The Stone of the Phalanx

Chapter 1 : the greatest accident of his life

Frederic Fromthefield relaxed in his business class seat. "It's great having a grandpa who's rich" he thought. It's a little unusual for a 15-year-old to travel alone, but for once his mother agreed to his grandfather. She just had too much work at home and, she being a top manager, at work. He took of 15 minutes ago at LA airport, and he was now flying over de big Pacific Ocean. He connected his laptop to the telephone socket in his chair and after checking his power connection to the socket, he slaughtered the computer in a game of Doom. After some time he got tired and started an adventure game. He was just about to enter the secret password the maid give him after he caught her in bed with the butler, so he could enter the secret cave under the house, when the plain started jerking up and down. He heard the dong from the light saying: 'fasten seatbelts'. He disconnected his laptop and fastened his seatbelts. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have everything under control". Somehow, this didn't make him feel any better. He looked trough the window and what he saw made him look white. The plain was falling, he could see it as the clouds passed by. "We're falling!" he shouted, pointing at the window. Everybody looked at the windows and panic broke out, as everybody came to the same conclusion Frederic had. Frederic started preparing himself for impact. Being a kid with an IQ off the scale, he had prepared himself for such events. There was one thing his mind couldn't control: his 'wanting' to keep his laptop with him. His mind yelled:" you can't keep it with you", but his heart yelled" keep it, it's YOURS". His laptop was the only thing he was willing to fight for to defend. Being a genius got him bullied a lot and he had already lost a fortune on school material. All this ran through his mind as the plain kept falling. ""Everybody, when I say 'duck' everybody bend over, and put your arms around your knees, OK?" The calm voice of the captain reassured most people on the plain. Frederic calculated to keep his worries away. "An altitude of 10.000 meters, speed of 835 kilometers an hour, gravity of 7.6 km per kilogram per meter means..." It took him 3 seconds to calculate. "We will come down in approximately 10 seconds" he silently counted he didn't even heard the 'duck' from the captain. "3 - 2 - 1." Frederic bend over, his laptop between his upper body and his legs. The smack was harder than he imagined. The plain skipped the water and became the fastest speedboat ever. It glided for over 5 kilometers and stopped or better crashed into an island.

45 minutes later the survivors looked at the remnants of the plain. 10 people were dead, 25 were wounded and the other 110 people were only slightly injured, or had no wounds whatsoever. Frederic gently rubbed his knees. He had pressed to hard on his laptop, so they got bruised. Fortunately, his laptop was in OK condition. After he helped the other people build a hut, which under his and an engineer's guidance became a very habitable place, he went exploring "in search for food, and a source for drinkable water" he had told them, but is was merely to satisfy his curiosity. He was positive this was an uncharted island, since there was no indication of pollution, or any other human activity. After wandering around for some time he found a cave. His curiosity got the better hand and he entered. Gently, foot after foot, he walked inside. Soon, after maybe 100 meters, it was completely dark, so he turned around and made him a torch, using the old trick of rubbing sticks together. After 15 minutes of wandering in the dark, the cave made a turn left, he followed and at the end of the hall was the most beautiful stone he had ever seen. It was shining blue light, although his torch did not give much light. He touched it, and at that moment he felt a tremendous surge of power run through him. He wasn't expecting this, so he withdrew, immediately followed by a feeling of disappointment and missing, like he lost an arm or a leg. He picked up the stone and immediately he felt strong, powerful and just, plain good. He started walking out the cave, when he noticed marking on the wall. "Strange, I haven't noticed those when I entered." he thought. Because of his genius and with some help from the stone (more than his genius!) he quickly translated the writing.

"The blue stone of the phalanx wields great power. It gives his bearer the power of telekinesis, telepathy and mental control. BEWARE, should the stone ever be removed from it's bearers possession, it's power will transfer to it's new owner. To make sure this doesn't happen, find the red and green stones of the phalanx, the red giving to power of healing and more, the green giving the power of bodily reshape and more. When all 3 stones are united, they will release the power of all matter and anti-matter, to shape and mold, as you like. With these powers, you can integrate the stones into you body, to make sure they are not to be stolen."

"Cool thing" Frederic thought. He walked out the cave. He quickly found water and went to the camp. He told them where to find water and they all thanked him, filling him with grave joy. After a couple of days on the island, Frederic had mastered his new powers. He had noticed he could influence them, but only now could he willingly give them orders. The first thing he did was taking a young girl, named Jennifer, into the woods. They talked a little. "How old are you Jennie?" "I'm 12, how old are you?" "15, Jennie. Do you know you are a pretty attractive lady?" this was true. Jennifer was very beautiful. She already wore a training bra, she had long chestnut hear and had a very pretty face." Thank you, Fred" "you're welcome Jennie. Do you know how children are made?" "Mum and Dad talked about it, but I think it's dirty, a penis and a vagina? What if he pissed inside me?" "That won't happen, Jennie. You see..." the best he could to a 12-year-old, he explained about the prostate. "Now I understand. You know, this talk made me feel strange." "Strange?" Frederic wasn't surprised at all, he had just given her a simple urge to be extremely horny and obey his wishes." Yes, my vag- cunt is wet and my nipples are poking in my bra." "You're not feeling strange, you're just horny. That means you are ready to heave sex."

"Are you ready to have sex too?" "Yes, my cock is hard."

"Please have sex with me." "What about your mother?" "Screw her, fuck me, fuck your little whore, fuck me lame" Frederic's cock could explode when he heard her talk dirty like that. He used telekinesis to rip off her clothes while he got out of his. He pushed her to the ground and positioned his 15 centimeters at her pussy. "This is going to hurt." "I don't care. Fuck your whore!"

At that point, he jabbed past her virginity inside her. Jennifer came on the spot. He continued pumping inside her. It took him 25 seconds to come. He pulled out at ordered her to suck him clean. She started by gently pushing her tongue against his cock. It jerked. She giggled at the resulted and took the head in her mound, sucking like a cock addict. She then took the entire length in her mouth, allowing it to slip in her throat. She did that again and again. Frederic was in heaven. He gently pulled out just before he came, and turned her on all fours, her beautiful ass sticking out. "I'm going to put it up your ass and it's going to hurt. A lot" "Buttfuck me, Fred, please!" Frederic pressed at the entrance and felt it loosen up. As his head popped inside, she let out a little scream. Frederic, wanting her to scream more, fucked his cock completely up her ass. She did scream. He pulled out, almost completely, and fucked her again, and again. Every time she screamed, but it became more and more of pleasure in staid of pain. He climaxed inside her ass, and she cam with him.

Frederic hurried into his clothes and telepathically ordered Jennifer's mother to come by. As she saw her daughter in a puddle of cum, she became hysterical. Frederic, hiding in the bushes, made Lori, Jennifer's mother, very aroused. He overdid it and she came again and again, 3 times in a row. Jennifer, noticing this, slid under her mother's skirt and sucked on her pussy, holding her panties aside. Lori pushed her daughter's face harder at her cunt, wiggling her ass in the process. Frederic couldn't stand it anymore, pushed her skirt up and penetrated that lovely ass of her. She screamed and cried as he slowly fucked her ass. She tried to get away, but for some reason, her body didn't respond. Al she could do was stand there and let her cunt get raped by her daughter and her ass by an unknown man. At the same time she got these strange feelings of pleasure, as she realized this was incest and pedophilia and she was enjoying herself. Her top got moved up, her bra got moved down and between those 2 come her naked breasts. Lori felt the man grabbing them and holding them tight. Very tight. Because of the pleasure of her ass, her cunt and her breasts being molested at the same time, she came. It was one of the best she ever had. No, not one of the best, but the best of her entire life. The waves of her orgasm in her ass sent Frederic over the edge for the third time that day and although he could recuperate very fast, due to his age, he was spent. "Must be these new powers," he thought, "I've been tired since I got the stone."

A few days later, Frederic had succeeded in fucking, screwing and abusing almost everybody who could interest him. By this time, his powers had developed even more. Frederic could feel himself getting more rested (he slept almost 16 hours a day) and more powerful. He was snoozing under one of trees, when he heard "Hey, don't sleep now! Wake up!" Frederic was startled. He slowly got up and said "wa... who ... is there?" "It's me, the stone. Congratulations. Because of your increasing abilities, you have awakened me out of my 5000 year sleep."

"How come?" Frederic asked. Immediately the reply came" a normal human couldn't, but because of you already had some basic talent about psionic power, you have developed very far indeed, and I think you can develop even further, under my guidance."

"Cool, a teacher" Frederic thought. "OK, where do we start?"

"We'll begin with defense."

For the next few weeks, until they got rescued, Frederic practiced with the stone. Like it predicted, he developed highly, and very fast, even the stone had to admit that. Frederic learned how to subtle manipulate someone into thinking it was one of their ideas, instead of his, and feeling "I don't want to do this, but I can't control myself."

His telekinesis became very powerful too. He could generate enough power to move a whole mountain, or make a vulcano erupt. He also had a very slight ability to influence the weather. Like making it rain less, or sometimes even stopping it, or hide the sun behind a very light cloud, so he couldn't do anything heavy. Yet. The stone then told him more about the other 2 stones. It told Frederic about the ability of healing, even replacing a head chopped off, or replacing cut off or destroyed body parts. It told him about the green stone, which wielded the power to 'enhance' his own body, making the bones practically unbreakable, and his muscles 100 times stronger than any man who ever lived. His reflexes would also enhance, reacting faster than a computer.

At home, Frederic hid the stone in his room. He had just finished as his sister walked in. Barbara was 18, had long, blonde hair and had the most beautiful blue eyes someone had ever seen.

Frederic was startled. "what are you doing little bro" he hated that. She always made him feel less than her, because he was a brainiac, never thinking about anything but school. But this time it would be different. "Barbs, you are to listen to me. You will do as I tell you." This got a nod from his sister. "Remove your bra, without removing you other clothes." Barbara reached behind her and, with great skill, peeled open her bra and pulled it out of her dress. "now, remove your panties." Barbara pulled her panties from under her dress. "get on your hands and knees" she nodded, and moved into the desired position. At this point, he used his powers like the stone had thought him. He shaped the 'field' of telekinetic energy into a Y shaped dildo. After remodeling it a bit, he pushed it into his sister's ass and cunt at the same time. She grunted, begging him to fuck her. He was happy to comply. He let the dildo do his work and moved in front of his sister. Frederic yanked out his dick and shoved in her mouth, fucking her throat. Barbara was having the time of her life; she got fucked in all three holes and it was her own brother who was fucking her mouth and throat. Barbara licked Frederic's manhood with all she could master, like it was one of the most valuable and most precious things ever shoved in her mouth. When he tunneled the feelings from the 'dildo' to his mind, he instantly came, and came, and came for over a minute he was pushing fluids down his sister's throat. This feeling made her came too, at the same time the dildo in her ass and cunt erupted in pulsing vibration of pleasure.

Chapter 2

Frederic was lying in bed. His cock was rock hard, and he knew just the person to help him solve it.

"I've never tried controlling people at a distance," he thought. Frederic pressed his powers, and yes, finally, the telepathic control went though the wall, into his sister's bedroom.

Barbara was sleeping soundly when she woke up with the incredible urge to fuck her brother. She has gotten used to this. It's been 3 weeks since Frederic got his powers. All this time, he managed to smuggle the Stone with him wherever he went. Meanwhile, Barbara was getting hotter by the minute. She quietly stood up, went to her bedroom door and slid through the hall like a ghost, completely silent. This was another trick Frederic had learned from the blue Stone, he could use his telekinetic powers to 'bend' both light and sound waves, making people invisible or silently. Barbara gently opened Frederic's door and slid inside. Immediately, she tore off her clothes and jumped on him, brutally fucking him. He was in heaven as his cock was sliding in and out of her hot pussy at a hellish tempo. He grabbed her breasts and started kneading them. This sent her over the edge; she climaxed, releasing enormous quantities of female fluids all over his body. This was were Frederic was waiting for. He turned them around, so that she was on her back, and he was on top, between her legs. He teased her, rubbing his cock around her pussy, but never touching her clit. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore. He pushed inside her and fucked her brains out. She climaxed 5 or 6 times before he did, and they where both so tired, they fell asleep in each other's arms.


