Bible Belt Blues

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Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 13 - Doing our own thing

When I got home from the fort, Lil bumped into me coming in from the back door after ditching my bike. “Tommy called earlier,” she said breezily. “He's going stir crazy holed up with his Ma and Chris, who is still sick. Me and Ginny have arranged to meet him at the Fort after lunch tomorrow at 1:30. You coming?”

I thought about it for a moment. I was pissed enough at Jason's attitude to not want to see or do anything right now. I sighed. I did not want to let my friends down either. “Ok, I'll be there,” I replied croakily.

“You ok?” She asked, “You coming down with somethin'?”

“Nah! Jason and I did some stuff today at the fort that was dangerous and it hurt my throat,” I confessed.

Lil gave me a worried look. “The fort's about bein' together and having fun. You two need to lighten up and not take it so seriously,” she warned. “The last thing any of us needs is you or Jason gettin' hurt or worse.”

“I know, I know,” I said sighing, “I wish there was some way I could get Jason to calm down a bit. He is such a live wire!”

“Later, little brother. I gotta go now. I'm hanging with a few friends at the mall. Think about what I said, ok?” she said as she patted me on the shoulder and dashed out the back door.

I wondered why she was in such a hurry and going out through the back door because it meant she would have to go round the house to get to the street. Then I heard Pa coming in the front door, back from the golf club. She was avoiding Pa. Who could blame her?

I spent the evening in my bedroom pretending to read a book again. I think it was probably the same book I had 'read' the last time I was preoccupied. Pa fortunately left me alone as he was watching sport on TV. Ma came in and kissed me goodnight. I wanted to talk things over with her, but with Pa in the house we had to be careful not to say too much in case he overheard. She looked a bit worried about me.

Sunday came again. I woke up and, thankfully, my throat felt fine. My voice had returned to its clear soprano and my headache had gone too.

The interim preacher again put everyone to sleep with his droning in church. The man would have made a good sleep therapist or hypnotist with his monotone voice. As a preacher, he sucked.

Pa drove to the golf club straight after church without even saying goodbye. That morning, Ma had insisted on driving her own car to church so we could drive home instead of having to walk if Pa ditched us, which he had.

Ma was becoming pretty good at anticipating what Pa was going to do. After lunch, I put my bike in the back of Ma's car and Ma dropped Lil and me near the fort with some refreshments in a bag she had packed earlier.

We were not the first to arrive. Ginny and Tommy were there already naked. I thought it would be good to have a break from Jason and just hang out with the others. I ditched my bike and Lil and me stripped out of our clothes.

Just then I heard a familiar soprano voice from the loft, “Ok, I've set the alarm.” It was Jason.

I was not sure how I felt about him being there. On the one hand I was excited to see him and his sexy cute body again. On the other hand, we had unresolved issues that I was not ready to talk about.

Lil and I went to the back of the fort. I noticed two things lying on one of the bales. The first was a boom box. The second was a basket of vegetables.

“I brought us some entertainment,” said Ginny, indicating the boom box.

“That's quite a noise maker,” I said grinning, “I see you also brought some lunch,” I indicated at the vegetables.

“You won't want to eat them, not after we are done with them!” smirked Ginny.

“Just as well,” I countered with my own smirk, “We've just eaten and I like my carrots cooked, anyway.”

Jason shimmied down from the loft, “Hey, man. Good to see you,” he said smiling and he leaned in and gave me a long kiss. Despite my conflicted feelings, I felt my dick rising. That kid was seriously hot!

Ginny turned on the boom box. It was party music and we all got into it, bumping and grinding for at least 10 songs. At the end of it, the boys were all at full mast, even Tommy. The girls were also looking flushed.

We all had a break, sitting on covered bales. I opened the bag Ma had packed and handed cokes all round. For a while no one talked while we caught our breaths and downed the cokes.

Eventually, Ginny said, “Right, Jason and Tommy, get your scrawny asses up to the loft. Remember to take it slowly and don't hurt yourselves or each other. Here you'll need this lube. It helps to make things slide more easily,” she said handing them a tube.

Without another word, Tommy and Jason hopped up, grabbed the basket and the lube and shimmied up the ladder to the loft, giggling as they went.

I was shocked. I do not know what I was expecting, but what was clear to me was that Jason had ditched me without so much as a word and was now hooked up with Tommy. I was devastated.

I sat there staring into the distance for a long time, listening to the boys giggling upstairs. They started to grunt as well. I half wondered what they were up to. Meanwhile, Ginny and Lil had turned on the music to a more romantic station and were dancing with one another.

I turned around to the front of the fort away from where anyone could see me and began crying quietly. I had pushed Jason away by my reluctance to do extreme stuff, but surely he still cared or else why would he have kissed me the way he did when I came in.

Maybe Jason did not believe in having just one special person to do stuff with, but then why had he been jealous the first day when Ginny had jerked me off? None of it made any sense. I felt really miserable. Then I started to feel mad. Jason was playing me! Well two could play that game.

