Bible Belt Blues

This story includes explicit depictions of bisexual acts between pre-teen and young teen boys and girls (b/g, b/b and g/g) as they discover their sexuality in a difficult and abusive environment. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this for any reason, consider yourself warned. If you find this type of material offensive, please read no further.

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Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 8 - Show and Tell

At lunch on Monday, we quickly got together as a group just next to the schoolyard. It was dangerous to do this for long because we knew adults and some kids from the church were watching. There were even elders on the school staff.

"When do you all want to get together at the fort?" I asked them.

"Hell, I had so much fun, I would go back today!" said Ginny.

"No can do," said Tommy, "me and Chris gotta help fix our out of kilter tractor and muck out the laborer's quarters."

Lil had a glint in her eye, "Ok, so we ain't gonna meet at the fort today, but here's homework. See you all tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 at the fort. Bring something that you think will be useful to the fort then."

Jason said, "Kind of a `show and tell'. Sounds fun."

Ginny quipped, "You have no idea!" and burst out laughing.

We split up and went to other tables for lunch. I tried to wrack my brains about what I could bring. I came up empty.

When I got home, I still had no ideas. I spoke to Ma about it. She asked me about what we sat on. I explained we sat on hay bales. She said that could be uncomfortable with spiky bits of grass poking into us.

She showed me some old cushions in the loft and some old bed covers she had inherited from Grandma a few years back. None of these things were in great condition and they were way out of fashion. They had patched holes and the color scheme was puke green and red. Still, they would work in the fort for comfort and ain't nobody would want to steal that lot.

Ma and I hauled them out and piled them into the car. Ma got the car as close as she could to the fort. We carried the cushions and bed covers to the fort together.

Ma commented on a couple of loose boards at the back of the fort. I investigated it and that there was a space between the inside wall and the outside wall of the fort. The loose boards gave access to a hidey-hole that we stored the cushions and coverings in. Fortunately, it was clean and dry.

When the next day arrived, all the kids got to the fort at almost exactly the same time and immediately stripped naked. There was quite a buzz in the air. I noticed that Ginny was flushed, Lil was looking a bit like that too. Tommy and Chris both had hardons, which was unusual for them as they regularly went around in the buff. Jason and me were the only ones not sporting immediate hardons. I wondered why.

We drew straws for show and tell. I got the longest straw, meaning I got to go first.

"I find these hard pieces of grass in the bales hurt my butt and dick when I sit on them. Can you guess what I am going to show you?" I asked.

"A chair," said Ginny.

"A great big bed!" said Jason.

"Give up?" I asked.

"Yeah, alright, spit it out," said Lil.

I walked to the back of the fort and pulled out some cushions from the hidey-hole and chucked them as hard as I could at the kids. One got Lil and the other whacked Chris after Tommy ducked. A cushion fight ensued. At the end, we all collapsed out of breath on the hay bales again.

"Awesome fun, man!" said Jason, "but my butt is still getting' pricked."

"The cushions are not all, folks," I said. I went to the back and got the bed coverings. I spread the biggest on the hay bale most of the kids were sitting on.

"Aah, much better, man," sighed Jason contentedly. All the other kids looked happy too.

"Whose next?" asked Ginny looking at the straws, "Oh, I forgot - Jason, you're up."

"Come up to the loft," said Jason. We all groaned and climbed the ladder. I remembered to take one of the bed covers and a couple of cushions with me for us to use while we were up there.

Once we were all settled up there, Jason asked, "What's the most boring thing about the fort, but also one of the most important?"

"The lookout!" everyone chorused together.

"Dead right, man. My Dad runs the local Radio Shack. They had some old stock that was returned as broken that they couldn't sell so I grabbed it before they chucked it out. I put the bits together yesterday and I present to you my evil invention, ha ha ha ha," he said doing an impression of a mad scientist. It was particularly funny coming from a cute naked Jason. We all laughed.

We looked at what he had made. It had a solar panel on it. It also had a speaker and several motion sensor eyes.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It detects when an intruder comes within about 200ft of the Fort," said Jason. Jason had already hooked up one of the "eyes" and the speaker. He angled the solar panel. "Chris, can you go down and walk to the start of the trees and then back again?" Chris grunted and hopped down the ladder.

Ginny called after him, "Put your britches on when you leave just in case someone sees you." Chris grunted an acknowledgment.

When Chris got to the trees, Jason turned the device on and a light lit up on his control board. As Chris turned round and got past the trees towards the fort, a door chime "ding dong" sound came out of the speaker. It kept repeating every few seconds as it kept seeing Chris. It was not very loud but it was loud enough for everyone in the fort to clearly hear it, even if they were making a lot of noise.

"No more lookout duty, once I get this fully installed." said Jason proudly.

"That's just brilliant, Jason," I said and clapped him on the shoulder.

Jason gave me a strange smile and said, "You can thank me later."

At first I thought he might have meant that he needed to install it before we could thank him, but I knew in my gut that he had something else in mind.

When Chris climbed up the ladder and we were all together again, Tommy said, "I ought ta go next. Y'all sure think you're clever. Well, me and Chris got y'all licked this time. Y'all remember we couldn't get together yesterday 'cause Chris and me had to muck out the laborer's quarters? Every harvest, Pa gets in a laborer ta help. This time, the laborer left somethin'."

Tommy pulled a magazine from a plastic bag he had brought. It was quite thick and had color photos on it. I gasped when I saw what the photos were of: naked people doing sexy stuff.

Ginny said, "Gimme that," and snatched it. She quickly rifled though it. "Actually, not bad, she said. It has pretty much most things in here." She handed it back to Tommy.

Lil said, "I brought a book too." She also took an old tattered-looking book out from another bag and handed it around.

Jason looked bored with the old book until he opened it to a middle page and saw a hand sketch of two lovers doing a weird pose. They looked Indian and were completely naked. "What's a Kama Sutra?" he asked.

Lil said, "Its an old religion from India that wrote down all of the sex positions lovers can do. I found it when cleaning out Arno's office with Pa about a month ago and I took it. He didn't see it."

"Cool, man," said Jason rifling through it. "Wow, some of these look impossible!"

Ginny said, "My turn. What do a girl and boy need to have sex when both of them already have hair?"

I said, "The pill?"

Ginny smiled, "Could be, but no." She pulled out a box from her bag and handed it around. It had the word "condoms" on it.

Only Chris, Ginny and Lil were really interested in the condoms. The other kids had no hair so we didn't need them.

We helped Jason set up the remaining eyes and mount the solar panel so none of these things would be noticed easily. It was brilliant in its simplicity. The solar panel charged a battery that powered a control board. The eyes detected movement at a set distance and triggered the doorbell through the control board to chime. The eyes were infrared so worked on body heat, day and night. The only part that Jason had modified to make the whole thing work was the control board. The bits were from a solar-powered camping light, a doorbell, and a building security system. I was amazed at Jason. He was cute and brilliant.

Jason showed us how to turn it on and off. It was a simple device to operate but it had a magical effect in that no lookout meant a whole lot more fun when we came to the fort.

"Well this has been fun," said Ginny, "but me and Lil here have to go now and do some studying for a test tomorrow. School sports is every afternoon from tomorrow this week. See everyone here Saturday at 10:00am?"

We all agreed. We packed the cushions, coverings and magazine away in the hidey-hole.

Tommy and Chris were next to go. "Bad as I hate to, we better get gone. Still gotta service that ornery tractor," said Tommy grimacing.

I helped Jason to hide the rest of the device in the loft so a casual poke around wouldn't find it.