"You have released all the powers of the blue Stone, Frederic." It was a couple of days before he went to the final year of college. This year, he would graduate at three subjects at the same time. (I already told you, he's a genius). Although he will only be 16 at the time, he shall already have a PHD in nuclear physics, quantum physics and astrophysics. "So, I have reached the limit?"

"No, you haven't. Your powers will grow stronger and stronger, every time you use them, but you will no longer discover new powers. The only option is to get my 2 brothers, the red and green Stone."

"Where will I find them?" "Put me on the world map, and my tip will point to the exact location of the Stone you concentrate on. It's the most difficult thing you have done so far, but it is worth it. You will be granted new powers, but your existing powers will be amplified, along with the new ones. You see, each Stone grants specific powers, but each Stone amplifies the powers of the other Stones."

"I get it. OK, let's go find the other Stones. What do they do?" Frederic never was very concerned about the future, so he had neglected to write down the message on the wall in the cave where he found the blue Stone.

"The red Stone will grant you the power of instant healing on your body and the power to accelerate healing on other bodies, if you want to. It will also give you total control over fire and water, this being 2 of the 4 primary elements of creation. It will also give you the ability to 'download' information from any living creature, both plants, animals as humans. The green Stone grants the power over bodies, so you can reshape your, and everybody else's body. You can make any changes you like, like give an extra couple of arms to a human, or make your bones unbreakable. It will give you total control over air and earth, being the other 2 elements of creation. It will also give you the power over the weather, and you will be able to use 100% of your brain, amplifying your powers even more, as the powers of the Stones are also possible with the human brain, but are simply forgotten."

"I guess we'll go after the green one first." Frederic got up from the grass and went inside. He carefully avoided Barbara. His sister had changed into a nymphomaniac. He got a fairly large map of the world, and laid the Stone on it. He then concentrated on the green Stone. He shifted his concentration to the blue Stone, ordering it to point to the green Stone. Hour after hour slid by, but Frederic's concentration was fierce and absolute. Finally, after 2 3/4 of an hour, the blue Stone pointed at the ... NORTH POLE! Frederic was startled. "How am I going to get there?" of course, he would use telekinesis. He would bend the light, make himself invisible and fly at mach 2 to the North Pole. He had instructed an army base to measure his speed, it came out at mach 2,5. He readied himself, wearing warm clothing and went to his back yard. He made himself invisible and lifted off. It took him a long time to get to the exact location, but finally, he found the cave, being hid under a thick layer of ice. With one firm blow of a brick wall, the ice broke.


This cave was identical to the one on the Island, except for the temperature. Frederic searched the walls for any kind of writing, but he found nothing. The blue Stone in his hand started pulsing. "What is it?" he asked. "I'm nearing my brother." Frederic slid down further and further, but there was still no sign of writing. Soon, it was to dark to see anything, except for the bluish light, pulsing from the Stone. Again, after 15 minutes, he found the green Stone. Then, before he could grab it, something strange happened. The blue Stone pulled itself from Frederic's hand and the green Stone pulled itself from the ground. They flew towards each other. They started circling around a common point, coming closer and closer which each completed circle. Finally, the wonder happened. They touched sideways, 'docking' together, producing the PURPLE Stone. They, or better it, flew back towards Frederic. Immediately, he fell a rush of power flowing through his body. "How shall I call you?" he asked mentally. No response came. Frederic was disappointed. "Now I have to go through the same process as with the blue Stone" he thought. But just then, came the response, 2 voices in harmony "We are the purple Stone of the phalanx. We are reunited after millennia of separation. We are grateful. We will guide you through the process of learning about your new abilities."

"Thank God" Frederic thought, I'm going to have help. Outside, he set course for home, but while he was invisible and flying, he fell it was faster then when he was making the trip with only the blue Stone. The purple Stone responded to his thoughts: "because of our joining, the power of your already found abilities has been multiplied with a factor 4. Your current speed is mach 8."

"Currently? Do you mean I can go even faster?" "Yes, but only when using extreme caution. Your speed can be so high, that you will disintegrate from the heat and the resistance of the air."

"How fast can I go?" "You can maintain mach 12 to 13 for about 5 minutes. Your maximum would be about mach 20, but when you go that fast, you no longer have time to decelerate to a safe speed."

"Cool." Frederic thought. Now he could outrun even the fastest airplane in existence.

Finally, he arrived home. From the moment he got in, he got a strange feeling, like there was something wrong. He scanned the house, but there was no one here. He was puzzled. "What is wrong with this picture?" he thought. Immediately, he received an answer. From the garden! The flowers told him they had seen a couple of men, dressed in black, pulling his sister out of the house and into a car. Frederic was desperate. Not only had he lost his parent 2 years ago in a car accident, now he had lost his sister as well! "Master, you do not have complete use over your powers yet. In order to get your sister, we can try to download the required knowledge and skills directly into your brain. This might have 1 side effect: your personality might change."

"I don't have a choice. Begin the procedure." "OK. Lie in your bed, close your eyes and let us do the rest."

Frederic went into the house, lied down and closed his eyes. Immediately, he felt sick, sicker than he had ever felt before. After 2 hours of this, the pain and sickness disappeared. He now felt he had everything under control. He flew out of the house, adjusted his eyes and followed the trail left behind by the car. He made himself invisible, and chased them at mach 18. It took him 20 minutes before he touched down. The stones had warned him about flying to fast, but his uncontrollable anger kept him invulnerable. He put out the fire, located about everywhere his clothes were. He stepped up to the house and created a megaphone out of his telekinesis. He started shouting: "RELEASE MY SISTER OR FEEL THE ANGER OF THE PHALANX." This wasn't true, he didn't have the last piece yet, but it never harmed to bluff, Frederic thought. Soon, 3 men appeared. Apparently, they were amused he came alone. Frederic lost his last bit of self-control and slammed his full power into the 3 men. They disintegrated in a vortex of bright blue color, as reality itself was destroyed. He walked further, but he felt a strange power emanating from the house, like it was a lost brother. Of course. The missing red Stone! The kidnapper has the missing Stone!

"You just wait until I get my hands on you" Frederic vowed. He pushed the door aside, and began to stride inside. He changed his body, not in appearance, but in strength, unbreakable bones, and 100% use of his brain. Instantly, he felt like he could take on the world. A useful concept, knowing he had to face the red Stone's powers of water and fire, and instant healing.

A man leaped on him from behind. Frederic didn't even have to use his powers, he simple pulled the man of him, and smashed him through the nearest wall, sending bricks flying around.

He walked further, feeling the intensity of the feeling increase. Finally, he stood before a big man, more then 2 meters tall, and twice the width of Frederic. "My God. The red Stone" Frederic thought. Immediately, the answer came "I am Razul, the ultimate human"

"Humanity can't beat the phalanx" Frederic said aloud. Directly behind this message came reinforcement: enough power to move the empire State building. Razul flew back, through 3 walls and landed in the back yard. Immediately, Frederic stood above him, slowly lifted his arms, and directed all is powers towards the skies. He made all the weather elements come into conjunction. Within 5 minutes, Razul was healed, but he never got up. He crawled back, frightened to death. It was a frightening sight. The diminutive Frederic stood there, his arms erect, a black cloud forming above their heads. Straps of thunder and lightning illuminated the dark environment. Although it was high noon, it was dark. Completely dark. Razul regained some dignity, lifted his body half from the ground, and released a massive fireball, causing massive damage to Frederic's body. Because of the enormous amounts of power flying through Frederic's body, he survived. Razul hit the ground from astonishment. Then, Frederic was done. The might and fury of the weather, the earth and the skies were unleashed against Razul's body. He died horribly, as ever last molecule of his body was exploding. Frederic's bruised and beaten body fell to the ground, but not for long. The 3 Stones combined. They docked in an identical way as the blue and green Stone did. The White Stone of the phalanx released their powers at Frederic's body. 3 voices in perfect harmony reached into his unconscious mind. "We are the phalanx. We are grateful. We will help you."

Chapter 3

"Phalanx? Phalanx? Wake up Phalanx. No time to sleep, now"

"Wha... What? Where am I?"

"There you are. I was afraid something had happened to you."

"What was that Phalanx stuff? How long have I been unconscious?"

"You were unconscious for about 15 minutes. Now that the 3 Stone have been combined, the Phalanx has formed. Once I join with you, you will be the embodiment of the Phalanx."

"15 minutes? I have to find my sister!"

Frederic jumped up and ran in the house, tearing out doors along the way. He never bordered to check whether they where locked, he just ripped them out and smashed them aside. Finally, he found his sister. She was hanging on the wall, tied and wrists and ankles, spread in an X figure.

"Barbs, what happened to you?"

She didn't answer him. He then read her mind, replaying the stuff that had happened to her.

After she was dragged in the car, Razul had ripped of her clothes. Razul kissed her while her hands were being bound behind her back by john, the man Frederic had ripped reality for. While Razul enjoyed himself with her nipples, kissing the one while twisting the other, john had one finger in her pussy. Barbara cried out in pain as the two men were raping her. Suddenly, Barbara was pushed back, right on her bound hands. Razul's gigantic cock forced it's way inside her steaming pussy. This mistreatment had gotten her hot. Apparently, she was lying on top of John, because after about 5 thrusts, she felt him enter her virgin ass. She gasped in pain. While she was doing that, a dildo entered her mouth, all the way in. They sealed it off with duck tape. The 2 men continued violating her, changing places every now and then, until they stopped at the house where Frederic found her.

Barbara was dragged upstairs, and bound in the way Frederic found her. Razul had tried to alter her mind, trying to make her his love slave. Fortunately, Frederic's constant modifying of her mind, she was resistant to this power. Razul had gotten mad and slammed maximum force into her mind. Her mind had withdrawn into her subconscious level, making her lose consciousness. Razul was prevented from doing any more damage by Frederic's early appearance.

After seeing that, Frederic had gotten horny as hell. But first things must come first, and he healed her body and repaired any damage to her mind. Slowly Barbara regained consciuosness.

"Frederic, thank god."

"It's OK, Barbara, I'm here, you're fine. Razul took the wrong man to mess with."

"Will you untie me now?"

"No, first I will have some fun with that wet little pussy of yours."

Frederic had noticed her wetness. Barbara liked being tied up like this.

Frederic hurried out of the remnants of his clothes, and impaled her with his cock. He grabbed her tits and twisted them. Barbara screamed in pain and pleasure. She liked the movement of his cock against her violated clit. Barbara was on the edge of climaxing, as Frederic took control and held her there, preventing her climax. For the next 5 minutes, Barbara begged for her climax. On the same time as Frederic climaxed, her released her. She came for 5 minutes in a row, at least.

He untied her, and under cloak, flied them home, after taking good care of the house, and the car. There was no sign of the driver, and he didn't care. The man was harmless.

He put his sister to bed and made her sleep. He guessed 12 hours are enough. He needed the time to bind with the Phalanx, and besides, she needed the sleep.

He went upstairs, to his room. After he pulled out the Phalanx, he lied on top of his bed, putting the white stone on top of his chest. "OK Phalanx. Bind with me."


Frederic slowly began to feel awkward. He looked up and what he saw startled him. Big time.

The Stone began to liquefy, it's white light growing more and more intense. After maybe 10 to 15 minutes, the now liquid Phalanx pored into his skin, entering his body through the sweat glands.

Frederic lost consciousness after 10 minutes.

Frederic woke up, slowly, like coming out of a coma. He felt incredible. The power flowing through his veins was overwhelming. He realized now, he knew everything about his powers, about the Phalanx, where they came from, how they lived, how they came to their end.

He also, slowly, very slowly, began to understand the universe and the creatures that lived in it. it was like his brain couldn't absorb the knowledge and had to expand in order to use or contain it. as this process accelerated, the knowledge became more and more clear.

Frederic got out of the bed and walked downstairs. He got into the back yard and he began to experiment with his powers. He made a pool appear and disappear. Now he was fooling around with the weather. He found it to be a little to cold lately.

Suddenly, a bright white flash came right behind him.

He turned around and...

Chapter 4

"Who are you?" Fromthefield asked, astonished by the immense amount of power he sensed radiating of the stranger.

