Timeline – Friday morning…

Having stopped by the mess hall for coffee, Harold now sat in a camp chair in front of his tent, sipping and reading. It was almost time to wake the boys. While they got ready for breakfast, he would have time to read and enjoy his coffee.

He could hear boys stirring in the camps around theirs, but he was glad his was a group of late sleepers. He enjoyed the few extra minutes of quiet.

But then it was time to wake them. Setting down his coffee, he did what he did every morning; he went from tent to tent, giving each a shake while yelling, “Rise and shine! Time to get up!”

He returned to his camp chair, coffee, and book while the boys roused themselves, hit the latrine, and got ready for breakfast.

After a few minutes and only half the tents stirring, Harold bellowed out again… “Rise and shine! Get up you lazy knuckleheads! Or I’ll come drag you out!” He had no intention of getting out of his chair, but the threat usually worked.

He was surprised to see Ryan came out of Denver’s and Newt’s tent with them. Did Ryan and Jon have a disagreement? A moment later, Jon and Richard came out of Davey and Kyle’s tent, but with only Davey. But then Kyle came out of Jason’s and Richard’s tent with Jason.

Harold’s brow furrowed. It was like they were all doing sleepovers. He’d seen kids do that once or twice on longer campouts; where a kid would want to change tents. But this didn’t seem like that. These guys had all been hanging around together and it was almost like they just fell asleep in whoever’s tent they wanted. Harold also noticed that they were all wearing black and red beads around their necks this morning.

He bit his lip, thinking. On the one hand, he was glad these eight boys seemed to be hanging so well together, but on the other hand, he didn’t want a clique forming within the troop. He’d have to talk to Denver to make sure they didn’t exclude the other boys.


Andy, lying on his back, woke to a hand around his morning erection. He was being stroked. Opening his eyes, he found Angela’s blue eyes watching him, inches above his face. She smiled and then lowered her mouth to his, and kissed him, still stroking.

Rave lay curled on his side under Andy’s left arm, the side of his face resting on Andy’s left shoulder and bicep, and his spine backed against Andy’s left side. Andy liked him there, but Angela was definitely in the mood and he began to think about how to roll from Rave.

But then Angela sat up, still holding Andy’s cock. And still holding it, she knelt up, swinging a knee over Andy to straddle his middle. She worked her knee between Andy’s side and Rave’s butt while she positioned herself over Andy’s hips.

Andy felt her moist slit settle onto his crown. She had already applied KY. He grabbed her thigh with his free hand and held on as Angela settled on to him and his cock slid up her narrow vagina.

Closing her eyes, Angela pressed her fingertips to her nipples and began to rise and fall on Andy’s cock. Andy watched her undulating body. He could see the flat plates of her stomach and chest muscles as she stretched and rose and then sat back. She may have still been flat-chested, but she had long, feminine lines, and Andy liked that she had so little body fat for a girl, just like he had so little for a boy.

He looked down the length of his own body, to his low pubic mound which was still basically hairless. He watched her hairless mound flatten on it, again and again.

He closed his eyes, as well… to enjoy it. Rave stirred and looked back over his shoulder. Seeing what they were doing, he took Andy’s left hand and moved it to his own erection, already long and thumb-thick. When Andy closed his fingers around it, Rave shut his eyes and drowsily pumped his hips.

Lifting his head, Andy kissed the back of Rave’s neck. Angel lay forward onto him, and kissed the nape of Andy’s neck.


“Where’s Mommy,” Kimberly asked as she ate her cereal with a teddy bear tucked under her arm.

“She had to run errands,” Larry explained, watching his six-year-old sister. “I’m taking care of you guys this morning while she’s gone.”

“She’s gone all morning?” eight-year-old Kevin asked, looking up from where he’d been reading the back of a cereal box while eating.

“Yeah,” Larry said as he finished arranging three action figures on the breakfast table; something his mom never let him do. “She’s having lunch with Grandma and won’t be back till later.”

Kevin grinned. “Hey, we could take another bath together.”

