Bible Belt Blues

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Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 12 - Medieval torture

After about 5 minutes, Jason finally came back to the here and now. “I've got it!” he croaked triumphantly.

I frowned and asked, “Got what?”

“I know how to let you experience what I did,” he wheezed, grinning.

I had visions of him shoving hairbrushes down the back of my throat. I said timidly, “Jason, I'm not up for getting anything shoved down my throat. Remember, I still have a gag reflex!”

He looked annoyed and said quietly, “I know, but we can cut off the air using a technique I saw in a museum a couple of years back.”

I was confused. Firstly, how did he propose to cut off my air? Secondly, what was all that about a museum? “A museum?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, man. It was a display on medieval torture devices. I know one that will work perfectly. Not only that, but I can rig that up here now,” he said with conviction.

To say that my eyes were popping out of my head at that point would be an understatement! “Whaah?” was all I managed.

Too late, Jason was off. He ran to the front of the fort. There were some thinnish ropes hanging next to the door that has been used in the past to hang farming equipment from. He grabbed one of these. Next, he opened the door and ran outside and was gone for a minute or so. The alarm was going nuts ding-donging every few seconds. When he returned, it stopped and I saw he had in his hands a sturdy-looking branch that was slightly bent in the middle. He was so focused, he had no idea he had just gone outside the safety of the fort naked.

Next he motioned for me to help him move a hay bale next to an upright supporting the hay loft. The upright was actually two rectangular posts with a fist's gap between. In a daze, I got up and helped push a small hay bale where he wanted it. He then got a covering, one big and one small cushion from the hidey-hole. Finally, he grabbed my shirt from the floor near the door.

He made the middle of the rope softer and thicker by wrapping my shirt around it. He put the shirt-covered part of the rope up against my throat and hung the two ends down my back. He spread the covering over the bale. Next, he pushed me onto the hay bale and shunted me over until the middle of my back was exactly between the two posts. He shoved the big cushion behind my lower back to move my back away from the posts. My legs were now dangling off the edge of the bale with my knees bent.

He put the rope ends together, threading these through the gap. Then he moved behind me and tied the ends together onto the middle of the branch. Next he put the small cushion behind my neck between the two ropes.

“I'm not sure I can do this, Jason” I stammered.

He poked his head around the beam just next to me, frowning at me. After a pause, he asked, “Do you trust me, Brandon?”

What a question! I think I was falling for this cute mad-scientist kid. But did I trust him? So far, none of his wacky ideas had failed, except for the false alarm with the dog. I swallowed hard. Please don't let this be a dog of a situation!

“Yes!” I squeaked in a small voice, not feeling confident in my answer.

I thought he was going to talk about it some more, but I immediately heard the branch scraping against the other side of the posts as he rotated it around its middle twisting the rope together in the gap tighter and tighter. I felt the rope start to tighten around my neck and my panic began to rise.

Jason then stopped turning the branch. I remembered back to a wedding I had been to a few years back when Pa had tied a neck-tie too tight around my neck because he was frustrated when I was not being cooperative when he was dressing me. This felt much the same. I was relieved to find that while it was uncomfortable, I was still able to breathe freely, but my head was locked in place and I couldn't turn around at all. I let out a loud sigh of relief.

Jason came round to the front of me, kissed me full on the lips and said, “The branch is long enough that I can turn it from here. That way, I can suck your dick at the same time.”

I was scared. My dick was completely deflated. Jason did not even seem to notice. He started to jack it off. After a few minutes of being jacked off, my dick was fully erect and the foreskin was hurting. Jason switched to sucking and expertly moved the foreskin back over the head with his lips. He was getting so good at knowing how to get me off that I soon forgot all about what was going on with my neck. I closed my eyes and started moaning.

Jason took his mouth off my dick and kissed me again while jacking me off. Oh, what a feeling! I then felt the pressure on my neck increase as he twisted the branch again. I found it quite hard to breathe, but I was still able to.

I continued to moan, but it was coming out all wheezy, as Jason engulfed my dick again. After a minute or so, he took his mouth off my dick and I felt him lightly licking my left nipple as he jacked me off again. I felt the rope tighten again and the vibration of the branch scraping against the post. I opened my eyes in panic.

I was really struggling to breathe now and I could feel the blood in my neck struggling to get past the rope. My eyes were popping out of my head. My vision started to become blurry and bright flashes of light streaked across my vision trying to shoot down stars that were buzzing around everywhere. My dick was twitching and pleasure waves were starting.

Just then, Jason turned the branch a final time. I felt my dick begin to pulse like never before and I felt the most intense pleasure waves of my short life as Jason engulfed my dick for the last time.

I couldn't breathe at all now. I panicked. I grabbed the rope around my neck, but it was useless. My back arched involuntarily and while I knew that my life was at an end, at least I was going out in the most incredible way possible. Thought failed me and the animal in me just allowed tsunami wave after tsunami wave of pleasure to overtake me. I would have screamed out in pleasure if I could have.

