Bible Belt Blues

This story includes explicit depictions of bisexual acts between pre-teen and young teen boys and girls (b/g, b/b and g/g) as they discover their sexuality in a difficult and abusive environment. If you are underage or it is illegal to view this for any reason, consider yourself warned. If you find this type of material offensive, please read no further.

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Bible Belt Blues

Chapter 9 - Jason's bright idea

When we had hidden Jason's device, Jason looked at me with a strange look on his face. I looked down. I had never seen Jason's dick so hard. He was holding the Kama Sutra open to a page showing one lover sucking on the other lover's dick. I had not had time to go through the book yet and was stunned at what I saw on that page.

"Brandon, you make me so excited when I'm around you. Yesterday when you were with Ginny, I was jealous. I wanted it to be me, man," he said.

Next thing I knew, Jason pounced and had my dick in his mouth. After a couple of seconds, I yelled, "Yeow, stop, Jason!" I pushed hum away It felt like he was chewing it. He looked like he was about to cry. He thought I was rejecting him.

I explained, "That really hurts! I like you too Jason. I think you're cute and brilliant. Let's first have a more careful look at those instructions, though."

I pulled the book towards me and read the page. The old translation really wasn't very clear but there was a text box with modern tips. I read it aloud. " `To start, lick the head of the penis like it is a lollipop. The end of the urethra can be opened and licked to provide additional pleasurable stimulus. The lover taking the penis into the mouth must completely cover their teeth with their lips at all times. Movement of the lips up and down on the shaft of the penis provides good pleasure, especially when applying suction at the same time. By repeatedly stimulating the gag reflex, it can be reduced with practice enabling a lover to 'deep throat' the penis to provide additional pleasure. A combination of all techniques provides the most pleasurable result.' "

"I'm not sure I understand all of that," said Jason.

"Me neither," I said. I said trying to turn the book around to look at the picture more closely. In the process, I lost my grip on the book and it fell to the floor. It flipped to a new page. The drawing was of 2 lovers pleasuring one another in what was described in the text box as the `69 position'.

"Hey, look here," I said pointing to the page.

Jason looked down and then grinned. "That's real cool, man! We can both do each other together. Wanna do it?" he asked excitedly.

In answer, I got out a covering and spread it on a hay bale. We both got onto it into the 69 position. We were both very nervous but excited. This was the first time for a blow job for either of us and the first time we were able to please another person while getting intense pleasure at the same time. I had butterflies in my stomach.

I sniffed his dick. It was the same familiar sweaty boy smell in the locker room after gym class. I stuck my tongue out and tasted his head. It was a slightly weird salty taste but not unpleasant. After his initial failed attempt earlier, Jason was letting me take the lead. He was trying to copy everything I did. The problem was, we were built differently. My head had fully retreated back into my foreskin after being chewed.

"Hold up there, Jason," I said. He looked like he was going to cry again.

"Did, did I hurt you again?" he stammered.

"No, not at all, but I need to tell you how to get to my head. You need to get it out of my foreskin by rolling the foreskin back," I said.

Jason tried and managed to get it part way back, but he was scared of hurting me again so I helped and pushed it back the rest of the way. The next thing I knew, Jason had found his new favorite lollipop. He took my breath away.

The sensations Jason was giving me were overwhelming. It was really hard for me to concentrate on pleasuring his dick at the same time as he was doing mine. I kind of solved it by pretending his dick was my dick and I was sucking my dick and correcting his technique by doing the things to his dick I wanted him to do to mine. He obliged.

We started by lolly-popping the head, then opened the pee slit and flicked our tongues inside, driving each other wild. We then moved up and down on the shaft, sucking hard as we went. I had learned from Ginny yesterday and played with his balls with my hands as well. They were just bigger than walnuts and the skin around his balls was soft and pliable.

I felt Jason try to shove my whole dick and balls into his mouth. He soon found out what a gag reflex was and stopped just short of it after that.

He was groaning and moaning as he sucked my dick. This came through as a sort of humming on my dick. I realized the vibration on my dick was doing great things for me. I started humming a tuneless song on his dick. This drove him wild and he started thrusting madly into my mouth.

His dick was getting warmer in my mouth. It was also getting longer, if that was possible. As he approached his climax, his dick seemed to swell in thickness. It was also throbbing in my mouth with every heartbeat. I found all of that seriously hot and this drove me faster and faster to my own climax.

