Their Parent's Sex Club #3 (D.Abby) (B,solo, BF, g, mast, voy) (3!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 3


The next day was Saturday, no school. When I woke up. I flashed back to the night before. Oh, wow! I jerked off. I had fantasized about my first fuck, but I had never thought that it would really happen so soon. It's just one of those things that you expect won't happen till you're real old, maybe fifteen or sixteen.

I went over everything that had happened the night before and my prick got hard again. I jerked off again pretending that Alice was doing it like she had the night before. I had my finger in her cunt at the same time and was pumping it in and out. I could even feel how wet and slick it was. I shot off again and fell back asleep until almost noon.

At lunch mom teased me about sleeping half the day away. Mary was quiet and as soon as lunch was over she excused herself and went upstairs. I was finished eating and it struck me that maybe she might be going up there to give a show. I didn't think so with our parents at home but I couldn't be sure. even after fucking Alice, I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to see her again. I excused myself and followed her up the steps.

(I wished I knew what was going on. I didn't like being left in the dark. I had to find out what was going on without making David mad at me. Jim)

(I had a pretty fair idea of what was going on but I didn't think it was very serious yet. I had a tough job not letting on that I suspected their fun and games. I just hoped that whatever they were into wouldn't leave them with any hang-ups. Later on, when things got even more interesting I never found any. Mom)

(Jane and I exchanged glances but we didn't even smile at each other. We wouldn't let any of the kids know that we were that age once and had a good idea of the stages kids went through and the games they played. Along with Jane I just hoped the kids weren't left with any hang-ups. I know that I had some and it took quite a while and marrying Jane to get me over them. Pop)

The bathroom door was half open and I heard Mary pissing as I walked down the hall. She was waiting to let me see her again. Last night had been exciting but I still wanted to see Mary's cunt again. I wished she would let me push my finger in and out as I had done with Alice.

As nonchalantly as I could I leaned up against the wall opposite the bathroom door and looked in. Mary was sitting on the hopper and watching the door. She grinned when she saw me.

(I sure did grin. I was pleased that he was still interested in me after what he'd done with Alice the night before. I was half afraid he wouldn't show up at the bathroom door again and wouldn't let me see him again. I resolved to give him the best show I could. I had to do something real good to make him let me watch him jerk off. Mary)

The flow of Mary's piss stopped and I wondered what was going to happen next. I didn't have to wait long to find out. Mary moved around on the toilet till she was facing me and sat up on the edge of the seat. She watched me all the while she spread her legs as wide as she could, opened the outer lips of her cunt with the fingers of one hand, and grinned at me again. I could see the pink inner lips down at the bottom and the little nub that Alice had said was he clit up above it.

My prick jumped up and I had to put my hand in my pocket so I could pinch it to keep from coming in my pants. Mary pushed the middle finger of her other hand between the inner lips of her cunt and pumped. I would have to do something nearly as good the next time she watched but I didn't know what. I'd couldn't let her watch me jerk off.

(I knew the effect I was having on David and I was very pleased with myself. I was going to make him jerk off for me the next time. He had been facing the other way and I hadn't seen the stuff come out of his prick when Alice jerked him off the night before. I wanted to see that stuff shoot out of his pisshole. Mary)

Mary shuddered and I knew she was having an orgasm. Her hand slowed down and she slowly pulled her finger out from between her inner cunt lips and rubbed her clit with her glistening wet finger for a moment or two until she shuddered again. That done she looked me straight in the eye and grinned again. I was frozen to the spot as she used some toilet paper to dry her cunt, pulled up her pants and came out into the hall. She didn't say anything to me but she didn't go to her room either. She leaned up against the wall beside me and gave me another meaningful look.

(That was the best good feeling I'd ever had. It was even better than the one I'd had when I was watching David fuck Alice. I liked having David watch me finger fuck myself. It was neat! I was glad that Alice had gotten me mad enough to go this far. I wasn't going to give David time to get cold feet. If I pushed things maybe I could get him to Jerk off for me right then. I waited to see what would happen. Mary)

It was my turn. I knew what Mary wanted me to do. I was so scared and embarrassed about jerking off in front of my sister that I lost my hard on for a moment. I sort of staggered into the bathroom faced the toilet and pulled my prick out of my pants. It was hard again by the time I got it out. I looked toward the door. Mary was standing there gazing at my prick. I let it stick out of my pants and moved around the toilet so I was partially facing the door. I had to piss but nothing came out of the end of my prick.

