It's Amazing What Sex Can Do For a Guy

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My First Time (With a Boy)

I was ten when I had sex with a boy for the first time. Up till then the only things I'd done was play show and tell and that sort of usual boy games, but never actually touched another boy's penis till then.

His name was Ricky and actually we had never even done the show and tell or anything. Except for a peek at his penis while we were peeing I had never seen any of his private parts. I really liked Ricky, in fact I guess you could say I had a sort of crush on him, even though I didn't know what that meant at the time. He was just so much better than me in all ways. He was cuter, nicer, and his folks had more money than mine so he had more stuff too. Not that I cared about the stuff, well not much anyway, but you get the picture. I guess I sort of envied him.

We had been friends a long time, well for a kid anyway, since we were like 6 or 7, but we didn't see each other a lot because his dad was in the military and they traveled a lot. Once he even moved to Japan, how cool is that? But every time they came back to the states, or to our town, we got together because his grandma lived next to me and they always visited her and sometimes he would stay over night there and his folks would stay in a motel or at some other relatives because Ricky's grandma had a small house.

This time was one of those times when Ricky stayed over at his grandma's. It was summer and there was no school so I stayed over at Ricky's grandma's late that night, way after she went to bed, and Ricky and I laid in the floor in front of the TV and played with our army men and cars and stuff.

About nine (Ricky's granny went to bed about 8:30) Ricky got us a glass of tea and some cookies and we went back to the small bedroom that Ricky slept in. It had one of those old metal beds and the mattresses were so thick that us kids could barely climb up on it. There wasn't a lot of room left over with that big bed, just enough for a dresser and then there was about five feet of bare floor at the end of the bed. Just enough space for two boys to wrestle. And that's what we wound up doing.

We'd finished our snack and for some reason Ricky tackled me and the wrestling began. We were both ten and I was actually a little bigger than Ricky but he was all muscle and he pinned me pretty quick. At first I struggled to get up then I started to sort of like having my best friend on top of me. In the instant I realized that I began to feel his body against me in places I never thought of before. I could feel his legs against mine and they felt solid and hot. We were both wearing shorts and his naked legs against me felt wonderful. His face was only inches from mine and as I looked into his eyes I saw something there that I'd never seen before. I didn't know it then but now I realize it was lust.

Suddenly he started grinding into me and I realized I could feel his penis against mine. Now I was only ten, but I'd been getting boners for as long as I could remember and I popped one then and I was horrified that he'd feel it and be disgusted. Of course after a few minutes of his grinding I realized he had one too. I remember thinking that this was so cool and wondering why we'd never done anything like this before.

"You give?" He asked me through gritted teeth. I don't think he really wanted me to because then it would end our fun and I sure knew I didn't want to so I just started struggling more and he pushed even harder. I could feel his strong chest bumping against me and my little tummy pushing against his and I had never felt anything so good in my whole life.

This went on for like twenty minutes and my arms were starting to get tired and so even though it felt good I decided to try to wiggle out of Ricky's hold and maybe get on top of him. Well, I wound up getting loose for about two seconds then he was on me again, but his time I was face down and he was laying on my back and his boner was poking against my butt.

Even nieve little boys like me had heard of corn holing but it was just an abstract concept and we had no practical experience with it or even knew anyone who had, but that is what came to my mind the minute I felt him poking at my butt.

Suddenly I could feel his hot breath on my neck and smell the tea and cookies and something else I couldn't quite figure out. He was sort of growling as he ground his crotch into my butt and his hand suddenly went up under my arm pits and he wasn't so much  holding me down as he was holding on. I heard a little gasp and then suddenly he rolled off of me onto the floor and just laid there on his back with his eyes closed.

At first I thought he hurt himself and I was sort of scared. I mean I was only ten and a kid getting hurt usually meant trouble for the kid and anyone around. He just laid there for a minute or two while I sat up and watched him, my heart beating really fast and wishing whatever had happened wouldn't have because I still wanted to play then suddenly his eyes opened and he had a really strange look on his face.

