“Oh, shit!” Andy murmured under his breath. The quietly closing door woke him. Lifting his head, he looked into the kitchen. Was the sound of the door, his mom leaving? If so, did she see Angela and him lying there naked on the couch? It didn’t seem possible because if she had, he was sure they’d be hearing about it. Then Andy realized that his cock was hard and pointing straight up his belly. It would be really bad if his mom saw that.

His arm was behind Angela’s back, and he patted her bare bottom. “Ange,” he said softly. “We need to get back to your room.”

She stirred sleepily.

“C’mon,” he said, sitting up and bringing her up with him. He got her to her feet and then walked her back to her room. Angela crawled under the covers and snuggled up to Krystan’s naked body. Andy climbed in behind and spooned up behind Angela.


It was still dark. The night had grown cold. Denver lay curled behind Davey under a blanket at the foot of the doubled-up sleeping bags. The other four boys had crawled into the sleeping bags earlier.

Davey was warm, but Denver’s back was cold. He lifted his head. Though the moon was low now, there was still enough light to tell that Richard was spooned behind Kyle on the left side of the bags and on the right, Jason and Newt were on their sides, facing each other. Newt was on the outside and curled up in the hollow of Jason’s body.

Denver shook Davey’s shoulder. “I’m gonna get into the sleeping bags,” he whispered. Rising, he grabbed his pillow and quickly clambered over to the opening between Jason’s back and Richard’s. His cock was hard, both from having been pressed to Davey’s butt in sleep and because boys sometimes get hard when cold. It wagged under his belly.

Crawling into the bedrolls, he tried to decide who to curl up behind. He was a little pissed at Jason for hogging Newt, but there was no denying that the twelve-year-old had a nice body. From their shapes inside the bags, Denver could tell that Jason had the narrower hips. And he had a nice butt. Denver scrunched up his pillow and molded his body to the back of Jason’s, his cock pressing Jason’s butt.

Jason was delightfully warm. The back of his slender thighs felt good against the front of Denver’s and his firm butt felt good in Denver’s lap. Denver wrapped an arm over Jason’s waist, laying his hand on Jason’s stomach between Jason’s and Newt’s bodies. With his hand there, Denver pressed his chest and belly to Jason’s back. \

Jason gently wiggled his butt back against Denver, mostly in his sleep. The move was provocative enough that Denver slid the hand he had on Jason’s belly down to between Jason’s legs. Jason had a night-time hard-on, too. Denver closed his fingers around the thumb-thick shaft and rubbed his cock on Jason’s butt. He had, after all, waken up pretty thoroughly in the cold.

“Go for it,” Jason murmured.

Denver leaned forward, his mouth behind Jason’s ear. “You sure?”

“Yeah, dude,” Jason murmured once more. “Just keep your hand where it is.”

“Let me butter up,” Denver said. Looking around, he saw a cocoanut butter within reach and quickly retrieved it. He spread some over his cock and then using his hand inside the bedroll to find his way, he guided his cock into Jason’s rectum. Once more, he conformed his body to the back of Jason’s and reached over to stroke Jason’s cock as Denver began to rock his hips.

Denver felt a puff of cold air on his back; Davey crawled into the sleeping bag behind him. Then Davey realized that Denver was sexing Jason, and he rolled way, molding his body to the back of Richard’s. He quickly fell asleep in the warmth of the bags and bodies.

After all the sexing the six of them had been doing together, none of them were feeling inhibited. So when Denver felt the urge to mouth the side of Jason’s neck, he did; and he mouthed the back of Jason’s shoulder as well. Twisting back from his hips, Jason turned his face back. Their mouths met and Denver rubbed his hand between Jason’s legs. Jason slipped an arm behind Denver’s back, pulling for leverage. Their tongues wrestled.

Pumping his hips, Denver decided Jason wasn’t such a bad guy.

“Do I get a turn, too?” Jason asked, brushing his face against Denver’s.

“Yeah, sure,” Denver whispered. “But I’m not rushin’. This feels too good.”

Jason wriggled his butt against Denver’s loins. “Yeah, dude it does.”


Lindsay was one of those kids who woke in the mornings before everyone else. Rave woke when Lindsay tapped him on the shoulder. He had been holding her in his sleep. When he opened his eyes, she was looking at him. “I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” she whispered, and then she frowned slightly. “Don’t go anywhere. Stay in my bed.”

Rave nodded, let her go, and sleepily closed his eyes.