(After he finished pissing David's prick was hard and it was pointing up to the ceiling. I saw a drop of clear liquid form on the tip and wondered what it was. I didn't know that soon I would be waiting for that drop to form so I could lick it off, but that comes later in the story. Mary)

I spit on my hand and slid it up and down my prick. Mary followed my hand motion like a hawk. I pumped three times and spurt, spurt, spurt; the first jets of cum spouted into the toilet. Dribble, dribble, dribble; the rest of my cum leaked out over my fist. With Mary watching My prick didn't even shrivel down to it's soft state, I kept a half a hard on. I let Mary watch me wash the cum off of my prick and my hands then zipped my prick back into my pants. I waited till Mary left her post against the wall before I came out of the bathroom. I couldn't face her right then.

(David had put on a good show for me and I was pleased. I was glad of what had happened between him and Alice. Without that I would never have gone as far as I'd gone that Saturday and I'm certain I never could have gotten David to go as far as he went. Mary)

I went to my bedroom to contemplate what had happened between Mary and me. We were going pretty far and she was my sister. Boys didn't do things like I'd just done so their sisters could watch them. I had a few problems about that but thinking about it had brought my prick up to it's full hard state again. I jerked off one more time and took a nap.

(I gave myself that good feeling three more times before I took a nap. Mary)

(I didn't see Mary or David all afternoon and I was pissed off. It wasn't like them to avoid me. They must be doing something that they didn't want me to know about and I didn't like that one little bit. Jim)

Mom and pop had a party that night and I was very disappointed now that Mrs. Black was to be the sitter. I wanted Alice. Boy did I want Alice!

Ms. Black, our regular sitter, was a matronly women who claimed she loved us all. She did treat us well and we all liked her a lot. She preparing good snacks, and was lenient about bed time. If there was a good TV show on she would let us stay up past the time we were supposed to be in bed. The problem that I had with her was at bed time, she always kissed us good night and I thought I was too old for that.

In the last year she had started to kiss me with her lips loose and parted and it made me feel funny. My prick got hard and that embarrassed me even though it felt good. I wondered why I got a hard on when she kissed me that way. After what I had learned the night before maybe I was just getting old enough to be kissed like that. I always went to the bathroom to jerk off after she kissed me that way.

(I saw David get hard when Ms. Black kissed him. She was an old lady, how could David get excited about her? I found out later that old people could be fun too. I watched how she kissed him and I decided that I would have to try that. If Ms. Black could get David hard that way, maybe I could too. Then I could get to feel his hard prick pressed against me. I couldn't talk to David about what we had been doing, but I might get to feel his prick through his pants. Mary)

(I noticed but wasn't as smart as Mary. Mrs. Black didn't kiss me like that and I didn't get hard when she kissed me. I just wondered why David got hard. I couldn't ask David why it happened at that point and by the time we got to talking about those things, I didn't have to ask. I knew. Jim)

Things went as usual until bed time. I wanted to go to bed early so I could think of what happened with Alice last night and the show Mary had put on that afternoon. I knew that I could jerk off three or four times going over all the things that had happened in the last two days, but I couldn't think of a good reason to act so out of character. I never went to bed before I had too and then I sometimes put up a fight.

Ms. Black kissed the other kids goodnight and sent them off to bed. Then came the moment that she kissed me. As usual her lips got soft and parted. This was the way Alice and I kissed the night before. Without thinking I parted my lips and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She sucked on it! Wow! That's what Alice and I had done when we were copying what they did in the book. What had followed had been awesome. What was going to happen now?

Mrs. Black hugged me closer and pushed her body up against mine. Her crotch rubbed against my prick and it got hard and poked at her belly. She had to know that I had a hard on now, that was what the kiss was all about. What was she going to do? I hugged her, rubbed my tongue against hers, and waited to find out.