"I am Q, from the Q continuum. The people who left the Stone here, are the Phalanx, a group which split from the continuum billions of years ago. They didn't want to follow our rules, so we destroyed them. This is known as the Great Battle. It took us nearly 5 million years to track them down and kill them. The Phalanx where only interested in playing with life, so they created a number of races, for the purpose of playing with them, all around the galaxy. Apparently, they left the stones here in the hope of bringing the Phalanx back to life. This must never happen. So we will guide you. But remember the evil of the Phalanx lies dormant within you. If you choose to accept the powers, you will have to learn to control it. We, the Q, are ... well; you could describe us as Gods. We can control everything, life, death, matter, antimatter, etc. after you accept the responsibility as a Phalanx I will personally train and guide you. Do you have any more questions, Frederic?"

"How do you know my name?"

"The Q know everything. As I told you before, we are Gods, remember"

"That training, how will it go?"

"It will be conducted whenever you want it, but the less you train per day, the longer it will take. The training will be modified by you progress, so you will never fall behind, or run ahead. If you train 5 hours a day, the training will take about 10 weeks. The last day will be an introduction of the Q-continuum, where we live. It will be an enriching or maybe frightening experience. You will be a class 7 or 8 Q by the end of your training."

"What class are you?"

"I am a class 11 Q, which indicates I have complete control over everything and I generate power of 50 thousand black holes per minute. This is enough to know everything and control everything within the limits of a galaxy."

"Wow! That is some power!"

"Not much in comparison to a class 12 Q, who can do the same within this universe."

"How much weaker will I be?"

"A class 8 Q can generate enough power to act within radius of approximately 100 to 150 light years."

"That will be enough, I think. When can we begin?"

"As I told you, whenever you want, but you might want to get a subject to test your new skills on."

School would start again in a few days, so Frederic thought that he could get as much subjects there as he wanted. Q apparently tried to read his thoughts. Instinctively, Frederic raised a shield and at that same time, Q frowned. Immediately, Frederic felt a burning sensation in his head. He pumped more energy to his shield. The burning stopped as Q stopped trying.

"What was that?"

"I tried to read your mind. Because of your shield, I tried harder, but in the end, your shield was more powerful than I imagined so I stopped. Normally, you would not even know I tried to read your mind, because of my strong skills. It seems that you are more powerful then we anticipated, so I will have to talk to my fellow Q. I will return in a few days."

A bright white flash and gone was Q, leaving a puzzled Frederic.

A few days later the college year started. Frederic saw his friend from last year again, Daphnix, a guy from the other side of the country. Daphnix was a genius, like Frederic, and was about is age. Daphnix would graduate at the end of the year in computer science, mathematics and engineered biology. After talking a few minutes about their vacations, Frederic took him to a private spot of the park behind the main building.

"Daphnix, I have to tell you something. This vacation, I got in a plain crash and on some weird island, I found a stone. It gave me these groovy powers. I can control everybody, make myself invisible and heal every wound. I can do anything I would possibly want!"

Of course, Daphnix didn't believe him. "Sure, sure. I have to believe that?"

"See that girl over there, that Asian girl?"

"Yeah, so?" Daphnix didn't want to continue on this subject.

"Watch" Immediately, the girl came right to them, dropped to her knees, unzipped Daphnix's fly and took his dick.

Daphnix was astonished. This beautiful Asian girl was jerking of his dick! Frederic's dick was rock hard, so he wanted some relief. He opened his own zipper and took his rock hard dick. He then lifted her skirt and pulled down her wet panties. "She's really turned on, damn I'm good at this!" Frederic thought. He pushed his cock inside the dripping pussy. He then got the surprise of his life. She was still a virgin! The girl twisted around and gave a look of total surprise, quickly turning into something that remotely resembled anger. She stopped jerking of Daphnix and turned towards Frederic, letting his cock slide out of her love tunnel. Frederic quickly restored his control over her. Frederic didn't want to make her do anything against her will, because all else he still was a good guy, so she got up, dressed herself properly and left. The 2 boys quickly dressed and regained some dignity.

"Tell me, how did you do that?"

"Told you, I have special powers."

"Ok, I believe you. We can have some really great times with those!"

"Yeah, and I have somebody who is going to teach me, and they will increase even more. I could rule this country if I wanted to!"

"Cool!" Daphne shouted. "So, what about a new test?"

"Sure, what do you have in mind? But, I won't make anybody do anything they wouldn't do under normal circumstances. I will only 'encourage' people into doing something. I could easily have fucked that girl, but I didn't because she really didn't want it. Strange, apparently, sucking cock she did do."

"Ok, can you control matter as well?"

"Yep, sure can."

"You can make anything you want?"

"Yep" Frederic responded proudly.

"How about a car, something like KITT from knight rider?"

"Haven't tried anything like that before, but what the hell! Let's give it a shot. My classes start in 30 minutes. Yours?"

"One hour. We have plenty of time. If this stunt works."

"Let's go to my place. Grab on." Daphnix, surprised, grabbed on to the back of Frederic. He was even more surprised when they lifted off!

At a slow pace of mach 4 they flew to Frederic's place. They made a soft landing in his back yard. The two boys walked to the road.

"Let's give it a shot." Frederic said. He focused on his knowledge from Knight Rider. He was very surprised when he found out that, for some reason, he even knew the serial number of every part that was ever used in the show! He then began with the matter replication. In less then 4 seconds, KITT was standing ready on Frederic's driveway.

"Cool, it worked! Daphnix shouted in a mix of astonishment, surprise and enthusiasm.

Frederic opened the door to the driver's side and got inside. Next surprise. KITT responded "Hello Frederic. I am the knight Industries Two Thousand. How may I help you?"

By now, Daphnix had joined him and he just heard the Two Thousand part. "Cool, he talks, just like the real one!"

"It's great isn't it? Now, let's burn some rubber! KITT, set course for my college. Maximum speed, use every way possible."

The car didn't respond, but just engaged auto driving and some other features.

"Hit turbo boost, Frederic."

After complying, they where back at the college in less then 10 minutes, just in time for Frederic's classes. He instructed KITT to take good care of Daphnix and giving him everything he wants. He then walked of to class.

The entire day, Frederic had trouble focussing on the classes. Quantum mechanics and maths weren't as appealing as they used to be. When finally, the day was over, he got to a secluded spot to take off. Daphnix finished the same time and joined him.

"How was it, Daphnix?" Frederic asked.

"Great! Now, I have a new idea. If you're up to it."

Frederic got the weird feeling this is a test. He decided to surprise his friend. In less then 1 second he knew the next thing Daphnix wanted. The NASA supercomputer!

"Why, what can you do with the NASA supercomputer? Let me get you something far better then that piece of junk."

Daphnix got pale. He got very pale indeed. "How do you know that?"

"I can read minds for something, can I? Don't worry, I will never do that again. It's just a little bit of showing off."

"OK, but next time I will have to hurt you."

"Daphnix, don't start. If I can destroy a man with super powers, I can do the same to you. But for now, let's get to my place. Where's KITT?"

"On the parking lot, Frederic. Say, you didn't mean that part about killing me, did you?"

"No way, it's not economic to kill my only friend."

After a 15-minute drive, they got to Frederic's place. "Now, what do you have in mind?" Daphnix asked.

"You watch Star Trek, do you? And you know the Enterprise-D, huh? Well, watch this."

Frederic lifted his arms horizontally. He had already found out that turning his hands towards the place his powers must be he could more easily do things. After a few brief seconds, there it was, a runabout.

"Hey, you said the Enterprise-D. No fair!"

"Don't you think creating a ship the size of the Enterprise wouldn't go unnoticed?"

"Yes, but..."

"Then hop in, I'll create the Enterprise behind the moon, so it can watch the earth, and us, without being detected by this backwards race."

After a brief trip of 5 minutes, the runabout Frederic reached the far side of the moon. All of a sudden, there she was. The Enterprise.

"Enterprise, prepare for docking." "Acknowledged" a female voice responded.

"Boy, do I know that voice well." Daphnix said. "yep, and it's all ours, captain."

In a flash, both boys were in Starfleet uniform. Frederic had admiral's pips on his collar, and Daphnix had captain's pips.

"Welcome on board Admiral Fromthefield and Captain Smith" the female computer voice responded.

"Transport us directly to the bridge."

They materialized in the center of the bridge, in front of the main viewscreen. Frederic sat down in the command chair, while Daphnix sat next to him, in the chair for the second officer.

Chapter 5 : Frederic begins the training

It has been 2 days since Frederic and Daphnix where the commanding officers on the USS Enterprise-d.

The power that came with such control was difficult to manage, especially for Daphnix, who wasn't used to such kind of power.

It was immediately after they had settled in on board the Enterprise that they decided to play guardian angel for earth. So they watched both the Earth and deep space for objects that may threaten the Earth and it's inhabitants. Both boys where sitting on the bridge, as usual spying on the Earth beneath them, and using the Enterprise's advanced sensors to 'watch' celebrities. This was something Frederic had stumbled upon while going through the sensor records.

"So, when is this Q fellow going to come?" Daphnix asked his friend.

"I don't know. He said in a couple of days. It has been a week now, and I haven't heard from him since."

"Maybe he has..." Daphnix never had the time to finish his sentence. A bright white flash interrupted him.

"So Q, you decided to look me up?"

Q looked around on the bridge mumbling "Nice, very nice"

"You impressed, Q?"

"Very well done, Phalanx. Now, are you ready for your training?"

"Yep, sure am. I even have a subject. Let's get to Earth and collect him."

"Ah, you aren't using your friend here. OK, fine by me."

"Can Daphnix come along? He won't get in the way." Daphnix was thrilled. He might come along to watch this!

"Not on your first lesson, Phalanx. You will have to create a planet to practice on, and creating a breathable atmosphere will be too difficult for you at this stage, I think. Now, for your first lesson, you won't require the services of your subject."

"OK. See you in a while, Daphnix."

"Later." Daphnix barely had the time to mutter before they disappeared.


Q and Frederic materialized somewhere in outer space.

"What came up in the continuum?"

"I will continue to train you. We will re evaluate when you have completed your training. Now, create a planet. Size doesn't matter, but you should consider giving it a solid surface, as we will conduct our training here. You don't have to bother on creating an atmosphere, since you no longer require air, as you no longer need water, food or sleep."

"You're the boss, Q"

Frederic concentrated on creating a planet. It took him much longer then he anticipated. He needed much more power than he could ever imagine! "Strange, creating the enterprise was much easier than this." Frederic thought.

At last, there it was, a planet about the size of Earth, but colored completely brown in stead of the blue from Earth.

"That went very well, Phalanx. Again, you are better then we anticipated. We thought a planet the size of your moon would do, but instead, you went off and create a planet the size of Earth!"

Q was definitely impressed with Frederic's actions. The amazement dripped from his words.

Frederic was happy his mentor was impressed. But, if creating a planet was so hard, what would an atmosphere take? Frederic didn't know the answer to that question.

"Come now, I will train you in martial arts." Q said.

"Martial arts? But I can kill anyone with a single thought! Why would I need martial arts?"

"Not that kind of martial arts. The sort I'm talking about uses your power, much like the martial artists on your planet use their bodies, you will learn how to use your body and your power to their fullest content. As you grow better, your powers will increase exponentially, both in range and strength, now let's begin."


Daphnix was bored to death. "Having the Enterprise is no fun if you can't use the power" Daphnix thought. "But, wait, I have it!"

He ran of the bridge into the turbolift. "Holodeck3" he said.

Arriving at his destination, he paused for a moment, unsure what to do next.

"Empty holodeck" he said at last.

You may enter

The 2 large doors whooshed open. As soon as Daphnix was inside, the doors closed, and the yellow holodeck grid surrounded him.

"Computer, do you have enough information to create a natural representation of a late 20th century actress named Teri Hatcher?"

"There is a 95% match on that character."

"Good. Create her. Clothing..." Daphnix thought for a few seconds "leather panties and bra. Freeze program until I give the order to resume."


The figure of Teri appeared, dressed exactly as he had described. But it wasn't enough. Daphnix wanted some more fun. "Computer, create a natural representation of Gillian Anderson and a computer character named Lara Croft. Some clothing"

Three short bleeps, and Daphnix' whishes where granted.

"Computer, put them in a high state of arousal."

