“Why can’t we just ask them to let us join them?” Jon asked.

Ryan frowned uncomfortably as they walked the darkening trail toward the fire ring. “Because,” Ryan said. He still felt like Kyle and Jason had teased him two days ago. That and… there was one other thing. The only other erection he’d seen besides his own was Jon’s much larger one. Ryan was sure all the other boys would also have longer cocks than his. He was afraid no one would want to sex with him. But as long as Jon had no one else to mess with, Ryan had a sex buddy.

“Because why?” Jon asked, waiting for Ryan to finish his sentence.

“Because they’re pricks,” Ryan replied angrily.

Jon shrugged. It wasn’t as if he wasn’t having fun sexing with Ryan. He just wanted in on what the other guys were doing. Maybe he’d give Ryan another night. He put his arm over Ryan’s shoulder, looked up at the pines in the dark, and took a deep breath. The smell of the bonfire was in the air, mixed with the scent of the pines.

The six of them had been hanging together off and on since skinny dipping the previous evening and now they filed into the amphitheater type seats of the fire ring together. Denver sat down, expecting Newt to take a seat beside him, but Davey quickly did that. Jason took a seat on the next row up behind Denver, thinking he might have fun toe-poking Denver’s butt. Newt sat beside Jason, bumping shoulders happily with him.

Kyle, filing in behind Newt, frowned. Newt was supposed to be with Denver. Kyle felt like Jason sorta belonged to him. Richard goosed Kyle from behind, and the smaller boy jumped. When he turned, Richard grinned and wriggled his eyes. Kyle gave him a playful gut punch and Richard tried to get him into a headlock.

“Settle down!” Harold said, walking down the row of boys. His scouts took a little more watching than the other troops because his were so young, but they were fun little guys. Even his one, fourteen-year-old, Denver, wasn’t any bigger than the twelve-year-olds, and none of them stood taller than his chest. A good wind would blow them all away. He enjoyed them, though -- and not that he’d ever tell them, but he enjoyed them particularly when they were being smart asses.

He gave Richard a mock frown.

Richard let Kyle go. “I’ll getcha later,” he warned the smaller boy.

“I’m so scared,” Kyle said with a pretended shiver as they sat down together.

Richard looped an arm around Kyle’s neck, but then Harold frown again. “Just being buddies,” Richard said with a grin.

Harold turned away, his attention drawn to the front, and Richard immediately pulled Kyle into the crook of his arm and gave him a noogie.

“Shit!” Kyle complained and dropped a hand to grab Richard’s crotch.

“Ayee!” Richard hissed, letting Kyle go.

Kyle grinned defiantly at him.

The kid was so cute, Richard had to fight a sudden urge to kiss him.

A boy sat down on Richard’s other side just then, and he turned to see who it was. Jon smiled at him. Ryan was on Jon’s other side. Richard gave them a friendly smile. It seemed to him that Jon had been hanging around lately.

Jon smiled back. The last couple of days, when he thought about what the other boys were doing together, it was Richard, the redhead with such white skin, that he imagined most.

Harold turned back around to face them. “Geez, I’m gonna start calling you boys the cocoanut butter gang. You reek of it.”

Richard and Jon both blushed, but it only showed on Richard, and barely at that in the firelight.

“What are you using that stuff for?” Harold asked Jon, glancing down at the dark skin of John’s arms and face. “You aren’t afraid of sun burning are you?”

Jon shifted uncomfortably. “It’s good for my skin,” he said, embarrassed.

Harold turned away with a bemused chuckle and headed on down the line of boys. Richard gave Jon a funny, sideways glance and sniffed, trying to see if he could smell cocoa butter coming from Jon. He turned back to Kyle, but Kyle’s attention had returned to Newt and Jason who had their heads together, talking. Jason laughed at something and Kyle frowned.

Richard elbowed Kyle, and the smaller boy turned back to him. “I’m here too, dude,” Richard said quietly.

Kyle smiled, and then nodded. He liked Richard, too.


Andy stood up from where he, Angela, and Krystan had been laying under a blanket on the living room floor. He pulled up his sleeping shorts, and his cock tented them out front. The girls exchanged grins as they also stood.

Standing close, Angela closed her hand over Andy’s shaft through his shorts.

“I thought we were going to your room,” he whispered, reaching in return under the front of her sleeping shirt with his right hand, finding her naked slit underneath.

Krystan stepped up on his left side, and he reached under her shirt as well so that he had a hand between each girl’s legs. At the same time, Krystan reached into the front of his shorts.

He probed their crevices and when his fingers invaded their openings, each girl spread her legs and went up onto her toes, clinging to one of his bare shoulders.

“We were doing this under the blanket,” he whispered. “We haven’t made much progress.”

“But it’s still nice,” Angela said, kissing his neck and moving her pelvis against his invading finger.

“Yeah, but Mom won’t walk in on us in your room,” he said.

