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Age Of Aquarius - Book 2

Ministries of Change - Chapter 2

The throbbing in Mike's head hadn't stopped for nearly a week. Meditation had only kept it to a level just below tear inducing and acupuncture had barely allowed him to think without wincing. Jase had left for Provence early Monday morning and his return was delayed by the early storms. Jase had been Mike's only respite. Mike could let down his controls when Jase was in his arms, asleep and unaware of how desperately Mike needed him.

The thought of being too weak to deal with his own problems filled Mike with shame and self loathing. He shoved it aside and focused on the woman on the table. She was his patient and he bent to the task of healing. It had been easy to develop a reputation as a miraculous alternative healer. Like Mr. Wong, Mike could cure nearly any ailment in a single visit, but he didn't. Mr. Wong had stressed the need to take healing slowly and to give clients time to work on themselves and own their recoveries.

In the beginning it had been a simple matter of only using a tidbit of power with each visit, but as his headaches had grown he had more trouble. Recently it was nearly impossible to draw enough power to heal cuts and bruises. Doing more serious work caused his head to pound and his stomach to churn threateningly.

Mike managed to bring some relief to the poor woman who had come in with chronic stomach pain. It had almost caused him to lose what little breakfast he had eaten. He was thankful to have a light morning and retreated to his office. Hoping to muffle the thunderstorm in his brain, Mike bent over the sink to splash cool water on his face before attempting to reinforce his internal walls. It wasn't till he was coming back up from the sink, cool water still dripping from his chin, that he saw Jase's reflection in the mirror. Mike spun, almost losing his balance in surprise. "When did you get back?"

Jase frowned. "A couple hours ago. I've been here over an hour hoping to catch you between clients." His eyes glowed with angry concern. "You didn't even know I was here!" Jase's mind brushed softly against the armored shell of Mike's thoughts. "How bad is it?"

Mike sighed. "I'll survive."

Jase's eyes flared as anger overcame his concern. "Bullshit, Mike! I've been gone almost a week. Instead of a greeting or a kiss, I get a startled stare and you shutting me out!" His fingers wove in an intricate pattern and the chair behind him spun and slid forward as Jase sat down. "I could feel the tension from you two blocks away. You didn't even know I was five feet from you. You've shut yourself off from Mira and from me."

Mike snapped at Jase; his control cracking as the pounding in his head threatened to take him to his knees. "You and Mira have your own problems, Jase."

Jase met his eyes and growled. "Problems we're adult enough to ask for help to solve. Maybe, in your stubborn refusal to look outside of yourself, you've missed the fact that three weeks have gone by since Morg moved in. Mira is back out in public, with help, and I've gotten a handle on my mother's talent."

Mike didn't need the added stress of a fight. He felt the walls crumbling along with his ability to stand. He sat back, bracing himself against the sink, and kept his focus on Jase's face. "Not much you could do about it anyway, Jase." Mike wanted to give in; he wanted to collapse into Jase's arms and beg him to take the pain away. He wanted to accept that he was human and needy. He'd been broken before and he wasn't sure he'd survive breaking again.

"Wrong again." Mike flinched as Jase brought his hands to Mike's face. He hadn't realized Jase had moved. "Par Ingravesco." There was a sudden sensation of lightness in Mike's mind as Jase stumbled back from the thunderstorm erupting in his head. Jase's eyes brimmed with tears as he clenched his teeth. "Jesus, Mike! How can you stand it?"

For Mike, the storm of thoughts and random emotions had diminished to a dim but constant drone like the rain on a windowpane. He felt as if he could breathe a full breath for the first time in a month. Mike pulled Jase to him before Jase could sink further to the floor. He searched Jase's pain filled eyes. "What did you do?"

"Shared the burden," Jase croaked trying to find himself in the sea of random thoughts that threatened to wash him away. He gritted his teeth against the pain and tried to smile. "Doing what married people do. It's about time you accepted that."

It tore at Mike's heart to see the pain in Jase's eyes. It broke it even further to see the love that burned beneath the pain. He shut his eyes trying to stop the tears as he brought their lips together. I love you.

Jase whimpered as he melted into Mike's embrace. He pushed the torrent of thoughts away as determination overcame his fear. He wrapped his arms around Mike's neck and drank him in. They hadn't spent more than a day apart in nearly a year. Jase was desperate to feel Mike with him again. Their kiss ended when they were forced to break away for air. Pressing his cheek against Mike's shoulder, Jase trembled as their connection swelled around them like a refuge in a storm. "Don't keep me out Mike; the absence has been killing me."