The character of Lara Croft can not be put in a high state of arousal. Insufficient data.

"Computer, access medical database on female arousal and use that knowledge on Lara Croft. Her mental state is highly suggestible."

Character of Lara Croft is in a high state of arousal as stated by user.

"Computer, save program as Daphnix-One. Maximal security, authorization Daphnix Omega five."

Program saved

"Resume program"

As soon as the program started, the three women stared at each other, disorientated.

"Computer, use bridge as background and resave file."

The bridge appeared, making the three gorgeous women even more disorientated.

"Why don't you women get out of those leather tops?" Daphnix asked in his most suggestible voice. Lara immediately complied, but the 2 other where more difficult to persuade. Even in their high states of arousal, they didn't want to give in to a stranger. Daphnix made a whip materialize in his hands. He tickled Teri's leather covered pussy with it. She tried to grab it, but Daphnix was to fast. "Naughty girl" he said and made the whip crack at her breasts. She screamed and grabbed them. Gillian had followed what happened and decided it was best to comply before she got the same. "After all, he was cute" she thought.

At the same time, Teri still wasn't impressed. She dared Daphnix to do it again.

"No, I know something better. Computer, change to medieval torture chamber. Teri Hatcher character is bound on torture table, Gillian and Lara characters are on a bed in the next room, Gillian in pounding a strap-on dildo in Lara's cunt."

Three bleeps and the decor changed. Daphnix could clearly hear the cries of ecstasy coming from the next room. Teri Hatcher was bound helpless on the torture table, shaped like the letter X, her pussy clearly accessible through her leather panties. She was screaming and tugging at her bounds.

"This is going to hurt you more than it will hurt me, sweetie" Daphnix said. He then pulled out a massive tree branch. "This computer thinks of everything." Daphnix thought. The branch was shaped exactly like it should be, thick, long and without leaves. It was not shaped in a straight line, but had a lot of bends in it.

"Computer, remove Teri's panties"

The panties dematerialized. He gently pushed the branch against her clit. She moaned in agony.

Daphnix got mad, she didn't respond like he wanted her to respond. He could just order the computer to make her act to his wishes, but that wouldn't be fun. He decided to break her. The branch, 10 centimeters wide and 1 meter long got pushed hard at her opening, which was very slowly opening, to receive the branch. She lost her arousal a while ago, but the thought of that thing going into her made her horny again. Her fluids eased the path and the branch slid inside. Daphnix slowly fucked her silly with the branch, because of the bends, it stretched her pussy a lot further then a penis or dildo the same size would do.

After about 5 minutes, Teri was about to cum. Daphnix didn't allow that, so her removed the branch and let her lye there, soaking in her own juices.

Red Alert! Red Alert! Intruder spotted! Ship of non-terran design has entered this solar system. All senior officers report to the bridge.

"Damned, can't a guy have some fun around here?" Daphnix muttered. "Computer, save file and use maximum security."

Three bleeps acknowledged Daphnix's order.

Daphnix strode onto the bridge and dumped himself into the command chair. "On screen"

On the view screen a strange ship approached. Daphnix had never seen one of those designs before. "Open hailing frequencies" open.

"This is Captain Daphnix Smith of the USS Enterprise. Please identify yourself."

Nothing happened. Then, all of a sudden, the ship fired. The Enterprise didn't take damage, due to the fact that the shields were up. "Fire full spread of photon torpedoes and phasers. Time phasers on impact with torpedoes. Fire when ready."

The Enterprise fired 10 photon torpedoes and unleashed its phasers against the strange ship.

"Damage on the alien?" negative. Hostel's shields are down to 5%.

"Damn. Computer, transfer command to battlebridge. Set a course to the outer perimeter of the solar system. Maximum warp. Engage on my command."

Daphnix jumped up from the chair and ran for the turbolift leading to the battlebridge. He jumped in the command chair and barked the order to engage.

"Computer, change course to alpha centauri C." course altered. "Notify me when we leave our solar system."

Daphnix got up and manned the tactical system. He launched another volley of torpedoes at the strange ship. This time, it took damage, on its front phaser banks.

We have left Earth's solar system.

"Prepare for emergency high-warp saucer separation. 5 second countdown. Engage."

Warning: emergency saucer separation, all non-essential personnel evacuate to saucer. This is NOT a drill.

The Enterprise broke in 2 pieces in its high warp flight. The stardrive section, now without the saucer, continued to the star nearest Earth, alpha centauri C. the hostile continued to shoot at the Enterprise, but Daphnix dodged the continuos volleys. Every now and then, he shot the strange ship, with only minor damage as a result. Meanwhile, the Enterprise took volley after volley of enemy fire, now that the aliens had analyzed and countered Daphnix's moves. Suddenly, the bridge went dark, every station and every light fell out. Warning matter antimatter reactor failure. Core jettisoned in compliance to safety regulations. Fusion reactor failure due to hydrogen leak. Computer operating on emergency power only.

"Transfer emergency life support power to battlebrige life support only. Send a message to saucer section to rendezvous with us here. Acknowledged.

Daphnix went to a storage compartment and took out 2 phasers and a type-3 phaser rifle. After securing the 2 phasers to his belt and grabbing a tricorder to search for borders, he took the phaser rifle and waited for borders. They didn't come. Daphnix's concentration began to subside now that he didn't have to think quickly. "Computer, ETA of the saucer section?"

Saucer will rendezvous with us in 2 hours.

"Damage report of the stardrive section?"

Unable to comply, internal sensors have been disabled.

"Dammed Frederic, where have you gotten me into?" he thought.

A bright white flash interrupted him. It was Frederic. " Daphnix, what have you done to my ship?"

"Trying to defend it against those bastards out there."

"Just wait." Suddenly, everything started working again. Saucer docking complete. Power has been restored and the ship is secured from low power emergency.

"There, that's better." He snapped his fingers, and they stood on the main bridge. "Computer, transfer command to main bridge and show hostile on screen."

The ship appeared. Frederic was angry. He didn't want to abuse his power. Like Q had said, they increased exponentially every hour they trained. He transported himself and Daphnix over to the hostel's ship.

"Why have you fired on our ship?" Frederic asked. One of the aliens on the bridge had the stupid idea of attacking Frederic. He jumped at him, but instead of hitting him, he hit the wall behind him.

The man in command made a hand signal, stopping any further attempts. "We are Klingons. Your ship is no match for our Vor'cha attack cruiser. Surrender yourself."

"Captain, if you make any more such threats, I will do the same to your ship as I did to that man there." Frederic pointed to the Klingon who was rubbing his head, obviously in pain.

"I will let you leave, if you give me your word of honor that you will leave us alone, until I contact you."

"No way!" the beefy Klingon Captain barked.

"Than you shall die!" Frederic shouted. Instantly, the two boys where back on the main bridge.

"Now, we lets have fun."

A white globe flew from the torpedo tube, towards the Klingon ship. It disabled their shields and knocked their front weapons off-line. The second globe hit their port nacelle, making the ship limp dramatically to one side. "That is for attacking the Enterprise!" Frederic shouted. "And this is for saying no to a God!" Frederic was outrageous in anger. Two more globes hit the ship, one burning a hole in their hull and the other one disabling all their power centers.

Frederic teleported over to the ship to negotiate with the Klingons. He came back with good news: they accepted his terms.

"Frederic, I never saw you like that. What happened?"

"I don't know, but ever since I got these powers, I loose my temper a lot easier. I guess it's a side effect of knowing I can take on everybody and everything. I have to work on controlling that temper. Now, I have to get back to my training. Since I no longer need to sleep, eat or drink, I can work 24 hours a day. See you later, Daphnix."

"Yea, see you later." A snap of his fingers and Frederic was gone.

Daphnix watched the Klingons limp away at what he presumed was emergency power. He didn't like the idea of letting them get away, but he didn't have a choice. Frederic was too powerful to mess with, at least for now he didn't have his temper under control.


For the next 2 weeks, it remained much the same routine. Daphnix would keep his 'normal' schedule of going to college and looking after the Enterprise. Frederic trained almost 23 hours a day, using that one hour to make sure everything was fine with his sister, KITT and the Enterprise. He no longer needed school, because he got the knowledge from his teacher's minds, so he had much time to train. The training involved learning advanced martial arts, not only for his body but also for his powers. Q had him hit rocks behind him, only relying on the info from his powers. That was easy, but hitting a flying object, like an arrow or a bird was a lot harder when your eyes are covered. Q gradually had to admit that Frederic's powers where a lot stronger then his.

Frederic also learned how to control his temper. Q showed him how to meditate, blocking out everything around him. After 2 weeks, the fun began. Frederic finally was allowed to bring Daphnix and his two subjects to Training, his special created planet.

His selected subjects were a boy and a girl from college. They never accepted Frederic nor Daphnix, and they where to two worst teasers from the entire college. Sandra was a nice looking blonde, with nice firm boobs and an ass to say 'wow!' at.

Peter was a dark-skinned man with short black hair. He was tall (1meter 95) and muscular.

Now, they both stood there locked up in a cage of lightning, yelling at Frederic to let them go.

Frederic and Daphnix where enjoying this. Q let them have fun and then decided to go on with the training. "Frederic, get Sandra here and hold her in a bound."

Sandra appeared next to Frederic and Daphnix, who stepped out of the way, sitting down in a chair that was planted there by Frederic.

"Now, take of her clothes, but first, I want you to remove the inhibition of speech."

Sandra immediately started to scream, but neither Frederic nor Q paid any attention to her pleas for mercy. Daphnix on the other hand, got a massive erection of seeing the beautiful blonde screaming and pleading for mercy. Suddenly, her blouse was pulled over her head, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra. Then, she was lifted of the floor; her shoes and socks where removed. She was then dropped to the ground and her black skirt was pulled over her head. Her panties were left on. Then, a horrible scream made Daphnix almost come in his pants. Frederic had materialized a 30-centimeter long dildo inside her cunt. Daphnix could see how the dildo was being pulled out and pushed back inside Sandra's cunt, extracting gasps of pain and ecstasy from her. Because of the size of the instrument, Sandra climaxed within 5 minutes, adding to her embarrassment of being stripped naked and being powerless to stop it.

Frederic removed her panties and the fake cock and held Sandra in place. "What now?" he inquired from Q. "I want you to alter her body at the genetic level. Don't worry, if anything goes wrong I will rectify it."

"What do I alter?" "Anything you like. Just make sure she doesn't get complete use of her brain, since that will release powers which are inhibitors of restoring her to normal."

Frederic thought for a few moments and decided to get a look at her gene pattern and see what he could do.

The training continued. Frederic successfully altered Sandra, making her stronger and smarter than any living human. He enlarged her breasts and her cunt. To test the latter, he asked the assistance of Daphnix. His friend eagerly complied. Frederic asked Daphnix to fuck Sandra, who he first made fall in love with Daphnix. Daphnix jumped out of his clothes and his 20-centimeter cock sprang at attention. Suddenly, Frederic enhanced it, making it grow to 50 centimeters without difficulty. Daphnix's eyes grew large when he saw the alteration. He Walked over to Sandra and decided to tease her. "Do you want me to fuck you, bitch?" "Yes, please, fuck me with that cock of yours. Push it all inside me. Use me, rape me do anything to me, as long as I get your big cock inside my cunt."

Daphnix got even harder as the beautiful blonde continued begging for his cock. He asked Frederic to release her, now that she was in love with him. This was granted. Daphnix ordered her to get down on her back and open her legs. He then got down and teased her pussy with his enlarged cock-head. After it touched her clit for the first time, she had a continuous orgasm for at least a couple of minutes. "Phew! She's hot!" Daphnix yelled. He pushed his cock inside her, and it disappeared completely without any difficulty. Daphnix fucked her brains out for at least 10 minutes before Frederic asked him to halt for a moment, so he could enlarge Daphnix's cock for an additional 20 centimeters. Daphnix continued his assault, but this time his cock-head was pushed inside her womb and touched the back of it.

Q decided that the exercise was successful. Now, it was Peter's turn to get stripped, altered and fucked by Sandra, who now did everything Daphnix asked of her. The barrage of Daphnix's thrusts had stripped her of her own free will and left her a willing sex-slave.

Daphnix grew tired, because of the act that he was still a normal human, with a gigantic 70-centimeter long cock but a normal human nonetheless.

