Timeline – Friday, just after noon…

Matt and Andy sat on the edge of the bed; Matt on Andy’s left. They were playing John Madden’s NFL on the Nintendo. Angela and Krystan strolled in casually, and Angela knelt onto the bed behind Andy.

“Let’s do something,” Angela said. “Let’s go swim or something.”

“Not now,” Andy said, “we’re busy.”

“You’re not that busy.”

Andy turned to his nine-year-old opponent. “Hey Matt, did you know that these old Nintendos came with a sister control option.”

Matt glanced at him and laughed, then turned back to the game.

“No, dude,” seriously, Andy insisted. “I’ll show you. You just gotta know the right sequence of buttons.”

“No, Andy,” Angela said, baking off the bed. “Not the controller!”

Matt glanced back at Andy again, his mouth slipping into a lopsided grin.

“Watch this,” Andy said. “Left three times, right two times, left three times, right two times, then ‘X’” his long fingers pressed each button emphatically as he called out the sequence. “And now, my Nintendo control will work on my sister. All I have to do is speak into the front of the control and she does exactly what I say.”

Matt laughed.

“Angela!” Andy said, speaking loudly into his controller, “come stand in front of me.”

Angela stood up stiffly, and then walked, glassy-eyed to stand before them at the foot of the bed.

Andy held up the controller again and spoke into it. “Angela, kneel down and kiss my feet.”

Matt laughed out loud. But then Angela knelt down in front of Andy, and bending forward, kissed his feet.

“Try it,” Andy encouraged.

Matt glanced back over his shoulder at his sister.

“Matt. Don’t you dare!” Krystan warned.

Matt wasn’t sure yet what the game was, but he thought he might like it. With a wicked grin, he turned to Andy. “Left three times?” he asked.

“Left three times, right two times, left three times, right two times, then ‘X’” Andy repeated, and Matt pressed the buttons accordingly. “Now try it.”

“Krystan,” Matt said into the controller. “Come over here and kiss my feet.” Then he looked back at his sister expectantly.

Just like Angela had done before her, Krystan walked woodenly around to the foot of the bed. She knelt down, and bending over, kissed Matt’s shoes.

Matt turned to Andy and laughed delightedly.

Andy winked and held his game controller up to his mouth. “Angela, stand up.”

Angela stood back up.

“Tell Krystan to stand, too,” Andy suggested.

“OK,” he said and held up his contoller. “Krystan, stand up.”

Krystan stood. Both girls kept their glassy-eyed looks, which impressed Andy. He was having trouble keeping a straight face.

“Angela, face Krystan,” Andy said into his controller.

Angela turned to face Krystan.

Andy nudged Matt and nodded at Matt’s controller. Matt lifted it to his mouth. “Krystan, turn to face Angela.”

“Now,” Andy said, “Angela, kiss Krystan.”

Matt’s head jerked up and he laughed uncertainly.

Angela kissed Krystan and then stood back.

“Now, Angela,” Andy said, “really kiss Krystan.”

Angela stepped up to Krystan once more, and putting a hand behind her back, pulled their bellies together. She covered Krystan’s mouth with her own and probed into the younger girl’s mouth with her tongue.

Matt’s mouth dropped.

Krystan responded, placing her hands behind Angela’s back, and when she did, the back of Angela’s shirt rose and Matt noticed the bottom of Angela’s butt. It looked bare.

Matt swallowed hard. “Krystan,” he said in almost a whisper. Then he remembered his controller and held it up to his mouth. “Krystan,” he said. “Lift up Angela’s shirt.”

Without breaking the kiss, Krystan pulled up the back of Angela’s shirt. The shirt was all that Angela had on and Matt leaned almost into Andy’s lap trying to see her bare butt..

Andy grinned. “Angela,’ Andy said, lifting the controller to his mouth. “Step back and pull off your shirt.”

“Holy shit!” Matt said, jerking upright, giving Andy a no-way-dude! astounded look.

The girls stepped apart and faced forward. Angela managed to remain expressionless as she took off her shirt. Andy was watching Matt from the corner of his eye. Krystan was watching him, too. They saw his mouth drop and his eyes grow large as they locked on to Angela’s middle.