Mike kissed Jase's hair and held him tight. Me too.

Mike looked into Mr. Wong's timeless eyes as he returned to consciousness. His master had not been pleased to learn that Mike had not consulted him about his problems after the battle at Saint Briggid's. Jase had called Wong the day after his return and the old Master had arrived the following morning. He had waved aside any concerns about inconvenience with the statement that he was simply accepting Morgain's invitation to have tea.

Morg, of course, had been delighted to have Wong finally pay a visit. It was rare that Masters had excuses to share company. Mr. Wong had remained for three days while he determined the source of Mike's problem and worked to correct it.

"I believe you will find that the thoughts of others will be easier to ignore." Mr. Wong removed the last few needles. "The problem was that your mind had already been damaged from the battle when you received the 'gift' of telepathy from Mary Steward."

Mike blinked. "Will it heal?"

Wong nodded and moved to put away the needles. "It will now. I have done the equivalent of a mental 'splint.' You will find your sensitivities will feel limited or restrained while you heal. I expect it will take a full moon cycle before I can remove the splints."

Mike nodded. He was aware of the sense of restraint somewhere behind his eyes. Anything was better than the constant pain of awareness that he couldn't shut off. "Thank you."

Wong smiled and rested his hand on his apprentice's shoulder. "You are as dear to me as any of my progeny. Please do not suffer needlessly in the future."

Mike smiled and tried not to let his eyes mist. He loved Mr. Wong as much as he loved his parents. The man had picked him up after losing Jase and had helped him find who he was as a person. He owed the ancient wizard everything. "I promise."

Wong put away his tools as Mike put on his shirt. "I understand there are some tolerably good Cantonese restaurants in this city."

Mike smiled. "So I've heard. We haven't taken the time to try them yet. Jase cooks most of our meals."

Nodding, Wong removed his clinic jacket. "He is quite talented but I think you should spend a bit more time taking the opportunities life has provided."

"Huh?" Mike cocked his head.

"You are newly married. Take this time to make habits that will serve you for a lifetime." He turned and gave Mike a sad smile. "You spend your time trying to prove yourself. You work hard, you study, and you give yourself to others. Yet you give so little of your time to those you love. When was the last time you took Jase or Mira out to dinner or to a show?"

Mike frowned. He couldn't remember the last time he initiated anything. Jase or Mira were always the ones to suggest meeting for lunch or a coffee after clinic hours. "I can't remember."

"Do you want to look back on your relationship and not remember it?"

Mike's throat caught. "No."

Wong nodded. "Then listen to the advice of an old man. I have had many wives. My only regret is that I spent so much time on my practice or my power that I did not have enough left to honor them as they deserved. They never complained." He gestured to the clinic room. "This will grow and become something to be proud of. It need not happen overnight. If you were to lose one of them tomorrow, would you regret a slower growth of this or the missed time with them?"

Mike looked about the room. He wanted to prove he was capable. He wanted to show he could support himself. He realized he wanted to feel he was Jase's equal and he didn't know how. He looked back at the floor and tried to calm his conflicting desires.

After a moment, Wong lifted his chin. "You are in all ways that matter the equal of your mate. Nothing is a perfect balance. There will be times you take on the lion's share; other times he shall bear it. Accept and enjoy the fact that you can do so."

Mike pulled the old man into a hug. It was improper and far too emotional for a student and teacher. He didn't care. Apparently, neither did Mr. Wong.

Jase was still in shock from Mike's phone call. He had noticed a change in Mike since Mr. Wong's treatments. Mr. Wong had left on Tuesday and by Friday Jase wasn't sure if he should be happy about or concerned by Mike's behavior. Mira had even made comment that morning about it.

He smiled at Mira as she came down the stairs in a deep, forest green gown. "You look incredible."

She laughed. "I should, you conjured it for me." It didn't stop her from enjoying the feel of the velvet or marvel at how it flowed with her as she moved. "You really should have taken design in school, Jase."

Jase smirked. "I'm a gay man, Mira. I don't need schooling."

She eyed his outfit with a devilish grin. "I suppose so. I'd never have thought of doing a black-plum suit. It looks good."

Jase bowed. "Thank you."

"Where are we going, anyway?"