Frederic got his friend home and took over the control of Sandra, with the promise she would be returned to Daphnix whenever he wanted her.

This training went on for another 8 weeks, with Daphnix using his cock on almost every girl in college and Frederic helping out whenever it was needed, for fighting off burglars, taking over a not willing girl in college or for defending the Enterprise; Frederic always helped his friend.

Finally, the last lesson was there.

"Today, we will not train, but I will show you the nicest spots in this Galaxy, or in other galaxies. First, we will begin in the Q-Continuum, where you will live if you want to." Q told Frederic.

Chapter 6 : Frederic gets his goal in life.

"Are you ready?" Q asked Frederic.

"Yes, let's go. The Continuum. Sounds endless."

"It is. It is hard to explain without you having seen it. I will take you there, and once we are inside, you can ask any questions you like."

"OK. I'm ready."

Q raised his hand and ... they were inside the Continuum.

It was a strange experience. It was as if it was made of pure energy. Frederic also noticed that he hadn't materialized a body. His life force was all that remained. He could interact with everything around him, but this quickly bored him. His tried searching for Q, or another Q. suddenly, he found a white glowing sphere. He made his force float towards it. At once, they connected. He felt a surge of power flow through him, along with knowledge. Frederic panicked. He wasn't expecting this. He tried to yell, but without a body, he found that more than difficult. In one white flash, Frederic was standing on a road, with a gas station next to it. Next to Frederic, Q appeared. Frederic literally flew towards him. "What was that? What happened? What was that white sphere?"

"Calm down. You were in the Continuum as it really is. You made contact with a fellow Q, who was curious, but who didn't know you would panic like that, and he sends his apologies for scaring you. That white sphere as you describe it, is his life force as you put it. When you made contact with it, your knowledge and experiences from your entire lives joined, making you receive his knowledge, and he receiving yours."

"First I felt like I really came home or something, but later it felt ... confining. I tried to contact you, but I couldn't find you. Than that other Q came and I approached him, I didn't know what would happen."

"You're right, I should have told you. We are still in the Continuum, but I let you see it as this representation. Shall we go in again? This time, I will guide you."

"OK." Frederic's voice trembled a little.


Thanks to the guidance of Q, Frederic slowly grew accustomed to making direct contact with other Q. because he was only part Q, and part Human, it was very difficult to see, hear and feel with only his powers. He was still used to using his body.

"Now, do you want to go on with our tour, or do you want to remain here for a while?"

"I think I'll go on with the tour." Frederic said.

In one flash, Frederic and Q reappeared in 'normal' space, just outside Training.

And, to Frederic's delight, they had bodies again!

Q pointed his arms forward, and a small blue disc appeared, slowly growing in size. After maybe 2 to 3 seconds, Frederic could see it wasn't a disc, but more of a tunnel, cutting through space and time. It took maybe half a minute, and the vortex was large enough for them to step through.

"Where are we?"

"At the same place, but in a parallel universe, where time is running faster than in your universe. We Q are the only ones who can really see what it is like in different universes. Do you see that ship?"

"Yes, I do. But... that's the enterprise!"

"The real one, you know, Startrek? Well, meet Picard and consorts."

They appeared on the main bridge, it was identical to the one Frederic had walked on so many times.

"Q! What are you doing here?" Picard said as they appeared. Then he noticed there was somebody with him.

"I want you to meet my protégé, Frederic. He is part human, and I am showing him around. You don't mind do you, Jean-Luc?"

Frederic had to fight to keep his chuckle down. He had seen something like this on TV, but he had no idea it was that funny when he was on the other side.

Picard had no other choice but to say he didn't mind, but Frederic could read he was annoyed, and something else was also there. Fear, fear for his ship and for what might come next.

Frederic knew Q knew the same thing, but he didn't show. He liked the idea of Picard squirming around, fearing what Q might do to him. Frederic, on the other hand, was much more compassionate. He said "Don't worry Captain, we won't harm you or do anything. Q is just showing me around. You won't harm them, do you Q?" the last was asked like a child which was asking whether Santa existed.

"I have never harmed them in any way!" Q shouted, pretending to be offended.

At that moment, Frederic noticed ... Deanna Troi. Was she looking nice today! She was wearing her sexy uniform, with a deep cut in front, showing the top part of her breasts. He mentally reached out for Q. "I would like to have a piece of her!" he sends. "Go ahead, give it a try. You have control over minds, something we Q do not have, or have lost long ago. But I would recommend you wouldn't go at it immediately, since that will draw to much attention. Do it later, when she is alone in her quarters." Came the response from Q. Frederic sends back that it was OK with him.

"Now, can I have a look around Captain?" Frederic asked, trying to be polite. "There is no stopping you, so go ahead."

"Really Jean-Luc, you should try to be more friendly. My protégé has the curtsey of asking you, although he shouldn't ask for anything, and all you do is snap at him." Q said in a patronizing voice, like a parent giving a child a lecture.

"It's alright Q," Frederic said. He paced around the bridge, looking at the various stations, loading information from the different people as he went. "So Q, you have had fun with these people, huh?" he asked aloud. "Fun isn't the right word. Encounters might be a better description. And yes, I have had them. It wasn't fun because these people have no sense of humor!" Picard was getting paler as Q finished his response.

"Let's have a look around the rest of the Enterprise in operation" Frederic said. He stepped into the turbolift, and Q appeared next to him. "Why don't you use your transportation?" Q asked mentally. "I don't like that. I like the old fashion way better. Besides, transportation makes me itch."


After they completed the tour of the enterprise, and Frederic was properly introduced to Q's 'friends', they went on with the tour of this galaxy. They appeared on OPS of space station Deep Space 9. Odo, who happened to be on the bridge, immediately tried to attack Q, but was refrained from doing that by Ben Sisko. "My good friend Captain Sisko," Q began. "Stop it Q. what do you want this time?" "Nothing, I just wanted to introduce my protégé, Frederic." Q gave the entire routine. After the tour of the station, Frederic promised to himself he would come back for Kira and Dax.

The next stop was the future of the universe they were currently in. They stopped on a starship named voyager. "Kathy!" Q greeted Captain Janeway. Frederic was giving Q the same look as all the others on the bridge, Janeway not included of course, "Kathy?". Again, same routine, Q introduced Frederic, the tour of the ship and so on. Frederic also noticed that Q and Janeway had a 'special' relationship. The other commanders had greeted him like he was total evil, but Janeway ofgreeted him as an old friend, almost like an ally. He would return for Kes and 7of9

After the tour of the starships, Q showed Frederic around in the different galaxies that he found interesting. Q taught Frederic how to create the vortex, to set a destination and how to make the destination random, making the trip all the more fun. They returned to Frederic's home universe and he told Daphnix all about it.

Frederic returned to the Star trek universe with Daphnix by his side. They appeared inside Deana's room. She wasn't there yet. They didn't have to wait long.

As soon as she was inside, Frederic sealed the door with the familiar Q-grid. He reached out for her mind, but her empathic abilities disrupted him a little. He finally got total access and she was now at his mercy. Daphnix had disrobed himself, his now back to 'normal' size 40 centimeters at attention. He grabbed the 2 sides of her uniform covering her breasts. He pulled the straps down, and her lovely tits bounced into view. The contact with air made the nipples hard, making an ideal target for Daphnix to begin. He sucked on one of them, while kneading, rubbing and pinching the other. Deana moaned in ecstasy as Frederic rubbed his now uncovered dick against her ass. She had suddenly realized that her uniform had disappeared. Frederic continued to stimulate her pleasure center of her brain. Frederic pulled her behind open, exposing her ass. In contrary to her well-stretched cunt, her ass had never been penetrated. Frederic pushed the head of his 30 centimeter long cock against her rectum. "yes, take my ass" she purred in enhanced ecstasy. Frederic eagerly complied. He pushed the head of his 10 centimeter wide cock against her ass. The hole was very, very tight and Frederic pushed with all his strength and Deana had a trashing orgasm as the head popped in her ass. The girl cum shot out of her cunt with a tremendous force, coating the carpet under her feet with a pool of wet, slimy cum. Frederic pushed deeper and Deana had continuos orgasms as his cock found his way down her bowels. Daphnix had meanwhile worked his way down to her cunt, licking it, and drinking her cum as it came pouring out. Frederic had established a rapid pace in her tight anus, and Daphnix had done the same in Deana's cunt. She was trashing in multiple orgasms at a time. After half an hour, they switched places. Frederic was careful to stop them from cuming too much, so they wouldn't get exhausted. This went on for another 5 minutes. Frederic then decided it was enough and he let them cum for the last time. As they withdrew, Deana fell to the ground, totally spent. She fell in a very deep and relaxing sleep, a sleep that had much comparison with a coma.

Frederic and Daphnix returned to their own universe. They had enough fun for the day, they decided. As Daphnix went to sleep, Frederic transported down to Earth. He decided to let his powers decide on the location, and snapped his fingers.


Frederic reappeared. He was a little disorientated. He looked around, forming an image of his surroundings. Suddenly, he found himself surrounded by guerrillas. He had gotten in the middle of a little Middle American country fighting from repression by the 'government'. "Get down, with your hands behind your neck" they shouted in Spanish. Frederic replied in the same language "I am not of the government army, I do not intend to harm you in any way." Of course, they didn't believe him ... at first. With a little 'encouragement' of Frederic's part, they decided he was not a threat. He walked with them towards their encampment, where Frederic had great success with his powers. He was the entertainer for tonight. One of the guerrilla's favorite tricks was making flames appear out of thin air. But Frederic had only eyes for the wounded in the camp. He went to the tent where all the sick and wounded people were. The first person he saw was a man, more a boy actually, about 18 years old, who had the bad luck of stepping on a land mine, causing him to have lost his 2 legs, along with a ver dangerous wound in his abdomen. He was dying. Frederic sat down beside him and repaired the wound the boy's abdomen. Then Frederic gave the boy both his legs back. "What's your name, soldier?" Frederic asked in Spanish. "Paolo" the boy replied. "Thank you, signor. My life belongs to you. If you ever need help or anything, let me know. I will give my life for you."

"Thank you, Paolo. But I don't think that will be necessary. But, if there is anything, I will let you know." The boy nodded and got up, testing his new legs. With one last grateful nod, he left the tent and went to tell anyone about what happened to him.

The second person he saw, was a woman. She had been caught in crossfire. She had 46 bullet wounds all over her body, none of them was lethal, but together, they had cost her a lethal amount of blood. Frederic repaired the wounds and replenished her blood supply. "Marina" was her reply to Frederic's question about her name. She too swore an oath to help Frederic whenever he needed it.

Frederic helped over 50 guerrillas that night, and when he left the camp, the leader said that if he ever needed anything, he could always find his friends here to count on. Frederic nodded and said he would. He then snapped his fingers and transported back to the bridge.

"Damn" Frederic said. He was scratching himself all over. "I thought I got rid of this," he said.

Frederic went to Daphnix' cabin, finding his friend having breakfast. "And," Frederic began, "what do you think about last night?" "Great!" Daphnix exclaimed. "I want to try something. I want to connect myself to you, creating a bound between us, making us share feelings, thoughts and experiences."

"Ok, sounds like fun." Daphnix responded.


They went to the holodeck. Frederic ordered two chairs, 2 meters apart. When they were seated, faces towards each other, Frederic ordered the holodeck to be black. Daphnix saw nothing, not even the chair were he was sitting on. Suddenly, he fell into a coma. Frederic didn't understand it. he had entered his friends mind and began finding the centers he wanted to connect, as his friend lost consciousness. There was nothing he could do. In despair he cried inward "Powers, do anything to save him, anything, I give you carte blanche."

A flash engulfed Daphnix and Frederic. As Daphnix reawakened he said, "I can't feel you. What happened?" "I don't know. I said my powers to save, no matter what the cost. Since then, I was unable to enter your mind, to see what happened."

Daphnix suddenly got up, stretched his arms sideward and flames appeared behind him, going at least 5 meters into the 'air' of the Holodeck. "I, I, I cant make them stop!" Daphnix yelled hysterically.

Frederic stepped in, took over and stopped the flames. "Daphnix, I want you to lower your mental shield, allowing me entrance."


