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Age Of Aquarius - Book 2

Ministries of Change - Chapter 8

It had taken nearly a week for Larry's people to get their sweeps and work done. Jase had been relieved to learn that no one had managed to bug the inside of their home. Mike's office, however, was not so clean. That infuriated Mike on levels beyond his own privacy; his client's had also had their privacy compromised. Mira's office phone at the university had also been tapped, and there had been monitoring systems. Someone had gone to an extreme amount of trouble to put them under surveillance. The frustration of the past several weeks was taking its toll on everyone. The fact that six people were residing in one townhouse was not making it any easier.

Morg was sleeping in Mira's room. Terry had the guest room. Mira had moved in with Mike and Jase, which posed its own set of problems. Pat was living in the workout room in the basement. Three lovers, one fledgling mage, one master and a vampyr were enough to make anything happen. Anything could happen except to allow three desperate, horny lovers a chance to consummate their relationship.

After watching her children's frustration grow without relief, Morg took matters into her own hands. Her kids were about to go out of their minds, and she would have none of it. Jase was not pleased on Friday morning when she told him the house would be empty for the night. They were having their morning tea after seeing Mike and Mira off. "What do you mean; the house will be empty tonight?"

Morg sipped her tea quietly before answering. "Exactly what I said. I have a friend coming into town for the weekend and I will be playing hostess." She set down the tea. "Terry has been dying to get out and do anything other than work and scheme. Pat has promised to show him the best clubs and keep him safe in all senses of the word."

Jase nearly spit out his coffee. "You're sending Terry out with Pat?!? That's like sending a lamb out with a wolf! Terry will get eaten alive!"

Chuckling, Morg shook her head. "Terry is a grown man, Jase; despite what you think about him, he is an adult and can make his own choices. I have had several long conversations with Pat and I find, overlooking the fact he is a danger simply by being a vampyr, that he is an honorable, caring soul who would die for his friends." She grinned. "At the moment, that means you and anyone you hold dear."

Jase sighed. "I let him down, Morg. If I'd just found him after the incubus thing... he wouldn't have fallen prey to Arthur."

"You can't be there to save everyone, Jase. Even I don't have that kind of power. He doesn't blame you; in fact, I think he still loves you."

Jase dropped his face into his hands. He hadn't wanted to admit that Pat had fallen in love with him. He knew it, but accepting it was an entirely different story. "How do you deal with a vampyr who's in love with you, Morg? How do you tell him you love him as a brother, but you're with someone else?"

"Or two someones?" Jase jumped as he heard Pat from the stairs. It was unnerving to him how silently the vampyr could move. Pat came into the room and met Morg's raised eyebrow with a shrug. "Vampyrs have good ears; you weren't exactly whispering."

She shook her head. "I keep forgetting you're only stage 1; you don't have to avoid the daylight."

Jase lifted his face from his hands. "I'm sorry Pat."

Pat smiled; it was sad but sincere. "I know. So am I."

"So you're taking Terry out tonight?" Jase tried to steer away from the uncomfortable subject of 'them'.

Pat grinned. "Yeah, my first date in years with a guy I know I won't be sleeping with."

Grinning, Jase shook his head. "You're stocked up, right?"

Pat shrugged. "I fed last night. Fortunately, I don't have to feast every day if I'm not expending much."

Jase's brows furrowed as he thought about it. "Morg, what happens when vampyrs drink mage blood?"

Morg shrugged. "They are enhanced; they can start doing things like shift to mist and summon elemental forces. They also don't need to feed for several days."

Pat frowned. "I wouldn't bite Terry, Jase." He didn't want to take it that way, but he had. Leaning against the wall, he forced a grin. "He's too mousey for me anyway; not my type."

Jase looked at Pat. He wanted him to know he trusted him and that their friendship was more than just in the past. "I'd be more comfortable if I knew Terry had the best protection available."

Pat cringed. "That's cold, Jase."

That wasn't what he'd meant. He didn't know what he meant, but it certainly hadn't been that. Jase stood, and moved around the table. "No, I mean, I want to be sure his protection is in top form."

Pat snarled. "I'll study up on my vampyr-foo before tonight." He turned, but Jase caught his arm.

The desperation was welling in him. He knew what he could do to keep his friends safe; it would be so easy. A dark voice in the back of his head whispered that it would be fun too; he tried to ignore it. "I'm not saying this right, Pat." Taking a deep breath, Jase frowned. "I want you safe, and able to protect Terry if something happens."

