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Timeline – Thursday afternoon…

"It sucks, Jace," Andy complained and angrily kicked a rock as they walked down the alley toward his house. "It's bad enough that I have to stay home all summer to baby-sit, but to find out just three days before scout camp... that's fucked up!"

"No shit!" Jason replied, kicking a soda can that lay on the ground. He was just as angry as Andy. They'd had plans.

Jason still remembered the day that Andy showed up in his second grade class. It was the first time he remembered being impressed with how another guy looked. He liked Andy instantly… Andy with his jet-black hair and pale blue eyes... and his lips... full lips even then. The two boys were the same height, and had the same slender builds, but Andy was quiet, intelligent... and alone. Jason was anything but quiet, and he introduced himself right off.

They were friends from that first day. They did Phoenix Little League together. They did cub scouts. They did soccer. Living only three blocks apart, they were together from morning to night, and often overnight, sleeping over at each other’s houses.

There were differences between them – differences besides Jason's outgoingness and Andy's quiet nature; besides Jason’s blond hair and Andy's black. Andy noticed early on that Jason looked at boys. When they scanned magazines, like at Barnes and Noble, Jason looked at the men’s' fitness and running magazines. He looked at the guys, not the articles. And when he looked at swimming magazines, he looked at parts of guys. Andy figured that Jace just admired well-built guys like a lot of young kids do who want to grow up to have a great body.

Then in the fifth grade, on a sleep-over when they were on their backs, laying side-by-side in Andy's double bed just after turning out the light, Jason flipped his arm over to rap Andy's belly with his knuckles. "Charlie says we can make our cocks grow longer if we find somebody to suck 'em regularly."

Andy glanced over at his blond friend, trying to gauge how serious Jason looked to be in the faint light. Charlie was Jason's older brother by three years, and was probably kidding Jason if he really said that. But then, Charlie unquestionably had a big cock; at least to a ten-year-old. "What girl did you have in mind?" Andy asked wtih a grin. "Letty? She'd do it," he said, referring to a chubby girl who had a crush on Jason that year.

Jason's hand dropped to his crotch under the bed covers. "Shit no!"

"Mandy?" Andy suggested, his own hand dropping to crotch level.

"She might do you," Jason countered, "but not both of us."

"Yeah, right," Andy said. "Like she'd even do me."

Jason rubbed himself and considered his next step. He figured that Charlie was shittin’ him when he told him that sucking cocks makes them grow longer, but Jason thought he could use it to create an opportunity. He knew who he wanted to do the sucking… and who he wanted to suck. "It worked for Charlie," Jason suggested. "I want a big cock like his. Don't you?"

Andy nodded. At ten years-old, they still had pencil cocks. "Well yeah," Andy said. “How big is yours?”

Jason shrugged. “How big is yours?”

“Is yours hard?” Andy asked in a whisper.

“Oh, yeah,” Jason murmured. “Wanna compare?”

“Yeah,” Andy said, rolling up onto his side toward Jason. He pushed his pants down, and Jason did the same. Andy threw the covers off as Jason turned on the light.

Each of their cocks pointed up their bellies. Though thin, they already stretched up toward their navels. Jason pointed his down toward Andy. Andy did the same and they pointed them into each other’s groin, side-by-side in opposite directions. “Shit, yours is long,” Jason announced.

“Not much!” Andy countered.

But Jason thought Andy's dick did look much longer, and it excited him, even while he was envious.

Jason wrapped his hands around both shafts to line them up. When he did, Andy caught his breath. Jason held them tightly a moment. “I’ll suck yours if you suck mine,” Jason offered in a whisper. And that had been his goal from the beginning.

Andy wasn’t thinking clearly – Jason’s hand on his cock felt so good. And though Jason’s dick wasn't as long as his, it looked thicker, and it still looked long and hard, and it was Jason's dick; that excited Andy. He wasn’t stupid, though. Andy knew his best friend well enough to suspect that Jason wanted to do this all along, but hell… Andy nodded. “K.”

“Sixty-nine,” Jason offered breathlessly. Even at ten, they both knew about sixty-nines.

