Phalanx -- Frederic awakens

Chapter1 -- prologue

This story takes place after the events in Stone of the Phalanx. For those of you who haven't read it, I would suggest you would, but here is a summary of the events in Stone of the Phalanx. Frederic Fromthefield is a boy genius. He is 15 years old and has lost both his parents in a car crash 2 years before. He lives with his sister, Barbara. His granddad is extremely rich, and helps them out when needed. He has a big company in computer peripherals. Frederic crashed with a plane and fell in a coma, which lasted for 7 weeks. He had a wonderful dream. He found 3 stones which granted him unlimited power. He helped the human race overcome their differences and founded an interdimensional Federation. After an unfortunate encounter with his dark alter ego, which almost killed him, he found an ancient program that gave him the strength to win. He awoke out of the coma when his victory took place. He got mad when it sank in he was back to his former self, without any special powers, and the glass of water beside him cracked. This story picks in where Stone of the Phalanx ended.

Chapter2 -- the Awakening

Frederic turned around, careful not to disturb any of the tubes that stuck in his body at various places. He finally concluded what his heart had told him the moment he heard the cracking: it was HIM who broke the glass, without touching it! Frederic decided to take another test. He looked at the glass and concentrated on breaking it. After 5 minutes of worthless effort, he was dead tired and quietly slipped into a well-deserved rest.

When he woke up, he found Barbara sitting next to him. He turned his head and said, "Good morning, barbs".

"Good morning little brother. So, how are you feeling?"

"A little weak. I feel like I was hit by a truck or something."

"You were in a plane crash, remember? Being hit by a truck is much less painful." Barbara laughed. Despite his predicament, Frederic laughed too. After maybe 2 or 3 laughs, he started coughing, he bent forward and he gripped his arms around his stomach. Barbara immediately jumped up and ran for the door to get a doctor. "Don't! I'm fine now," Frederic said. A little shaken, Barbara sat back next to Frederic.

"I guess I am not 100% yet, am I? Now, tell me the good news. When am I going home?"

"The doctors want to keep you here for another week. They aren't sure you are going to be fine, and frankly, so am I." Barbara responded.

So Frederic spent another week in the hospital, unable to do anything more then watch TV, read a book and go to the toilet. He was not allowed out of his room. He practiced every night, but was unable to activate his powers once again. Finally, the day of his release was there! He could go home. A little shaken, he walked to the car, Barbara supporting him in his first exercise in a very long time. He would have to get extended physiotherapy for a long time if he ever wanted to get back to his former self.

After a few months of physiotherapy, Frederic was fit enough to return to college. Although it was in the middle of the term, the school had still accepted him because of the extraordinary abilities he had shown during high school. The first day he went, he met up with Daphnix. Frederic told him about his dream, and Daphnix had to laugh. "You dreamt you were omnipotent and united the different Earths from different dimensions? Even if it was possible to travel to other dimensions, how were you going to unite them without even talking to the different Earths?"

"It was all a dream, Daphnix. It wasn't real. I can't help it if it was scientifically incorrect."

"Ok, Ok. I got the point."

Frederic wisely didn't tell his friend of the broken glass. He had tried in vein for several weeks to duplicate the event, but he couldn't even move a feather, let alone break a glass. He had dismissed it as an unexplained phenomenon, a side effect of his coma.

Both boys moved into the building. Both Daphnix and Frederic were majoring in the same: Quantum Physics, Quantum mechanics and computer science. They talked about the lessons Frederic missed while they were waiting for the professor to show up.

"Hey, Dork!" a feminine voice yelled. Daphnix made a sign to Frederic, telling him to ignore it.

"How many times do I have to tell you to answer me when I call you, Dork!" a hand was placed on Daphnix' shoulder and twisted him over. Now, Frederic had a clear sight at the person and he almost fainted when he recognized her: it was Sandra, the girl from his dreams he experimented on. He almost called her at attention, when he realized this was a different Sandra. After all this time, he still had trouble holding reality and dream apart.

"What do you want, Sandra?" he sighed.

"The usual." This short answer was apparently enough for Daphnix as he sighed and nodded his head in response. "Good Dork. I trained you nicely, haven't I?" at this, she turned around and left.

"What was that all about?"

"Sandra is here because she has to from her parents. She doesn't move a finger, makes the smarter people do her homework and makes us let her look at our tests."

"And nobody has caught her?" Frederic sounded perplexed. "Somebody should teach her a lesson."

"Take some advice, don't mess with her. A lot of the teachers are in her hand. One word of her and you are expelled."

The professor finally arrived and the memory of Sandra faded as the lessons moved on.

The next morning, Frederic got up and washed himself. He was putting on his pants when a throbbing pain shot through his head.

"Now, take of her clothes, but first, I want you to remove the inhibition of speech."

Sandra immediately started to scream, but neither Frederic nor Q paid any attention to her pleas for mercy. Daphnix on the other hand, got a massive erection of seeing the beautiful blonde screaming and pleading for mercy. Suddenly, her blouse was pulled over her head, revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra. Then, she was lifted of the floor; her shoes and socks where removed. She was then dropped to the ground and her black skirt was pulled over her head. Her panties were left on. Then, a horrible scream made Daphnix almost come in his pants. Frederic had materialized a 30-centimeter long dildo inside her cunt. Daphnix could see how the dildo was being pulled out and pushed back inside Sandra's cunt, extracting gasps of pain and ecstasy from her. Because of the size of the instrument, Sandra climaxed within 5 minutes, adding to her embarrassment of being stripped naked and being powerless to stop it.

Frederic removed her panties and the fake cock and held Sandra in place.

Frederic slowly became aware of his surroundings again. He got up from his kneeling position and shook his head, as if he were trying to drive the memory from his coma away. He finished dressing and walked downstairs. He walked to school after a nice breakfast.

"Frederic, have you heard?" Daphnix came running towards him as he approached the building.


"Sandra was raped last night. She is being interrogated right now."

Frederic felt sick. He thought he was going to faint as the link between Sandra's rape and the flashback became very obvious.


"A friend of her just told me. She didn't have time to give him all the details, tough."

Frederic shook his head again and told himself that the flashback had nothing to do with Sandra's fate. The rest of the day, everything was normal, except for the absence of Sandra.

That evening, Frederic was sitting in front of his computer, surfing the Internet. Frederic had a list of things he was interested in. Tonight, he felt in the words ‘martial arts'. He looked at the various sites, dismissing them as rubbish one by one. Suddenly he found one. The site was displaying various positions in kicking and punching. He looked at them and then moved on to the ‘advanced' section. Here various jump-kick combos were displayed. He looked at the pictures and he read the texts. Frederic spent until 9 o'clock studying the various sites. He felt real tired and went to sleep. Frederic dismissed his tiredness as an exertion of going back to school after a long period of non-activity.

The next day, Wednesday, Frederic and Daphnix went to the library after school, to look up some facts. Neither of them was surprised on the absence of Sandra during the day. It was rather late and they decided to take the subway in staid of walking home. When they stepped off, they saw a thug leaning leisurely against a wall. As they walked past him, he grabbed Daphnix by the arm and puts a knife at his throat. "Gimme yer money, or yer friend gets an extra hole!" he yelled at Frederic.

"I'm sorry, sir. We don't have any money left after buying a ticket."

"Ye'r a lying bastard!" the man yelled

"I can assure you--" Frederic didn't have the time to finish his sentence. The man threw Daphnix away from him and swung his knife-armed arm at Frederic. Frederic swung his arm and stopped the man's in mid-air. Frederic held the hand with his one hand and put his second hand directly below the elbow and twisted. A sickening crunch was audible. The man dropped to his knees, clenching at his broken arm. The man was yelling "Ye Bastard! Ye broke me arm! Ye'll pay for this!" Frederic threw a decent tornado kick at the mans face, who flew backwards and staid still on the subway floor. "You and what army?!" Frederic shouted, outraged. He was trembling beyond belief, his body flooded with adrenaline and anger. Daphnix had crawled up and put his hand on Frederic's shoulder. "He won't be going anywhere. Say, I didn't knew you knew karate?"

"I don't. I studied it recently on the Internet. I know the theory, but practice is far away from theory."

"It looked decent to me."

"Because he was an incompetent fool. If he knew only a little on how to defend himself, I would be dead now."

They proceeded home without talking much. They both were overwhelmed by the experience.

That night, Frederic had trouble sleeping. He kept seeing the man with his knife at Daphnix' throat and the subsequent actions. He wondered how it was possible he knew Karate, simply from reading a few websites. Then the explanation hit him with a clarity that astounded him. He must somehow have memorized the data so thoroughly he could use it like he had done nothing else for years. "Let's take a test" he thought.

Frederic walked over to his desk and took out the first book he could put his hands on. "Quantum mechanics? I really couldn't take anything simpler, could I?" he thought with a lot a lot of sarcasm. He opened the book and started to read where they had left off in class.

His buzzer disturbed him. "What? Time to go to school? I just... O my God! I read through the night!" it was true: the clock displayed a 7.30 am. Frederic closed the book, which was nine tenths finished and grabbed the books for his other classes he had today.

"Frederic, you look like hell!" Daphnix said. Frederic explained what had happened, the flashback and the correlation with Sandra's rape included.

"Have you tried if you know that stuff yet?"

"No, I haven't. It has been a hectic morning, I didn't have the time."

"Let's try it now." Daphnix said.

"No. I have a better idea. What better way to test it than in class?"


That afternoon, last course, Quantum mechanics class. The teacher was the standard 'professor' type: Grey hair, glasses, the works. He had given an assignment to complete for this class.

"Shit! I forgot the exercise he gave us. I hope he doesn't point to me to write it on the blackboard." Frederic nervously said to Daphnix.

"Mr. Fromthefield, write your solution on the blackboard, please."

"Shit!" Frederic yelled inward." He took the assignment and looked at it. "Thank god! I can do this right here, this is easy!" he thought.

After he finished, he turned around and saw everybody's jaw hanging.

"Well done, Mr. Fromthefield. THAT is a textbook assignment, ladies and gentlemen." The professor said. "Thank you, Mr. Alden" Frederic said while taking his place. Daphnix was looking at him like he just saw a ghost.

"You said you hadn't done the assignment?"

"I haven't. It's just so simple, I made it right here."

"No way, man! I slaved three hours on this! Let me see that page." Frederic gave the assignment to Daphnix. His eyes grew even more. "This is just the problem? Where is that shit you wrote there?"

"Told ya, I came up with it when I was standing there."

"I guess reading that book paid off."

"It did? It did! I can't believe it! It actually worked! Tonight, I am going to do that for as many courses as I can! Let's see how much of this I can assimilate!

That night, Frederic finished Quantum mechanics and his courses 'programming languages', 'programming structures' and 'processor basics', all small courses.

The next day, he marveled in his new knowledge. For the next few days, Frederic read day and night, assimilating the knowledge of his course books and the extra's he found on the Internet. He and Daphnix both benefited from this. Frederic made his and Daphnix' assignments and tests weren't a problem either, as he let his friend look at his tests. Over the next few weeks, the teachers started to realize Frederic had a tremendous knowledge and treated him as such, asking him to assist in class, and so on.

Frederic's knowledge deepened with each passing day, as he no longer had problems with working 24 to 48 hours stretch and sleeping for 12 to 16 hours to recuperate. He never had problems staying awake so long, so he thought he long hadn't reached his limits. One day, he was flipping through a book of the third year Quantum mechanics. Suddenly, he looked at the tip of the page. It came up as he put his hand out to flip it! He pulled his hand back and the page dropped back. He played that game a few times. He quickly finished the book, put it aside and dropped flat on his back in bed.

"Assimilation of knowledge. Telekinesis. I am becoming more powerful. My dream is becoming true. First I got the blue Stone, probably symbol for the knowledge. Then the Green Stone, Telekinesis, followed by the Red Stone... I am going to evolve even further. And if my dream is correct, it should follow fairly close to telekinesis." He thought.

Frederic got up and sat at his desk, picked up a pen and put it in front of him, flat, on the desk. He managed to move it fairly easy, using this power was like using a hand. He then decided to try something bigger. He took out the heaviest book he had, a dictionary. He concentrated and lifted it of the desk. After ten seconds it crashed back on the desk and Frederic felt exhausted. "I have overexerted myself. I need sleep." And he did just that.

The next morning, he woke up feeling exhilarated. He felt like he could take on the world. He washed himself and put on his clothes. He wasn't surprised when he realized he was using his newfound telekinetic power to wash his back or put on both his socks at once. He briskly went to school and teamed up with Daphnix.

"Guess what happened to me last night."


"Telekinetic power" and he made his bookcase float to prove it.

Daphnix was flabbergasted. "Wow! Cool! How strong are you?"

"I don't know yet. Yesterday, I made a 10-kilogram dictionary float for ten seconds. Today, it seems I have grown stronger. The bookcase weighs more than the dictionary, yet I moved it easier."

"Let's give it a test. Come, we'll go the physics lab."

The two boys went to the lab and upon arrival Daphnix took out a few weights. "1 kilogram, 10 kilograms and 25 kilograms. We can combine them if necessary."

Frederic managed to lift the 1 and 10 kilogram weights without any difficulty, but the 25-kilogram weight was more difficult. His face changed into a straining posture as he summoned all his mental strength. Slowly, the weight lifted. Daphnix was ecstatic. He clapped his hands and yelled, "Yes! It's lifting" the weight crashed back onto the table. Fredric fell backward into a chair, he was panting heavily and erratically.

Daphnix looked at his friend and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yea, just ... tired ... I ... guess" he panted.

"What do you say about trying it again tomorrow?" Daphnix asked.

"Ok. That will ... be fine " Frederic panted, trying to catch his breath.


The first 2 courses passed normally. In the afternoon, they had C++. The professor of that course , Ms Jenkings, has had something against Daphnix from the start of the year, and now that Frederic had recovered she had something against him too. She absolutely detested young geniuses. She thought they made her look stupid. She absolutely liked giving the 2 boys extra difficult assignments, forcing them to put as much hours into her course as for half the other courses. Today, she was back at it.

"And, young geniuses, did we do our assignments?" she asked in a patronizing voice.

Frederic had always been a timid student, never provoking any teacher or fellow student, but his new found powers made him feel ... not superior but more confident. "Yes, WE made OUR assignments, Ms Jenkings. Thank you for making it extra easy." Frederic said, barely covering his smirk. This was the first time he had her course since he assimilated her course. Daphnix barely contained himself. "This will be good!" he thought.

"So, a big mouth have we? Give me that disk!" she yelled. She grabbed the disk with the program and put it into her computer and booted the program.

The computer started buzzing an intro melody with the built-in 'doorbell' ringer. "Welcome to the exercise 3.5 program. Please give me the following items:" it displayed. Ms Jenkings face got red and its color deepened until it was almost black. Then she seemingly relaxed. "So, running ahead of class, huh? Let's see if you two still have a big mouth after this one!" she took a sheet of paper and gave it to Frederic. "You have till end of class!" she shouted.

Frederic was mad about how she reacted to his program. Ms Jenkings then reviewed the exercises of he other students, letting Frederic and Daphnix work on their 'special' assignment.

Daphnix looked at the sheet and grunted "I have no idea how to do this! Damn, you got us into trouble this time!" at Frederic.

"Don't worry. I can do this with my eyes closed" Frederic said confidently. "This time I am going to stick to the letter of her assignment" he started typing.

After a few lines of code, he never took his eyes of the screen. "This program is writing itself. It doesn't even feel like I am doing anything." He thought.

Suddenly Daphnix mumbled "You're not touching the keyboard anymore."

Frederic's eyes flashed down and he saw his hands hovering over the keyboard, his fingers floating mere centimeters above the keys.

"Let me try something" he mumbled back. The code on his screen started changing. "Amazing! I can give my orders directly into the computer without using keyboard or mouse." he almost said aloud. He quickly finished the rest of the program.

"Excuse me, Ms Jenkings. We're finished." Frederic said.

She ignored him for a few seconds and said with a sigh, "Let's take a look". This annoyed Frederic even further. After she executed the program SHE was the one annoyed as there was not a single thing out of place. The rest of the class passed normally. So did the last course.

After school, the two friends walked to Frederic's house. While they were under way, they were talking about Frederic's new abilities.

"Your dream is coming true!" Daphnix almost shouted when they were out of hearing range of anyone they knew.

"Yep. First there was the assimilation of knowledge, then the Telekinesis and now direct communication with computers. I wonder..." Frederic abruptly cut off.

"What?" Daphnix queried.

"I wonder if I could make a computer do something it isn't allowed to let me do."

"Crack security systems?"

"Yep." As always, Daphnix followed the same path of thought as Frederic did. 'Great minds think alike' Frederic used to say when they were first notified of this. "Let's try it out."

"OK. I'm in."

"Now, Daphnix, if this works you have to keep absolute secrecy about it. We can't allow anyone to discover about the awesome potential. I also would like you to keep quiet about my Telekinesis and any other powers that may develop in the future. We can't take the risk of the government finding out about this. They would carve me up in a lab or force me to misuse my powers to grant them unlimited power."

Daphnix was taken aback by Frederic's attack of the rest of the human race. He never looked at them that way, but after some thought he found that Frederic was right. They couldn't thrust anyone with the knowledge of the awesome potential of Frederic's powers. "Ok, off course. You are right." Daphnix confirmed.

They reached Frederic's house and they sneaked upstairs. In his room, Frederic underwent a transformation. The shy, quiet boy outside became a self-confident man full off ideas. He sat down and motioned Daphnix to pull up a chair. As Daphnix sat down, Frederic had switched on his computer.

"Please enter password" the computer said with a metallic voice.

"Password delta echo zulu two four six nine"

"Password confirmed, Frederic. Welcome back. Your last entry on this terminal was eighteen hours and fifteen minutes ago"

"Computer, search phonebook gamma twelve for entry 'Pentagon' and dial when found."

"Wow! A verbal interface! But, you are going to hack the pentagon?"

"Why start small?"

"Entry 'Pentagon' found and is currently being dialed." A metallic voice interrupted.

The modem started bleeping and soon the dialog window 'enter Id & password' appeared.

Frederic stared at the screen. Slowly he brought his hands forward, making them again float above the keyboard. The screen disappeared.

'Access Granted'

Both boys were staring at the screen until their eyes hurt. It had worked!

"It worked." Frederic stated matter-of-factly, the best he could do for the moment.

"Yes!!" Daphnix shouted, "It worked! We can do whatever we want and no one can stop us! Yip-pie!"

"Wrong. I can do whatever I want, but I will never, except under a highest duress, use this ability. The consequences are too extreme. Now, while we are in, why not take a look?"

Frederic pressed a key and found himself confronted by a blinking cursor in the right hand corner. A small thought printed out a complete list of commands.

"Incredible! We can do whatever we want in here! Look at this: we can summon data on every offender in the last 25 years. Background, fingerprints, current whereabouts, it's all here! Try 'lst a6+' "

"What does it do?" Frederic asked while entering the command.

A list of programs appeared on the screen. "It displays all programs of alpha-six clearance and above." Daphnix said.

Frederic slowly scrolled the programs. "Genetic enhancement program? Let's try this one"

"Modification of genetic possibilities of subjects in different situations. Different courses of action have been followed. Please specify." Frederic read aloud.

A list of different types appeared. "Which one shall we take?" Frederic asked.

"Take enhanced intelligence."

A list of subjects appeared on the screen. Project numbers accompanied the names. At this time, Frederic excused himself and went to the bathroom. When he came back, Daphnix was staring at the screen with his jaw hanging open, his eyes nailed at the screen, his breath irregular.

"Daphnix? What's wrong? What?"

Slowly, as if it took him al the force he could muster, he raised his hand and pointed at the screen. Frederic blinked. One time, two times, three times. He too had trouble believing it, but there it was:

PROJECT X / 95876548253: Fromthefield, Frederic. Project in enhanced intelligence. Alpha-seven clearance required.

Frederic dumped himself in his chair and shook his head. "That is a mistake, maybe there is someone else with the same name." He tried to convince himself and Daphnix. He selected the entry. He immediately got an answer to his question:

Fromthefield, Frederic. Modified 24th of May 1984 code PHALANX.

A complete page of technical data accompanied this.

"NO!!!" Frederic howled. "That's MY birthday! It really is me!" and burst out crying.

Daphnix burst out of his enchantment and gently put his hand on his friends' shoulder. After a couple of minutes, Frederic straightened himself and nodded at Daphnix, indicating he was all right now.

"Maybe there is more." Frederic whispered. He began searching in his file. He found a tab labeled 'modifications' and he selected it.

Code Phalanx. Modification list. Code verified. Access granted.

This material is for your eyes only.

A list came on.

Frederic and Daphnix gasped. This was incredible!

Phalanx modifications. Subject: Fromthefield Frederic

Enhanced intelligence

Activation of dormant cerebra Alpha 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Enhancement of muscle tissue

Enhancement of bone structure

Enhancement of immune system

Increased sensitivity and spectrum of senses

Enhanced nervous system

A blinking 'please specify' drew the boys' attention.

Frederic decided to try them all.

" 'Enhanced intelligence'. That sounds serious. He pressed 'enter' and was immediately rewarded with a small book full of specifications of altered DNA sequences, a schematic view of the affected brain parts and so on. Frederic scanned through the page until he had what he was looking for:

'Effects of treatment'.

75% effectiveness. Subject demonstrates enhanced intelligence, but is not considered 'super genius'. The Subject is currently studying Quantum Physics, Quantum mechanics and Computer science. Difficulty of courses: minimal. The Subject is taking the courses, but is not demonstrating enhanced vision in using the assimilated knowledge.

The text went on. Frederic no longer read it. He was just holding 'page down'. He no longer could focus. He quickly ordered the computer to copy his entire directory to his hard drive. He would look at them later.



"Can I look up your name in this database?"

"Huh? Why?"

"I have a hunch. If it is true, then when are both victims of the government."

"Sure, go ahead".

Frederic ran the search. The outcome was expected and unexpected.

Chapter 3 the Amazon is more than just a river.

Smith, Daphnix code Sagittarius. Enhanced intelligence. Access denied.

"Huh?" Frederic didn't understand any of this. How is it possible that the access is denied? He could crack any code! Then it hit him: the data wasn't present. To use it, you needed the Programmable ROM card. "It can take forever until someone inputs the PROM card. I'll set up a monitor program to notify me, but I will try to get the data from other sources as well." Frederic said to comfort his friend. It was a shock to both him and Daphnix. Given the changes indicated in Frederic's file, what would Daphnix's file contain to warrant the higher security?

At this point, Frederic disconnected and started browsing his enhancement file. Daphnix was almost not disturbed by the revelations their 'experiment' had brought. He eagerly explored Frederic's file along with his friend. Suddenly he asked:

"Say, where did you get that number?"

"A friend in the hacker/phreaker circuit has helped me establish quite an elaborate phone book of government agencies and secret research institutes. I am not exaggerating if I say I can do anything to anybody, as long as I have their first and last name, and their current address. And even without the address, I am in the possibility of finding them."

"Nice!" Daphnix nodded. "So, what made you chose the Pentagon?"

"I wanted to get in for a couple of months now. It was the only one to have withstood every attempt."

"You mean, you hacked every government agency?"

"Yep. I have seen and copied things you could only dream about. I have been aware of project Phalanx and Sagittarius for some time, and I knew they were about genetic engineering, but I never dreamt they were about US."

Both boys continued to look through the files.

"Daphnix, come quick!" Frederic yelled at his friend, who was getting them both a drink.

Daphnix came storming in and looked at the screen:

Activation of dormant Cerebra. Goal: complete activation of mental abilities. These include: Telekinesis, knowledge absorption, control over fire and water, healing capabilities, telepathy, possibly other specifications: unknown. Current status: complete failure. Subject does not demonstrate any mental abilities as of 08th January 1999

Daphnix gasped at the list. "Exchange with a computer is possibly one of the 'other specifications'" Frederic murmured.

"But, there are a lot of those you don't have, too. Maybe you haven't discovered them yet."

"It is labeled 'complete failure' maybe they only activate after a near-death experience like I have had."

"Possible. But what is this 'Enhanced muscle' and 'enhance senses' and so on stuff?"

"I don't know. Maybe they have to ... " Frederic's voice trailed off.

"What? Frederic what is ... "

"Who are you?" Frederic asked, astonished by the immense amount of power he sensed radiating of the stranger.

"I am Q, from the Q continuum. The people who left the Stone here, are the Phalanx, a group which split from the continuum billions of years ago. They didn't want to follow our rules, so we destroyed them. This is known as the Great Battle. It took us nearly 5 million years to track them down and kill them. The Phalanx where only interested in playing with life, so they created a number of races, for the purpose of playing with them, all around the galaxy. Apparently, they left the stones here in the hope of bringing the Phalanx back to life. This must never happen. So we will guide you. But remember the evil of the Phalanx lies dormant within you. If you choose to accept the powers, you will have to learn to control it. We, the Q, are ... well; you could describe us as Gods. We can control everything, life, death, matter, antimatter, etc. after you accept the responsibility as a Phalanx I will personally train and guide you. Do you have any more questions, Frederic?"

"How do you know my name?"

"The Q know everything. As I told you before, we are Gods, remember"

"That training, how will it go?"

"It will be conducted whenever you want it, but the less you train per day, the longer it will take. The training will be modified by you progress, so you will never fall behind, or run ahead. If you train 5 hours a day, the training will take about 10 weeks."

Frederic slowly regained consciousness. "Where ..." he righted himself and found himself lying in his bed. Daphnix and Barbara were sitting next to him.

"How long was I off?"

"2 hours. What happened?" Daphnix asked.

"I had another flashback." He said simply. Only Daphnix understood the full potential of this, Barbara just thought he had overexerted himself.

"You have to take it easier, brother. The last few weeks have been a little hectic." Barbara said.

"Sure, sis. I guess I have been overdoing it, haven't I?" he said.

"You sure did. Now, I have to get back to work. Dinner won't cook itself." She said and went downstairs. Daphnix, who was having trouble containing his curiosity, immediately asked:

"What was it?"

"The part were Q first came to me and said he was going to teach me."

"Pff. Is that all? I don't see someone coming in and saying: 'Hello, I am going to teach you' " Daphnix responded to that.

"Don't you see? When Q was training me, my powers were growing exponentially. In less than a couple of weeks, I could take on everything."

Now Daphnix nodded. "I didn't look at it that way. Maybe now all the powers described in your file will awaken."

"Maybe. We shall see. It will probably take some time. In my dream there was quite some time between me finding the three stones and Q's appearance."

"Hm. I think you're right. Anyway, can I have a copy of the file? I want to look at it when I get back to the dorm."

"Why don't you stay here tonight? I can use the company." Frederic asked.

Daphnix thought for a couple of seconds. "OK, If Barbara doesn't object."

"I'm sure she won't. Just ask her to be on the safe side, though." Frederic said.