"You okay?" I asked relieved that he had opened his eyes.

"Uh huh, that was so weird, but it felt so good."

"What?" I asked more confused than before.

"Oh, uh...nothing. Hey wanna wrestle in our underwear?"

What? I couldn't believe he was asking me that. I had never seen him in his underwear and he'd never seen mine but not because I hadn't wanted to. What the heck, I finally decided. His granny was sound asleep and my folks didn't expect me home till 10:30 or 11 so I said okay.

He didn't waste any time getting his shorts off and then he skinned off his tee and for the first time I saw his chest and stomach and I felt my little dick go hard again. I mean it wasn't like he was buff or had a six pack or anything, but I was just your average flabby kid and compared to me Ricky was a God. With his long dark eyelashes and cute face he could've had any girl at school and been any other boy's best friend, but because his granny lived next door we had become best friends and at that moment I felt like the luckiest boy in the world.

I was a little ashamed of my upper body, I wasn't exactly fat but I wasn't skinny either. I was just sort of average I guess but i had a little bit of baby fat around my middle and a deep innie belly button. My boner was another problem until I saw that Ricky had one too and I swear his looked twice as big as mine. That really didn't surprise me though, everything about Ricky was bigger and better than most boys.

I finally got down to my Fruit of the Looms and sort of kept my hands across my crotch to hide my obvious boner. Ricky on the other hand didn't bother to hide his and I guess I must've been staring at it because he laughed and said, "Let me see yours, since you're looking at mine."

I blushed bright red but I let my hands fall away and Ricky looked at me and smiled. "Come over here," he said suddenly and at that point I realized he was in charge of whatever was going to happen and that even though I'd known him most of my life right then he was like a complete stranger to me.

Maybe in all those exotic places he'd lived he'd made other friends and learned stuff I never did, but whatever the reason I was glad for it right then because I had no clue what to do next.

"Not bad," he said at last as he looked me up and down. Then he got that look in his eyes again, the one I figured out was lust, and said, "Wanna compare em? I'll show ya mine if you'll show me urs."

I was flabbergasted, but like I said, I'd done t this kind of thing a few times with other friends so it wasn't exactly new. It was just that I'd never done it with Ricky before, because up until that day I never thought Ricky liked that stuff. And boy was I ever wrong.

I managed to stutter out an answer but I told him he had to go first and he had no problem with that. In fact I think he liked that, he seemed proud of his dick and he had good reason to be. I mean I had seen a few boy dicks but never one as lovely as his. Yeah, I said lovely. It was perfect in every way. It was cut (unlike mine) and perfect. It was probably 3, maybe 3.5 inches long and about as fat as an Oscar Meyer wiener, lol, and his balls were big for a kid his age. Mine were little marbles in a draw string but his looked liked acorns and were drawn up tight against his hairless body. He gave his dick a little squeeze and a shake then told me it was my turn.

I blushed red again, but fair is fair, and I promised I would so before I could loose my nerve I dropped my FOL's to the floor and kicked them off and for the first time in my life I stood completely bare-assed naked in front of someone besides my parents.

Ricky smiled and looked me over then real excited like he said, "You got skin. Oh that is so cool. My friend Jani had skin on his and it was so cool."

Jani? Who was Jani? Was that some kid he knew in Japan?

He says that in his country no one gets their skin cut off. Awww, I wish I had some skin on mine." He whined.

"I like how yours looks," I said then blushed. Had I just admitted that I liked a boy's dick. Yeah, I had and know what....I meant it.

"Thanks, you can feel it....if you want, I mean."

"O.....ka..y," I said shivering a little, "you can mine too. If you want."

"Yeah, thanks. This is so cool." He said moving closer and gently touching my dick.

