Bible Belt Blues

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Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 16 – Moping around

For the next week, I mainly avoided people at school. I caught a cold and Ma let me stay home. After I had moped about the house for 3 days, though, she kicked me out and I was back at school.

I managed to keep away from my friends until the weekend. On Friday night, Pa was at the club again and Lil cornered me in the living room while Ma was cooking in the kitchen.

“What's up with you, little bro?” she quizzed.

“Nothin'” I sullenly replied.

“Don't bullshit me!” she sternly demanded.

“I've just got issues I've got to sort out on my own.” I explained.

“While you are 'sorting out' your issues, your friends are worrying about you. You're not in this alone, little bro'. Stop taking the universe on your shoulders and talk to us. Hell, talk to me or I'll whip yer ass!” she exclaimed only half jokingly.

Suddenly the dam burst. Tears ran down my face. “Lil, I'm so confused!” I confessed. “I thought Jason liked me but now he hangs out with Tommy. Ginny hooked me up with another girl from across town but that also didn't work out. Everything I do seems to turn to shit!” I said as I crumpled onto the sofa.

“You need to talk to Jason. I know you two have issues from when you guys went stupid on one another trying to kill yourselves. But you all have to sort that out together. We have to stick together or we are all lost. Would it help if I got you two together in a one-on-one so you can talk without others listening in?”

“You don't know Jason.” I said, shaking my head, “Hell, I don't understand him either. One minute he wants to be with me, the next he is with Tommy. I don't think he will even understand what the issue is. He's just different.”

“You're reading too much into the situation and getting too serious again. You guys aren't even teenagers yet and you make it sound like you're married or something. That's just bullshit, ok?” Lil asked demandingly.

“I dunno. I'm so confused about all this.” I whined.

“Welcome to the messy world of love and lust. Everyone is confused, little bro'. You're not unique. Hell, confusion is the rule. The only difference between you and the rest of humanity is that you think too deep. You need to stop being so darn serious. Lighten up, have some fun and go with the flow!” she exclaimed, emphatically punching my shoulder.

“Ok, ok already!” I said rubbing my sore shoulder. “Anything, just stop the torture alright?” I said grinning at her.

“You ain't seen torture yet, little bro'. But that could change if you keep goin' the way you've been goin'. I'll set up a meet with you and Jason. Just be ready to have a straight talk and don't go all deep over this, 'kay?” she asked.

“Alright, already. I give up, don't shoot.” I replied in mock surrender.

“I take no prisoners!” she replied and mercilessly pinned me down and tickled me until it hurt.

I managed to squirm out of the pin and then turned on her, pinning her and tickling her.

It was good to squeal and laugh and just be a normal kid again with my sister. We both enjoyed the roughhousing. Ma interrupted us calling us for food.

I was still recovering from my cold and I was real tired after eating. I kissed Ma goodnight and went straight to bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

Lil woke me the next day. “Hey, bro! You ain't gonna sleep the weekend away, are ya?” she quizzed while lifting the edge of my blanket off my feet and gently tickling my toes.

I felt much better having had a good night's sleep. I was about to start roughhousing with her again when she exclaimed: “Come on, we got to get to Higgin's Park to play ball!” She winked at me.

I was instantly grateful that I had not started roughhousing with her again because those were code words for the fort, meaning she was worried that Pa could overhear her. I nodded knowingly at her, hopped out of bed and said loudly, “Yeah, but we better get permission first.”

Sure enough, I saw Pa lurking near the open study door as I went past it to the bathroom down the hall. I was careful to hide my morning piss woody as I went by in case he turned it into something more than it was, like unclean thoughts or some such.

Pa was pretending to do some paperwork, but he always sat at the desk when he did paperwork. He only left the door open and stood near the doorway when he was trying to listen in on our conversations. I had a bad feeling about Pa's mood.

After relieving myself and waiting until my morning woody went limp, I quickly returned to my room, got dressed, brushed my hair, made my bed and tidied up the place extra carefully. I wanted to give Pa no reason to lay into me. I scampered downstairs to the kitchen and inhaled a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Lil had already got some snacks and cokes together in a couple of backpacks. She handed me one of the backpacks. I heard the floorboards creaking below my bedroom and I knew Pa was doing an inspection. I really hoped he would not be able to find anything wrong. The sooner we were out of there the less chance of Pa finding a problem.

Lil and I quickly slung on our backpacks, went to Ma and asked politely if we could go to Higgins Park to play ball and then later go to the mall. Just then Pa came storming down the stairs, undid his belt and whipped each of Lil's and my ass with it, all the while yelling between strokes that he was the head of the house, that we had no respect and we needed to ask his permission, not Ma's.

We knew the drill by now. Pa was obviously under pressure again to take us in hand. We managed to keep it together long enough to apologize to Pa, promised to ask him in the future and we asked him the same question we had asked Ma. He grunted and told us to get the hell out of his house. We did not need to be told twice.

We got out as quick as our now wobbly legs would carry us, grabbed our bikes and cycled as fast as possible to the fort, letting the cool morning air tend to our smarting backsides and being careful not to sit on the saddles. Both of us started bawling as we rode.