“I’ve got a beautiful sister, don’t I?” Andy said.

Angela grinned for a moment, though Andy didn’t know whether that was because he called her his sister, or because he called her beautiful. He turned to Matt, whose tongue almost hung out of his mouth. “You have a beautiful sister, too, Matt,” Andy said.

Matt nodded, not really paying attention.

“Dude,” Andy whispered, poking Matt with is elbow. “Have Krystan take off her shirt, too.”

Matt tore his eyes from Angela and looked up at Andy for a moment, not comprehending. Then his eyes flashed to Krystan’s T-shirt, dropped back to Angela’s middle, and then went back to Krystan’s body. He avoided catching Krystan’s eye.

Slowly, Matt lifted the controller to his mouth. “Krystan, take off your shirt,” he said in a shaky voice.

Krystan pulled off her shirt and stood as naked as Angela.

Matt’s eyes locked onto his sister’s crotch, then rose to her newly budding breasts. His face was flush. He was breathing through his mouth. Hard.

“Angela,” Andy said into his controller, “come put your foot up beside me on the bed so I can look at you.”

Angela stepped up to Andy and put her foot up onto the bed to his right so that her crotch was open, not only to him, but to Matt on his left.

Andy reached up and stroked Angela’s labia with his fingertips. Matt’s eyes bulged from his head.

Stroking his sister’s labia, and into her crevice, Andy turned to Matt and nodded toward Krystan who smiled at Andy, but quickly suppressed it.

Not raising his eyes from Krystan’s crotch, Matt lifted the controller to his mouth. His high, boy’s voice came out even higher. “Krystan. Come put your foot up here,” he patted the bed beside his left leg,” and let me look at you.”

Krystan came forward and did just that.

Matt still wouldn’t look at her face, but focused instead, between her legs. He did the way Andy had done with his sister and lifted his fingertips to the lips of Krystan’s labia. “Oh,” he murmured. “it’s so soft.”

Matt drew his finger down her crevice and finally shot a glance up at his sister. Her eyes were closed… she looked like she liked it. Feeling with his fingers, he leaned toward Andy. “Where’s the hole?” he whispered.

“Down at the bottom, between her legs,” Andy said. He reached over, taking the back the nine-year-old boy’s hand into his, and he guided Matt’s index finger to the bottom of Krystan’s slit. “Here,” he whispered.

Matt pressed in with his fingertip and felt the moist membrane lining of his sister’s vagina. He wiggled his fingertip and felt her opening.

“Angela,” Andy said into his controller. “Step back.”

She did, and Andy stood up. Matt glanced at him and his eyes dropped to the front of Andy’s shorts; they were tenting out.

“Now, Angela,” Andy said. “Push my shorts down.”

Angela stepped up to him, and pushed Andy’s shorts down off his hips, and then down over his cock. It sprang up and free like a long stick from between his legs… and Andy’s shorts dropped to the floor.

Matt’s eyes locked onto Andy’s cock. It looked longer than he dreamed a twelve-year-old’s cock could get. Andy saw where Matt was looking and turned slightly toward him.

Without thinking about what he was doing – not after what they were doing already – Matt kept his left hand between his sister’s legs and reached out with his right hand to close his fingers over Andy’s cock. He ran his fingers over it, staring at it. “It’s soft, too,’ he murmured, feeling over Andy’s crown. He squeezed the shaft. “And really stiff.”

Matt lifted Andy’s heavy looking balls. The skin of Andy’s scrotum was soft and moist looking. Matt held it in his open palm and Andy’s two, egg-shaped testicles splayed out right and left over his hand.

Matt’s eyes rose to Andy’s. The older boy smiled. “Yours will get big, too.’

Matt looked from Andy’s cock in his right hand to Krystan’s mound in his left, and for a moment, he thought about pulling Andy to her.

Andy winked, though, and turned back toward Angela. Matt’s hand dropped away.

Andy lifted the controller to his mouth. “Watch this,” he told Matt. “Angela, drop to your knees.”

