This was a first for him. He went to open his mouth to demand who she was and gran gran threatened to take out his voice box and did just that when he opened his mouth again to prove her point. After the doctors came in to check on grandpa and saw him walking around (and finally talking), they thought a miracle had happened. Ever since that episode, grandpa has had a healthy respect for gran gran'.
That was not the only thing gran gran did that night, in case grumpy grandpa still wanted to disown dad, gran gran gave mum the papers to the homestead back on the farm. This meant that mum was the sole owner of gran grans five bedroom house. Gran gran said she had a small unit built for her about two years ago for such an occasion and it was the mayor of their town that had paid for it after saving his grandsons life.

This is a byword in case people have wondered why gran gran didn't heal mum as a child. And there are two very good reasons to this; the first is that mum was living in Scotland with her parents until the age of 8. Mums, mother was gran grans youngest daughter and they didn't get on well, so off abroad my grandmother went and fell in love with an English/Scottish man. A year later, both of mums' parents died in a car accident, and gran gran became mums custodian. Secondly, gran gran has a limit to what she can heal. A wound older than three weeks is beyond her skill to heal.

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