Late Thursday afternoon…

They were well back into the trees now. Davey and Kyle let go of Ryan’s arms and stepped back from him. “OK,” Kyle said, “let’s see.”

“You’ve seen me before,” Ryan said, defensively crossing his hands over his crotch.

“Not with a hard-on,” Davey pointed out.

“I don’t have a hard-on,” Ryan said, as if that settled the issue.

“We’ll get it hard for you,” Kyle promised. “Just whip it out.”

Ryan swallowed hard.

“Just chill, dude,” Kyle said, wagging his head. “Look, we’ll show you ours.” And with that, he unzipped; and Davey unzipped after him. They both pulled out slender erections.

Ryan visibly relaxed. Their erections weren’t that much longer than his… if they were longer at all. “I’m still not hard,” Ryan pointed out in a quieter voice.

“C’mon,” Kyle said, reaching for the fly of Ryan’s jeans. “Like I said; we’ll get you hard.”

Ryan let Kyle do it; unfasten his pants, unzip the fly, fish in his boxers, and pull out his small worm of a cock. Both Kyle and Davey reached for it, feeling it between their fingers. Then Davey dropped to his knees and took Ryan’s cock into his mouth, while stroking his own exposed stiffy with two fingers.

Kyle stepped closer, and taking Ryan’s hand, pulled it between his legs. Ryan obliged, closing fingers around Kyle’s upward curving erection and giving it a squeeze and then a stroke while his own cock lengthened rapidly in Davey’s mouth. Suddenly Ryan stiffened and his breath caught as Davey swirled his crown.

“Have you and John sucked each other’s cocks?” Kyle asked, holding on to Ryan with a hand on his shoulder while slowly pumping his hips into Ryan’s hand.

“Not really. Not like this,” Ryan said breathlessly. His head lolled. “Mostly we’ve been cornholing.”

“Dude, you gotta get Jason to cornhole you,” Kyle said. “He makes it feel really good. Like he lays down on you and rubs his belly on your cock while he’s doin’ it.”

Releasing Ryan’s cock from his mouth, Davey stood up and took it between two fingers. “Richard’s good, too,” he pointed out. “He does it the same way Jason does.”

“Yeah, well so does Denver,” Kyle agreed, “but they’re not as good as Jason.”

“I like Richard,” Davey insisted.

Kyle shook his head. “He doesn’t squirt yet and Jason does.” Kyle glanced at Ryan, and repeated himself. “Jason hasn’t got pubes yet, but he squirts.”

“Squirts?” Ryan asked, trying to listen to their words, but both their hands were on his equipment now, and he had their two, naked little cocks in his hands. “What’s squirts?”

“He shoots cum,” Davey said with that feigned nonchalance boys that age have when they know more about something than another boy. Davey and Kyle were enjoying their momentary opportunity as ‘experts’ to clue Ryan in.

“Cum is what a guy shoots once he gets his pubes and all,” Kyle explained. “Like… you know that awesome feeling you get when you sex long enough and your brain goes ‘Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!’ and your body just goes spastic?”

Ryan nodded, thinking that if the two of them kept playing with his cock, that was exactly what would be happening.

“Well once you get pubes and all,” Davey continued with the explanation, “you start shooting cum whenever you get that feeling. It’s your sperms. It’s what makes girls pregnant.”

“Like Denver’s cum is white and slimy,” Kyle said, “but Jason’s is clear, sorta like siliva.”

“How does it come out?” Ryan asked.

“It shoots out the end of their dicks,” Davey said. “Same slit where you pee. Like last night, Denver squirted it all up his stomach and chest and all over.”

“They shoot… cum… inside your butt?” Ryan asked, trying to put together the pieces.

“Yeah, but you don’t feel it except that your butthole gets gooeyer.”

“I think I like doing it with Jon,” Ryan said, his brow furrowing. “He doesn’t squirt stuff up your butt.”

Kyle grinned. “Jason told us that Jon’s got a big cock. Is that why you were afraid yours was small?”

Ryan nodded.

Davey laughed, and pointing his cock downward, he angled up to compare lengths with Ryan; their cocks pointing at each other’s bald pubic mound. “’Bout the same.”

“Let me see,” Kyle said, stepping in to compare his with Ryan’s. Kyle’s was slightly longer. “At least you’re bigger than Davey.”

“Is not,” Davey said with a frown.


“May I be excused?” Kevin asked, already scooting back from the supper table.

“Time for your bath, Kevin,” his mom said.

It’s what ten-year-old Larry had been waiting for. He had a plan. He’d had it since his bookworm of a little brother, Kevin, bragged that afternoon that while Larry was sleeping over at Neal’s, Kevin and his best friend Jeremy had a sleepover of their own, and that they had taken a bath together in his mom’s Jacuzzi tub.