She did and looked up and Andy, not bothering to suppress a smile this time.

“Angela,” Andy said into the controller. “Suck my cock.”

Matt quit breathing.

Angela lifted Andy’s balls in her open right hand; she took Andy’s shaft in the fingers of her left. And then she bent forward, closing her mouth over Andy’s crown. She swallowed half his shaft, pulled back, and then swallowed even more.

Matt gasped.

“Matt,” Andy whispered, his head lolling. “Tell Krystan to take your clothes off you.”

Matt glanced up at Krystan whose eyes were locked on Andy’s cock.

Matt swallowed and lifted the controller to his mouth. “Krystan… step back,” he said.

Krystan stepped back and Matt stood uncertainly. He lifted the controller to his mouth. “Take my… take my shirt off,” he whispered.

Krystyn took the bottom of Matt’s shirt in her hands and lifted it up and over his head. When she had it off, Matt stood still, his little belly heaving with his heavy breath. He looked small, though solidly built for a nine-year-old. He had little muscles that showed in his belly, chest, and shoulders.

Matt lifted the controller to his mouth, but his breath was coming fast and heavy; almost like an asthma attack. Krystan didn’t wait for him to tell her. She knelt and pulled off his shoes, and then she stood and unfastened his shorts, moving with the rough determination of an almost-eleven-year-old girl who’d been wanting to see her brother with his cock hard. She pushed his shorts and his boxers down off his hips and all three of them looked at Matt’s cock as it sprang free. It was shorter than Rave’s but thicker, and had a big pink crown on the end like a little helmet. It pointed out straight ahead at Krystan’s crotch.

Krystan closed her fingers over it; her eyes locked onto it. Matt clutched her arm, steadying himself. He glanced at Andy and at Angela who was still sucking Andy’s cock.

“Dude,” Andy whispered and nodded at the controller.

Matt lifted it, dumbly. He held it up to his mouth. “Krystan,” he said, barely breathing, “please suck my dick,”

Krystan quickly dropped to her knees in front of her brother and lifted her hand to his balls. She studied a moment and then looked up at her brother with a smile. “I like your dick, Matty,” she whispered. Pressing her fingertips up to his perineum, she pulled his middle forward and Matt’s cock into her open mouth.

He felt her warm breath on his shaft first. And then her lips closed, almost at the base of his cock. He felt her mouth close on him; her tongue under his shaft… and his knees went weak. Her nose touched his belly, and he felt her tongue extend to lick under his balls; he shuddered.

Laying his hands on both sides of her blond head, he could barely breathe as she began to bob on him.

Andy watched, and Angela watched from the corner of her eye.

Krystan warmed to the task; licking, sucking, bobbing and twisting her head. The room was quiet except for the girls’ nasal breathing and the soft sounds of licking and sucking. Then Matt began whimpering without realizing it.

Andy reached over and rubbed a soothing palm over Matt’s bare shoulder and down his back. And then because Rave had turned him on to boys’ bodies, Andy ran his palm down onto Matt’s small tight butt.

Matt glanced up at him, looking completely mindless.

Because of Angela’s mouth, Andy felt pretty mindless himself, but he gave the back of Matt’s neck a calming squeeze. “And now…” Andy whispered. He picked up the controller. “Angela, lie down on your back and spread your legs for me.

Angela pulled off and lay back on the floor. She pulled up her knees and spread her legs out to the sides, and Andy dropped to his knees at her bottom. Through a sexual haze, Matt’s eyes were drawn to Angela’s slit, and to her pink labia. His mouth was completely dry.

Andy angled Angela and himself so Matt could see better. He reached into the pocket of his shorts which were close by and pulled out Angela’s KY jelly. “This makes it slicker to go in,” he explained.

Andy squeezed some onto his fingers and then spread it over his cock, wiping the last into Angela’s crevice. He rubbed her there. Angela’s eyes closed and her hips moved under Andy’s hand.

Andy spread his own knees wider, lowering his hips and cock. “It goes here,” Andy said quietly, pointing the end of his cock into the bottom of Angela’s slit. He pressed in and Matt saw its entire, long length slowly vanish up into Angela.