He woke again when Lindsay climbed back into bed and lay down facing Rave on the pillow. Her eyes went to his hairline. “You have pretty hair,” she said.

“So do you.”

She smiled. Then she frowned. “When I wiped… in the bathroom… I’m a little sore.”

Rave’s brow furrowed. “I’m sorry.”

She shook her head slightly on the pillow. “It’s not so bad.” Then she grinned. “Wanna see?”

“Sure,” Rave said with a smile. He sat up, pushing the covers down off them. Then kneeling up beside Lindsay, he pulled her panties off, tossing them to one side.

She laid her legs wide open for him, knees way out to the sides. At seven, Lindsay still had a little girl torso, with little legs. Her labia looked slightly pink and puffy. Rave bent for a closer view and gently pressed a fingertip on her small mound. “Does that hurt?” he asked.

“A little.” Then she grinned. “Wanna kiss it and make it well?”

Rave grinned in return and bending, kissed between her legs. And then kissed again. He sneaked out his tongue and licked in her crevice. Her hips moved reflexively.

“Does it hurt inside?” he asked.

“I don’t think so.”

He pressed his tongue between her labia and into her tiny vaginal opening. “Does that hurt?” he asked, looking up at her.

She shook her head, her eyes slightly wider with pleasure.

He licked in her crevice and searched for her tiny clitoris. Before long, he felt it grow hard under the tip of his tongue, and Lindsay began to squirm. “Is it still sore?” he asked, lifting his head.

“Noooo,” she said softly, shaking her head. “Is your penis pointing up?”

Rave knelt up and pushed his shorts down to show her that it was. Her eyes locked on it, and her hand dropped to her mound, Rave pulled his shorts all the way off then knelt at her bottom. “Wanna play again?” he asked with a grin.

Lindsay nodded immediately. So Rave grabbed the throw pillow he had used the night before. Lindsay lifted her butt for him to stuff the pillow under. Then, like the night before, Rave backed up and bent down over her to lave her labia and the opening to her vagina, making them as wet as he could with his saliva.

He knelt up again, his skinny erection feeling harder and bigger than he’d ever felt it. He pushed it down toward her opening. Bending, he pushed his small crown between her labia and finding her opening, he pushed the crown in. Then he fell forward onto both hands before pushing in any farther. His eyes met Lindsay’s. “Tell me if it starts to hurt.”

But she had already lifted her hips off the bed, taking him in farther, so he pushed in with his small hips until he felt the soft flesh of her mound press the flesh around the base of his shaft. Holding himself up on both hands, he slowly began to pump his hips, watching her face. She watched his.

“Does it feel good?” he asked.

She nodded.

“You like doing this?”

She nodded again. “Boys like it, too?” she asked.

He grinned, still pumping. “Boys like it a lot!”

She grinned back. “Does this mean I’m your girlfriend?”

Looking at her pretty face and pretty brown curls, Rave nodded. “Sure.”

Lindsay smiled happily. And then because little girls can enjoy the feelings between their legs fully as much as boys can, she planted her feet wide apart on the bed and began lifting her hips to meet Rave’s downward thrusts more solidly. Rave arched over her to give a better angle to each little penis-stretching bump, bump, bump of his loins into her labia.

When it started feeling really good, Rave dropped down onto her, and they wrapped each other up in arms and legs, little hips never stopping their thrusting. Lindsay started her orgasm just before Rave started his and finished it long after.

When they finally slowed, Rave stayed inside her; it felt so good. “I like you better than Larry,” she said beside his ear. “You’re nicer and your penis is longer.” Then she thought about her brother, Neal. “Are brothers and sisters ever girlfriends and boyfriends?” she asked thoughtfully.

Rave nodded. “Sometimes.” He was still hard inside her and slowly swiveled his hips.

“Oh,” Lindsay said.

Rave swivled his hips again.

“Oh,” Lindsay said again.

Rave lifted his head, grinning, and pumped his hips.

Lindsay grinned. “Oh,” she said again.

Rave’s little cockhead was quickly becoming less sensitive and he was still hard. He gave three quick pumps with his hips.

“Oh… oh… oh!” Lindsay said, and they laughed. She wrapped her arms over his neck. “This is fun.”

“And it feels good” Rave agreed. He began moving his hips easily, and she wiggled back.

“Wanna learn how to kiss?” Rave asked.

Lindsay nodded.

