Timeline –Thursday night…

Their game of Marco Polo was strange to begin with; because they had to be so quiet, and because the pool house had so little light. The moon was still low, and moonlight through the high windows hit the top of the far wall, leaving the game below in shadow. But then, Marco Polo had morphed into a whole new version anyway.

The seven other boys were slowly circling around ten-year-old Ryan who was the current ‘it’. Every time he called Marco, they called Polo and Ryan’s job was to feel up a different boy each time, remaining ‘it’ until he’d felt up each of them. Every time he went for one boy, others around the circle playfully grabbed at each other. Several sported erect little cocks.

Things had changed in the six days since these boys loaded the bus for camp. All but Jon and Ryan had ‘messed’ with other boys before. But in these last few days, all their inhibitions had been steadily falling away.

Boys are wired to love being with other boys. They’re wired to love play. And in fact, they are wired for sex. Take them away from their regular environment. Put them with other boys and introduce them to sex together. And then if no one is there to inhibit them, sex will become their play, and they will find it damned easy to go along with all the other boys and not feel guilty or worried about being gay or worried about what others will say; not as long as they think the other boys aren’t.

Kyle was a natural organizer. Back home, Kyle organized pick-up games of baseball, or Risk games, or fort building. Back home, Jason and Denver were good athletes. Back home, Richard was a competent athlete, and the guy that made wise cracks from the outfield that broke the others up. All their talents now displayed themselves in the new game.

“Hey, I just remembered,” Richard said. “Ryan’s probably never kissed anybody before. Jon said they hadn’t tried kissing, and I gave Jon his first kiss.”

Ryan stopped turning in place, and straightened up, his eyes popping open. “You kissed Jon?” he asked, his mouth dropping.

I gave him his second kiss,” Jason said, holding up his hand.

“Hey, have Jason kiss Ryan,” Newt said. He grinned encouragingly at Ryan. “Jason’s a good kisser.”

“So is Denver,” Kyle said with a frown at Newt. He still wasn’t happy that Newt seemed to be getting along so well with Jason. “Denver’s the best kisser.” Kyle said. He didn’t really believe that, but said it on an impulse to maybe make Jason jealous. He watched Jason from the corner of his eye and was glad to see him glance his way.

Ryan, not at all sure about kissing boys, began trying to back from the circle.

“Hey! Hey! I know,” Davey said. “Everybody kisses Ryan and he decides who the best kisser is.”

“I’ll go first,” Newt quickly volunteered.

If it had been anybody else, Ryan might have tried to get away; but Newt was a little guy – smaller than himself -- and harmless, and actually… cute. Ryan nevertheless, backed to the side of the pool.

Newt came up to him face-to-face, smiling. “It’s OK,” he said quietly. “I just started kissing, too. It’s really cool.”

Newt stepped closer, and then because he thought that with Ryan doing the judging he might actually have a chance to be picked as a good kisser, he made the most of it. Slowly, he leaned forward, moving his lips toward Ryan’s until at the last moment, he closed his eyes and their lips met. They kissed and he pressed his body to Ryan’s, wrapping his arms over Ryan’s shoulders.

“Look at Newt go!” Jason whispered to Denver with a grin.

Newt’s little cock was hard, and working his hips between Ryan’s legs, he pressed his hardness into Ryan’s crotch. He tried opening his mouth to Ryan, but Ryan didn’t open back. The kiss lasted only a few seconds, but before the boys parted, Newt felt Ryan’s cock grow hard against him.

Ryan wasn’t the only one whose cock grew hard. The others, watching the two smallest boys kiss, grew hard if they weren’t already.

“I’m next,” Kyle said, stepping in quickly. He went at it much like Newt had; with a disarming smile, a gentle press of lips, and a firmer press of his body. He grabbed Ryan by the hips and pulled their middles together.

But still, when Kyle opened his mouth to Ryan, Ryan didn’t open his mouth in return.

“Let me take a turn,” Jason said, patting Kyle’s butt underwater and stepping in as Kyle stepped back.

Ryan looked up at the taller boy, more unsure now. Newt said Jason was a good kisser, and Ryan wondered what he was about to experience.