“Nah,” Larry said. “I gotta keep an eye on Kimie.” Besides, Larry thought, he had been wondering how Rave got Lindsay naked and he was hoping to try some things with Kimie while his mom was away. Larry’s head jerked up. “Hey, we could…”

He turned to his little sister. “Hey, Kimie. If you promised not to tell Mom, we could let you take a bath with us.”

Kevin’s mouth dropped. Kimberly looked up with interest. “And play with your toys?”

Larry’s eyes met Kevin’s. “Yeah,” he said quietly. “But you can’t tell Mom.”


Richard was sitting to his left and Jason to his right at the long, mess hall table, when Kyle said, “I had this crazy dream last night.”

He poured syrup on his pancakes, waiting for someone to ask him what was crazy about his dream. He glanced across the table. Ryan was directly across from him, reaching for his glass of milk. Ryan sat between Denver on one side and a know-it-all eleven-year-old by the name of Donovan Fletcher on the other.

“So, Ryan,” Kyle repeated. “I had this crazy dream last night. I dreamed that I rode seven, different wild stallions.”

Ryan paused in mid-gulp, and snotted milk out his nose.

“Geez, Kyle,” Jason mumbled under his breath, elbowing Kyle’s ribs.

“You sure you didn’t dream that seven wild stallions rode you?” Richard asked with a smirk.

“You know,” Kyle said, lifting a finger. “I may have dreamed that, too.”

Across the table, Ryan dabbed his nose with a paper napkin, and Donovan frowned at Kyle. “Dreams mean things, you know.” Donovan said.

“Yeah, if Kyle’s dreaming about horses, it probably means he wants a bigger dick,” Richard observed.

“You should do like me then,” Jason said from Kyle’s other side. “Every night, I sit down, bend my head a little, and suck my cock for a while to make it bigger.”

Ryan made a funny noise and more milk bubbled from his nose.

“That’s not possible,” Donovan said, smugly. “Nobody can suck his own cock.”

The other boys turned his way.

Donovan glanced from one to the other. “Well it’s not.”

“How much do you wanna bet?” Jason asked with a sly grin.

“You saying you can do it?”

“How much do you wanna bet?” Jason asked again.

“What do you bet?”

“I bet I can suck my own cock; you say I can’t; loser runs naked through the mess hall at lunch.”

Donovan laughed nervously.

“Well?” Jason asked.

“Call his bluff, Donovan,” Richard encouraged. “He can’t do it. He’s just being an asshole.”

Under the table, Kyle squeezed Richard’s leg as he suppressed a grin, waiting for Donovan’s answer.

Everyone’s eyes were on Donovan.

“Of course if you’re chicken,” Jason said, his grin widening, “we can understand why. Any guy who can’t suck his own cock must have a little bitty one. You wouldn’t want everybody to see that.” Jason said that knowing from the showers that actually, Donovan’s cock was average.

Donovan frowned, looking at him askance. Neither him or his older brother and neither of the other two boys he’d tried it with could suck their own cocks. “You’re on!” he said.


The customer stared at her impatiently. “You haven’t given me my change,” he said.

“Oh,” Cheryl replied, embarrassed. “I’m sorry.” She quickly counted out the customer’s change.

“What’s into you?” Abel asked, coming up alongside her. “That’s like the second time this morning.”

Cheryl shook her head. “My mind’s just been elsewhere.” She smiled apologetically. “Thanks for being concerned.”


“Why are your peters all pointy?” Kimberly asked over the noise of the filling bathtub as they undressed her.

Kevin glanced at Larry.

“They get like this so we can play with them,” Larry said as he tugged down her panties. He only pulled them part way so he could use the excuse of taking them off to run his fingers over her tiny labia. She spread her legs for him.

“How do you play with them?” she asked.

“Oh, different ways,” Larry said, gently feeling around between her legs since she hadn’t stopped him.

“Like, Kimie,” Kevin interjected, “we can put them in front of the jets in the Jacuzzi tub and it feels really good. I bet you can do it, too… with your pee-pee.” He reached in to feel between Kim’s legs, too, and Larry pulled his hand back to let him. “Like does this feel good on your pee-pee,” Kevin asked.