Andy pulled back, and his dick looked really slick. He pushed in; and then out; and then in. He glanced up at Matt. “The rest is up to you, dude,” he said, and then he lay down onto Angela. She wrapped her arms and legs over him, and Andy began to pump his hips; his small butt clenching and clenching. Their bodies moved together, and their pelvises met over and over; each time making little squishing noises.

Matt looked down at Krysatn’s head, bobbing on his cock. It felt so good. But he wanted to do what Andy and Angela were doing. He really wanted to do that.

He lifted the controller to his mouth. “Krystan,” he said in a hoarse voice, “lie on your back and spread your legs.”

Krystan didn’t hesitate. She lay back on the floor and pulled her knees up and out. She was no taller than Matt. Her slender little body was rounder and softer than Angela’s. The little buds of her breasts looked firm. Her labia were puffier, pinker. Her hips were moving and even a nine-year-old boy could tell she was ready. So was he. Matt wanted badly to stick his peter into those puffy labia.

Awkwardly, Matt knelt down onto the floor at her bottom and reached for the tube of KY that lay close to Andy and Angela’s thrashing bodies.

He studied it. He opened it carefully. He spread some gel onto his finger tips, rubbing it between his fingers.

Krystan sat up and their eyes met. “I’ll do it,” she whispered. She took the tube and spread some onto her fingers. Then she spread it onto her brother’s cock and then into her crevice. She grabbed Matt’s thick little cock at the base with her thumb and a finger and tugged it toward her slit as she laid back.

Working together, they got him to the right spot. He pushed in and felt the soft, warmth of her vagina snuggly sheath his cock; his cock that never felt so long and hard.

Krystan pulled up her knees. Matt lay down on her, stretching his small torso up her body so that his face was almost over hers. “Oh, wow,” he whispered breathlessly. She nodded. They watched each other’s eyes as his hips began to pump.

Then Krystan slid her fingers into her brother’s hair and pulled his lips down to hers. They kissed, and suddenly, his whole body started shaking, and his breath grew instantly raspy. His body shuddered and it felt like something hot and alive lit up like a wire from his insides and down his cock. “Aaah!” he cried out.

“Just take it slow,” Matt heard Andy say. He looked over. Andy and Angela were wrapped in each other’s arms. They were watching him while Andy slowly circled his hips.

“You just had an orgasm, dude,” Andy said. Just take it slow until your cock head isn’t so sensitive and you’ll be good to go again.

That was fine for Andy to say, but Krystan was still moving. Matt looked back down at her. She took his head into both hands and pulled his mouth to hers and spread her legs wider, grinding her pelvis up against him. Her mouth opened, her tongue probed between his lips. And Matt opened his mouth to hers.

“How about a soda?” Rave asked as the two shirtless boys popped up to the sidewalk in front of Rave’s house.

“Sure,” Neal answered, picking up his skateboard.

They stepped inside, setting their skateboards down inside the door. “Where is everybody?” Neal asked.

:”Probably playing Andy’s video game.”

“He’s just got an old Nintendo, right?” Neal asked.

Rave shrugged. “It’s not bad,” he said, leading the way back toward his and Andy’s room.

“Man, I love my new Xbox,” Neal said. “It just blows anything else away.”

He followed Rave down the hall and into the bedroom. Rave stepped up beside the end of the bed, looking down at something on the floor. Neal saw feet sticking out beyond the bed and he heard rhythmic squishing sounds. Neal came up alongside Rave.

And then he gasped. There were four naked kids, bodies writhing on the floor. It took him a moment to figure out what he was seeing. Andy was screwing Rave’s sister, Angela. It took him a moment longer to recognize the boy and girl screwing to their left, but then he did; it was Matt and his sister, Kyrstan. Next to the couples on the floor lay two Nintendo game controllers.

They watched them, speechless for moment, and then Rave turned to Neal with a grin. “I bet your Xbox doesn’t do this.”

Neal looked at him, and shook his head dumbly, unconsciously rubbing his cock through his shorts.

