Bible Belt Blues

This story includes explicit depictions of bisexual acts between pre-teen and young teen boys and girls (b/g, b/b and g/g) as they discover their sexuality in a difficult and abusive environment. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this for any reason, consider yourself warned. If you find this type of material offensive, please read no further.

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Things get going slowly but the pace picks up from chapter 3.

Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 2 - Soul searching

We kids were all very happy that Arno was gone. We thought that we would now be able to begin enjoying life. We were dead wrong.

Even now, some parishioners still think Arno was framed. This is how strong the hold Arno had over the parishioners. The congregation began `soul searching'. Hadn't Lil been dressing provocatively recently, the hem line going up? Hadn't Arno snapped because we kids were so evil? He said as much in his trial, after all. All of the sermons in the past had shown how evil we kids were. Nothing has changed -- the kids are to blame for the evil and must be taken in hand!

Truth is, Pa was still paying off a shiny new set of golf clubs and had no money to spend on getting us kids clothes that fit so Lil's clothes were too small for her, but the church never saw it that way. Pa was a church elder and his whole life revolved around the church. He saw the writing on the wall plain as day. If the church blamed him, that would be the end of his life in the church and life as he knew it. Any backbone the man might have had crumbled. He clammed up tight and silently went with the majority.

Arno's legacy lived on. This was reds under the bed all over again. What came out of the `soul searching' was the same kind of shit that we kids had been putting up with for so long now. Once again, us kids were the devil incarnate and needed to be kept in order, especially Lil.

Instead of one Arno, we now had a whole congregation out to get us. Lil was hardest hit. She was hounded and hated wherever she went. She had threatened the very existence of the church itself and that could not be tolerated. After a year of this treatment and frequent public beatings by Pa to deflect blame from himself and show he was doing what the congregation wanted, Lil ran away from home, but that is another story.

Ironically, Arno's gloating in the video actually turned out to be true in a way as Lil has ended up a high class call girl in New York. She says that she is more happy and cared for now than she ever was at home. She still refuses to ever talk to or see Pa or any other people in the congregation who tormented her ever again.

Pa did not just beat Lil. He also beat me, but not quite as often. This was mainly as a public display of discipline or when he had a bad day. Sometimes, it was when I was bad, but Ma stopped telling Pa about stuff like that.

Ma begun to fight with Pa over him beating us. He soon put her in her place with a broken wrist and a black eye. She told the nosy doc at the hospital that she fell down the stairs at home. If only he knew that our place was a single-level ranch - no stairs anyplace. After that, Ma learned not to argue with Pa.

Instead, Ma started an underground women's movement. At least that's what she tried to tell herself. Ma had never been a strong person and didn't have a lot of friends. This meant that she was a women's underground movement of one.

What she really did was to decide the best way to support me and Lil was to become the opposite of everything Pa stood for. She judged no one and especially not us kids. No matter what I did, she was just there for me. We talked about everything. She also covered for us as best she could when things got ugly with Pa or other parishioners.