Kimberly nodded.

“Then you’re gonna like the jets,” he assured her. “Let’s get in. You’ll see.”

Larry, the ten-year-old, climbed in first; followed by his younger brother and sister. The three stood for a moment, then the two boys reached for each other’s stiffy, squeezing them between fingers.

“Are you playing with your peters now?” Kimberly asked.

“Yeah, but let’s do the jet thing,” Kevin offered. He turned on the jets. Kimberly jumped at the sound, and then laughed. “Here’s what you do, Kimie,” Kevin said. He lay down onto his side, and clasping the side of the tub, moved his crotch up to one of the side jets. “It feels really good.”

Kimberly tried lying down on her side and holding the opposite side of the tub, but she was too small. However, she wasn’t too small to kneel in front of the jet. She did and then maneuvered so that it hit between her legs, and then she laughed. “It feels funny.”

“Does it feel good?” Larry asked, kneeling behind her. With his knees planted outside hers, he put his hands on Kimberly’s shoulders and pressed his erection against her back.

Kim nodded, her smile fading. “It feels good,” she said quietly.

For a few moments, there was hardly a sound or movement in the tub; Kevin holding his cock in front of the jets on one side, Kimberly spreading her little labia with her fingers on the other side and Larry quietly rubbing his cock on the soft skin of her back.

Then Larry noticed what Kimberly was doing with her fingers. Bending over her, he reached his fingers between her legs. “I’ll help,” he said.

With two fingers, one on each side of her crevice, he gently rubbed up and back. “Does this feel good, Kimie?” he asked softly.

She nodded her head back against his chest.

“You know what else feels good?” he asked, barely able to breathe with anticipation.

She shook her head.

“When a boy’s peter gets hard so he can play with it, he can put it in a girl’s pee-pee and they can play together and it feels good for both of them.”

It took a moment to register, but then it did and Kevin sat up behind him, his mouth dropping.

“We can try that,” Larry suggested. “Would you like to try that, Kimie?”

She nodded. “How do you do that?” she asked in her small voice.

Larry was wondering the same thing. He looked around. Maybe, if he just sat on the side of the tub… He sat up from the water, resting his butt on the tub’s edge. “Stand up here,” he instructed his little sister.

She stood up directly in front of him and he reached between her legs. She spread her feet as his fingers probed around in her crack.

“It goes in here somewhere,” Larry said half to himself as Kevin knelt up and watched from the side; his cock pointing well up his belly. “In here,” Larry said, his fingertip finding her opening.

Kimberly went up onto her toes and bit her lip.

Larry tried to decide how to do it. He had pictured her straddling his lap, but that didn’t seem like a good idea now. Where would she put her legs? Then he had another idea. “Turn around, Kimie, and sit in my lap.”

The little girl turned her back to her older brother and backed up. Kevin moved around in front of her and bent his head down so he could watch.

For a few awkward moments, Larry held the side of Kimberly’s hip and tried to angle the tip of his cock to the right spot. Finally, he slid his butt forward and pulled Kimberly’s butt back so that her slit was directly above his upward pointing stiffy. He managed to get the end into her opening and then grabbed Kimberly’s waist with both hands to guide her down.

Kimberly took that as a sign to sit, so she sat. Larry’s stiffy bent a little, and then popped in the full length as Kimberly’s butt landed in his lap.”

“Ouch!” she yelped, struggling to get back up.

Larry tried holding her down in his lap as she squirmed.

“Let her up!” Kevin said. “Kimie’s crying.”

Larry let her up, frustrated because it wasn’t supposed to go this way.

Kimberly climbed from the tub and went to the toilet, sitting on it with her legs well out to the sides so she could examine herself, tears streaming down her cheeks. The boys climbed from the tub.

“It’s not that bad, Kimie,” Larry said, thinking it had mainly scared her.

“It’s bleeding,” Kimberly said and the bottom dropped out of Larry’s stomach.

The boys dropped to their knees in front of her to take a look. Oddly, Kimberly seemed to calm a little, trying to see where the little drop of blood she found on her fingers came from. It was Larry who was ready to panic. What had he done to his sister?