Jason smiled, watching Ryan’s small mouth. He looped his arms over Ryan’s shoulders and leaned close. “When I open my mouth,” he whispered, “open yours, too. OK?” He waited until Ryan nodded, and then leaned in.

He pressed his lips to Ryan’s, and his twelve-year-old body to Ryan’s ten-year-old body, erection to erection. He slid his hands down Ryan’s back and opened his mouth over the smaller boy’s.

Ryan finally opened his mouth in return, and Jason gently probed in with his tongue. As he probed, he slid his hands all the way to Ryan’s bottom and grabbed under it, pulling Ryan up onto him.

Ryan began to understand why kissing was so cool. He wrapped his arms over Jason’s angular shoulders; felt Jason’s bones and light muscles, his smooth skin, his height… and down between his own legs, he felt Jason’s larger erection rub against his. He rubbed back.

There were cheers and hoots until Denver shushed them.

Jason worked his mouth against Ryan’s and bent Ryan’s body back under him.

“OK! OK!” Richard said, pinching Jason’s butt from behind. “Let somebody else have a shot.”

Slowly, the boys parted, though Ryan looked like he wanted more.

Richard stepped in, grinning broadly.

Jason turned immediately to Kyle. “Not the best kisser, huh?” he said challengingly, and pulled Kyle’s belly to his own with an arm behind Kyle’s waist. Grinning, Kyle only made only a small show of trying to pull away. Jason planted his mouth on Kyle’s and bent him backward.

Richard’s grin turned serious as he wrapped his arms around Ryan’s shoulders and bent to kiss the smaller boy. Ryan had the idea now, and his mouth opened even before Richard’s. When Ryan wrapped his arms over Richard’s shoulders and his legs around Richard’s hips, Newt elbowed Davey and gave him a wink. “He likes it alright.”

Davey went next, but without the height and size of the older boys, he took a different tack, running his fingers into Ryan’s hair and pressing Ryan’s body back against the side of the pool with his own. Their mouths opened and Ryan felt the pleasure of being more aggressive, probing more with his own tongue. He slipped his hands down to the small, orange-size globes of Davey’s butt and pulled their crotches tightly together.

A few feet away, Kyle had wrapped his legs around Jason’s hips, and the two of them were still going at it.

And then it was Jon’s turn with Ryan. “Dude,” he whispered, “we should have done this before!” He wrapped his arms around Ryan’s shoulders and Ryan grabbed Jon’s narrow hips. They kissed gently and rubbed cocks. Their mouths opened and their tongues wrestled. The kiss was… familiar. For the last couple of days, they had been intimate together. They enjoyed the kiss.

Finally, it was Denver’s turn. By then, not only were Jason and Kyle still kissing, their bodies entwined, but Richard, Davey, and Newt had their arms around each other and were three-way kissing.

Denver tapped Jon on the shoulder, and Jon stepped back. As Denver stepped in, Jon looked around and then moved toward Richard, Davey, and Newt.

Denver’s smile had desire in it. Ryan was cute, and he was small, not that much bigger than Newt. Denver slipped an arm behind Ryan’s waist and pulled their bellies together. With his other hand, he grabbed Ryan’s little, bubble butt and pulled his body up so that their cocks pressed. He bent his mouth to Ryan’s and immediately both their mouths opened.

Ryan wrapped his arms over Denver’s shoulders. The fourteen-year-old had muscles, and they were hard. Ryan ran his hands appraisingly over them as they kissed. Denver’s mouth was warm. His muscles were hard. His arms were strong. And he was aggressive. For the first time, Ryan encountered teen-aged passion.

Denver backed Ryan firmly to the wall, his small-framed, teen-aged body pressing Ryan’s. Ryan felt Denver’s hard chest and belly muscles against his stomach and between his legs; he felt the older boy’s thick cock against his belly. Denver wanted Ryan. He wanted him bad, and Ryan sensed it. It took Ryan’s breath away.

“Time’s up!” Kyle called out to a chorus of moans. He tried to pry Denver and Ryan apart. “C’mon guys. Time’s up. Ryan has to say who the winner is.”

“Ryan can tell you later,” Denver mumbled.