Shrugging, Jase looked up at the hall clock. "I have no clue. Mike simply said he was closing up early and wanted us dressed to kill for a dinner date."

Mira looked out the window in time to see a black limo pull up. "Woah."

Moving beside her, Jase watched as the driver came around and opened the passenger door. Mike stepped out wearing an oriental style suit of black with gold accents. "Woah is right. Since when did he get fashion genes?"

Mira smiled. "I don't know, but I'm not going to put it to waste. Let's get out the door, gay boy."

Arm in arm, Jase and Mira descended the steps to the drive. Mike watched them with a sense of longing in his stomach. He hadn't really taken the time to just look at them. His family was beautiful in body and spirit, and the sense of blessing filled him. He bent down and kissed Jase then Mira. "You guys look great."

"Thanks," they said in unison and had to stop themselves from laughing.

Jase waited till they were back on the road before his curiosity got the better of him. "Ok, did we win the lottery?"

Mike smiled. "No. I just wanted to take the two people I love out for an evening on the town." He saw the question in Jase's eyes and he bowed his head. "Ok, I feel guilty for not appreciating our family as much as I should. Mr. Wong had a heart to heart with me before he left and made me see what's really important."

Mira had tears in her eyes as Mike looked back up at them. "We know you love us, Mike."

"I know." He put his arm around Jase and smiled at Mira. "I should show it a bit more."

Jase snuggled against him and proffered a hand to Mira. She laughed and sat back. "I'll group hug later. This makeup took far too long to put on to smudge it all over that suit." She dabbed her eyes. "And don't wrinkle that suit, you homo."

Jase laughed. "Get over here bitch. I can fix the makeup and the suit when we get where ever we're going." He paused and looked up at Mike. "Where are we going?"

Mike smiled. "Che Monique."

"Did you just get a killer client?" Jase knew Mike would want to pay with his own money. It was one of their longest standing conflicts. He had set up joint accounts and credit cards but Mike refused to use them. "Che Monique is one of the most expensive restaurants in town!"

Mike swallowed a little and pushed down the feeling of inadequacy. "Actually, I thought I'd just use the gold card." He looked back at Jase. "If that's ok."

Jase smiled and pulled him into a deep kiss. "You have no idea how 'ok' that is." Jase sighed contentedly and then gave Mira an evil look. "Don't make me wiggle my fingers at you, Ms. Perfect."

"Ok, ok!" Mira slid off the front seat and settled down beside her men. She let Jase pull her into a hug and sighed. "You better be able to put my makeup back on. I'm not walking into Che Monique smudged."

"Don't worry, you'll look perfect." When they got there, she did.

Mira sat in the dark sipping her coffee. The last few of weeks had been almost unreal. For Jase and Mike it had been like a second honeymoon. The energies flowing from them at night had tripped her to the point of physical exhaustion more than a few times. She still remembered when she started sleeping with them. She hadn't joined them during their sex Olympics, but she'd found herself curled up with them after Morg had been hurt. Afterwards she found herself sleeping with them nearly all the time. A part of her worried she was invading their space. The three of them hadn't had sex; it was on their minds and the sexual tension was becoming unbearable. They never discussed it and she could tell they were avoiding the subject as much as she was. That had been an issue before, which had only increased with the bed-boundary removed. Even with the stress, she was more content than she had been in years. The best part of sleeping together was she didn't have disturbing dreams when she was with them. Till tonight.

Mira stared past the darkness of the living room. She'd been pulled from the warm, safe arms of the men she loved by a nagging, persistent sensation of unease. It would not give her peace. Something was terribly wrong but she couldn't figure out what it was. She felt like she was being watched. No, that wasn't right. It felt more nebulous and unspecific than being personally watched. It felt as if some distant but dangerous presence, just beyond her awareness, was observing everything and waiting.

She felt the tickle again right at the base of her skull. She knew what it was but she wasn't willing to admit it. What if she was right? Preparing herself for the worst, Mira opened her awareness. The warning came to her clear and terrifying.

It's starting! Mira knew the voice. It was the voice of desperation whispered from a woman who was dead and buried a year before. Help them!

Mira was overwhelmed by the vision. It wasn't distant and she wasn't simply an observer. She was in the smoke and flames. She spun trying not to choke on the fumes. What she saw broke the vision as she screamed.