“Are you sure it’s blood?” Kevin asked.

Kimberly nodded and held up her fingers. There was a streak of blood on her index finger.

Larry racked his mind trying to think what to do, who he could call. Rave was the only one who came to mind. Maybe Rave could tell him what to do. “I’m gonna call somebody,” Larry said, getting to his feet. He ran naked and wet from the bathroom without even thinking about it.

Kevin put a hand on each of Kimberly’s legs, spreading them a little wider as he leaned down, trying to see. She looked OK to him. And Kimberly had almost stopped crying. “It’s not bleeding on the outside,” he observed.

She shook her head. “It’s inside,” she said, sucking in her tummy to see better. She rubbed her finger into her crevice and then looked at it. It was pink, but no more obvious blood.

“Hey, I know, Kimie,” Kevin said. “I can spread some Neosporin gel on my peter and we can like… real carefully… we can put it inside your pee-pee and maybe the Neosporin will make it quit hurting and stop it from bleeding.”

Kimberly giggled and wiped her eyes on the backs of her hands. She looked down at Kevin’s peter. It was still pointing up.

“I’ll be real careful,” Kevin promised.

Kimberly nodded. “But if I say ‘take it out’ you take it out.”

“Sure, Kimie,” Kevin said, getting up from the floor. He knew which drawer the Neosporin was in and quickly had it out. Kneeling in front of the toilet, he coated his cock with the antibiotic gel. “Slide up here, Kimie,” he said, patting the front of the toilet seat. “Maybe we can get it in this way.”

Kimberly slid her butt forward, steadying herself with a hand on each of Kevin’s shoulders. When just the back end of her butt remained on the seat, she spread her legs out wide and sucked in her tummy so she and Kevin could see her crevice well.

Kevin scooted forward on his knees, angling his cock down and into the top of her slit.

“Uh, uh,” she said. “It goes lower.” Taking her right hand from his left shoulder, she grabbed his long little, gel-covered stiffy and pointed it down to the right spot; sucking in her tummy more and pointing her opening up more.

Kevin rested his hands on her outstretched legs. Their foreheads rested together, both looking down to where the tip of his shaft touched her slit. Kimberly pulled on his peter, and Kevin pushed his hips slightly forward. It was enough for her to get his little crown inside her.

Kevin held his breath.

She tugged again, and he slipped in a third of his length. She felt warm and wet to Kevin.

Kimberly took the base of his skinny shaft in two fingers and tugged once more, and he was half-in, and it was all he could do to not push in farther.

Kimberly put both hands back on his shoulders and rocked her bottom, testing the feel.

“Is it OK?” Kevin asked, barely breathing.

“Uh, huh,” she said.

“Can I put more in?” he asked in a whisper.

Their foreheads were still resting together, and she nodded on his. So Kevin moved his hands to her bottom, and holding her steady, pushed his hips forward. The two of them watched his shaft disappear inside her as his bare pubic mound flattened her puffy little one.

“Does it still feel OK?” Kevin asked in a whisper, barely breathing.

Kimberly nodded again.

“I’m going to move it to rub in the Neosporin, OK?” Kevin asked.

She nodded.

He pulled his hips back and they watched his slender, pink shaft slowly reappear out to half its length. Despite the gel, the lips of her labia dragged out with his shaft, as if trying to hold on to it. Then he pushed slowly forward and they watched his shaft disappear again until their pubic mounds flattened against each other once more.

“Does it still feel OK?” he asked as he began pulling his hips back again.

“It feels good,” Kimberly said.

“It feels good to me, too,” Kevin whispered.

In the den, Larry hung up the phone and quickly dialed again. He had called Neal for Rave’s number, and Neal gave him Matt’s phone number. So he called Matt, and Matt’s mom had to look up the number.

“Hello,” a boy’s voice said, but it wasn’t Rave.

“Is Rave in?”

“Yeah. Just a sec.”

Larry glanced back toward his mom’s room, anxious to get back.

“Hello?” Rave came on the line.