They quickly manuvuered into position on their sides. Jason pulled Andy’s hard, slender cock to his mouth and tentatively closed his lips over it. Andy did the same to him, and after the first rush of feeling, he had a thought identical to Jason's – not much taste.

They began to suck

The third sleepover with sucking, Andy had his first, dry orgasm. The fourth time, Jason did.

It was sometime after their sixth sucking sleepover that they spied on Jimmy Coulter, a wealthy guy in his twenties who rented a house with a pool, just one block past Jason’s house. They spied through the fence one Saturday afternoon when Jimmy and his girl friend skinny-dipped and then fucked on a fish-shaped lounge chair.

That night, after dark, when Jimmy wasn’t home, Jason and Andy climbed the fence to skinny-dip themselves. Their cocks sprang up hard when they pulled off their pants. Andy looked longingly at the lounge chair. “Fuckin’ wish we had a girl.”

Jason’s eyes were on Andy’s ten year old body and his rigid cock. “Why don’t we try dry humping,” he suggested.

Andy glanced at him quizzically.

“You know… rub cocks together, like we’re dry humping a girl.”

Andy looked doubtful, but Jason quickly laid back on the lounge chair, his pale blond hair even paler in the moonlight, and he held open his arms and legs to Andy. “C’mon,” he encouraged in a strangely thick voice. “Let’s see what it’s like.”

Jason’s hairless body gleamed softly in the moonlight. His cock, looking darker against his pale skin, pointed straight up his belly. Andy's eyes locked onto it and he undeniably had the urge to press the underside of his to the underside of Jason's. Swallowing hard, Andy stepped forward, knelt on the end of the lounge chair between Jason’s outstretched legs. His eyes were fixed on Jason's cock and flat belly, just as Jason's were fixed on his. Andy lowered himself down.

“Whoa,” Jason murmured as the other boy’s weight settled onto him. He wrapped his arms over Andy, laying the flats of his hands on Andy’s firm back, while Andy tentatively wrapped his arms under Jason’s shoulders. They pressed the sides of their faces against each other. Then first Andy, and then Jason began to move their hips.

They pumped together. And Andy liked it. Even while he worried because it was so patently gay, he liked the feel of Jason’s naked body under his.

They moved against each other awkwardly at first, but then found a rhythm. Jason’s hands explored Andy’s back, and he delighted in his first, free exploration of another boy's body. He slid his hands down to Andy’s butt, Andy tensed it for Jason. They hit a counter rhythm, Jason pulling back as Andy thrust forward. Then they tried thrusting together again. They circled hips together and ground on each other.

They carefully rolled on the lounge chair so that Jason was on top, and Andy felt the weight of Jason’s body settle between his legs. Their bare bellies and chests pressed together. Andy grabbed Jason’s flexing butt, and they thrust mindlessly, reflexively, feeling; just feeling. And then Jason pumped rapidly, whimpering. That felt incredible between Andy’s legs and the two boys came together; dry, long-lasting orgasms. And they pumped to a long, slow conclusion. And then stopped.

Jason got up quietly. It was something he’d wanted to do forever. And yet now… the bottom was out of his stomach.

Andy got up and slowly pulled on his pants. “Dude,” he whispered. “I don’t think we should do that again.”

Jason nodded. At that particular moment, he agreed. They had had sex together. There was no mistaking that. And it was a bit overwhelming.

The next few days were strained, but they had been best friends for four years and eventually, they settled back into that friendship. There was no more sucking, no more rubbing. But in the sixth grade, when Andy made his first experiments at jacking off, he told Jason and they compared notes. They watched for their first pubes and when Jason thought he'd found one, he showed Andy and they check Andy out as well, but only briefly before they could get hard. And then that spring in sixth grade, just after they each turned twelve, Andy kissed Alexis Thatcher at a party, and told Jason about it when he slept over that night.

Jason may have agreed to no more sexing the night they rubbed together at Jimmy Coulter’s, but he had regretted it the next day. And in the year since, the first hormones of his puberty had begun their work, and the warm fire they started in his belly was building a desire for Andy.

