Timeline – Friday night…

“Come on guys,” his dad said, leaning into the doorway of Neal’s bedroom after supper. “I’m taking Andy to look at skateboards.”

Neal glanced at Rave. “Aw, do we have to?” he asked. “We’re in the middle of a game.”

Brandon glanced at Andy and then back to the two younger boys. “Well, I suppose we can leave you guys for a few minutes. Will you watch the girls?” he asked.

“Sure,” Neal said, suppressing a grin.

“OK, call my cell phone if you need me.”

“Hey, Andy,” Rave called to his cousin, waving him over.

“I’ll go check on the girls,” Brandon said, popping Andy on the butt the way a coach might as the young boy walked past him to enter the room. Brandon may have meant it as something like an encouraging swat, but he let his hand linger for just an instant. The boy had a nice butt.

Andy noticed the lingering, and appreciated the swat. He wasn’t into sports, but he knew that swats were a guy thing, an encouraging thing.

Andy knelt beside Rave. “How ya doing?” he asked.

“I’m winning,” Rave said with a grin at Neal. Neal flashed him the finger. Rave turned back to Andy and lowered his voice. “You guys stay away a long time, OK?”

Andy grinned. “OK, but then you guys owe me.”

As soon as they heard the door to the garage close, the two, nine-year-old boys rushed into the girl’s room. Rave carried a new tube of KY jelly in his hand. The two, seven-year-olds were sitting on Lindsay’s bed.

“They’re gone,’ Neal announced, breathlessly. “Let’s get naked!”

Jenny and Lindsay glanced at each other and giggled as the boys started to pull their clothes off. The boys were down to their underwear before the girls pulled off their T-shirts.

“Remember,” Rave said, leaning close to Neal. “Remember what I told you that my sister taught me. You can’t just stick it in. You gotta get her ready first.”

The two boys stood naked at the foot of the bed, their twin erections pointing up like long little spikes from between their legs. Rave held the tube of KY in his hand. They watched as the girls pulled off their panties and knelt side-by-side, naked at the head of the bed.

“Jenny’s goin’ first,” Lindsay announced. “I told her she could go first, and I told her Rave would play with her first because he knows how to do it.”

The boys glanced at each other. “Cool,” Rave said. He handed Neal the KY and knelt up onto the bed. “Lie down here,” he said, pointing to the middle of the bed in front of him. Neal came around on the side.

Jenny glanced at Lindsay, who smiled encouragingly. Slowly, Jenny crawled forward, her pigtails dangling down over her bare shoulders, somehow incongruous with her naked body. She crawled down the bed and then looked up to see Rave’s erection pointing up in front of her face. She knelt up, leaning back.

Moving forward on his knees, Rave smiled encouragingly and wrapped his arms around Jenny, pulling their naked chests together. He rubbed his hands over her back. “You’re really cute, Jenny,” he said.

She smiled up at him, and he scooted his knees forward so that their bellies came together and his erection pressed against her. He kissed her. She giggled.

“Wanna try Frenching?” Rave asked in a quiet voice.

Jenny nodded, having no idea what Frenching was.

“Open your mouth a little when I kiss you,” Rave instructed. Then he put his mouth over hers. When she opened her mouth, he pulled her body to his and probed in with his tongue.

Stroking himself with his free hand, Neal sat on the side of the bed and ran his hand over Jenny’s bottom. Lindsay glanced at her brother’s cock and scooted over to him. Their eyes met. She grinned and wrapped her hand around his thin shaft, replacing his hand.

“Did you like that?” Rave asked Jenny.

She nodded, her lips apart, waiting.

He kissed her again, but this time, reached down to fondle her between the legs as he did so. He probed in her mouth with his tongue while rubbing his fingers lightly over her labia. He worked his index finger into her crevice, tickling her tiny clitoris into a delicate hardness. Then he slid his finger farther, down toward her hole. He found it and probed in. Jenny clutched his shoulders and kissed back with small murmurs.

Rave laid her back onto the bed, still kissing; rubbing between her legs. He grabbed a pillow and put it under her butt. Their lips parted. He began kissing down her chest. Moving to kneel between her legs, he blew soft raspberries into her belly.

Jenny laughed, pulling her knees up. He blew raspberries again, between her navel and mound. Jenny laughed more softly. Then holding her legs out to the side with his hands, he licked over the seven-year-old’s labia and into her slit with his tongue. She grabbed his hair and moaned.