I felt like I'd been shocked at first then the feeling turned to something my mind couldn't comprehend. Now, I might add that I had been masturbating since I was seven. An older boy had showed me how to rub on the ground or on a pillow, or anything for that matter, and I had taken to it like a duck to water. Of course eventually I learned to do it the right way, by pulling the skin back and over the head over and over but occasionally I sill humped my pillow. His touching my dick felt way better than when I masturbated.

"Wow, the skin is so cool. Yours goes all the way back too. Jani's was so tight it wouldn't do that. I ask him if it hurt but he said it didn't and sometimes he could pull it all the way back. Does yours always go all the way back?

He was just full of questions, but I was glad for the attention. For once I felt like I had something special that he didn't.

"Sure, ever since I was like 8. I think cause I been pulling it back since I was little." I said then blushed.

"Robert," he giggled, "you mean you been playing with it since you was little. Wish I'd known, cause we could've done it together."

I didn't have time to blush or feel ashamed because he had just said he did it too and that was so cool.

"I learned when I was seven," I admitted, then blushed, "At first I just rubbed on my pillow and stuff."

"Me too!" He said sounding excited, "then I learned how to do it right."

"Me too. Uh, who showed you how?" I asked then blushed again.

"Promise you won't tell.">

"I promise. I swear on my life," I said seriously. I was no snitch. Besides I wanted all this to be our little secret.

"My cousin....David, you know him...right?"

David, of course I knew him. He was cute too but always seemed a little stuck up or something to me. Sometimes when they visited he stayed at David's house. But David was younger and that sounded weird.

"David, but I thought he was like younger than us."

"He is, one year, but he knows all about that sex stuff and....." he looked around as if to make sure no one was in ear shot. Then he added in a whisper, "he even does stuff with his sister Susan."

I blushed beet red. With his sister? How did that work, I wondered. I really was green then. But I did know that girls had different equipment, a hole, I'd heard and a boy's dick fit in there. Oh my God, did David stick his dick in his sister's hole?

" mean he...uhhhhh, you know, put his thing in her?"

"Nah, not that. She's still a virgin, " he said and I nodded even though I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, "they just showed each other and touched, that's all...sort of like what we're doing."

I let it go because for one thing I wasn't too interested in girls but I would look at David a whole lot differently in the future. We stood there just feeling each other for what seemed like forever, our hard ons throbbing in each other's hands but we really weren't getting serious about it even though I have to admit it felt good.

"Wanna do some other stuff?" Ricky asked at last.

What more stuff could there be, I wondered? Did he want to wrestle in our underwear after all? Anyway, whatever he wanted to do was fine by me.

"Yeah, okay. What?"

He made a little face and I remember thinking how cute he was. Boy I felt lucky to have a friend like Ricky and now we were doing sex stuff too, life just couldn't get better. He let go of my dick and so I let his go too even though I wanted to keep holding it forever and he pulled away a little.

I nodded, ready to follow him anywhere and do anything he asked. We climbed up on that big old soft bed and almost sank into it. Ricky pulled the covers up over us till we were completely covered up head to toe but he held the covers up and so did I so it was like a tent. Our boners were poking straight up from our bodies and Ricky giggled causing me to giggle too.

"Let's turn out the light," he said reaching over to turn off the lamp by the bed. For a minute it was dark then our eyes adjusted and there was plenty of moonlight coming in form the window.

He rolled the covers back a little so we could breathe and then he looked over at me and for the first time he looked unsure of himself. He seemed to be thinking about what to do next then his face brightened and he moved a little closer and whispered, "Want me to kiss your dick?"

My mouth must've dropped open and I wasn't sure I'd heard him right. I stuttered and stammered but finally said yes and he smiled and looked relieved. I was shaking as he scooted down on the bed under the covers and suddenly he was there at my crotch and I could feel his hot breath on my exposed privates. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind, was I clean down there? When was the last time I peed? And then I felt his warm wet lips on the tip of my penis and I didn't care about anything else.