“OK,” Angela said with a playful pout. She stepped away from his and turned off the TV.

They paused to listen, Andy’s finger still up Krytan’s small vagina and her hand closed around his slender shaft.. They could hear the movie still playing in Cheryl’s room. So Andy gave the girls an ‘all clear’ nod and smile. He pulled his finger from inside Krystan and gave her butt a pat, letting the girls lead the way back to Angela’s room.

Even though Krystan was not yet eleven, she walked like a young teen girl might, who had no panties on and whose vagina had just been probed; with her legs slightly apart, her hips loose, and her butt slightly back. Angela, who was eleven, walked much the same way.

Andy following them, his cock jutting out in his shorts, felt male… like a buck he saw in a nature special once, herding his does.

Once in the room, Andy closed the door, and pulled off his shorts; his long-for-a-twelve-year-old erection springing up from between his skinny legs. He crawled up onto the middle of the bed, his cock wagging up his belly, and then rolled onto his back, his hands behind his head. “Dance for me,” he told the girls.


Cheryl thought she heard the kids turn off the TV in the living room. She glanced at her bedside clock. It was early for the kids to go to bed. She paused the movie and pulled on her robe. Since her bedroom was a closed in garage, the door to it was off the kitchen. Quietly, she peeked out of the kitchen door into the living room, but it was empty. The kids had gone.

She wondered about going to check on them, but she wasn’t done with her movie. Her eye caught a picture of Andy on the living room wall, and she smiled. He was still a kid, no taller than her shoulder and skinny as a rail. And thin little Angela was even smaller. Cheryl decided she needed to put pictures of Angela and Tommy up on the wall as well. She turned back to her bedroom.


Giggling, Angela and Krystan swiveled their hips as they pulled off their shirts, and they kept dancing, naked at the foot of the bed.

“Who do you want first?” Angela asked with what passed for a seductive smile from an eleven-year-old.

Andy grinned and made a show of looking from one to the other.

Angela was long-legged, slender, and flat-chested; almost boyish except for her feminine facial features and her small, hairless slit. Her long, black hair swayed gently back and forth between her shoulder blades. Her belly was flat, and she had little body fat for a girl. It was a family trait. Some of her flat belly muscles even showed a little when she breathed or moved.

Though she was a few months younger than Angela, and shorter and more petite, Krystan had already begun developing. She was just as hairless as Angela and Andy, but there were twin, mounds on her chest; the budding of her breasts. Her slender hips had a feminine curve, and the lips of her labia were puffier, pinker. Her pale blond hair bounced in a pony tail.

The girls’ eyes roamed his body; all boy, wide little shoulders tapering to very narrow waist and hips. His skin was so creamy-white it almost appeared to glow. The seams of the muscles in his belly and chest showed as he breathed even when he was lying down; not because he was muscular, but because Andy had no body fat. It was, after all, a family trait.

His egg shaped balls rested between the tops of his thighs like eggs in a nest, and his slender cock lay up his belly almost to his navel. As she gazed at its length, Angela felt a hollowness, a hunger, up between her legs.

Andy extended both arms, and they came to him, Angela on the right and Krystan on the left. They draped themselves on his sides, their crotches pressed to his hipbones, moving against him as their hands felt over his smooth chest and belly, and they took turns kissing him.

Andy slid his palms down over their backs, down over their butt cracks, down between the backs oftheir legs. He probed for their crevices with his fingers, and the girls scooted up on his sides to let him, so that their labia rubbed at the sides of his waist and the insides of their thighs pressed down over his upturned cock.

He found their each of their vaginas with a middle finger, pressing in most of the length of each finger so that, as they rubbed their labia against him, they moved up and back on his inserted fingers. Their nipples were now close to his mouth. He sucked Kyrstan’s first, pressing his face against her small firm mounds.

The girls’ arms crossed over his head and around each other. Their faces were close to each other and when Angela had an arm up because Andy was sucking her nipple, it seemed natural to put that arm behind Krystan’s neck and pull her mouth to Angela’s. The girls opened their mouths to each other and probed deeply with their tongues while they rubbed their labia against Andy’s hipbones and he continued to work on their bottoms and chests.

He sucked on their nipples and moved his fingers inside their vaginas. It excited him to excite them, and after warming up for close to an hour on the living room floor, they were very excited.

And yet, after being continuously hard for so long, it was like Andy had gotten his second wind. Hard, excited, but not close to coming.

The girls’ bodies moved on him, rubbing their sex at the sides of his waist. Their skin grew hot. Their legs rubbed his cock. They grew moist and warm around his fingers. They moaned as they kissed, and he sucked and tongued nipples.

It wasn’t that they were skilled lovers, but rather that they were finding what felt good and responding to it naturally, the way kids do so well. They were finding what felt good and they were enjoying it without reservation.