Rave lifted his head. “Hand me the KY,” he said to Neal in a hurried voice.

Neal handed it to him.

Rave quickly removed the cap and squeezed some onto his fingers. He rubbed it into Jenny’s crack, his eyes on her face; hers on his, expectantly. He smoothed some onto his cock and then set the tube aside. Neal quickly grabbed it up.

Moving his knees back and supporting himself on one hand, Rave pointed his cock down toward Jenny’s pillow-elevated middle, down toward her puffy, moist labia. He angled his cock down to the bottom of her slit and probed for her opening. He found it. In one, long, slow penetration, he pressed his hips forward, pushing easily passed her thin hymen – she gasped at the small burning sensation – he pressed forward until his naked pubic mound pressed against hers, and Neal, who had watched the long, slow vanishing of Rave’s cock into her realized he had forgotten to breathe. He took a shallow breath.

Rave lay down onto the little girl, folding his arms under her. He covered her mouth once more with his and began to move his hips. Jenny clutched his back and her little legs began to thrash out to the sides.

Neal and his little sister exchanged glances. At the same time, they rose from the bed. Lindsay grabbed a throw pillow, and stuffing it under her butt, lay down onto the floor on her back. She spread her legs way out to the sides and looked up at Neal.

He dropped to his knees at her bottom, gazing down at her, down between her outstretched legs. He didn’t remember it being so puffy or pink down there, not when they used to bathe together. Sitting back on his haunches, he extended his slender arm and pressed his thin fingers against her, right on the puffiness.

Her skin was hot there, and soft… very soft. He bent over her, moving his face close to the heat. He pressed his cheek to it, feeling the softness, feeling the heat against his skin.

He lifted his head and placing a hand into the hollows between her legs, he spread her, pulling the two, pink puffs of skin apart. It was there like Rave said it would be… the pink, wet-looking opening at the bottom; an opening with little flaps of skin. And there at the top of her crevice, the little, hard-looking bump Rave told him about.

He bent to it, and Lindsay shuddered at the feel of his breath between his legs and at the firm way his strong little hands held her open. Then she felt his tongue and shuddered even more.

Rave lifted his head, looking over the side of the bed, and saw Neal, bending, head down between his sister’s legs. And he lay back down onto Jenny, satisfied that Neal was doing things right. He circled his hips, feeling inside her. Feeling her tight, warm sheath on his cock, holding it, tugging it, as he moved… skin tightly inside skin.

Neal knelt up and hurriedly squeezed KY onto his fingers. He rubbed it carefully into Lindsay’s crevice and down at her entrance. He inserted his finger and felt inside her… watching the end of his finger slip between her labia. She was warm in there, and moist… like the skin inside his cheek. How would that feel on his cock?

He rubbed KY onto his cock which was almost painfully hard. He sat down almost flat onto his haunches and scooted forward, pointing his cock into her opening. Lindsay lifted her head to watch.

Finding her opening, feeling it slide over his crown, Neal lifted his hips, closing his eyes, and felt the delicious slide of it, like a warm mouth, down over his shaft. Lindsay’s eyes closed as well, and she felt him inside; feeling like a long, soft-covered stick inside. And then he was laying down on her, and she felt the weight of her brother’s body settle onto her. She wrapped her arms over his back and the sides of their faces pressed together. His hips moved and she straightened her body to meet him.

From atop the bed, Neal heard Jenny giggle, then Rave, then Jenny. It sounded like Rave was tickling her as they played.


Brandon laid his arm over the boy’s shoulders as they studied the wall of skateboards. He liked the feel of the Andy’s angular shoulders under his arm. He liked the feel of the boy alongside him. Andy had told him how he was fatherless, and Brandon liked the feeling of being an older, protective male. He tried to ignore the sensual aspects of how he felt.

The whole time he had been married, he barely looked at other women. He’d been faithful to Linda from the start, even when he had more and more reason to believe that she wasn’t being faithful to him. He loved her.

And he certainly had never messed with boys -- not since his sophomore year in high school… well except for that one night when he got so stoned in college… with Zack. But then he did like he always did when he remembered that night… he pushed away the memory.

“See any you like?” he asked Andy.

The boy laid a hand on the small of his back as he studied the skateboards and slowly shook his head. There was something unsettlingly sensual about Andy; something beyond the boy’s unusual beauty that stirred Brandon and even now, made him hard. The hand on the back had done it; familiar, casual… charged.

