Bible Belt Blues

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Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 17 – A conundrum

It was still early when we got to the fort. It was no more than an hour after sunrise. No one else was there yet. I set the alarm while Lil got some covers and cushions out and set them up on a large hay bale.

We were relieved to get out of our clothes to be able to lie on our stomachs next to one another with our arms around one another and have nothing touching our smarting asses. The fall mornings were getting colder. The coolness on our asses was a relief and our mutual body warmth a comfort. We were both still sniffing a little but the tears had mainly stopped. We said very little.

We lay there for what must have been half an hour, letting the physical and emotional pain drain away. We were just about to get up when we were startled by the 'ding-dong' alarm. Lil scrambled up to the loft to check on who was coming.

Lil yelled, “It's Ginny, but something's wrong!” as she slid down the ladder.

Before I could ask anything, Ginny burst through the door. She looked devastated. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. If it had been anyone else in the group, we would have been less worried but Ginny was normally unflappable.

Lil hugged her tightly for a minute but Ginny did not calm down. She just clung onto Lil like she was her only lifeline. Lil then broke the hug and held Ginny by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. “What's goin' on, Ginny? Talk to me,” she pleaded.

“Sam's gonna sell them!” Ginny wailed almost incoherently between sobs.

“Sell what?” asked Lil, confused.

Ginny motioned to me and said, “Tell her.” Ginny then collapsed on a bale continuing to sob.

“Sam Fletcher stole video tapes that Arno made when he raped other girls. Fletcher is now going to sell copies of the tapes,” I explained to Lil.

“Other girls?” whispered Lil. “There were other girls?” she quizzed more loudly looking at Ginny. Ginny nodded miserably.

Lil crumpled onto the nearest bale. “Oh God, no!” she begged, covering her face with her hands. “I had no idea. Why didn't you tell me, Ginny?”

Ginny was unable to speak she was sobbing so much so I sat next to Lil and put my arm around her shoulders. I answered for Ginny, “Ginny tracked down and helped the girls on the tapes. She's very careful not to expose them, even to the other girls.”

After a long pause, Lil said, “We need to go to sheriff Bubba about this.”

Ginny recovered enough to reply, “No Lil. Think of what the publicity will do to the other girls. Think of what it did to you.”

“Then we need to steal the tapes and destroy them,” said Lil emphatically.

“That could work.” I agreed. “Sam Fletcher must have told someone else about the tapes or Ginny wouldn't have said that he was gonna sell them. He won't think it was Ginny.”

“It ain't going to work,” said Ginny sadly. “The only reason I know Sam is going to sell them is that he ordered video editing equipment so he can edit himself out of the tapes. He doesn't have any other reason to do video editing. If we steal the tapes, he'll know it was me. Besides, he now keeps the tapes in a safe and I don't know the combination.”

It seemed to be an unsolvable problem. We sat there in silence for a long time trying to wrack our brains for a solution, but nothing came to us.

Eventually we heard the now familiar 'ding-dong' and I clambered up the ladder to see who was coming. It was Jason.

Jason breezed in and with a big grin exclaimed, “Peace Dude and Dudettes!” He was initially completely unaware of the bad mood in the fort. He stripped off and asked, “Alarm working ok?”

“Yeah, it works swell!” replied Lil sarcastically. She was upset that Jason had not noticed Ginny's tears or the clear welts on her and my butts.

“Excellent!” he chimed. He completely missed Lil's sarcasm.

“Sometimes you're such a jerk, Jason,” complained Lil.

“Okaaay,” he said after a long pause, “I'm obviously missing something.”

I thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that just as much as I did not understand Jason, he appeared to have clueless moments with us as well. I decided to spell it out for him, “Lil and I got our asses whipped by our Pa today and Ginny has a major problem at her place, which is why she is crying...”

“Brandon, don't,” warned Ginny, cutting in.

“I really think you should give Jason a crack at the problem, Ginny. I'm almost certain he'll have a solution,” I quipped.

Ginny bowed her head for a moment, sighed deeply and then growled, “Ok, but no specifics, promise?”

“Right,” I said relieved. “Jason, Ginny has a problem that will challenge your awesome talent,” I said buttering him up. “We need to get rid of some video tapes that are locked in a safe and no one can know that the tapes are gone.”

“Oh goody, a riddle!” said Jason, scooting up next to me on the bale with his arm around my shoulder that was seriously distracting coming from his seriously hot body. “Tell me more.”

“I can't, Jason. There are things I can't tell you like what is on the tapes or why we want them destroyed,” I said.

“A real challenge then!” he exclaimed smiling. “I will ask some questions. Tell me if I can't know the answers, ok?”