Andy finished on one of Krystan’s nipples and gave Angela’s another turn. He latched on tight with his mouth this time, sucking, moving his finger rapidly inside her; moving his finger as fast as guys sometimes jack. She moaned, kissing Krystan harder and rubbing her crotch against Andy more and more forcerfully. And then she broke the kiss, pressing her nipple to Andy’s mouth while grabbing a handful of the hair at the top of his head with one hand and grabbing Krystan’s shoulder desperately with the other.

She gasped and whimpered and rubbed her crotch on Andy while holding her chest as still as she could for him to suck on. Then she went all wet around his finger and rigid in her body at the same time, shuddering as he moved his finger faster.

“OK, OK,” she gasped and he slowed and pulled his finger from inside Angela. He turned his attention to Krystan who had begun moving faster herself. He switched to sucking her nipple, moving his finger insider her faster. And when Angela collapsed onto his side, Krystan’s arms were free to wrap around Andy’s head. She clung there while he sucked and she pumped her hips against him.

And then he couldn’t take it any more. Rolling toward her, rolling her onto her back, Andy sat back on his haunches between her legs, and her hips never stopped moving. He grabbed her by her round, little butt and lifted her bottom into his lap. The head of his cock was wet with viscous precum. He leaned forward, pushing his cockhead down; pushing it down right into Krystan’s hairless slit. He matched her movements and shoved in.

He doubled over on her, grabbing under the backs of her shoulders, and they extended their legs down the bed, hers outside his. She ran her fingers into the back of his hair, and their mouths met hungrily. He started pumping fast, quickly increasing his pace to that he had used with his finger inside her. Pelvic reflexes kicked in and Andy gave into them, his hips pistoning as fast as a jacking hand; fast fucking like a rabbit.

Krystan writhed under him, her hands pawing at his back. Small cries rose from her throat; she was already experiencing more intensity before coming, than she had at the height of her first orgasm with Andy -- and that intensity just kept climbing, driven by Andy’s frenzied pumping.

Preteens are natural athletes. And that can extend to sex. It was true of Krystan and Andy that night.

Krystan had dreamed about him the night before; and thought about him all day, especially after Angela invited her to spend the night. Her first sex with him had left her dazed and torn between guilt and longing to do it again. In the last twenty-four hours, longing had won. And now, longing became passion. She grabbed handfuls of his hair and kissed him hungrily; writing under him, barely able to breathe. There was something wild going on between her legs, and she could barely breathe.

Angela watched with something like awe. They were like young animals; raw… exciting beyond imagination. She laid her hand on Andy’s back. It was hard as a rock, and she could feel the contours of individual muscles. She slid her hand down to the small, grapefruit-size globes of his butt, and his butt slapped her palm.

Angela knelt up and reversed position so she could see down between Andy’s legs; see what it looked like down there.

Krystan’s small vagina was stretched in a perfect circle around Andy’s slender cock; so stretched that the lips of her labia were thin. She watched as Andy’s shaft appeared, disappeared, appeared, disappeared in flashes of skin. Krystan’s labia tugged out with each withdrawal and then dragged in with his shaft on its return. Andy’s balls had tightened up on either side of the root of his shaft, and Angela could see it flex at the start of each thrust.

Andy began to grunt. His throat was that of a twelve-year-old, but the sounds coming from it were of a male in rut.

Angela’s breath grew shallow as she watched and listened.

And then Krystan actually cried out; not a loud cry, but that of ten-year-old girl surprised by a racking sexual escstacy. She arched, grabbing at Andy’s hard back. He pounded harder, a guttural grunt with each thrust, and then an “aaagh!” that was a boy’s sound after all… a boy shooting what felt like and impossibly huge load.

They pumped, and pumped, and slowed, and collapsed together -- their chests still heaving.

Angela’s face was flush and her breath was ragged. Her hand traced up back Andy’s now-still back. “You have to do that, to me!” she breathed.


All but two of the boys crowded around Neal’s new Xbox in the den. Rave wasn’t there, and Larry, Rave’s new friend, had decided to go look for him. The first place he looked was in the study where Neal’s dad was watching a Sun’s game.

But Rave was across the house, behind the door of Neal’s seven-year-old sister Lindsay’s door. On her bed, his hips were thrusting frantically, his small butt pumping up and down between the seven-year-old girl’s legs. And then suddenly the Lindsay was clutching at his back and her legs thrashed. In his ear, Rave could hear her quiet, rising, “Uh, uh, uh!”

He could tell that if she wasn’t already getting ‘the feeling’, she was close to it.

His feeling was close as well.

Larry, looked everywhere for Rave until there was only one closed door he hadn’t looked behind. Quietly, in case it was a room he was supposed to stay out of, Larry opened the door and leaned his head in. It took a moment for his mind to register what he was seeing.

The room was obviously a little girl’s room with small white furniture, a vanity mirror, and pictures in padded, gingham frames on the wall. The twin bed had pillows and ruffles.