"Just think of it."

Frederic felt his obstruction was being removed. He didn't have to look very long. Daphnix' brain had evolved. Big time. "Daphnix, you have 100% use over your brain. "

"Meaning what?"

"You have almost the same powers I do, except matter/anti matter control, inter dimensional travel, transport and control over living tissue and heightened awareness. That's about it, I think. Do you want to keep the powers, meaning you have to learn how to refrain from using them to do harm to other living beings."

"Or, I could give them up, meaning I will have to stay the same plain guy? No thank you, I'll keep them."

"Good, then I will teach you."

"Fine by me."

Chapter 7

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A few months got by. Frederic returned for the most beautiful women in the Startrek universe, creating exact duplicates to take their place. Frederic was the only one who could tell them apart.

The Enterprise was getting other people on it, since Daphnix and Frederic were the only ones the ever walk the hallways. Frederic had improved his 'Family' with better endurance, greater strength and better senses and agility. They now occupied various posts on the bridge. This was not necessary, since Frederic could communicate directly with the computer, or simply use his powers to make the ship do his will. Every person aboard (except Daphnix, off course) was made absolutely loyal to Frederic or, when he wasn't there, Daphnix. He filled the posts like this:

Dax at the Conn., Troi as counselor, 7of9 at Ops and science, Kira at tactical, Janeway was third in command and Kes in sickbay. They were all improved, so they gave maximum performance on their duty.

Frederic was sitting in the command chair, Daphnix to his right and Janeway at his left.

"Open a channel to Juan, Nerys." Frederic said.

The leader of his friends, the guerillas, appeared. With Frederic's help, Honduras was now under a democratic government. Juan was elected President and often called Frederic on the special communicator Frederic had given him. Frederic often gave him advice on how to proceed or Frederic helped him with modifying convicted criminals, so they could contribute to society, not destroying it. Honduras was a good place to live now. There was almost no criminality, low prices, low inflation and free schools and medical care. Because of Frederic's help, Honduras now possessed oil, uranium and other products good for exportation.

"Juan" Frederic began, "I need your help. There is too much suffering in the world, like hunger, war and criminality run rampant through the world. The human race is fighting among itself in stead of working together. I want the world to become one, big Honduras. Here is where I need help. I want you to become the world leader, with your Guerrillas as the protectors of the world and the human race. You can recruit your own soldiers, but I would like your men as commanders, if that is possible."

Juan was obviously caught off guard, because he looked thoroughly bewildered. "Sure I can do that, but how will we take over the world?"

"Leave that to me. I will release a virus that modifies the human mind, spirit, and body, making them cooperate with each other, and makes them accept you as the planetary president. Because I don't want to play favorites, I will make Atlantis the Capital of the world. It will reside on a continent I will raise from the sea in the Pacific."

"OK, sounds like a good plan. I will be ready when the first countries start to call in to get under my control."

In a flash Juan was in the presidential building in Atlantis, equipped with technology copied from the Enterprise: planetary sensors and supercomputers among others.

"7, release the alpha virus into the atmosphere." "Virus released"

"What does it do, exactly?" Daphnix asked.

"Alpha makes people 100% non-hostile to other humans, making it impossible to fight, kill, steal or do any other sort of crime. They will protect nature to the most of their ability and in addition, they will receive the same powers you have you have, just not as strong, because I make yours stronger. They will also receive a special routine witch allows me to control them directly, makes it impossible to ignore my, yours or Juan's orders. Last but not least, it will be possible for me to call upon their mind power, wherever I am, even in other dimensions. This for in case I run into my 'twin' from another dimension. The only drawback is that people will get something like the common cold. It will take about 48 hours to completely modify the human race."

They looked up at the viewscreen to see the red color filling the world map, indicating the progress of Alpha.

"Because of their higher intelligence, they will have caught up with the Klingons in 20 to 30 years" Frederic projected. "Meaning that in that time, we can possibly have an alliance with them."

"Cool! Anything else about the new human race?" Daphnix said with a grin.

"They have extraordinary physical strength and in an emergency, their resourcefulness and research capabilities are multiplied by ten. This means that, when somebody attack, they will be able to defend themselves even better."

"Sir, the first 25 countries have gotten under Atlantis' control. We now occupy approximately 10% of the world population." 7of9 said. Frederic made sure that, when not engaged in sexual action, his 'crew' would call a higher-ranking officer 'Sir'. During sex they would call him and Daphnix 'Master' or by first name, following instructions.

"Thank you 7. Contact Juan. Ask him how his new duty as president feels."

"Juan replies he's busy, but happy, Sir" Kira responded from her station.

"This victory calls for a celebration!" Frederic shouted. "7, come here and sit on my lap."

7 did as she was instructed, gently putting down her ass across his lap, so her legs were on one side and her upper body on the other. She hugged him and kissed him on the lips. He let her tongue enter his mouth, so she could caress his mouth from the inside. She knew the spots to stimulate him, so he quickly had a massive erection. He touched her right breast, making the fabric of her uniform disappear mysteriously. Her gently caressed her breasts; sending shivers down her body, making in convulse in pleasure. He looked to his side and saw Daphnix, who deciding not to let Frederic have all the fun, having fun with Dax. She was giving him a blowjob.

Frederic turned his attention to 7, which was now at heaven. Frederic made everybody extra sensitive to his touch, so they all got very aroused at his touch.

Frederic had the blonde completely naked now. He used his left hand at her pussy, fucking her with 3 fingers and caressing her clit with his thumb. His right hand was searching for her asshole. As he found it, he plunged his index finger inside. She screamed at the intrusion as she came multiple time in a row.

Daphnix now had disrobed Dax and was furiously fucking her doggy style. She was moaning and begging for release as his cock humped in and out of her slick cunt. Apparently, Daphnix used his powers to hold her back from cumming. He always had such devilish tricks in him.

Suddenly, the lights went out and the red alert lights and claxons came to life. There were no sounds on the bridge accept for Dax who, released from Daphnix' grip, came furiously. "What is there?" Daphnix asked, quickly searching for his uniform.

Frederic transported 7 and Dax to their respective chairs but forgot to clothe them.

"A strange ship fired on us, sir" Kira responded.

"It appeared out of an inter dimensional gate." 7 said.

"Shields! Lock all weapons, prepare to fire!" Frederic barked.

The chime of shields being raised and weapons being locked sounded.

"Open hailing frequencies"

"Open, sir"

"This is Phalanx Fromthefield of the united Federation of countries. Identify yourself or be destroyed." Frederic said with a calm, icy voice. It sounded terrifying. Even Daphnix unwillingly cringed in his seat.

A large ape like figure appeared on the view screen.

"This is commander G'tor of the Kromagg strikes force. Surrender."

"He comes right to the point." Frederic thought.

"Look, ape. Human kind will not allow itself to be ruled be a primate. Withdraw yourself or be prepared for destruction." Frederic said in the same terrifying voice as before.

"Ape? Primate? Look, human, this has gone on long enough."

"Destroy them." Frederic said, still using the same voice, but now there was a let's-see-what-they-think-of-this tone in it.

The phasers and photon torpedoes struck home at the same time.

The Kromagg ship was obliterated right there.

Instantaneous, a large interdimensional gate opened, right in front of the Enterprise.

Out of the swirling red energy appeared 25 large ships. They were small in comparison to the Enterprise, but approximately 10 times larger than the ship they just destroyed.

The bridge was rocked by enemy fire over and over. The Enterprise destroyed ship after ship until only 5 ships remained.

"They are hailing us, sir" Kira said.

"Hold your fire. Open hailing frequencies."

"Open, sir"

A similar ape like face appeared on the screen.

"This is supreme ruler Kala of the Kromagg invasion fleet. You have made a powerful enemy today, captain."

"Destroy every last one of them." Frederic said, turning towards Kira. "Persue them if necessary."

The screen turned to static as the Enterprise destroyed the command vessel of the Kromaggs.

A small gate opened in front of the retreating 4 Kromagg vessels. The Enterprise persued them and arrived at ... Earth!

"OK. How many Kromaggs do you detect here?"

"One million five hundred thousand, sir."

"Human life signs?"

"Fading, sir. There are 5 times as many as there are Kromaggs, but they are in the worst condition I have ever seen."

"Release alpha here, immediately! It will give the humans strength and intelligence to take over the Kromaggs."

"They are continuously transporting people on and off this planet, sir. Alpha will travel to other planets as well. The Kromaggs will lose all control of the Human race in a few days to a few weeks."

"Go back to our dimension. Drop a cloaked probe here to gather info."

"Probe released."

The Enterprise turned back and reentered the home dimension without problems.

"Now, where were we? 7, come over here. And now that I think of it, Deanna come here as well."

7, still naked and Deanna went to Frederic and stood perfectly still before him. In an instant Troi's clothes disappeared. Mentally, he shifted the focus of their sexual desire from himself to each other. It took only an instant before the 2 beautiful women were in a 69 position on the floor. Daphnix and Frederic watched with eager as the women released their ingenuity on each other.

Troi was using her tongue and finger simultaneously on 7's cunt and clit. 7 on the other hand opted for the slow approach, making Troi squirm for contact. 7's tongue darted over Troi's cunt, barely making contact. The brown-haired half-human squirmed and moaned, but to no avail. 7 kept making these teasing little circles around Troi's cunt and clit. Troi had given up on 7's cunt and was now begging for release. 7 got up from Deanna and turned around, so 7's body was in the length of Troi's. the blonde kept teasing Troi until she got tired of this game after about 5 minutes. She pushed 3 fingers at the same time in Troi's oozing cunt, making her squirm, yell and scream in one of the most fantastic orgasms in her entire life.

Troi decided to give something back and made 7 lye down on her back. The brown-haired woman went for 7's breasts, encircling the enlarged nipples with her tongue, making smaller and smaller circles each time, until she fastened on the blonde's nipples, sucking and biting until 7 screamed in pleasure. Deanna then worked on the other nipple, until she got the same result. 7 couldn't take this assault very long and after 5 minutes she came, spurting out her juices over the carpet on the bridge. Troi didn't let 7 off the hook, because she then worked on 7's earlier abandoned cunt. She used 2 fingers in 7's cunt, 1finger in her ass and her tongue on 7's clit. The combination of a triple assault was overwhelming, certainly as Troi began using her empathic abilities to increase 7's pleasure level. Frederic was worried for an instant as 7 climaxed for 10 minutes in a row, without knowing if she was having multiple climaxes in a row or multiple at the same time.

7 dropped unconscious from the exertion and Troi wasn't looking too fit either.

Frederic got them both in bed and gave them 12 hours of sleep.

"Kira, give us an overview of Alpha's virus on Earth1 and on the other worlds."

The main viewer split in half. The left half showed Earth1 with a red color filling the different countries. The right half sowed 5 planets with a percentage in them.

"We are receiving a transmission from earth, sir. Old radio-type transmission. It is coming from London, Great Britain. They tried to use an old scrambler to keep their location secret." Kira said with a smirk on her face.

"Let's have it."

A low male voice began its speech. "Unidentified aggressor, please call off your attack and we can discuss a settlement."

"London, We are not attacking you. Within 35 hours Humanity will be better than ever."

"How did you... please... we did nothing..."

The transmission ended with these words spoken in total despair.

"Sir, an old rocket powered shuttle has launched towards our location." Kira reported some 3 hours later.

Frederic snapped his fingers and a man, dressed in a spacesuit was looking directly at Frederic and Daphnix. "Everyone, meet mister James Bond, code 007 of the British intelligence."

The man was a little bewildered at this statement. "Than you have the advantage, Mr... I didn't catch your name?"

"Frederic Fromthefield. I am Phalanx of the united federation of Earth countries. This is my right hand and second in command, Daphnix. This is Kira nerys, Tactical officer, Jadzia Dax, science and Operation officer and this is Kathryn Janeway, my third in command."

"May I ask what you are trying to do?"

"You may." Frederic waited for a few seconds before Bond resumed.

"So, what are you doing here?"

"The answer is very simple Mr. Bond. I am uniting Humanity."

Frederic gave a hand signal at Kira, who displayed the current progress of alpha on the main viewer. Bond turned around and was amazed with what he saw there. One large Earth and 10 little ones?