“Nope,” Kyle said, “cause next comes the initiation.”

Denver groaned, resting his forehead on Ryan’s. “Not like the other night,” Denver mumbled. “Why not let us each just do what we want.”

“C’mon, c’mon,” Kyle said, trying once more to pry them apart. “It’ll be fun.”

Reluctantly, Denver leaned back, but he didn’t release Ryan.

The others had been gathering around.

“So, Ryan,” Davey said. “Who wins?’

Ryan glanced at them all. “Dunno. Gotta try everybody again.”

Kyle and Davey both reached in to punch his shoulders.

“Alright! Alright! – Denver,” Ryan said.

“You’re only saying Denver because he’s got you in a death grip,” Jason said.

“Nah, he’s good,” Ryan said, wrapping his legs around Denver’s waist and his arms around Denver’s shoulders. He pulled himself up onto the teen’s body.

“Hey! Hey!” Kyle said, wagging a finger. “First the initiation.”

They were all in a huddle now, and almost all of them frowned at Kyle.

“No, seriously,” Kyle insisted. “We gotta initiate the new guys and we never really finished the other night. I’ve been thinking about it, and I know how to do it a lot faster… it’ll be good. I promise. Davey and I even made special bead necklaces for everybody to wear once we’re initiated. Now everybody get out of the pool!”

Slowly, grumbling, they climbed out onto the deck. All of them sprouted erections now…

…on the ten-year-olds – Newt, Ryan, Kyle, and Davey – little erections like upward-curving spikes rising from between skinny, dancing legs and naked pubes…

… on Richard, the long, lean eleven-year-old, a skinny erection, but longer and straighter than the younger boys, and rising from the more solid loins of a pre-teen; an erection that was ruddy in color against the redhead’s creamy white skin, even in the pale light of the moon…

… on the twelve-year-olds – tan Jason and dark Jon – erections thicker around than a big man’s thumb and Jon’s especially much longer than the younger boys’ cocks; they had twelve-year-old boy bodies with slender, long legs; legs with real muscles showing; long, almost-teen torsos; and butts that showed muscles when they flexed…

… on Denver, the fourteen-year-old, an erection easily thicker than either of the twelve-year-olds’, jutting upward from hips that formed a tight, masculine narrows between solidly muscled little thighs and a torso tapering down from wide little shoulders; and right in the middle… like an inverted arrowhead, the “V” of his abdominal plate dove into the small, black pubic patch from which his cock pointed up, so pale and hard.

They grew quiet; looking each other over while slowly drawing into a smaller circle, each holding his own cock and gently stroking. Kyle lifted his eyes to their faces. “Wanna hear my idea?” he asked quietly.

They nodded.

“Ok, I’m thinking that for this to really be The Cocoanut Butter Gang, everybody needs to have sucked everybody else, and cornholed everybody else, and lookit,” he rushed on, before anyone could object, though no one had started to, “I figured out how we can do it pretty fast and it’ll be fun. Here…”

He stood Newt at the edge of the pool with his back to it, his small body silhouetted against the moonlit pool water. Beside him, Kyle stood Davey, and then beside Davey, Ryan, and finally himself; so that the four, ten-year-olds stood shoulder to shoulder with their backs to the water, their cocks jutting up.

“Mighty tykes,” Richard said with a grin.

Davey shot him the finger.

“Teners,” Newt said with a sudden grin. “Like The Three Tenors… we’re…” his chest swelled, “The Four Teners.”

The older boys laughed. “So,” Denver asked with a cocked eyebrow. “You guys gonna sing?”

“No, no singing,” Kyle quickly spoke up. “Here’s my idea for our initiation. Each of you old guys pick one of us…” he flashed a smile down the line, “one of us Teners. You’re gonna suck our cocks till I say switch after about ten seconds, and then we’re gonna do the rotatin’ kind of thing we did the other night, but only moving over one at a time so that nobody get’s missed. OK… just 10 seconds at a time,” he said. Then waving the older boys over. “Pick somebody.”

Jon stepped up to Kyle with a big grin before Jason could, but Kyle noticed Jason’s attempt and gave him a smile. Denver had already stepped in front of Ryan with a hungry look, so Jason stepped past them, but Richard stepped up to Davey before he could, so Jason finally stepped up to Newt at the end of the line.