Larry had found Rave, alright, and it took the breath right out of his ten-year-old lungs. Rave was naked and lying on somebody smaller. His butt was moving up and down between small, outstretched legs and small hands were clutching his back. “Hold on,’ he heard Rave whisper, “I’m getting my feeling, too.”

And suddenly Larry realized what was happening. Rave was fucking Neal’s little sister!

Barely breathing, he stepped inside and closed the door as quietly as he could. Rave’s little butt pumped furiously, then clenched and froze. A few more seconds and Rave relaxed, and his hips ground more slowly.

Larry’s hand dropped to the front of his pajama bottoms. He squeezed his instantly hardening spike of a cock through the material and quietly, he stepped up beside the bed.

Rave’s head jerked around and his mouth dropped. His eyes rose to Larry’s whose Asian eyes were still wide. Larry glanced down Rave’s body and back to his face. “Can I do it, too?” he asked in a whisper.

Rave looked down at Lindsay. “Sure,” he said. “Lindsay will let you, won’t you Lindsay?”

She glanced at Larry, and then nodded slowly.

Rave was in no hurry to get up, though. It still felt good inside Lindsay; much snugger on his little cock than Angela. And he liked the feel of her smaller body under him. He wiggled his butt, moving in her. “Does it still feel good?” he asked in a whisper.

She nodded.

He looked up at Larry. “You can’t tell anybody about this, OK?” he said, and he glanced back at Lindsay. “You guys gotta keep this a secret. When kids sex, they don’t tell anybody, OK?”

They both nodded. Larry stood frozen with his hand clutching the front of his pajama buttoms.

“You gotta take off your clothes, dude” Rave said with a frown, still moving his cock inside Lindsay. He was still mostly hard.

Larry stirred. He pulled off his pajama shirt and bottoms. His skinny cock, shorter than Rave’s, pointed straight out in front. Rave knelt up, coming out of Lindsay. When he did, Larry’s eyes dropped to Rave’s long slender cock and then down at Lindsay’s puckered, pink labia. Then back to Rave’s cock. “Yours is long,” he whispered.

Rave nodded. “But yours is long enough.” He backed from between Lindsay’s legs and let Larry crawl up to replace him.

“It goes here,” Rave said, pointing to the bottom of Lindsay’s still-parted little slit, where the inner lips of her labia showed along with the pink opening of her vagina. With her butt still up on the pillow, it wasn’t hard for Larry to line up for his first time. With only one false start, he made it in, his flat, smooth-skinned abdomen coming forward between Lindsay’s legs until it flattened her mound.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Rave asked

Larry nodded; his eyes wide on the spot where his little cock had just disappeared inside Lindsay. Larry had a long back and a low little butt. Rave cupped Larry’s left butt cheek in his hand and gave it a squeeze. “You gotta move in and out now,” he whispered.

Larry did, tentatively.

“Lie down on her,” Rave whispered, pushing him forward. “Lie down on her and move in and out.”

Carefully, tentatively, Larry laid down flat onto Lindsay.

“Don’t squash her,” Rave instructed. “Use your elbows. Rest on your elbows.”

Larry complied.

“Now move in and out.”

Larry pressed his cheek against Lindsay’s and began doing just that.

Rave lay down beside them, running his hand over Larry’s rising and falling butt. It felt firm.

Larry glanced at him. “What happens now?”

Andy grinned. “Do that for a while and you’ll find out. It’s starting to feel good, isn’t it?”

Larry nodded.

Back in the study, the Sun’s game was into the fourth quarter and the Suns went ahead by three points. Lindsay’s dad sat forward on his chair.


“You can’t rest yet,” Angela protested. “It’s my turn now.”

Andy lay on his back, all mellow. He had pulled from Krystan and now lay beside the smaller girl, holding her hand. “Ange,” he said, and then he smiled. That’s what he would call her; Ange. It certainly fit her better than “Dark Angel.”

“Ange,” he said, looking apologetically down to his softening cock. “It needs to recover.”

“I’ll help it,” Angela replied determinedly. She had gotten hugely worked up watching them and she was ready for her turn. She closed her hand around Andy’s shaft and lifting it up, she carefully closed her mouth over it. She knew boys’ glans were sensitive after coming, so she didn’t swirl his crown with her tongue. Instead, she applied her tongue to the underside of his shaft, and she began to bob.


“It’s starting to hurt,” Lindsay said in her small voice.

“You gotta stop,” Rave told Larry.

Larry frowned. “You said I’d have an orgasm.” Larry still wasn’t sure just what an orgasm was, but from what Rave said, he was just pretty sure that he hadn’t had one yet.

“You can still have one,” Rave said. “Get off Lindsay and I’ll show you.”

Reluctantly, Larry backed off Lindsay, kneeling up between her legs, his little cock shiny-damp.

“Lay down on your side,” Rave instructed, moving out of Larry’s way, moving head down along Lindsay’s body.

Larry lay down on his side where Rave indicated and found himself face-to-face with Rave’s semi-erect cock. Rave’s head was down by his.