Rave kicked off his shoes and started to unfasten his pants. “Wanna join ‘em?” he asked.

Immediately, Neal kicked off his shoes as well and the two of them pushed down and stepped out of their pants at the same time. Their eyes went to each other’s cocks. Neal’s was as long as Rave’s.

“Cool,” Rave said, closing his hand around Neal’s cock. “You’ve got good wood, too.”

Neal closed his hand around Rave’s and grinned at him. “We’re studs, dude.”

They stroked each other, watching the couples on the floor. Then Neal’s eyes rose again to Rave’s. “You ever suck cocks with another guy?” Neal asked.

Rave grinned. Neal grinned back.

Rave nodded toward the bed and they climbed up on it, and quickly arranged themselves into a sixty-nine. Rave could tell immediately, Neal had been sucking cocks with somebody because he was good at it.

When Rave came, Neal pulled off and let Rave work on him. But Rave stayed hard and his cock waved in front of Neal’s face. So by the time Neal came, he was sucking Rave again. Rave pulled off, giving Neal’s cock only a short rest before plunging on again.

They heard the couples on the floor talking, but didn’t pay attention. Nor did they really notice when the four of them left the room with glances toward the bed. Neal came a second time before Rave came again. They were good at sucking; at least for each other. And with the resiliency of preteens, they went again.

The four of them walked into the kitchen naked; Krystan followed by Matt followed by Angela followed by Andy. Angela went to the refrigerator and handed out sodas to them all.

Sipping his cola, his black hair hanging perfectly down to the back of his shoulders as if he hadn’t just sexed, Andy backed blond Krystan to the kitchen counter; his legs coming between hers so that his dangling, semi-erect cock pressed into her slit. He set the soda can down onto the counter and gazed into her eyes.

He had watched her with her brother. And he remembered his times with her. She liked sex. And now that she was going to be doing it with Matt, he didn’t want her to stop doing it with him. And because at twelve, he was still a resilient preteen himself, he held her by the ribs, kissed her, and his cock began to stiffen, pushing up between her legs.

As they kissed, Krystan set her soda down on the counter and wrapped her arms over Andy’s shoulders. Matt watched, and his cock, never having gone completely soft, now rose to horizontal.

Angela leaned back on the counter beside them, watching. So Matt set his drink down on the kitchen table and stepped up to Angela, his cock pointing right at her crevice. He looked at her flat chest; at her nipples that were a little larger than his or Andy’s, and he put his fingertip on her left one. His eyes met hers, and his eyebrows rose in a question.

Angela was a girl, and not inclined to let every boy who wanted to, stick his cock inside her. But she was also an eleven-year-old girl, and she liked Matt. In answer to his unspoken question, she took his cock into her hand and began rubbing the crown in her slit.

Next to them, Andy had moved his hips to one side and was caressing Krystan’s labia with his hand while they kissed. She moaned and her legs parted. He turned her around to face the cabinet, and she rested her hands on it, butt back. Bending his knees and grabbing his shaft in one hand, Andy angled his cock up into her slit.

Matt watched Andy’s long, thin cock disappear between her labia and raise her up onto her toes. Then Andy bent over her, conforming his body to hers. He reached under her and cupped her two budding breasts and began to pump from his hips.

Matt knew he wasn’t as long as Andy and Angela was taller than Krystan. He wondered if he would be able to do it the same way Andy was when Angela backed him to a kitchen chair.

He sat down on it. With her eyes on his upward pointing cock, Angela straddled the chair and angling her pelvis forward, she lowered herself onto him.

Rave and Neal rested on their backs, each of them with a hand on the other’s side.

“That was awesome, Dude,” Neal said.

“Way awesome.”

“You like sexing as much as I do,” Neal observed.

“Who do you sex with?” Rave asked.

Neal shrugged. “Mostly just Howie. He’s thirteen and lives down the street. He taught me how to suck cocks last summer in his clubhouse. And Troy... you met him at the party. He’s eight… the little guy with brown hair. Who do you sex with?”