I expected him to just give it a quick peck and then come back up, but he actually took his time and kissed it all over the head pulling my foreskin back so he could get his lips on all of it. I squirmed at his touch and truthfully it was almost too intense for my ten year mind and body to process. But it felt so good that no way as I going to stop him.

When he finally came up for air I was breathing heavy and felt a little faint. He smiled at me and told me now it was my turn.

Only then did I realize that I had to do to him what he had done to me and I wasn't at all sure I could. I mean dicks were dirty, weren't they? Pee came out of em, but I knew Ricky had taken a bath earlier because I had waited for him in the living room talking to his grandma while I waited.

I was shaking a little as I scooted under the covers but I soon forgot my fears. Even in the dim light under the covers I could see how pretty his dick was and suddenly I wanted to kiss it more than anything in the world. All I wanted was to make him feel good but there was more to it than that; I wanted to do it for me too.

I don't know what I expected him to smell like down there but  when I finally got close he had a sweet smell, soap and clean skin and an aroma I'd come to recognize eventually as preadolescent boy. Up close his dick looked bigger than before and it seemed to sort of throb as I watched. It seemed like forever but actually I didn't wait very long before I gave his dick head a shy little kiss. I heard him gasp and that made me want to go further so I gave it a really good smack the next time.

There was really no taste at first, sort of like sucking on your finger, just that taste of clean skin, and then I noticed a salty sweet taste as I kissed it again. I had expected to maybe taste some pee but I guess he hadn't peed since his bath or maybe he got it all out cause the only taste was that salty sweet skin taste and that was enough to make me want more.

I didn't want to seem weird but I wanted to stay down there kissing his dick for as long as he'd let me and from the sounds he was making he was in no hurry for me stop either. His dick jumped a little as I moved my lips from one spot to another and he sort of squirmed like I had been doing and moaned.

It was kind of awkward just hanging there so I put my hand on his leg to sort of brace me and he surprised me by grabbing it and pushing it down to his nuts. Now if kissing his dick was weird then touching his nuts was even weirder. I had hardly ever touched my own, let alone another boys and I didn't want to hurt him cause of course all us boys know how sensitive nuts are. But I was lost at that moment and I was ready to try anything so I gave them a little squeeze and he moaned. At first I thought I hurt him but it was cause he liked what I was doing.

I began to gently rub his nuts as I kissed his dick and he was moaning softly and steadily now. His nut sack was soft as silk and I could feel his acorn sized nuts rolling around in them and they felt springy. I wished my nuts were that big and that I had a dick as pretty as Ricky's but then I remembered how much he liked my uncut penis and I was kind of proud of what I had. Ricky was that kind of kid, he could always make me feel good when I felt bad, and that was one thing I really, really liked about him.

I must have been down there about fifteen minutes, kissing all up and down his dick and rubbing his balls before he finally said, "Let's switch again."

That was certainly alright with me and I came up fast and laid back down and watched as he crawled down pushing the covers back so that I was fully exposed now, but I didn't care. He stretched out so that part of his body was off the bed and his face was even with my crotch then he began to kiss my dick head again. I was really enjoying it this time and he was rubbing my nuts all over making me feel really good. Then he did the craziest thing, instead of just kissing my dick, suddenly he put his mouth over it and took all of the head into his warm wet mouth.

I almost came up off the bed when he did that and I heard and felt him giggle around my dick but he didn't stop until he had all of my dick in his mouth. Was this what sucking a dick was? I had heard my older cousins and guys at school talk about blow jobs and sucking cock but like cornholing I had no practical knowledge of it. That was until that day.

It wasn't enough for him to just take all of my penis in his mouth, after awhile he began to move up and down on it and use his tongue to rub all around it. Well, if you've ever had a BJ then you know what I'm talking about, and think of the first and best one you ever had and then multiply it by 100 and that's how good it felt that night. I was afraid I would pass out from feeling so good but it just kept on getting better and better and I knew where it was headed. You see along with masturbation I learned about orgasm, even though I wouldn't know that word till years later, I knew that that really good feeling always came at the end.