Daphnix went downstairs and asked Frederic's sister. She had thought for a while and then decided Daphnix could stay. He immediately notified the dorm to let them know he wouldn't be in, and brought Frederic the good news. He went upstairs, opened the door to Frederic's room and went inside. Frederic was sitting upright in his bed, his legs crossed and his hands folded in his lap, his eyes closed. A few objects, ranging from a pen to the dictionary he had used during his earlier experiments, were flying through the room. The agility of the objects astounded Daphnix. The heavy book was flying at a killer-rate towards Daphnix' face. He started to duck, but the book came to a dead stop 10 centimeters before Daphnix' nose! He let out a sigh of relief. The book flew backwards, made a 180° turn, and raced to the desk. While all this was happening, a pen was writing on a sheet of paper, floating half a meter above Frederic's head! The dictionary landed in a newly opened drawer, whom closed as soon as the book was put, were it belonged. The pen and the paper landed carefully on the desk. A few CD's, a 144-page manual and a schoolbook were all put back where they belonged, various drawers and closets opened and closed simultaneously.

Daphnix stood there, unable to say anything. Frederic opened his eyes and stood up from his bed. "And?"

"How did you do that?"

"No, I mean what did Barbs say?"

"Oh. She said I could stay. Now, how about that little demonstration." Daphnix responded.

"I wanted to see how far I could go. I started with making a pen and a few CD's flying laps around the room. Then I picked up the paper, and navigated it close to the pen. I then opened a drawer and picked up the manual, closed the drawer and opened another at the same time. I took the dictionary and was just about to make it fly laps too, when you came in. I wanted some fun and I scared the shit out of you, didn't I? I then flew the pen and the paper half a meter above my head and practiced writing in mid-air. Not easy, I can tell you. I started to get tired and put it all back were it belonged."

"So, you are just as able with the power as with your hands?"

"With a little practice, I can become better. When I focus on an object, I can move closer and see the energy between the molecules and, even deeper, individual atoms."

"Cool. Does this mean you can change something, atom by atom?"

"Probably, but constructing something atom by atom takes a very long time."

"I guess you're right. And, anything else that's new?"

"My telekinetic strength is growing even faster now. Before, I could move maybe one object, and now I had about 6 flying around, doing al sorts of different things, all at the same time. Maybe the flashback was just to notify me that my powers are going to increase again. The last time, it was when Sandra got raped, and not long after, I got that knowledge thing."

"Maybe. Let's take a look at your file again. Damn, I wish I knew what was in my file." Daphnix said.

"Yes, I'm curious too. No worry, my guardian is active, and it will copy the file when it is available."

Till late at night, both boys gasped at the changed that were made, but it seems that most weren't active. Yet.

The next morning, Saturday. After taking a good breakfast, and helping Sandra was dishes, both boys walked to a nearby park. They sat on a bench near a pond with ducks swimming around, hoping for pieces of bread. Suddenly, Daphnix realized his friend was staring directly in front of him.

"Frederic?" he asked the concern dripped from his voice.

No response. Frederic kept staring. Suddenly, the ducks flew up and got away. Daphnix had noticed the sudden and unexpected departure. Now he was really concerned. The people around them stopped their chatter and ran, like struck by mass panic. Daphnix too was scared shitless. He felt a danger he couldn't identify, like some dark force or something. He tried in vein to move his friend.

He looked one more time at the pond, and now he really was panicking. The water was evaporating, and he could see the boiling parts along the shore. Suddenly, in the middle, the water was moving, like something was rising from the bottom. At this point, Frederic moved for the first time since this all started. He got up and walked towards the water. Daphnix was too stunned to do something.

Frederic put one foot on the boiling surface, like he was stepping on ice for the first time. Then he found his balance and walked briskly towards the middle. As soon as he cleared the edge, huge steam geysers burst out along the shoreline. Daphnix froze in place, he no longer could see his friend, but something compelled him to stay.

Frederic took one last step and halted about a meter and a half from the boiling center. A woman rose up and handed him a long wooden box, but because of an unknown process, the material was hard as steel.

"Finally the world has a new protector. Beware, young phalanx that the Evil One will surely come. If you ever need help, call upon the forces of nature."

"Yes, my mistress. I have questions..."

"You may ask three."

"How will I call upon the forces of nature?"

"Look deep within yourself. In your hart you will find the Ultimate Power. Beware that great power comes with great responsibility, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It will take time for you to be able to handle these powers well."

"What is the source of my power?"

"Your power comes from your heart, your body, your soul and the spirit of nature."

"I don't understand. I thought I was genetically engineered. How come my power has noting to do with that?"

"The engineering program was successful, and because of that, have we decided to grant you the title of Phalanx, the ultimate protector."

The mysterious women sank back into the lake. Frederic was even more confused than when he first met her. He turned around and walked to the shore. The geysers stopped upon his arrival, and the water returned to normal as soon as he cleared it.

"What happened?" Daphnix asked.

"The Gods of the Universe have granted me the title of Phalanx." Frederic responded, like that explained everything.

Daphnix looked quizzically at his friend. He didn't understand!

Frederic began to explain: "The universe has been maintained for billions of years by a very powerful race, known only as the God of the Universe. For each of the sentient races they select a protector, someone who's job it is to fight against evil. The Phalanx dies as he or she destroys the Evil One. There have been 2 so far."

"I see. And they selected you?" Frederic nodded. "And you accepted? You stupid idiot! You'll die!"

"Didn't you listen? I die when I destroy the Evil One. I am forever living until he or she is destroyed. I'll just keep the Evil One weakened and trapped, forever."

"Presuming you win. Now, what is this about there have been 2 so far?"

"There have been 2 Human Phalanxes so far. One of them is completely forgotten in the course of the millennia. You know King Arthur? He was the last one, and he was the most known. The first one was Razan, he was selected over 25,000 years ago, and because of these awesome powers, his tale led to the creation of many gods."

"Cool. So, what's in the box?"

Frederic put the box down and looked at it. "There is no lock, no nails, nor any other external features. It is almost as like it was one massive block of wood." He let his fingers slide gently across the uneven wooden lid. Suddenly, an impression formed, shaped like a human hand. Frederic got the point, put his hand in the impression and a hiss was heard. He jumped up and drew away. The lid rose up then turned open. Frederic and Daphnix were flabbergasted. Inside the box was...

The most beautiful crafted sword both had ever seen! The handle was made of gold, shaped in the form of a dragon's body and his head was at the beginning, 'breathing' the blade out of its beak. Diamonds were its scales and 2 flaming red rubies were its eyes. The blade itself was about one meter long. It was made of stainless steel, but, like the wood used in the box, the metal was harder than anything. It reflected the sunlight so hard, they had to cover their eyes. Frederic picked up the sword and held it high above his head. "This doesn't weigh a thing!" the blade was glowing in a strange green light now. It was like both Frederic and the sword were two halves, now finally making one whole. He put his second hand on the hilt.

"Sword of the Phalanx, Grant me the power!" Frederic shouted, tears of joy and relief welding in his eyes. Notwithstanding the clear day, lightning crashed down and engulfed the sword and Frederic. When the lightning cleared, Frederic was wearing a shining white armor, covering his entire body. It too was beautifully crafted, with diamonds and rubies decorating various spots. His chest wielded a dragon. Identical to the one on the handle of the sword, it was pictured in full, its body covered in gold and diamonds, and 2 brightest rubies they had ever put eyes upon. The helmet completely covered his face, but there were 2 dragon wings on top of it, joining between the 2 completely black eye-armor. Daphnix presumed it was like a one-way mirror. Frederic could look out, but no one could look in. The wings were of gold too with small gems decorating them. Frederic holstered the sword and put his hands to his helmet.

He pushed on 2 special points on each side and a loud hiss broke the silence. Frederic pulled the helmet over his head and put it under his arm.

"So, what do you think? Pretty cool, huh?"

"Un-be-lie-va-ble." Daphnix hissed. "What can it do?"

"I don't know yet. I know it can take a lot of punishment, and pack an impressive amount of firepower, if necessary."


Frederic deactivated the armor. He then held the sword in front of him and mumbled something Daphnix couldn't make out, while pressing on 2 separate spots. The blade vanished in the dragon's mouth, leaving only the handle to be put away in Frederic's pocket. "This is much easier to handle than a complete sword" he explained.

Both boys started to go home. They were talking vividly about Frederic's powers and the new knowledge they brought with them.

"What more have you learnt?" Daphnix asked.

"It's incredible! I have in-depth knowledge of active and passive offense and defense, and a complete day-by-day history of the human race, dating back from the first ape to walk on 2 legs. You could say I am the ultimate archeologist. But, I have been instructed to make sure that the human race does not know anything they're not ready for. Hell, I took a big risk telling you all this. You can never ..."

"Tell anyone. Yea, yea, I know." Daphnix had heard that before.

Frederic looked around, like he was looking for something. "What is it?" Daphnix asked.

"I don't know. I have a feeling we're being watched." Suddenly, he fell forward on his knees and grabbed his head. "Ahhh! It hurts! Stop it! Stop IT!" he cried.

Frederic raised a primitive shield and composed himself. He felt psychic energy leap around the shield. Daphnix was flabbergasted. He saw some sort of 'cocoon' around his friend, with energy swirling around it. Frederic's face hardened. He walked towards some trees and a woman, in her early twenties, began running.

"Oh. Shit!" she yelled. Frederic raised his right hand above his head and balled it into a fist. "Forget it! You can't defeat me!" he yelled at her. Daphnix could see energy building up around Frederic's fist. A huge bolt of lightning flew up and struck the woman right in her back, sending her to the ground. She got up and walked towards Frederic. She raised her hand and Frederic was too late to prevent her from taking the handle. They tugged for it in mid-air. Frederic could see that the handle-tugging game was using up all her energy. Her shield was concentrated on front, to conserve it. Frederic used a small trail of energy to sneak around her and attack from behind. He knew he was playing dirty, but he didn't have the experience to help him, so he used whatever he could.

The woman cried in pain as Frederic's jolt struck her. Immediately the handle returned. He took it and activated the blade. The dragon's mouth opened and breathed out a trail of blazing lighting, making the blade materialize inside the lightning. Frederic raised it and yelled "Sword of the Phalanx, grant me the Power!"

The same materialization as before took place as the armor activated. The woman's torture had stopped the moment he activated the blade. She stood up, raised her arms to shoulder level and swung bolt after bolt of energy at Frederic. He didn't even try to stop them, as he was testing how much energy the armor could absorb. In a moment he knew: tremendous amounts. The woman's bolts were a gently pressure. He decided it had taken long enough. He holstered the sword and raised his arms to shoulder level. Instead of using bolts, like the woman, he used a continuous beam of energy. In less than 2 seconds, he had drilled through her shields and was now inflicting massive amount of pain. Frederic guessed it was like her nerves were on fire.

He stopped the beam and just held her in a telekinetic shield, making it impossible for her to move or use her powers.

"What should I do?" he asked Daphnix. "Kill her? Torture her? I can't just let her go, she would come back after me."

"I don't know." Daphnix responded. Her looked her over. Nice, good-looking features. Blond hair. Nice, firm breasts. "You could strip her and have some fun." Daphnix said with a wink.

"Hey! That is a GREAT idea!" Frederic said. The woman was looking terrified. She tried to speak but was unable to do so because of Frederic's shield.

Frederic deactivated the armor, removed the blade from the sword and put it in his pocked. He then ripped her clothes. They ripped like paper. The woman was crying while she tried to cover her now naked body. Again, she could not do so.

"You go first, Daphnix. Have fun. I'll hold her for you."

"Thanks." Daphnix responded. He dropped his pants and underpants and freed his cock. It was hard. He took his 15 centimeters and put them at her mouth.

"Suck!" he commanded. She looked at him with a 'please-don't-do-this' stare. Frederic spread her mouth. Daphnix gently eased inside and yelled "Don't bite or he'll kill you!' she closed her mouth and started sucking. She found the taste disgusting and had to hold back so she wouldn't throw up.

"Don't! Please don't!" a gentle plea sounded from the cover of the trees. 6 more women, more like girls actually, came from the protection of the trees.

"Why not?" Frederic asked. "The bitch attacked me, so I am punishing her. Don't worry, I won't kill her."

"If you go on, you could just kill her."


"She is our leader. We are an ancient order, called the Amazons. We are here to help and protect the Phalanx. We lose our powers when we receive male sperm in or on our body." The girl who spoke almost threw up on the word 'sperm'.

"So, if you're here to help me, why did she attack me?"

"To make sure you're worthy."

Frederic seemed to ponder for a moment. "Ok Daphnix. Leave her. I'm going to believe them."

"Come on, look at her. Where are we going to find somebody like her?" Daphnix protested. "Just because she happens to have some brats along, you are going to let her go?"

"Look, I want some answers. And they aren't going to give them if we have fun with their boss."

"Good point. Ok, I guess we can have fun with them later, after we've gotten some answers."

"Right." Frederic concluded. Daphnix got out of the woman's mouth and Frederic released her.

She stood up and immediately covered herself. Frederic grinned sheepishly. Her clothes were torn instead of removed and so she had nothing except her hands to cover herself. Frederic walked towards her and gave her his jacket. "Take this. Look, I'm sorry about all this, but we really thought you were one of the bad guys." He apologized himself and his friend.

"Thanks." She said as he swung his jacket over her shoulders. It was too small, but still covered enough so she could at least remove her arm over her breasts. "Don't worry. At least you didn't kill me. Or worse" and looked angrily at Daphnix. She wouldn't likely forget what he had said about continuing the assault. Daphnix looked embarrassed at the ground.

"So, you think we're brats, right?" Daphnix looked up and saw the six girls standing before him.

"Uh. Y ... I mean n... " He stammered. Frederic grinned. He winked at the leader of the Amazons and together, they turned around to look at how this would work out.

"Hear that, girls? He thinks we're brats. What will we do about this?" the first one asked. "Fight! Fight! Fight!" the other girls yelled. Daphnix panicky looked at Frederic for support. He just raised his hand in a 'go ahead' manner. Daphnix knew the reputation of the Amazons and wasn't really keen on fighting them.

"Come on, macho man. Teach this brat a lesson" the first one taunted him. Daphnix swung his fist at her. She ducked out of the way, grabbed his fist and the next moment Daphnix was a couple of meters away, on the ground. The Amazons burst out laughing. Frederic just walked over to his friend.

"You okay?"

"Yes, it will be in a while." Daphnix said, rubbing his chin.

Frederic extended his hand. Daphnix grabbed it and felt some surge of power flowing through him. Daphnix thought it was a side effect of the changes Frederic had gone through while being transformed in the Phalanx, or something.

"No permanent damage?"

Daphnix tried his arms and legs. "Nope."

"Go get her champ." He said. "I gave you martial arts skills. They are not permanent, but will last you through this battle" he whispered. "Good luck" he said louder, as not to draw suspicion.

Frederic walked back to the leader and sat down in the grass. She sat down next to him, and the other girls sat down next to him and their leader.

Daphnix calmly walked to his challenger. He bowed. "Good fight." He said, extending his fist. She nodded. "Thanks" she said. She knocked her fist against his.

Daphnix got into a fighting stance. She got into one too. For a moment or two, they circled around each other. The girl finally got tired of this game and launched herself at him, her fist extended. He grabbed it and flung her over. She was thrown of balance and it took a couple of moments to compose her. Daphnix used this and kicked her in the stomach. The girl bent over and Daphnix landed his elbow on her back. She dropped on her knees. Daphnix took her head and raised it. He pulled back his fist and intended to smack her square in the face, when Frederic grabbed it from behind...! He shook his head. "No." Daphnix nodded and released the girl.

"Don't you have anything to tell her?" Frederic pointed at the girl. Daphnix nodded. He walked back over to the girl as she had righted herself and was planning to get back up. He extended his hand. She grabbed it and pulled herself up to her legs.

"Sorry about that. It wasn't really a fair fight. He gave me martial arts skills" Daphnix said, while pointing at his friend.

The Amazons threw Frederic an angry look. No, more of a ' I'll kill you' look really. "I gave him the same skill she has. I scanned her during the initial confrontation and I gave my friend the same skills. If I hadn't, I would have to go visit him in hospital." He explained himself. "So, it was a fair fight. Both parties had the same skills. Only, she was surprised at that was her undoing." Frederic continued, pointing at the girl. "Let that be a lesson, expect the unexpected."

The Amazons calmed down. They knew when someone was right. Daphnix would have been ready for hospital if Frederic hadn't intervened. They stood up.

"So, where do you girls live?" Frederic asked.


"If I require your help, I need to know where to find you."

"Sure, off course. Come." The leader said. She raised her hand and described a perfect circle in mid-air. Her hand let a yellowish trail behind, making the circle. She then pushed both her hands through it, like she was knocking something out of the way. A blue glow filled the circle. One by one, the girls stepped through it and disappeared. Frederic and Daphnix looked at each other, unsure of what to do. "Come on, you two." The leader said. Frederic threw her an angry look and she cringed. He stepped through, immediately followed by Daphnix. The leader concluded the transport, and the portal closed after her.

Frederic and Daphnix looked around. They were in a clearing in an otherwise dense forest. A couple of huts were build around an open space in the middle of the tiny village. "Nice." Frederic said. The girls and the leader walked to their respective homes, leaving Frederic and Daphnix to talk about the resent events.

"I have to contact Barbs to let her know we won't be home for some time." Frederic said.

"How will you do that?" Daphnix said. Frederic sat down in the central clearing and crossed his legs. "Long distance telekinesis."

He folded his hands and closed his eyes. Frederic felt his, now extremely strong, power leave his body to climb higher and higher. He began to recognize curtain features. "Wales, southern region." He now had a place to orient himself and raced towards the USA. He guessed it took him about 10 minutes to reach his home. He flew through the roof and raised to the kitchen. Barbara was defrosting something for dinner. He touched her and she turned around. She screamed as she saw his ghostly image. "Don't worry, Barbs. I am just here to tell you that Daphnix nor I will be in time for dinner. This is just another one of my new powers." The image said.

"When will you... he ... whoever be home?"

"I don't know when we'll be home. And don't worry, this image IS me. It is a reflection of my mental image."

"OK, little bro. Whatever you say. Have fun!"

"Bye!" the image faded. Frederic found returning to his body a lot easier than when he made the voyage in the other direction.

When he finally opened his eyes, he saw the Leader, the Amazons and Daphnix stare at him.

"What?" he said, standing up. He was sore of being in the some position for so long.

"You have been away for over half an hour. And we saw you talking to someone. Was it Barbs?"

"Yes. Say, did you know we're in Wales, Great Britain? We're in the southern region. I saw it when I was flying home."

"No, I didn't. They didn't want to tell me, something about 'sworn secrecy' and stuff like that."

"Anything you can tell me, you can tell at my friend here." Frederic addressed the girls. "From now on, he has the same privileges as I do."

They nodded. "I'm glad to see you back in clothes. You gave us quite a run for our money" Frederic said at the Leader. "Say, you never told us your names. I can't keep going around saying 'you' or 'that girl' or something like that"

"You're right. I'm Sonya" the Leader said. "The girl Daphnix fought with is Tina. And these are Nikki, Blossom, Nancy, Jennifer and Mary." Pointing out the different girls. Jennifer immediately caught Frederic's attention. Chestnut brown hair, medium sized breasts, a firm behind and one of the most gorgeous faces he had ever seen. Daphnix still had the hots for Sonya, the leader.

"Do you all have psychic powers?" Frederic asked.

"Yes, although mine are the strongest" Sonya told him.

"So, what do you girls do for fun around here?" Daphnix asked.

"We have sparring competitions."

"You mean, you fight? Every time you have some time off, you fight?"

"Ether that, or go on a survival trip."

Daphnix looked at her, not understanding.

"We go walking in the woods, without anything but the clothes you're wearing. You then try to survive for as long as you can or want."

"Ah. Don't you have electricity here?"

"No. Electric appliances make you soft. Out here, we do everything ourselves. We wash our clothes at the river, we wash our dishes manually and so on."

Daphnix looked a little bewildered at the dismissal of the scientific advances. "You do everything yourselves?"

"Yes. We cultivate the land, farm the animals and repair our homes, all without the aid of machines."

"Commendable." Frederic interjected. "But, we don't mean to intrude on your work schedule. We'll leave, so you can get back to work."

"Actually, thanks to our psychic powers, we only have to work 2 to 3 hours a day. We've already finished."

Frederic and Daphnix laughed. "So THAT is how you do it."

The Amazons laughed too. "So, when is the party?"

"In a couple of hours, when the sun is set. Sparring around a campfire is a lot more fun than during the day."

"I can imagine. OK, I'll stay. What about you, Daphnix?"

"Sure, why not? But, no fighting with me, I can still feel the last time I had ... fun." he said, rubbing his chin.

They all laughed.

A few hours later, they were ready. The fire was burning and crisping happily. They were now roasting a boar, freshly caught. The sun was getting closer and closer to the horizon. Tina was pouring wild herbs on their meal. Frederic and Daphnix were sitting on the riverbank.

"So, what do you think?" Daphnix asked.

"Nice and secluded. Nothing to rush you, just live on the rhythm of nature. I could live here."

"I mean, about the girls?"

"Ah" Frederic said with a snicker in his voice. "Still thinking about Sonya?" his friend nodded. "Give it up, Daphnix. She'll never give up her powers just to get laid."

Daphnix nodded again. "You're right. So, do you have your eye on someone?"

Frederic hesitated. For too long, apparently. Daphnix guessed right. "So you DO have one. Who is it? Tina? Nancy?"

Frederic didn't say a thing, he just looked down at the water.

"Come on, tell me! I told you mine." Daphnix pleaded.

"Ok, OK! Jeez! It's Jennifer."

"Jennifer? She's not really my type. But if you want her, good luck to you buddy."

'Thanks. You too with Sonya."

'Thanks. So, what's the next step? Just hiding somewhere until the Dark One shows up, or what?"

"I have no idea. I could invent something with the tremendous amounts of knowledge I have and live in wealth for the rest of my life."

"And mine." Daphnix interjected.

"And yours." Frederic corrected himself.

"We could do that, but with all these powers, couldn't you do some good for the people? After all, Arthur was a good and just man."

Frederic nodded. "What do you propose? Take over the US? Don't you think that will draw a little attention to me? Us?" he corrected himself in time.

Now it was Daphnix who nodded. "But, how about an underground movement? You know, a secret organization who controls everything behind the scenes?"

"How will we accomplish that? I can't go out in the streets asking people to join, can I?"

"Good point. Let's think it over, I think Nikki is calling us."

"She is, for the last 3 minutes." Frederic said and got up. Daphnix soon followed. The two best friends walked to the village.

Since the weather was rather warm, they ate in the open air. Frederic sat at the head of a long table, with Sonya to his left and Daphnix to his right. The six other Amazons filled the rest of the spaces, letting the chair at the other end of the table free. Tina brought the roasted boar and the vegetables over to the table and sat down. The Amazons stared at Frederic, who was slightly uncomfortable with this.

"I wonder what they want." He whispered in Daphnix' ear.

"I don't know about you, but I am going to eat, I'm starving."

"Good idea. Count me in." Frederic whispered back.

Daphnix cut a piece out of the boar for himself and put his plate back in front of himself.

"Could you pass me the boar, Daphnix?"

"Sure." Daphnix pulled the plate and brought it closer to Frederic, who cut out a piece and put it in front of him.

Daphnix had cut in his piece and started to eat. Frederic could clearly hear some of the Amazons gasping, like something bad had happened. Frederic was looking even more intrigued. Finally, he asked: "What is the matter? Why aren't you eating?"

"It is common table manners to let the Phalanx start to eat first." Sonya said.

"I see. And why where you staring at me?"

"We where waiting for you to thank the Lord for the food."

"I'm sorry, but I'm a scientist. I am not very religious, I'm afraid."

Daphnix chuckled and continued to eat. Frederic followed his example and stared eating too. The Amazons where clearly shocked.

"You don't believe in God?"

"I believe in the Maintainers of the Universe, who blessed me with these powers. I only believe in something that can be proven is there." Frederic said.

Sonya shook her head. She folded her hands and the Amazons followed her example. The thanked the Lord and started eating too. The incident was soon forgotten. Frederic and Daphnix were enjoying themselves. The food was excellent, thanks to Tina's cooking and eating in open air was a new experience. Both Daphnix and Frederic found the Amazons great conversationalists.

"Wow! That was good! I can't eat another bite." Frederic said when he put down his knife and fork. "You are a great cook, Tina." Frederic complemented her. Daphnix backed him at this.

"Thank you." She flustered while bowing her head, she didn't know what to do with the praise.

While Frederic was talking to Daphnix, he suddenly was aware that the Amazons were staring again. "What is the matter? Not hungry anymore?' Frederic said, a smile decorating his lips.

"You stopped eating, so we stop too." Sonya said.

Daphnix didn't care about these rules and continued eating. "Look, it's not because I stopped that you have to stop too. What will you do if I'm sick, or something?"

"Not eat." She said, matter-of-factly.

Frederic and Daphnix burst out laughing. "Look, you have my permission to eat after I've stopped, or begin before I start and so on. I am just an ordinary guy with some gooey powers, nothing more."

Sonya nodded. She picked up her fork and knife. She was shaking a little, like she was unsure of herself. She continued to eat. The Amazons followed her example, as always. Frederic nodded his approval. Only when everybody was filled, did they leave the table and started to clean up. The Amazons were even more surprised when Frederic and Daphnix helped washing dishes! They did this at home, and there was no sense in taking advantage of the hospitality of the Amazons.

When everything was cleaned, they broke up the table and cleared the center. The Amazons sat down in a circle and Frederic and Daphnix did the same.

"Soon it will be dark. When the sun has set, the sparring will begin." Sonya said to Frederic.

"What do we do until then?" Frederic asked back.

"Talk." The curt answer was.

Soon the conversations from the dinner table were resumed. Slowly, the sun disappeared under the horizon. As soon as the sun had completely gone under, Sonya went to one of the huts. She soon came back with a blackboard. She wrote the names of the Amazons on it. "Will you join us?" she asked Frederic.

"What do you think?" he asked Daphnix.

"I can't do it, but you can kick some Amazon butt." he responded.

"So could you, if I gave you some extra skills." Frederic said.

"They don't like that." Daphnix said with a small sign towards the Amazons.

"So, you think I should do it?"


"Ok, I'll do it." Frederic said to Sonya.

"Great!" she said, not hiding her amusement. She wrote down Frederic's name and drew up a grid.

"First round, Tina will fight against Nikki, Blossom versus Nancy, Jennifer will fight against the Phalanx and I will fight against Mary."

"First fight: Tina versus Nikki. Good luck." Sonya concluded.

Frederic looked at Daphnix, who threw his friend a 'Good-luck-you'll-need-it' look. Frederic was disturbed. He couldn't fight someone he had a crush on!

Tina won of Nikki and Nancy had beaten the crap out of Blossom. Now, Frederic's fight was on, and he still hadn't found a solution. He stood up and drew the handle of his sword. He threw it to Daphnix. He pulled his T-shirt over his head and pulled down his pants. He stood there, clad only in his boxers. He threw his clothes to Daphnix, who caught them and put them next to him. Daphnix was amazed at the amount of muscle Frederic had accumulated in resent times. Frederic didn't have the body builder look, but the muscles of his arms and legs were showing clearly, as were his abdominal muscles.

Frederic stood in the fighting ring doing warm-up and stretching exercises. The ring was nothing more than a thick rope that was laying in a circle on the ground.