Without stopping his hips, Rave pressed his lips to hers, but when he tried to press his tongue between her lips, she giggled. “You gotta open your mouth when I open mine,” Rave instructed. He tried again, and she opened her mouth.

Lindsay still giggled, and she happily kept her arms over his back, but she quickly got the idea, sucking on his tongue and wrestling back with hers.

It took longer this time for them to build up and get their ‘feelings’. But they played with their tongues and giggled and wiggled their middles together as they pumped. Then they grew serious, and pressing their the sides of their faces together, they pumped in earnest.

When they slowed this time, Rave began to worry that the other boys would be up soon. “I better go back to the den,” Rave said, still hard inside her.

“Aw,” she said.

“Yeah,” Rave agreed. “Bummer.” He knelt up, pulling out from her. “That was awesome, Lindsay.”

She nodded, her hand dropping to her suddenly vacant vagina. “I’m going to tell Neal to ask you to sleepover again,” she said.

Rave grinned as he pulled up his sleeping shorts. Then he bent and kissed Lindsay’s lips softly just like he had the night before.


Jon strategy was twofold: lose Ryan and follow one of the six guys who had been sexing together, preferably Richard, to see if he could join them.

It wasn’t like he could go up and say, “hey, we’ve been spying on you guys sexing and we want to join you.” Or could he? He wondered if it might be that easy.

But he wanted the right opportunity, and he didn’t want to mess up.


The sleepover at Neal’s included lunch, so it was early afternoon when Matt’s mom returned Rave to the house and picked up Krystan. When Rave came in, he set his bags down and smiled uncertainly at Andy who was lying at one end of the couch with Angela at the other, watching TV. They had dressed in more clothes than normal for the sake of Krystan’s mom. “Hi,” Rave said.

“Hi, dude,” Andy said with a smile that was also a bit uncertain. After all, he’d been sexing with two girls without Rave. “How was it?”

Rave shrugged, and shoving his hands in his pockets, he came closer to the couch. “It was OK. Neal’s got a Black Label skateboard, and we spent all morning skateboarding or playing his new Xbox.”

“Sounds, cool. Did you show off?” Andy asked with a grin.

Rave grinned back and dropped to his knees beside the couch at eye level with Andy. “Nah. Neal’s as good as I am.” His smile faded slightly. “I’m glad to be back.”

Andy smiled. “Me too, dude.” He yawned. “I’m tired, though.”

Rave yawned. “Yeah. Me too.”

Andy reached out a hand and squeezed Rave’s shoulder. “I haven’t taken a shower in like two days.”

Rave grinned. “Me either.”

“Oh, great,” Angela murmured. “You guys gonna make the bathroom a boys-only club again?”

“Yeah,” Rave and Andy answered at the same time.

With a grin, Rave leaned forward, hugging Andy and pressing the side of his cheek to Andy’s warm, soft cheek.

“I’m gonna take a nap,” Angela said.


Cheryl was about to hand a customer change when she paused. The other little girl! Krystan! She had forgotten about the other girl. Where had she been? What if she walked in on Angela and Andy the way Cheryl had?

She glanced at her watch. If anything was going to happen, it would have a lot earlier. But maybe everything was OK. She hadn’t gotten any calls.

Her customer held his open hand up expectantly.

“Oh, sorry,” Cheryl said. “My mind wondered.”

She counted out his change, thanked him, and closed the register. Smoothing back her long, black hair, she decided that she’d have to talk to the Andy and Angela sometime soon about being discreet. That conversation would take some thinking through first.


Jon had expected them to go back to their tent after lunch and if they had, he was going to point-blank ask if he could come in with them. But instead of returning to their tent, Richard and Jason had gone canoeing.

Like Jon, Jason was twelve and he and Jon had always gotten along well. And Richard… well in the last couple of days, dreaming about getting it on with Richard, Jon had a crush going for him.

He followed them to the canoe livery and paired up for a canoe with a ten-year-old kid named Eric from another troop. A counselor took both pairs of boys to the canoes at the same time. Richard smiled at Jon. Jon smiled back. “You going for a merit badge or just canoeing right now?” Richard asked.

Jon shrugged. “Not sure. What are you guys doing?”

Richard glanced at Jason who was pulling off his shirt. “Just canoeing,” Richard said, and pulled off his shirt as well. “We may go for a badge later.”

“Us, too,” Jon said with a smile at Eric for agreement. He pulled off his shirt. Jon had a lean, wiry body for a geek, and he knew other guys might like it; he would, if it was another guy’s body. He was delighted to see both Jason and Richard look him over.