I didn't have to wait long. She held me closer, moaned, and pushed her tongue into my mouth. She wasn't Alice but she was female. Even if she was an old lady rubbing against her felt good anyway. Her tits rubbed against my chest and her crotch rubbed against my prick. That felt pretty good, and her tongue in my mouth wasn't bad either, even if she was almost as old as my grandmother. When she pushed her tongue in my mouth I sucked on it.

(That must have been about the time I got to the head of the stairs. I was a very interested observer to everything that went on. This time I wasn't mad I just wanted to find out what was going on. Maybe I could get some more ideas like finger fucking myself for David.. Mary)

"Oh, David, I do love you. I know you never believed it but I love you very much. I've wanted to kiss you like this for a long time. I've watched you grow up and from the feel of things, you're a man now. The way you kissed me tonight was like a man. Oh, I love you."

I loved being called a man. Did the fact that Ms. Black called me a man mean that I have a chance of doing some of the things with her that I'd done with Alice the night before? It sounded that way to me. She was older. Maybe she could teach me some more things. I decided to test things out.

My hand went between our bodies and started to fondle her tit. She pressed it to her the same way Alice had done. I rubbed and her nipple got hard. Maybe I did have a chance to do things with her. She was more than three times Alice's age but she reacted the same way Alice had. She reached down and rubbed my prick through my pants. She pulled down my zipper, pulled my cock out, and gently kneaded it. By this time some cum had seeped out and she rubbed it all over the head of my prick. It felt good.

"Oh, David, you're a man already. Lay back on the couch and I'll make you feel good."

If she wanted to jerk me off first, that was Okay, I knew I would be hard again and we could do other things later. I laid down on the couch with my prick sticking out of my pants. She got on her knees between my legs and blew on my prick head. Boy, did that feel strange. Then she looked at me, grinned and licked the head of my prick. That was that awesome.

I'd heard of boys getting blow jobs but I really didn't think it happened. Was Ms. Black going to give me a blow job? What did a blow job feel like? Was getting a blow job as good as fucking? It had to be better than jerking off.

Ms. Black licked around the head of my prick a few more times then sucked my whole prick into her mouth! Wow! I was going to find out what a blow job felt like right then and there. The boys and I talked about this, but I thought it was just talk. I didn't think that anyone would ever do it to me. It felt real good. Not quite the same as fucking but just as good in a different sort of way, maybe even better.

(I was shocked by what Ms. black was doing to David but I decided right then and there that I was going to do that to David too. If Ms. Black could do it so could I. No one was going to do anything to David that I wouldn't do. I wondered what that white stuff would taste like. I hoped it didn't make me gag. Mary)

Ms. Black pulled her head off my cock and licked on the underside where I was most sensitive. She gathered the loose skin right under the piss hole and sucked on it. She sucked my balls. She was driving me out of my mind. I bucked my hips up. She sucked my prick into her mouth again and bobbed her head. A thirteen year old prick couldn't take much of this. I was ready to shoot my load.

"Oh, Ms. Black, I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it in your mouth. Take it out, I don't want to do it in your mouth. Please. I'm ready to shoot my stuff right now. I'll shoot it in your mouth if you don't let go."

I tried to pull away but she wouldn't let me. Her head bobbing up and down and in spite of what I'd been saying my hips kept pumping my prick in and out of her mouth. There was no way I could stop and pull my prick out before I shot off.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! I'm coming! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I deposited a full load of young boy cum into Ms. Black's mouth. Ms. Black kept right on sucking my prick and swallowed my cum as it gushed into her mouth. It didn't seem to bother her at all, she acted as if she liked to have me shoot my cum into her mouth. She gently sucked on my prick until it got soft then let it slurp out of her mouth.

(It seemed pretty nasty to me but at the same time I wanted to try it. I finger fucked myself all the time Ms. Black was sucking on David's prick and got that good feeling several times. Mary)

"That's all right, David, I like your cum, and I like to drink it. I haven't had a load of cum like that since my husband died more than ten years ago and by that time he couldn't give me nearly as much as you did just now. You're the first man I've had since then. I'm glad I finally got the courage to do something with you. Just sucking on your prick made me come too."