Brandon cleared his throat and stepping stiffly from beside Andy, approached the wall, grabbing a long, broad skateboard at waist height. Andy came up alongside, and Brandon felt the boy’s nearness. He shook his head, clearing it. What was it about this boy?


Rave lifted his head and looked over the side of the bed once more. He’d counted an orgasm for each of the four of them from the sounds he’d heard. Like him and Jenny, Neal and Lindsay were still sexing. “You guys wanna trade?” he asked.


They both liked it; a long board, narrower than most. Andy flipped it, examining the bottom. “How much money do you have saved up?” Brandon asked.

Andy looked up at him and Brandon was conscious again of the twelve-year-old’s size. Because Andy was long and thin for his age, he looked taller when he stood apart. But when they stood next to each other like now, and the boy barely reached his shoulder in height, Brandon realized that Andy was probably half his own body weight.

Andy’s brow furrowed. “I’ve got enough money. But I’ve been saving for stuff, like a couple of games I like and a guitar book…”

Brandon nodded, and then on an impulse, took the board from Andy. “I’ll get it for you.”

Andy’s head jerked up, his mouth dropping. “It’s no big deal,” Brandon assured him. “But it comes with strings… you gotta share and let me try it out from time to time.”

Andy swallowed hard. “Really?”

It was something a dad would do for a son, and Andy had no dad. “Yeah, really,” Brandon said with a smile. Tucking the board under an arm, he gripped Andy by the back of the neck and gave him a friendly shake. “Because we’re buds.” His brow furrowed. “Probably best you don’t tell the other kids that I bought it for you,” he said. “No sense making anybody jealous.”

Andy nodded, glanced at the skateboard under Brandon’s arm and grinned up at him uncertainly. Brandon had a sudden urge to kiss the boy’s pouty red lips. It embarrassed him and he flushed, but he grinned and fought down the impulse as if it never happened. “Just don’t bust your ass on this thing.”

He wrapped his arm over Andy’s shoulders as they walked toward the helmet display. When Andy wrapped his arm behind the small of Brandon’s back, the man had to fight down a hard-on again.

And because Andy was intelligent and sensitive, and because he was sexually active now, he sensed once more, the man’s desire for him… not as some explicit thought, but more as something felt, something instinctual. And though he had never, ever thought of sex with a man, he wasn’t uncomfortable with Brandon. He glanced up at Brandon’s attractive, masculine features, and was glad to be with the man.

No boy feels quite as alone as a boy without a father, or uncle, or granddad. Brandon wasn’t the first older man to show an interest in Andy individually, but he was the first to show so much interest, and he was the first that Andy felt such a connection with. Andy looked up at him as they walked, and he felt good inside.


Larry peaked around the corner into the family room. His mom had on the late show and was sitting in her recliner with a book in her lap. The book was in Japanese. She was proud that she could still read her parent’s language. She’d already put everybody to bed and was reading to unwind before going to bed herself.

Larry stole back to his and Kevin’s room. “Coast is clear,” he whispered to Kevin. With an enthusiastic grin, Kevin picked up the tube of Neosporin and the two boys tip-toed quietly down the hall to Kimberly’s room.


Cheryl sat in her room, the lights off, staring at her TV which now served also as a monitor for her home surveillance system. It had happened simply enough. “And you’re sure the cameras will pick things up in the dark?” she asked after Richard had installed all the cameras and mikes.

“Yep,” Richard nodded, assuring her. “You’re going to be surprised. When the camera is on and it senses that the room is dark, it gives it a little boost of high-end light that’s off the visible spectrum, but the camera picks it up.” He stood her in front of the monitor, and since he’d talked her into letting him put a camera over her own bed – because what if the kids came in here, he pointed out – he selected that camera on the screen.

Cheryl saw herself in the monitor, standing between it and her bed. “Watch,” Richard said, and he flipped off the overhead light. “Give it a second to adjust to the darkness.”

He stepped up beside her, and she could see them both. And then, suddenly, she could see them clearly on the screen, as if someone were shining a light on them. And yet, the room was still dark. She looked up at him in the darkness, and then felt his arm encircle her back.

And now she sat on her bed, watching the re-writable DVD. On the monitor, she and Richard were eerily illuminated, naked, moving together.