“Gotta wear these,” the counselor said, holding up two floatation vests. Reluctantly, the boys put them on.

“Where are you guys canoeing to?” Jon asked in an off-hand manner.

“Just along the shore,” Jason answered, carefully climbing down into his and Richard’s canoe. “There’s a little creek that feeds in to the lake, just up that way,” he pointed left along the shore as he settled in. “You guys can come if you want.”

“Sure,” Jon replied, trying to not sound too excited to be included.

They paddled up the shoreline, and when they followed it around a bend and were no longer visible from the camp, Jon took off his floatation vest. Richard brought their canoe close and paddle splashed him. “You’re supposed to wear that,” Richard said with a grin.

Jon paddle-splashed back, and they got into a war. All the boys shucked their vests and were soon soaking wet. Jon watched their wet torsos as they swung their paddles, and even as he splashed back, he had to fight down desires to sex with them.

They found the creek and paddled up it a hundred yards. When Richard got out of his canoe to take a piss, Jon got out of his and stepped up alongside. They checked each other out and crossed streams. Richard smiled when he thought it looked like Jon’s cock grew a little thicker.

Jon almost said it then; that he wanted in on their games. But Eric was close enough to hear. He’d wait.

But then when they were back at the livery, the counselor didn’t like the way Jon and Eric put away their oars and made them redo it, as well as organize the vests that all four had returned. By the time Jon dashed out onto the trail, it was empty.

He was afraid he’d lost Jason and Richard. He ran up the trail from the livery and still didn’t see them, but then his eye caught a movement between trees, well up the slope from the trail; a movement of bare skin, the color of Jason’s skin if he was still shirtless. Jon turned toward it and began climbing.

He hurried, looking around to make sure that Eric wasn’t following and that no curious eyes saw him head into the trees. He made for where he’d seen the flash of skin as quickly as he could, but carefully so that Richard and Jason wouldn’t see him before he saw them.

He made it almost to the top of the ridge when he decided that he most have overshot them and slowly began working his way back down. The floor of pine needles completely muffled his foot steps and it was quiet except for the calls of boys in the camp below. And then suddenly, he saw them. They weren’t twenty feet away, at the edge of a break of aspen trees. They were naked with their arms around each other and kissing with their eyes closed. He froze, as much from the surprise of seeing them kissing as the suddenness of their appearance.

Quickly, Jon jumped behind a fir tree, hoping they hadn’t seen him. But in that instance before he jumped, it struck him that they were kissing like couples kissed on TV. Jon wanted to see more. Getting down onto his belly, he crawled under the branches of the fir tree and peered out from under the other side.

Richard and Jason were still kissing. They were sideways to him. Jason’s hands were on Richard’s white bottom, holding their crotches together. Richard’s arms were wrapped over Jason’s head, and they were kissing hotly. Jon had no idea boys could kiss like that, and he had to struggle to keep his breathing quiet.

The two kissing were close to the same height, though at twelve, Jason was a year older. They contrasted in coloring, though; Richard had dark-red hair and creamy skin; Jason had pale-blond hair and naturally tan colored skin.

Richard’s hands dropped to Jason’s butt so that they had each other by the butt, and their mouths dropped to the nape of each other’s necks. They ground their groins together. “Who first?” Jon heard Jason ask.

Richard turned his back to Jason, and leaning forward slightly, he grabbed on to a slender aspen with both hands. While Jason dropped to his knees to retrieve cocoanut butter from his shorts, Jon admired Richard’s slender form; the creamy-white skin of his hairless body, his low, little butt, the length of his torso… and Richard’s legs; somehow, Richard’s pure white coloring accentuated the developing muscles of his long legs. Jon had a sudden urge to intertwine his legs with those.

Jason stood back up, opening the cocoanut butter container. Then, with cream on his fingers, he lubed his cock, and with a steadying hand at the side of Richard’s hip, he spread lube into Richard’s crack.

Jason moved behind Richard then, and with his hand on the side of Richard’s hip, Jason bent his knees on either side of Richard’s, aiming himself up into Richard’s crack. He worked there a few seconds, finding the hole, and then straightening his legs, he eased on up into Richard.

Jon was afraid he’d come in his pants. Especially when Jason wrapped his arms under Richard’s belly and chest and began pumping from his hips. He’d only seen shadows through tent walls before. The reality of their moving bodies took his breath away.