“I’ll take my bath with you, Kevin,” Larry offered, rising from the table.

Kevin looked surprised; they hadn’t bathed together in probably a year. “Sure,” he said. Baths were always more fun with another boy, even if the other boy was his brother.

“Mom, can we use your tub like you let Kevin and Jeremy do last night?” Larry asked as he gathered up his dishes to carry to the kitchen.

“As long as you don’t make a mess,” she answered with a warning frown before taking another bite of meat loaf.

“Aaaah…” Kim whined from her seat. “That’s not fair. I wanna take a bath in there, too.”

“You can when they’re done,” her mom said. “First, you have to finish your green beans.”


“I’ll get the boats,” Kevin offered, meaning the bath toys from their bathroom.

“Yeah. Cool,” Larry agreed. Boats were fun when the Jacuzzi jets were on.

Larry started the bath water. When Kevin came into the bathroom with his arms full of bath toys, Larry locked the door behind him.

The boys quickly undressed quickly, and Larry was able to keep from getting a hard-on despite the things going on in his imagination.

Kevin bent over the side of the tub to play with the rising bath water with his hand; his bare little butt high. “Jeremy and me found out something really cool about this ‘ol tub,” Kevin said.

“What?” Larry asked, stepping in over the side.

Kevin smiled and lowered his voice conspiratorially. “We found out that if you slow down the Jacuzzi jets and put your peter in front of these little outlet thingies, it feels awesome. That’s why,” he said, standing back up, “I have a stiffy.” And he did. Kevin was a little guy and had very narrow hips and skinny legs, even for an eight-year-old. Curving up from between those skinny legs, his pencil thick cock looked obscenely long. “You gotta try it!” he said, his grin growing wider as he stepped into the tub.

Larry came as close to an instantaneous erection as a boy of ten can come, and that’s pretty instantaneous. His cock virtually sprang from his lap and jutted above the rising water. Studying Kevin’s erection as his younger brother climbed into the tub, Larry decided that it was as long as his own, maybe longer. But Kevin was almost a head shorter. Larry would have been more jealous if it wasn’t so… exciting.

“I’ve got a stiffy too, now,” Larry said, scooting up on his knees to show his brother.

“Whoa,” Kevin said, quickly kneeling up as well so that they could compare. “Yours is bigger.”

That made Larry feel better… and bolder. He grabbed Kevin’s little erection with a thumb and couple of fingers and pulled it forward alongside his. “Let’s measure.”

Kevin gasped and grabbed his older brother’s biceps with both hands. “Whoa!”

“What’s wrong,” Larry asked, releasing Kevin’s little cock. Despite a promising beginning to his bath idea, he still worried about freaking Kevin.

“Don’t let go,” Kevin hastily said. “That felt… weird.”

So Larry closed his fingers around Kevin’s stiffy once more and stroked the skin up and back, the way Rave had taught him the night before when they were sucking each other.

“Oh, wow,” Kevin mumbled.

“You can touch mine, too,” Larry offered.

Without hesitation, Kevin closed his thumb and fingers around Larry’s erection. Like the brothers they were, their erections arched up at the same angle and the foreskin pulled back identically on each as they stroked. Larry suspected that Kevin’s, though skinnier could actually be longer.

“That feels good,” Kevin observed.

“Uh, huh,” Larry agreed. Their heads were bent forward now; Kevin’s forehead almost resting on his brother’s shoulder.

“You’re going to like how the water feels,” Kevin promised.

“This feels pretty good,” Larry observed.


“You know what else feels good?” Larry asked in a hushed voice.


“Having your peter sucked on?”

Kevin’s head jerked up in surprise, a lopsided grin on his face. He was sure that his brother was teasing him. “Nah!”

“Yeah, really,” Larry assured him. “Another kid did it to me last night. It was awesome.”

Kevin’s eyes went wide, but then suddenly narrowed. “You gonna want me to suck on your peter?” he asked suspiciously.

“Yeah, we both will… I mean, you suck on mine and I’ll suck on yours. That’s what that other kid and I did last night.”

Even though they were still fondling each other, and Kevin certainly liked how that felt, he still didn’t trust Larry.

“Seriously, dude,” Larry assured him. “I promise… that other kid and I did and it felt awesome. Look, stand up, and I’ll show you what it feels like.” Larry tugged up on Kevin’s cock, encouraging him to his feet.

Kevin stood, not sure what to expect from his older brother. But once he was standing, Larry circled his thumb and finger around the base of Kevin’s cock and swallowed it into his mouth. As if that wasn’t startling enough for Kevin, Larry then did things inside his mouth – things with his tongue – that made Kevin’s knees almost buckle.

“Oh… yeow!” the younger boy gasped. His belly twisted up tight, and he clasped the sides of Larry’s head for balance.