“Neal! Lindsay!” Brandon called as they entered the house; Andy following, carrying his new skateboard and helmet.

They weren’t in the den or living room. Finally they came running from the bedrooms; Lindsay and Jenny, cute little girls already in their nightshirts. The boys came right behind them in sleeping shorts only. Brandon noticed that both of them had tight little bodies. He shook his head. He had always noticed bodies – male, female… he had always admired good bodies. What was it now that made him feel uncomfortable noticing the bodies of these boys? What was happening to him, anyway?

“Whoa,” Rave said, spotting the skateboard. “Whose is that?”

Andy glanced up at Brandon first, and then said, “Mine” with a smile.

“Oh, cool,” Neal said, taking the skateboard from Andy’s hands.

Rave looked questioningly at Andy because Andy hadn’t talked about buying a skateboard.

They took it outside; all of them including the two little girls. Brandon held Andy by the hips, steadying him on the board as he gave Andy pointers. Rave watched, both to pick up pointers himself, and to keep an eye on Andy. Rave wasn’t comfortable with how Neal’s dad kept putting his hands on his cousin. He might be only nine year’s old, but he was wise to many things.

When they came in for sodas, Rave pulled Andy aside. “Is Neal’s dad trying to come on to you?” he asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know,” Andy confided. “Don’t tell anybody, but he bought me the skateboard.”

Rave frowned. “Don’t let him do anything to you.”

“Chill, Rave,” Andy said, patting his back. “He’s just trying to be nice to me. I like him.” And then he chewed his bottom lip. “But if he wants to sex, maybe I should.”

“No, Andy,” Rave said. “He’s a man.”

Andy nodded. “I’ve never like… had the hots for a man, but he’s sorta cute. It might not be bad.” He frowned. “I mean, like he got me the skateboard and all.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Rave warned.

When they went out again, the girls stayed inside and watched TV. Brandon pulled off his shirt and tried the board himself. He was a lean man, with a light down of sandy hair on his chest and in a line down his belly.

Since Andy was the only one with a shirt on, he pulled his off as well. Brandon patted his bare back, and when Andy did well on the board after him, he wrapped an arm over Andy’s shoulders.

It was late when they came in. Brandon sent the girls on to bed. When Neal dragged Rave toward is room to play on the Xbox, Rave glanced back at Andy and gave him a warning frown.

“How about some guitar?” Brandon asked.

He grabbed himself a beer along with a cola for Andy, and they retreated back to Brandon’s study. When he didn’t bother putting his shirt back on, neither did Andy.

Setting his beer down on his desk, Brandon plopped into his chair with a big grin. “Shit that was fun!” he exclaimed. “I’ve still got it!” He leaned forward toward the chair Andy had taken. “I think if I spent some time practicing, I could do pretty good again on a skateboard.”

“You can keep it here if you want,” Andy offered.

“No, no!” Brandon waved his hand dismissively. “It’s yours. Just bring it over from time to time so I can practice.”

“I wouldn’t wanna bother you,” Andy said.

“Nah, I’m having a blast,” he said. Then he slapped both knees. “Let’s see how you are on guitar.”

He let Andy play for a while, watching. Then he reached for the guitar and showed Andy some picking techniques. “Here, stand up,” he said, handing Andy the guitar. “Put your foot up on the chair here and hold the guitar on your leg.”

Andy cradled the guitar on his leg, and Brandon stepped behind him, his bare chest coming against the boy’s bare back. He laid his hand over Andy’s wrist. “Try this angle,” Brandon said quietly. The boy’s smell filled his nostrils. He hadn’t anticipated that. He stood with his nose in Andy’s hair and took a deep breath through his nostrils, and then a second breath, forgetting for a moment that his hand was on the back of Andy’s and that his chest was against the boy’s bare back.

Andy felt the man’s breath on his neck. The press of Brandon’s hard chest against his back was sensual. Andy felt his thin cock grow hard.

“We can sex if you want,” Andy said softly.

“Wha…” Brandon reeled back.

Andy turned back and saw the man frowning angrily. He didn’t know that Brandon was frowning at his own storm of feelings. Andy only thought he had totally misunderstood everything. Tears sprang to his eyes.

“No, no,” Brandon said, stepping back to Andy. He took the guitar from the boy, and setting it down, pulled Andy into his arms. “No, Andy,” he said. “I’m not mad at you.” He rocked the boy in his arms. “I don’t know what’s happened to me. I don’t understand what I’m feeling; what I felt from the moment you walked in my front door.”