Mike was bounding down the stairs before Mira could cry out a second time. Jase scrambled down the stairs as the larger man erupted into the living room. Mike's hands flared with power. Mira was clawing her way off the couch as he got to her.

"What happened?" Mike pulled her to him and scanned the room for danger.

"We've got to get to Morg's!" She pulled out of Mike's arms looking about wildly. "They're dying!"

They didn't even worry about clothes. They were in Jase's car and cutting through the night before anything else was said. Jase looked at Mira in the rear view mirror. "What did you see?"

Mira held herself and shook her head. "Fire and smoke..." Her voice cracked as she remembered what she saw. "Oh gods, Chloe." She started crying harder. "We've got to get there, Jase."

He looked at Mike. "Can you do that time-slide thing?"

Mike frowned. "I've never done it on someone or something else." He looked back at Mira and then at Jase. "I'll try." Placing his hands on the dash, Mike focused on the car. He extended his chi fusing it with the energy of the machine as it sped down the skyway. With a thrust of his will, he pushed them forward.

The car blurred and they slid ahead. Mike's will shifted them around the few obstacles as they approached Outton. Mike let go of the dash, sweating, as they phased back into normal flow before they missed the exit. He gasped. "Please don't ask me to do that again." He closed his eyes and tried to swallow the bile that was rising from his stomach. They had cut twenty minutes out of the trip and hoped it would be enough.

The illumination of fire against smoke was visible as they pulled down the off-ramp. Jase's heart leaped to his throat and he pressed the accelerator to the floor as soon as they were on Main. They were lucky it was after two in the morning because there was no one on the road. None of them could speak as the car skidded to a stop in front of Cognitive Collectables.

The building was ablaze with fire that was in no way natural. Green and blue crackled and leapt amongst the gold and red flames. Jase was the first from the car as Mike helped Mira out from the back. The building blazed like Armageddon had struck. The magical protections seemed to almost fuel the fury instead of abating it. Something was terribly wrong.

Staring at the inferno, Jase felt helpless. He could still feel the barriers around the sanctum. His magic was not even close to powerful enough to overcome them. The unnatural destruction rampaged safe behind Morg's own protections.

"Jase, we have to do something." Mira's voice was pleading.

Jase spun. "I know, Mira. Do you really think any of us can breach those wards?"

"We have to try!"

Jase nodded grimly. "You guys get back. I'm not sure what this will take."

Frowning, Mike stepped forward. "We'll help."

Locking his gaze Jase pushed him back with will alone. "No, you won't." He could see Mike's hackles rising. "We've never really worked on coordinated magick, Mike. Even Mira and I aren't very good at it outside of a ritual circle. All we'd end up doing is disrupting what the other person was trying to do."

Mike growled. "We aren't children, Jase."

"No, you're just not skilled at this type of magick." Jase tried to let his thoughts calm. Getting into a fight wouldn't help. Would you want me tossing in magick when you're trying to save a patient?

Mike blinked. "No, I wouldn't."

"This is my specialty, Mike. Yours is healing and Mira's is glamour. I need you guys to cover my back. What ever did this is probably still here."

That got Mike's attention. He nodded. "Do what you need to, Jase. We'll be here."

Mira nodded her conviction as well. "No one will see what we're doing, Jase. I'll be sure of it."

Jase turned back and focused on the building. He wondered why he couldn't hear any sirens from emergency vehicles. Surely someone would have reported such a blaze. Then it dawned on him. If the wards were still in place, then anything going on inside them would be shielded from unwanted attention. The sanctum's own protections were sealing its doom. He reached out and pressed his will against the wards. They didn't even ripple. Gods, I can't do this.

Jase felt something cool at the back of his skull. It was like a soft touch and was very familiar. Yes, we can. His mother's thoughts rose to him and he trembled. He'd heard her in his dreams since her death. She would hold him when he was worried about life and gave him strength when Mira and Mike were suffering. He'd known some part of her had remained after her death. The fact that it could come into his thoughts while he was awake terrified him. I'll never hurt you, Jase.

He closed his eyes and let down his barriers against her. It felt as if he were being hugged by something cool but not uncomfortable. He could almost see her stepping within him, outstretching her arms to match his. Give me your hands, Jase. I'll handle the wards. Can you stop the air from moving?

Jase nodded reflexively. Yes.

Then stop it. Stop all the air. Fire, natural or unnatural must breath.

But if I suffocate the fire, I might suffocate anyone inside.