Jennifer stepped in and bowed. Frederic did the same. Slowly, they started circling each other, unsure of what the other was capable of. Suddenly, Jennifer leapt up and her extended leg caught Frederic hard in his stomach. He was blown back half a meter and grabbed his stomach. "Wow, that hurts." He grunted. Daphnix inhaled sharply and turned his face away. He couldn't watch his friend being slaughtered.

Jennifer took advantage of this and knocked her elbow in Frederic's neck, knocking him to his knees. She kicked at his face and... was stopped! Frederic had raised his hand and had caught her leg. Something had snapped in Frederic's mind. He slowly stood up and gave a hard push on her leg, making her lose her balance. She fell back. Jennifer sprung up and launched herself at Frederic. He stepped out of the way and raised his arm in time to knock her in the face when she raced past him. Again, she was up in no time. She stepped closer to him and lashed out to him with both hands. Frederic easily blocked her attempt to hit him. When she knocked with her right hand against his left for the hundredth time, he kicked her in the lower abdomen. She flew up a couple of centimeters, coming to a hard landing on his knee. She clasped at her abdomen, waggling back as she grunted in pain. "Give up?" he asked. She shook her head 'NO!".

Frederic shrugged his shoulders. "OK." He kicked her square in the face, making her land on her back near the edge of the ring. "Last chance." He said. Again, she shook 'no'. Frederic looked questionably at Sonya. What does he have to do? Kill her? The other girls had surrendered much sooner in their fights.

"The fight is to the death, unless one of the competitors surrenders. Since Jennifer doesn't surrender, you'll have to kill her."

"What? That is barbaric!"

"That is the only rule of the fight."

"You never told me about this! I will not take part in this any longer!" at that time, Jennifer had composed herself again and had grabbed Frederic around the waist and pulled him down. She landed a rain of blows on his head and ribcage. He defended the best he could, but with the girl he loves sitting on top of him, beating the crap out of him, that is a little difficult. Finally, he manages to get her of him. "I surrender" Frederic said. That was the hardest thing he ever had to do in his entire live. He ran to Daphnix. "We're leaving."

Daphnix immediately got up and gave Frederic his clothes. Frederic jumped in them and grabbed his sword and activated it. "Unless you step into the twentieth century, now that it's almost over, I'll never be back." He said. That announcement came as a bombshell to the Amazons.

Frederic raised the sword and opened his mouth, then closed it. He lowered the sword and walked to Jennifer. "This, I wanted to do since the minute I saw you." He said. He grabbed the girl's head and pressed his lips against hers. To his amazement, she opened her mouth and answered his kiss! The amazons, and Daphnix, were looked shocked and surprised. Frederic and Jennifer came up for air after 30 to 35 seconds of tongue wrestling. There was one thing Frederic wanted to know.


Jennifer hesitated. After some encouragement, she spoke. "I thought you didn't answer my feelings. I didn't want to live. I wanted to die by the hand of the man I love."

Frederic grinned sheepishly. "I thought you didn't answer my feelings." They both laughed.

"Now, there is still the matter of the fight to the death. If you use a point system, like boxing, or a three-second pin, like in wrestling, I will not abandon you. If not, I'll leave and you'll never see me again."

"I agree." Jennifer said. Frederic's face cleared. He grabbed the girl and pressed her against his own body. "O God, I love you" he whispered in her ear. She laughed. "I thought you didn't believe in God?"

"After all this, I think I'll have to revise my opinion." He grinned back.

"Now, how about it? No more death fights?" he asked Sonya.

"If you disagree with it, then we'll try to find something else."

"Hey! Don't do something because I say so. Do something because you believe that is how it should be."

They hesitated. Sonya and the remaining Amazons walked a couple of meters away and began discussing the topic. Meanwhile, Frederic stole another kiss from Jennifer. Daphnix stood by, almost jealous.

"How will this affect your powers?" Frederic asked his girlfriend.

"As long as we don't have sex, there will be no effects."

"Good. I can't ask you to give up your powers, so no sex, OK?"

"For now." She smiled.

By now, the Amazons had finished their discussion and walked back towards Frederic, Daphnix and Jennifer.

"We offer a compromise."

"Let's hear it."

"Before each fight, the two contestants have to decide how to fight. Points, three second pin or to the death with surrendering"

Frederic hesitated. "What do you two think?"

"As close as it gets, buddy." Daphnix said.

"I agree. We amazons are very stubborn about our ways. It is amazing they even thought about this topic and agreed on a compromise."

"Ok, It's decided then. That is how it shall be."

The other Amazons sighed in relief. By now it was too late to continue the sparring and they decided to call it a night. Frederic and Daphnix decided to stay and they were given a hut. It was one of the larger ones, with 2 bedrooms and an indoor bathroom.

"Good night." Frederic said, opening the door to his room.

"Good night." Daphnix responded, going to his own room.

Frederic stripped down to his boxers and crawled under the sheets. Because of the exertions during the day he slept in less than 2 minutes.

It wouldn't last long. He was disturbed by a gentle tapping at his door. He jumped upright.

"Who is there?" he bellowed.

"It's me" a girls voice said.

"Jennifer? What are you doing here?"

"Can I come in?"

Frederic's first instinct was to jump into his clothes, before he realized she already saw him in boxers. "Come in, it's open"

She opened the door and put her head behind it, as if to see the condition he was in. Satisfied, the rest of her followed. Frederic's eyes almost fell out. She was wearing a nightgown, cut so deep he could see the top of her breasts. It came only centimeters below he hips, giving not much coverage down there either.

"Wo-how!" he said, before composing himself. "Wha - what is it?"

She smiled. "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Huh?" this question took him completely by surprise. He couldn't believe his good luck! "huh, It's a one-person bed I'm afraid."

"That doesn't matter." She said in a husky voice.

"If it doesn't disturb you, it doesn't disturb me. Climb on board. But, no games, all right? I don't want you to loose your powers or anything."

"Sure thing, honey"

"I love it when you say that."

Frederic got in bed and Jennifer cuddled close to him. The warmth and closeness engulfed them. Never in their entire life had they been this content. They just lay there, enjoying each other for a few minutes. Then, fatigue overcame them and they drifted into a well-deserved and quickening sleep.

"Hey, wake up, you lovebirds!"

Frederic opened his eyes and looked directly into Jennifer's. He smiled. "Good morning."

"Good morning." She said, smiling. A quick kiss later, they were untangling their limbs. After they managed this, they got up. And jumped back down. Daphnix was standing there, a broad smile on his face. "I hope you two had a pleasant night. I would hurry up, if I were you. Tina is preparing breakfast, and Sonya and the others are looking for Jennifer." He said.

"Thanks. We'll be there. Soon" Frederic said.

Daphnix blinked an eye. "Sure you will." He broke out laughing when he left Frederic's room.

Frederic looked at Jennifer. "So, what will you do? You can't go running around looking like THAT can you?"

Jennifer looked at her sexy nightgown, all tangled up. Her left breast had popped out of the gown. She covered it up, hoping Daphnix didn't see it. "You're right. But, what can I do? Stay in here all day?"

"Now that was an idea!" Frederic thought. "I'll stay with you. We'll barricade the door and have fun all day, by ourselves."

"Be serious!"

"I am. What is wrong with staying here? Am I that unpleasant a company?"

"No, of course not." She said, pressing her lips against his. After breaking the kiss she continued. "The others will be worried when they don't find me."

"So, that leaves one small matter. How will you get clothes without everyone seeing you run around half naked. Not that I'd mind, but..."

She laughed. "They would get the wrong ideas."

"Yep. Hey, let me try something. Which house is yours?"

After she told him, he got dressed. He took the handle and activated the blade. He raised it above his head. He described a circle with it. a yellow circle was visible in front of him. He deactivated the blade and put the handle away. He 'pushed' the center of the circle away, and a familiar bluish color filled it.

"I'll go first, you follow right behind."

"Ok, honey."

He stepped through, immediately followed by Jennifer. After Frederic cleared the portal, he found himself in ... the middle of the village! Jennifer bumped into him as she cleared the portal. After Frederic's appearance, a few Amazons looked up, decided he was trying his new powers and continued looked for Jennifer. After she appeared, they all looked their way. Daphnix burst out laughing.

"You should see the look on your face when you got from that thing! You'd better get her inside, before she catches a cold!" he laughed. The Amazons couldn't contain themselves much longer. They all laughed too. Frederic and Jennifer were looking embarrassed at each other, and decided to take Daphnix 'advice'. They went into Jennifer's hut. Frederic stopped when she entered her bedroom. She made a 'are you coming?' gesture but Frederic declined, saying:

"I wouldn't want to press my luck."

"I see. Well, see you when I'm finished."

When Jennifer finally left her room, Frederic was sitting in the living room, staring into infinity.

She carefully draped herself over his lap. He startled. "Hey! What kind of greeting is that?"

"Mine" she said and kissed him. He eagerly responded.

"We should get outside, before the others get any more wild ideas." He said, after breaking the kiss.

They stood up and walked to the front door. They opened it and stepped into the central clearing.


Frederic and Jennifer stopped dead in their tracks. The slowly turned around. Sonya had apparently been waiting next to the front door, waiting for them to step out.

"I'm glad to see you dressed properly." She said to Jennifer, an angry tone in her voice.

"And you," she said, addressing Frederic "What do you think you're doing?"

"Nothing harmful. A little kissing."

"Then what did she do in your room during the night?"

"Sleeping" Frederic said on a harsh tone. "What's it too you? That is between me and Jennifer."

"Everything that concerns my Amazons is my business. Phalanx or not, I want this relationship stopped. You two will stop this ... relationship... right now."

Jennifer grabbed Frederic's arm. Instinctively, he removed it from her grip and draped it around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

"And if we refuse?"

"Then I will have no other choice than to kill her. Nobody ever leaves the Amazons."

"You will do no such thing! I will personally guarantee it. You may be the leader of the Amazons, but I am the Phalanx and I make the rules you follow."

"Not this one. All the amazons agree with this course of action. Break of the relationship or be killed."

Jennifer whispered something in Frederic's ear. "Ok, honey, if that's what you want." She nodded.

"Look, you won't kill nobody around here. But I agree that this relationship ... strains a little with the Amazon way of living. Therefore I suggest you just let her leave, without any other consequences."

"I can't let that happen. Nobody ever left the Amazons. It would be a breach of our traditions."

"Take it or leave it. I will not allow you to do any harm to my or any of my loved ones."

"I'm sorry. That is how is shall be." Sonya said on a decisive tone. She raised her hand and a massive energy discharge flew towards Jennifer.

It never hit. It hit an energy cocoon created by Frederic.

"You asked for it. this time there is no escape." Frederic took out the handle and activated the sword. "Daphnix. Come"

Daphnix had shivers run down his spine at the tone. it was icy cold. He decided it would be best to do as Frederic had commanded.

Frederic removed his arm from Jennifer's shoulder. "Look after her." Frederic said as his friend approached. Daphnix startled as he saw the expression on Frederic's face. Dark as hell and cold as ice it was. He saw nothing but pure hate in Frederic's eyes. Instantly Daphnix realized this time Sonya would not survive, or at least the Sonya he knew. Daphnix gently guided Jennifer away and put his arm in a comforting gesture around her shoulders.

Frederic raised the sword as high as he could. "Sword of the Phalanx, grant me the Power!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Instantly, the transformation process was completed. "Now you die!"

Sonya started circling around Frederic. She raised her arm and flung an energy ball towards him. He easily caught it and made it bounce up and down in his hand. He laughed. "Is that the best you can do? This is how it's done!" he flew it up and multiplied its strength by ten, making the color shift from red to bright white, then launched it towards Sonya. She jumped out of the way, but Frederic also had made the projectile tracking, so it followed her. And hit. Instantly, her energy shield collapsed and the poor woman was screaming in pain. Frederic guessed the sensation was equal to having your nerves on fire. After the pain subsided, she tried to get up, but fell right down after not even getting halfway up. "Will you let Jennifer leave?"

"Yes, I'll let her leave."

"Good. Unfortunately, you inconvenienced us. You owe us an apology."

"I'm sorry."

"Like you mean it."

"I'm sorry. I'll never do it again."

"Good. Now, I want you take of your clothes."


"You heard me. Take of those damn clothes or I'll fucking tear them from your body."

Sonya gasped. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, taking her time. This was not to Frederic's amusement. He stepped closer. He raised his hand and made a ripping motion. Her blouse and skirt tore away easily. "Take of the bra and panties, slut."

"How did you call me?"

"A slut. That is what you'll be after we're through with you."


"It seems my pal here has a crush on you. He'll be the first in that virgin pussy of yours."

Frederic looked at his friend and he saw a broad smile and a grateful nod. Frederic nodded back.

Sonya slowly started to cry and proceeded in removing her bra. Frederic was in a hasty mood and tore the remaining clothes off. Sonya hurriedly covered up.

"Daphnix, if you'll do the honors?"

"Sure thing, pal."

Frederic spread Sonya out on the floor, spread angle. "I suggest you continue were you left off."

"OK." Daphnix said.

He opened his pants and took out his enlarged cock. He positioned it at her mouth. "Open up, slut"

She shook her head. "NO!"

"Tell me if you need anything. She's bound by invisible bars at her hands and feet." Frederic said, walking off with Jennifer. "Before I forget: You'll do nothing to help your leader, or I'll personally do the same to all of you."

The rest of the Amazons gasped and stood back, clearly shocked by what was about to happen to their leader.

Daphnix slapped Sonya hard across her face. The result was what he expected. She screamed. He pressed in and hissed "I'll kill you if you bite, you slut."

Sonya was too shocked by what was happening to bite.

Daphnix slowly pushed in, deepthroating her, effectively cutting of her breath. She started twisting, struggling for breath. Daphnix set into a slow motion, moving in and out very slowly, making sure he would last as long as possible, while have maximum sensation. Every time he pressed into her throat, she struggled for breath, but that never hurried Daphnix. He just liked the stuck-up bitch taking him into her mouth without the means to stop him. Slowly, after 15 minutes, he started speeding up. He moved faster and faster, driving to the inevitable climax. Then, it happened. He pressed in with all his might and came hard down her throat. His hot semen filled her stomach. She felt it burn inside her. He slowly withdrew as she was overcome by violent spasms. He guessed this was the moment of truth. She began glowing in a bright blue light. It slowly dissipated as her powers were ripped away. Her head fell back, exhausted.

Daphnix, on the other hand, wasn't the least bit tired. His cock was still hard. He decided to give her pussy a ride. He pressed against her dry cuntlips. Because of the fair amount of saliva it slid in rather easily. Sonya screamed in agony as Daphnix brutally tore through her hymen. "There goes your virginity, cunt!" he yelled in her face. Sonya was sobbing in pain and humiliation as Daphnix set a fast rhythm, stabbing his 15-centimeter long tool like a knife in her now no longer virgin pussy. Her grunts came along with his stabs. He knew when he was about to cum. He stabbed his cock as deep as he could and fired his second load deep in her pussy. Sonya was grunting "No, oh no!!!" as she felt his cum deep inside her. "You bastard! You came in me! What if I'm pregnant?"

"Your problem, not mine." He said. "It's your own fault. You shouldn't have tried to keep them apart." Daphnix said, pointing at Frederic and Jennifer. Frederic had removed his armor, and they were kissing under a tree. "I've never seen my friend this happy in his entire life. Trying something as stupid as that was bound to have these kind of consequences."

"But, you bastards raped me, took away my virginity AND destroyed my powers at the same time."

"Frederic is loyal as hell. He'd go through Hell itself to make sure his loved ones are safe. You know, it's ironic."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"If you all had treated him like a friend, and not like something to be afraid of, he would do the same for you. But no, ever since we got here, you girls treated us like he's some kind of avenging, grudge-bearing deity, So you can't blame him if he does exactly what you think he'll do."

Sonya bent her head as the truth of these words sunk in. If she only had treated him the way he wanted to be treated: as one of them, then none of this would have happened.

"Frederic, buddy, you can release her now. I'm done."

"And? How was she?"

"Great! Thanks for the opportunity."

"Hey, as my friend there are bound to be perks connected to it."

Daphnix laughed. "I guess it will."

Frederic stood up and he walked towards the still bound Sonya. "Now, what should I do with you?" he asked.

"Let me go?" she asked.

"Yeah, right. Where would you go?"

She didn't have an answer for that.

"You can't stay here, since the rest of the Amazons won't accept you without powers and you can't go home with me, since you'll remind me of what happened."


"Please what?"

"Take me home with you."

"Why should I do that? You have no skills, you're arrogant and self-centered. And besides, my sister will never agree to have you live with us."

"I can learn. Please, don't leave me here, they'll kill me!" she sobbed, pointing at the remaining Amazons.

"Killing her is not what I intended. Maybe I should try to convince Barbara to let her stay." Frederic said to Daphnix.

"And what about Jennifer? You know Barbara will never allow two girls with us."

"You're right. The first prerogative is Jennifer. The slut comes later." Frederic said.

"First, I'll try to convince my sister to let Jennifer stay. After that, I'll see what I can do. Maybe the foresight of a slave will convince my sister." Frederic said to Sonya.


"Slave, person who belongs to another in property." Frederic quoted from the dictionary.

"I know what a slave is, asshole. I'll never be someone slave, and certainly not yours."

Daphnix could see a naughty twinkle in Frederic's eyes. This was just what he had hoped for.

"We'll see, slave. Now, get up and stand behind me." He commanded.

When Sonya didn't move, Frederic grabbed her, pulled her to her feet and lifted her off the floor. He dropped her about half a meter behind him. She fell to the ground and staid there. She couldn't believe he actually was capable of doing something like that!

"Stand up." Frederic said. She didn't move.

He turned around, and an evil expression was on his face. "Don't make me repeat every order, bitch."

She cringed at the icy tone in his voice, then composed herself. "You'll have to do better than that to get me to listen!" and spat in his face.

He rubbed the spit of his face and looked at it. He burst out laughing. Daphnix and the other thought he had lost it. "Valiant one, heh? I'll get that out of you."

He formed an energy sphere. "Remember this? It hurts like hell, and further doesn't do a thing." A flung it towards her. She cried out. "STOP! STOP, PLEASE!"

Frederic released her. "I'll try something else." He said. She cringed back. "No more pain, please! Please! I'll listen! Please don't hurt me any more. I'm sorry! I'll..." her voice trailed off.

Frederic pushed his powers deeper. He tried using his manipulative powers on a mind in staid of ordinary matter. He could see her mind, organized like a library, with huge cabinets of files on both sides of a spacious hallway. He started looking. He really had no idea what was in them, so he opened the first drawer he saw. It was empty. He walked a little further and found one labeled 'Ama '. He opened it. Inside were literally hundredths of cards. All labeled something like 'Amazon training, basic file 0001' and so on.

"Of course, this is her long term memory! I wonder what this one is." He took the card. He looked around. All he saw were file cabinets. Suddenly, he recalled a small slot at the beginning of the hallway, where he first entered. He walked back and put the card in the slot. It started buzzing, and a book appeared. He flipped through it. It was a report of the first Amazon training of Sonya. he found it colored with her personal emotions and thoughts. He put the book back in the machine and it disappeared. He strode further down the hall.

At a certain point, the cabinets changed color. From a normal gray no a more elaborate red. He opened one. These were all labeled something like 'Friends' or 'Family' "Of course, these are her emotional cabinets!" Frederic thought, already getting in the spirit of this cabinet thing.

"I wonder If I can make her do whatever I want?" He went back to the slot machine. He examined it carefully. "Ah here it is. User's guide. "Put reference card in machine and wait for memory file to be created. A new file can be created by pushing red button and writing new orders in blank book that is created. Write label on book, and put back in machine. New file will be implemented immediately."

"Cool. Let's try that." Frederic thought and he pressed the red button. A blank book materialized in the compartment below. He took it and saw that there was a pen next to the machine. He hadn't noticed it, but he didn't think twice. He took it and began writing. He filled a couple of pages in just a few seconds. He wrote 'Slave orders. Disobedience means death' on the label and put it back.

He pulled out of her mind.

"How long was I gone?" he asked Daphnix.

"About half a minute." Daphnix said.

"Amazing. It looks like I have been away hours." Frederic said. He then proceeded to explain how it looked inside someone's mind. After his story, he remembers the Slave Orders.


"Yes master." Sonya said, bowing her head.

"It worked! O my god, it worked!" he shouted. The Amazons looked suspiciously at him. They still weren't convinced he wasn't nuts.

That day, not much happened, Daphnix, Frederic and Jennifer went for a walk in the woods. Jennifer was glad to be able to show of all her favorite places. Sonya stayed at the village, cleaning the hut were Frederic and Daphnix stayed. She also was instructed to make dinner by 8 o'clock, when Frederic presumed they'd be back. The boys were particularly interested in a small place by the riverbank, isolated from the rest.

Just as Frederic had estimated, by eight they were back in the village.

"I hope Sonya is as good a cook as Tina is. I'm starving!" Daphnix said.

"So do I" Frederic said. "So, what will you do? Join us, or eat with the Amazons?" he asked Jennifer.

"If you don't mind, I would like to join you."

"It doesn't bother you, does it?" Frederic asked Daphnix.

"Of course not." Daphnix said.

As they entered the hut, the immediately realized Sonya had been working real hard. The wooden floor was almost slippery, so hard had she been cleaning it.

"Sonya?" Frederic yelled.

Sonya came running from the kitchen, obviously flustered. She stopped before Frederic and bowed her head. "Yes, master?" she asked with a quiet voice.

"Nice work cleaning the house. I hope dinner is just as satisfactory." Frederic said with a strong voice. This was the first time Daphnix realized how much Frederic had changed. From a quiet, timed boy to a strong-willed, commanding man. He had never heard Frederic command anyone, but as Daphnix looked at Frederic command Sonya, it looked almost natural. Almost.

"Thank you, master" Sonya said. "May I please continue dinner? It will burn."

"You may." Frederic said, after a few seconds, in which Sonya obviously became nervous. Daphnix realized Frederic was enjoying it.

"We need to talk." Daphnix said to Frederic, pulling him towards the bedroom. Jennifer got the point and sat down at the dinner table, which had been nicely set.

"What are you doing?" Daphnix yelled as soon as the door was closed. "We never agreed on this. Giving her a fuck is something entirely different than making her a slave for the rest of her life! It's...", he searched the correct term, "... barbaric!"

Frederic let him rage on. "Finished?" he asked when Daphnix's tirade had stopped.


"Well, first of all, I'm saving her life. If I leave her here, the Amazons will kill her, a powerless Leader doesn't deserve to live. You heard her yourself. If I drop her off in the city, she'll have to beg to get a morsel of food. She won't have a life. At least, when she's my 'slave' She'll have enough to eat and drink and she won't get hurt."

"You were enjoying her being nervous over the food."

"Come on, a little harmless fun!"

"Harmless? The poor woman was scared shitless!"

Frederic was taken aback by this. "She was?" he asked eventually, a whole less sure of himself. "That was never my intention."

"Maybe it wasn't, but she was literally shaking by the time you let her go on with the cooking."

"I guess I made the programming to strong. I'll see what I can do to make her as happy as possible, but still remaining loyal and obedient."

"That would be better." Daphnix said. "Now, let's eat."


Both boys walked back into the dining room and sat down. "Nice work setting the table, Sonya" Frederic yelled towards the kitchen.

"Thank you, master." Sonya yelled back.

Finally, she brought dinner. Baked potatoes, carrots and peas, and sausages. Not exactly a king's meal, but good.

"Won't you eat?" Frederic asked Sonya, who stood there, waiting for him to give orders.

"I will eat later, when I am allowed, master."

Frederic looked taken aback.

"I'll have to fix that. I really made those orders to strong." He said.

"From now on, you are allowed to eat with the rest of us. So, you'll cook for you too, and you'll set an extra place for yourself."

"Yes, master. Thank you, master."

"And stop that 'master' shit. It gets on my nerves."

"Anything you say, m..., boss."

Everybody laughed, except Sonya.

"Call me Frederic."

"Ok, Frederic." She said, uneasily. "I really have to change her programming." Frederic mumbled. "I took it too serious."

Sonya put an extra plate on the table, sat down and ate with the rest of them, following her instructions. After the meal, Frederic took Sonya to his room.

"I'm going to change her programming." He excused himself to Daphnix and Jennifer.

He closed the door and sat down on his bed. He motioned Sonya to sit next to him. Again his pushed in her mind.

The room of cabinets appeared. He walked to the cabinet marked 'S' and opened it. no 'Slave Orders'. Frederic startled. He searched under the 'O' as well, but no Slave orders. Desperately, he stepped to the slot machine and pressed the button marked 'Inventory'. A think book appeared in the compartment below.

He took it and searched for the 'Slave Orders'. Nothing.

"Shit! What have I done? I ruined her mind! She'll never be normal again! I am a fucking idiot!" he paced the cabinet building, desperately searching for a solution. He walked to the machine and raid the instructions at the side again. . "A new file can be created by pushing red button and writing new orders in blank book that is created. Write label on book, and put back in machine. New file will be implemented immediately."

"Nothing new here." He mumbled. He decided to take a walk. He walked down the hall, just to look how long it was. At the end, he found a mysterious black cabinet, about half as wide as the other cabinets. It was locked with an elaborate keypad. He tried in vein to break it. It didn't work. He tried using his computer skills. It worked. He read the code, and opened the cabinet. Suddenly, he felt a tug on his mind. It was as if he was being pushed out.

"Aww!! This hurts!" he struggled to maintain his balance. That worked, but there was still this uncomfortable tugging. He slammed the cabinet close and the keypad locked it. The tugging stopped. "This must be her 'lost' powers. I could restore them." He thought. "But, first I must revoke these damn 'Slave Orders'." He said.

At the end of the hall, next to the black cabinet, a small door was visible. He opened it and walked inside. he was now in a large, half circular room. The flat end was one gigantic computerscreen. He sat down at one of the terminals. "State your order." Appeared on the screen.

"Revoke new memory module called 'Slave Orders'"


"Computer, I implemented that module, I want it revoked"


"Computer, show complete personality program."


Frederic thought for a second. "Loyalties and obedience".

"PROCESSING" after a few seconds, a few hundred lines rolled on the screen.

Frederic scanned through them. He could easily pinpoint and remove the lines from his 'Slave Orders'.

"That should do it. She's back to normal. Now, a little obedience."

"Computer, write new program and link to primary personality file"


"Loyalty 1".

An empty screen appeared. Frederic rapidly entered a few commands. She would be undependable, but she would have a deep loyalty to Frederic, something like a close friend or a relative.

"Implement program"


Frederic pulled out of Sonya's mind. "How do you feel?"

"Fine, Frederic."

"Good. I'm glad."

"No kidding, you made me a slave," she said on an accusing tone.

"I was experimenting and made the rules to hard. This should be better."

"Yes, I think so too. Now, I can at least do something I want."

Frederic smiled a little sour. "I'm sorry about that. You have to understand that it was the first time I tried something like that. I even had trouble revoking it."

"Well, as long as everything is alright now."

"I think it is. If there is anything that requires a helping hand, I'll modify it."


"No problem, now that I've modified you, you won't give me any more trouble. You are now part of my family. If you ever require help, come to me and I'll see what I can do."

