Bible Belt Blues

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Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 10 - Saturday fever

The rest of the week went in a blur. I was so caught up in my new-found feelings that I really wasn't focusing on much else. I did alright in school sports but not as great as I usually did. I daydreamed my way through class.

It took every ounce of my self-control not to hold onto Jason and kiss him whenever I saw him in the hall at school. Lucky we were not in the same classes together or things could have been even more difficult. It was odd but whenever I saw him he had something that looked like a toothbrush in his mouth. We just smiled knowingly at each other when we past in the halls. To do anything else would have been suicide.

On Friday, Tommy bumped into me by the lockers. He looked really down.

"Brandon, Chris is bad sick with flu and layin' up in the house. With me doin' both our chores, Ma's already havin' a hissy fit `bout me goin' tomorrow," said Tommy.

"I'm really sorry to hear that Chris has the flu. Please tell him that I hope he gets better soon and that I'm thinking of him. We'll miss him and you at the fort, but I know your Ma gets funny when things ain't going her way. You best stay at home tomorrow too so you don't get into trouble," I advised.

He was so disappointed, Tommy just turned around and walked off, head down without saying another word. I think he was really worried about Chris.

That night, Ginny phoned. There was a singer she and Lil listened to all the time coming to the mall the next day for a free concert and he was signing autographs. There was no contest, both girls blew off the fort.

Next morning, I packed up a picnic lunch for me and Jason with Ma's help, put it in a backpack and biked to the fort. I got there slightly early at 9:50am. I was surprised to see Jason already waiting up in the loft for me already naked and fully boned up. The only thing was that he had that toothbrush thing in his mouth. I shut the door and ditched the bike, never taking my eyes off of Jason, who shimmied down the ladder.

He took the thing out of his mouth. Yup, definitely a toothbrush, I noticed. We kissed and hugged, making up for the days when we had to keep out hands off one another. I quickly started to tent my shorts painfully. I pulled back.

"Wait, I gotta get out of these clothes," I said. I ditched my backpack and clothes as quickly as possible.

Jason stuck the toothbrush back in his mouth while I was getting naked.

"What's with the toothbrush?" I asked, "I promise you don't have DB."

"This is part of a little surprise I have for you today, man," he said with a mischievous grin and twinkle in his eyes. He put his finger over his mouth to indicate I should keep quiet.

I walked up to him again, this time getting in close so we had skin-to-skin contact and I kissed him deeply. After our tongues had been properly re-acquainted, I noticed our dicks were getting in on the act and rubbing against one another. Jason reached down and this time expertly freed my head from the foreskin and fondled my balls.

He broke the kiss and took me by the hand to a bale that he had put a covering on. Lying on top of the covering was a couple of cushions, a bottle of olive oil and a spray like dentists use. I was intrigued, but could tell that Jason was not going to give away any secrets yet.

He kissed me again and then pushed me onto the bale.

"Let's take it nice and slow," taunted Jason as he opened the bottle of olive oil and poured a little over my chest and abs. It was cold and I flinched.

"You clearly need warming up, brother, let me help you with that," he said in a husky voice.

He massaged my chest and abs with his hands, rubbing in the oil. I had never been massaged like this before and certainly not with oil. It felt heavenly. Every so often, Jason bent over and gave me a kiss.

Next, he moved onto my arms, then my legs and neck. He was helping my body to relax, but I wanted him so badly. Even without him touching my dick, it was already throbbing with each heartbeat and building to a climax. I couldn't take it anymore.

I pushed Jason onto his back. I tried to get to his dick, but he covered it firmly with his hands, grinning mischievously, and I was forced to start the same ministrations on him. I grabbed the oil and did exactly as he had done with me. Finally, he moved his hand from his dick and I poured some oil onto it directly. He flinched at the cold oil landing on him.

"Serves you right," I teased as I started to jerk him off.

He suddenly sat up and got off the covering, pulling me with him. He pulled me close and started kissing me again, but this time he was grinding his dick into my crotch and my dick. It was another new and wonderful feeling for me. I got closer so we got as much oiled skin contact all over as possible from our chests to our crotches, all the while with our lips firmly planted together. We had both worked ourselves up during the week into a sexually repressed state that now came out in our frenzied thrusts and touches. We would not be able to last long at all.

We were kissing and I refused to give that up, but I needed to be panting with the exertion and tension. This Oxygen deprivation was making me light-headed, which added to the stimulation. In a reversal of roles, I was the first one to blow. Suddenly and unexpectedly, my world exploded into waves of pleasure with each electrified pulse of my dick, my knees buckled and I collapsed onto the floor in front of Jason.

I managed to grab onto Jason as I collapsed and just hang on to his hips and butt with my arms for dear life. The world faded into whiteness. Then it slowly returned but everything was spinning. I closed my eyes and was panting to catch my breath while the world slowly started to settle down again. I rested the side of my head against his crotch. I don't know how long I was like that, but Jason just lovingly ran his fingers through my hair while I recovered.

When I finally came back to earth, I realized what position I was in - on my knees with my head perfectly positioned in front of Jason's dick. I turned my head to confront the beautiful specimen in front of me, opened my mouth and sucked him into it. Jason hissed in surprise with a sharp intake of breath.

I could taste a bit of Jason's salty scent, but mostly I just tasted the olive oil. I sensed that Jason wanted to have a release as fast as possible at this stage. I resorted to licking his head and jacking him off with my hand at the same time, while humming to his dick.

Jason rested his hands on my hair. Jason's head was thrown completely back and he had his eyes closed. He wasn't in control of himself anymore. He was moaning and gurgling. He started to hyperventilate and I could feel his balls rearranging themselves in his ball sac. His dick was definitely getting thicker in my mouth as well, so I hadn't imagined that the last time, I thought to myself. I knew that these things meant he was getting really close.

Right then, he put his hands on the back of my head forcing it forward and thrust his dick all the way into my mouth as hard as he could. He squealed in his soprano voice, "Yeeeaahh!" and I felt his dick twitching rhythmically in my mouth about 10 times while his body bucked and shivered in time with his twitching member. I knew that he might collapse as I had, so I supported him as best I could against me putting my arms around him and hugging him tight, still with his dick in my mouth.

After the twitching stopped, he pushed me away and collapsed onto his back on the covered bale behind him. I got up, lay next to him on my side with my body resting against him, intertwining our legs and with my dick pressed into his hip. I gently stroked his abs, chest and legs lightly with my fingers. His dick continued to pulse occasionally and his whole body flinched when this happened. All the while I looked at his face. He was completely at peace and had just the slightest hint of a smile. He looked like an angel.

Jason finally opened his eyes, "Wow!" was all he said initially. After a long pause, he added, "That didn't go quite the way I planned, but man it was sooo good!"

He turned his head to me and we kissed tenderly.