“Fine!” said Ginny grumpily.

Jason seemed not to notice how grumpy she was. “Ok, so can we break into this safe?” he asked.

“No,” moaned Ginny sighing.

“We could always burn down the building,” said Jason matter-of-factually.

“I'm not quite ready to commit arson, but maybe if it comes down to it I might,” said Ginny slightly hopefully as at least there was a small glimmer of hope. “Trouble is, the safe might be fire-proof.”

“Oh, bad idea then.” said Jason deep in thought.

“Do the tapes ever get taken out of the safe?” he asked.

“Yes, they get watched regularly and are taken out of the safe one by one to do this,” replied Ginny.

“How often?” asked Jason.

“All of them get watched at least once every couple of weeks,” replied Ginny.

That comment from Ginny sent a chill up my spine. Sam Fletcher must have been one real evil bastard to want to see all that suffering all the time.

“So we can't swap them out for fakes then?” asked Jason.

“No, I would be found out,” replied Ginny.

“Being found out would be a bad thing?” asked Jason.

“A very bad thing, Jason,” I confirmed.

Jason thought for a long moment and then asked, “How about if the tapes slowly got broken? Would that be a bad thing?”

“I think that we could get away with that, but if I did anything to the tapes I would be seen and found out,” said Ginny.

“So the video player is outside the safe?” asked Jason.

“Yes, Jason, the darn video player is not in the safe. It sits on a shelf below the TV. This is really going nowhere!” complained Ginny.

“Hold on, I think I've got it!” proclaimed Jason.

“What, how?” demanded Ginny, surprised.

“The video on the tapes will rapidly get worse and you will not need to be anywhere near the tapes for it to happen. You will not even need to touch a single tape,” said Jason.

“Sounds too good to be true. You're shitting me, Jason!” complained Ginny, now getting a little angry.

“Seriously, it can be done. It's simple and old school tech. The allies used degaussers way back in World War 2 to prevents ships setting off magnetic mines. Fascinating stuff,” mused Jason with a far-way look in his eyes. Eventually he continued, “All I need to have is the video player for a short while. I can add a degausser in-line with the player so it will make the video quality worse every time it is played through the machine.” said Jason smiling.

“A deg-asser?” I asked.

“No, he's right! It has nothing to do with asses, Brandon. Get your mind out of the gutter!” smirked Ginny, finally returning to her usual self. “I should've listened to you earlier, Brandon, and asked for Jason's help. It would have prevented a world of hurt I've been going through for the past few days.”

Ginny thought for a while. “How long would you need to make the change to the video player, Jason?” she asked.

“Depending on the machine, about 10 to 30 minutes. That assumes I already have the degausser, which I don't yet. I also have to test it on a tape in the machine to see whether it works and adjust its strength so it doesn't destroy the video the first time round. We could use any old tape with video for testing, providing you don't mind losing what's on it,” said Jason.

“Do you need me to bring you the machine or do you need to work on the machine at my place?” asked Ginny.

“Working on the machine at your place is probably the best 'cause rattling it around on my bike would not be good for it and I need to test it anyhow, which could cause me questions and other problems with Ma if I took it home. She already accused me of stealing the components for the alarm even though I asked Pa first. If I show up with a strange machine, she might confiscate it,” he confessed.

“No, I can't let you take the machine if it could get confiscated,” said Ginny, alarmed. “I think you have to come to my place to sort this out.”

“I don't know where you live,” admitted Jason.

“Brandon can show you. You ok with that, Brandon?” she asked.

“I'm happy to help any way I can,” I said.

“Ok then, be at my place during the elder's meeting on Tuesday night at 6pm. You have to arrange to have a 'study group' at the library for that night for a 'test' for later in the week. My house is one block away from the library. Think that will be ok with your 'rents?” she asked.

“I'm sure we can do that and meet you there,” said Lil.

“No Lil. If both you and Brandon go out to a study group together, that will be suspicious. You're not in the same year and share no classes. You will have to stay home for this to work,” said Ginny.

Lil pouted but nodded slightly.

“Ok, I'll see if Ma will give permission. Pa won't be there as he will be at the Elders meeting,” I said. “I'll also phone Jason to remind him,” I added as an afterthought, given how distracted I knew he could be.

“This is so great, guys. I am so glad I have you as friends!” exclaimed Ginny beaming, hugging first Jason and then me.

“Ginny and I are gonna go to the mall and leave you bums to yourselves here,” quipped Lil, winking at me. “I'll catch you all later.”

I realized that this was what Lil had planned all along to get me and Jason together alone. Lil got dressed and left with Ginny, giggling as they went. The 'ding-dong' alarm saw them off.