Their Parent's Sex Club #4 (D.Abby) (Bb, mast) (4!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 4

The next day, Sunday, was almost a repeat of the day before. It started the same way. I woke up late, which considering what happened the night before wasn't surprising. I flashed back to the night before, went to take a piss, then got back into bed and gently massaged my hard prick thinking about what had happened. Pretty soon I wasn't gently massaging, I was jerking off. I shot off my first load for the day into a wad of kleenex and fell back to sleep. I woke up again with another hard on and used another wad of kleenex.

(I kept finding those wads of kleenex in David's wastebasket. If they were still wet when I found them I would sniff at them and maybe lick some of the cum off. They got me horny as hell. I wished David wasn't quite so young and that he wasn't my son. I'd have raped him on a moment's notice if he wasn't. Mom)

(If I had a glimmering that mom knew what that kleenex had been used for I would have dug a hole crawled in, and pulled the hole in after me. David)

It was almost noon when I got downstairs and I wondered over lunch whether Mary was going to put on another show for me that afternoon. When she didn't go upstairs I did hoping she would follow me.

I got into the bathroom and heard Jim come upstairs. I was disappointed that it wasn't Mary. I expected that Jim would come in and take a piss with me and that wasn't the excitement I was looking for. I knew that Mary wouldn't come upstairs with Jim there so I accepted the circumstances and let it go at that. I couldn't very well chase Jim away.

(I had other plans. I wanted to do more than just to have a show with David. I'd seen him do things with Alice and Ms. Black and I planned to trap him alone and get him to do some of those things with me. I was a little frightened of having him fuck me but I wanted to jerk him off and have him push his fingers in and out of my cunt. I sure wanted him to lap my cunt and I was prepared to suck his cock, and to drink the stuff that shot out of it, to get him to do it. I wished there was a way of getting mom, pop, and Jim out of the house; I'd really go after David then. Mary)

(When I saw David go upstairs without Mary following I was glad. I hadn't taken a piss with David for a long time and I wanted to examine his big prick again. I liked David a lot and I always felt close to him and real intimate when we took a piss together. Jim)

I hadn't been paying very much attention to Jim the last couple of days anyway and I could see that it was bothering him. I had wanted to trade shows with Mary but being a good brother wasn't a bad thing to do. Jim could be a nuisance sometimes following me around like he did. It was particularly annoying to my boyfriends when we wanted to talk about sex. I always chased him away then but tried to make it up to him by not chasing him any other time.

Jim came into the bathroom and I moved around the hopper so that he had space to stand and I unzipped my pants and took my prick out to take a piss. Jim watched me closely as he always did and took his prick out too. My first thought was what it would be like to suck his little prick. I blushed at the thought and my prick jumped right up to a hard on.

Jim looked up at me in surprise. If my prick did get hard when we took a piss together it was usually when we were milking our pricks down after we'd finished pissing. I noticed that his prick jumped to attention and pointed up toward the ceiling.

(I did wonder what was happening. David's prick never got that big that fast. I wondered what he was thinking about. I got that way when I thought about a girl's cunt or having David jerk me off. I got a hard on too thinking about jerking David off too. That's what I thought of doing when I saw how hard David's prick was. That's why I got a hard on so quick. Jim)

I did have to take a piss but I couldn't with my prick as hard as it was. If Jim hadn't been there I would have jerked off and my prick would have gotten soft enough for me to piss through. Well, hell, I'd let Mary see me jerk off. I'd even let Alice jerk me off. Why not let Jim see me do it? What had happened the last two days had loosened my inhibitions.

It would be fun to see how Jim reacted if I jerked off in front of him. Maybe he would jerk off too. I'd like to see how much cum he shot anyway. I always did want to see him jerk off. Maybe he wanted to see me jerk off too. Well there was one way to find out if he would jerk off in front of me. I didn't say anything but I grinned at him, spit on my hand, and started to pump.

(Wow! I never expected to see David do that. I'd always wanted to see him jerk off but expected I never would. If he could let me see him jerk off there was no reason that I couldn't jerk off at the same time. I was willing to bet that it would be the best jerk off I'd ever had. Jim)

A big grin split Jim's face, he spit on his thumb and forefinger and pumped them up and down his two and a half inch cock. I should have done this a lot sooner. Jim would have followed my lead. All those times I'd wanted to jerk off we probably would have jerked off together.

(If David let me see him jerk off I didn't mind his seeing me. I liked the idea of jerking off so that he could see I was old enough to shoot off. I had wanted to brag about it to him but this was even better. Jim)

Watching my kid brother jerk off wasn't as exciting as watching Mary finger fuck herself but it was more fun that jerking off by yourself. He pumped full speed. A jet of cum shot out of Jim's prick and more cum leaked out over his fingers. That was the trigger Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; my bigger load went off. Jim watched fascinated.

(I sure was. I hadn't realized that a boy could shoot off that much cum. I thought that what I shot off was normal. I watched David's prick shrink down to it's soft state and wondered if I would shoot off that much when I got older. Jim)

My prick didn't soften up all the way but it was soft enough for me to take the leak that I'd come up here to take in the first place. Jim and I grinned at each other but didn't say a word to each other about what we'd done. We weren't ready to talk about it. It was the same as it was between Mary and me. We knew the other knew what was going on, but we never talked about it. I had a vagrant thought about whether Jim's little boy cum tasted the same as my own but put that aside in a hurry. I wasn't queer.

(The first time I'd shot off I'd been surprised. I'd looked at the grayish white liquid in my hand and tasted it. I'd liked it and licked my hand clean. I'd been doing that ever since. I wondered about the taste of David's big boy cum too and I didn't put it aside so fast. I didn't lick the cum off my hand that time because I wasn't sure how David would have taken it. I didn't want to him to think bad of me. He hadn't licked the cum off of his hand. Jim)

We both finished pissing and we each milked down our pricks. I was surprised to see Jim get another hard on as soon as he pumped it. My prick never got hard again that quick after I came. Jim grinned at me and started pumping his prick with his two fingers again. I wanted to do it for him but I wasn't ready for that yet. In about ten strokes; spurt, dribble, dribble; he deposited another load of cum into the toilet. We washed ourselves off and went downstairs.

(I was surprised that David didn't get another hard on. When he didn't I decided to jerk off again as a way of bragging. I could do something he couldn't do and there weren't very many things I could say that about. Jim)

(That was the longest I ever remembered the boys go to the bathroom together. I wondered if they'd discovered the mutual jerk off. Mom)

(I was sure they had but wasn't worried about it. My older brother had initiated me into that before I could shoot off. We had a real celebration the first time a jet of cum shot out of my prick. I can't count the times we jerked off together when we went for our after school piss. Pop)

That night I was laying in bed running my hand up and down my prick. I wasn't quite jerking off, just playing with my prick and going over what had happened the last couple of days.

Jerking off with Jim had been fun and I knew we would do it again. Probably every day right after school. It would put a crimp into my shows with Mary but Mary and I would work that out somehow. It seemed I was going to be jerking off more than three of four times a day. Trading shows with Mary had been exciting and I knew we could do that again. I just had to figure out how to jerk of with my brother and be ready to put on a show for my sister when she was ready.

Fucking Alice and Anne had been awesome. I didn't know if I would ever get together with Alice again even though she had given me her phone number. I knew I would get a chance with Anne again and I couldn't wait till next Friday night. I wanted to have Anne suck my cock again too. I think I liked that best of all.

I wondered how Jim would react to having his cock sucked. How would Mary react to having her cunt lapped? I didn't know it but I was going to find that out in the next few minutes.