I wiped away my tears, packed away all of the empty coke cans and went to Ginny and Lil. They were doing a slow and sensuous dance with one another. I stood nearby, just staring at them.

Ginny and Lil slowly became aware they had an audience. They smiled mischievously at one another and danced towards me. They surrounded me and caressed my body with their hands, fingertips and nails, dancing all the while. They began to brush my skin with their own bodies as they danced, with hips, boobs, asses and mounds.

I began to rise to the occasion in more ways than one and joined in, doing the same thing to them. I also had an extra limb, my dick, and made good use of it in the caressing department, touching them with it every opportunity I could.

Eventually, Lil took a break and watched Ginny and me dancing sensuously. After a bit, Ginny said in a sultry voice, “Come over to the ladder, Brandon,” as she danced away towards the ladder, grabbing a large flat cushion as she went. I followed her like an obedient puppy.

“Climb up to this rung here and put your legs through,” she said patting a rung at just above head height. She hung the cushion over the rung she indicated. I did what she asked, “Now let your head fall back down like you're upside-down on a swing,” Again, I complied.

The world was now upside down. My face was now directly in line with Ginny's slit. She had spread her legs wide. It had always been a slit before, but with all of the excitement and caressing, it was now opened up and I could see inside her cunt.

“If you help me, I'll help you,” she said mischievously. Next thing I knew, she engulfed my dick with her mouth and began doing a serious workout on it. After about half a minute, she said, “Brandon, this is a two way street - you need to do the same to me.”

“I don't know what to do,” I confessed.

“First time with a girl, huh?” she asked rhetorically. “Ok, see the little button of flesh near the top of the slit? That's my clit. Carefully pry my lips open and gently lick it with your tongue.”

As I moved to comply, I realized that she was wet all around her cunt. I later learned that that was what girls produced when they got excited. At the time, I hoped it was not pee. There was also a strong fishy smell. I found it strange after Jason's much less strong pre-pubescent smell. I was not sure if I liked the smell, but it it was not too bad.

Ginny went back to ministering to my dick. I licked her clit with my tongue. It had a slightly salty taste. She shuddered slightly when I did that and whispered, “Yess!”

I continued to lick her clit for a while. It seemed to have a type of foreskin over it. As I licked it, it began to grow in size slightly. It never came out of the foreskin. I had an idea. I began to suck it like a mini-dick. I was obviously doing something right as Ginny began to moan and shiver.

“Stick your finger into my hole,” she said guiding my finger into her channel. It was very wet and warm in there, I discovered. I kept my finger still for a little while, then I began to move it in and out as I sucked her clit. She responded by shivering and moaning more.

Both of us were breathing more ragged as we approached our climaxes. “Stick in a two fingers now, she said.” I plunged two fingers into her. Her channel seemed to be able to expand as I worked at it. I switched to licking her clit like a miniature lollipop and licking the area around it. This seemed to drive her wild.

“More fingers!” she gasped at me. I complied and put three fingers together into her channel and started to suck her clit even harder. “More fingers!” she again gasped. I shoved four fingers into her hole. Now it was getting tight against my fingers and I was getting resistance to moving my fingers into and out of her hole.

She was now moaning and shivering at my every move and touch. She was excellent at sucking my dick too. She knew every trick that Jason and I had learned. I could feel my climax was very near. We were both panting now. I was also getting very light-headed from being upside down for so long by now. The blood was rushing to my head and I could hear it pounding in my ears in time to the throbbing of my dick.

“Oh, Aaaah, ooh, Brandon, you're the best!” she screamed as she bucked, shivered and involuntarily mashed her cunt into my face as hard as she could, briefly cutting off my air. That pushed me over the edge too. I felt myself climax and my dick pulsed again and again deeply in her mouth as wave on wave of pleasure wracked my upside-down body.

After she had pulled away and I was breathing again, I managed to unhook my legs and slump to the ground below the ladder in an untidy heap. She gave me a hand up and we supported each other to the nearest covered bale and collapsed. We kissed deeply and just held the other in each other's arms for a few minutes, our heaving chests touching.

“You're damn good for a nooby!” Ginny finally exclaimed.

“I figured I would just treat your clit like a little dick. You even seem to have a foreskin,” I confided.

“Yeah, that's called a hood. It covers the clit. Unlike boys, girls find direct stimulation of the clit too much generally. It helps to work the hood with your tongue, but sucking like you did was also just so awesome!” she exclaimed.

“Why did you have me hang upside-down?” I asked her.

“Jason told me what you guys got up to yesterday, including that you liked to have restricted air when you cum. I wanted to show you how you can get a similar effect without having to cut off your air,” she said, “I guess I was not completely successful when I came, but then I wasn't expecting you to be so good. Still, hopefully you got the idea.”

“Yeah, thanks, I said. How do you know so much about this stuff, Ginny?” I asked.

Ginny lay there for a minute saying nothing. Eventually she sighed and said quietly, “I guess I know you well enough by now to trust you,” she said almost to herself.