Sonya nodded gratefully. Frederic stood up and left the room, Sonya followed right behind.

Once in the living room, he found Daphnix and Jennifer discussing religion.

"You must believe in something?" Jennifer asked.

"The power of the human mind." Daphnix responded. "But how can you believe in God when there is so much suffering in the world?" Daphnix responded.

"God can not interfere everywhere. We were rejected from the Garden of Eden after all."

"Come on, you don't really believe that stuff, do you? The Garden of Eden, the world was created in 6 days and so on."

"Don't you guys have anything else to discuss? Let anyone believe what he or she wants to. If not, I could have a fight on my hands, and that is something I really don't want to get involved in." Frederic said.

"We were having a rational conversation. Why should we fight? We respect each other's beliefs, we were only discussing them." Daphnix said.

"Yea, why should we? We are both mature enough to have a rational conversation without fighting." Jennifer backed Daphnix.

"Sorry I said that. Now, we have more important matters to attend to. First of all, Sonya."

"What about her?" Jennifer said. She still hadn't gotten over the part that she wanted to split her and Frederic up.

"Hey, don't talk about me like I'm not here!" Sonya interjected.

"I removed the Slave Orders and I created an 'obedience' file. It does one thing: she's as loyal as a puppy, will try to make me and the people I love as happy as possible and will try to avoid upsetting me or my loved ones."

"So, she has a mind of her own?"

"Yes. I can tell you one thing: in my ignorance, I almost did irreversible damage to her personality. It took me quite some time to remove all the Slave Orders."

"I can imagine. So, how free is she?" Daphnix asked.

"As free as possible, while maintaining a maximum of loyalty."

"Good. That's a lot better than the slave we had at first." Daphnix said.

"So, how do think our relationship?" Jennifer asked, still not convinced.

"It does not matter what I think. All that counts is your happiness." Sonya said.

Jennifer nodded, she was convinced Sonya would not pose any more threats.

"That brings us to our next issue: if you ever need help or something, come to me and I'll see what I can do. I am beginning to get quite good in programming people." Frederic said.

"Thanks man." Daphnix said. He raised his hand. Frederic slapped it.

Jennifer stood up and came over to the chair Frederic was sitting in. She draped herself over his lap and kissed him passionately. He responded in earnest.

"You're... welcome.... Honey" he said, between kisses. Finally, she put her head on his shoulder, a happy smile on her face. Frederic put his right arm around her. She cuddled herself deeper into him.

"I think I'll turn in. Goodnight, everyone."

"Already? It's just passed nine thirty." Frederic said, looking at his watch.

"Man, I'm tired. I healthy outside air does that to a man." Daphnix said.

"That explains it. Night, Daphnix."

"Goodnight." Daphnix said and closed the door to his room.

"What shall I do?" Sonya asked.

"Hm? What do you mean?"

"Where shall I spend the night?"

"Ah. You can sleep here, on the couch, if you want. Or you could return to your own house."

"If it's all right with you, I'd like to sleep on the couch." She said.

Both Frederic and Jennifer nodded.

"Great. Thanks you two." Sonya said. Frederic could here there was nothing but sheer joy in her voice.

"I think I'll follow Daphnix's example." Jennifer said.

"Ok. Good night, Jenny. Don't forgot, when you go change into your nightgown to bring some clothes with you. I wouldn't want to get into the same situation like this morning."

Jennifer laughed. "I think you're right."

As soon as Jennifer pulled close the front door of the hut, Frederic began interrogating Sonya. He gave all sorts of situations, and she had to say how she'd react. He soon discovered the well-defined boundaries of her loyalty to him and the rest of 'club', as he called it now.

"I think that is about satisfactory. I will try to reactivate your powers."

"What? You can do that?"

"I touched it on my last visit, but I don't have the experience to deal with it. I'll try to get more info when I'm in."

"Go ahead, Please!" she said.

He did just that. Once again, he found himself in the cabinet hall. He walked to the control center and sat down.

"Computer, display all information on black cabinet."


Frederic entered the same code as the keypad on the black cabinet had.


"So, the black cabinet holds a control booth that controls the mental possibilities of a person. It is protected by a level 5 energy field. So, that's why I ran into that much trouble."

"Computer, deactivate security field in mental cabinet."


The computer started a count down on the main screen.

Frederic ran to the cabinet, opened it and took out the control booth. He activated it. Frederic saw a list of about 150 items. They were all faded. He asked the computer "What was the state of the mental powers 10 days ago?"

The computer began giving a list of items. Frederic selected them all in the booth. All, except one: the ability the read and alter minds. He pressed 'activate', put the booth back into the locker and closed it. it locked automatically. He went back to the control center and sat down at the terminal. He had over a minute and a half to spare.

"Computer, display 'loyalty 1' program."

The list of commands appeared. He changed a little here and there, and added a few. Most of them were to control her powers.

"Implement." He said and pulled back.

"So, that should do it." Frederic said.

Sonya said "Let's try." She lifted a chair from the ground with no problem at all. She began crying as a small child. "Thank you." She sobbed.

"You're welcome. It's the least I could do."

"What's the least you could do?" Jennifer had returned, and now wanted to know what the sobbing was about.

"I managed to give Sonya her powers back." The look on Jennifer's face was one of animal fright.

"Don't worry. She won't use them against us. I made sure of that." Frederic said.

"Oh yeah? Is that so?" Jennifer said.

"Yes, it is. Don't worry. If you want, I can grant you powers that are a 100 times stronger than hers."

Jennifer's eyes lit up. "Do it!"

"You do know that I'll have to install subroutines that will help you control them?"


"Those powers are way powerful, believe me, I know, I'm having problems containing them myself, even though I have been learning control over advanced abilities since I was born."

"I see. What'll happen if you don't mess with my mind?"

"The sudden urge of power will give you a feeling of immortality, although that isn't true. You'll attack anything anybody that is just slightly in your way, until you step on the wrong people's toes."

"Like the Evil One?"

"Or mine, And the last thing I want to do is restrain you and forcibly remove them."

"Ok. Go ahead."

Frederic nodded. "Ok. If that is the way you want it, honey. See you in a short while." He said, and pressed in.

Jennifer's mind was different from Sonya's. Sonya's mind was organized in an effective manner. First memory, then feelings, and last but not least, mental power. Jennifer's mind was chaotic. Everything was stored where the place was available. Frederic used his telekinetic power to reorganize the cabinets. They were literally scattered all over the place. He organized them like Sonya's mind, in 2 lines. He walked to the end and opened the door to the control room. Here too, he saw minor differences with Sonya's mind, but here it was for the better. He sat down at one of the terminals. It lit up and displayed a graphical user interface.

"This is a lot better than the text-based interface in Sonya's mind" Frederic said. He selected 'Advanced' and pressed 'security'.

"Yee-haw! Jackpot!" Frederic exclaimed. "Mental cabinet, memory cabinets, feelings cabinets." He read. "While I'm here, I can at least have a look around."

He selected 'memory cabinets'. "Ah. This one allows me to limit access to her and me. I have a hunch that feelings cabinets does the same."

He went back and pressed 'mental cabinet' and deactivated the security field. This one had a different code, but that posed no problem to his code-breaking abilities.

He went to the black cabinet, took out the booth and activated it. he selected all 150+ items listed there. He pressed 'activated and put the booth back in the cabinet. He walked back to the control room.

'New program'. He wrote a list of directives to help her control her powers. 'Implement'.

He left her mind. "So, that's it. How do you feel?"

"Powerful! This is incredible. I can see... Everything!"

"That is a side-effect of the enhancement powers. If you want, I can teach you."

"That will be necessary if I ever want to control them."

"Hey, If I can learn them by myself, so can you!" he said, after she had kissed him.

"But, man I'm tired. I need sleep." She gaped.

"Going from 'almost-normal' to 'Queen of the Universe' in 10 minutes would even wear me out. Get 12 hours of sleep and you'll feel a lot better."

"I'll do that. Are you coming?" she asked, extending her arm.

"I'm going for a walk. I'll join you as soon as I get back."

"Ok." She said, turned around and disappeared in Frederic's bedroom.

Frederic walked outside. He decided to go to the special place near the river that Jennifer had shown him earlier that day. It was secluded and he had to crawl through some thick bushes to get there. He sat down and just stared out over the water.

He decided to try an experiment. He let his manipulative power loose in the air in front of him. He closed his eyes and shifted his vision from his eyes to the cloud of power in front of him. He turned it around and looked at himself, sitting there, with eyes closed and legs folded, in a sort of meditative position. He pushed his cloud inside his own mind.

"What the..?" he asked. The room he had materialized in, was totally different from the ones he had seen in Jennifer's and Sonya's mind. Gone were the cabinets in different colors. Gone was the door to a control center. The only thing he saw, was a room, filed with conductor lines. He saw flashes of energy flash through them. He walked alongside one line, following the direction he had seen a flash travel in. After some time, he saw a huge tower-like building in the room. As he neared it, he saw that it was glowing in a red, green and blue color. He neared a small door. He walked through it and ...

"Well, at least there is a control center, of what goes through for it." he mumbled. The room resembled in nothing to the centers in Jennifer's and Sonya's mind. It was not the warm beige-colored computer room, but a large, gray ugly place, something like the ground control at NASA.

Frederic sat down at on of the terminals and accessed it. This time, something he had never worked with. Not a text-based interface, not a graphical interface, but a MENTAL interface (MI). It communicated by receiving and transmitting brainwave patterns. "That explains the lack of screens" he said.

After maybe 10 seconds, he found it much easier to use than the other systems. He also got an explanation for the lack of cabinets. The entire memory and feeling library have been stored INSIDE the MI. "much easier than the files in cabinets. That also explains why I am smarter. I can access and store something much easier."

Frederic decided to take a look for his mental file. He was thrown aback at the fact that he didn't have to input a password. Then he realized "Of course, it's my mind! I can do whatever I want!"

The familiar 150+ items appeared in his mind. To his shock, only half of them were active. He activated them all. He also scanned through his personality file. He made some modifications. He would be more even-tempered and so on. He also looked at the file with explanations of the items in the mental file. He was working on three terminals at once, without even noticing. His enhanced brain structure made it possible to do that without any difficulty. He communicated with his personal file, a list of directories to control his new powers and the help file on his new powers.


Without even deciding anything, the computer reacted to his brainwaves, and on the main screen Jennifer's face appeared. She looked worried. Frederic saw her yell something, and Daphnix came running too. He too, looked worried.

He saved and implemented his work in a single thought. He tagged this place, so the next time he'd enter his own mind, he'd come here directly. Then he pulled out. He found his vision back into the could of power, just in front of him. He deactivated the cloud and opened his eyes.

"What are you doing here? Don't you have to sleep?" he said. Then he realized, it was light!

"Thank god, you're alright!" Jennifer yelled, and flew around his neck.

"What time is it?" he finally asked.

"It's ten thirty" Daphnix said, with a look on his watch.

"WHAT? I have been away that long? Time really does fly when you're having fun." Frederic said.

"Fun? FUN? We were scared the hell something had happened to you, and you say you were having FUN?" Jennifer said with a mock angry tone in her voice.

"I took a look in my own mind. I made some modifications. I activated all the brainpower I could." He collapsed, his hands pressed against his head.

"NO. NO! GET AWAY FROM US! I MEAN IT! GET AWAY!" he howled. "I TOLD YOU!" he shouted. In a blast of fire, Frederic blasted high into the air and flew of.

"What the hell is that all about?" Daphnix asked.

"My new powers haven't developed far enough to even comprehend what he is doing." Jennifer said.

"If I were you, I'd hurry to my books and study until my eyes are red." Daphnix said. "I think He'll be able to use it."

Just as soon as he had disappeared, Frederic reappeared, looked pale and he was shaking on his legs.

"What was all that about?"

"I... just killed somebody."

Jennifer and Daphnix were taken aback. "Who?" Daphnix finally asked.

"I killed everybody who ever hurt us." Frederic managed to throw out.

"You did what?" Daphnix said.

"I didn't have time to complete the directories fore my new powers. I can't control them. They control me." He managed. "I have to finish them."

And he blanked out.

Frederic materialized, exactly as he had wanted, in the control center. He immediately called up the directives and started working on them. In less than 2 minutes he had something that would be sufficient. He pulled up his personal file and the help file of his new powers. He improved the directives to make sure he would have maximum control when needed. When that was finished, he leaned back into the comfortable chair of the terminal and closed his eyes.

"I took care of that. Let's see what there is more in here." He immediately got a complete list of whatever else was possible. He started improving the file structure of his memory files and his feeling files. He also made the file management program self-adaptable, so it would improve the structure on its own accord.

He scanned through his emotion files, to make sure he didn't carry any more grudges that could extract such a reaction. The combination of being almost omnipotent and the long-present emotional scars of always being picked on had made him lose control like that.

He found no more grudges. At first he was happy, then he realized he had just killed over 20 people whose only crime was that they had picked on him. Frederic broke down. "What have I done? I wish I could bring them back!" he gasped.


"That's it. Thank you computer!" he jumped up from the chair and heard a faint "... welcome". He had broken contact, and the computer had obviously tried communicating.

He pulled out, deactivated the cloud and said, "I'm fine. I am going to correct some damage." To Daphnix and Jennifer, who were sitting next to him. He blasted off and, like before he disappeared rapidly into the sky.

After a small hour, Frederic returned.

"I'm sorry about leaving so soon, but I had to repair the damage I had done."

"What do you mean?" Jennifer looked strangely at him.

"I reanimated them." Frederic said, with a growing pride in his voice. "I'm just glad I found medical powers in my mental base."

"Don't you never scare me like that again, mister!" Jennifer said with a now not so mock angry tone in her voice.

"I'm sorry." Frederic simply said, bowing his head. He felt awful. "I should be feeling awful. I killed 20 human beings. Ok, I revived them, but it should never have happened in the first place!"

"As long as you are now in complete control over your powers, everything is alright." Jennifer said.

"Everything is not alright! It is too dangerous to mess with these powers! If I were just a little less strong-minded, I could have lost it completely."

"But it didn't. Accidents like these are bound to happen, and as long as you're able to correct them, there is no problem."

"Yea! Listen to her, man. She's right. The only thing you did was teaching those bastards a lesson. Ok, killing them was a little harsh, but they'll be alright now, won't they?" Daphnix said.

"Yes. They'll be all right, although I have doubts that their mental state will be just as all right. Being dead is not something you get over lightly."

"That's for the better. Now they won't bother us anymore." Daphnix said.

"You're probably right."

"Of course I'm right." Daphnix said. "I'm always right."

All three of them laughed.

"You know, I learned something else." Frederic said.

"Yeah? What's that?"

"A new power. Ok, before you say anything. I know that there are a lot of them., but this one is particularly interesting. I now have the ability to directly take control over another human's body."

"You mean, you can do whatever you want to anybody, and they are powerless to stop you?"

"Yep, as long as they don't have psychic powers of there own. If they do, I have to break through their defenses and then take control."

"I see. Come on, I'm beginning to get hungry." Daphnix said.

As they were walking home, Jennifer asked Frederic about a hundred questions. He answered them the best he could. Finally, he stopped her.

"After lunch, I'll transfer my knowledge to you. You sort them out afterwards."

"Great idea!" Daphnix said. He was bored with long explanations of powers that he thought weren't useful at all.

"We'll do that." Jennifer said.

Just before they entered the guest hut, Daphnix gave Frederic a bump in his side and made a 'come here' gesture with his head. Jennifer got the point and got inside.

"Could you give me such power too?"

"I can try. I don't know if it'll work on you, since you don't have any psychic powers at all."

"Just try. If it doesn't work, no sweat. I just don't want to go around not knowing if I could be like you and Jennifer."

"Hey, if you want, I could reprogram Sonya for you."


"I could make her just as crazy about you as Jennifer is about me."

Daphnix seemed to ponder that for a moment. "No, thanks," he said, "It wouldn't be real."

"As you want. Maybe I could take a look after I'm done with Jennifer."

"That'll be great." Daphnix said.

"Ok, now can we go eat? I'm starving."

"Yep, me too." Daphnix said. They did just that.

After lunch, deliciously prepared by Sonya, Frederic sat to work on Jennifer.

He went into the control room and activated the terminal. He proceeded by going into his own mind. And transferred all his knowledge of mental powers to a mental disk (MD). He left his own mind, returned to Jennifer's and put the mental disk in the reader's slot. He transferred the knowledge to her long-term memory. He also removed the program that would deactivate her powers on contact with sperm and deactivated the terminal. He left Jennifer's mind. The whole procedure had taken 5 minutes.

"And?" Frederic asked.

"One moment, please" Jennifer said. Shivers ran down Frederic's spine. She sounded ... artificial. It was as if she was a computer or something. Frederic decided to wait.

"Here I am. It took some time to get used to ... this" Jennifer said. She raised her hand, and a small fireball appeared.

"So, how do you feel?"

"Powerful! I can't even comprehend how powerful I am! The feeling is unbelievable."

"Believe me, I know. And don't forget, my powers are stronger than yours. Thanks to the sword and the genetic engineering."

"You mean, you're even stronger than this?" she asked, hurling the fireball towards Frederic.

He caught it easily and bounced it up and down in his hand, as tough it was a simple rubber ball. "Yep." He dematerialized it. "Now, let's see what I can do about Daphnix." Frederic added, turning towards his friend, who had watched the entire thing.

"Still want me to go through with it?" he asked

"Go ahead." Daphnix said. Frederic could clearly hear the nerves in his voice.

"Don't worry, you won't feel a thing." Frederic reassured him. "It will take longer than 5 minutes with you, since I'll have to activate your mental powers, if I can." Frederic said. He explained the rest of the procedure, so Daphnix would exactly know what was being done to him.

"Do it." Daphnix faded out.

Frederic materialized in a room similar to his own mind, with flashes running around the place. He could clearly see that Daphnix's mind was superior to his. The thought processing was increased with a 10% over his, Frederic estimated. He walked to the control room and tagged it, just as he had done with his and Jennifer's.

He looked for a mental file and wasn't surprised when there was none. He looked at a general overlay of Daphnix' brain structure. He found the dormant regions of the brain that contained the mental powers. He tried activating them. It didn't work. Frederic was almost beginning to think about giving up, when he found something labeled 'Sagittarius 001'.

He activated the file. Immediately, Daphnix' control center changed. The lighting dimmed, and a dark red glow took over. A piercing whistle was heard. On the main screen 'CODE SAGITTARIUD ACTIVATED ---- ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS. COMPLETE ACTIVATION IN 5 SECONDS' appeared. The countdown proceeded.

Chapter 4 up to bigger challenges.

As the counter reached zero, it was like Daphnix's entire neural structure was being rewritten. Frederic could feel the shudder as the enhancements kicked in.

Frederic braced himself, as the shudder became a genuine earthquake. The entire command center shook on its foundations as the Sagittarius program continued.

As suddenly as it started, the quaking stopped. Frederic accessed the computer, and a list of modifications had appeared. As Frederic read it, he realized he had stumbled upon something potentially disastrous. Daphnix, like Frederic, had gotten some serious mental modifications. Frederic immediately realized that Daphnix's powers were concentrated solely on the military aspect. Only one type of energy bolt, only one type of shield and an enhanced tactical view, but these were pushed to a pathetic high level. It was pushed so far that they could threaten even Frederic, and he had an extra armor! Now he realized why Daphnix's powers were dormant: with a single thought, the Entire Earth could be in jeopardy!

Frederic looked for a mental file, and sure thing, now there was one. He lowered Daphnix's sole attack and defense, and activated the other powers in the file, so they were all roughly the same strength. He downloaded the MD list of powers into Daphnix's memory and wrote a list of directives to follow, to make sure Daphnix would be able to control them. As he finished the list, he made one extra addition: when needed, Daphnix could be returned to the original 'Sagittarius' state by a simple mental code: 'Restore Sagittarius Alpha-1'. He stood up and realized that Daphnix could never know about this. Frederic would keep this to himself, to make misuse impossible.

Frederic pulled out. "That is that."

"Any problems?"

"I had some difficulty locating the mental file, but everything is all right now. I also found out what genetic modifications were made."

"Really? What are they?"

"You are extremely dangerous to every tactician in the world. Your tactical strength is off the scale. I tell you, Napoleon and consorts were mere schoolboys compared to what you could do."


"Yes. The reason you never found out about it is because it was dormant. Apparently, the government wanted to make sure you never used them without their permission. Don't worry, I already activated it."

"Way cool! I can beat anyone?"

"In whatever tactical scenario possible. Chess, checkers, war simulations, full-blown war, whatever."

"Great! And, how about fighting?"

"Tactics aren't extremely useful in hand-to-hand combat, but it makes a good support."

"I should have known that for the good part it would not be useful."

They all laughed. "Don't you worry, you have the same power and knowledge as Jennifer does. How you develop them is entirely up to you." Frederic said.

"Could I have a word with Jenny?" Frederic asked Daphnix.

"Sure, pal." Daphnix said and winked. "Have fun" he whispered in Frederic's ear as he passed.

Frederic pulled Jennifer close to him. "And? Any noticeable changes?"

"Yes. I am now familiar with all my powers. I know how they work in theory, but I don't have the skill to use them to their maximum extent."

"Anything else? Something ... physical?" Frederic specifically targeted the removed sex-inhibitor.

"No?" she said, questionably, not knowing what he was trying to go.

"I removed the sex-inhibitor." He said.

"What? You removed the inhibitor? You mean, we can have sex?" she exclaimed.

"Yes." He said, a little unsure of himself. He hadn't thought she would be this exhilarated. "I can put it back in." He added with a grin on his face.

"NO! I mean, no let it out. So, tonight is the big night?"

"Big night?" he asked, before realizing what she meant. "Oh! Tonight, I am going back home. Tomorrow I have school. Unless you would like to go with me?"

"Sure I want to go with you. But, what will I do when you are at school? I can't sit around the house all day."

"You could go to the local high school, or you could go with me to college. Or you could stay home."

"School? Don't you see? I never had a day's education in my entire life! I can hardly read or write!"

This announcement was like a bombshell. "You never ...?" his voice trailed off. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you. If you want, I can get you ready for whatever you want."

"You mean, knowledge transfer?"

"That is exactly what I mean."

"Ok." Frederic copied the entire contends of his memory to a MD and downloaded it into Jennifer's mind. "Why bother giving her little bits? Let's just give her the entire package." He thought.

"That's it.," he said. Now that he was doing this stuff regularly, he was becoming good at this. It took him less than 30 seconds to copy his memory, download it and pull out.

"This is... incredible! These... this..." she struggled with her own words. Frederic could imagine how she must feel. He had experienced it too when his knowledge absorption had first activated.

"Calm down. Breathe in... and out. Take some time to order your thoughts." He said, taking her hand to comfort her.

After a few minutes, she had composed herself enough to speak.

"Thank you. This is incredible! I know stuff about subjects I never knew existed 10 minutes ago! I never realized how much there is to know that hasn't something to do with fighting."

"I'm glad you like it. now, have you decided what you want to do?"

"I need some time to think about it. I hope you don't mind if I staid here tonight?"

He made a 'whatever sign with his hands. "Anything you say. I'll come for your answer tomorrow evening, let's say around 8 PM?"

"Ok. That's fine."

"Great! Now, you'll have to excuse me and my friend, we have to get back home. We have some work to do for college."

"Ok. See you both tomorrow then?"

"See you tomorrow." Frederic said. He hugged her and kissed her. She responded in kind.

After they broke the kiss, Frederic went out to find Daphnix. He found his friend at their spot on the riverbank.

"Daphnix, we're going home."

"What, now?"

"Yes. Now, immediately. I don't want to stay here another minute." Frederic said. His voice shook a little.

Daphnix, sensing that something was wrong asked, "Is Jennifer not coming along?"

"She wants to think it over. I asked Sonya to stay here and keep an eye on her."

"What happened? I thought she wanted to come?" Daphnix asked. He was at a complete loss.

"It appeared she never went to school and could hardly read and write, so I give her everything I know, and now she ..." Frederic's voice cut off, and Daphnix could see a tear running down his friend's cheek.

"The bitch! You gave her almost unlimited knowledge about I don't know how many subjects, and she doesn't want to come?"

"She says she needs time. I promised I'd be back tomorrow at 8 in the evening." Frederic said, after he composed himself.

"I'm going to tell her right now what I think of her." Daphnix said and he jumped up.

"NO! Don't! I told her that everything was just fine. Don't make it worse than it already is. If tomorrow the answer is no, then you can." Frederic said, putting an arm in front of his friend to stop him.

"Ok." Daphnix said. "I am just going to say goodbye to the girls."

Frederic nodded. "I already did. I'll wait here for you."

"Fine." Daphnix said and disappeared in the woods.

Frederic sat down and just looked out over the water.

Daphnix ran through the woods. He hurriedly said goodbye to the girls, and went to the guest hut. It was disserted.

He then proceeded to Jennifer's hut and went inside. he found Jennifer, laying on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Jen? We're leaving. See you tomorrow."

She didn't respond. Daphnix sat down next to her. "Are you ok?"

"No, I'm NOT ok!" she said, and looked at her hands. "He gave me all this stuff I don't need, and now I don't know what to do!"

"Jennifer, what you are feeling is a lack of challenges. Because of the recent changes, you feel immortal, and you think there are no more challenges. Believe me, there are!"

"Like what?"

"Come with us, and we can show you ourselves. There are many places that challenge you. College, work, lots of things."

"Didn't Frederic tell you? I never had a day's education in my life. I don't know how to function there."

"You have the knowledge of someone who is almost smarter than the teachers who are giving the course. Believe me, you'll fit in perfectly."

"You think so?"

"I do. Come on, what do you say? Are you ready for some real challenges?"

she thought it over for a few seconds. "All right, I'll come with you."

"All right! Come on, let's tell Frederic. By the way, where is Sonya?"

"She's in the kitchen, cleaning dishes."

Daphnix went into the kitchen and told her they were going home. With a little help from Daphnix and Jennifer, the dishes were clean in less than a minute, and they left for the spot near the river.

Frederic's head was resting against his pulled-up knees. He looked out over the water, savoring it's calm, smooth surface. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. "That's not Daphnix's!" he thought. "Too small to be Sonya's. Whose is it?" He turned around and he stared directly into Jennifer's bright and shining eyes.

"Jen, honey, what are you doing here? I thought you didn't want to come?"

"Can't a girl change her mind?"

"Sure you can!" he exclaimed, jumping up. They hugged and kissed.

"Break it up, you two. We don't have all week!" Daphnix said, a big smile on his face.

Frederic and Jennifer let their foreheads rest against each other's. They laughed.

"Ok. Everybody ready?" Frederic asked.

He activated his sword and created the portal. Everybody stepped through and appeared in the middle of the same park that they started this ride from.

Frederic put the sword away and they walked to Frederic's home in twilight.

Chapter 5 the Club grows.

"Barbara? Where are you, big sister?" Frederic said, as he came through the front door.

"I'm eating breakfast!" she answered.

"Oh, man! I hate time changes." Daphnix said.

"Look, we've just won 7 hours. Guess what we can do with those." Frederic said. Daphnix's face lit up. "Right." Frederic said. "Now, here comes the hard part." He walked into the kitchen and sat down. The others joined him.