That night, as Andy lay on his back beside Jason and related the kiss with Alexis, Jason could only stare at Andy’s full lips and wish he had been Alexis… just wish. He watched Andy’s lips move, speaking softly of the kiss, describing Alexis’ lips. Jason licked his own lips. Was Andy trying to lead him on? Had Jason only imagined a return desire in Andy’s eyes when they dressed or undressed together; when they wrestled or played, when they sat in the same room watching TV.

Jason gazed on Andy’s full lips. How would they feel to his lips? Without pausing to think it through, he bent and touched his lips to Andy’s.

For a brief second, Andy responded, but then he pulled away, backing to the edge of the bed. Jason saw the surprise, the recoil in Andy’s eyes and didn’t realize that Andy was reacting to his own feelings. For that brief second, Andy had liked the kiss.

“I’m sorry,” Jason quickly said. He tried to smile. “I was just joking… you know?”

Andy climbed from the bed and went to sleep on the living room couch. But then he laid there, his gut churning. And it didn’t seem right to him to leave Jason back in his room. That was making more of the kiss than he wanted. And hell, it wasn’t that big a thing – he didn’t allow himself to think about having enjoyed it. Andy rose from the couch. Their friendship had already had enough bumps.

“No more kissing,” Andy warned sternly as he climbed back into bed.

“I was just dicking around,” Jason said roughly, turning his back to Andy.

Andy turned his back to Jason, and when they pulled the covers up tightly over their shoulders, their bare backs pressed back against each other. Neither pulled away.

“No more dickin’, then,” Andy said, settling his back against Jason’s.

Jason closed his eyes, relieved. And because they were still cool, he allowed himself to think back on the kiss.


In late April, Andy had his first wet dream. The next day, he jacked off twice to the incredible feel of cum shooting up his shaft. He called Jason that night.

“Me too,” Jason offered. “I started coming three weeks ago.”

Andy’s twelve-year-old cock now filled his hand. He loved the heft of it. He loved its thickness and length. He loved stroking it for a long time before coming; and he loved coming. His hormones, like Jason’s, had begun their pubescent surge, and he found himself thinking of the things that Jace and he had done. He wondered what it would be like to do those things now, with bigger cocks and balls that actually hung down loose and swaying.

“I wanna try stuff again,” he told Jason at the end of May. “We’re going to be sharing a tent at scout camp,” he said. “I want to try stuff if you do.”

Jason had nodded at the time; at a loss for words. But he whooped on the way home, and began making plans in his mind for Scout Camp.

But now that was all screwed up.

“Tell me again why you’ve got to do this,” Jason said, as they approached the back of Andy’s house.

Andy halted and leaned closer so as not to be heard from the house. “They’re my cousins,” Andy repeated. “My aunt’s boyfriend was beating them up or something. Anyway, child welfare picked them up day before yesterday and they’re flying them down from Wisconsin to be with us. Mom took off from work to pick them up at the airport this afternoon.”

“There are two of them?” Jason asked.

“Yep. Angela, who’s like a year younger than us… eleven, I think.” Andy smiled. “She’s the only girl I’ve ever seen naked because they used to bathe us together when we were little.” He shrugged. “And then there’s Tommy. He’s like nine. But shit, I haven’t seen either of them since like third grade.”

Jason put his arm over Andy's shoulders in a friendly manner. “It sucks. But we can still get together when I’m back from scout camp. We can still try stuff.”

Andy glanced at the house, his jaw clenching.

“So where are you putting them?” Jason asked.

Andy frowned. “That’s like the worst part of it,” he said. “Mom wants to put Tommy with me and give Angela her own room. She said that I could have the spare room so that Tommy and I could each have a bed, but I’m not leaving my room. Tommy will just have to sleep in Angela’s room when you sleep over.” What he didn’t say, but thought, was that he wasn’t about to give up his double bed. One way or another, he planned to need a double bed someday.

Jason glanced toward the house and shook his head. “Sorry, dude.” Then he looked at his watch. “I’ll call you tomorrow.” They slapped hands and he left, and Andy turned toward the house.


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