"Ricky," I said in panic, "you better stop....."

He did stop long enough to look up at me then he said, "It's okay, trust me, you'll like what happens next."

Only I already knew what was going to happen next and it didn't take long before I began to feel that aching, itchy need and no way would I have let him stop then. I bucked up and started rubbing my dick all around his mouth and the good feeling just kept coming and coming until I was done and then I pushed him away.

He climbed up beside me and laid down and there was a smile on his face.

"Good one Robert," he said softly, "Felt good, didn't it?"

I was not only spent but also feeling a little ashamed like I alway do after masturbating. I just nodded and tried to smile back but he could see that something was bothering me.

"Ah, don't worry Robert, you don't have to do that to me, I just wanted to do it for you, okay?"

I nodded but I knew I'd wind up doing it to him anyway for two reasons. One, it was only fair, and two I really wanted to. I rested a few minutes while he sort of just laid there unsure what to do I guess and then I rose up on my arms and shrugged.

"My turn," I said and he smiled really big and that smile made me glad I was going to do this for him, cause at that moment I loved him. Truth is I get that kind of feeling about my sex partners even to this day and him being my first it was especially strong.

I scooted down like he had and that brought me right there at his pretty little boner. I could smell that aroma I mentioned earlier only now it seemed stronger. I guess maybe his body was releasing those pheromones or whatever they talk about but all I knew was I wanted to suck his dick more than anything in the world.

That aroma and my sudden undying love for him drove me into a frenzy and I wasted no time taking his dick into my mouth. Again it had hardly any taste but as I continued to suck on it and run my tongue around it it began to take on a different taste. I can't really explain it but it was a good taste and it made me want to keep on sucking his dick forever. Apparently I was doing a good job because Ricky was squirming and clawing at the covers and panting really loud and suddenly he reached down and put his hand on the top of my head and sort of guided me as I bobbed up and down on his beautiful dick.

I knew he was getting close and I knew how good he was going to feel and that drove me on any further. I was really going after it now and suddenly Ricky bucked up off the bed and rammed his dick into my mouth and then he stiffened up and I knew he was feeling that good feeling. He thrust up a couple of more times then he fell back on the bed and I quit cause I knew it got sensitive after that feeling.

"That was really, really good," he muttered as I moved up beside him.

I smiled at him and he smiled back and then he closed his eyes and for a minute I thought he was asleep.

"You better get dressed and go home," he said suddenly and I guess I sort of looked hurt cause he added," Don't want you to get into trouble. " Then he sat up and found his underwear and put them on and I did the same. "Can you come back tomorrow? My folks are going to aunt Trudey's and they'll be gone all day. I even get to spend the night at granny's again."

I was smiling then as I got dressed and I nodded. I knew just how he felt after the good feeling, just like I did, and it was okay if I had to go now, but somehow I knew we'd be doing this again and that sounded great to me.

So I went home and after everyone had gone to bed I snuck into the bathroom and rubbed my penis while thinking of Ricky and what we'd done until I had that good feeling again and then I went to bed and slept like a baby.

My First Time (With a Girl)

Fast forward to one year after Ricky and I discovered the joy of blowjobs (and more eventually). I was eleven that summer and going through that awkward stage just before puberty sets in (I as an early bloomer and got my hair and sperm by age 12) and Ricky was living in Texas and I hadn't seen him in a while. I had other friends I messed with but none as good as Ricky.

About this time a new family moved into our neighborhood and they had two boys and two girls. The boys were 8 and 14 and the girls 16 and 12. Amanda was twelve and as pretty a girl as you'd ever meet and even though I didn't like girls all that much, there was something special about her. For one thing, she was nice to me. I mean like she always said hi to me and listened to what I had to say and she never ever made me feel bad or awkward which is more than I could say for her brothers.

Danny the oldest was an ass and thought he was God's gift and Alec, the youngest one was a little pest who always got his way cause he ratted out his siblings. Danny had a girlfriend name Avon (Avon calling, lol) and thought he was hot shit but he was really insecure deep inside, or at leat that's how I read it these days.