“I need your help, dude,” Larry said. “Look, don’t think I’m some kinda freak or anything, but well… after doing Lindsay with you, I was sorta horny, you know, and anyway, I have a little sister and I was gonna try sexing with her, but when I put my peter inside her, it hurt her and now she’s bleeding. Like my mom’s gonna kill me. Dude… what do I do?”

“Let me ask my sister,” Rave said.

“NO!” Larry shouted. “No,” he repeated in a harsh whisper. “Your sister, dude! She’ll tell somebody.”

“Chill, Larry,” Rave said, unconcerned. “My sister’s cool. We do stuff together.”

Larry swallowed hard. “You do?”

In a moment, Angela came on the line. She asked how much bleeding and questions like that. And then explained to Larry that he had popped his sister’s cherry, and what that meant, and that Kimberly was fine and that they didn’t need to tell anybody.

Relieved, Larry returned to the bathroom… and froze in the doorway.

Kimberly was sitting on the front edge of the toilet seat with her arms around Kevin’s shoulders and her legs around his waist. Kevin’s hands held her butt and his hips were pumping regularly. The sides of their faces were pressed together and their eyes were closed tightly in what looked like… concentration. Larry’s cock immediately began to rise.

He went in and knelt beside them on the side Kimberly had her head. “You OK now Kimie?” he asked.

She nodded without opening her eyes. Larry ran his hand down over her back, and then his other hand down over the slender, pumping form of his little brother. “Can I do it, too?” Larry asked in a whisper.

“Wait,” Kevin said in a harsh whisper. “I’m gettin’ an… orgasm.”

“Put some of that on your peter,” Kimberly said, opening her eyes and pointing down to the tub of Neosporin on the floor. “It makes it feel all better.”

Larry quickly complied while Kevin’s hips pumped a little faster. Then Kevin’s tiny butt clenched and his body shook. He whimpered.

Kimberly glanced at Larry. “Is Kevin OK?”

“He’s real OK,” Larry assured her. “He’s getting an orgasm. That means he’s getting really, really good feelings.”

Kevin slowly pulled out. “I’m gonna wanna go again,” he warned. “But you can take your turn.”

Larry started to move in when Kevin pulled back, but as he began to point his cock down and try to angle into Kimberly, he decided he wanted to do it like he did with Lindsay; that worked well.

Remembering the pillow under Lindsay’s butt, he quickly grabbed a folded towel and laid Kimberly down onto her back on the carpeted floor, her butt on the towel. Her hand went to her crotch, rubbing as she watched him kneel at her bottom and spread her legs out to either side.

Carefully, Larry pointed his cock downward to the spot, worked the end inside, and then slowly pushed in, watching until it was completely inside his little sister. He leaned forward over her then, supporting himself on his hands. Slowly, he began to pump his hips.

Kimberly’s eyes rose to his. “Is it OK, Kimie?” he asked.

“This feels better,” she said.

Grateful, Larry laid down onto her, resting his weight on his elbows. Kimberly wrapped her arms around his neck and hung on as he began to pump.

Her little vagina fit him so snugly that it drug against his length each time he pushed in and tugged back each time he pulled out. He took it slowly, and he didn’t need to go any faster. The sensations were incredible. And then Kimberly began whimpering and he felt her insides tighten a little more. He pushed all the way in and held himself there as he felt her insides squeeze and squeeze on his slender cock, and he felt his own orgasm rising.


“Daddy,” Lindsay asked. “Can I go over to Jenny’s?”

He looked up from his desk. The two little girls were standing at the doorway to his study. “Is your mommy home, Jenny?” he asked.

“Uh, huh,” she answered.

“OK. Stay out of her way.”

He heard them giggling as they went away.

A moment later, he heard the front doorbell. Needing a break anyway, he decided to see who was at the door. Neal was there ahead of him, letting two boys in to the house. One boy he recognized as Rave. The other boy arrested his attention.

He immediately took the boy to be Rave’s older brother. Rave was like an identical, smaller version of him. But where he had seen mostly the potential for good looks in Rave, this older boy was possibly the prettiest boy he’d ever seen.