Pat was not following, but his patience was waning. "So, what does that mean?"

Jase met his eyes and tried to convey how much he regretted the -near miss- their friendship had taken. It wasn't that he loved Mike or Mira any less, but he still found that he couldn't abandon Pat's heart either. "It means I want you to bite me."

Morg nearly dropped her cup. "Jase!"

He spun; his stomach was aching from the desperate need to bond again with Pat. He knew it might simply have been the fact that he hadn't had sex in far longer than he was used to, but he didn't care. "What? Mage blood isn't addictive is it?"

"No, of course not. You don't give vampyrs mage blood." Morg felt her power rising. Jase couldn't have been that stupid.

"Why?" He wasn't backing down.

"They become too powerful, Jase." She looked past him at Pat. "No offense, Pat, but I'm old school."

Pat frowned. "None taken. Not to mention, I'm not going to feed on a friend."

Jase spun. He couldn't believe Pat was rejecting him. He tried not to let the hurt creep into his voice. "Why not, Pat? At least you'd know it's safe and consenting."

"Then find him some non-mage friends, Jase." Morg's frown was getting more pronounced by the minute.

Pat snarled. "This whole thing is fucked up; I'm not going to make you a meal, Jase." He stumbled when Jase grabbed behind his neck and brought their lips together. Pat shuddered. Jase had always been an incredible kisser. He couldn't pull back before Jase had his tongue in and literally cut himself on Pat's fangs. Just the soft tang of the cut was enough to light Pat's senses up. He'd never tasted mage blood; he now knew why Arthur had wanted it so badly.

Jase pulled back, his eyes a little glazed. "I want you to be safe, Pat. Terry's being hunted and I couldn't take it if someone hurt you again. Ok?" Pat could see the emotions pooling at the rim of Jase's eyes. They may not have been meant to be lovers, but their connection was still there. Pat almost cried.

Morg glared. "Jase..."

Jase met her glare with a fire that made her flinch. "The old ways are dying with us, Morg. Maybe we need to try something new? I'd rather have a full power vampyr on my side than fight this thing alone." When he saw her back down, he smiled. The affect of Pat's kiss was taking effect. "You're here, Morg. It won't get out of hand."

Jase turned back to Pat, and Pat took a breath. He wanted anything; just having Jase in his arms again was enough. The taste had been so incredible; he didn't want to take the chance. "Jase, I don't think this is a good idea."

Jase leaned in. "Probably isn't, but it's the only way I'm letting you out with Terry tonight." He knew Pat's buttons. They'd been lovers long enough to give Jase a full arsenal to work with. He began chewing on his neck, slowly nipping his way up to Pat's ear. "Do it Pat; I trust you." Trust had always been a major button for Pat. As long as you had it, you could get just about anything out of him.

Pat pulled Jase in. He could smell the power in Jase's blood. He felt himself leaning in, licking at Jase's neck, and his fangs almost itched. Morg glared at him as he fought with his desires. Jase kept whispering to him; he kept him against his neck. Pat just couldn't resist, not when it was offered so willingly. Jase shuddered as the fangs sank in. Gasping, he couldn't stop himself as he gripped Pat and whimpered with pleasure.

Morg watched, her stomach churning, as her child gave himself to the vampyr. Had Pat crossed over, she would have flamed him where he stood. But he didn't, he took only a pint, then held Jase gently as the drugged man slid against him.

Jase's pants were damp from his release before Pat had finished. He was trembling as he slid against the man and was rocked gently till he could make his legs work. It would have been so easy to just take Pat right there; the affects of his saliva took away most of his inhibitions. He didn't; Pat was making no moves to entice him. He just let the euphoria wash through him as he enjoyed the warmth of Pat's body.

Morg was disgusted; it was wrong, but Jase wasn't one to be stood against lightly. He'd managed to do what no one before him had; he'd unraveled a sanctum's wards. That made it quite possible that he had exceeded Morg's power. For now, she would go along, but she would be watching very closely. "We're fortunate your saliva isn't addictive, Pat, or this would end tragically." She took up her tea and watched them, her frown never diminishing.

Pat nodded, refusing to let go of Jase. "The affects shouldn't last more than a few hours."

Morg made a disgusted noise. "If we were attacked at this moment, we would be in dire straights. This is madness, Patrick, and you know it."