He always found ways to rag on me and put me down, but I kept going over to his house just to see Amanda. Her older sister Angie was pretty nice too but she was way too old for me and anyway she had a boyfriend who was a biker or something and I was sort of afraid to even talk to her.

Anyway eventually Amanda and I became girlfriend and boyfriend. I even gave her a ring I bought at the Dime Store and she acted like it was real diamond or something. That was another thing I liked about her, she was grateful for whatever she had. We did all the usual bf/gf things like holding hands and hugging and once or twice we even kissed but not nasty kissing, no tongue, just our lips, but that was pretty nice too. She had soft lips and she always smelled so nice.

One day, I don't exactly remember why, but we wound up at her house alone. Her folks worked and the others were gone somewhere and it was just us two and no one else that day. She fixed us some iced tea and we sat on the couch and held hands and occasionally kissed or hugged but when it came to girls I just figured they weren't interested in sex. Boy was I wrong.

Eventually we got to talking about Angie and her bf and then Amanda said, "Her and Lonnie do it all the time. One time I caught em in the bedroom and he was screwing her. I saw his ass and his big thing. It was huge. I don't know how she could get that thing in there."

I was blushing bright red and didn't know what to say so I kept quiet and she kept on talking. "I cant wait till I loose my cherry. I don't want to go through junior high school as a virgin."

Still speechless I just nodded.

"So, what do you think. Wanna help me solve my problem?"

"Problem?" I stuttered, not sure what she meant despite all the talk.

"You know, help me loose my virginity." she said rubbing my leg.

I couldn't help it, my boner popped up and before I knew what was happening we were in her bedroom, the one she shared with her older sister, and we were naked  on her bed.

Now I knew quite a bit about sex, but up until then day it had all been with a boy and nothing prepared me for the confusing female body. Of course at 12 Amanda wasn't much ahead of me in puberty, but she did have some tiny little breasts that were sort of cute and between her legs she looked like a boy with his things tucked back between his legs.

She didn't have any hair down there and her pussy was pink and the lips looked sort of puffy like the kind on a face. I was shaking and didn't know what to do but I guess Amanda had thought about this a lot and she knew exactly how she wanted it to happen.

It started with us kissing only this time she used her tongue so I did too and that was pretty hot. My boner throbbed and she held it and sort of complimented it like Ricky had that first time. She said she liked the skin, that it was just like here brothers' and I wondered how many times she'd seen them naked. Then she surprised me totally by scooting down and doing what Ricky had that first time we had sex. She began sucking on my dick and I could tell it wasn't her first time. I wondered if she sucked her brothers but I didn't care at that moment as the feeling built.

Apparently she knew a lot about boys because she knew that if I came (we called it that now) I wouldn't want to do the other thing so she just got me really excited then she crawled up on the bed and told me to climb on top of her.

Well, I did and I pretty much knew what to do, but if she hadn't helped I'd of never got my dick in that tight little hole of hers. I didn't know what to expect, but it felt pretty good (almost as good as cornholing) and just as I had when I'd had sex with Ricky that first time I sort of loved her then. She told me how to do it and kept moving around under me and eventually I came.

As always I felt guilty and when I rolled off I closed my eyes and just laid there for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes she was rubbing her pussy with her finger. Of course I didn't know that girls could come too but I soon figured it out as I watched her finger herself until she rose up off the bed grunting and moaning and then it was over.

We got dressed and I went home and we never talked about that day again. Eventually she got a new boyfriend at school, but I didn't mind. By then I was busy messing with her brother Danny who turned out to be not so bad once he found out how much fun boy sex was. Eventually I even got to his little brother Alec and he was a different kid after that too. It's amazing what sex can do for a

Well, that's my first with a boy and with a girl but not my last. If you want to hear more about my sex with boys and girls, just let me know. There is lots more to tell.


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