Bible Belt Blues

This story includes explicit depictions of bisexual acts between pre-teen and young teen boys and girls (b/g, b/b and g/g) as they discover their sexuality in a difficult and abusive environment. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this for any reason, consider yourself warned. If you find this type of material offensive, please read no further.

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Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 3 - The Fort

We kids had a guts full of the blaming and beatings. We soon got real good at finding hidey-holes where the congregation had no idea to look.

After a few months, we had figured how to get together and just hang out. It was nothing special, just a rusty old shed just out of town, but it was ours -- that made it special enough.

The land around the shed had been given up on by farmer Higgins years ago because it was just too small and hilly to farm with modern equipment. He had more than enough better land to farm. Farmer Higgins still stored hay bales in the shed for dry season stock feed. These hay bales were rotated out every year. At least we had a soft place to sit that wasn't too stinky.

This was our perfect getaway from the mad adults. We called it `the fort' -- yeah, yeah, original, I know. What did you expect from a bunch of almost tween kids?

Farmer Higgins had donated the flatter part of this part of the useless land to the town for use as a park. The town honored farmer Higgins and called the donated land "Higgins Park". The fort was separated from Higgins Park by a bunch of trees and then an open rocky space between the trees and the fort. The park itself was divided into 9 areas hidden from one another by bushes and grassy mounds, so anyone who came looking for us would just think that we were in a different area of the park.

Higgins Park was pretty big and on the outskirts of town. Most adults simply couldn't be bothered tracking us down there. It was also real boring with just grass and open areas compared to the facilities at other parks closer to the center of town. Not too many folks went to Higgins Park. This helped us heaps as most folks thought we could not get up to too much mischief out there.

The fort was on a hill and you could look out over the trees and the park from the hay loft in the fort. We each took turns being lookout. We took this real seriously because we knew the bad things that would happen if we were found out.

If we saw an adult snooping around the park, we all hightailed it back to one of the park's areas to play catch. If we knew the adult was after one particular kid, we got a distraction going, like getting a different kid in the fort to go `accidentally' run into the adult to let them know the one being looked for had gone home, to the library, school gym, mall, friend's house or something. That bought the kid being looked for enough time to get going on their bike to wherever they were supposed to be.

We soon found out that adults were pretty gullible. We just had to get our stories straight and keep it simple. Each of us always had to have permission to be in two places -- Higgins Park being one of those places. We had to be vague about when we would be going from the one place to the other.

I would like to say that it was all my bright idea to post a lookout and have a pre-planned set of excuses and places kids would be. It was actually Ma who had helped us figure it out. She was amazing!

About 15 kids had started hiding with us in the various hidey-holes that we had found since the `soul searching' began. Over time, some kids had left the group with their folks to get out of town away from the church. Other kids were watched so closely that they lost touch with us. There were even a few that caved under the pressure and started snitching on the rest of us.

Ma helped us ferret out the snitches by teaching me about misinformation. This was what spies used to find moles. When I told only one kid about something false but juicy to the church that I warned to keep secret that no one else knew about and it turned up exposed in a church meeting, we knew where it came from. The snitches were exposed one by one real quick. We left those kids alone after that.

By the time we found the fort, there were only 6 of us left: me (Brandon), Lil, Tommy, Ginny, Jason and Chris.

Chris was the oldest in our group at 13 years. He was going to be 14 in a couple of months' time. His family owned a truck farm on the other side of town. Their family got up before daybreak and Chris worked the land solid until just before school started. He also had to do yard work an hour before supper. He had curly light blond hair with piercing blue eyes, 5' tall, about 150 pounds of pure muscle, seriously ripped for his age with a six pack and a great tan from all the hard labor he did every day.

Tommy was the youngest of our group. He was just about to turn 11. Tommy had shoulder-length shiny jet black hair, a face that looked a bit like one of those meerkats from Africa. He had hazel-green eyes. He was about 4'6" tall, 70 pounds, wiry and thin, but surprisingly strong for his size, probably also from having to work so hard on the farm. He was also real fast and a great pick for your team when playing ball. Brandon and he were half brothers. Chris' Ma died in childbirth and his Pa remarried a year later.

A couple of weeks after the `soul searching' started, Chris and Tommy's Ma was looking for any excuse to lay into her kids to teach them a lesson and eliminate the evil from her family. Early one morning, Chris began horsing around with Tommy up in the hay loft of their barn when they were supposed to be mucking out and looking for eggs that the yard birds sometimes laid up there. Their Ma pounced. She rushed up the loft stairs, switch in hand to give the kids a good whipping.

Chris panicked and tried to back away. He slipped on some muck and fell out of the open hay loft doors, thudding head first onto the bed of the family's pickup truck below. Chris lived, but he became a bit simple. From being the most popular and one of the brightest guys at school he now became the village idiot, the butt of pranks and jokes by other kids.

Jason was a live wire. He was my age, nearly 12. His family had moved from sunny California a few years back. I reckon he must have had some Hippy relative because of some of the things he said. He had shoulder-length straight light blond hair that he wore down parted to the right and hanging over his eyes. He had a habit of flicking away the hair when it got hard to see or when he was just absent-mindedly thinking. He was olive-skinned but didn't actively tan. He was quite skinny, 65 pounds and just over 4' tall.

I now reckon Jason had ADHD and some sort of Aspergers thing going. He bounced from one thing to another and clean forgot to remember to do his chores most days. This got him into all sorts of trouble with his parents, the teachers and the church. He often could not sit down for a week because of the whippings he got from his Ma's switch. The switch never solved Jason's problem and just made him hate all the adults. Just because he couldn't stay focused on small things in life didn't mean he was stupid. Far from it, when he was fixated on something he found interesting and challenging, he was an absolute genius and a good-looking one at that.

Ginny was 13, a couple of months younger than Chris, and a good friend of Lil. She stayed with her Uncle Sam, who was an elder in the church, after her folks died a couple of years before in a car smash. Ginny was already nicely developed. She was about 4'10", 110 pounds, brown hair with natural lighter highlights, kind doe eyes, a moon face and boobs and was starting to attract the attentions of the seniors at school. She spoke very little and mainly hung out at the fort with us when Lil was around. She had dark brown shoulder-length hair that curled up and out at the bottom.

Lil was 12, nearly 13, 4', 70 pounds. She was flat as a board, straight short red hair inherited from Ma, soft features and quite feisty up until the incident with Arno and the `soul searching'. After that, she increasingly began to stay quiet and avoid people with the sole exception of Ginny. She also relaxed when she was at the fort around the other fort members. Lil's real name is Lilliputia, but no one ever called her that.

That just leaves me. I clocked in at a very average height of 4'8", 90 pounds, freckles on my face, green eyes I inherited from Ma and reddish-light brown curly hair that Ma cut whenever it was looking untidy. I also had an athletic build with little fat but was not overly muscular.