Barbara looked up, not knowing what to think about the whole bunch. <<From now on, communicate telepathically.>> Frederic sent them. They all sent an <<ok>> back.

"Barbs, these are a couple of friends, from my trip. This is Jennifer and this is Sonya. Could they stay here?"

"For how long?"

"Indefinitely, just like Daphnix."

"No way! Where are they going to stay? Do their parents know about this? I can't have those two girls staying here without their parent's consent."

"Yes way! They can sleep in mom and dad's old room. They don't have any parents that I know of. By the way, starting tomorrow, Jennifer is going to college with me and Daphnix."

Barbara looked strangely at this. "So, you've finally made some new friends, and they are just as brainy as you are?"

"Jennifer is. Sonya is going to start looking for work tomorrow, she'll help pay the bills."

"You really thought this over, haven't you? Once again, you managed to persuade me with sheer logic. But this time I have something else up my sleeve."

<<Damn. I was so sure that this would work. She changed tactics since I persuaded her last time.>>

"Like what?" Frederic said, managing to get the nervousness out of his voice.

"They can stay, but they'll have to follow a few simple rules. I don't want any trouble, so no sex while you are staying here. All of you have to find jobs for after school, to help pay the bills and on the first sign of trouble, arguments or fights, you all have to find another place to stay."

<<I hate rules. Just reprogram her, so she won't give us any problems.>> Jennifer said.

<<I hate those rules as much as you do, but if that's what it take for us to be together, so be it.>> Frederic sent.

<<Let's be democratic, and call a vote. All in favor of reprogramming?" Daphnix sent.

Jennifer and Sonya both wanted it. Frederic voted against. <<It's your decision, D>> Frederic sent. <<What'll it be?>>

<<I'm in favor too. If we don't, it will only last a couple of weeks before we get kicked out.>>

Frederic's expression betrayed the disappointment. <<OK. That is how it shall be.>>

"Barbara? You really don't want to push all these harsh rules on, us, do you?" Frederic said, in his sweetest voice. He reinforced it with a mental command.

"Of course not, dear I was just kidding. Go get your friends installed."

"Thanks, barbs. You're the greatest."

"You're welcome, brother." She smiled as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Thank you miss Fromthefield." Jennifer said, standing up to shake Barbara's hand.

"It's Barbara, and you're welcome Jennifer." Barbara smiled.

"Thank you for letting me stay here Mistress Barbara." Sonya said. <<Pst! Don't do that in front of my sister! She'll get suspicious!"

Barbara took it in good humor. "I'll call upon you when I need you, slave" she said, laughing out loud.

"Thank you, mistress." Sonya said, bowing slightly and leaving the room backwards. "Strange girl that Sonya" Barbara thought.

"Don't you never do that again! If my sister gets suspicious, and I have to reprogram her again, I'll never forgive you!" Frederic shouted, outraged, as soon as they were out of Barbara's hearing range.

"I am sorry, Frederic. I'll never do it again." Sonya almost sunk through the ground. Frederic's rage melted like snow in the sun.

"We're lucky she didn't get suspicious. We have to be very careful, not to draw too much attention to us."

They all agreed on that. "Now, the pleasantries. This afternoon, I an Jennifer will go to college, to get her signed in."

"You think they'll accept her? I mean, it's only 2 months and a half until the year ends." Daphnix said.

"I think we'll be able to handle it." Frederic said. Jennifer cuddled close to him.

"I think it's time to show you your room." Frederic said. "Standing here at the bottom of the stairs will get us nowhere fast."

Frederic showed the girls their room and his room and everything else they needed to know. After they heard Barbara leave for work, they got the realm to themselves. "Great schedule we have, don't you think, Daphnix?" Frederic asked.

"Yep. We have a prolonged weekend. Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays off." Daphnix agreed.

"What do you say, after we've got Jennifer signed in and we go get Sonya a job we go out?" Frederic suggested.

"Sounds fine with me." Daphnix said. The girls too, made no objection.

"Great! That's settled. Now, let's all get some sleep, after the girls are unpacked. We have a long day ahead of us."

The girls disappeared into their room and Daphnix and Frederic went into theirs.

"Say, Fred? Can I test my new tactics skill on you?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"Chess. I never managed to beat you before."

"Sure. You set it up. I have to go to the bathroom."

After Frederic got back from nature's call he sat down on the other end of the board. Daphnix took two pawns, shook them behind his back and held on in each closed hand in front of him. Frederic tapped his friend's right hand. White.

"Good sign." Frederic said, as they shook each other's hand.

In less than 25 moves, Frederic had lost his queen, a bishop, both his knights and checkmate was only a few moves away. "You really are undefeatable!" Frederic said, impressed.

"I guess." Daphnix said, concentrating on his next move. He had it. He moved his one tower and that as the end of Frederic.

"You really have improved. A LOT." Frederic said, a grin on his face. "From now on, when there are tactical decisions to be made, I'll come to you."

"Always glad to help." Daphnix said. "Care for another game?"

"Not now, I have some work to do. I need to create a personal profile of Jennifer and Sonya. They can't do anything without it."

"What are you talking about?"

"You know, birth certificate, parents, school, activities and so on."

"You can do that? Without anybody finding out?"

"Sure I can. I did it before. It brought in quite a little extra cash too." Frederic said, switching on his computer.

"Cool, man! You got someone in the country, and they paid you for that?"

"Er, it's the other way around. I got someone OUT of the country, destroyed all evidence he ever existed and created a new file with his old data as a backbone. Remember, the best lie is the one that tells the truth, but not the whole truth."

"Impressive." Daphnix said. He had no idea Frederic had ever done as much as step out of line.

"Computer, create new personal file. Name Jennifer Simmons."

"File is being created." The computer's metallic voice responded.

Frederic got up and walked to the girl's room. "Come on, girls. I need your help for a minute." They were glad to help, of course, when they heard what everything was about.

"So, the info I need. Jennifer, stand before that camera." SNAP! SNAP! The digital camera shot 2 times. The best photo was uploaded into the file.

Frederic continued as soon as the photo was in place. "You went to Eton. You graduated early. You were a straight A student. Your parents sent you here, for further education. Your mother ad my mother were sisters, so the choice was easily made. Now, extracurricular activities?"

"Martial arts. Computer club. Science club" Jennifer said, drawing upon the imported knowledge from Frederic.

"Right. Black belt in Karate, Aikido, Jiu-jitsu and Judo. President of the computer club with as most noted action helping in the creation of LINUX. Science club: president, until you were expelled because an attempt to create cold fusion failed and blew up the lab."

"That's acceptable. Import it." Jennifer said. Her eyes were shining with excitement. The life she wanted was being created in front of her very eyes!

"Computer, import changes in necessary databases. Now, pull up the legal documents, with the necessary data filled in, and the official seals and stamps are present." The computer complied.

"Print them." Out of the printer came a birth certificate, a diploma from Eton, a driver's license, green card, passports and so on.

"You'll have to know what's on them. I'd suggest you start learning, because it is very likely they'll ask you stuff about them, and your personal file."

Jennifer nodded and got to work. Frederic created a similar file for Sonya, but she was already an American, so she didn't require a green card. It made Frederic's job a lot easier.

"Won't they see that these aren't real?" Daphnix asked, pointing at the documents.

"This is a state-of-the-art double-sided color laser printer. A prototype from my granddad. The poor man has no idea what the potentials are. The paper I use has the same texture as the one that those documents are supposed to be printed on. I could print my own money with this thing."

"And how about watermarks, and so?"

Frederic picked up Jennifer's passport. He went to a drawer, and pulled out and UV lamp and shone it over the passport. It glowed back in the appropriate response. Daphnix was flabbergasted.

"This thing prints the entire spectrum, if required. But it is very, very expensive. This little print-job cost me about 500 dollars."

"What? 500 bucks to create an entire new person?"

"Yes. Can you imagine what the profits are? I was paid 10 grand to help that guy get away."

Daphnix whistled. "There really is more to you than meets the eye."

Frederic grinned. "Jen, honey. Bag those documents. We are going to get you written in."

"OK." She said. She grabbed the documents and put them away as good as she could.

Frederic, Jennifer and Daphnix walked to campus. When they got there, they went to the headmaster's office. Frederic walked up to the secretary.

"Excuse me, ma'am."

"Ah, young Frederic. What can I do for you?"

"This is Jennifer" Frederic introduced his girlfriend. "She would like to get written in."

"You're a little early. Enlisting s are in July and August." She said with a grin.

"You don't understand, I'm afraid. She want to get written in for this year."

"But, it's a mere 2 and a half month until graduation."

"Can we please see the headmaster? After we show him her documents, he'll be glad to have her." Frederic said.

"I'll see what I can do. Give me those documents, and I'll give them personally."

"Thank you. That is very kind of you."

Jennifer gave the secretary the documents concerning 'her school'.

After a few minutes, the secretary came out and made a 'come in' gesture to them.

Frederic, Jennifer and Daphnix walked in.

"So, another brilliant student? We'll have quite a reputation when this is over. I would gladly accept such a promising student, but there is one small problem: she has missed the exams of the first semester, she missed 2 midterms and so on."

"No problem. I have been working with Frederic during the weekend, and I feel confident that I will be able to pass those, when given the chance." Jennifer said, the confidence dripping from her face.

"How soon would you be able to take them?"

"How about next week?"

The headmaster was a little taken aback by this. "You want to take 2 midterms and an exam with a preparation period of a week?"

Jennifer mistook his expression for anger. "I can do it sooner, if you want."

The poor headmaster started choking. He coughed a few times, and got his air passage free once again. "Sooner? Most student here, have to prepare a week for one subject. You want to take all of them as soon as possible?"

"Yes. If that's all right with you."

"Next week will be fine." His voice betrayed he didn't buy any of this. "Ok. You win. I'll let you in. But don't come weeping to me when you fail. What are you majoring in?"

Jennifer looked at Frederic and smiled at him. He smiled back. "Quantum mechanics, Quantum Physics and computer science."

The headmaster choked again. "Three subjects? Well, missy, I have to hand it to you, even if you don't pass, you certainly showed courage."

"Thank you, sir."

"My secretary will give you the paperwork to fill in. Here are your documents. Good luck, miss Simmons. Good day, gentlemen" the headmaster said.

The secretary was extremely helpful with the paperwork, and in less than 2 hours, they were back on the streets.

"So, college student, how does it feel?"

"GREAT! We'll certainly ar going to have some fun there!"

"Yea! I want to see the look an the headmaster's face when you ace those tests!" Daphnix said. Thanks to Frederic's care, he too had all the knowledge he could ever want, so he knew what knowledge she possessed.

"Did you see his face when Jennifer said 'next week, or sooner'? And when she told him her subjects? His expression was worth gold."

All three laughed out loud when they were walking home. As soon as they got home, Frederic gave Sonya the knowledge she requires for the job that she was going to do. She was going to be a programmer at a software company.

For the rest of the afternoon, Frederic, Daphnix and Jennifer enjoyed themselves. Sonya could start immediately at her new job.

The next morning, Frederic was the first one up. He went downstairs and fixed breakfast. That went quick, thanks to his new powers. he woke the rest of the household, and they all had breakfast.

"So, how do you like living here?" Barbara asked.

"Very much, Barbara. Thanks again. I just hope college goes just as well." Jennifer said.

"Well, if you have Frederic to help you, that won't be to much of a problem." Barbara said back.

"Speaking of college, we have to get ready if we want to be in time. Bye, sis. See you when you get back from work." Frederic said.

They all got up and went to the bathroom. There was quite a jam there, I can tell you! Frederic was the first one there, so he disappeared inside. Daphnix, Jennifer, Sonya and Barbara were waiting outside, in an orderly row, although there were some comments about the fact that they had to wait.

Frederic's powers worked overtime, he washed himself while brushing his teeth at the same time. As soon as that was finished, he jumped into his clothes. He looked into the mirror and brushed his hair. "A reasonable result, in about," he checked his watch, "7 minutes. Impressive." He thought.

<< On word of advice: use your powers to cut back on bathroom time.>> Frederic transmitted. He got an <<OK>> back.

To cut a long story short: they all got off the work or college. Frederic and Daphnix gave Jennifer the tour of the college. She knew everything of course, but 'there is no better experience than personal experience' Frederic said.

They were waiting in the hall, for the professor to show up, as a familiar voice shouted, "Hey dorkface, who's the bitch?"

Frederic's expression, which had been quite pleasant, changed. "That is my girlfriend, Sandra. She has more brains in her right pinky than you in that thing you call a head." Frederic spat.

"Hey, guys! The Dork has a girlfriend! So, have you banged her yet?"

Frederic opened his mouth to shoot something back, as Jennifer gently give him a sign to stand aside.

"For your information, my name is Jennifer. You will address the three of us with the respect that comes with being the smartest. If not..." Jennifer said on a threatening tone.

Sandra was twice as wide and half a times larger than Jennifer. She laughed so hard that tears were running down her cheeks. "Hear that? She's threatening me! I'm scared. Itsy-pitsy Jennifer is going to hit me! I am just trembling with fear." This eluded a loud snicker from the rest of the class.

Jennifer hit Sandra in the stomach. She doubled over, and immediately got a kick directly on her jaw. Although superior in weight and height, Sandra was at a loss. The faster and stronger Jennifer leaped around her, making her lose every sense of direction, never knowing were the next kick or punch was going to come from.

After about 2 minutes, Jennifer went to Frederic and slapped his outstretched hand. "Good work, Jen. Mind if I take over?"

"Not at all, be my guest."

"Sandra? How are you, bitch?"

Sandra struggled to compose herself. No matter what, she had endurance. He had seen how fast an Amazon had dealt with his friend, and now Sandra was still standing after 2 minutes. "I'm fine dork. Next time, your girlfriend won't be there to defend you."

"You were just lucky, I guess."


"That she wanted to get a point across. If it had been me, you would be in a hospital by now."

"Yeah, right!"

"Affirmative. Observe." He said, matter-of-factly. Before she realized what had happened, Frederic had hit her 4 times in her stomach area, and she was currently recovering from a nasty throw, about 5 meters away.

The entire class looked strangely at him. "How did you do that?"

"She's not a bad teacher, you know." Frederic said, pointing towards Jennifer. Now, they were gaping at her. Jennifer was swelling with pride. She wasn't entirely sure what Frederic meant, but it sure felt good to have all those college students gaping at her.


The professor arrived, and during class it was more than one time that the entire class was gaping at her. They had grown accustomed to Frederic and Daphnix correcting the teachers, but now they had another smart-ass in the class, and that was an entire new experience.

The days slid by. Finally! Saturday morning! 3 days off. Frederic, being his usual self, was awake early. He was practicing his powers in the backyard.

After a few hours, Daphnix and Jennifer joined him. "Don't you ever sleep?" Jennifer laughed.

"Yes, I do. About 6 to 7 hours a day." Frederic said, never interrupting his practices. He was doing push-ups now. Impressive, when you count in the fact that he was doing them WITHOUT hands. When he reached 100, he put one hand down, and continued to do another 100 with his one hand, before switching to the other arm.

"Why do push-ups with your arms as well? You have your powers to back you up, if needed." Daphnix asked after Frederic finished.

"When the dark One comes, I need to be ready. Mental strength may not be enough. If I can combine it with physical strength, I have moe chance of beating him."

"Now I see. Well, how long until you're done?" Jennifer asked.

"Only one more exercise: combat. For that one, I need the help of one of you."

"Ok." They both agreed. "So, what do we have to do?"

"First, defense. Attack me. As fast and as hard as you can."


Jennifer and Daphnix worked up a good sweat, trying to attack Frederic. He managed to block them all. Even when they attacked simultaneously from 2 opposite directions, they didn't manage to hit him. "That is a good one. I need to be able to anticipate multiple attack from multiple directions." Frederic exclaimed after he first blocked such an attack.

"Now, attack. Attempt to elude my attacks. I will only use the absolute minimum of force, so an average shield it sufficient." He said.

Daphnix and Jennifer circled around Frederic. They immediately realized that the attack wasn't Frederic's strong side. He did managed to hit them quite a few times, but they managed to jump out of the way of them just as easily.

"We have to work on the attack more." Frederic said. "Now, let's have a shower and have lunch. Exercising is the best way to work up an appetite."

After showers and lunch, they went out. Frederic and Daphnix showed Jennifer around the city.

The weekend past rather uneventful, except for the Monday evening, as Jennifer decided to resume her tradition of sleeping in Frederic's bed.

The next day, it was Jennifer's big day. She was going to take the exams and midterms. Of course, she aced them, much to the strange looks from the headmaster and her teachers. After the tests, Frederic and Daphnix asked a hundred questions. Then came the big moment. Frederic asked Daphnix to walk on home. He had something important to ask Jennifer. Daphnix, since he and Frederic shared a room, knew what this was about: Jennifer's tradition of sleeping with Frederic.

"So, Now what is going to happen?" Frederic finally asked, not very sure how to bring it up.

"You mean, about us sleeping together?" Jennifer asked.

"That and... more" Frederic finally got out.

"Ah THAT. I think we should wait, until we know each other a little better."

"My thoughts exactly. I love you, honey."

"I love you too, darling" Jennifer said. Frederic and Jennifer soon were in each other's arms, kissing passionately.

"Oh. First love is soooo beautiful."

"Shut up Sandra." Frederic said.

"But you two are such a cute couple."

"Back off. I will not warn you again." Frederic's voice dropped to an icy tone. Sandra was not impressed.

<<See that big oak? Bump you head into it, 200 times, maximum force. Do not give up until you reach that number, or pass out.>> Frederic telepathically commanded.

Jennifer snickered. Sandra got a weird expression on her face, ran to the oak and bumped her head into it. She fell, got up and started pounding. 2...3...4...5 times. She passed out.

"I warned her." Frederic said.

"So you did. Why don't you just reprogram her? She would never bug us again. "

"That's immoral. I hate to forcibly reprogram someone."


The last 2 months of the year were uneventful. Sandra left them alone, since she didn't know if Frederic was responsible for the double fracture in her skull. Jennifer, Frederic and Daphnix earned the reputation of being 'hands off' territory. Every time someone deliberately tried to hurt them, they ended up getting hurt, like Sandra. Frederic was real inventive about punishments. He made a guy run 100 laps around the football field, at an equal tempo, without stopping. The poor guy was dead tired. That is only a MILD exaggeration. He ended up in hospital with severe exhaustion.

Jennifer, Frederic and Daphnix graduated at the top of their class. For the first time in the history of the college, they had to grant them a 100% at the end of the year. They even tested them again, at all in separate rooms, to make sure they didn't cheat. Not that the 'separate room' thing could stop them if they wanted to.

"So, what are we going to do during vacation? Daphnix will probably leave to go live with his parents, and Jennifer probably wants to go back to the Amazons."

"No way! I'm having to much fun here!" Jennifer yelled.

"I think that I am going to stay too." Daphnix said.

"Hey! And what about your parents?" Frederic asked.

"I'll 'convince' them to let me stay."

"As long as you 'convince' them to be happy about it, fine." Frederic said.

"Of course, pal."

"Now, what are we going to do all summer?" Jennifer asked.

"Maybe it's a wild idea, but how about we drive through the US, sleep where we find place, eat were we can get something." Daphnix said.

"Hey! That's an excellent idea! We'll go a car cruise. Maybe I can convince my grandfather to help me get a car. He has money enough." Frederic said.

"Excellent! It's a deal then. Now I'll see something of the US." Jennifer said.

"It will take a few weeks to prepare: getting a car, arranging for tents, sleeping bags, blankets and so on."

"Why tents and sleeping bags?" Daphnix asked

"If we can't find a place to stay we at least don't have to sleep in the open air."

"I see."

Frederic phoned his grandfather that very same day.

"Hey, granddad!"

"Ha, Frederic. And, how is my little genius?" Frederic's grandfather's familiar deep voice rumbled.

"Very well, I was first of my class."

"Congratulations. That deserves something. What do you want?" Frederic's grandfather said.

Frederic could leap in the air, but with his powers came also a tremendous emotional control. Calmly, he said, "How far can I go?"

"Anything under a hundred grand will do."

"A hundred grand? Cool! How about a car?"

"A car? What one?"

"I don't know. With that kind of money I have a big choice."

"I know. You know what? I'll put the money on an account. You do with it as you want."

"Gee, thanks granddad."

"You're welcome, son."

The conversation took a little while longer, and Frederic finally broke the connection.

"Hey, guys, guess what?"

"What?" Daphnix asked.

"Granddad has given one hundred thousand dollars on a special account, for me to do with as I please!"

"Wow! We can do what we want!"

"Yep. I buy a car of 100,000$ and use the 5,000$ on my personal account for the little expenses during the trip."

"We're rich! This is soo cool!" Jennifer said.

Over the course of the week, Frederic looked up info on camping, driving, locations of tourist attractions and he also looked up info on the human body, because the risk of someone getting hurt was reasonable.

Finally, the big day came. They took of. Frederic, Jennifer and Daphnix, 2 tents, 3 sleeping bags and three backpacks with clothes and necessities were all that filled the luxurious BMW 750. They got on the highway, and just followed their noses.

They traveled along the highway, not knowing where it would end up. Their ultimate goal was to reach the East Coast, but they don't weather they reach it or not.

The first stage was driving from LA to Tijuana. There, they had lunch and explored the town. When the sun was setting, they got a room. They booked a three-bedroom room and quickly dove in, after an elaborate dinner in a local 5-star restaurant.

"Good morning, everyone" Daphnix greeted his 2 friends when he got up.

"We ordered room service. I hope you like scrambled eggs." Jennifer said.

"I love them." Daphnix said.


They let Linda (the voice-interfaced laptop of Frederic) randomly decide what their next stop would be. Las Vegas would be their next target. So they did. Today would be Daphnix's turn to drive. They had decided on a role system. Each got to drive one day long. After a couple of hours, Daphnix pulled over at a gas station and filled it, and they were en route once again. Late at night, they stopped at a large hotel, and there they booked the last available room.

"So, how did you like our trip so far?" Frederic asked, after they had a late dinner.

"Marvelous! I love it. That 'let fate decide' thing gives it an extra punch." Daphnix said. Jennifer couldn't agree more.

"I'm glad you like it. now, let's get some sleep, shall we? We have another day ahead of us tomorrow."

Daphnix and Jennifer agreed, and they all disappeared into their rooms. Just like Frederic had suspected, Jennifer came to his room after a few minutes, and crawled next to him into the large double bed.

"You know, why not just go into my room from the beginning. It's not like we're doing something wrong that you have to sneak in in the middle of the night."

"I guess you're right. It will save money too, not having to book a triple bedroom each time."

"That too. The money I don't care about, it's just that I like you with me, but the sneaking in thing is getting on my nerves."

"Ok, it's a deal. For the rest of the trip, we'll sleep in one room."

"Great! Now, let's get some sleep."

The next morning, they woke up at 10 o'clock. They had a late breakfast and enjoyed the rest of the morning in a casino. Jennifer really had to restrain herself from taking too much money from them. With powers like theirs, cheating on roulette or blackjack was a piece of cake. They managed to double their initial 5000$ to 10,000$, buying them some more time to drive around. In the afternoon, after a delicious lunch, they, or better Linda, decided to move on. Next stop: San Francisco. It was Jennifer's turn to drive. They had dinner in a small road restaurant. It was around 10.30 PM when they pulled up to a hotel and booked a room for the night. As was the deal, they booked a two-bedroom room.

"Good morning." Frederic said as he opened his eyes. Jennifer was looking at him with those big blue eyes of hers.

"Good morning."

"I wonder where Linda is taking us today." Daphnix said when they were seated for breakfast.

"So do I" Frederic agreed. "Linda, what's the next stop?" he asked, putting the laptop in front of him.

"Today: a short route. From San Francisco to Sacramento."

"Ok. Great! It's my turn and I get a short hop." Frederic laughed. His friends soon joined him.

After breakfast, they got in the car and drove to Sacramento. After lunch and sightseeing, it was still only 2.30. They all agreed on driving on.

Linda decided to make them drive to Seattle.

"Damn. I wanted to go east, not north. But, the lot has spoken." Frederic said.

After a long and exhausting trip, they stopped in a small town. They only hotel was booked solid, so they put up their tents and slept until dawn. Daphnix took the wheel and drove them to a small restaurant for eggs and coffee. After breakfast, they drove further north. The second day they were en route to Seattle, they slept in Portland. The next morning, Jennifer took over and drove them to Seattle. It was around noon when they arrived there. The had lunch and decided to sent a postcard home. They entered a small store.

"What card are you going to take?" Frederic asked.

"I think my parents will appreciate this one." Daphnix said, holding up a cad with a magnificent view of the city, taken from bird perspective.

"I think I'll take on of those to." Frederic said.

As they were waiting their turn to pay, Frederic's eyes fell on a black girl, standing a few meters away, at the fruit stand. "I wouldn't mind one of those, too" he said to Daphnix, who turned around to look. "I didn't know you were for interracial sex?" Daphnix said. "But you're right she IS gorgeous. I wouldn't mind some piece of her too. So, what do you say? Are we going for it?"

"Come on, she'll never agree to having sex with someone she doesn't know."

"So? Let's make her."

"Come on, that's immoral."

"Party cracker. What's the fun of having all these powers and not using them, because of some stupid moralities."

"You're right. Let's go." Frederic said. "Are you coming, Jen? Me and my pal are going to have some black cunt."

Jennifer too, looked around. "Sure, I wouldn't mind some of that too."

"Great. Come on." Frederic said, and they left the queue. <<Turn over. Follow the three teenagers going towards the toilets.>> he sent the girl.

The girl turned over, saw the three friends, and followed them into the men's room. Frederic dropped a <<Do not enter>> net over the men's room, so they wouldn't be disturbed.

"What's your name?" Daphnix asked. She answered "Michelle."

"So, Michelle. Have you ever had sex?" Jennifer asked.

"That's none of your business. What am I doing here anyway?" she began to get mad. Why ha she even followed these ... perverts into the men's room anyway?

<<You trust us completely. You feel secure and loved in our presence.>> Frederic sent.

"I... Yes." Michelle stammered.

"And, how many times?"

"I lost count." She confessed, her head bent in shame.

"So, your boyfriend must be quite the guy, huh?"


"No? Who fucked you then?"

"First, my father. Then my brother joined him. Afterwards, my father let me have sex with others, which I didn't know."

<<Who could do that to his daughter?>> Frederic asked.

<<I don't know, but the guy must be sick or something.>> Daphnix said.

<<I agree.>> Jennifer said.

Frederic finally asked, "You don't have to answer this question, but... did you like it?"

"At first, I did. But then I got pregnant, and my father used a long needle to terminate it. From then on, I no longer liked it."

"I see. Well, we're going to help you," Frederic said, after asking his friends what to do, "I am Frederic, and these are Daphnix and Jennifer. We're going to have a little talk with your parents, and you're going to live with us."

"And then, I wouldn't be forced to have sex?"

"Not unless you want to. I do not allow brutality in my club."