“Mostly my cousin and my sister,” Rave said, honestly. There didn’t seem much point in hiding the incest; not after Matt did Krystan and Andy did Angela right in front of them.

“No shit! You do your sister, too? That’s awesome, ‘cause like, she’s seriously hot.”

“Yeah,” Rave answered.

Neal flipped Rave’s still thick little tube of meat around on Rave’s pubic mound. “You think she’d ever let me do her?” Neal asked.

“Maybe. I can ask her.”

“And you said you sex with your cousin? You mean Andy?”

“Yeah,” Rave answered.

“He’s hot too… for a guy, that is… well actually… he’s really hot for a guy.”

“Yeah,” Rave said. “But he’s really cool, too. You know?’

“You said mostly those two,” Neal observed.


“”You said you sexed mostly with your cousin and sister. So who else?”

Rave lifted his head and glanced at Neal.

“Well?” Neal asked, expectantly.

“You said you really like sexing?” Rave asked.

“Yeah,” Neal answered with a grin.

“And you’re cool with a guy doing his sister?”

“Yeah,” Neal answered, and just to assure Rave that he wouldn’t be shocked by whoever Rave said he was doing, Neal added, “I just wish my sister was old enough.”

“She’s old enough,” Rave said, laying his head back down.

“Nah, she’s only seven.”

“That’s old enough,” Rave observed.

“Nah, you don’t know my sister.”

“Yeah,” Rave said quietly. “I do.”

Neal was quiet a moment and then sat bolt-upright. “You did Lindsay?”

“Don’t get pissed,” Rave said, scooting back.

Neal bit his lip, and then looked down at his lap. “Not getting’ pissed dude. I’m getting’ hard again.” He looked back up at Rave. “How’d you do it… when did you do it?”


Kyle had managed to stick with Jason all day, the two of them shirtless after lunch, and now he followed Jason into the older boy’s tent for a short afternoon nap. All the guys were sleepy.

Jason zipped up the screen door, and they kicked off their shoes. First Jason lay down on his sleeping bag, his head back on his pillow. Then Kyle chose to lay at an angle to him, his head back on Jason’s belly.

“Are we still going to hang together when we get home?” Kyle asked thoughtfully.

Jason laughed and his belly jiggled Kyle’s head. “Yeah, I think we’ll all keep hanging together ‘cause all of us like sexing each other.”

“No,” Kyle said quietly. “I mean, will you and me hang together?”

Jason lifted his head, glancing at the smaller boy. Kyle was staring up at the tent ceiling.

“Do you want to?” Jason asked, laying his head back down.

“Yeah, sure,” Kyle said, rolling onto his side so that the side of his face lay on the bare skin of Jason’s belly and he was looking up toward Jason’s chest and throat and jaw. And for the first time, he noticed fine golden hairs up the mid-seam of Jason’s stomach.

Jason took a deep breath. “I’ve always hung with Andy, and I seriously miss the dude. But I’m like… wanting to hang with you and with Richard, too, when we get back.

Kyle drew a fingertip up over the fine hairs on Jason’s belly, and the muscles there quivered. “I’m your Tener. You gotta let me hang with you.”

Jason chuckled.

“I mean it!” Kyle said determinedly. “I’m like your Tener.” The he grinned. “I’m your boy-toy, and you’re my old guy. We’re supposed to take care of each other.”

Jason laughed and rubbed the top of Kyle’s head with his hand. And then because of the things they’d been doing that week, and because of the things he’d been thinking, he wanted to talk. He didn’t think about the wisdom of spilling his guts to a ten-year-old; at least not to Kyle… he was, after all, his Tener.”

“If I tell you something that I’ve never told anybody, will you promised not to tell anyone?”

“I promise,” Kyle said, wiggling his finger back down the hairs on Jason’s belly.

“I’m gay,” Jason said quietly.

Kyle thought that over while he played with Jason’s belly. “How do you know?” he asked.

“I’ve always been that way. I’ve always liked looking at boys and stuff.”

“Are us guys all gay because we’ve been cornholing and stuff?” Kyle asked, burrowing with his finger into Jason’s navel. Jason’s gut tightened.