After a few thrusts, Jason pulled Richard upright against him, running his hands over Richard’s belly and chest. Richard turned his head back over his shoulder and they kissed.

Jon was desperate to join them… but how? He silently backed from under the tree and quietly brushed off the front of his shorts and belly. Then he decided the best approach was head on. He stepped from behind the tree and toward them.

They didn’t see him at first. Richard was leaning forward again, holding the tree, and Jason was holding onto Richard’s shoulders and pumping from his hips. Then Jason did see Jon, and he froze. “Oh, shit!” he mumbled.

“What?” Richard asked, looking back, and then he saw Jon as well. Jason stepped back from Richard, his slender erection springing up free.

“Don’t stop!” Jon said quickly. He stopped beside them. “Guys… I want to, too,” he said, desperately. He pushed down the front of his shorts, freeing his erection. The eyes of both Richard and Jason dropped to it.

Jon looked from Richard to Jason, trying to think what to say. “Ryan and I have been spyin’ on you guys,” he said. “And we’ve been wanting to get in on what you’re doing.” He pushed his shorts completely off, his cock jutting straight out. “Please!” he pleaded.

Jason looked at Richard and they both laughed out loud.

Angrily, Jon frowned at each of them. “What’s so funny about that?” His eyes dropped to his cock and then to theirs. “You look a little stupid, too!”

“No, no,” Jason said, waving a hand. “You don’t understand, dude. We got all hot and wanting to sex because of you.”

John’s frown softened.

“When we were canoeing and you had your shirt off and all,” Richard said, “we started talking about how we wanted to sex with you. We got all horny and we decided to come up here to get our rocks off.”

Jon’s frown was replaced by a lopsided grin and his cock grew stiffer. “Really?” he asked.

“No shit, dude,” Jason said. His cock, which had started to soften, began to stiffen again. He stepped forward, closing a hand around Jon’s erection. “Nice wood.”

Richard stepped up as well and lifted Jon’s loose-hanging balls in their dark-skinned scrotum. Richard, along with Jason, ran his hands appraisingly over Jon’s shoulders, belly, chest, and back. Jon closed his eyes in pleasure at their touch.

Jason, admiring Jon’s dark chocolate coloring, mouthed Jon’s shoulder, tasting his skin almost like he would a chocolate boy.

“So have you and Ryan been sexing?” Richard asked. “’cause Harold said you smelled like…”

“Cocoanut butter,” Jon finished in a murmur. “Yeah, we heard you guys talk about using it.” His eyes met Richard’s. “When I came up, you guys were kissing… we haven’t tried that.”

Richard grinned and leaned forward. Their lips met, and all three boys pressed their bodies together. Placing his hand behind Jon’s head, Richard probed in with his tongue and Jon started to go weak between their bodies. Jason left off stroking and slid the palm of his hand down over Jon’s cock, down over his balls and between his legs.

“Your cock is a big as Andy’s,” Jason murmured. He pressed his mouth between Richard’s and Jon to take his turn kissing Jon. Jason, who had been learning that each boy’s mouth was different, now learned that Jon’s was both warmer and softer than Richard’s – softer in that his cheeks weren’t as tight or his tongue as wiry.

They took a breath, and Jon turned to Richard. “Can I do what Jason was doin’?” he asked.

“Cornholing? Sure, dude,” Richard said with a grin. “As long as I get a turn.”

Jon instantly nodded.

Richard turned back to the aspen tree that he’d been leaning on earlier. Jason stooped for his cocoanut cream and lubed Jon’s cock himself. “Seriously nice wood, dude,” he said.

Jon leaned against him as Jason stroked in the lube. “You do this with Andy?” Jon asked breathlessly.

“Not this… not yet. We were gonna at this camp.”

“Andy’s dick is as big as Jon’s?” Richard asked looking back over his shoulder.

“Yeah, maybe not as thick.”

“Well if you and Andy do stuff when we get back,” Richard said. “I want in on it.”

Jason released Jon’s shaft and gave his butt a go-for-it pat. As Jon stepped up to Richard’s butt, Jason thought for a moment of Andy and wondered if he could ever get him to do all the things he was doing with these guys.

Jon did what he had seen Jason do; he bent his knees and pointed his cock up into Richard’s butt. The darkness of his cock and skin against the whiteness of Richard’s butt excited him. Having sexed with Ryan, he knew the basics and found Richard’s hole easily enough. He felt Richard’s tightness pass over his crown and paused, enjoying the feel. Then he leaned way back and watched his black shaft disappear as he pushed it up into Richard.