Better to try and fail. They have no chance if the fire isn't put out.

Jase focused on the air outside of the building. The inferno was sucking it in like a ravenous beast. He focused and wrapped his will about the place. "Sileo ex moenia consisto ventus." He could feel the air trying to obey his command but the pull of the fire was stronger. He glared at the beast, his anger rising. "Sileo ex moenia consisto ventus." His eyes caught sight of the swirling as the air began to resist the draw of the inferno. He cried out again unleashing everything he could draw upon. "Sileo ex moenia consisto ventus!" The air bucked and railed against him but his will bent it into submission. It swirled and strained at the edge of the wards but did not flow in. In moments the flames responded by belching more smoke.

Jase was so focused on his task that he was not aware of his arms moving. Mary's magic wove with grace and precision into the fabric of the wards. His fingers began to move like someone trying to unravel a knitted garment. It wasn't till the flames had flickered out that Jase felt the wards failing about the place. He felt his mother sliding out from him as his arms dropped. I'll always be here for you, Jase. Then she was gone.

Mira expanded her awareness and began to move as she wove her glamour around them. Normally her movements would have been sensual and erotic as she let the magic flow. Tonight she was too gripped with fear and tension and her movements mirrored her feelings. The difference was lost on the magic, which rose and shrouded them in a semblance of normalcy. It took her a few moments to feel a disruption in the spell. Her awareness traveled to it but all she could see confused her.

Mike, something weird is going on up the street at the alley. Mira's thoughts were cautious.

Mike turned his head slowly and looked down the street. For a moment, he thought he saw a shadow move. I'm on it. He literally faded from sight as he slid into the darkness.

Unseen, Mike scaled the walls of the far buildings and moved like a lizard along the bricks to the edge of the alley. He could see make out four figures slowly retreating down the alley. They wore black outfits and ski masks. They looked like members of a SWAT team but there were no identifiable insignias. As he got closer he felt something like static electricity crawling up his skin. The chi itself was flowing erratically around the figures and the effect radiated from each of them in a bubble about five feet in radius. If the situation wasn't deadly serious, Mike would have laughed at the idea he was living out the special effects from a Hong Kong action flick.

Mira, there are four SWAT rejects down here. How's Jase doing?

The flames are dwindling. What should we do?

I'm going to stop them. Mike leapt from the wall and landed ahead of the retreating men in black. Contemplating some witty, super heroic commentary, Mike decided he would just glare at them. Unfortunately, the fact he was facing four armed, armored men while wearing only a pair of boxers left his glare somewhat impotent.

The lead MiB shouldered his gun. "Bad move, hell spawn!"

Mike watched the flashes from the barrel as if they were in slow motion. He slid around the shots ducked down and kicked at the man's gut. As he got close he found his chi dissipate and his kick hit only with the force of a regular martial artist's instead of with the force of a small speeding car. It still sent the man stumbling back while Mike had a moment to realize he was no longer time-slipping.

One of the others laughed at Mike while bringing up his gun. "Something not working, abomination?"

Mike rolled backwards. As he got to his feet he felt he was moving with chi again. The other two had raised their guns and four barrels began flashing. He time-slipped again. The air was full of bullets. Mike realized there was no way he would be able to avoid them all. He spun, dropping and rolling along the ground as the bullets filled the air above him. He had no idea how he was going to get out alive.

Mira made it to the mouth of the alley in time to see Mike dive and blur as the four assailants fired. That was one of the men she loved and no one was taking him away from her. She spun clawing her hands at the air as she moved. The air mimicked her. In a thunderclap of sound the air erupted into a cyclone. Roaring and carrying debris as it went; the whirlwind descended the alley in a torrent of papers and trash.

The MiB spun in time for the cyclone to hit them. Though the magic began to dissipate, the roaring winds were already in motion and the men were thrown through the air. Two slammed into walls while their companions were launched down the alley and crumbled into heaps as they hit the cement. The wind died and Mike looked up from his prone position releasing his hold on the ground.

One of the men moaned but the other three remained motionless where they fell. Mike descended on the moaning man. As he got close, he felt the distortion again. He slowed, feeling his way towards the source of the disturbance. On the man's belt was a reinforced box. Mike could feel the problem came from there. Just bringing his fingers close made his hands itch. He felt the edges of the box till he located a switch. The distortion ended the instant Mike pressed the switch.