"It's becoming quite extended. Me, Daphnix and Jennifer are the ... moderators. We solve problems, and take the necessary decisions. My sister, Barbara, and Sonya are the rest of the members. They just exist under our protection. What they do with their lives are their decision. We help as much as possible to make them as successful as they possibly can once they made a decision."

"Sounds like a good life."

"It is. All we want in return, is obedience." Jennifer added. She saw Michelle draw back. "No! Don't worry, we don't take advantage of that. What I mean is, to integrate a new member and stuff like that."

"Ah, I see what do I have to do to join?"

"Just let us do the rest. We know you want to join, and we'll take care of the rest. Now, relax, and you will feel better than ever before."

"How..." she faded. Frederic altered her, he gave her 1st level powers, like Sonya's, and gave her the same set of instructions.

"Finished. How do you feel?"

"Great!" she exclaimed. "Now, I am a member of you club?"

They nodded. "After we take care of your parents, but they won't give us any trouble."

"Now, let me thank you. In my own way." Michelle said, in a husky voice. She reached to Frederic's fly and took out his dick. It was growing hard as she beat up and down on it. in no time, it had grown to it's maximum of 20 centimeters.

"You don't have to do this." Frederic hissed.

"I want to. Now, let me give you pleasure for protecting me." She opened her mouth and just gulped his cock down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on it, while sliding her tongue along the length of the shaft. Frederic was in heaven. "She really is good at this." He thought. The look on Daphnix and Jennifer's face betrayed they had heard him think that.

While she was sucking, she opened her blouse and opened her bra, which had a clip in front, and her breasts sprang free. She took Frederic's hands and guided them to her breasts. He got the point and started kneading them. Daphnix joined the fun, by removing her clothes and moving his hands up and down her body, giving her Goosebumps all over her trembling body. She groaned and moaned as Jennifer joined in too. Michelle had never been treated this gentle, and she had never experienced the pleasure that these people were giving her. Her left hand disappeared between her legs, and started playing with her erect clit. Daphnix got the point and knelt behind her. He bent over and started licking at her pussy. Meanwhile, Michelle's treatment of Frederic paid off. He shot his load down her throat. She swallowed it all. Frederic pulled out and turned Michelle around, laying her on her back on the floor, but first Frederic had warmed it up a little. Daphnix grunted as he was forced to move as well, but he kept lapping at her cunt and clit, extracting grunts and gasps from Michelle. Jennifer dropped her panties from under he skirt and knelt on Michelle's face. She got the point and started lapping at Jennifer's cunt. She too, was soon grunting and gasping. Frederic was just playing with the black girl's tits, kneading one and sucking on the other.

Michelle soon came like a hurricane. It didn't stop for at least 5 minutes. Daphnix positioned his 15 centimeters at Michelle's cunt. She grabbed it, and pushed it in. He started fucking her in slow, long strokes. Michelle was soon in heaven once again. Jennifer dismounted, after she too had cum 3 times. Michelle worked her muscles and started kneading Daphnix's cock. They grunted in unison. He finally shot his load in Michelle's cunt.

The four of them cleaned up and Frederic removed the << do not enter>> net, and they stepped outside. Thanks to their mental powers, nobody noticed anything. Frederic and Daphnix paid for the postcards and mailed them.

The four stepped into the car and drove to Michelle's house. As Frederic had predicted, the house was half a whorehouse and half a crack house. It took 4 minutes to convince the parents to let their daughter go, and to never see her again. Jennifer then drove the entire bunch to the local government, and half an hour later, Barbara was the legal guardian of Michelle Hayes.

Jennifer parked the car in a secluded spot and Frederic transported the entire bunch to his house. Thanks to Frederic's help, Barbara was now making three time as much money then before. Sonya's paycheck wasn't of the smallest either. Frederic decided that their house was becoming to small to house his club, so he set out to find a new one. In less then 2 hours, they had a new residence. A large villa, with 10 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, and all the luxury one could ever want. The house was completely furnished, had cable TV in the large living room, the kitchen and every bedroom.

Now, Frederic had one more problem to solve: Barbara. She was beginning to ask question on how he managed all that. He had no other choice then to giver the same instruction he had given Michelle and Sonya. He also gave her the same powers. She was now completely submissive.

After taking care of this, Jennifer, Frederic and Daphnix transported back to Seattle, checked into a hotel, and did some more sightseeing.

At night, Frederic and Jennifer were cuddled up into each other's arms.


"Yes, honey?"

"Do you want to make love to me?"

"You know I do. I was just waiting until you were ready."

"I am ready. Please make love to me."

"Are you sure? It's a big step."

"Please, I want this."

"Ok, honey. If you want it, we'll make love." He laid himself flat on his back, after removing his boxers, his 20 centimeters standing at attention. Jennifer had meanwhile removed her clothes as well, and crawled on top of him. She positioned his cock at her virgin opening.

"This will hurt a little." Frederic said, when she started to push down on him.

"It won't take forever, won't it?" she said, confidently. She apparently decided it was going to slow. She just sat down, his cock shattered her virginity, and she gasped as he pussy clenched at his member. Frederic could see tears in her twisted face.

"Oh, my god! I told you, maybe we should stop."

"No, it's getting better now. It's subsiding. She started sliding up and down on his shaft at an increasing speed. Frederic sat straight up and started nibbling at her neck and ears, extracting gasps of pleasure from her. He gently put her on her back in the bed, and started nibbling at her nipples she laughed as he used his hands to tickle her sensitive breasts.

He penetrated her once again, and started sliding in and out at a steady rhythm. Soon, he was grunting as much as she was. He kissed her, and their tongues wrestled. Suddenly, he felt an unexpected pressure on his cock, and Jennifer was gasping erratically. He felt the grasping in harmony with her gasping.

He continued his fuck and soon deposited his cum in her awaiting cunt. Frederic withdrew his shrinking member, and laid down next to her.

"And? Was it everything you hoped for?" Frederic asked.

"After the pain, it was."

"I'm glad." Frederic said. "Now, Let's get some sleep."

"Ok." Jennifer said, cuddling in his arms. They slept in like this, with Jennifer's head resting on his chest.

The next morning, as soon as he made his appearance, Daphnix asked: "Next time, could you keep it more quiet?"

"Quiet? I wasn't aware that we were making that much noise." Jennifer said.

"Telepathic noise. You two generated enough mental power to sustain the US in the next few years." Daphnix said.

"Sorry. We'll try to keep it down in the future." Frederic said.

"Hey! I understand. It's your first time together. And? How was it?"

"Great! But, I think I'll need condoms. I don't want to end up getting pregnant." Jennifer said.

"Hey, why not just go out today? I mean, without a set target. We'll just drive and see where we end up?" Frederic said, trying to change the subject.

"That's a good idea. Now the real adventure starts." Daphnix said.

After breakfast, they stepped in the car and Frederic drove to the nearest highway. Around noon, they stopped at a road restaurant and drove further. They had no idea where they were, or where they we heading, but they had the time of their life! When the sun started to get close to the horizon, Frederic left the highway and drove on a small country road towards a small town named Sunnydale. "I hope they have good weather there!" Jennifer said, after reading the town's name. They all had to laugh about this.

When the sun was completely under, Frederic had trouble seeing the road, as it was not lit. Suddenly, a car popped up behind him, and flew by them. When the unknown car pulled back on the road, he cut off Frederic, who jerked the wheel to the left, and subsequently crashed into a tree.

"Shit! Is everyone ok?"

"I am." Daphnix said.

"Me too" Jennifer said.

"The bastard! Now look at us, the car's dead and we have no place to go."

"It's only a 2 kilometer walk to Sunnydale" Daphnix said, while pointing to a nearby (fallen) sign.

"Ok. That's no problem. We'll take the backpacks and hike to town. Let's hope there is still some room." Frederic said.

After hiking for about 30 minutes, they got into the small town.

Jennifer involuntary walked a little closer to Frederic as they passed the graveyard.

"Don't worry, Honey. Those people are dead, they can't hurt us."

"Are you sure about that?" a deep, masculine voice asked.

The group turned around, and they saw about 6 guys with strange, ugly faces standing thee, looking real combative at them.

Frederic approached the man who had spoken in a calm manner. "Look, sir. We're strangers here. We don't mean any trouble, so just let us go on our way, and nobody gets hurt."

"O, No that's were you are wrong. Somebody will get hurt, and it won't be me." At a sign of the front man, the rest leaped towards Daphnix and Jennifer.

When he saw that his friends were attacked, Frederic pulled out his sword and activated it. he chopped the leader's head right of. The man dissolved in some kind of ashes, and was quickly carried away by the wind.

He turned around, and saw Daphnix standing against the cemetery wall, powerless, as one of the guys was holding Jennifer. The guy suddenly showed FANGS. He bit in Jennifer's neck and started making slurping noises.

"NOOOOOO! You barbaric sun of a bitch!" Frederic shouted. He threw his sword and killed three guys, including the one holding Jennifer. Daphnix, no longer being blackmailed into powerlessness, joined in. They each took on guy. Frederic's one perished soon after, he pulled the guys head of with his bare hands!

Daphnix took a little longer, but he too soon was victorious. Frederic was already kneeling next to Jennifer, when Daphnix was finished.

"Is she..." Daphnix's voice trailed of.

"No, but she is in a coma. Can you believe it? that guy drank nearly 3/4 of her blood. I replenished it, but there is something unknown in her blood, and it's incapacitating her."

They heard someone cry some kind a battle cry. A blonde girl jumped over the wall, a wooden stake in her hand.

Frederic took his discarded sword and walked slowly towards the girl. "You will pay for what your kind has done to her" Frederic said, pointing at Jennifer.

"Wait! I'm not one of them."

Frederic looked a little less sure of himself. "Then how do you explain the fact that your muscles are superior to normals?"


"Normal humans."

"Ah, I see. I am the slayer. I hunt those guys." The girl said.

<<Frederic, she's getting worse.>>

Frederic twisted around and walked back to Jennifer.

"Come on, Jen. Fight! Don't give up! I know you're a fighter, don't quit on me now." He almost grunted.

"Was she... bitten?" the girl asked.

"Yes." Daphnix said with a horse voice. He had grown to value her as much as Frederic.

"Do you know a hotel? I need privacy to treat her." Frederic said.

The girl looked strangely at him. "A bite from a vampire can not be treated. If she survives, she'll turn into a vampire."

"I didn't ask for our opinion. Is there or is there not a hotel in this town?"

"Yes. Follow me."

"That'll take too long. Daphnix, you take the lady here." Frederic said. He picked up his backpack, Jennifer's and he took Jennifer into his arms.

Daphnix picked up his backpack and swung it over his back. He picked up the girl and together with Frederic, they flew of into the night. After a moment of being stunned, the girl showed them to the nearest hotel. She looked even more strangely as Frederic walked in, Telekinetically took the key to the largest room and got in the elevator. Daphnix stayed behind to check in.

After a few minutes, Daphnix and the girl walked into the room. "By the way, I'm Buffy summers, the vampire slayer. Would you mind telling me who you are?" The girl introduced herself

"I am Daphnix, first moderator. The girl is Jennifer, second moderator. He is Frederic, the Phalanx. I trust that this information remains a secret."

"Of course. As long as you don't tell I'm the slayer, I won't tell about your... whatever."

<<Daphnix, enough pleasantries. I need your help. I can't stabilize her.>>

<<What? What can I do?>>

<<Come over here>>

Daphnix walked over to the couch where Jennifer was laying in. Frederic took his sword and held it lengthwise over her body.

<<Grab the end of the blade>>

Daphnix did just that.

Buffy took a step back, as the lights dimmed and the weather changed from a clear night to a thunderstorm.

"Sword of the Phalanx, I call upon the powers of Healing granted to me by the Gods of the Universe. This girl is my companion and his friend. Take from us and give to her." Frederic shouted.

"Sword of the Phalanx, I call upon the powers of Healing granted to my friend by the Gods of the Universe. This girl is my friend and his companion. Take from us and give to her."

An eerie green light radiated from the blade. A green beam struck Frederic and Daphnix in their foreheads. The green glow extended from the blade, engulfing Jennifer's entire body. This situation remained like this for about 30 seconds. Buffy could see how the two guys were getting weaker, as the program continued.

The beam and the light stopped. The lights returned and the thunderstorm dropped as fast as it had risen. Frederic knelt down and gently took Jennifer's hand.

"Jen? Honey? Are you all right? Please, talk to me."

Jennifer's eyes opened real slow, and she smiled weakly as she recognized Frederic. "Where am I?" she asked weakly.

"You were attacked by a vampire. He shot you full of venom, and I had to go tremendous lengths to get you back."

"Thank you."

"I'll put you in bed. I'll sleep on the couch tonight. I don't want anything to disturb you."

"No. Sleep with me. If I ever needed you, it's now."

"If you say so. Now, let's get you into bed."

Frederic took Jennifer into his arms and carried her into the bedroom and closed the door.

"Poor guy." Daphnix said, siting down in a couch.

"Why? he saved his girl's life."

"He really depleted his energy reserves. If the dark One comes, he is too weak to put up much of a fight.."

Frederic came out of the bedroom and joined his friend Buffy. He dropped in the couch and dropped his head in his hands.

Daphnix put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "It'll be all right."

"I hope so. She is saved, and that is the most important. My life is worth shit without her."

"I should go." Buffy said.

"No! You shouldn't go because of this. Stay a little I want to know more about this 'slaying' stuff." Frederic said.

"Then I know just the man. I'll be back in about 15 minutes."

"Ok. See you then." Frederic said. Buffy left the suite and Frederic and Daphnix remained sitting in the same position for the complete duration of Buffy's absence.

Daphnix answered the door as Buffy returned. She had brought 3 more people with them.

Frederic looked strangely at her. "I thought you said one person?"

"When they heard what had happened, they wanted to come too. I hope you don't mind?"

"No, not at all. We were just beginning to come to the conclusion that it all isn't so bad. There is not much chance that the dark One will come right now."

"Well, anyway. This is Mr. Giles, she pointed at a man in his late thirties, early forties. He is a Watcher. He helps me fight Demons and Vampires. And this is Willow and this is Xander, two friends who help me were they can."

Frederic introduced his friend and Jennifer.

"Excuse me, but Buffy said you managed to conquer the vampire poison?" the older man said

"Conquer is a big word, but yes. I managed to get it out of her system. They only thing it requires is a tremendous amount of power."

"Who are you?"

"I am the Phalanx. I have been empowered to fight the Dark One, when he comes."

"And your friends?"

"My friend is, like me, the product of a genetic engineering program. I gave him maximum power, so he can help me hen needed. My girl is an Amazon, she was a member of an ancient order who helps and protects the Phalanx. She had some basic mental abilities and I maximized them.

"I read about you. You fight the Dark One..." the man said. Frederic interrupted him.

"To the death. If the Dark One wins, the world will be plunged into a millenium of Darkness. If the Phalanx wins, he dies upon the moment of victory."

"But that's not fair!" it was the first time Willow spoke.

"That is the prize of absolute Power. It brings great responsibility with it." Frederic said.

<<Are you sure you are doing the right thing?>>

<<Look, I trust them. Besides, they have trusted me with their secret.>> Frederic responded, turning his head towards his friend.

Daphnix looked at his friend. <<I know, but there is still something strange about them. I can't read them without violating Instructions.>>

<<That's why I put them there, so we wouldn't abuse our power.>>

The others were aware that there was some kind of conversation, they saw Frederic and Daphnix stare at each other, while their facial expressions changed constantly, like it happens when someone is speaking.

<<You're right, of course. I wonder how Jennifer is doing.>>

<<Me too, Let's take a look.>>


<<Trust me.>> Frederic stood up, and Daphnix followed. Frederic walked towards the closed door. He spread his hands a pushed slightly against it. He pushed straight through. The two boys walked through and disappeared.

"What the hell?" Buffy exclaimed.

"That is... quite intriguing."

"First they have some kind of mental conversation, extremely rude, and now they disappear? What is wrong with those guys?" Xander said.

"When you have that kind of power, you don't always think of other people's feelings. Imagine how it must feel. Superior to everyone, no one who understands them, except themselves. That must create some strange behavioral patterns." Willow said.

At that point, Frederic and Daphnix walked back through the door, a relieved expression on their faces.

"She's all right. You have to excuse us, but our powers have created some strange behavior, just like Willow said." Frederic said.

"You know what we were talking about?"

"Of course, we can hear any conversation in a hundred meter radius, if we want to. Right now, we only wanted to know what your intentions are."

"Our intentions? We can't harm you."

"You could expose us, and take away our anonymity, making us public figures."

"Yeah, right! And you'll expose us when we do that, right?"

"No. We promised we wouldn't, so we won't. Our word and my Instructions are all that is keeping us from abuse of power."

"That's commendable." Mr. Giles said.

"Like I said, it is absolutely necessary in order to prevent us from becoming lone rulers. Since I got these powers, I have yet to encounter another psychic. The Amazons were psychics, but if they were the only ones, then the world is pretty lonely." Frederic said.

Linda, still tucked away in Frederic's backpack, started bleeping real loud. Frederic took her out, and activated her.

"What's wrong?"

"Incoming transmission from home. Maximal protection is in place. Please enter designation code."

"Designation Phalanx-alpha-four." Frederic said, while Willow quietly slid behind him. She was extremely interested in computers and this one appeared to be very special.

On the screen, a special symbol appeared. It was a circle, with a lightning resembling marking going from 11 o'clock to 5 o'clock. It was in yellow, contrasting with the blackness of the background. The symbol rotated along its length axis.

"There is a level one security breach in the outer perimeter of the residence. Please advice."

Daphnix joined his friend, and gently guided Willow a little out of the way, so he could see better.

"Give me top-view of the entire estate, with a thermal scan overlay."

The house appeared, and the perspective changed as the view retracted, until the residence and the surrounding estate was looked at from the top. A white rectangle appeared over 4 red figures snooping around in the outer regions of the premises.

"Activate all lights in outer premises."

The map changed to accommodate the order. They could clearly see the figures startle, as their color changed to a more burning shade of red. They did not give up, however, and proceeded at an accelerated pace towards the house.

"Damn. Daphnix? You're the tactical expert."

Daphnix took over the seat and began issuing orders.

"Activate all shields. Get me on outer speakers."

"External speakers ready. Talk when read and push enter to stop."

"You are trespassing on private property. Remove your sorry asses from my premises our I will be obliged to use force. You have ten seconds. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1." Daphnix pressed enter and issued a new command.

"Linda, activate energy weapons and fire at will."


They could clearly see how the four figures jumped as the guns started firing their deadly energy bolts at them. In less than 10 seconds, they got away.

"Linda, did you make a satisfying Id picture of the perpetrators?"

"Affirmative. Shall I mail it to the police?"

"Yes. Terminate link."

Link terminated.

Frederic closed Linda and put the laptop back in his backpack.

"Cool laptop! What are its specifications?" Willow asked.

"Her specifications. Linda became sentient 4 days ago. As such, normal specifications are no longer of any meaning. She creates what she needs."

"Come on! A sentient laptop? I don't believe you."

"Not the laptop, but the entire system is sentient. The main computer at home, the laptop, everything. The camera's are her eyes, the CPU's her brain, the laptop her mobile and tactile organs."

"I never heard of anything like it. Who designed it?"

"I did. I created a verbal-activated adaptable operating system. I never imagined her becoming sentient, but she did, after she accumulated about 13 terabytes of information."

"13 Terabytes? Where does she keep all this?"

"Wherever she can. DVD RAM, CD RW, ZIP disks, JAZ disks, I don't know. She does the recourse allocation."

"Cool it, guys. This is not a computer hour. We were talking about mental powers." Buffy said.

"Ah, yes. I have begun to give mental powers to those who chose them."

"Yeah, sure all who wants them? The entire world would want those powers."

"No, they don't. There is one catch. Everyone who has these powers has an Instructions file. This file makes them subordinate to me and the moderators."

"So, in order to have these really cool powers, someone will be turned into a slave?"

"No. The subject in question has total freedom, but will act solely in my best interest. He or she can not do anything that goes against my or my moderators wishes."

"What is this moderator stuff?"

"You see, there is no leadership in my club. We are the ones who make sure that everything goes smoothly. There are a couple of rules in the club, and we enforce them if necessary."

"And what rules are these?"

"No fighting amongst members, respecting each other's space and property, an so on."

"And total obedience to you."

"Only in times of war, when there is only one rule: live as long as possible and die if necessary."

"War? You pretend to be peace loving and all, but there is still a time of war? And when is it war for your kind of people?"

"When the Dark One comes, I have to be ready."

"Figures" Buffy ended the conversation.

"Shit. I wonder what's the matter." Frederic suddenly said, jumping up and disappearing through the door.

"What is that about?" Xander asked

"Jennifer probably has had a nightmare, or something. She has awaken with a mental yell, and Frederic is going to check it out." Daphnix replied.

Daphnix raised his head and nodded.

"Jennifer has indeed had a nightmare. Frederic asks to excuse him, since he is going to stay with her for the rest of the night.

"I see" Buffy said.

"They'll probably be all right by tomorrow morning, but this entire episode has thoroughly shaken all of us. I can tell you, I never saw Frederic this worried about anything in his entire life. Those two are made for each other." Daphnix said.

"I think you could use the rest. We should leave." Mr. Giles said

"Thank you" Daphnix said, and stood up to open the door.

After the group left, Daphnix went to bed.

The next morning, Jennifer was feeling a lot better, although she still was shaken. She jumped at the smallest sound, and never went far from Frederic. She almost permanently stuck to his arm. They decided that the trip would not be much fun like this, and they drove home, after Frederic lifted the info from a local garage and repaired the car.

The three-day journey was completed when Frederic drove up the driveway at home. Frederic immediately went to the library and assimilated all the knowledge on psychology and everything else that could elp Jennifer. The next few days he worked frantically with Jennifer, to get her over the terrible experience she has had. He wanted his lively, happy and optimistic Jennifer back, the girl who had shared the good and bad moments of his life for the past 3 months. He knew that it would be a long process, with breakthroughs and setbacks.

While Frederic worked with Jennifer, Daphnix had fun with the other members of the club, he especially enjoyed Sonya and Michelle doing it together. In the 5 weeks it took Frederic to help Jennifer, Daphnix fucked each of the girls a few dozen times, and a day when only one pack of condoms was used, was considered a slow day. There were days when it could be three times that much. Thanks to Frederic's enhancements his stamina has increased 10-fold, so doing it all day long was not a problem for Daphnix.

Finally, after 5 weeks, Jennifer had gotten over it. She still wasn't comfortable with cemeteries and such, but for the rest she was fine. There was one major change though: because of this experience, her relationship with Frederic had gotten deeper, and a lot stronger. They trusted each other 150%, and the knowledge that no one would give up on the other gave them incredible self-confidence when they were separated and it was even higher when they were together. It was almost as if their powers were linked in one way or another.

They enjoyed the final week of the holiday together. At night, they made love on more than one occasion. It was gentle and they took their time to thoroughly pleasure one another. Then, it was time to get ready for college once again.

"That boring stuff again! I already know that!" Jennifer said to Frederic, on the morning of the last day.

"I know. We know everything too, remember?" he responded, pointing to himself and Daphnix.

"Hey, why not take different classes?"

"Like what?" Jennifer asked.

"I don't know. Maybe we could all take three different classes, and share the knowledge with one another." Daphnix said.

"Sounds like a good idea to me. What do you think, honey?" Frederic asked.

"I don't know, darling. I want to be with you."

"She's right. Se should stick together. Maybe we could get the headmaster into agreeing to let us take the exams of the last year, graduate in a few weeks, and take three different classes to graduate from at the end of the year." Frederic said.

"Good idea. How long will it take for use to learn all subjects, at a pace of three a year?" Daphnix asked.

"About 20 years. I would suggest we stop at the end of this year, and use our knowledge for the benefit of mankind." Jennifer suggested.

"Ok, I agree. Frederic?"

"Ok. We have a deal!" Frederic said.

The last day was spent roaming around LA, and they ended up in the same park where Frederic had received his powers.

"Beautiful, isn't it? I can't believe it has been 5 months already since we first met here." Frederic said, when they were sitting on the grass were the first encounter between him and Sonya had taken place.

They continued roaming the city, and returned home by nightfall. After a quick lovemaking session, Frederic and Jennifer fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, after a good breakfast, Frederic, Daphnix and Jennifer drove to college. They walked straight to the headmaster's office and 'persuaded' the secretary to let them in.

"Hello, sir. We had a small question for you."

"I thought you would. So, let's hear it."

"We would like to take our exams for a doctor's degree as soon as possible, and we would like to take three different courses, and have those doctor's exams too, at the end of the year."

"That is not a small question. I'll see what I can do. And, what are the three different courses you would like to take?"

"Astrophysics, Physics and Astronomy."

"That I can do. If you'll please fill out these forms, I'll see to it."

"Thank you, sir." They left after politely shaking the headmaster's hand, and using a mental command to make sure their doctor's exams would come through.

Now that they were feeling more comfortable with their powers, they no longer had any trouble getting rid of anyone trying to pick on them. In stead of using mental attacks, they had started using sheer physical force to literally beat bullies into submission. Their reputation from last year was soon reinstated, and the other students saw them as a gang of some kind, and they were avoided if possible and being treated overly submissive if encountered.

"Finally are we being treated like we should. Nobody will ever try to cross us again. Damn I like these powers." Frederic said.

"I would like it more if they'd respect us, in stead of seeing us as a gang." Jennifer said.

"Yeah, I'd like that more too." Daphnix agreed.

"And how are we going to do that? Reprogram the entire school?" Frederic asked.

"Maybe erect a bubble around the school. Everybody who enters it, will be altered." Jennifer suggested.

"And what 'alterations' would you install?" Frederic asked.

"The basics. Leave us alone, unless you need our help. Treat us with the respect and dignity that comes with being the most powerful humans in school." Jennifer said.

"Yes! That might work! And we wouldn't have any more trouble with bullies." Daphnix said.

"I guess you're right. That might work. Let's give it a try." Frederic said. He raised his hands. The bubble formed between his raised arms, and radiated outwards. Frederic stopped as it covered the entire campus. The effects were almost immediate. The students nodded politely when they walked by, and students with problems for school came asking for tutoring lessons. Frederic took an agenda and noted who needs tutoring for what, and when they would come together.

Not everyone needed help with school, though.

"I really need your help. I ... I don't know who else to turn to. You guys are the only ones who can help me now."

"First of all, what is your name?" Frederic asked.

"Hugo" he responded.

"Ok, Hugo, we'll be glad to help. What is the problem?" Jennifer asked.

"A downtown gang is taking protection money from my father. But we need the money for my college tuition. We can't pay, and now they're going to destroy the shop."

"And can't the police do anything?" Frederic asked.

"They say that there is insufficient evidence."

"Ok, we'll intervene. When are they going to ... collect?" Frederic asked, after discussing it with his friends.

"This evening, around eight."

"We'll be there by seven. When they try something, they'll wish they were never born. There is one small problem. We require payment."

"O, no! We can't pay any more money, everything is going to college, please..."

Frederic raised his hand, effectively stopping Hugo's tirade. "I don't mean money, my good man. I mean girls. If you are related to or acquainted with any pretty girls, let us know."

"You want me to tell you about pretty girls in my friends or family?"