Richard had a nicer butt and back than Ryan, partly because he was a year older. Jon folded his body against the back of Richard’s as he had seen Jason do. And like Jason had done, he wrapped his arms under Richard’s belly and chest and began pumping with his hips.

Jason watched from behind; the sight of a black boy on a white one was surprisingly exciting. He watched the full little globes of Jon’s brown butt clenching and relaxing, and he applied more cocoa butter to his own cock.

He stepped up behind Jon, slipping his greased fingers into Jon’s tightening and relaxing crack. “Let me just try, dude,” he said quietly behind Jon’s ear. “Let me see if I can make it work.”

Jon nodded, but kept pumping until he felt Jason’s hands on his hips and the other boy’s greased cock push up between his butt cheeks, and then he paused.

Behind him, Jason watched his pink shaft slide up into Jon’s shiny black butt, and felt Jon’s tightness slide down his shaft. Jon was tight. He pulled back and pushed in again, all the way until his flat, tan belly flattened Jon’s black butt cheeks.

Jason leaned forward, grabbing Jon by the shoulders and then drove forward hard with his hips. He had the idea that he could drive for both of them. Jon relaxed forward onto Richard, kissing the back of his neck just above the shoulder blades, and he thought it would work to let Jason do the thrusting. He let Jason’s hips drive his hips into Richard. He was content to have his cock inside Richard, the object of his recent fantasies, and to hold Richard’s body in his arms.

Richard pressed his butt back. Jason drove his hips forward, and Jon murmured appreciation. Eleven, twelve, and twelve; white, black, tan; the boys sexed together and enjoyed it.


Andy followed Rave into the bathroom and closed the door. Rave turned back to him and threw his arms around Andy’s chest, hugging him hard.

“Ah, dude!” Andy murmured, wrapping his arms around Rave’s shoulders and hugging back. “I missed you, too.” Andy rocked him in his arms and rubbed his cheek on the top of Rave’s head.

After a moment, Rave lifted his face to Andy’s, his eyes on Andy’s lips. Andy kissed him, and they hugged hard again. “I got a lot to tell you,” Rave said.

Andy smiled. “Yeah, I got a lot to tell you, too… here,” he said, sitting down onto the floor, his back to the bathroom wall. He patted the floor between his legs. “Sit down and tell me.”

Rave grinned and sat down between Andy’s legs with his back to the older boy. Using Andy’s bent knees as armrests, he leaned back against Andy, laying his head back onto Andy’s shoulder. Andy wrapped his arms across the front of Rave’s collar bones and held the smaller boy back against himself.

“Wait,” Rave said. Leaning forward, he pulled off his shirt. Behind him, Andy pulled off his. Rave kicked off his shoes and shimmied out of his shorts and underwear. Andy stood long enough to strip off his shorts and underwear, and then sat back down behind Rave.

“This is better,” Rave said, scooting his bare butt back between Andy’s legs until he felt the softness of Andy’s cock and balls. He leaned back once more so that his head rested on Andy’s shoulder, and once more, Andy crossed his arms over the front of Rave’s collarbones. Hugging Rave back, Andy rubbed his cheek against the side of Rave’s head.

“Angela called the bathroom our boys-only club,” Andy told him.

Reaching down, Rave pulled Andy’s outstretched legs together against the outside of his own. “It’s our Raven and Andy only club,” he said.

“Yeah,” Andy said, squeezing his legs and hugging the smaller boy’s bare back to his chest.

“So,” Rave asked, “did you sex a lot with Krystan and Angela.”

“Oh, yeah,” Andy said. “And I found out that if you fuck real, real fast – you know, like dogs do, or even faster -- it’s like… awesome. I did it to Krystan and she went crazy, and then Angela wanted me to do it to her and she went crazy too, and it feels fuckin’… fuckin’ awesome.

Rave could feel Andy’s cock begin to stiffen sideways against his butt. His own little shaft was growing hard as he had a mental picture of Andy fast fucking the girls. “I don’t think I want you doing that to my butt, though,” Rave said.

“Nah,” Andy said, nuzzling against the thick black hair on Rave’s head. “It’s different with you and me.”

“I sexed too,” Rave said.

“No shit? With Matt?”

“Uh-uh,” Rave answered. “With another boy named Larry, and with Neal’s little sister.”

“His little sister?” Andy asked surprised. “Like how old?”