"As you see, Mr. Bond I am operating at a larger scale then just one simple planet. I am currently uniting different Earths in parallel universes. But enough pleasantries for now. I will transport you back to the surface, with just one little modification, I will hit you in that what you love best."

In a flash, Bond disappeared.

"What did you do to him?" Daphnix wondered.

"I made sure he still wants women even more than ever, but he now can no longer maintain an erection for time excess to 2 minutes." Frederic said with a chuckle.

The entire bridge crew was laughing out loud for a few moments, until Frederic said "It is only for 10 days, after that he will return to normal, but it will be a strange sensation for him, not being able to do it with every woman he encounters."

In the next few weeks Frederic and Daphnix witnessed the overthrowing of the Kromaggs on 55 different Earths, with a few dozen under way. Earth Prime was now the 'capital' of the united Earth Alliance, an empire with a level of knowledge never before seen to man. Everybody was in harmony with each other and with nature. The first extra terrestrial colonies were being settled on 12 moons and 5 Marsses. The human race was really flourishing. But there was one dark side, which only Frederic knew of: his dark alter ego of a parallel universe. It was very far away from the Alliance, but Frederic knew he was out there.

One day Frederic and Daphnix were exploring an unexplored Earth, apparently uninhabited by sentient species. But, it was a strange place, completely covered with rain forest, and with an atmosphere witch blocked all Frederic's and Daphnix's powers. To make things worse: all communications were being blocked!

"We have been wandering for hours now. There has to be a way to get out of here. I don't want to spend the rest of my life here!" Daphnix said, desperately.

"That will be very long, we are immortal, remember?"

"HELP ME! I'M DOWN HERE!" a high pitched voice cried.

Frederic and Daphnix searched for the sound. After a few moments they found it, a young girl had fallen of a cliff, and was now stuck on a ledge, maybe 5 meters below the edge of the cliff.

"We have to help her, come on Daphnix help me with these lianas." Frederic said. He turned around and ran for the nearest tree with lianas. Daphnix had taken 2 steps and fell over a root. By doing this he had cut his knee badly. "Shit, we're vulnerable here!" Daphnix yelled.

"Doesn't matter, we have to help her!" Frederic said and tied some liana around the tree nearest the cliff. He lowered himself with it and reached the girl. "Hang on to my back!" he yelled at her. "I can't! my leg! I think it's broken!"

Frederic thought some pretty strong curses while thinking for a solution. "Daphnix, throw some more liana down here!"

A few minutes later the liana came down. Frederic tied some stick from a nearby root along the child's leg and proceeded at tying her along his body. He then pulled himself and the girl up, but halfway up it happened: the liana couldn't take the weight of both Frederic and the girl and broke. As they both fell down, Frederic managed not to panic and for the first time in a long time he began calculating again.

"I can take much more impact than her. If I manage my body down and push at her at impact minus 4 seconds..."

Frederic's plan was simple: he maneuvered his body at the bottom and pushed the girl upward just before impact, slowing her fall, but accelerating his. He hit the ground and everything went black.

"Where am I?" Frederic stammered as his entire body felt like it was hit by a truck.

"You have passed the test, Phalanx. You have your powers back. You can go now and use them wisely."

In an instant Frederic's body regenerated. "Who are you? Why have you done this? Where is Daphnix?"

"I am your spiritual guide. You have been tested to prove your worth of the Phalanx powers. Your companion is safe aboard your ship." The strange man answered Frederic's questions.

"I transformed myself into a girl to see if you would attempt to rescue me. After you passed the first stage, I let us fall down to see what you would do. You gave your life for a girl you didn't know, even more heroic than I ever imagined. Well, if you ever need help, I will come to help you." The man disappeared right in front of Frederic's eyes.

Frederic flashed back on board the Enterprise, itching as hell. "Damn" he muttered in himself.

"Frederic you survived!" Daphnix shouted in more disbelief than something else.

"It was a test, to prove my worth of the Phalanx powers." Frederic said in a matter of fact voice.

"Now, let's get back to Earth Prime. And declare this planet for a vacation resort. The fauna and flora here is astonishing."

As the Enterprise exited the wormhole, all hell broke loose. Right in front of them, a strange Enterprise-like ship had taken position and was now firing at them. Frederic managed to protect the Enterprise from damage, barely.

"This is Phalanx..." he began over the hailing frequencies.

"Cut the crap. Come to Training, alone. You have 48 hours to prepare yourself."

The strange ship disappeared.

"Shit, it my evil twin from a parallel universe, and he has challenged me." Frederic said to Daphnix.

"What are you going to do?" Daphnix asked.

"Prepare myself, off course. Q, Spiritual guide, appear before me!" He shouted into thin air.

In a bright white flash Q and the strange man appeared. "My dark alter ego has challenged me. I need your help for the preparations. I have 48 hours."

"Sorry, I can't help you. I am referee. I trained the both off you, so I can't interfere." Q said and disappeared.

"Together we will defeat him, Frederic, so don't worry." The strange man said. "Don't forget, you passed the test. Your dark alter ego failed it. You must thrust the powers of the Phalanx. They will guide you in your upcoming fight. Remember, if you ever need help, ask your powers." And he too disappeared.

"Well, now we're back where we started." Frederic said. "I am going into isolation to prepare myself. The location will be secret even to Q or my evil twin, so don't try to find me. I expect you and the Enterprise in orbit around Training in 46 hours. This gives us plenty off time to prepare ourselves." And Frederic disappeared.

Daphnix killed the time playing around with the crew but his mind wasn't at it.

He was lying on the floor of the bridge, Dax was stroking his cock and Troi and 7 were French kissing over his body. He was fucking their cunts with his fingers. "God, this is life" he thought but instantly he added "But for how long?" and the mood was broken. He left the bridge and went back to his quarters. He didn't need any sleep but it was a place of relaxation, nobody except Frederic was allowed in.

On the bridge the orgy continued. Dax had replicated a strap-on and was fucking Kira's brains out. 7 and Troi were back at it, in a 69 position, eating each other cunts out, every now and then they were interrupted by a grunt or a moan.

Janeway had summoned Kes. Janeway let go of her dominatrix fantasies and had replicated herself a leather outfit, a whip and some dildos.

"You like being dominated, don't you whore?" she asked Kes. "Yes, Mistress"

It didn't take long before Janeway found something to discipline Kes and she sat herself in the command chair with Kes lying in her lap. She repeatedly landed the whip and Kes' ass, extracting shrieks from her and moans from Janeway.

Dax and Kira had by now changed positions. Kira now used the strap-on on Dax, who was smaller than Kira and had problems with the size of the fake cock. (35 centimeters and 10 centimeters wide), but Kira managed to get it inside. The Trill was moaning and grunting in pleasure and agony, because the tip was forcing itself into her womb. As orgasm shrieked through Dax's body, the shudders of the fake cock sent Kira over the edge as well. Both women were spasming in pleasure.

7 and Troi were having an orgasm race: who could hold out the longest? Troi was using her nimble fingers and her empathic sense and 7 was using her extensive knowledge of the female body to manipulate and stimulate all the pleasure centers in Troi's body. In the end it was a draw, because both women climaxed at the same time.

Janeway and Kes were still in their kinky games. Janeway was fucking Kes's cunt with one dildo, while a second was buried in her ass. Kes was eating out Janeway's cunt, trying to send her over the edge. Janeway continued to fuck Kes with one hand and used a second to fondle Kes's breasts. The little Ocampa came. Hard. Janeway immediately grabbed a whip, smashed it into Kes's back, leaving a red welt. Kes's couldn't care less. The whipping only gave her more pleasure. The sight of the Ocampa spasming under her gave Janeway the final push and she climaxed along with her slave.

As the hour of the confrontation grew nearer, Daphnix gave the order to get to Training. As they arrived there, there was no sign of Frederic. Finally, it was time to go to the surface. Frederic's spiritual guide came to get Daphnix and together they transported down.

The first thing Daphnix saw was Frederic, but there was something wrong with him, something dark and evil. Daphnix instantly knew that this was Frederic's dark side.

"I am Phalanx Fromthefield, ruler of all that lives and dies! I shall be victorious, for this is my given right! I AM PHALANX!!!" he shouted.

"I am Phalanx Fromthefield, protector of all what lives. I shall be victorious, for defeat means darkness for ever!" came a reply

The good Frederic walked up the battlefield. He was dressed in a black leather outfit, with a strange marking over his heart. It was a circle, with a lightning resembling marking going from 11 o'clock to 5 o'clock. It was in yellow, contrasting with the blackness of the leather.

Immediately, the bad Frederic, let's call him Frederic2 for now, raised his arm and shouted, "This duel will be conducted by the ancient rites off the Phalanx. Come forward and accept the challenge!"

Frederic responded by going forward, extending his arms and shouted, "by the rites of the Phalanx, I accept your challenge. Only one man will leave this battlefield."

With that, they walked away from each other. When there was 50 meters between them, Q appeared. "The challenge has been issued and accepted. Fight to the death!" and dropped his arm.

Both of them leaped at each other, throwing fire, lighting and pure energy at each other. None of them was injured in this. Frederic2 threw a tremendous boulder and Frederic caught it and threw it back at its source. It dematerialized before it hit. Frederic immediately threw some pure energy after it, which did struck. Frederic2 flew backwards, a wound bleeding bleu-green slime appearing on his chest. He composed himself and used a deadly combination of the four elements: fire from the north, water from the south, a whirlwind from the east and earth from the west struck home on Frederic at the same time. He was powerless to block all of the attacks. He managed to block fire but the other three struck and caused his entire body to spasm in pain. The same blue-green slime as frederic2 was oozing out of numerous cuts and wounds all over Frederic's body.

Frederic2 uttered a dark, evil laugh. It made Daphnix shiver. Frederic could barely stand. Frederic2 launched the same attack again. This time, Frederic was ready and jumped up, launching Lighting and fire at his target. Frederic2 evaded the clumsy attack with ease and struck Frederic with his own weapons: Fire and lightning. Frederic fell to the ground as the impact coursed through his body, leaving pain and agony wherever it touched, everywhere!

Frederic2 threw a gigantic boulder at the now lifeless body of Frederic. The boulder struck home and buried Frederic. "Come on, get out! Get up! Do something!" Daphnix shouted mentally at his friend. After 30 seconds the fate of Frederic was clear: the dark side had defeated him.

Chapter 8 : Alpha-one

Frederic2 stepped up to Q. "I have won, now I want what is mine." "You shall have it. I, Q, granted to power of arbitrary by the ancient laws of the Phalanx, grant you the total control over all what exists in this dimension and others. Go and do as you please, as you are the only Phalanx left in existence. "

A bolt of white lightning coursed from the sky and engulfed Frederic2, who screamed in obvious agony. He dropped to his knees and started crying. "I did it! I finally am what I have always deserved! I, Frederic Fromthefield have always been smarter, abler and wiser than anyone alive. Now I have the ability to exercise that right." After uttering a dark, rolling laugh, he disappeared.

Daphnix stepped to the pile of rocks his friend was buried under. He fell to his knees and wept in grief. "My only friend. Why couldn't I have been more powerful? Why didn't I help you? I am a failure. I am not worthy of being your friend." He felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw a man, different from Q but in some way exactly like him. "Who are you?" Daphnix asked.

"I am Q. I know how complicated this must seem to you, but I am a different Q then the one that helped Frederic and you. I will now help you and the rightful Phalanx, the Frederic buried here."

"What's the catch? Why would you help us?"

"I am not interested in the laws of the Phalanx. I only want the universe to be in good hands, and I have a personal score to settle with Q. I took away his powers once, but he was forgiven later on. This time, with the help of Frederic, I will finish him off."

"So, instead of being just a general good guy, you are a good guy with a personal score to settle."


Daphnix shrugged his shoulders. "Fine with me. Now, how are we going to get Frederic back?"

Q snapped his fingers and Frederic appeared before their feet.

"He looks a little ... dead to me." Daphnix said with a definite sadness in his voice.

Q bent over and touched Frederic's forehead. A white glow accompanied this move. Frederic blinked his eyes open. "Where am I? Ow, my head hurts." He tried to bring his arm to his head and screamed out in agony as he tested both his broken arms. He then fruitless tried to get to his feet, but his legs didn't allow this.