“I’ll show you how to do this,” Rave said. “But you have to do the same thing to me.”

“Do what? Why?” Larry asked.

“You have to do what I do,” Rave explained, “so that you won’t tell anybody about it because you will have done it, too. And because if I do you, it’s only fair that you do me.”

“What are we going to do?” Larry asked, half-guessing – he’d heard of ‘giving head’ before.

“This,” Rave said, and closed his mouth over Larry’s cock. He swirled Larry’s crown with his tongue and the other boy’s body stiffened.

“Holy shit!” Larry said with a gasp.

“OK,” Rave said, lifting his head. “You gotta do me too.”

“But your dick was inside… her,” Larry said with a glance toward Lindsay who was watching interestedly.

“So was yours,” Rave whispered back. “It doesn’t taste bad.”

Skeptically, Larry gave the tip of Rave’s cock a lick. It didn’t taste bad. It didn’t taste much of anything. He closed his mouth over it, and then tried sucking.


Angela had Andy hard now, and his hips were moving on the bed as she bobbed. Letting his cock slip from her mouth, she moved up over him, straddling his middle. Pointing his cock up, she worked it inside her, settling all the way down on it. Angela’s eyes closed in deep satisfaction, like someone who just had a terrible itch scratched. Then she began rocking her hips.

Andy bucked up with his pelvis to meet her movements, his cock fully hard and ready once more.

Krystan watched them, lightly stroking her still damp mons. Andy’s watery cum trickled from her vagina. She inserted her finger and then pulled it out, examining the liquid. She smelled it. She tasted it. She liked having Andy’s cum inside her. She rubbed her thighs together.

Andy moaned beside her. Angela was bouncing on him. Then Angela fell forward onto him, and her whole body began to undulate. Andy wrapped his arms over her moving back. He slid his hands down her rising and falling sides and onto her tensing little butt. Her lithe body writhed on him, and grabbing her butt, he began to writhe under her.

Krystan watched, her breath quickening. She pulled one of Andy’s hands from Angela’s bottom and pressed the back of it down on the bed, Andy’s palm up. Then she lay on it, her mound in his hand. Andy responded, curling a finger up into her slippery opening.

He had one hand on Angela’s butt as she undulated wildly on top of him and held his other hand open under Krystan’s rubbing labia. The smaller girl had her arms around his arm and was pumping into his hand at a quickening pace. The three of them exchanged kisses.

“Please,” Angela whispered. “Do it fast like you did with Krystan.”

Andy rolled them over, staying inside her. He rolled her to her back and began pumping between her legs. Angela responded, thrashing under him; and it stirred him. Once more, pelvic reflexes kicked in and Andy let them take over, his pounding hips becoming a blur.

Angela’s legs writhed, she clutched at his butt. He hung on to her shoulders, his breath rapid, his face flush.

Krystan slid a hand between their chests and rubbed Angela’s nipple. Her other hand she slid between her own legs.

It didn’t take long, pumping at Andy’s frenetic pace, to bring Angela to a gasping, crying orgasm as wild as Krystan’s had been. And then she grabbed Andy’s biceps, squeezing them, willing him to slow.

But Andy was well on his way to a second orgasm himself. He pulled from Angela and moved over to Krystan who rolled to her back welcomed him with open legs and arms. He entered her in one fluid motion, and continued fast pumping.


Larry went all rigid and his body shook.

“Uh-huh,” Rave said, lifting off Larry’s cock when the shaking stopped. “I told you that you’d have an orgasm.”

Larry’s head lolled on the bed. “Oh, wow.”

Lindsay yawned. The movie had finished. The boys had finished. She was tired. And then she remembered. “My daddy is going to come back to tuck me in.”

The boys scrambled off the bed and into their clothes. Rave handed Lindsay her nightshirt and panties and made sure she put them on. Then he kissed her on the lips before they left, and she smiled. “That was awesome, Lindsay,” Rave said. “But remember… don’t tell anybody.”

She nodded and watched them leave.

Rave and Larry stole from the room and found the rest of the boys in the kitchen eating leftover hotdogs and chips.

In the study, Neal’s dad roused himself. It had been a hell of a basketball game. He probably shouldn’t have watched the post game show, though. It sounded like the boys were getting into stuff in the kitchen. He had ice cream in the freezer for them, but first, he decided, he should look in on Lindsay.

He went to the front of the house. Quietly, he opened her door. Lindsay was asleep. Her bedcovers were more messed up than usual and he shook his head. She was such a little squirmer when she slept. He pulled the covers up neatly over her, tucking her in. She really was a beautiful little angel, he thought. He turned off her TV and the lights, and closed the door.


Andy lifted his head, and kissed Krystan. Their breathing was almost back to normal. He rolled off her and onto his back between Krystan and Angela. The girls rolled onto him. One on either side. He wrapped his arms up behind them and stroked their backs until the three of them dozed off.