He wasn't listening; he could feel his cells shifting as the mage-blood reached them. Instinctual powers came to life and he was almost drunk on it. If Jase had just been some stranger whom Pat had fed upon, he would have gone for more. Pat shuddered; he'd have taken Jase's death-blood while reveling in the power. Then he'd have slid from any chance of redemption; he'd have gone through the complete change. This was a dangerous game they were playing. Jase had trusted him; he had put himself at Pat's mercy; Pat could never betray that trust. Pat brushed Jase's cheek and nodded. "I know, but the whole fucking world is going crazy anyway. I'm with Jase; evolve or die."

Mira sighed as she trudged up the steps and fished for her keys. It had been a long, frustrating day; no, it had been a long frustrating month. She was in love with two men; two hot, attractive, sensual, powerful men who drove her nuts. They were so different. Jase had been more than a brother to her for years; they were comrades in arms, fellow apprentices, best friends and lovers. Mike was something new for her; something about him made her feel incredibly safe as well as causing her to want to share every part of herself with him.

She jerked her head up as the door opened. Terry nearly stepped into her as he laughed at something. He was dressed to kill and her eyes went wider as she saw Pat behind him. "Going somewhere?"

Terry got suddenly silent, but Pat just wrapped his arms around the smaller man and grinned at Mira. "Yep, I'm taking this irresistible pup out on a date, you mind?"

It was Mira's turn to be at a loss for words. "Uhm... no."

"Cool." Pat reached over and gave her cheek a dry kiss. "Don't wait up."

Terry grinned. "Uh, yeah. Don't wait for us; we plan to see the dawn!" Letting Pat drag him down the steps, he waved. "Have fun, Mira!"

Have Fun? Mira shook her head, went in and closed the door. The aromas coming from the kitchen made her mouth water. She draped her coat over the arm of the couch as she stepped toward the kitchen. Jase smiled at her as she came around the counter. He flicked a finger at the candles he'd just set on the table and they lit with a small sparkle of light. "What are you up to?"

Before Jase could answer, Mike slipped his arms around a very surprised Mira and nuzzled her neck. "Oh, he's about five-foot-ten. I don't think he'll be getting any taller, no matter how big his head gets."

Jase rolled his eyes and grinned. "Thanks for the help, Mike. Real romantic."

Mira had been melting into Mike's warmth when Jase's words sunk in. "Romantic?" Her eyes flew open. "Oh you two are not!"

Jase smirked. "We aren't?" He looked about and frowned. "Damn, first night we have with everyone away for the evening and she isn't in the mood." He shrugged. "Ok." Turning back to the table, he started snuffing out the candles. "Mike, would you get out the paper plates? Maybe we can just sit down and watch a movie."

Mike frowned mockingly; he enjoyed Jase's teasing and would play along within reason. "You sure we can't 'try' to convince her. I mean, I got off work early, we got the flowers, the music, you cooked all fucking afternoon..."

Mira smacked Mike's arm as she pulled out of his hold. "Assholes." She was grinning at the whole scene. "You two got to prep all day for this; I'm tired, cranky and still in my office clothes."

Mike grinned. "Well, that's why I kept track of your progress home and have a bath drawn for you up stairs."

Mira couldn't believe it. They really were going all out. She'd been so frustrated that a pizza and beer would have been enough. "Really, a bath?"

Mike gave her a full power smile. "Yep; rose oil, candles, soft music. I thought you'd like to relax while we got dinner ready." He eyed Jase, "You have it timed for that, right?"

Jase came around and kissed Mira softly on the cheek. "Yeah, we should be ready to eat in about an hour." Mira melted as his eyes captured hers, "That is, if you want to."

"I'll be down in an hour." She left them both smiling as she practically danced up the stairs.

Mira dropped her briefcase on the bed and looked around. It took her a moment to realize how powerful Jase had become; the room had changed. It had gone from the minimalist, urban décor to rich wood and textured cloth. There was a clear, gilt-edged bowl on the dresser with three lotus blossoms floating in scented water. She knew there was no way they could have had all the changes done conventionally in one day. She was almost afraid to look in the bathroom.

She unbuttoned her blouse as her fingertips traced the new comforter. The burgundy and gold pattern of the cloth seemed almost to swirl as her fingers moved. She slipped from the weariness of the day as her clothes were discarded. She thought she would be nervous, but she felt like she was relaxing for the first time in months. They wouldn't have to hold back any longer.