"Yes. Names, addresses, phone numbers, as much info as possible." Frederic said.

"A picture will be greatly appreciated." Daphnix added.

"No problem! By the time you're finished, I'll have your payment ready."

"Then we have a deal." Frederic said, extending his hand. Hugo grabbed it and pressed it with both hands.

"No, No thank you."

"You're welcome."

After giving his address, Hugo walked of, relieved.

"I hope we don't have to do something like that every night." Frederic said.

"So do I. but the girls as payment thing is a good idea of you, Frederic." Daphnix said.

"It's not because no one can stop us, that we don't have needs." Frederic said.

"Damn right!" Jennifer said. "Maybe we could ask such payment for tutoring too."

"No, I think we'll stick to money for those. When they see how good we are, we'll have more than enough girls asking for tutoring." Frederic said.

"You intend to just give them the knowledge?" Daphnix asked, abashed.

"After we had some fun with the pretty ones. After a while, our reputation will allow us to cancel everyone but the pretty ones." Frederic added.

"Great idea. You really put much thought into this, haven't you?" Jennifer said.

Because of the change of classes, they didn't have to follow any lessons that day, but they were advised to wait there, as the headmaster was doing his best to grant their wishes. They had their answer around 3.30 in the afternoon. They could do their doctor's exams for their first subjects in a few weeks, and they could do their doctor's exams for their new subjects by the end of the year. There was only one small problem: they had to write a thesis for those subjects.

Frederic, Daphnix and Jennifer were acting confident they could pull it off as long as the headmaster was talking to them, but as soon as he left, they broke down.

"I can't type 3 theses in 2 weeks!" Daphnix said.

"Neither can I" Jennifer said.

"But I can!" Frederic said. "I have the knowledge and the direct computer interface to pull it off! If you find a subject to write a thesis on, I'll write them for you."

"We're saved! The powers of the Phalanx can not be stopped!" Daphnix said, as hey left the building.

Jennifer just thanked Frederic in her own way: she kissed him passionately.

"I really can't be stopped, can I? Maybe it's time we let it show." He said.

"What do you have in mind?" Daphnix asked.

"You two go on home, I'll meet you there. I'm just going to order something." Frederic said, and he flew of. Daphnix saw how Frederic reconfigured his shield to bend light, like a stealth fighter bends radar signals. It made him almost invisible.

By the time Jennifer and Daphnix had driven home, Frederic was already waiting for them.

"Mind telling us where you've been?" Daphnix asked.

"It's a surprise, for tomorrow." Frederic said secretive. Both his friends knew that there was no point arguing with him, he would never break down and tell them, not since he had gotten these powers. His willpower had increased ten times, if he really set his mind to something, it would be done.

After dinner, they drove to the shop of Hugo's father. They parked the car a few blocks away, and walked there.

Frederic, Daphnix and Jennifer walked into the store and checked it out. It was a typical small grocery shop, with racks lining the walls and 2 large refrigerators at the back of the store.

"So, this is the store of your father. Nice. We'll have to get them outside as soon as possible, we don't have much room to maneuver in here." Frederic said to Hugo.

"Hey, you're the expert. After you get them to leave us alone, I have your payment right here." Hugo said, holding up a small book.

"Ok. Right now, we're going to check out the neighborhood. See you in 10 minutes." Frederic said. The group left the store and looked around outside.

"How are we going to make sure they don't come back?" Jennifer asked.

"I've read about gang and mob practices. If it's a small fish, they'll bring 80 to 90% of their members. If it's a big one, they'll bring only a small percentage. I am hoping it's a small one, so we can get rid of almost their entire group. If it's a big one, they'll be back. If that is the case, I'll let one of them go, keep a mental tag on him, and know when they'll be back. Then we'll eliminate them for good."

"Way to go, man!" Daphnix shouted.

"It's time to get ourselves ready. Let's get back inside."

The others agreed. After taking up positions in the store, the waited for the remaining 15 minutes. As expected, the gang was precisely on time.

<<It's a small gang. Eliminate them, but let one live to get back and tell the survivors that they can never come back here, or they'll suffer a fate worse than death.>> Frederic transmitted after he scanned the gang leader.

The others responded with a standard <<OK.>>.

"Ok, old man, give me my money." The leader said, holding a gun under the shop assistant's nose.

"Excuse me. Extortion is illegal. I suggest you leave this place and never come back. I take these people under my protection." Frederic said, tapping on the man's shoulder.

"What? You? You are going to stop me from destroying this store? You couldn't stop me if I were alone, and we're here with 20 men! Now, get out of my way, brat." The man had the incredible stupid idea to push Frederic. The next moment, the man was outside, flat on his back. Frederic had thrown him through the door. The rest of the men advanced towards Frederic.

"Halt!" Daphnix and Jennifer walked towards the men from aside.

"More brats? What is this?" one man said.

"We are not brats! I am the Phalanx, and these are my moderators. You have trespassed on this terrain, and now you'll pay the price. Leave now!" Frederic's voice had dropped to the same icy, hatred-filled tone as when he made sure Sonya would never threaten his relationship with Jennifer again.

The men were impressed. They looked at each other. "Normally, people are scared shitless of us. They aren't even impressed, and that one threw the boss right out the door, without even flinching. I think we should teach them to be scared of us." One man said. The other men agreed, and advanced towards Frederic and his friends.

<<You can't fight in here, it is too cramped. Fight outside.>> Frederic sent.

"We can't fight in here. It's too cramped. Come, brat, fight outside." The new leader said.

Frederic was only too happy to comply. After they had stepped outside, Frederic, Daphnix and Jennifer made short work of the small force. the gang used knives and guns, but conventional weapons were useless against mental shields and telekinetic weapons. Frederic had the last one in a hold.

"Look at your friends." Frederic said, in his calm voice. The man noticed that their breath hadn't even increased. He hurriedly looked around, seeing his dead friends brought a sense of shock to him. He had seen dead people before, but not with injuries like these. He saw men where the limbs had literally been torn from their bodies. He saw men, thrown in a wall with such force that he had literally splat open. He looked back at Frederic, a frightened look in his eyes.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. Just injure you. Tell the rest of your friends that, when they see this emblem, they'd better stay away, or face the consequences." Frederic said. He pulled out the lightning symbol. The man looked at it and nodded. Frederic catapulted the man 50 meters backwards and made him crash-land. The man had some trouble getting up, but he eventually did and walked away, his left leg obviously broken.

"They won't be back." Frederic said. He walked inside and paid for a new door. He went inside the house and got his payment from a very grateful Hugo and his father.

Back outside, Frederic opened the book and looked through it. His friends looked over his shoulder. "She's nice. A little less. A lot less. She's gorgeous. I have to have her." He mumbled while looking through the pages. "When the weekend comes, we'll have some fun, huh, guys?"

"Yes!" Daphnix shouted. A sentiment backed by Jennifer.

They went home and had a good night's rest, after they started work on their theses. The next morning, Daphnix and Jennifer realized that Frederic wasn't home.

"I wonder what he is up to." Daphnix said.

"Yea, me too." Jennifer said. "I hate it when people keep secrets from me."

At that moment, they heard the front door open. Frederic walked briskly through the big hall and entered the kitchen.

"Surprise!" he shouted. He handed them both a long box. He kept one himself. Daphnix and Jennifer tore at the wrappings, and finally managed to open it. inside was a black costume, with the yellow lighting symbol in the upper left corner of the torso.

"Come on, put it on!" Frederic said. He turned around and left for his bedroom. When he got back down, his friends were already finished. Besides a costume, the box also contained an exact replica of the sword of the Phalanx, and a sheath on their backs. On their collar, 4 tiny sword were pictured. On Frederic collar, 5 swords were pictured. He had activated the blade and had already put it in its place on his back.

"Those swords are the indicator of your power. The more swords, the more power. I have one more, as the sword boosts mine." Frederic explained. "Now, everyone can see that we are to be treated with respect."

"Damn right! Now we can really help people, and we won't be bothered with remarks as: you're brats and stuff like that."

"Damn right!"

They walked to school, and people respectfully nodded hello and stepped out of the way, to let them pass. It really was an impressive sight: 3 people, 2 boys and a girl, dressed in black outfits, with some impressive swords on their backs.

When they got to campus, they were assigned a schedule for their new classes. The day slid by without incidents. After school, they walked back home. When they got there, they instantly knew something was wrong, the door was thoroughly blasted to smithereens and there were burn marks all over the lawn.

"No, damn it!" Frederic yelled, and flew inside. The inside of the house was even more devastated than the outside. Daphnix and Jennifer caught up with him, and froze. Furniture was scattered all over the place, if it even were to be found. They went into the cellar, where Linda was set up. The heavy vault door was apparently undisturbed.

"Linda, voice access Frederic two-nine. Open door." Nothing happened. Frederic punched a code in the panel next to the door, and still nothing happened.

"I'll have to try the last-resort method." He said, and picked up his laptop. "Linda, open primary vault door. Emergency override Frederic-gamma-twelve"

"Unable to comply. Linda system is in defense mode alpha 12 until crisis is resolved."

"Damn! She has locked herself in." Frederic said.

"Why did she do that?"

"The first rule of survival, if you're threatened, run, hide and trust no one." Frederic responded. "Linda, what happened?"

A playback started. 3 men blasted through the door, and toasted the Linda unit in the hallway. The view shifted to a different camera, and the playback resumed. Michelle immediately blasted the men with all her powers. It was not enough. 2 men were blasted out the door, but the other two restrained her, and immediately sedated her. Michelle fought the drug for a few seconds, but was finally overcome.

"If they all fight like this..." the first man said.

"Let's hope not. Come on, we have to find that bastard." The second man said.

Sonya and Barbara came running at all the commotion. They incapacitated 3 out of four men, but the last one shot them with a tranquilizer gun, and they too were soon overcome by the powerful drugs. The last man dragged his friends outside, and came back for the girls.

"Damn, they blasted the hall unit, now we can't see what he did with them." Daphnix said.

The last man came back inside and started to take the furniture apart, 5 or so pieces at a time. One by one, the Linda units were incapacitated. Finally, Linda went into survival mode, and closed down all entrance systems.

"Linda? Linda, it's all right now. The men have gone."

"Go away!" the heard the computer shout through the speaker in the door.

"Linda? You trust me, don't you? I made you. I poured my life into you. I wouldn't betray you, I love you!" Frederic said into the microphone.

They could almost hear the despair in the computer's feminine voice as she said "Ok" and opened the door.

Frederic, Daphnix and Jennifer went inside. They comforted the computer, and put the backup units in place of the broken ones. The computer started to come back to life, as she was no longer threatened.

"Who the hell did this? Linda? Do you have a positive Id on them?"


"Give me their address." Frederic said, so calm that Daphnix and Jennifer were even more worried than if he had gotten mad or something.

After getting the address from Linda, Frederic asked his friends to take care of the house, while he had to take care of some unfinished business, as he called it.

Frederic blasted into the air, not even bothering to cloak himself. He touched down in less than 5 seconds, on a large farm just outside LA. Frederic drew his sword, then changed his mind and put it back in its sheath on his back. He walked quietly up to the front door, and rang the bell.

"Yes?" Frederic recognized the man from the film. The one that got away without being knocked out.

"Excuse me, sir, but I believe you have something that belongs to me, and I want it back."

"And what might that be?" the man asked, obviously amused by this child.

"My sister and two of my friends. If you don't give them back, I'll be forced to hurt you."

The man burst out laughing. You? Hurt me? You couldn't..." he then realized who Frederic was. "Your sister and two of your friends? You are the Phalanx?"

"Yes. And at this moment, a very angered Phalanx." Frederic blurted out. This time, he wouldn't hold back. This time, it will get messy.

Frederic summoned all his strength, and blasted at the door. It seems that only now, Frederic realized what kind of powers he possessed. Not the door, but half the wall disintegrated in front of his eyes. It was not blasted, it disintegrated. There was no trace of the man.

"He must have been blasted to Hell as well. I feel sorry for Hell. Well, at least he didn't get away with it this time."

<<Barbs? Sonya? Michelle? Are you there?>>

No response. He muttered a 'damn' under his breath and proceeded inside. after scouting the house, there was no trace of his family or friends.

"You bastards! You will pay for this! I shall not rest until you are all dead!" he shouted, raising his hand towards the sky.

This time, he pulled his sword for a good reason. "Sword of the Phalanx, grant me the Power!" he transformed.

"I call upon the pure power of the mighty Phoenix and the infinite wisdom of the dragon!" Lightning once again streaked through the air, and engulfed Frederic. He saw claws developing at his gloves and boots, he felt wings being materialized on his back, and he saw the color change from white to bright red. He could feel his knowledge expand and deepen as the metamorphosis proceeded.

"Sword of the Phalanx, give me the insight that is beyond this world!" Frederic could no longer contain himself. He had called upon every force thinkable. He raised the sword and stared into the blade. It projected a series of images into the air. Frederic immediately knew where his loved ones were. He took of once again, and this time, he blasted through the air at supersonic speeds ranging well beyond that of any airplane.

He touched down in Nevada. "Area 51. First, they do this to me. Than they kill my parents for trying to expose them, and now they kidnap my loved ones."


He was delighted. There were people screaming and running around all over the place. They were clearly panicked, what was exactly what he has had in mind all along. His rolling laugh thundered over the complex. <<intruder alert!>> his powers notified him. He flipped around, and stared directly into an unimpressed man. Frederic slowly raised his hand to blast the man to the afterlife, as the man pressed a button on a small device in his hand. Frederic grunted as he fell his psychic powers slip out of his control. The armor deactivated and Frederic looked bewildered at his no longer gloved hands.

"I don't care how you did that, but it won't help you!" he shouted. Frederic prepared to jump at the man, as he saw him take out a gun, aim and fire. The tranquilizer dart struck home, and in less than 2 seconds, Frederic was incapacitated.

"My head! Ow, it hurts." Frederic grunted, and tried to sit up. he wasn't halfway, as he bumped it, and it made him fall down again. Frederic extended his hands upwards, and realized he was in some sort of half tube, with a flat surface, were he was lying on, and a transparent tube above it. Frederic smashed into it was all his strength, but to no avail. The material didn't budge. Frederic slowly raised his head, as to avoid bumping into the tube again. He was stripped too his boxers.

Frederic slowly looked around. He was sure he had never been here, but the lab seemed vaguely familiar. He tried accessing his powers, but none of them would answer his commands. He even was unable to enter his own mind! Frederic then tried kicking, but that didn't work either. He decided that waiting would be the only answer.

"Hello? Anybody here? Come on, don't leave me like this!" Frederic shouted. A door opened, and a man walked in. Frederic recognized him as the man who captured him.

"So, young Frederic, finally awake? You put up quite an impressive fight against the tranquilizers, I can assure you. We had to give you the maximum dosage to keep you sedated long enough to get you into the tube."

"Why do you do this to me? I have done nothing to you."

"I created you. I am the man who made you the way you are, and now I am going to test you, to see if you live up to my expectations."

"Expectations? You attacked my friends and my family, you forced my AI to retreat into conservation mode, and you kidnapped me just to satisfy your curiosity? If you'd asked, I'd be willing to help you. But not like this." Frederic shouted to the man.

"Not that sort of tests. You see, we are going to test your morals."


"We're going to let you see short films, of about 10 minutes each. We are going to monitor your reactions to them."

"Right! Like I am going to react to cheap movie tricks."

"You don't understand. These are not recorded. They are performed live, in this facility. They're just not performed here."

"You bastard. If you have hurt anyone, I'll personally going to break that fat neck of yours."

"Interesting. Subject has increased paranoia when confronted with threats towards his loved ones." The man said, paying no further attention to Frederic as he scribbled in his notepad.

The man turned around and left. After about 2 minutes, Frederic heard: "First shot."

On the wall in front of Frederic, a large screen was lowered from the ceiling. Frederic guessed it was like a movie theater, with a projector deployed somewhere behind him.

"Aw! No, please AW! No, more, Aw!" it was Barbara, she was being whipped. Frederic's blood boiled. The whipping continued. With each stroke, Frederic's anger rose. He shouted, screamed, kicked and hit the tube. It didn't break.

"Sword! Where are you when I need you? Come here!" he shouted. Nothing happened. Frederic dropped his head back, closed his eyes and focused. He managed to summon some of his mental powers, but just as he was about to use them, they were cancelled out. The film stopped.

"I need to get out of here!" he grunted. He concentrated even harder. This time, he made two stacks of mental energy. As he suspected, the one he tried to use was cancelled out, but that left him with a big enough window to use the second stack to call the sword. It obeyed its master's command, and blew right through the vault were it was stored, through 5 or 6 walls, through the door in the lab, through the tube and into Frederic's hand. As soon as he touched the sword, Frederic felt all his energy return, then drop. It returned and dropped. It took some 10 seconds to get used to, but as soon as he did, he cut through the tube and freed himself. It appeared the tube was the one responsible for the demise of his powers, because as soon as he cleared it, his powers returned in full.

The man came running into the lab, holding a small device in front of him. He pressed the button.

<<Warning, mental dampening field detected. Initiating override.>> the sword said.

<<Why have you not done this before?>>

<<I needed time to come up with a solution. When I did, you were already captured. I'm sorry.>>

<<No need, I managed to get out.>>

The man was looked less sure of himself now. "Work, damn you! Work!"

"It seems you are out of options, doctor." Frederic said. He lifted the man's knowledge, and destroyed it. the man clasped at his head, since Frederic had 'forgotten' to blank him out first, and being stripped of knowledge is a very, very painful experience, as the man could testify.

Frederic walked by the pathetic screaming pile of man and entered the hall. It took him exactly 10 seconds to scan the building for Michelle, Barbara and Sonya.

He found Barbara, stripped naked over a table, with a guy whipping her to his hart's content. Frederic destroyed the man's mind. He removed the mental suppressor, and ripped the bonds that held her. He gently lifted her off the table, and treated her wounds. The medical knowledge he had assimilated came in handy now. He found Sonya, bound tightly in some kind of cell. She was unharmed, except for her bruised ego.

Frederic was shocked by how he found Michelle. She was bound tightly on a table, her legs spread wide open, and a lot of men were standing in a line, while one guy was raping her. Frederic blasted the man so thoroughly, he disintegrated, like the front wall of the farm had done.

"YOU HAVE MADE A FINAL MISTAKE! I WILL TOLERATE THIS NO LONGER!" Frederic ripped the bonds, and repaired the damage to her body. He'd have to work on the mental side when they got home. Frederic blasted through four levels before he reached open air. The girls followed right behind him.

"Now you'll see what happens to people who try to hurt me, or any of you." Frederic said, addressing them.

Frederic raised his hand up towards the sky. The air darkened, and flashes of lightning, accompanied by cracks of thunder filled the sky. An energy beam cut through the air, and engulfed Frederic. He uttered a loud, almost non-human cry. He slowly brought his hands at level with the facility, deep below him in the Nevada desert. He power discharge was enormous. The one at the farm was nothing compared to this. The girls covered their eyes, as the mental blast leveled the entire compound and everyone in or below it. The blast must have equaled the destructive power of a 10-megaton A-bomb, because nothing in a 20-kilometer radius survived. The sand had melted into glass so thoroughly, Frederic could see the now rapidly clearing sky reflected in it. The incredible amount of destruction he had caused, and the feeling of having destroyed these animals did not soothe his feelings, however. He was shaking in anger and frustration.

Barbara put a gentle hand on his shoulder. Frederic looked at her in his helmet-covered head and nodded. "You're right." He said. He activated a portal which brought the girls home in an instant. Frederic himself remained behind and flew of to an unknown destination.

"How do you mean, he stayed behind?" Jennifer barked at Sonya. "Why didn't he come back?"

"I don't know, but I think he needed some time alone." Sonya said. She was almost shaking now.

"That is a plausible explanation. The stuff she described is beyond anything I ever thought possible. I think he needs some time to cope with this." Daphnix said, gently grabbing Jennifer's hand. She calmed down and nodded. "Thank you." She said, turned around and briskly walked outside. Daphnix was turning to go after her when he heard:

<<Don't. I need to be alone.>>

<<Ok.>> Daphnix sent back. This had taken a heavy toll on them, and they all coped differently. "I wonder where Frederic ran off to." Daphnix thought. "I hope he doesn't do anything stupid." One by one, he corrected the mental problems that had occurred because of the kidnapping and the brutalities they had to go through during their capture.

The top of Mount Everest. The bristling snow, the blowing icy wind and extreme altitude did not hurt Frederic as he sat down in meditation pose. He folded his hands ad began his meditation sequence. He had selected an excellent day to do this: the storm that tormented the top was one of the heaviest they have had in years, so he was sure he wouldn't be disturbed.

"I wonder what happened. That power discharge was far stronger than anything I ever did before." He pondered.

<<You briefly entered level 2 of the Phalanx powers.>>

<<I do not understand. What do you mean by level 2?>>

<<The powers you used so far, and the power your friends were given and use, are part of the first level, the mortal level.>>

<<Mortal Level?>>

<<Allow me to explain. There are 2 levels of power: the first level, the mortal level, is your everyday power. You know, the standard telekinesis, mind-control and other powers. the second level is when you tap into the power network of the Gods of the Universe themselves. It does not need any extra explanation to say that this is unlimited power. It can be used for creation and, like you did, for destruction.>>

<<I see. So, how did I do it?>>

<<Your anger and disparateness forced your mind open to consider options you never considered before. You entered a stage where you were open for anything, and ready to consider everything.>>

<<How can I tap into this again? I mean, having somebody kidnapped before I can use these powers is a little harsh, isn't it?>>

<<I don't know. Normally, you would never get this far. You are the first Phalanx ever, in any of the races, to be able to use this.>>

<<Ah, so that explains why I was not informed of this.>> Frederic thought for a moment. He made a decision: he was going to try to tap into these powers again. This gave him a strange feeling of wellbeing. His mediation came easily, and his mind and soul became peaceful once again. A faint smile caressed his lips. After a few more hours to calm down from the past emotions. He decided to fly home, if not to put his mind to something else, then to see the world. He made himself invisible and he cruised home at a leisurely 500 kilometers an hour, at an altitude of just over a kilometer.

Jennifer was walking slowly towards the library. Every time she wanted to put her mind on something else, she went there. She found the books having a soothing effect on her emotional state. She had knowledge of most of them, but not o first-hand. Most of it was still Frederic's. she began reading when a good-looking fellow came up to her. He sat down at the opposite side of the table. He put his book down and started reading. Jennifer's mind wasn't on reading right now. She stared at him, observing him. Her gaze dropped slowly, caressing his blonde hair, his hazel brown eyes and his muscular body. Unfortunately for her, her view was obstructed by the table, so she continued her little exploration with her powers. she found him well-built, especially between his legs.

"Let's try a little experiment." She thought. She let her power slide gently over his organ, caressing it gently. She dropped her head, pretending to read. Her powers were giving her an unobstructed view, even without her eyes. The man twisted gently, trying to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling between his legs. She had soon caressed him to a full erection. The man was twitching more openly now, trying to get his erected organ in a comfortable position. Jennifer did not relent, and opened his fly. She pulled his briefs down and his organ sprang free.

The man hurriedly tried to get his dick back in his pants, meanwhile he was nervously looking around, and trying to figure out weather anyone had seen his predicament. Jennifer smiled. Her little experiment was going according to plan, except one thing: her pussy was dripping fluids. Her own hand travelled down her belly and scratched at her pussy.

"Damn, I need relief." She thought. Her face cleared. "And I have just the man to give me what I want." <<Go to the ladies room. No-one will see you, don't be afraid. Go into the first stall and close the door. Open it only when you hear three knocks.>>

The man got up slowly, after finally being able to cage his raging hard-on. He walked slowly towards the ladies room and, as predicted, he was not seen by anyone. He did exactly as he was ordered.

Jennifer slowly stood up, put the book back where she found it, and went to the ladies room herself. She knocked three times on the door of the first stall. The door opened, and she ventured inside, and locked the door. She did exactly the same as she had done in Seattle: put a field over the bathroom, and prevent entrance to anyone. Jennifer wasn't wearing her Phalanx costume, in stead she was wearing a short blue skirt, a white blouse, and no bra.

<<Now, take me. As hard as you can, but don't rip my clothes. Be as hard and as obscene as you can .>> the horny girl commanded. The man jumped from the toilet, twisted Jennifer around and smashed her to the door. He flipped up her skirt and pulled of her panties. Hisq hard cock disappeared in her well-lubed cunt without problems. The man grabbed and molded her breasts.

"So, my little slut doesn't need a bra, doesn't she? You little whore!" he barked in her ear.

"Yes! YES! Fuck me like a whore!" she grunted. He cock was fucking her cunt a rocket. She grunted in continues pleasure, as the man continued to whisper obscenities in her ear. He pulled out of her cunt, just as she was about to explode.

"No" she grunted. "Give me more!"

"So, my little whore likes my cock, doesn't she?"

"Yes, I like it. Now, give it back to me." She begged.

"No, you're going to suck it, and make me cum down your little slutty throat."

Jennifer did as she was ordered. After all, she HAD commanded him to be as obscene as he could. She sucked and licked at his cock like it was the best Popsicle in the world. After some time, she heard his breath became ragged. He grabbed her hair, pressed her head deep into his pubic hair and shot his load down her throat. Jennifer swallowed and discovered that she didn't find the taste as disgusting as she first thought it would be. The man definitely wasn't finished with her, as he picked her up, and slammed her into the door once again. He flipped up her skirt and spread her ass cheeks. "No" she grunted as she felt his cock press against her anus. He paid no attention. <<NO!>> she slammed into him. He held back, then decided against it and slammed into her anus with all his might. Jennifer grunted as his half his cock disappeared in her ass. Luckily for her, her enhancements made her be very... flexible. There was almost no pain involved, and she felt incredible pleasure as this strange man fucked her ass relentlessly. It took him 10 more minutes to shoot his final load into her ass. He pulled out and said: "You can go, slut."

Jennifer grabbed her panties, but the man stopped her. "Those are mine" he said, taking them from her. She shook her head, and left. Her ass leaking his cum, it was trickling down her leg. She removed it from her ass and her stomach. She sharpened up a bit and walked out of the library, and went home. She wasn't even out of the street, as she heard a familiar voice.

"So, you never told me you like it rough."

"Frederic! How long have you been back?"

"About an hour ago. Daphnix told me you were walking. You generated and interference field I saw a few kilometers away, so I figured you'd be here. So, you like the little present I gave you?"

"So you countermanded my order to keep out of my ass?"

"That, and I made him more severe than your original order had included. Don't worry, I wouldn't have let him hurt you."

"You bastard." She said, smiling. "I loved it!"

"I thought you would. When I saw the order you gave him, I guessed as much."

They smiled at each other, and walked home. His arm was draped around her shoulders, while her hand was put around his muscular waist.

"So, how much progress have you made with the girls?" Frederic asked when he got home.

"Fine. They retained the knowledge of the events, but I corrected the damage those memories have done to their personality."

"Excellent. Now, I have to tell you two something."

Daphnix and Jennifer looked strangely at him. They had never seen him this... different. "Ok, shoot." Daphnix said.

"I... Don't know how... this will effect me... us. It is... tremendous power." Frederic stammered, tripping over a few dozen words in the process.