He’d begun noticing boys more lately; partly because he was thirty-four and feeling his own youth slip away, and partly because when he saw his own son, Neal, in the shower or in just his underwear, he was reminded of the things that he did with other boys at that age. And now this slender new boy, Rave’s older brother, stood before him in a sleeveless, body-fitting, muscle shirt and tight jeans, and it stirred feelings he hadn’t had since adolescence.

He instantly shook those feelings off and extended his hand with a smile. “I’m Neal’s dad, Brandon.”

The older boy took his hand to shake, and their eyes met. The boy had pale blue eyes… they were beautiful actually; wide-set, intelligent, incredibly long and dark eyelashes. His skin was soft looking and white. His lips were deep red. Neal’s dad had the thought that no boy should be that pretty, and he almost laughed at himself for being smitten by a kid.

“My name’s Andy. I’m Rave’s cousin.”

Neal’s dad held his hand. “Certainly you two are brothers; you look so much alike.”

Andy smiled, pleased that the man thought so. And he liked the man, an angular, athletic looking guy; maybe a runner. He had a thick head of brown hair and eyes that were a deeper blue than Andy’s own. He was handsome; the kind of dad Andy always envied other boys for having.

“No, we’re really cousins, Mr…”

“Just call me Brandon,” he said, giving the boy’s hand a friendly squeeze.

Andy squeezed back with a grin.

“Dad, can I still invite Rave to spend the night,” Neal asked, getting ready to lead Rave back toward his room.

“Sure,” Brandon said, letting go of Andy’s hand. Then on an impulse, he motioned back toward his study with his head. “Why don’t you come on back, Andy, and tell me a little about your family.”

Andy followed, glancing around the house.

“Are you a skateboarder, too,” Brandon asked, leading Andy to the study and motioning for him to take a chair.

Andy sat down. “Nah. Rave’s trying to teach me. I’m not very good.”

Brandon noticed the easy grace with which Andy sat; like a natural athlete. His eyes dropped to the boy’s slender body. And when Andy sat, it was obvious between his legs that the boy was already developing a full package.

Brandon took a breath and cleared his head. “Seriously? You’re just learning to skateboard?” Brandon asked, leaning back in his chair. “I did some skateboarding as a kid. The boards have changed a lot since then of course. But I helped Neal get started. Maybe I could help you.”

Andy smiled. “That’d be cool. I bet I bust my butt less with you teaching me than I do with Rave teaching me.” His eyes fell onto a guitar in the corner. “Is that guitar a Yamaha?” he asked.

Brandon glanced into the corner and then back to Andy. “Yep. You play acoustic guitar?”

“I’m learning that as well,” Andy said. “But I’m better at playing guitar than I am at skateboarding.”

Brandon smiled. “And you don’t ever bust your butt playing a guitar.”

“No,” Andy agreed with a grin. His eyes fell to Brandon’s neck muscles. The dude had seriously cool neck muscles.

“Hey, why don’t you come with your brother… um cousin tonight to sleep over with Neal? My wife’s out of town and I’ve got some time on my hands. You can bring your guitar and skateboard and I’ll try to help you out.”

“I don’t have a skateboard. But I’ll check with my mom about coming. Normally I have to watch my cousins. But if Rave’s gonna be over here anyway, maybe Mom will let me.”

The phone rang. Brandon checked caller ID. “It’s my office,” he said.

Andy got up and moved toward the door. “It was good meeting you.”

“It was good meeting you, too, Andy,” Brandon said. Their eyes met. Andy smiled and left the room. As Brandon reached for the phone, he smiled. He knew that sometimes things just click between a man and a boy, like a mentor kind of thing. It had never happened to him before.

He was still on the phone when Neal leaned in a moment later. Behind him, Brandon saw Rave and Andy. His eyes went to Andy, and he smiled. “We’re going over to Rave’s house,” Neal said.

Brandon waved and they left.


When Angela saw that it was just Krystan, she let her in without bothering to put on anything other than the T-shirt she already wore.

“Hi,” Krystan said, smiling nervously as she entered the living room and Angela closed the door behind her. Krystan stopped just inside. “Are the boys around?”