She smiled whimsically at the tub as she entered the bath. Jase had redone the bathroom as well. It was now tiled in a slightly rose hue marble and the tub had changed to a classic, free-standing four-claw. She couldn't help but laugh as she realized it was big enough for two. Neither Jase nor Mike used a tub, they both preferred showers, but Mira loved a long hot soak. She couldn't help but wonder if the tub was an indication that she might have company there in the future.

The rose petals slipped aside with the ripples as she stepped into the steaming water. With a sigh, she let herself sink into the scented warmth and enjoyed the soft sounds of a Celtic-harp playing from one of Terry's CD players.

Mike grinned as Mira slipped into the kitchen a few minutes early and wrapped her arms around him from behind. "Thanks for the bath."

Jase smiled as he watched Mike melt. He'd known the attraction between his two loves was a lot stronger than either had been willing to admit. It had hurt when his mother had pointed out that Mike wasn't "gay". He'd wanted to deny it, but he knew it was true. Mike was bisexual, and normally noticed women far more often than men. The only woman Jase had ever had any sexual interest in was Mira, and they'd known he would not have been satisfied living a "straight" lifestyle.

He flinched as he thought about his own desires. He loved so many people that it scared him; Mike, Mira, Terry, Pat, Morg, Phil and many more. He knew he could not give up any of them without a lot of pain. He forced his smile back as Mira moved from Mike to him. "And you," she slid her arms around him and pulled him into a slow, soft kiss, "thanks for the changes."

Jase smiled. "I was tired of contemporary anyway."

Mira was more than ready to adjourn to the bedroom by the time Jase had served the berries and cream. Between the wine, the food, the atmosphere and the loving smiles she shared with her men, Mira was prepared for anything. At least she thought she was.

Jase smiled at Mike as he stood. "Everything ready?"

Mike nodded. "Yep."

Mira was intrigued. She could tell from the sensations coming from them, they weren't talking about sex. "Please don't tell me there's more."

Mike put out his hand and grinned. "Just a little more."

Slipping up from her seat, Mira reached up and pulled him into a warm, wet kiss. Her eyes burned with a smoldering desire as she pulled back. "If you two make me wait much longer I'm going to kill you. There's romance and then there's torture."

Grinning, Jase slid up behind her and hugged her softly. "Then I suppose we'll just have to keep the rest of this brief." He inclined his head to Mike with a smile. "Let's go."

They ascended the stairs to the attic and stepped into the sanctum. Mira could feel that the room had been cleansed and prepared. For the first time since she had gotten home, she felt nervous. Taking her hand, Jase led her into the circle while Mike recovered something from the altar. He handed it to Jase and then stood to her left while Jase stood to her right.

Jase's eyes held hers as he spoke. "We know you didn't want a wedding or anything, but Mike and I felt that we should do something to sanctify our commitment." He lifted a small, simple band of white gold so she could see it. "Mira, you're already a part of us, but you need to know that we wouldn't have survived without you. We want you to be with us for the rest of our lives. You aren't a third wheel; you're what binds us together and makes us whole."

She trembled as he slid the band onto her finger. She hadn't wanted to have a wedding or get married. Her parents had proven that marriage didn't mean shit; they had fought her entire life. She stared at the band through her tears as Mike took her hand and Jase's in his.

"I'm sorry we couldn't accept this before, Mira. We're going to have to make the rules up as we go. We'll make it, I promise." His power flowed into their hands as he closed his eyes and focused on their rings. He'd done the enchantments on Mira's ring, but the transmutation was the last and most difficult part. He knew he could do it; Mr. Wong's hidden teachings burned at the back of his brain as he willed the metal to flow.

Mira's eyes went wide as she felt the ring liquefy and flow around her fingers. It was as if the metal had come alive and was moving. She had no idea she had been holding her breath till Mike opened his eyes and released their hands. The rings had changed. They were still simple and smooth, but the metals had swirled together and the bands looked as if they had been pulled from a pool of molten white and yellow gold. She noticed something else; their bond felt stronger.

Jase smiled at Mike, his love and pride shining brightly in his eyes. "I told you, you could do it."

Mira looked at how their fingers were lightly interlaced with hers. She'd been scared that a ring would feel like a chain or restraint, but it felt like nothing more than a physical representation of the commitment she already had. Smiling, she looked up at her men. "Isn't someone supposed to kiss the bride?"

Jase grinned. "Oh yeah, I forgot that part."