“Hey,” Denver said, his eyes on Ryan’s lips, “if we kiss each time before we start sucking, then we will have all kissed each other, too.”

“Yeah,” Richard agreed, pulling Davey into his arms without waiting to talk it over.

When he did, Denver pulled Ryan into his arms. Jon followed suit with Kyle, and Jason did with Newt; the four older boys planting their mouths over those of the younger boys and bending them back.

Bodies pressed. Cocks ground. Hands grabbed at sides.

“Guys,” Jason said quietly, coming up for air, but holding Newt in his arms; his eyes smiling down fondly at the smaller boy’s. “If we don’t start soon, we’re gonna get stuck doing this.”

Lips parted down the line. First Denver, and then the other older boys dropped to their knees. They all watched as Denver leaned forward and lifting his palm under Ryan’s balls with one hand, he pulled down Ryan’s upward curving little cock with the fingers of the other and swallowed it whole.

Ryan went rigid with his hands frozen above Denver’s head as if frozen in mid clap. For a moment, they were all frozen, watching. And then Denver murmured as if he’d tasted a fine chocolate and his jaw began to work as inside his mouth he cradled the underside of Ryan’s cock with his tongue, and slid it up and back. With a gasp, Ryan’s hands dropped to Denver’s thick hair.

Each of the three older boys turned to the crotch of their ten-year-old, and did exactly as Denver had done. And like Ryan had done, to varying degrees, the Teners, bent over the older boy’s heads.

It almost a minute, rather than ten seconds when Kyle finally remembered to say, “Shift!”

The older boys got to their feet and slid down one. Not waiting for instructions, Richard wrapped Ryan up in his arms and gave him a long, full-bodied kiss. On his left, Denver did the same to Kyle and on his right, Jason did the same to Davey. Then they dropped to their knees and began sucking. Stroking their cocks, Jon waited at one end and Newt at the other; waiting for the next shift to line up with their new partners.

And because they were waiting, it was only a little longer than ten seconds before Kyle called out again, “Shift!”

The three who were kneeling rose to their feet and rotated left. Denver moved in front of Jon, and for the first time, they kissed. Richard moved in front of Kyle. Jason moved in front of Ryan, and Newt moved in front of Davey.

Four pairs of boys entwined in arms and legs. Middles ground together and murmurs were the only sounds.

Jason broke from his kiss with Ryan for a breath. “Kyle,” he reminded quietly.

“Umph,” Kyle murmured, pulling from Richard’s mouth. He took a deep breath. “Time to suck, guys.”

Four boys dropped to their knees and four mouths closed over stiff little cocks.

“Shift!” Kyle murmured distractedly after thirty seconds.

Denver stepped to the end. Richard stepped up to Jon. And Jason moved in front of Kyle… with a big grin. He pulled the smaller boy into his embrace. Their mouths opened to each other, their legs slipped between each other’s. Jason’s tongue plunged into Kyle’s mouth and his hands dropped to Kyle’s butt, pulling him tight. Kyle clung to Jason’s angular shoulders, rubbing his cock back hard against Jason’s.

Beside them, Newt stepped up to Ryan, and Davey, left on the end, waited for the next shift.

But Kyle was busy. He and Jason were grinding, pawing, moaning. Suddenly, Jason turned them away from the water, and laying Kyle down quickly onto his back, dove onto the smaller boy and began grinding his cock on Kyle’s, pumping his hips while the other boys watched his clenching butt and back.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Jason whimpered, clutching Kyle’s shoulders as he pumped out his semen between their bodies.

And then he slowed, but Kyle didn’t, still pawing at Jason’s back with his hands.

“Of course you know,” Richard said, looking down at them from where he and Jon held each other, “you can’t drop out just because you came.”

Jason murmured something unintelligible.

“OK, back to sucking,” Richard called.

Jason struggled to his feet and helped Kyle up. When Kyle stepped back into line, Ryan ran a hand over his belly. “Is this cum?” he asked in a whisper as the boys in front of them dropped to their knees.

