Their Parent's Sex Club #8 (D.Abby) (Bb, mast, oral, inc) (8!13)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 8

Weeks before, Mary had made arrangements to spend the weekend in the country with girlfriend. With the interesting things that were happening she wanted to call it off but she didn't know how she could do it without making Carol angry. Jim and I got home from school that Friday and there was no Mary to have sex with. More frustration. We were both horny. We each had been thinking about lapping Mary's cunt and having her suck each of us off several times before our parents got home. Now we could only sit around and mope.

"Aw, Jim, I'm horny. Since Mary's not here I'm going to jerk off."

I had no intention of jerking myself off. All I wanted to do was get Jim started then I was sure that we would jerk each other off. I didn't mind jerking Jim off after the day before and I liked it when he jerked me off too. It had been just as much fun as finger fucking Mary and having her jerk me off. I pulled my hard prick out of my pants and fondled it. Jim watched very closely, then he copied what I was doing. He started to pump, then stopped, and looked at me speculatively and made the suggestion that I wanted him to make.

"Why not we jerk each other off, David. It feels better when some one else is pulling on your prick. I liked when you jerked me off yesterday even though I was paying a lot of attention to Mary's cunt. You know it was the first time I'd ever seen one up close. I want to jerk you off again too. That was neat. The feel of your big prick is awesome. Do you really think my prick will grow that big someday?."

Jim had suggested what I wanted to do. As a matter of fact He was at least as eager as I was. I began to wonder who was leading whom on.

We decided to go to my room and undress. It would be more fun with no clothes on. In order to be more comfortable, we lay on the bed head to toe. We examined each other's prick at real close range. Each of us now had a chance to see a prick up close instead of examining what our own prick looked like in the mirror.

(Gee, with David's prick in front of my face I wanted to suck it like Mary had but I didn't have the nerve. I wanted to suck David's cock too. I wondered what David would think if I licked the drop of pre cum from the tip of his prick the way Mary always did. I didn't dare. But he had tasted my cum the day before, hadn't he? Maybe I could make David suggest that we suck each other off. Then it would be all right. Jim)

"Uh, David?"

When Jim said my name with a question mark after I always knew he wanted something. I wondered what it could be that he would bring it up right now. I was horny and wanted to get on with the jerking off. I knew how insistent Jim could be, I might as well find out.


"Have you heard of boys sucking each other's cocks?"

What was Jim leading up to. I realized we were in a sixty nine position and his cute little prick was in front of my face. I thought I wouldn't mind sucking on it really. I wanted to suck his cock and wanted him to suck mine, I was just afraid of what Jim would think.


"They say that boys that do that are queer. Do you think so?"

Well, that question I had an answer to. Like all boys my age I'd spent some time in the library reading up on sex. I knew that some boys who did that were just experimenting and weren't gay at all. All of a sudden what had previously been pure academic knowledge hit me in a very practical way.

If some boys could experiment and not be gay why shouldn't I be willing to experiment. I knew I wasn't gay and I knew I really wanted to suck Jim's cock. I had a lot of fun fucking Alice and fucking and sucking with Anne. Now I had to do was convince Jim he wasn't gay if he sucked my cock and offer to suck him off. Maybe he would suck my cock if I explained it right.

"No. I read some books that say a lot of boys do that. Some of them are gay but not all of them. They just want to try things out. Uh, Jim, do you want to try sucking cocks with me?"

(Even when I started this conversation I hadn't thought that David would be willing to do that. Now it sounded as if he wanted to do it as much as I did. I didn't want to seem to eager. Jim)

"Gee, I don't know. If you suck my prick I guess I'll suck yours."

Jim had started this conversation in the first place. I didn't think he would have if he didn't want us to suck each other off. I took the bull by the horns.

"Yeh, I think I would. You know I tasted your cum yesterday and I sort of liked it. You said you liked the taste of my cum too. What's the difference if we lick it off our hands or suck it out of each other's prick."

At that point I couldn't wait to suck Jim's cock and have him suck mine. Knowing the way Jim always copied the things I did I licked the drops of pre cum from the head of his prick. I was taking a calculated risk. I wasn't sure that Jim would copy me, but I didn't think it was much of a gamble.

"Oh, David, that's what Mary did to me yesterday, and I like it. You say it's all right for boys to do that to each other? I think I'd like doing it with you."

I licked at the head of his prick again and ran my tongue around the helmet. Jim jerked his hips and pushed his prick into my mouth. He sucked my prick into his mouth, jerked his hips again and he let loose his load of cum. I swallowed it and continued sucking till his prick was soft. Anne got my prick hard in a hurry by licking my ass. I licked down Jim's ass crack and tongue fucked his ass. Instant hard on. I moved back and sucked Jim's prick into my mouth again.

Jim hadn't stopped sucking me off. He ran his tongue all over the head of my prick then around the helmet. He did it again, a little harder. He pulled back and I looked at him and was surprised to see him grinning.

"Gee, I wanted to do this yesterday when I saw Mary sucking your prick. I'd have sucked you off if you asked even if you didn't want me to suck me off too. I think I wanted to suck your cock even before we started to jerk off together. I told you I ate my cum from the time I started to shoot off. I didn't feel I could do it while you were watching though. The first time I saw you shoot off I wanted to taste you cum and now I have the chance."