The mechanics of a three-way kiss was a bit confusing, but they had a method figured out by the time they'd gotten to the bedroom. At some point it became almost impossible to know who was kissing whom. Mira couldn't decide what she liked more and decided not to try. Jase's lips were softer and his tongue danced more delicately with hers till she was dizzy with it, but the passion and strength of Mike's lips and the feel of his goatee made her melt as they kissed.

Mira was in a haze of kissing and touching till she found herself on all fours with Jase beneath her and Mike kissing his way down her back. She'd forgotten how talented Jase's mouth was. His lips pulled at her as his tongue brushed her bud with long, catlike strokes. She whimpered in pleasure as she ran her cheek along his shaft. She wanted him in her, but she got something better. Clutching at the sheets she cried out as she felt Mike sliding into her for the first time. Jase didn't pause in his lathing of her bud; he simply shifted tempo as Mike finished his rocking descent into her depths.

Mike moaned. Mary had been the only woman he had been in. He had been worried that the associations would be too strong, but all he felt as he slid in was a sense of completion that only enlivened his passion. It was so different than when he entered Jase. Jase was tighter and gripped him harder, but Mira's moist, velvety depths rippled about him as she shook. It was different, but no less pleasurable. He gripped onto her hips and lost himself in her as he felt Jase's fingers travel up his thighs and began to stroke into his cleft.

Jase alternated between licking at Mira's bud and lips, and tasting Mike's throbbing shaft as he slid in and out of her. Their connection was beginning to overload Jase's senses. When Mira took him in her mouth and began to suck him deeper into her, Jase was lost. He couldn't tell if he was the one sucking or being sucked; fucking or being fucked; loving or being loved. It all meshed together. He knew only that he was not the one having the quick, repeated, mini-orgasms. He had no idea how Mira could stand it; he'd have gone insane of the cycle were so short for him.

Mike cried out as Jase's finger slipped into him and brushed his button. He'd already been wavering at the edge, but that was too much. He slammed into Mira three more times as he flooded her with his seed. It was as if fireworks were going off from his toes to his ears. Mira was no less overwhelmed. She'd already been riding high after high, completely lost in the waves of pleasure they were drawing from her. Mike's release was like an explosion in her brain. She felt contractions in places she knew weren't part of her and her body felt like it was imploding from her pelvis.

Instead of sating her lust, as Mike pulled back she found herself driven further. She pulled off of Jase's mouth and spun on him, tasting herself on his lips as she pressed against him. Jase gasped as she tilted her pelvis and took him in. He could feel Mike's release washing around him as he began to thrust into her. The idea of sharing his essence with Mike's aroused Jase in ways he didn't know possible. It was like the ultimate bonding, and he reveled in it.

Mira licked Mike clean before she wrapped her arms around Jase and rolled them over. She knew what she wanted. She wanted to be physically a part of what she had lived through only in her mind for the past year. She wanted Mike taking Jase while Jase took her. She didn't have to ask. They both caught her desire and rode with it. Jase's manic thrusting slowed as Mike slid behind him. It took a little coordination, but once Mike was in, Jase could slide in and out, on and off his lovers in one fluid back and forth movement. He was in heaven; they all were.

As his need grew, Jase's thrusting became erratic. Mike took over, thrusting for both of them as Mira shuddered beneath them. Jase cried out, his own essence mingling with Mikes as he released himself into the woman he loved. He could barely support himself as Mike pummeled into him with abandon. He kissed Mira through whimpers and gasps caused by Mike's thrusts. Mira cried as Jase bit into her shoulder while Mike released again.

Mike wanted to just sink against Jase and melt, but he knew Mira could not support both of them. He slowly pulled out and rolled to his side. Mira and Jase kissed slowly while he watched. Finally, Jase pulled back and drew Mira with him as he snuggled into Mike's arms. With a contented sigh, Mira rolled over and pressed back against Jase. They fit together like three spoons in a drawer, and fell asleep at nearly the same moment.

None of them felt Jase's hand lightly tracing over Mira's pelvis. It mimicked the motions of the spiritual fingers that wove above them. Mary's eyes burned with a love and need that had no words to describe. There were so few opportunities to change the future. One night of love and release opened possibilities she had never foreseen. She was only meddling a little bit. That one choice lifted the dread she had felt since her first gift of vision. She no longer had to find a way to stop the future; she only had to protect the ones who would change it.