He arched his back and popped my dick out of his mouth as he yelled "Aargh." He shoved his dick as deeply into my mouth as he could. Fortunately, his dick was small enough not to trigger my gag reflex. It started to twitch and throb like it had suddenly developed a life of its own and his whole body spasmed with each twitch. I tasted a few salty drops at the back of my mouth. I thought that these must have been the 'love drops' that Ginny told me about.

Jason lay quietly for a few moments panting and then pulled his dick out of my mouth. I thought that maybe he was done with me. Then I felt his lips envelope my dick once more. I smiled gratefully. After he swirled my head a couple of times with his tongue, I was fully into it again. I involuntarily started thrusting my own dick into and out of his mouth while moaning and whimpering, thrusting faster and faster.

Then it happened. I felt like I was going to burst if I didn't get relief. I had reached the point of no return. I lost control over my body completely. I felt my back arch and found myself doing the same thing to Jason that he had done to me: shoving my dick as far down his throat as possible. I felt him gag and pull away for just a moment but I was beyond the ability to care. I exploded in ecstasy, yelling "Yess, Jason, yeaaaargh!" My whole body spasmed and my dick pulsed time and again in Jason's mouth with pleasure wave after pleasure wave for what seemed like forever. I didn't pass out that time, but I did see stars for a few seconds and had that amazing afterglow, peaceful and loving feeling.

After our breathing calmed down, I flipped around and kissed a euphoric but surprised Jason deeply. Jason resisted for a second and then I felt him relax and start to copy me. I tasted my dick in his saliva, which was different from his dick because of my foreskin lubrication. I also tasted Jason, who was a different taste to that of Ginny.

We kissed passionately for what felt like a lifetime, hugging each other. It was probably more like 10 minutes, but time had no meaning for us. I was rock hard again at the end of this. I pulled away and asked, "Wanna go again?"

"Hell, yeah, man! Do I ever!", he said excitedly smiling. I saw his dick was also fully boned up and ready for round 2.

Just as I was flipping around again, we both jumped as we heard `ding-dong'.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Jason leaping up, looking at me with wide eyes, "The alarm!"

We both sprinted for our clothes and had them on in record time. The `ding-dong' continued every few seconds. We froze at the door and listened carefully. There was no sound other than the constant `ding-dong' of the alarm and the thumping of our hearts in our chests.

After a minute, Jason scrabbled up the ladder to the loft and looked out.

"False alarm," called Jason, relieved. I ran to the ladder and up to the loft. I saw what was making the alarm go off. A dog was nosing around near the tree line.

"I had better make some adjustments so it only responds to something the size of a person," he said.

It turned out to be a big job. Each eye had to be taken down. Jason then pointed it to the dog so it set off the alarm. Each eye had a sensitivity dial that Jason turned down until the dog didn't set it off any more. It took about an hour to get it all adjusted and put up again. Fortunately, the dog was very interested in the squirrels that lived in the trees and continued to roam around the tree line until after we were done.

"I'll stay here and make sure it works. You go and do what Chris did earlier," said Jason.

I ran to the trees and walked back again. I could not hear the alarm and thought that maybe the alarm was broken. When I got to the fort doors, I faintly heard a `ding-dong'. When I got inside, it stopped because the eyes were all looking outside. Jason poked his head down from the loft smiling at me and sounded very relieved when he said, "It works!"

I climbed the ladder. "When did it start going off?" I asked.

"Just as you came out of the tree line, just like with Chris."

"I only faintly heard the `ding-dong' when I got to the doors. You can't hear anything further out," I said.

"Great," said Jason, "I was worried that it might be heard outside of the fort. You can imagine that someone hearing that coming from a shed is sure to come poking around."

He beamed at me. He loved solving technical problems.

"Darn, is that the time? I gotta go," I said looking at my watch, "Pa is expecting me home in 10 minutes. I'm gonna have to fly like the wind."

I leaned forward and kissed Jason gently on the lips. I could feel my dick stirring again.

Jason saw the tent forming in my shorts. "Hold that thought `til next time. I know I will," he said cheekily.

He smiled a smile that sent my heart into palpitations. I just stood there torn between needing to go and needing to have Jason.

"Go!" he commanded, pushing me away, "I gotta get home too, man. I'll quickly pack up."

I sprinted to my bike and put on the speed all the way home. I was completely out of breath when I arrived, but it had all been worth it and I didn't even get into trouble with Pa. Those stupid feelings of guilt haunted my thoughts before bedtime, but I again forced them away. They had no place in my thinking anymore.