Cheryl watched them as they ate. The three kids all looked so natural; just like normal kids. If anything, the two boys looked more affectionate toward each other than Andy did to Angela.

When she first came home, Andy had avoided her eyes, and Cheryl wondered if he had awakened to the flash of her camera after all. But she behaved as naturally as she could and he soon relaxed.

The kids did look tired, however.

Cheryl knew she had to talk to them… sometime. But not when they were tired. And not before she had the video cameras put in. She wanted to see them naturally, to observe them when their relationship was still brand new, when they were still discovering sex, and while they thought what they were doing was still secret. To observe them and maybe remember Andrew.

And then she had another thought. What would their reactions be if they were to learn that they weren’t simply cousins but that in fact they were half-brothers and sister? Someday, she wondered, should she tell them?


The bathroom was quiet except for the occasional dripping of the bathtub faucet and the shallow, nasal breathing of the two brothers. The bath temporarily forgotten, they lay in a sixty-nine on their sides on the carpeted floor, sucking.

Larry had taught his brother what Rave had taught him the night before, and Kevin caught on immediately. Indeed, Kevin had caught on really well. He swirled Larry’s crown again.

His older brother’s body went rigid and began shuddering.

Kevin lifted his head. “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t stop!” Larry gasped desperately.

Kevin plunged back down. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with Larry, but it sounded like it would get worse if he stopped; and he didn’t want to stop. Larry hadn’t stopped sucking either. And it felt really good… really good… and then, just as Larry’s body began to relax, Kevin was suddenly gasping and his own body was racked with shudders as his little groin clinched and electrified.

The eight-year-old shuddered and spasmed, and Larry kept sucking, even when Kevin spit out his brother’s cock and grabbed Larry’s head with both hands. Larry didn’t stop until he was afraid his little brother’s high-pitched whine would be heard outside the bathroom.

Then he let Kevin’s stiffy slip from his mouth and the younger boy rolled to his back, gasping; his little belly heaving.

“That was an orgasm,” Larry said, propping up on an arm beside him. “You just had an orgasm.”

Kevin’s uncomprehending eyes rolled toward him. Breathing open-mouthed and shallowly, he looked down at his still hard little cock which pointed upward over his belly, and then back up at his brother. He swallowed, and took a slower, deeper breath, and his eyes met Larry’s. “Do that again!” he whispered.


“I started your bath, Lindsay,” her father said, coming back into the den. “Do you need me to help you?”

She looked up from the dolls she was playing with and shook her head. “Can Neal take his bath with me?”

Her dad paused. They hadn’t bathed the kids together in a couple of years, and it surprised him that she asked. Neal glanced up at his dad from the couch where he lay watching TV, and gave him a ‘she’s squirrelly’ look.

Their dad laughed. “No, honey. You two are getting too old to bathe together.”

She shrugged, setting down her favorite doll and climbing to her feet. “When’s Mommy coming home?”

“That won’t be until Sunday. She’ll be home then.”

Lindsay bit her lip, thinking. “Can Jenny spend the night, tomorrow night?”

“Friday night?” her dad said, considering it. “Sure,” he said with a smile. Then he patted her butt, scooting her along toward the bathroom. “Now go take your bath.”

She paused at the door to the hall. “And Neal can ask Rave to sleepover.” She said, smiling. “Rave’s my boyfriend.” Turning into the hall she suddenly wondered if she had just said something that she was supposed to keep secret.

Behind her, her dad turned to Neal. “Who’s Rave?”

“The new kid who came with Matt last night,” Neal said. “He sat and watched TV with Lindsay for a while when we told her to quit bugging us and now she thinks he’s her boyfriend.”

His dad remembered the boy. He was actually a good looking kid… no, ‘good looking’ wasn’t quite right. Unusual perhaps… actually a beautiful boy to be accurate… long, thick black hair, pale blue eyes with long lashes, red lips, white skin, and fine, even features. He couldn’t blame little Lindsay if she was having her first crush. When that kid got older, he was probably going to be very popular with the girls.

“What kind of name is Rave for a guy?” he asked his son, as he took a seat in one of the easy chairs.

“It’s short for Raven,” Neal explained, “cause of his black, shiny hair. Somebody started calling him that.”

“Almost like an Indian name,” the dad observed. “That sort of fits, though. The kid reminds me a little bit of how I’ve always pictured Indians; not just the long black hair -- he’s quiet and moves like a little athlete.”

“He’s good on a skateboard. He’s really good.” Neal glanced back at his dad. “Would it be OK if I did ask him over to spend the night?”