"Frederic, honey, calm down. Take a deep breath... another one... good. Now, tell us what happened." Jennifer calmed him down.

"When I went to get the girls, they captured me and cancelled out my powers." Frederic said.


"The scientists from Area 51. You know, the ones who enhanced me and Daphnix. They tested how my sense of morale had evolved. They showed me Barbara being whipped." Frederic said, tears welling up in his eyes. Jennifer put a comforting hand around his shoulders. "The bastards" she mumbled. Daphnix nodded his agreement. "I managed to get out of their cancellation field. I found the girls. Barbara was beaten almost half dead, and Michelle was raped about 5 times before I got her out. Sonya was unharmed."

Jennifer had a small suspicion where this was headed. "What did you do?"

"I destroyed them."

"Good." Daphnix said, clenching his fist. "If you hadn't done it, I would have."

"You don't understand. I did not just destroy them. I leveled the entire compound, and everything in or around it, in a 20-kilometer radius. The blast melted the sand into glass, and destroyed every bit of living tissue in or above it. not a single microbe, virus or bacteria survived." Jennifer retracted her hand. The shock was clearly visible on her face.

"You... how?"

"The sword said I tapped into the energy grid of the Gods of the Universe themselves. When I was so desperate to get out, my mind was ready to consider anything. For that one moment, my mind was open to anything. The power was unlimited, but because of the sudden surge, I retracted back to this level."

"What could you do with them?" Daphnix asked.

"Anything. The power can be used for construction and destruction. Everything is possible with them."

"Great! All you have to do is get them back." Daphnix said.

"I can't."

"Why not? You can do all that great stuff with them. Imagine the possibilities." Jennifer said.

"I am. Don't you see? Those powers were never meant to be wielded by a mortal. I can not control them, not with the limited mind I posses."

"Our minds are genetically engineered. They are superior to everyone else's, and now you're telling me it's not enough?" Daphnix said.

"No. I could try to use those powers to boost my mind, but I don't want to run the risk that nothing matters to me."

"I don't understand." Jennifer said. "How do you mean, nothing matters to you?"

"You see, when someone has this kind of power, nothing would ever matter. I would be omnipotent, immortal, and stronger than anything and anybody on this planet. I would be equal to the Gods themselves."

"Now I understand. So, how long before they go haywire?"

"I don't know. Last time, I could only touch them, briefly. All I had from them was a power boost, nothing more.

"Next time, you should try to figure out how long or how much you can control them." Jennifer suggested.

"I'll try that." Frederic promised.

"Good." Jennifer said.

Over the course of the next few days, it became clear that Frederic had changed more than Jennifer and Daphnix first anticipated. He was more brutal when confronted with people who bothered him, and he no longer refrained from using his powers to make a point. It had also gotten clearer to Jennifer that Frederic didn't sleep as much as he used to. Normally, she was the one up first. But that had changed, he was the one up a lot sooner than she was. His attitude towards his Club did not change one single bit, however. He was still the protective, caring leader of them all. He made sure that everything was al right, and that they never were short of anything. He also finished their theses by the end of the week, another sign that he didn't sleep much anymore. One more than one occasion, they found him in the vault, working with Linda, the lines displaying at the maximum refresh rate possible. Jennifer nor Daphnix could make anything of it as they looked at the flashing display.

Saturday. As usual, Frederic was up long before Jennifer was. As a matter of fact, he hadn't slept 5 minutes since he touched the Power. He just pretended to be tired, and acted like he was sleeping, so he wouldn't worry his friends. As soon as Jennifer was sound asleep, he would float out of the room, and work with Linda, or train in the backyard, or do something to keep himself busy. It was during one of his brainstorming sessions with Linda that he stumbled upon an idea that Daphnix had uttered during their initial stay with the Amazons: some sort of organization that would control the world-leaders behind the scenes.

"I'll need a command base if I want this to work." Frederic thought. "Linda, Graphical design program." He ordered. A blank screen appeared.

Frederic started adding features he deemed necessary. After a few hours, he realized something. Power! The building as he was designing it would take enormous amounts of power to run and maintain. Conventional means would never suffice.

"Linda, initiate theoretical search. What is capable of powering the command center in its present form?"

"Hydrogen bomb. Matter/antimatter explosion. Search complete."

"The hydrogen bomb works with the hot fusion principal. Linda, what is the possibility of containing a hydrogen fusion reaction?"

"There is no record of a successful containment of hydrogen fusion."

"Setback. Linda, save command center design and create a new project." Linda did as she was ordered. "What are you going to do?" she asked.

"I am going to design a fusion power plant." Frederic responded as he began issuing orders for the creation of magnetic containment systems, and so on.

"Frederic? Honey, are you in there?" Jennifer's voice came through the speakers of the vault door, just as Frederic was about to finish the greatest revolution in human history: a fusion power plant, the only thing needed was water, and the power output was enough to power New York for ten years.

"Damn. Linda, save all projects and exit. Maximum protection, I am the only one with access." Frederic pressed a button, and said: "Yes, I'm here." He stood up and opened the door and walked outside.

"What were you doing?" Jennifer asked with genuine interest.

Frederic decided to tell her the best lie possible: the truth, but not the entire truth. "I am working on a fusion power design. Another couple of days, and it's ready to be built." He said.

"Fusion power? How are you able to contain such a reaction?"

"With an enhanced magnetic containment field. I designed a system that is able to contain a nuclear explosion."

"Impressive." Jennifer said. "I'd like to help. Tell me what to do."

Frederic had counted on this. "Ok. This is what I want you to do. That reactor excretes an excruciating amount of power. Normal means of transportation are useless. Design something that can safely transport it to a storage system." Frederic said.

"Ok, I'll do that." Jennifer said. Meanwhile, they had reached the kitchen, where Daphnix was having breakfast. In a few sentences they brought him up to speed on Frederic's latest project. Frederic gave him the assignment of designing the storage systems, which he gladly accepted. They spent the entire morning walking around, doing nothing. After lunch, they decided to look up someone from Hugo's 'payment'.

"I say, take this one." Daphnix said, pointing to one particular page in the small book.

"I don't know, I like her better." Frederic said, pointing to another page.

"How about this one?" Jennifer said, pointing to a third page.

"We all want someone else. I have a suggestion: how about, each day someone else decides who the lucky one will be? It worked out with the car last summer, so I don't see how it wouldn't work now." Frederic said.

"Ok, that's a good idea. Let's do it." Daphnix said.

"I agree." Jennifer said.

"Ok, we have a deal. I'll go first, then Daphnix and Jennifer will complete the circle." Frederic said. His friends agreed. So, they took of towards Miranda Harris, a cute blonde with pert tits. They couldn't really make out the height on the photograph.

They jumped in the car and drove of. After about 20 minutes, they pulled up to a nice looking house in the outer regions of LA.

"This is the place." Daphnix said, looking at the page, checking the address one last time.

They walked to the front door and rung the doorbell. A nice looking woman opened the door. She was a little suspicious. The bunch had decided not to wear their Phalanx outfits today, so they looked like normal teenagers.

"Good day ma'am. We are friends of Hugo, and we would like to ask Miranda a few small questions." Frederic said.

"I'm sorry, who are you? And what sort of questions?" the lady asked.

"I'm sorry, allow me to introduce ourselves, I am Frederic, and these are Daphnix and Jennifer. We are here because of your daughter's interest in stamp collecting." Frederic recited her hobby from memory.

The woman nodded. "She's in her room. Up the stairs, second room on the right."

"Thank you ma'am." Frederic said. Daphnix and Jennifer nodded appreciably.

Frederic gently tapped at the door.

"Who is it?" a voice barked.

"We are friends of Hugo. We are here because of your interest in stamp collecting." Daphnix said.

The door opened a little bit. Miranda peeked through the crack. "What about it?"

"We are from a club of junior philatelists, here to offer you a membership." Jennifer said.

Miranda seemed a little harder to convince than her mother, so Frederic gently put a <<trust us>> command in her brain. She opened the door completely, and invited them in. They had all found a place, Frederic and Daphnix sat on the bed, and Jennifer sat in the desk chair.

Frederic took a good twenty minutes explaining an imaginary philately club to Miranda.

"So, what do I have to do to join this club?" she asked, seated on her bed. "First of all, we are going to ask you a few simple questions; just to make sure that you have the basic knowledge required to join." Frederic said. Again, his two friends were astonished at how well he had prepared this all.

"Ok, that sounds reasonable." Miranda said.

<<Take out the notebook I asked you to bring, and act like you are writing things down.>> Frederic sent to Daphnix.

"Now, this is how we are going to do this: I am going to ask you the questions, and my friend here is going to take notes." Frederic said, pointing to Daphnix. "Jennifer is just here to make sure that everything goes correctly." Miranda nodded.

"I understand. Go ahead." She said.

Frederic began asking basic questions about philately. After about 20 questions, he took his questions to the next level, and started asking about her personal life. After 15 minutes of questioning, he started asking real personal things. Thanks to a little help from his powers, he got away with them.

"Are you a virgin?"


"How many times have you had sex?"

"About 4 times." She answered truthfully.

"Good. Do you have any specific sexual interests?"

"I like both men and women who are real dominating."

"Interesting. Do you find any of us attractive?"

"Yes." She said, after a three-second hesitation.


"All of you."

"Do you want us to dominate you?"


"Treat you like the whore you are? A slut who can't keep her virginity?"

"Yes." She said in a quiet voice, bowing her head and looking at the floor.

"Good. Take of your clothes and get on all fours on the floor, you slut!" Frederic yelled. He had played this game with Jennifer a couple of times, and he really began to get the hang of it.

Miranda hurried out of her clothes and dropped her gorgeous body on the floor, resting on all fours. Jennifer loved it both ways. She liked being dominated, but she liked dominating as well. She shoved a finger down Miranda's ass.

"Has anyone claimed this little ass of yours yet, slut?"

"No." Miranda said.

Frederic slapped her hard on her cheek. A red mark was becoming visible. "How did you call her?"

"I'm sorry. No, mistress." Miranda sobbed.

Frederic slapped her a couple of times and said: "See that it doesn't happen again, bitch!"

Meanwhile, Daphnix was fingering Miranda's pussy, while Jennifer was finger-fucking the girl's ass. Frederic decided to join and took out his enlarged penis and slapped it in Miranda's face. "Suck it, slut." He commanded. Miranda used one of her hands, but Frederic brutally slapped her. "No hands, bitch. Use your mouth, that's why it's there."

Miranda fished for Frederic's cock, but he drew it away just in time. He enjoyed the frustrated look on the beautiful face as she missed it again and again. Finally, he gave her what they both wanted. She started sucking in earnest.

"Damn, she's good. She's sucking the cum right out of my balls!" Frederic grunted. Daphnix had taken out his dick too, and was now fucking Miranda's pussy from behind. Jennifer had used her mental powers to create an artificial, although invisible, dick. It was linked to her pleasure center, and it gave her very intense emotions while she fucked it in and out of Miranda's ass. The girls grunted and groaned while the triple penetration continued. After Frederic had came down Miranda's throat, he withdrew and laid on the bed, enjoying the show. With her mouth free, Miranda now groaned and grunted openly. The extra audio stimulant heightened the experience for them, and soon Daphnix and Jennifer came as well.

"You are a great fuck! Too bad we already have to leave. You won't tell anyone what really happened here. If anyone asks, you were answering questions for a philately club." Frederic said, after they all had gotten dressed.

Miranda nodded. "I wouldn't have told anyone anyway. This kinky side is not something I love sharing with others."

"Well, take this card. Whenever you need help, and normal institutions can't help, ring me on this number." Frederic said, pulled out a card with only the Phalanx sign and a telephone number. Miranda took it, looked at it, and nodded.

"I'll do that."

"Ok, now we really have to go." Frederic said, standing up. the others followed, and they all walked to the front door.

"Bye, Miranda." Frederic said. "Take care."

"Yea, take care of the great body of yours. If you ever need a spanking, call me at the same number." Jennifer said, blinking an eye.

They walked off, and drove home, they all agreed that it was an afternoon well-spent, and that they would repeat this every Saturday, they all hoped that they would have a new supply before they ran out of good-looking girls in their already limited supply Hugo had given them. By the time they got home, the sun was getting low, and they spent the rest of the evening looking TV in the living room, together with the rest of the Club.

Frederic and Jennifer were cuddled together in the large bed. Once again, Frederic couldn't sleep. He gently probed to see if Jennifer was asleep. She was. Frederic detached himself from his love's arms. He was getting good at this, since for the last 4 days he had done this every night. Frederic walked to the vault, which opened soundlessly at his approach. As soon as he was inside, the door closed and locked. The ever-present light dimmed to an almost non-existent level, and a dance beat started playing through the system. It was set to a very low level, as not to disturb anyone else in the household.

Linda had specific instructions what to do when Frederic arrived alone during the night. She carried them out flawlessly. Frederic was pleased. He sat down and started working on the fusion generator. As he expected, he had the blueprint ready in a few hours.

"Linda, what is the current local time?"

"It is now 3 hours, 10 minutes and 15 seconds ... 17 ... 18 ... 19..."

"Stop time. Thank you, Linda."

"You're welcome."

"Boot the command center blueprints in editor."

Frederic continued working on the plans, but he had to leave big blanks, so he would have the room to install Jennifer's power lines and Daphnix's storage facilities later. He was almost finished with the open design when Linda turned down the music, and gently turned the lights back on. Frederic heard the vault door unlock. He knew what this meant: daytime! Someone had gotten up, and was now going downstairs. Linda was instructed this way to warn him. Frederic opened the vault door after securing his designs, and walked towards the kitchen.

"Good morning, Barbs." Frederic said, when he entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, little brother." Frederic tolerated this, although he wasn't 'little' anymore, he still liked to be remembered who and what he really was. He found this helpful in keeping his powers in check.

Frederic ate some breakfast, although he wasn't feeling hungry, he hadn't felt hungry or thirsty since the Big Event, as he called it. after eating some breakfast, he went outside and trained a little. After about 5 minutes, he removed his upper garments, and did sit-ups in his bare upper body. As usual, he concentrated completely on his training. Not a single thought entered his mind when he was training.

"Nice muscles, baby."

Frederic's skills surfaced when he was so brutally interrupted by Jennifer. He jumped up, pulled his sword and was at her throat in less than 2 seconds. Only then did he realize who it was. He pulled the sword back, and a look of regret was visible on his face.

"Don'! Ever! Next time I might not realize who you are before it is too late." He said, warning her.

Jennifer was scared shitless. "Why did you do that for?"

"Warrior skills. When I am training, I am not thinking, not seeing, hearing or receiving any input from my senses. When you startled me, my subconscious took over, and mistook you talking to me for an attack, so it reacted in any way it saw fit: killing the attacker. Fortunately, my conscious took over just in time." He explained himself.

"I see. So, how do I call you next time?"

"You don't. you stay as far away from me as possible. Any interruption is potentially fatal."

"Ok, but you could at least have warned me about this."

"I did now. So, tell Daphnix about this, and I'll continue with my training. I need to be ready when the Dark One comes." Frederic said, sitting back down and resuming his sit-ups.

Jennifer had just gotten the scare of her life. Having Frederic jump at her throat was scary enough, but having him act like this was all she could take. She turned around and walked towards the house. Midway, she burst out crying and ran inside. Frederic didn't even notice. He just continued counting the strokes of his abdominal muscles.

After completing his sit-ups, Frederic sat up straight and folded his legs. His hands found their way automatically to his lap. He meditated, and shifted his concentration from the outside, his body, to the inside, his mental state.

"You bastard! How could you! You scared the hell out of that poor girl, and than you blamed it on her? What kind of a lover are you?" Daphnix was standing in front of Frederic, his hands in his sides. His tirade went on for a little longer, and than it abruptly cut of. Frederic wasn't even listening!

Daphnix slapped his friend square in the face. Frederic's eyes opened, a look of pure hatred filled them. Frederic's lean body was thrown in the air, it made a double salt and landed next to the pile of clothes a few meters away. He pulled out his sword and jumped forward, holding the sword in an attack pose. Frederic uttered a piercing battle-cry during his few second flight. Daphnix instantly realized that this time, Frederic wouldn't hold back. The look of pure hatred remained, and it didn't fade. Daphnix pulled out his own sword, and blocked Frederic's attack. Frederic burst out laughing.

"You stupid little human! Do you really think that you could stop the TRUE power of the Phalanx? You're even more stupid than I first thought you were. And that little slut, ... well, I'm not going to elaborate. Now, it's time to die!" Frederic yelled. "Feel my wrath!" he shrieked, as his arms lifted skywards.

Noting happened, but Daphnix could feel a dark and evil sensation building in the area. Something like in the park, when Frederic had been appointed Phalanx. Daphnix did realize though that this was not the same event. Daphnix couldn't here a single sound. Sweat poured from Frederic's face. The sky turned black, and lighting pierced the sky, followed by rolling thunder. Lightning engulfed Frederic once again.


Daphnix dropped his sword, and started stepping back. He didn't know who the creature in front of him was, but it sure wasn't Frederic. After a few steps, Daphnix tripped and fell backwards. With his hands supporting him, Daphnix kept staring at the display in front of him. He saw Frederic, or whoever he was, flying a few meters above the grass. Lightning was all around him, and a demonic laugh came from his throat.


"Whoever you are, don't do this! They are not meant to be wielded by a man! You will not be able to control them!" Daphnix yelled.


Daphnix shook his head. "I don't understand!" he yelled.


Daphnix nodded. "Of course. That explains it all, why we never heard of you, why you appeared as a seconds Frederic in Frederic's dream, and so on... . Where is my friend, the real Frederic? Is he still part of you?"

"He has been banished to a little part of my subconscious. The fool thinks he's still in reality!" Frederic laughed.

"Frederic? Come on buddy, talk to me. Fight him, I know you can. There is nothing he could do to you that has not already been done to you. You have been imprisoned, your friends and family has been kidnapped, our parents have been killed, you can handle this one too!" Daphnix yelled.

"Foolish human! Do you really think that he'd care if even heard you? He's quite happy where he is, believe me!"

"No, I am not! You will die for what you've done!" a voice shouted. Daphnix recognized it, Frederic's voice!

"No, that's not possible! How did you escape?" Frederic growled.

"You can stop pretending now. Sow us your real body, and I'll tell you how I got out!" a disembodied voice declared.

Frederic's body changed. A grown man appeared, with a brown beard and hair. His had cold, dark brown eyes and he was dressed in black leather.

"The game's over, Raglan! Did you really think that I was unprepared for you? Did you really think that I was some short-minded genius, who doesn't look beyond what lies in front of his own nose? I created a mental pathway to the outside world the first day I plunged into my mind. A backdoor, in case I was ever imprisoned in my own mind. It was instructed to open, and excrete my mind and personality when that was to happen!" the voice continued.

"Show yourself! Fight like a man!" Raglan yelled.

"Like you fought fair? You crept into my body the day I went to level two, when I was the weakest, and you took over my body when you had the chance. I was surprise by the ferocity of your attack, and I was forced to see you abuse my powers for 3 days until I was strong enough to face you."

Raglan was blown backwards down the yard. "Hey, that's a joke! I thought you had a sense of humor!" he tried to appeal to Frederic's invisible form.

"Even if I wanted to, I couldn't show myself to you. You have my body, remember? Thanks to the powers, I continued to live outside it, for ever if I wanted to." Frederic's voice said. He didn't stop there, however: "Now I'll show you how a REAL Phalanx accesses the powers of the Gods!"

it was as if Armageddon had arrived! The skies tore open, and a huge blast of energy tore down on the place where Frederic's mind was positioned. Raglan took advantage of this, and blasted at the place. He soon wished he hadn't! the blast traveled to the beam, struck it and started spinning around it. it toured five times, had picked up momentum and power, and struck Raglan before he knew it was traveling back to him. The man cried in agony as his shields collapsed.

Meanwhile, Frederic's mind had absorbed all the power it could. "YES! I FEEL THE POWER COURSING THROUGH MY MIND! I CAN DO ANYTHING!" the skies closed, and daylight returned. Frederic's voice was no longer without a body. His mind was shining in some sort of ethereal glow. It was dressed in a Phalanx outfit, sword included. Both Daphnix and Raglan saw that it was indeed the sword of the Phalanx.

"I am willing to give you one last chance. Let's do this the old-fashioned way. Tonight, at twenty-one hundred hours Greenwich Main Time, at the Temple of the Phalanx at Stonehenge." The spirit said.

Raglan nodded. "I'll be there." He spat, and disappeared.

As soon as Raglan was gone, Frederic collapsed to one knee, and clenched at his chest.

"What is it?" Jennifer asked.

"How ...long?"

"When he first used the Power." She said.

"I'm ... sorry." He mumbled, and collapse to the floor.

Daphnix tried to carry him inside, but soon found that a spirit was a little difficult to handle, since everything passed through it. Jennifer walked to Frederic's spirit and knelt next to it. she put her hand into his. Frederic weakly opened his eyes, and smiled. She smiled back.

"Glad you're back." She said.

" Drained....Powers to great to handle...need more mental strength." He managed to say.

Jennifer got closer to him. "Take what you need." She said. Frederic shook his head.

"Dangerous...can disrupt your mental balance."

"I don't care. You have to fight tonight, not me."

Frederic nodded. He raised both his hands and put them on Jennifer's cheeks. He took as little as possible, and he immediately felt a whole lot better. He managed to sit up, and looked at Jennifer. She was holding herself well.

"How are you feeling?" Frederic asked her.

"Just fine." She smiled back at him.

"I'm sorry you..." he began. She stopped him when she tried to kiss him. She passed right through, but he got the point.

"I am beyond those things. I will never be able to enjoy a physical touch, I will never get another kiss, nothing. Even if I manage to defeat him, I will not survive."

"Because of the prophecy?" Daphnix asked.

Frederic just nodded. He got up and looked at the sun. "I have to go." He said.

"Wait!" Frederic turned around. The other were standing there, dressed also in Phalanx outfits, their arms folded.

"We heard everything, and we want you to absorb whatever you need from us, and then take us with you to the fight. We know we can't interfere, but we want to watch." Barbara said.

Frederic stood up. "I don't remember giving you these outfits." He said, smiling.

"We didn't want to fall out of tone." Michelle said.

Frederic looked at Daphnix and Jennifer. They both nodded. Finally, Frederic nodded too. He stepped to the girls and placed his hand on their cheeks. He absorbed mental strength from each of the girls and from Daphnix, and he felt better than ever. Frederic pulled out the sword of the Phalanx, and ethereal or not, it drew a very nice portal indeed. When the left it, they stepped out at the ruins near Stonehenge. Once here, Frederic stepped to the center of the stone temple, and raised his arms. The dropped megaliths righted themselves, and new ones appeared to fill the gaps. The temple was once again resurrected to its original splendor. The other members of the Club gasped, as they saw two yelled lines appear in the sky, crossed like an intersection.

"Those are two lines from the power grid of the Gods of the Phalanx. This is the most powerful point on this entire planet." Frederic explained.

He knelt down, right under the crossing. "Gods of the Universe, hear me!" he yelled. "I am Frederic Fromthefield, the Phalanx. I request to use my powers for the recreation of my body." He said. Suddenly, half the sky was filled with 6 figures. They were dressed in strange outfits, a,nd they all had hood on their heads, like they were monks or something. The oldest one of the spoke:

"Phalanx Fromthefield. You are granted the authority to create a temporal body."

"Thank you, O wise one." Frederic said, standing up. he lifted one arm, directly pointing at the crossing. A white line of energy streaked down. Frederic created a body, and filled it with his mind and personality. He felt alive again!

Raglan appeared precisely at 9 o'clock.

"So, you've decided to show up. Let's get this over with!" Frederic said.

"Fine with me, nerd-boy!" Raglan said.

Both competitors walked to the center of the circle, and the top and walls of the temple started radiating a strange yellow-orange glow.

"Battle mode. Only one can survive, and no special powers can be used." Frederic declared.

"I don't care. I will win this one anyway." Raglan bragged.

"We'll see." Frederic said, he launched towards raglan, his sword swinging from one side to another. Raglan was busy dogging and blocking Frederic's swings for a good 5 minutes. Then he used a cowardly move to swipe Frederic's legs from under him. Frederic fell down, and Raglan's sword came down fast. Frederic's sword blocked it, but Raglan's weight was bearing down on his 16 year-old muscles. They couldn't take it very long. Frederic kicked at Raglan, and missed, but it was enough to throw the man of-balance, and Frederic jumped up. they circled one another, testing each other's defenses for the next 10 to 15 seconds. Raglan started chopping at Frederic, but thanks to his lean and young body, he could outmaneuver Raglan's moves time and time again. Frederic cut Raglan's right arm during one of these too-close-for-comfort maneuvers. Raglan howled in rage and yelled

"Argh! You'll pay for this, nerd-boy."

"This nerd-boy has cut you, Raglan. Give up while you can!"

Raglan was enraged even more by Frederic's mockery tone. he carved and chopped like a madman, with absolutely no tactics or whatsoever, just an extremely fats, non-directed series of blows. Frederic blocked them all. He managed to get a kick in between two blows, and Raglan stumbled back, clenching at his stomach. Frederic raced towards him, his sword above his head. He chopped at Raglan, and as much to his surprise as to Raglans, he hit the man in the chest. A long, red line was visible through the man's torn clothing. Blood trickled down his clenching arms. Frederic knocked on Raglan's neck with the handle of his sword, and Raglan dropped to his knees.

"For you, the Gods of the Universe!" Frederic shouted. His sword raised, and came down, and stopped. "I can't. I can't kill a fallen enemy." He said, tears in his eyes. Frederic picked up Raglan's sword and handed it to him.

"If you're up to it?" Frederic asked.

"You bet I am. You'll regret this." Raglan shouted. For a few more minutes, they exchanged blows. Finally, the fight was ended when Frederic hit Raglan in the neck, effectively cutting of the man's air supply.

"Very well done, Phalanx. Now..."

"Please don't kill him!" Jennifer shouted. Frederic made a shhhh motion, trying to shut her up. "He's worth a lot to me, and to a lot of others. Please, let him live."

The elder looked thoughtful for a moment. "I'll talk about it with my colleagues." He said, and the 6 men and women disappeared.

The glowing of the temple had stopped, and Frederic walked towards Jennifer.

"You could have gotten yourself killed back there." He said, grabbing her. He kissed her passionately. "Thank you."

"Like I said before, Life without you is not worth living."

"Well done, I knew you could do it!" Daphnix said, and the others backed him saying things like they knew it al along.

As suddenly as they had disappeared, the Gods made their reappearance.

"Very well, the Phalanx will live a normal life. He will age and die like the rest of you. As for his powers, they will remain largely intact. Only the seconds level powers will be removed. You done a better job than we expected you have loyal friends, and a woman that loves you for who and not for what you are. You should be grateful, there are many who are not so rich."

"I know, sir. Thank you." Frederic said, looking tenderly at Jennifer.

The God smiled. "Very well. Farewell and good luck to you, young Phalanx."

"Bye sir. And farewell!" Frederic said, as the image disappeared.

The Club looked at the now rapidly crumbling temple, wondering what the future had in store for them...

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