“Yeah,” Kyle murmured, dazed. He closed his hands over Jason’s head. Jason was out of it, but his mouth felt good on Kyle’s roaringly hard little cock.

“Shift!” Richard called, when Kyle didn’t.

Richard stepped up to Denver. Jason stepped up to Jon and basically collapsed onto him. Newt stepped up to Kyle, and Davey stepped up to Ryan. They hugged. They kissed. And then four of them dropped to their knees.

Kyle was more than ready. He watched as Newt took his cock into his mouth and waited for any stimulation to reach his climax. But Newt wasn’t that good a sucker; not at that point.

“Shift!” Kyle called almost immediately.

Guys exchanged glances, but they shifted. And now Davey was in front of Kyle. Kyle threw his arms around him with relief because he and Davey knew how to do each other. “Dude,” Kyle whispered desperately in Davey’s ear. “You gotta get me off.”

Davey nodded. They kissed. And then Davey quickly dropped to his knees. In what seemed like a nanosecond to Davey and an eon to Kyle, Kyle had his spike of a cock jammed as far as possible into Davey’s mouth and his hips were moving.

Davey hung on, sucking, working his tongue as best he could, and almost instantly, Kyle was doubled over him, gasping and whimpering.

And from down the line came Denver’s teen-voice grunts as he shot off into Jason’s mouth.

Richard and Jon came on the next rotation. And then Kyle worked them quickly through the last couple of shifts since the only ones who hadn’t come were the ones doing the sucking.

Finally, Kyle called out, “Done!” and eight boys collapsed onto each other.

They lay there, heads resting on bellies and butts, catching their breath. “That wasn’t bad, dude,” Jason said, reaching across to pat Kyle’s leg – the closest part of Kyle to him.

Several murmured agreement.

“Yeah, but we’re The Cocoanut Butter Gang,” Kyle reminded them, and after a few minutes, he had them all on their feet, applying cocoanut butter to each other’s cocks and cracks.

“Same thing,” Kyle said, walking among them. “Only this time we’ll go faster, no kissing or anything to slow us down.”

“Unless some smartass has to stop to have his orgasm,” Davey said, poking Kyle’s side.

“Well if he does,” Kyle warned, “he’ll just have to get hard again if he isn’t finished doing every body.”

“Well then do it fast,” Davey said, “because some of us haven’t had a chance to come yet.”

“OK, OK,” Kyle said, stepping to the side of the pool. He waved them over. “Teners back in our places,” he said.

Once again, the ten-year-olds stood shoulder to shoulder with their backs to the pool, in the same order as before. Their same original partners came up to face them.

Kyle eyed Jon’s lengthening member and glanced up at him with a lopsided grin. “Shit, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”

Jon’s brow furrowed. “It won’t be bad. I’ll be careful.”

Kyle shook his head, grabbing Jon’s cock. “I was kiddin’ dude.” He glanced down the line. “Everybody… grab a dick and let’s all get hard.”

Eight hands reached across to stroke eight cocks. Because of the cocoanut butter, slathering noises echoed in the quiet.

“And make sure everybody has lots of cocoanut butter on, so we don’t have to stop,” Kyle added.

Glancing down the line, it looked to him like all four of the older boys were fully hard. “Everybody ready?” he called out.

“Yeah,” came back from everyone down the line.

“OK,” Kyle said. “All us Teners… turn around and bend over.”

They all exchanged glances, lopsided grins, and a couple of hoots. The four smaller boys turned to face the pool and bent over, hands on their knees. Behind them, four older boys with erections watched, and felt their erections grow much stiffer.

“Oh, shit,” Denver murmured.

Jon reached out and ran his hand over Kyle’s smooth, white little butt. The four older boys looked at each other, and then as one, stepped up, each behind his ten-year-old. They planted their feet outside the smaller boys’ feet. Knees bent, hands pointed cocks toward puckers. They watched their shafts and each other’s shafts as they disappeared into four rounded, little butts.

Jon and Richard grabbed hips. Jason grabbed Newt’s shoulders. Denver grabbed Ryan’s shoulder with one hand and his hip with the other.