My kid brother had done it again. He'd made me take the lead in what he wanted to do. I was beginning to think that he did that a lot of times and I didn't even realize it.

He ran his tongue around the head of my prick again to prove that he was telling the truth. It was my turn to jerk my hips. My little brother had laid a trap for me and sprung it but I wanted to make him feel real good, so I tried to think of my own most sensitive spots. I licked the head of his prick and ran my tongue down the sensitive underside. With his tiny prick it was easy to rub it all over it with my tongue. I sucked on his balls. They were still so small that I could get them both into my mouth at the same time. It was time to give his ass a working over.

Jim copied everything I was doing. As I licked down from his balls and into his ass crack again, he did the same for me. I tongue fucked his asshole. He stuck his tongue in my ass then pulled away.

"You were right, David, ass licking isn't nasty, it's fun. I sure do like the way it feels and it really got my prick hard in a hurry after I shot off. I like the way I can make your hips jerk when I push my tongue up your ass. Anything that's that much fun can't be nasty."

He dove back, tongue fucked my ass, and got the hip jerks that he was looking for. I gave his a working over and got more than a few hip jerks myself. We licked our way back to the head of the other's prick. I sucked hard and pulled his whole prick into my mouth. He pushed his head down so that his nose tickled my balls. I liked sixty nining with my little brother. It was just about as much fun as doing it with Mary.

I liked the fact that my prick was big and getting bigger but I realized that a small prick the size of Jim's had it's advantages. Mary and Jim had to spread their mouths wide open to get my prick in. All they could do was bob their heads after that. With Jim's little prick I could do a lot more than that. I massaged the head with my tongue as I sucked and ran my tongue all around it.

I bobbed my head and he bobbed his. I fucked my prick into his mouth. He pumped his hips so that he fucked my mouth. Spurt, spurt, dribble; Jim shot his second load of little boy cum into my mouth and I lapped up every drop of it. His cum squirting into my mouth set me off this time. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, swallow, swallow, slurp; Jim swallowed a load of my cum. We kept right on sucking.

It felt good when Jim pushed my soft prick around his mouth with his tongue. I moved down and licked his ass again. As soon as I did I felt his prick throb up to a hard on against my chest. Jim followed my example and it took a little longer but my prick gradually hardened up as my kid brother tongue fucked my asshole

In short order we were fucking each other's faces as fast as our hips could pump. Spurts and dribbles, Jim shot off for the fourth time and I fed him my third load of cum. We slurped up each other's cum. We couldn't seem to get enough. I slowed down on my sucking and hip pumping but Jim wanted to keep right on going. I pulled away once we were both soft again.

"Gee, Jim, I love the way you suck my cock and I love the taste of your cum, but we better stop and take a break now. I have an idea I think you'll like and I want to tell you about it."

Jim was still surprised that ass licking wasn't nasty.

"Boy, I wanted to but I didn't think I could ever put my tongue on your asshole. I guess I want to try everything now. I love you, David. I love to suck your cock and love the way you suck mine. Why do you want to stop?"

I liked boy-boy sex, but this was Friday and I was sure Anne would want to do things with me that evening. I sure wanted to do things with her. I hadn't fucked Mary at all and didn't even think of doing it. I was afraid of hurting her. I could fuck Anne all night long and it wouldn't hurt her.

Uh, oh. What was I going to do about Jim. I hadn't told him about Anne yet and there was no way he wasn't going to find out. I wondered if Anne would mind doing things with Jim. I had to figure out a way to get Anne to let Jim join us. That way we could start doing things as soon as my folks went out instead of waiting till bedtime. There wouldn't be time to do very much between the time Jim went to bed and the time my folks got home.

"Jim, I got to tell you about last Saturday. After you and Mary went to bed Ms. Black fucked me and taught me how to lap her cunt and she's the first one that ever sucked my cock. I don't want to be worn out by tonight."

I pretended to think for a while.

"I'll tell you what. I'll bet you can get her to let you join us. She's old and has lots of experience. She can teach us a lot of things. Then we can try them ourselves and teach them to Mary."

"Here's what you what to do. You know how she always likes to kiss us. Well as soon as mom and pop leave you go over and give her a real big kiss. Do it the way Mary kissed you yesterday. I know that will give you a hard on. I always get a hard on when she kisses me that way. Then push your front up against her. That's almost the way I got started with her. I bet she has your cock out of your pants and has sucked a load out of it before you know what's happening."

Jim sat there with his mouth hanging open and his hand grasping my prick. To tell the truth I was holding onto his too and giving it a gentle pump now and then. Neither of us really wanted to stop now but I didn't want to be too worn out, particularly if we were going to start out early with Anne.

"Gee, I sure hate to quit now, but I guess you're right. If she lets me join you, we could have lots of fun."

Jim leaned over and licked one last drop of cum from my prick and I gave his prick a suck. Jim pumped his hips and it didn't take long to suck another load of cum out of his prick before we got dressed.

Things were moving awfully fast. Only eight days before I'd been a virgin who'd never even felt a cunt or touched another boy's prick. Since then I'd fucked two different women, lapped two different cunts, had two girls suck my cock, and traded blow jobs with my brother Jim. I didn't think very much more could happen to me but there were some surprises still ahead.