I gave one last great heave of pleasure and the world went black.

I don't know how long I was out for, but the next thing I knew, Jason was kissing me. I remember thinking it was a strange kiss because he kept planting his lips and taking them off again. There was also no tongue involved. When he kissed me, I felt my chest swell. I tried to get him to kiss properly, but he just ignored my probing tongue.

Finally, my senses returned enough for me to realize that he wasn't kissing me, not in any traditional way, anyhow. He was giving me the kiss of life we had been taught at school and breathing for me.

The world was spinning around when I opened my eyes like I was on the fastest merry-go-round ever. I was feeling seriously sick. I hauled myself onto my side, fell off the bale I was lying on and onto the floor and vomited.

Jason got the napkins out of the picnic lunch bag and helped me clean my face and mouth. He helped me to sit up against the bale. He then cleaned up the vomit and sealed it all up in a bag.

“Aw, hell!” I croaked.

“You look like hell,” Jason confirmed, “Sorry. Next time we use that device, I need to rig up a quick release,” he said, eyes unfocused.

“What happened?” I croaked, feeling my neck where the rope had been. It felt tender but nothing seemed broken.

“The branch snagged on a nail in the post in that final turn,” Jason said absent-mindedly, “It took me while to get it loose so I could untwist the rope after you passed out. When I freed you, you weren't breathing so I had to do the kiss of life.”

“How long was out out for?” I wheezed.

“Only about half a minute from the time you finally passed out to the time that I got you down. Another minute or so with me breathing for you. I know that coming back was hell, but how was it before you blacked out?” asked Jason excitedly.

I swallowed a few times and then I smiled for the first time since coming back. “Absolutely amazing!” I managed to answer, “I can't believe that there can be feelings like that. Coming back is god-damn awful, though. I have such a headache now, my head feels like it is going to explode.”

Jason grabbed a bottle of water from the picnic bag, opened it and handed to to me. I sipped it carefully. I found it hard to drink, even so and was coughing and spluttering for quite a while, which did nothing good for my pounding headache.

“It's really ace that you got to experience that pleasure, Brandon. I found it far out, man” he said grinning.

Jason helped me up and took me by the hand to the big bale with a covering we had used earlier. He pushed me onto the bale and spooned me from behind. “I'm done with sexy stuff for today, Brandon,” he confessed, “Let's just chill here together and recover.”

My last thoughts were that I was glad it was over and that, while I had hugely enjoyed the sexual stuff, the pain of coming back afterwards and the danger just wasn't worth it. I snuggled back into Jason and we fell asleep together again.

I woke up slowly. I groaned and held my head. The headache was not pounding any more, but it was still incredibly painful. It was so sore I was scared to open my eyes. I searched around for Jason with my hand, but he wasn't on the bale.

“Jason?” I croaked, but my voice was so weak that unless he had been on the bale with me, he could not possibly hear me.

I chanced opening my eyes. The light stabbed at me like a laser. My headache intensified and I squinted through the light, trying to look around. I could see the bale and the covering, Jason's medieval torture device, and finally the whole barn. What I could not see was Jason.

I felt alone and worried. What had happened for Jason to just up and leave? I just sat there for a long moment trying to clear my head.

Then I heard the beams in the hay loft creak. I made my way shakily to the ladder and carefully climbed it, one treacherous rung at a time. When I got to the top, I finally saw Jason.

He was sitting there hunched over looking at something in his lap. I went over and touched him on the shoulder lightly. He jumped and I heard a small squeak of surprise. His vocal cords seemed to be little better than mine. He turned around and when he saw me he smiled up at me.

“You scared me, man. Why'd you sneak up like that?” he asked.

“I woke up and you weren't there. I had to find you,” I wheezed lamely, “Whatcha doing?” I asked intrigued by what he had on his lap.

He held it up. It was Tommy's magazine. “I wanted to read through it but I didn't want to wake you, so I brought it up here. It has such wonderful things that we can try. I'm already coming up with variations!” he said excitedly.

“About that,” I croaked, “I really don't feel comfortable with putting our lives on the line every time we try something new.”

“Brandon, don't sweat it! I know what we did today was too wild. I was just thinking about that. Its just that when I get an idea in my head, its really difficult to get it out again. I have to find the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow I see, no matter what it takes.”

“I'm learning that about you, Jason. Its just that I'm not wired that way. I enjoy experimenting, but not with the extreme stuff you've been coming up with,” I complained.

Jason pouted grumpily, “I thought you liked doing stuff with me. Are you saying that you were just acting? Not cool, man.”

“No, no, it's not that at all! I really think I'm falling for you and I think you are seriously sexy hot. All I am saying is can we just take it a bit slow?” I pleaded. This argument was doing nothing good for my headache, which was starting to pound again.

“Suit yourself,” he said non-noncommittally. “We gotta get home.”

We did not talk much after that. We just packed up, got dressed and went our separate ways. Riding my bike home, I felt my headache start to dissipate in the cool breeze. My mood was dark, though, because I was worried I was losing Jason.