She sat back and grinned at me. She seemed very pleased with what she had done. I was very pleased that she had called me a man.

"If we get undressed you can see how a woman is made. I'll bet you've never had a chance to examine a woman's cunt. I'm sure you want to find out all about it."

I'd seen Alice's cunt the night before and Mary had given me a pretty good look at hers that afternoon but I really hadn't had a chance to examine a cunt up close and I wanted to. I wasn't going to tell Ms. Black about Alice and Mary.

"Gees, yeh, Ms. Black, I want to see you without any clothes on. Can I get down there between your legs and really get a close look? Do you really like the taste of cum? It seems so yucky to me. I didn't think that women really did that."

"Since I sucked your cock and drank your cum I think it's about time you called me Anne. You'll find out that most women like to suck cock. It makes us feel good to make a man climax that way. Let's get undressed and you can take a good look at me down there."

Anne undressed me first. By the time she had my pants off my prick was hard again and pointing toward the ceiling. I tried to undress her but I was too clumsy, she grinned then undressed herself. Her cunt hair was just as gray as her head. I was surprised at how firm her body was. She had great big tits, but they didn't sag very much, her waist wasn't that big, and her hips weren't flabby.

All my notions about how an older woman would look without any cloths on were wrong. She looked real good to me. My hard prick throbbed and some drops of pre cum formed on the pisshole. Anne lay back on the couch, raised her knees and spread her legs.

"I'm sure that you never had a good chance to really explore how a woman is made. Do you want to play doctor? Take your time. I like having you look at me. Don't be bashful about it either. You can look and feel anywhere you want."

I sat back and looked her over. The first thing that attracted my attention were her big tits. That was a good place to start. I took one of them in my hands, and rubbed the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It got hard and crinkly.

"You can suck on my tits if you want. I'd like that and I think you will too."

I sucked on it. I liked it. My prick throbbed. I wanted to see more. The previous night I was so busy doing things that I hadn't really examined Alice's cunt very well. I moved down to the floor and positioned myself so that I could examine the what Anne had between her legs. She spread her legs and held the outer lips of her cunt apart so I could get a better view.

Anne's clit was swollen and stuck out from between the outer lips of her cunt. I found out that there were two distinct pairs of lips. The outer ones had hair on them and pulled apart easily then you could see the clit and the inner lips down toward the bottom. They were pink and when you spread them you could see that the slit went much deeper but you couldn't see in. I put the fingers of both hands on the sides and tried to separate them. It didn't work. My fingers just slid.

The inner lips were real slick. I stuck a finger between them, then, since there seemed to be plenty of room, two more. The inside of Anne's cunt was more slippery than Alice's and my fingers slid right in. Ms Black's cunt felt real good to me.

"Oh, David, push your fingers in and out and rub on the clit. I'm so hot."

I'd done the same thing last night with Alice and it was fun. I wanted to see if Anne reacted the same way Alice had. Her cunt was a lot looser than Alice's had been even though the inner lips seemed just as tight together. I squeezed all four fingers together and pumped them in and out of her cunt. Following her instructions I used my other hand to rub her clit. Anne pushed her cunt up onto my fingers and started to moan.

"Oh, David, you're making me come. Keep on doing that, David. I love it. Ahhh! Ahhh! Do it some more! Ohhh! I love it. Finger fuck my cunt! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!"

(I wanted David to do that to me too but I didn't think he could get four fingers in. It was all I could do to fit in two fingers and David's fingers were bigger than mine. Mary)

This was so much fun that I even forgot about my prick for a while. When Anne pushed me away I sniffed at my fingers. They smelled real good. I touched one of them to my tongue. It didn't taste bad. I had heard about licking at a woman's cunt, but I thought the same thing about cunt lapping as I had thought about cock sucking. Nice people didn't do it. Anne had sucked my cock, however, and she was nice. She had even swallowed all my cum. Anne had been following my actions and acted as if she was reading my mind.

"David, I'm sure that you never considered it before, but why don't you try lapping my cunt? A lot of men like to lap cunt the same way most women like to suck cock. If you don't like it you can stop."