“Seven,” Andy said. “But she likes it a lot. We sexed last night and then again this morning. She thinks she’s my girlfriend now.

Andy’s cock stiffened even more, and he dropped one of his hands to Rave’s belly and rubbed.

“Her name’s Lindsay,” Rave said. “And I sorta like her. Maybe I will make her my girlfriend.”

Andy chuckled. “Dude… like you might as well after sexing with her… that is, if you’re ever gonna get another chance to do that with her.”

Andy nodded. “I will. Neal likes me, too. He wants me to hang with him.” Andy’s head turned back over his shoulder. “But I wanna hang with you, too. We can both hang over there.”

Andy shrugged. “We can hang with our own friends some if we want,” he offered. “’Cause we’ll still be together at nights and stuff.”

“Yeah,” Rave said. “That’s the best. I missed doin’ that last night.”

“Rave,” Andy said thoughtfully, “Ange and me… we’re getting’ along good and all and I was thinking… you don’t mind if she’s like my sister too now, do you?”

Rave shook his head. “Nah.”

“She’s also sorta like a girlfriend in a way, you know? Is that OK with you?”

Rave shrugged. “She likes you a lot.”

“I like her.”

“But not like us,” Rave said.

“No, dude,” Andy agreed. “Not like us.”


Lindsay promised not to tell anybody, but she figured Jenny didn’t count. Jenny was her best friend, and her age, and lived only two houses down. And they had played ‘naughty’ together more than once. She decided to go over to Jenny’s house and tell her about her boyfriend Rave and about how penises get pointy and what boys can do with them. And then she thought about when Rave and Larry sucked on each other. She wondered if girls could suck on each other, too.


Larry stirred on the couch. He’d fallen asleep in his family’s den, and he had been dreaming about Rave and Lindsay. Larry’s eight-year-old brother, Kevin, was sitting with a book in his lap on a leather easy chair close by. Like Larry, Kevin had the thick, straight, black hair of his race. He was thin, with long legs. For a moment, Larry wondered speculatively whether he could get Kevin to suck dicks with him the way Rave had done.

Then his eyes fell to his six-year-old sister, Kim, who lay on her stomach on the floor, watching TV. Her legs were spread slightly and Larry tried to see the shape of her sex in her little shorts.

He pushed those thoughts from his mind. If he tried something and either of his siblings said one word to his mom, the shit would hit the fan, for sure.

His eyes returned to Kevin, who was sitting cross-legged in the chair. Larry tilted his head, trying to see Kevin’s little pouch better.


Cheryl found the business card she’d been looking for and held it over her desk. She dialed the phone number on the card.

“Phoenix security,” the receptionist at the other end answered.

“Richard Gonzales,” Cheryl said.

“One moment, please.”

“This is Richard,” a male voice answered after a moment.

“Hi. This is Cheryl Jefferson. You stopped by my sandwich shop last month and told me about your video surveillance equipment, and you said you could hide the cameras where no one can tell that they’re there.”

“Sure. I remember you. You ready to let me draw up a quote. I think I suggested a camera or two in the back room, one on the counter, and one on the register, with a monitor and recorder in your office. Right?”

“Yeah,” Cheryl said. “I’m ready for the quote, but I want to talk to you about it first. And… well… I’m curious. Do you ever set up surveillance cameras in homes?”


Rave grinned up at Andy as he soaped up his erection. They both had sprung boners when Andy washed up Rave under the showerhead. Now it was Rave’s turn to scrub up Andy.

“Gotta wash off all the girl coodies,” Rave said with a grin.

“Did I get ‘em all off you?” Andy asked with a return grin as he popped open the top on the shampoo.

“Dunno. It might take serious sucking to get ‘em all,” Rave said with a twinkle in his eye.

Andy stepped closer to squirt shampoo onto Rave’s hair, pinning Rave’s hand which was still around his cock between their bellies. Rave’s cock poked up under Andy’s balls. With a smile, Rave let go of his cock and grabbed Andy’s hips to steady himself and pull their bellies together. He leaned his head back to be shampooed.

Andy paused, his fingers in Rave’s long, black hair. “Rave,” he said, just loud enough to be heard above the shower. “I haven’t told you but… I always wanted a brother.”

Rave’s brow furrowed. “Me, too,” he said.

“I’m really glad it’s you,” Andy said. “I’m glad I got my brother and that it’s you.”

Rave’s smiled, broader than before, but then his brow furrowed and he gently grabbed Andy by both shoulders. “Even if Angela gets to go home sometime,” he said, “I want to stay with you.”