Jon and Ryan approached the tent from behind, coming to a stop nearby under a tall fir tree. They could hear whispers from the tent, and then Kyle’s quiet, but excited voice.

“Ok, here are the rules,” Kyle explained.

The moon was still almost full, and it was high overhead. Inside the tent, there was ample light through the translucent dome for all six naked boys to see each other . Denver and Jason were on their backs, lying in opposite directions a couple of feet apart from each other. Their hard-ons, darker than their belly skin in the moonlight, pointed up toward their navels. Between them, Richard and Kyle knelt next to each other, facing different directions. Kyle was facing Newt over Jason’s prone body. Richard faced Davey over Denver’s.

“We’ve got two shooters, right?” Kyle said, continuing to explain the rules in a whisper. “And we got two teams. Me and Newt are one team; Richard and Davey are the other. When I say go, we each do whatever we can to make our shooter come first. The team that gets their shooter to come first wins.”

He glanced down at Denver and Jason. “And the first one of you guys to shoot looses.” He grinned. “Downright wicked, right?” Then he looked up at the others. “Winners get to make the losers do whatever they want.”

Richard bumped the side of his butt against Kyle’s. “When I win, I’m getting you,” he whispered with a sly grin of his own. “And I so know what I’m going to make you do.”

“Oooh,” Kyle said, wiggling his butt. “Like I’m so afraid of your big cock!”

Richard slapped Kyle’s butt with a whack.


“Smart ass!” Richard said.

“Guys,” Denver said, crossing his hands behind his head. He grinned. “We’ve got the idea… go for it!”

“Wait! Wait!” Kyle said as hands started to close over Jason’s and Denver’s cocks and balls. “When they come, we gotta see it. No swallowing it or taking it up the butt and claiming your guy came, OK?” He looked at each of them for a nod. Then he grinned. “Go!”

Four heads and eight hands dove for the middle of Jason’s and Denver’s bodies.

Outside the tent, Jon and Ryan breathed as quietly as possible. Jon pulled Ryan back to him; Ryan’s butt into his lap. He wrapped an arm around Ryan’s waist and slipped his hand into the front of Ryan’s shorts.


As they were finishing their ice cream, Neal was telling another guy about the birthday gifts he had received, but Rave wasn’t paying attention until he heard “Black Label.”

“Black Label what?” Rave asked.

Neal turned his way. “Skateboard.”

“Whoa, dude,” Rave said, sitting up with sudden interest. “Can I see?”

Neal grinned. “Sure. You got one?” he asked, stepping away from the counter where they had been standing to eat.

“Yeah,” Rave said following him. “A Darkstar.”

Neal grinned. “No shit.”

Rave followed Neal into his bedroom and then took the skateboard when Neal offered it to him. He looked it over and under appreciatively. “Bet it holds a pop,” he said, hoping to sound like a better skateboarder than he was.

“Dunno,” Neal said. “I haven’t done much with it.” His eyes rose to Rave’s. They were about the same height, weight, and age. Neal had brown hair and eyes like his little sister. Rave hadn’t been that impressed with him before, but now they had something in common and they grinned at each other. And Rave realized that Neal was kinda cute. “Wanna take it outside?” Neal asked.

“Not tonight, guys,” Neal’s dad called out as they headed for the door with the skateboard. He was arranging sleeping bags and pillows over the floor of the den. “You can do that tomorrow.”

Neal frowned.

“Tomorrow,” his dad repeated.

“Aw, Dad,” Neal grumbled, taking the skateboard back to his room.

“Pick a sleeping bag or couch guys,” Neal’s dad called out. “Just pick somewhere to sleep.”

Rave picked a sleeping bag and sat down on it.

Larry had been quiet since leaving Krystan’s room, but now he took the bedroll next to Rave’s. He glanced at him, and then away. Then he glanced back. “Did you play the Xbox yet?”

Rave shook his head.

“I have an Xbox,” Larry said. “You can come over to my house sometime.”

Rave smiled.

Neal came back from his room carrying his pillow. Matt was about to take the free pallet next to Rave on the other side from Larry, but Neal stopped him. “Matt, dude, let me sleep there,” Neal said, coming over. “I wanna talk skateboardin with Rave.”

Matt frowned at him, and drifted away. Neal lay down beside Rave, grinning. “What all can you do?”

They were the last ones talking. Rave finally lay back and closed his eyes. He was used to sleeping with Andy. He thought about Lindsay. Sexing with other kids didn’t always leave you feeling good inside, but sleeping with Andy always did. He missed Andy.


The girls were both sleeping, but Andy was hungry. He tried slipping out from under the girls without waking them, but Angela woke anyway.

“Sorry, I’m hungry,” he whispered.

Angela sat up and nodded.

He rose from the bed and pulled on his sleeping shorts. Angela pulled on her nightshirt and followed him to the kitchen, admiring the way the long shag of his black hair brushed the tops of his angular shoulders.