“Before my folks died in that car crash a couple of years back, they belonged to a 'swingers' club in Alberta, Canada, when we lived there. A swingers club is for married adults to swap partners. They had been doing that for years. Then when I turned 11 and started puberty, things changed. A few of the swingers club began coming to our house and Ma and Pa let them have sex with me. Hell, they had sex with me themselves,” she said seriously.

“That sounds awful, Ginny!” I said, “Did you want to have sex with them?”

“Not at first,” she confided, “I was scared and it hurt. Ma said that I should learn more about sex so it didn't hurt so much. She started to teach me about different positions, foreplay to warm things up, stretching things to get going and introduced me to sex toys,” she said.

“Sex toys?” I asked.

“Yeah, there are many types,” she said. “The most basic are the dildos and vibrators. Then you start getting more kinky stuff like rings, masks, whips and handcuffs.”

“Sounds horrible!” I exclaimed.

“Nah, if used properly, they can add a lot to sexual pleasure. By the time Ma and Pa had their accident, I was willingly taking part in the club,” she said matter-of-factually.

“So when you came to stay with your uncle Sam, what happened?” I asked.

“Arno happened,” she stated flatly.

I was confused for a second then it dawned on me. She must have been one of the other girls that he had abused. “I'm really so sorry, Ginny, I had no idea,” I said quietly.

“It's no surprise that you didn't know about it, Brandon. I have been very careful to hide it from everyone. It was terrible. At least with Ma and Pa and the club, it was an act of sharing love and passion. With Arno, it was all about him hurting and controlling,” she confided quietly. “The worst thing about it was that uncle Sam knew about what my folks had done and started to rape me when I arrived. Arno found out somehow and demanded he be included or he would expose my uncle.”

“Now I know why you and Lil became friends shortly after Arno raped her,” I said.

“Yeah, I figured that if I could help, I would. I have also been helping other victims of Arno to get through this. You see, my uncle is the one that stole the tapes after Arno was caught. He knew that if the sheriff got hold of them, he would come knocking. My uncle is on some of those tapes with me and Arno,” she confided.

“Oh Wow, Ginny, you are an awesome person, you know that? Even given what you've been through, you still look out for the others,” I said awe-struck, “So you watched the tapes and have been figuring out who has been abused?”

Ginny nodded, “Yeah, and I'm gonna make sure no one gets to see those tapes again, ever! I'm also never going to tell anyone who Arno abused. We've all seen how revealing abuse in this town turns around to bite the victim.” She motioned over to Lil, who was zoned out on a bale listening to her favorite song softly coming out of the Boom Box.

“I first thought I would just burn the tapes, but then my uncle would kill me,” said Ginny. Knowing Ginny's uncle's reputation, I could believe that was not just a figure of speech. “Then I thought maybe I could erase the tapes by recording over them, but that would be just as bad.”

I thought about it for a moment, trying to figure out a solution to the problem. I came up empty, but then I had an idea, “Ginny, I don't know how to solve this, but Jason might. His mind is brilliant!”

“I don't want to tell him about the tapes,” said Ginny, emphatically rejecting my idea.

“Jason won't care what's on the tapes. He will really get into a technical challenge, though. Try asking him without the specifics of what the tapes are. If he gets too pushy, drop it, but I think you'll see that he'll just focus on the technology, not the content,” I said trying to soothe her nerves.

“I'll think about it, ok? Don't push me,” Ginny warned.

“Hey, it's just an idea. I'm not trying to push you into anything,” I responded.

“Sorry, Brandon. I'm just so protective over the tapes because of the victims on them. I will think about it carefully,” she promised.

“Changing the subject,” she said, “you know I said to you that girls would be interested in you, given your current state of sexual development?”

“Yeah, don't remind me,” I replied embarrassed about my immaturity.

“You really still don't get that it's a good thing, do you?” she asked. I shook my head.

“Well, I've been talking to a few girls I know. One of them is interested in hooking up with you. Just for fun, of course,” she said. “She's older than you. She wants to try sex but is scared of getting pregnant and she is also shy.”

“I dunno, Ginny,” I said.

Just then, I heard Tommy in the loft grunt loudly and then yell, “Yee-haw!!” My blood ran cold. My face flushed with anger at Jason.

“Alright, Ginny. I'll do it,” I said forcefully.

“Now understand something,” warned Ginny, “you and her will both be very inexperienced. Done wrong and it will be a disaster. Done right and it will set up for life with great memories. I'm not letting you two loose on one another until I'm confident you are going to take it nice and slow.”

“Ok, Ginny, so how do we start?” I asked.

“I'll meet you after school tomorrow afternoon straight after school outside Ms Pritchard's class,” she said.

“I'll be there,” I confirmed.

Ginny glanced meaningfully at Lil and said, “I'm going to go and spend some time with Lil,” she confided.

“I think I'm done with the fort today. Tell Lil I'll see her at home,” I said heading to the door, but Ginny was already heading to Lil.

I shrugged, grabbed my clothes, dragged them on, hopped on my bike and rode home, feeling even more conflicted than when I arrived at the fort.