Andy nodded. He bent to kiss Rave on the lips and Rave wrapped his arms around Andy’s neck. Their mouths opened to each other. Grabbing Rave with a hand just under each butt cheek, Andy lifted him, bringing their cocks level. Rave wrapped his legs around him and clung to his neck, probing into Andy’s mouth hungrily.

Without bothering to turn off the shower, Andy got the enclosure door open and stepping carefully out from the tub, he knelt down at the edge of the bathmat, lowering Rave down onto his back and laying down on him.

They kissed and ground their cocks. The soap had washed off Andy’s cock, but they were soaking wet – in fact, Rave’s hair was thick with shampoo – so Andy’s cock was wet enough to be slick. He backed his hips up and probed for Rave’s bottom. He found him, and pressed in. Rave’s tightness passed pleasantly down his shaft, and when he hit bottom, they went flat together; his belly pressing the underside of Rave’s cock.

The smaller boy tightened his arms around Andy’s neck, and Andy wrapped his tightly under the back of Rave’s shoulders. They paused for a breath, Andy resting his forehead on Rave’s.

“It’s better with you than with anybody else,” Rave whispered with a grin.

Andy nodded his forehead against Rave’s and smiled back. “Way better.” He shoved his cock all the way in, stretching it long inside Rave, and embraced him hard; squeezing him with his loins as well as his arms.

Not for the first time, the strength of Andy’s embrace surprised Rave. Even nine-year-old boys love being cherished, and being cherished by a stronger, bigger brother was at least one nine-year-old’s dream.

Andy pumped and hugged hard again and Rave laughed because the shower was still on, and really, for no reason, simply because he was happy and exhilarated.


“Hey, Ryan! Wait up!” Kyle called out. He and Davey came running up to Ryan as he was walking toward the cafeteria, looking for Jon before supper. “Dude,wait!” Kyle said, catching up with him. He threw an arm over Ryan’s shoulders and leaned close. “So you and Jon are coming tonight,” Kyle said.

“Coming where?” Kyle asked suspiciously.

Kyle pulled Ryan’s head closer and whispered. “To the pool tonight.”

“The pool?” Ryan asked.

Kyle leaned back; then with a head motion to Davey, the two of them dragged Ryan off the path and into the trees. “You haven’t talked to Jon?” Kyle asked.

Ryan shook his head.

“Dude,” Kyle said, leading them farther off the trail. “Jon told Richard and Jason about you guys spying on us and the three of them sexed each other up this afternoon. Anyway, we’re all going to meet up at the pool tonight after campfire. We’re going to show you guys how to get in.”

Ryan shrank back. “I dunno.”

“Why?” Kyle asked.

“You gotta come,” Davey insisted. “The other night, there were like six of us and we all did each other… it was awesome.”

Ryan shook his head.

“Why not? Kyle asked.

“Maybe I don’t want to,” Ryan responded defensively.

“Why not?” Davey asked.

“Yeah,” Kyle demanded. “You’ve been doing stuff with Jon. What’s wrong with us?”

Ryan frowned. “You guys make fun of me.”

“No we don’t,” Davey said.

“When did we make fun of you?” Kyle asked.

“Like the other morning,” Ryan insisted. “Saying you heard animals in the night; trying to scare me.”

Kyle looked blank for a moment, and then realized what he must be referring to. “Dude!” he said, “Jason and I were teasing each other!

Ryan frowned.

“Seriously,” Kyle insisted.

“But you will make fun of me,” Ryan said.

“No we won’t,” Davey insisted.

“Yeah, you will.”

“Why?” Kyle demanded. “Why would we make fun of you?”

“Because,” Ryan said with a frown. “Because.”

“Because, why?” Davey and Kyle demanded in unison.

“Because!” Ryan insisted, then his voice dropped to a whisper. “I don’t have a long dick like you guys.”

“What?” Kyle asked, with a surprised laugh.

“See!” Ryan said. “I knew you would tease me.”

“We’re not teasing,” Kyle said defensively.

“Not at all, dude,” Davey agreed. “Who said we have long dicks? Did you guys actually see us when you were spying.”

“Well… no,” Ryan admitted.

“Then why do you think we have long dicks?”

Ryan’s mouth moved, but nothing came out.

Kyle glanced at Davey. “There’s one way to settle this,” Kyle said with a grin.

Davey grinned back. They each grabbed one of Ryan’s arms and led him farther into the trees.


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