Angela shook her head coming up beside her. “They just left for Neal’s house. He’s some new friend of Rave’s.”

“Oh,” Krystan said, her hand unconsciously dropping between her legs. “I was hoping one of them would be here.”

Angela grinned. “What? Are you horny or something?”

Krystan smiled lopsidedly. “It’s your fault. I keep thinking about how you can sex with your brothers anytime you want, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do stuff with Matt. Last night I let him see me without panties and this morning I let him see me without my shirt in the bathroom… and he was in his underwear and all.” Her eyes grew earnest. “I really, really need a boy.”

Angela bit her lip. Thinking about Krystan and Matt stirred her a little, too. “I don’t know when they’ll be back,” she said, and then offered a tentative smile, “but if you wanna come back to my room, we could do some things, you and me.”

Krystan’s eyes met Angela’s, her brow furrowing just slightly. After a moment’s pause, she stepped closer to Angela. So Angela stepped closer to her. Gingerly, Angela wrapped her hands up behind Krystan’s back and their lips met.

Their mouths opened and they stepped together, sliding legs between each other’s. Krystan dropped her hand down to Angela’s butt. When she did, she tugged up Angela’s shirt and realized that Angela had no panties on. The kiss grew hotter, Krystan pulling Angela onto her hip with both hands.

Angela held Kyrstan’s blond head, probing into Krystan’s mouth with her tongue. Krystan lifted Angela’s shirt higher, and then off over her head.

“Let’s go back to my room,” Angela suggested breathlessly. “Just in case.”

Inside the eleven-year-old’s room, the two girls quickly undressed Kyrstan, and Angela backed her to the bed. Laying Krystan back onto it, Angela lay down onto her at an angle so that Krystan had her open palm up between Angela’s legs and Angela’s palm was between Krystan’s as they kissed and pressed their chests together.

Each knew what felt good for the other, and their fingers worked over and between labia. Pausing for a breath, Angela kissed over the soft skin of the ten-year-old’s cheek and down the side of her neck, into the hollow of her throat, down her sternum, and then onto Krystan’s right nipple. She sucked and nuzzled Krystan’s tiny breast.

Krystan began to writhe under her; she wanted to come so badly. Angela switched to Krystan’s left breast, sucking, tonguing her nipple. Krystan whimpered.

Then Angela reversed herself over Krystan, straddling Kyrstan’s head and plunging her own head between Kyrstan’s legs.

“Agh!” Krystan murmured, her head thrashing. She grabbed Angela’s hips and tugged them down hard, pulling Angela’s slit to her mouth. Her knees jerked up on either side of Angela’s head and she squeezed it between her thighs.

Angela tongued aggressively between Krystan’s labia and grabbing under Krystan’s butt with both hands, she slipped her right index finger into Krystan’s vagina.

Krystan arched under her, clutching Angela’s mound to her mouth, feeling the press of Angela’s slender belly between her breasts, whimpering. Krystan pressed the length of her tongue into Angela’s crevice and then drew it back in one big lick, and did it again and again. Their bodies rocked back and forth. Waves of intense pleasure rolled up from between their legs.

Tears ran from Krystan’s eyes at the intensity of her release, and when he took a breath, it came out as the light laughter of sexual delight; and she rode her first orgasm right into a second.

The were lying in each other’s arms forty-five minutes later when they heard the boys come in the front door. Their legs were entwined and Angela was stroking Krystan’s cheek. They were kissing gently, tenderly.

Krystan closed her eyes, thoroughly satisfied, thoroughly depleted. Angela kissed her on the cheek and then closed her own eyes, pulling Krystan closer. Nose-to-nose on the pillow; quietly, they fell asleep.


Harold was sitting beside Denver at lunch when Donovan ran through the length of the mess hall, naked; his worm of a cock dangling left and right. As the cheers died down, Harold leaned toward Denver. “When I said to be sure to include other boys from the troop in things, this isn’t what I had in mind.”

Denver smiled at him innocently. “We would never want Donovan to feel left out,” he said with a grin.