Mira made it to his side by the time he'd ripped the box from the man's clothing. "Mike, are you ok?"

It finally dawned on him that none of them were dressed. Mira was wearing nothing but a nightshirt and panties. "Yeah, thanks for the assist."

She kissed his cheek. Any time. She frowned. "Who are they?"

"I don't know. But the boxes on their belts seem to disrupt magick."

Mira shook her head. "That's not possible, Mike. Magick disrupts technology, not the other way around."

Mike switched the box back on and Mira flinched. She felt the disruption instantly. He flicked it off again. "I don't care what we've been told; this thing does it."

Mira looked at the others. "I'll get the other boxes and turn them off. Then I'll find out who they are."

Mike nodded. "I'll cover you."

"No, Jase may need help in the sanctum." Her eyes filled with tears. "I can't go in there, Mike. I don't know what I'd do if what I saw is real."

Mike hugged her briefly. "I'll help you with the boxes, and then I'll check on Jase."

Mira nodded. "You get the others. Those guys look unconscious or worse. I'll see what I can get out of this guy."

Mike made quick business of removing the other boxes. Two were damaged but he did recover another that worked. He knew they would want them for later. He looked back to see Mira whispering in the man's ear in a low, seductive voice. Her words were rhymed and beautiful. Only the anger in her eyes let him know what she was feeling.

I'm heading over to Jase

Mira nodded but didn't stop with her magicks. She wanted answers and she was going to get them.

Mike made it back to Jase as the wards collapsed. He felt them go and looked from the smoldering building to Jase. "How'd you do that?"

Jase shivered. "I didn't." His eyes looked haunted as they met Mike's. "Mom did." He shook himself as if breaking out of a trance. "We've got to get inside."

They leapt down the stairs to the broken door to the store. Mike took point, moving in, wrapping himself in chi as his feet touched the smoldering wood of the floor. "Jase, the floor is hot enough to blister skin."

Jase nodded and gestured, bringing his hands away from his body. He rose into the air as his arms lifted. "No problem."

Mike hadn't made it more than a few feet when he spotted Chloe's burned and blistered body. Her hair was smoldering and where her skin wasn't charred it was blistered and glossy. "Oh mother of god!" He ran to her body and ran his hand just above her flesh. Her aura was gone. He felt tears welling in his eyes. "Chloe..."

Jase didn't wait. He flew up through the open air to the balcony above. There were still sparks coming from some of the power sockets and light fixtures. He saw Morg's body instantly. Near her was the form of a twisted and charred figure in black. The man had worn some form of body armor that had a hole burnt through it. Jase landed beside Morg. She was covered in blood and it looked as if she had a rag against her face. He touched her tentatively and searched for a pulse. He found one; faint, but existent.


Mike launched himself to the balcony in a single bound. He was beside Jase before his love could utter another word. Morg's aura was evident to Mike instantly. She was weak and badly wounded but she was alive. He brought his hand to her brow and willed his power into her. Morg's body shuddered and she began to cough.

"Morg? Morg, it's Jase." Jase bent low as his mentor rolled onto her side. She looked up at him through glazed eyes but her love and gratitude shown clear. "I knew you'd come..." Her voice was barely a whisper.

"Shhh. Don't talk. We'll get you out of here."

She gripped his hand. "Chloe?"

Jase looked at Mike. Mike's eyes moistened with regret as he shook his head. Jase's eyes blurred with tears. "Morg, I'm sorry..."

Morg clutched to him and shook. Her grief rode her as she whimpered. "no, no, no, no..."

Mike touched her softly and his power whispered into her again. Morg's grip on Jase slacked and she slipped into a dreamless slumber. Mike looked at Jase briefly. "Sorry."

Jase nodded. "We'll have to deal with it later." He gestured and Morg's body floated from the floor. "Where's Mira?"

Mike's jaw clenched. "Interrogating some others dressed like that one." He pointed at the crumpled man on the floor.

Jase's eyes went hard. Mira, you ok?

Yes, and I've got info on these assholes. There was a pause. Jase? She didn't have to ask.

We have Morg, Mira. Chloe... He couldn't send it. He didn't need to. Mira had seen Chloe before they had arrived.

There is a crowd gathering, Jase. With the wards down, people are suddenly aware of the destruction. I can hear sirens too. She paused. What are we going to do?

Smoke and Mirrors, Mira. Let them see only what we want them to see. Can you handle that?

I suppose I'll have to.