They went to bed early; they were tired. Angela didn’t even go to her bed first. Since Cheryl was already asleep, Angela simply followed the boys back to their room. They undressed and crawled into bed together, Andy first, onto his back; then Rave draped himself over Andy’s left side and Angela over Andy’s right. Their naked bodies, comfortable and natural together. Andy wrapped an arm up behind each of them and soon, all were asleep.


Krystan had left her panties off so that she could let her T-shirt ride up at some point and watch for Matt’s reaction. That Angela did things with her brother had Krystan thinking about Matt.

She waited until her mom and dad were watching TV back in their room. Then Krystan lay down on her stomach on the den floor in front of the TV. Behind her, Matt was on the couch. She scooted back, just a little, until she felt the bottom of her shirt slip up to the top of her thighs, and she felt cool air down between her legs. She let her legs part.

She pretended to watch TV, wondering if Matt had noticed, trying to think how to see his reaction without him knowing that she was. She bent her arm and laid her head down on it, bending her head back toward the couch, closing her eyes as if to sleep, but leaving slits to watch Matt.

He had quickly lifted his eyes back to the TV when she did, and all Krystan saw was Matt, apparently so lost in his TV program that he hadn’t noticed her. While she tried to think what to do next, she actually did fall asleep.

Matt stole glances down between her legs. When he was sure she was really asleep, he slipped from the couch and bent over her, trying to see her girl parts better. Once he had begun learning about sex, he’d thought of trying to spy on her, but never had.

Matt didn’t know what they were called, but he could see her pink labia, and he studied them. His cock grew hard; he knew what that little slit was for. He was about to touch it with his fingers when he heard one of his parents in the hall.

Thinking quickly, he grabbed a lap blanket off the couch and tossed it over Kyrstan’s exposed bottom and quickly climbed back up on the couch. He rolled to his stomach to hide the erection that had begun tenting out the front of his shorts.

His mom came into the den on the way to the kitchen, saw Krystan sleeping on the floor and called to her. “Krystan, if you’re that tired, go to bed.”

Krystan didn’t stir, and her mom started to come toward her.

“Krystan,” she said louder.

Krystan lifted her head.

“Go to bed.”

Krystan nodded, and as her mom left the room, she rose sleepily to her feet and headed back to her bedroom. Disappointed, Matt reached down into his shorts.


The eight of them watched each other undress beside the pool. Because the moon was still low, very little light made it in through the high windows. But the boys’ eyes were adjusting.

Other than Denver, they were mostly just skinny boys with mops of hair and little penises that hung like worms from under small puffs of naked pubic mounds down past still tiny ballsacks. Richard, Jason, and Jon were one and two year bigger versions of the ten-year-olds; their cocks were a little thicker and their balls a little larger and lower hanging. Only Denver had a dark shadow of pubic hair over his thicker cock; he was also the only one already hard.

Kyle moved from boy to boy, teasing, laughing, excited. Davey hopped from foot to foot for a different reason. “What?” Newt asked, poking Davey’s butt. “You need to take a leak or something?”

And then because Davey did need to take a leak, and because he was a ten year-old-boy, and because they were all naked, and because Newt had such a smirk on his face… Davey took his little cock into his hand, aimed it at Newt, and pissed.

With a howl, Newt tried to dodge behind Kyle, and Davey’s stream followed him, pissing Kyle as well. But then Davey felt a warm stream hit his butt and jerked around to find Jon pissing him from behind. He wheeled and had enough stream left to wet Jon’s thighs before running out. But by then, Kyle and Newt had loosed streams of their own on Davey.

Davey, out of ammunition, tried to dodge away behind Jason, the closest non-combatant. So three streams turned on Jason, who quickly returned fire. “Ryan! Richard! Denver!” he cried out, “HELP!”

Richard was already loosing his stream onto the backs of Kyle’s and Newt’s legs. Two feet away, Ryan looked hesitant, so Richard wheeled on him, soaking his crotch.

“Aaagh!” Ryan cried out, and then, carefully lifting his soaked little cock between his thumb and index finger he tried pointing it at Richard who had already started backing away.

Ryan’s stream started with a dribble, but then came up solid, even while he chased the older boy.

Denver was having problems; his cock was still too hard to piss. Davey, who was out of piss himself, nevertheless saw an opportunity to get Devner because Davey had plenty of other guys’ piss on his butt. So he backed his butt to Denver’s and rubbed.

“Augh!” Denver cried, spinning around. He grabbed Davey and took him into the pool. Ryan ran out of piss and stood looking down at his still soaking dick, unaware that he was a tempting target standing beside the pool. Newt tackled him into it. The others followed.

Outside the building, on the path the boys had followed to the broken window, three coyotes were padding silently by. The leader, a female, halted. The other two did as well. The female looked toward the broken window, her ears detecting the sounds within. She sniffed the air, her muzzle rising and falling. Then she took off quickly and the other two followed.


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