I gulped. I did want to try it, but what if it disgusted me?

"I want to try, but I'm a little scared of it."

"I think that you'll like it. Most men do."

All right, I would try. I wanted to act like a grown up man. Tentatively, my mouth moved toward the cunt in front of my face. My tongue went out and licked at her clit. Well that wasn't bad. Down to her slit, lick along the lips, nothing wrong yet, push into her cunt hole.

Anne pushed her cunt up to my face. This was fun. I pushed my tongue in and out of her cunt. It was fun making Anne squirm so much. She was right, It did make you feel good to make someone come with your mouth. My prick was jerking up and down. I almost shot off myself, just from making her climax.

(That was it. I would suck David's cock if he would lap my cunt. I really wanted to find out what that felt like. Mary)

"Oh, David. Lick my clit, lap my cunt. You're making me come! Oooo! I love you! You're a damned good cunt lapper already! Ahhh! Ahhh! I can't take very much more of this"

She pushed my head away from her cunt, rolled us over, laid me on my back, moved up over me, positioned my prick head between the inner lips of her cunt, and slid the warm sheath of her cunt down over my prick. Her gray pubic hair was pressed against my crotch. Oh, boy! It wasn't as tight as Alice's but it sure did feel good. As hot as I was, I couldn't last long.

"Ahhh! Ohhh! I'm coming! Oooo!"

Anne was responding to my actions.

"I'm still coming from that lap job you just gave me! Shoot your cum into my cunt! Fill my cunt with your cum! Ahhh!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I deposited a load of cum into Anne's cunt. My cum drip out of her cunt, over my balls, and down the crack of my ass and even that felt good. My hips collapsed down onto the couch, my prick got soft, and it slipped out of Anne's cunt. I heaved a deep sigh of contentment then I got another surprise.

Anne switched her body around and slurped my cum slick prick into her mouth. Even though my prick was soft I liked it. She licked the cum from around my prick she sucked my balls, one at a time and cleaned them off. Maybe I should be doing something. Anne's cunt was in front of my face. I licked at it. I was licking up my own cum! That was nasty. I almost gagged but if Ms. Black could drink it I would too. Wow! I liked it. I buried my face in Anne's cunt and lapped away.

The way Anne was nursing on my balls, my prick hardened again. I lifted my knees to give her better access. She licked right on up my ass crack! Boy, I didn't know I was so sensitive there. She cleaned up the cum that had leaked down my ass crack. I sucked on her clit. My ass! Anne was sticking her tongue right up my ass!

Wow! Was that a blast. My prick got hard as a rock. Anne felt it hit her neck, moved back to it and slurped it into her mouth. I was already lapping away at her cunt. We both came.





Spurt, spurt, swallow, spurt, slurp, spurt, dribble, swallow, dribble, dribble, slurp, swallow; I deposited another load of cum in Anne's mouth and she drank it. I slurped all the juice I could out of her cunt.

(I figured out that this is what the girls in school called a sixty nine. I wanted David to do that with me too. It looked like it could be a lot of fun. By this time I'd lost track of the number of times I'd gotten that good feeling. Somehow I wasn't mad about David doing things with Ms. black like I'd been with Alice. I wasn't as mad about Alice any more either. Mary)

I couldn't believe that any of this was happening to me. Some of these things I had done with Anne I had never even dreamed about. I had never even heard of having your ass licked and how it could give you a hard on. What's more, Anne knew what it would do to my prick. I could learn a lot from her.

My prick, of course was soft again. I had jerked off twice that morning, then once for Mary after lunch and again when I was going over it in my mind. I had cum three more times with Anne in that last hour. My parents might be home soon. Anne suggested that I had better get to bed before they got home. She flattered me by not warning me about saying anything to them. She was treating me like an adult and trusting me to know what to do.

I got into bed and wanted to think about what had happened the last two nights. I was asleep by the time my head hit the pillow. I didn't even have the urge to jerk off.

(I gave myself that good feeling several more times before I fell asleep. Mary)

(All this was going on and I didn't know a thing about it. I don't know how Mary and David kept it all from me. Jim)