The hips of the four older boys began to move; at first like pistons in a car, one or two going in while the others were drawing out. But within a few strokes, all of them had moved both hands to the ten-year-olds shoulders and the fluid movements of their bodies were almost identical, and synchronized.

Holding on to their Tener’s shoulders, they leaned back, watching each other; watching their slender bodies moving; knees bent, laps lifting, thrusting.

With a grin, Richard let go with one hand and circled it over his head like a cowboy with a lasso, and they grinned at each other with the shared image of four horseback riders.

“Shift!” Kyle called out.

“Shit!” Jon, Jason, and Richard said at the same time.


Silently, they stole back into camp; the now official Cocoanut Butter Gang; each of them wearing the black and red beads around their necks that marked them as full-fledged members. Denver and Newt pulled Ryan into their tent and quietly zipped it up. Jon followed Richard and Davey into the younger boy’s tent.

Stepping behind Kyle, Jason put his hands on the younger boy’s shoulders and directed him to his and Richard’s tent.

Inside, they quietly undressed and then crawled into the doubled sleeping bags together. Kyle lay on his back, and Jason rolled onto him, cocking a leg over his middle and an arm across his chest. “You’re an asshole,” he said with a grin.

Kyle cocked an eyebrow. “You’re the one who’s been ga-ga over Newt.”

And then because Jason really liked the smart-ass Tener under him, he covered Kyle’s mouth with his own and wrapped his arms around him. As sleepy as he was, Kyle delightedly kissed back.


Cheryl had slept fitfully and woke early. She had wrestled through the night with the temptation to peek into Angela’s room; to see if Andy was in there with Angela; to see if they were sleeping like they had been the morning before. She would love to see that again.

She dressed and almost made it out the door, before her willpower collapsed, and setting down her purse and car keys in the kitchen, she headed for the kids’ side of the house. With infinite care, she quietly opened the door to Angela’s room and waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark room.

And then she was puzzled. Angela’s bed wasn’t only empty; it looked like it hadn’t even been slept in. Did that mean she was in the boy’s room? Certainly, she and Andy wouldn’t try to do things with Tommy sleeping in the same bed.

She closed the door, and silently headed up the hall. Again with infinite car, she opened the door without a sound and leaned her head into the room. Unable to make out their shapes in the dim light, she stepped into the room and, quietly, up to the bed.

The three of them were sleeping spooned to each other. Their faces were all turned on their pillows, and with three heads of long black hair, three sets of white, angular shoulders, and three long torsos, Tommy was only recognizable by his smaller size.

At first, she thought Andy was spooned behind Angela. But then Cheryl realized that Andy was spooned to Tommy’s back. Angela was spooned to Andy’s. It was her slightly smaller size and her more rounded, little hips under the bedsheet that enabled Cheryl to recognize her.

Andy held Tommy in his arms like a kid clutching a stuffed toy in his sleep. Angela’s hand rested on Andy’s shoulder. The bed sheet was down to their waists and not even Angela wore a shirt. Were they naked?

Slowly, carefully, Cheryl took the edge of the bed sheet into the fingers of both hands and lifted it back. Tommy’s naked little butt was in Andy’s lap. Andy’s was in Angela’s. Cheryl stifled a gasp.

She lowered the sheet back down and quietly left the room.

Her thoughts didn’t begin to settle again until she was in her car. And then the one thought that kept coming back was the memory of how they looked together, and that her children were undeniably… beautiful.


Larry rubbed his eyes sleepily and stared into his bowl of breakfast cereal.

His mother worked busily around the kitchen. “Larry, honey,” she said, “this morning I need to run errands and then I’m having lunch with your grandmother. Unless you want me to have to take you all with me, I need you to watch Kevin and Kimberly.”

Larry, still waking up, looked up at her.

“I don’t want to hear it,” his mom said, holding up a forestalling hand. “I know you’d rather be out with your friends, but it’s just for the morning. I don’t ask you to do this very often, so I’d appreciate it if you don’t argue with me.”

“I wasn’t going to argue,” Larry said, shaking his head slowly. “I don’t mind watching them.”

His mom paused, and then a surprised smile stole across her face. “Well thanks, honey. You really can be sweet when you want to.”


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