“No,” Jason said. “At least… I don’t think so.”

Kyle circled his finger in Jason’s belly button.

“I’ve never told anybody this,” Jason said. “But like, if you think you wanna hang with me, I wanted to tell you… I… I just wanted to tell you.”

“Does Andy know?” Kyle asked, taking his finger from Jason’s navel and smelling it. Then he laid his hand flat on Jason’s belly and rubbed.

“I never told Andy. But he knows I like looking at boys and stuff.”

“Is he gay?” Kyle asked.

“No,” Jason said, coming his fingers through Kyle’s hair. “I don’t think so. But he did finally say we could try sexing together. We were gonna do it at this camp.”

“Bummer he’s not here.”

“No shit,” Jason agreed. He took another deep breath. “I’ve been crushing on that dude a long time.”

Kyle held his hand over Jason’s nipple, pointed his finger straight down, and pressed it. Jason jumped.

“You can crush on me, dude,” Kyle said. “I’ll be gay with you… at least till I’m older ‘cause I might change my mind if I like doing girls.”

Jason smiled up at the tent ceiling. “Idiot,” he murmured.

“I’m serious,” Kyle said. “I’ve been crushing on you, dude, and you know it.”

Jason lifted his head. “Come up here,” he said, tugging Kyle up his body.

When Kyle’s face was beside his on the pillow, Jason smiled, laid his palm on Kyle’s belly, and then kissed him. “We’ll hang together, dude,” he said quietly.

Kyle grinned and laid his palm on the side of Jason’s face. And then stroking Jason’s cheek with his thumb, Kyle closed his eyes to sleep.


The young Walgreen’s clerk saw them out in front of the store; two boys on skateboards and a boy who was a year or two older, on a bicycle. They first caught her eye because the two on skateboards were shirtless and flesh caught her eye. But then she saw they were just kids. Still… they were cute boys, even if a little young.

The two with long black hair had to be brothers. They looked like older and younger clones of each other. The older one came in alone and smiled as he passed by her register. Then he paused, reading the signs over the aisles. She was distracted by another customer, and when she was done it took her a moment or two to locate him once more. He was going up and down aisles as if looking for something. She thought about offering to help, but then other customers came up.

And then he was in line, waiting to be the last. When he finally stood at the register, he put six boxes, each containing a large tube of KY, down onto the counter. He’d been carrying them in a tabloid magazine which he set aside. “I don’t need the magazine,” he said.

The clerk was shocked, and it took her a moment to recover. Could she sell KY to a kid? Six tubes? She wanted to ask what on earth he needed them for, but they were trained not to ask questions like that. She examined one of the boxes. It said nothing about age limits. Somewhat reluctantly, she rang them up.

The boy paid in cash and then left the store. Once outside, the other two boys quickly came up to him, and three heads bent over the bag he carried.

The manager, a young man not much older than herself came up alongside. “Did that kid buy six tubes of KY?” he asked.

She nodded.

“I was afraid he would try to steal them,” the manager explained, watching through the window as the boys left the front of the store.

“It didn’t say anywhere on the box that you can’t sell them to kids,” she said defensively.

“Nah,” the manager shook his head. “It was OK to sell them.”

Her face screwed up in thought. “What do kids that age need with KY?” she asked.

The manager shrugged. “Boys that age… they play around. They’re probably shagging each other.”

“Six boxes?” she said with a frown. “They gotta be shagging the whole neighborhood; dogs and cats, too.” Then a grin broke out on the clerk’s face. “So when you were that age…” she started to ask.

“Get back to work,” the manager said with a frown, walking away.


“I know this sounds crazy,” Cheryl said, apologetically, “but could you set up the cameras in my house tonight? Because my kids are all sleeping over at other houses, and I don’t want them to know that the cameras are there; at least not yet.

Richard Gonzales smiled. “Not a problem. We get requests like this all the time. I don’t normally schedule my crew on Friday nights, however. He mulled it over. Cheryl was a remarkably attractive young woman… at least attractive to him. He was married, though, and had only cheated on his wife when he was away on trips; never when he was home.