“What do you want to eat?” Angela asked when they reached the kitchen. She spoke softly because she could see that it was dark under Cheryl’s door.

Andy shrugged. “Dunno… not more pizza.”

“I make great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” Angela offered with a grin.

Andy smiled. “Sounds good.”

Angela pulled open the refrigerator door. “What kind of jelly do you like.”

“Grape,” he said, “or strawberry.”

“I love strawberry,” she said bending over to look in the fridge. “Get the bread.”

But Andy didn’t move to get the bread. His eyes had dropped to Angela’s butt. When she bent over, her shirt had ridden up and her labia were showing between the backs of her legs. He had the urge to touch them, and so he did.

Angela jumped and turned on him, at first with a frown, and then with a pout. “I should be mad at you,” she said.

“Why?” Andy asked, stepping up to her, trying to pull her close with an arm behind her waist. But she moved to one side and let the refrigerator door close.

Why?” she asked in a harsh whisper. “First you and Rave have this thing for each other and then tonight, you did Krystan twice!

He shrugged. “It just turned out that way tonight, Ange.”

She frowned. “Yeah, and Krystan’s cute.”

Andy shook his head. “Not as cute as you, Ange. Honest.”

Angela glanced away. “She’s already getting boobs.”

“Ah, Ange,” Andy said, stepping closer. “You’re gonna have great boobs.”

She gave a rueful laugh. “Like how would you know?”

“Because,” he said, laying a palm on the future site of her left breast. “Our moms have great boobs. You will too. You’ll see.”

Angela smiled and laying a hand over his on her chest she smiled up at him. “You really think so?”

Andy smiled and wrapped his other arm behind her waist, pulling her middle to his. “I’ll betcha anything.” He kissed her, and she melted against him. He held her, swinging her gently in his arms, and Andy realized that, when he wasn’t thinking of sex, he was beginning to think of Angela as a real sister; more of an equal partner than Rave, a special friend. Sex that night with Krystan and Angela had been wild and all. But as he held Angela there in the kitchen, part of him liked the idea of Rave, Angela, and him keeping their sexing to just themselves; just being close to each other. And then he thought about Rave and missed the little guy.

They took the sandwiches to the living room and sat on the couch, shoulder-to-shoulder to watch TV while they ate. Pure Luck was the late movie, and they discovered that they both liked Martin Short.

“Don’t be jealous of Rave and me,” Andy said to her during a commercial. “It’s just… well… it’s really special for a guy to have a little brother… really special.”

Angela gazed up at his face, her eyes moving over his features. “It’s special for a girl to have a big brother,” she said with a little smile.

Andy smiled back, and then nodded.

They finished the sandwiches and Andy put his arm over Angela’s shoulders; she rested her head on his shoulder. Andy felt that sense of bonding come over him that a boy sometimes feels for a girl at that age; a bonding which is half play, half real; half adult, half pre-teen. Sitting with his arm over her shoulder, he felt protective; mature.

She looked up at him, experiencing some of the same feelings herself. They kissed, and then stretched out on the couch. Angela rolled onto her back and Andy slid up over her chest with his. They kissed again, and he reached under her shirt to the nakedness between her legs. She was warm there.

“Are you sore?” he asked.

She shook her head slowly. “Not really. Are you wanting to do it again?”

He shook his head. “Not like before… slower.”

He caressed her sex with his fingertips, and they kissed for a long time until he oozed a little precum and she grew a little damp.

He pulled off his shorts and pulled off her shirt. Angela lifted her legs out and apart for him and he entered her and moved over her. He laid his palm over her left nipple as he lay down on her. “I like you, just the way you are, Ange,” he said, gazing down into her pale blue eyes. “But I bet you get great boobs.”

They both smiled, and then kissed. Earlier, they discovered how wild sex could be. Now they would discover how tender.


Richard and Dave cheered out loud when Denver spermed up onto his belly.

“Shsh,” Kyle warned them as Jason pushed Kyle’s and Newt’s hands away from his cock to keep from coming himself.

“GO TO SLEEP!” Harold yelled from his tent. We was tired and in no mood to get up to deal with wakeful scouts.

Outside the tent, Jon and Ryan froze with their pants at mid-thigh.

Inside the tent, the six boys were motionless for a moment, Denver’s cock going soft and Jason’s throbbing down a little. When Harold said nothing else, Jason grabbed Newt by the arm. “I’m claiming my prize,” he whispered. Rolling the smaller boy under him, he lifted Newt’s legs and reached for the cocoanut butter.

With a big grin, Richard pushed Kyle over and onto his back. He moved over him, covering Kyle’s mouth with his own. Their cocks pressed together and they began grinding hips.

Davey moved up Denver’s body. Straddling his chest, he leaned forward over him, angling his stiffy down into Denver’s mouth. Denver grabbed his butt and swallowed Davey’s thin cock. As Davey’s small hips began to rock, he bent his head down toward Denver’s. “We can sixty-nine if you want,” he offered in a whisper.