“Don’t look so pleased with yourself,” Richard told Jason a little farther down the mess table. “You’re not that long; you’re just flexible.”

“And you’re just jealous,” Jason answered with a shoulder bump. He leaned closer. “Wait till you see Andy. I think he’s longer than Jon.” Jason turned to his other side, where Kyle sat. “That reminds me; you gotta make one more bead necklace for Jason.”

“He’s gotta be initiated,” Kyle warned.

“He will be. Give me a little time with him. We were so close to doing stuff already.”

Kyle chewed thoughtfully. “I oughta make two necklaces.” He glanced at Jason. “We gotta keep the number even. Everybody’s come in to the gang with somebody else. Andy’s gonna need a partner.”

“A Tener?” Jason asked with a grin.

“Yeah,” Kyle said with a nod. “It oughta be a Tener. We gotta find him one.”

Kyle chewed thoughtfully again and Jason turned back to talk to Richard, but then Kyle poked his ribs. “We gotta all go to the pool again tonight,” Kyle said.

Jason turned back to look at him.

“We gotta go to the pool tonight,” Kyle repeated. “’Cause none of the tents is big enough for all of us to do stuff at the same time, and because it’s our last night here. We need to do something special.”

Jason’s brow furrowed. “What are you up to now?”


“Is Rave home?” Matt asked as Andy stepped back to let the nine-year-old inside.

“No… sorry. He and Neal are off skateboarding somewhere,” Andy said apologetically.

“No idea where?” Matt asked hopefully, leaning back against the wall just inside the doorway. His eyes glanced up and down Andy’s body. Andy wore only loose shorts.

Andy shook his head. “Sorry, dude.”

Matt looked into the living room. “Is my sister here?”

“Yeah, I just saw her and Angela heading for the kitchen to get something to eat.”

Matt nodded, and then looked at Andy hopefully. “You wouldn’t want to play Nintendo or anything, would you?”

Andy shrugged. “Sure.”

Matt grinned. “Cool!”

Andy waved him on in. “You want a soda?”

“Sure,” Matt answered and followed Andy to the kitchen.

The two girls were sitting at the kitchen table in T-shirts that were so long that Matt couldn’t see their shorts. He didn’t think he’d seen his sister, Krystan, dressed like that before, and he decided she must be wearing Angela’s clothes.

As they walked around the table to the refrigerator, Matt tried looking under the table without looking like he was looking under the table. He was surprised to see Angela rubbing her foot on Krystans.

“What kind do you want?” Andy asked, distracting him.

Matt picked a root beer from the fridge, and Andy picked a Sprite.

The phone rang, and Andy answered.

“Hi, honey,” Cheryl said. “I’m sorry that I didn’t have time to talk earlier. I have time now.”

“Hold on,” Andy said, and he covered the mouthpiece. He needed to ask his mom about Rave and him sleeping over at Neal’s and he didn’t want Matt to have hurt feelings. “Matt… dude… why don’t you go on back to my room. I’ll be right there. I gotta talk to my mom about something.”

Matt nodded and headed on back. Once he was out of earshot, Andy explained the invitation to his mom.

“Well… Tommy is making a lot of new friends,” she said. “Are you sure you want to go, too?”

“Yeah,” Andy answered. “Neal’s dad is going to help me with skateboarding and my guitar.”

“OK, then. Angela and I will have a girls’ night.”

Andy thanked her and hung up the phone. He smiled at the girls. “Did you see Matt trying to look at you guys under the table?”

They glanced at each other. “No,” Angela said.

“He wouldn’t notice anything anyway,” Krystan complained. “Not unless it was in a video game.”

“Krystan’s been trying to get Matt interested in sexing,” Angela smiled. “She’s jealous of us getting to.”

“Well that shouldn’t be difficult,” Andy said.

“Yeah, but what if he freaks at the idea?” Krystan asked. “You know… the idea of doing something with his sister?”

“Hmm,” Andy said. “I’ll try to bring up something like that and see what he says.” Then Andy headed out of the kitchen. “I’ll let you know.”

In four seconds, his head was back in the door. “I have a crazy idea.”


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