He smiled. After all, who wouldn’t want to please such a beautiful woman? “It shouldn’t take long. I’ll do it myself.”

Cheryl smiled gratefully.

“But you don’t want to set up cameras here in your shop yet?” he asked, confirming.

Cheryl shook her head. “It’s so expensive. Let’s just do only the house for now.”

Richard nodded and chewed the end of his pen. What was she worried that her kids were doing, he wondered. She didn’t look old enough to have teenagers. But if she did, then she’d probably want a cameral over each bed and couch in the house. He made a mental note to bring plenty of cameras.


“And you’re sure these won’t wash off?” Kyle asked the teen behind the counter at the trading post a second time.

“If they say ‘indelible’, that means they won’t wash off,” the clerk reassured him.

Kyle examined the two, black markers again. The word, ‘Indelible’, was prominent on each.

He paid for his purchase and left the trading post.

Denver, who had been waiting for Kyle to leave, went directly to the containers of cocoanut butter. They had gotten a new order in, and in fact, had stocked a larger size as well now. Denver grinned, and grabbed two of the larger containers.


Neal had asked him to sleepover at his house with Rave and Andy. But Matt declined. He was just as glad to stay home that night anyway. What with Angela sleeping over with Krystan, Matt would rather be at his own house.


Neal was disappointed that Lindsay was at Jenny’s house when he cmae home. He started to go over there, but his dad told him to stick around. When Lindsay finally did show up, Jenny was with her, so he didn’t try to say anything just then to Lindsay about what Rave told him.

But then, when he was playing with his Xbox and the girls came into the room, and Lindsay asked what time Rave was coming over, Neal put his hand on her arm and pulled her close to his chair. “Rave told me about you and him,” he said. “He told me what you guys did.”

Lindsay frowned. “Are you mad?” she asked.

“No,” Neal said, realizing that his look had been serious. He smiled encouragingly. “When Rave comes over tonight, we wanted to both do stuff with you.” He nodded toward Jenny and whispered. “What are we going to do about Jenny.”

“Jenny wants to play too,” Lindsay whispered back with a grin. “We’ve already been playing together.”

Neal’s eyes went wide. “You have? How?”

Lindsay leaned her mouth to Neal’s ear and whispered excitedly. “We get naked and lay on the bed and play with each other’s pee-pee and we lick each other at the same time… like Rave and Larry did with their penises.”

“Oh, wow,” Neal murmured. His hand went unconsciously to his crotch.

Lindsay noticed. “Is your penis hard and pointy?” she asked in a whisper.

He nodded, and Lindsay reached into his lap to feel over his hardness. She motioned Jenny over. “His penis is pointy,” she whispered. “Like it told you.” Lindsay tugged at Neal’s waistband. “Show her Neal.”

Neal glanced back at the door. Keeping his back to it, he opened his fly and fished his erection out of his boxers. It pointed up from his lap. “Oh, cool,” Lindsay said. “Yours is long like Rave’s.”

She closed her fingers over it and felt its hardness and soft skin. “Feel it, Jenny,” she said.

Jenny was a small seven-year-old like Lindsay. She had a little girl’s body and wore her deep brown hair in pigtails. Tentatively, she reached into Neal’s lap and felt over his erection, her eyes large.

“When Rave comes,” Lindsay said. “he can all play together.” Then she tugged Jenny’s arm and the girls left his bedroom before Neal could think to say, “Don’t stop!”


Neal’s dad, Brandon, answered the door and ushered the two boys in with his hand on Andy’s back. “Neal’s back in his room,” Brandon told Rave. His hand still on Andy’s back, he guided the boy to the living room. “I’m glad you brought your guitar,” he said.

The boy only came to Brandon’s chest in height. And Andy was only twelve, Brandon kept reminding himself. But there was something undeniably sexy about Andy. And the kid was just so damned beautiful. Brandon was glad he came.


Cheryl answered the door in shorts and a loose blouse. Richard Gonzales, his arms full of equipment, smiled. “Are you ready for me?” he asked.


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