Newt wrapped his arms over Jason’s back, enjoying the feel of the older boy’s warm skin. He wrapped his legs low behind Jason’s and got a good angle for grinding his little cock up against Jason’s belly; an angle that also pointed Jason’s cock to good spots inside his bottom. He glanced up at Jason and their eyes met. It was clear to both of them; they liked sexing together. Jason bent his head and covered Newt’s mouth as he began to pump his hips into the smaller boy.

Outside the tent, Ryan bent forward from his waist, resting his hands on a tree trunk. Behind him, Jon had taken his container of cocoanut cream from his pants pocket and applied it to his cock. Now he spread it into Ryan’s crack.

He stepped forward, guiding his cock into Ryan’s crack. He found Ryan’s hole; he literally could find it in the dark now. He pushed in slowly… pushing in was always the best part. When Ryan was tight around the bottom of his shaft, Jon’s eyes closed a moment in pleasure. Then leaning back from his middle, he grabbed Ryan by the hips and began to pump, watching his belly flatten Ryan’s butt cheeks in the moonlight with each soft whap.

To the boys inside the tent, the rhythmic sounds from Jon and Ryan didn’t register as coming from outside. The sounds seemed to be simply more of the noises they all were making.

Jason went flat on Newt, his firm belly rubbing the underside of Newt’s cock each time his hips pulled back for another thrust up Newt’s rectum. They were learning that quite apart from feelings of friendship or even like or dislike, sometimes two boys just made great sex together. Jason and Newt fit together well.

Sometimes boys just have fun sexing together. Richard and Kyle were having fun, deep kissing, circling hips, rubbing cocks, occasionally tickling, and laughing.

The others, Denver, Davey, Jon, and Ryan, were simply sexing, and enjoying it.


Rave sat up. It was dark. Everyone else appeared to be sleeping. He rubbed his eyes and tried to think why he woke. He remembered -- he had rolled over and Andy wasn’t there; that’s why. He glanced at Larry who was sleeping under a blanket, facing away from him. He glanced at Neal who was asleep on his back, his mouth hanging open.

Rave wanted to cuddle onto to someone the way he did with Andy. But not just anybody. He climbed from his bedroll and stood up. Then quietly he left the room and found his way down the hall to Lindsay’s room.

Silently, he opened the door, stepped into the room, and closed the door behind him. Lindsa’s room had a night light, and he had no trouble finding his way to the side of her bed. He climbed in under the covers with her. She woke, looking at him.

“Can I sleep with you?” Rave asked.

Lindsay nodded.


Andy and Angela hadn’t meant to fall asleep on the couch together, but they had.

Cheryl came out of her room, dressed and ready for work, and was surprised that the kids had left the kitchen light on. Then she noticed one of the living room lights was on and started into the room to turn it off. That’s when she saw Andy and Angela. She froze, and then, almost unwillingly, moved closer.

Lying on the couch, as slender as they were, at first their two naked bodies looked simply erotic. But as Cheryl drew closer, they looked more like who they were, naked children -- a beautiful twelve-year-old boy and a beautiful eleven-year-old girl -- with innocent faces, full lips, long lashes, and long black hair.

Andy was on his back and Angela lay over his side, her face nuzzled into the side of his neck and her arm across his chest and over his other shoulder. Her leg was cocked across his middle, just over his balls. The lips of her little labia pressed back between her legs and looked almost red on Andy’s white thigh. And just above Angela’s thigh, Andy had an early-morning erection that pointed up his belly, long and thin, all the way up to his navel.

Cheryl’s thoughts were a jumble. One stray thought was that Andy was going to be as hung as his father. Another was that she should kick their two butts. Another was that she wanted to touch their butts. Another was a surprised thought that Andy’s little stick of a cock had almost certainly been up inside Angela, and Cheryl wondered what those sensations would have been like for her. Cheryl knew she shouldn’t feel that way but another of her stray thoughts was pride for her hung little stud. And yet at the same time, she felt sadness that he wasn’t a little boy anymore. Overall though, Cheryl was just really confused.

They were beautiful in her eyes, partly because they were beautiful and partly because she could remember sleeping on Andrew like that. Perhaps that is why she quietly retrieved her digital camera from her room and took a picture.

Cheryl assumed there was enough light and didn’t think about the camera’s flash. It went off with a burst of light when she snapped the shutter, and she jumped, then retreated from the room quickly. Andy stirred but didn’t open his eyes.

Cheryl hurriedly left the house and got into her car. But then sat on the front seat for a moment, looking at the picture on the camera’s small display. She kissed her fingers and then touching them to the display. She would sort all this out somehow, and somehow, she would protect them all through it.

She put the cameral down and started the car. Her thought, as she pulled away, was that Jesse sure as hell better be in the mood that morning. Then she laughed to herself. Jesse was sixteen. He was always in the mood.


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