"Easy, Phalanx. Almost every bone in your body is broken and every muscle is bruised. You were dead and would still be if I hadn't helped you. It will take some time to heal all your physical and mental wounds."

"Q? What are you doing--" Frederic's voice died out as he fell into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Daphnix almost ran to Frederic as he thought his friend was dead once again. Q stopped him. "He is resting. His body and his powers have take great damage. It will require a great deal of time to get him back up and running." Daphnix nodded. He realized that this would be a lot harder then he originally thought.

It took a few days for Frederic to open his eyes again. Although he was hurt, he still wasn't Human. In those few days, his physical wounds had healed, with only a little stiffness and soreness to remember him at what happened. Frederic got up from the bed and walked to the door. It was locked. Frederic was still sleepy, so he didn't immediately thought of his powers. He looked around in his cell. "No windows, one small lamp to lit the room, only one door of steel, walls of solid granite" he thought aloud. "This looks like a prison cell."

He decided to test the door's strength. He walked back a few paces and launched himself at it, in a standard karate jump. Of course, it didn't budge and the only result Frederic got from the exercise was more pain from his sore limbs. Frederic decided to use more drastic measures and launched a telekinetic ball at it. he could just as good have used a tennis ball. It ricochets off the door and sailed halfway across the room before Frederic made it disappear. "The ball was soft in stead of hard. I have lost most of the strength of my powers." He realized.

As it sank in, Frederic dropped to his knees and did what he always did when he was loosing his emotional control. He meditated. But, what had worked many times before, now had no effect at all. Frederic lost his temper for the first time since he almost slaughtered the Klingons. He screamed and cried. The grossest insults filled his cell. He then proceeded to yell at the Stone, still part of him. "Use program Battle-Alpha-One, Phalanx. But beware, since you are still weak, it is possible that you die because of the energy drain. We would not recommend the use of this until you are stronger." The Stone replied.

"What does the program do?"

"Your entire being will be altered, so you can release forces never before heard of by any species. Only 2 Phalanx ever saw what they did."

"What happened to them? Why have I never found any record of them?"

"They were annihilated, ripped apart by the same forces they released. "

"That figures. Ok. I will not use it, but is there anything else I should be aware of?"

"Remember the 2 men you destroyed when you were rescuing your sister?"

"When reality split apart? Yea, I do."

"You used the program. Because you only had 2 Stones, the power was limited, but still did substantial damage to reality itself. Can you imagine what power the three Stones together can do?"

"Is there anything else I should now about?"

"You will probably not be able to think, as you will loose sentience for the duration of the program."

"How long is that?"

"You select the amount of time before you start."

Frederic had calmed down and decided not to use his powers until they had regained some strength. He sat down and meditated.

In the next room, Daphnix and Q were monitoring Frederic's progress. "Why can't we let him out, Q?" Daphnix asked.

"It is absolutely necessary for Frederic to regain his powers on his own, and letting him believe he is captured is the best way to accomplish this. By the way, Frederic2 can't detect Frederic, since the cell is made of a special material that blocks his powers. That is also the reason why Frederic can't get out or detect our presence."

Daphnix nodded in understanding.

Frederic2 sat on his throne in his newly created warship, a Death Star. It was an exact copy of the one on Star Wars. He was receiving some of his `loyal' subjects. Frederic2 had instated this `court's day' for people with problems to come and see their leader. Before the massive throne, made from gold, silver and priceless gems, was a small girl, sobbing. "Please, sir. My father didn't do anything wrong. Don't kill him! Please! I'll do anything!"

Frederic2 was listening to the girls whimpered words. He had wrongly accused her father, along with countless others, so he could have some fun torturing and killing them when they no longer had the force to scream. The girl before him made him sick. She had a nice touch to her, but he hated sobbing and whimpering girls. He raised his right hand and a massive fireball coursed through the air and struck the girl. She laid on the floor screaming in agony. It took her almost 30 seconds to die. Frederic2 raised his hand and the remains disappeared. " She dared to accuse me of lying!!" he thundered through the massive hall. "That is the price of disloyalty to me!" he shouted.

The other men, women and children in the hall took a few steps back. They knew that the man before them wasn't Frederic, but they had all hoped that he would at least have some good in him. Now that hope had been burned, along with the girl. Frederic2 stepped down from his throne. He walked towards the crowd and looked at them. He pointed out a woman. "You will stay here. The rest of you: leave!" the crowd left the room at blinding speed, glad they didn't have to stay.

He walked towards the woman he selected. "You will be my personal fuck toy, slut. Now, get down on your knees and serve me."

The woman had no idea why she did what was asked of her, but she did. She dropped to her knees and opened his pants. She took out his growing member and put it in her mouth. For some reason, she froze.

"Suck my dick, you dirty little mother-fucking slut!!!" she needed no more `encouragement' than this. She sucked his dick and ran her tongue along his organ, trying to give him as much pleasure as possible. Frederic2 grabbed her hair and pressed his cock deep in her mouth, forcing it all in. He woman now had another problem: air! Frederic2's cock was so big, it blocked her airways. She sucked and licked while struggling for air. For some strange reason, air came on a lower place for her. All she wanted to do was pleasure her master. She finally got him off. Frederic2's cock grew another centimeter or 2 and spurted an enormous amount of sperm down her throat. She didn't gag, much to her surprise, and drank the salty semi-liquid like the finest wine. Frederic2 released her. She fell back and took in breath after breath of fresh air. The woman turned around, lifted her dress and pulled down her panties. She presented her love tunnel to her master and waited for the inevitable. Suddenly, she felt it. Frederic2's gigantic monster pressed at her entrance. She moaned and grunted as Frederic2 forced his cock inside her. Finally, it was as deep as it went. He slowly pulled out and smashed inside her with a blinding speed. The woman screamed as her vagina was so brutally entered. Frederic2 kept up this rhythm of slow withdrawal and fast entry, until the woman no longer could stand the abuse between her legs and climaxed. Frederic2 came immediately after she did.

"Dress yourself properly and go to my room, slut" Frederic2 said to her. The woman wondered why she felt so great of being a fuck toy or how she knew where her master's room was.

Meanwhile, Frederic was still alone in his cell, pondering his fate of total isolation. It had been 6 months since he had lost his battle with his dark side. His meditation had resulted in replenished powers and a rejuvenated body, but he was still unable to get out of the cell, even now that he had the strength to do anything he wanted, within the limits of his cell off course.

"Stone, how strong are my powers?"

"They are back at 100% capacity. Your body is fully healed and the psychological damage is non-existent."

"Are you strong enough to go over the facts of my ... encounter with my dark side?"


"How come he beat me that easily? I thought we had the same strengths and weaknesses?"

"Negative. Frederic2 has not received the same training you have. You have focussed on the non-combatant side of your powers, like gene sequencing and mental control. The dark one has focussed on attack and defense, that is why you had such a hard time inflicting minimal damage and he could wipe the floor on with you."

"So, I have to focus on the strength, agility and endurance of my powers. Can you project what Frederic2 is doing now?"

"I can make an educated guess, but we can not be entirely sure."


"I think that Frederic2 is transforming your empire into the most evil force that ever existed. You showed substantial strength in mind control, but projections show that Frederic2 has greater abilities in that field too. It is very likely that he is now training the human race into savage warriors, teaching them to use the powers you granted them for the expansion of his empire."

"Damn. I have to get out of here. Stone, is there no way of getting out of this cell?"

"Negative. The cell is made of a material that is immune to the effects of your powers."

"Execute program Battle-Alpha-One. Duration: 5 minutes. Wait for activation until I give the order."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am."

Frederic knelt down and stretched his arms upwards. "I call upon the great link of the human powers! I am Phalanx Fromthefield and I demand the powers of the interdimensional Human empire! Power! Come to me now!!!!"

Frederic2 was having court-day (as usual. This is his way of torturing his `loyal' subjects. He was reluctant to go down to Earth: the transport was to tiring.). he sat on his throne, his slut as his feet giving him a blow-job (he just called her `slut' as she never had any use for another name.) .

"Approach me." He said to the man first in line. "What do you require of your sovereign?"

"Last week's storm has destroyed my crops, Lord. Could you please give me an extension on my taxes?"

Frederic2 raised his had and lighting flew towards the man. He had the unhappy reflex of raising a mental shield. The lighting bounced of and hit a wall.

"You dare to challenge me? I would kill you myself, but my army needs more guinea pigs to test torture techniques."

The man disappeared in a white flash. Suddenly, all the people in the room, Slut included, stood straight up and turned towards to virtual point. Frederic2 could see the energy link clearly. It had gone undetected until activated.

"That blasted do-gooder! I'll kill him!!" Frederic2 flew through the ceiling of the hall, luckily located at the top of the Death star and followed the energy trail.

"Shit!! He used the Link! No, Phalanx, don't! the dark one will follow it! Shut it down now!" Q shouted.

"Stone, initiated program."

"the forces of the human race combined with the ultimate power of the Phalanx will be unstoppable!! Program initiated for 5 minutes. Good luck!"

The stone was audibly exited by the fact the it finally had the chance to show what it was worth.

Frederic howled in pain. His skin changed color into an orange tint. His fingers merged until he only had three left. He grew another meter and his muscles became more punctuated. His head changed too, growing a thick bone layer, making it look more like a Klingon.

"Phalanx smash!!" it shouted. A black orb flew from the thing's right hand. It grew smaller as it raced towards the door. As it connected, it disappeared completely, releasing it's entire mass as energy on top of the extremely high energy value it already had. Not the door, but the entire cell was blasted outwards. The beast looked up and saw Frederic2, racing along the energy link.

"Dark man evil!" it shouted. "Dark man Phalanx enemy!"

"Does it always speak that way?" Daphnix asked Q

"From what I've heard, it shouldn't even be able to think. It intelligence level should be equal to a dog." Q responded

"Frederic has always been smarter than anyone else. Could this have something to do with that?"


The orange creature launched itself towards Frederic2, its claws extended. Frederic2 jumped aside, making the creature barely miss its target..

"Phalanx mad!" a black orb, doing exactly the same as the previous one, was launched towards Frederic2. He did whatever was in his power to outrun or outmaneuver the orb, but it was a tracking projectile and couldn't miss. It blew up in the same way its predecessor had. A blinding e flash was the result.

Daphnix turned back towards the battle as the light subsided. Frederic2 was on the ground, bleeding the traditional green slime out of an enormous amount of wounds.

The creature landed not far away. Frederic2 slowly crawled to his feet. He was wobbling a little, but as fine otherwise.

"Phalanx kill puny dark man.". It smashed its `fists' together. FOUR black orbs began to form above and below the elbows. They slowly grew bigger. When they were approximately 40 centimeters in diameter, they flew to wards the center, the 2 fists slammed together. As they touched, they merged, forming an enormous black hole of over a meter and a half in diameter. Frederic2 was panicky looking for a place to hide. He was running around, flying up and down to do everything possible to escape, but to no avail. The rules of the phalanx prohibited him to leave the battlefield of honor without a proclaimed winner. The penalty would be eternal slavery. Meanwhile, the gigantic orb was flying towards him, growing smaller, but radiating white, pure energy around the surface of the orb. It connected, instantly releasing the built up energy of the entire human race and the energy of the 5000 year sleep of the stone. The flash that resulted, was brighter than white, stronger than anything Daphnix or Q ever saw. Then came the shock wave, it was terrible, it shook the entire universe as the energy the beast released against the dark man was of such magnitude it was far reater than even the force that had created it.

Frederic felt the shaking. He opened his eyes. "OW! My head hurts. Where am I?"

"you OK, bro?" a familiar face asked.

"Barbara? How? What? WHERE?"

"Easy, little brother. Your plains crashed, remember? You have been in coma for 7 weeks. Everything will be fine now. I will go home and get some sleep, and you can get some rest."

"I had such a marvelous dream Barbs!" Frederic shouted.

"You can tell me all about it in the morning. I am tired and you can use the rest."

Frederic thought for a long time. "It has all been a dream? I am not the Phalanx? I back to my worthless self! It is not FAIR!" at the same time, the glass of water next to him cracked....

The End.

So, this is it. the end of the Phalanx. I am seriously thinking about a second story, where Frederic goes through the process of training his REAL powers.