Brandon was hard, and he was sure Andy felt it, but he couldn’t push the boy away. Not when he was already crying. He lifted Andy’s chin, dismayed to see the tears still in the boy’s eyes. “I’m so sorry,” Brandon whispered, kissing the tears from the corners of Andy’s eyes.

Andy was crying because his whole world had turned upside down in the last few days, but that day, for the first time in his life, Andy had felt the almost paternal interest of an adult male; an adult male who he admired; a man who liked him as well… now Andy thought he had made Brandon mad, and that he had lost their new relationship even before it could be established.

But now the man was kissing the tears from his eyes, and kissing over his cheeks, and then their lips met. Holding him close, Brandon kissed him.

They kissed and their bare chests pressed together, the boy’s and the man’s.

Brandon broke away, gasping at what he was doing. He turned his back to him, then abruptly turned back again and pulled Andy tightly into his embrace; hugging him to his body. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he whispered. Then abruptly, he pushed Andy away; firmly away, holding him by the shoulders at arm’s length. “I’m sorry, Andy. I never meant for this to happen…. kissing you… feeling like this about you,” he said, shaking his head. “It was wrong. I won’t let it happen again.” His furrowed brow, furrowed more deeply. “Maybe you better get back to Rave and Neal.”

Andy nodded, wiping the tears from his eyes. He had made himself vulnerable, telling Brandon they could sex together. He did it because he liked him, and was grateful to him, and he was sure that was what Brandon wanted. But everything went wrong… and now… now he was rejected; irretrievably rejected. He thought about simply going home.

Instead, he walked to the bathroom and washed his face and took a piss. He felt numb inside, and sad. This whole week had moved too quickly. He found his way to Neal’s room and crawled into the double bed in his shorts. Rave glanced back from the Xbox game, saw Andy, and immediately put down his controller. “Keep playing without me,” he told Neal, and climbing up onto the bed, he pulled back the covers and crawled in with Andy.

Andy pulled him tight, burying his face in Rave’s bare chest; and the tears began again, quietly this time. Rave said nothing, but simply held Andy’s head to his chest and grew angry at Brandon.


The house was dark and quiet. Silently, Matt turned the knob to Krystan’s room and stepped inside the door. In the dim light, he could make out the two girls quickly seperating on the bed; Angela and Krystan had been kissing.


“Shsssh!” Denver said, trying to quiet them. The four ten-year-olds, the Teners, had been dancing naked for the four older boys; dancing to a rhythm pounded by Jason and Jon on two kickboards at the side of the pool. Nobody dances nastier than a ten year-old-boy who’s feeling nasty with other boys.

They pumped their narrow hips, tiny cocks flopping, or waving as they grew hard. Their bodies were silhouetted by the moonlight that fell on the far side of the poolhouse.

And then the hoots and whistles had grown too loud and Denver stood up to shush them.

“OK, OK,” Kyle said, stepping forward, his little spike of a cock hard and pointing up from between his legs. “It’s our last night and we’re gonna have a special… brotherhood ceremony.”

Denver shook his head. “So what is it this time?” he asked.

Kyle frowned at him. “This is serious,” he said. “Us Teners got together and we decided we wanted a ceremony. We’re the Cocoanut Butter gang, and we’re gonna keep hanging together when we get back home.” He stood with his hands on his hips, the other three Teners behind him. He looked defiantly at Denver and at the three older boys sitting in front of him.

“Each of you older guys came into the gang with a Tener, just like each of us Tener’s came in with an older guy. And we wanted to do like a… well like a blood brother kind of thing… each older guy and his Tener.” He waved Jason to his feet, and Jason stood.

Kyle turned Jason to face the other older boys and patted high up the middle of Jason’s back. “Jason’s my older guy and I’m his Tener. And when we get back, he’s not gonna just hang with older guys and I’m not gonna hang with just guys my age. We’re still gonna be like special friends. And tonight, us Teners want you guys to promise that and we’ll promise you guys stuff, too.”

He waved the other teners up and they came up to stand beside him. “We’re gonna promise you that if you keep being our older guys, we’ll keep being your Teners. And like no matter who else in the gang everybody sexes with, any time you wanna sex with your Tener; he’ll be there for you. And when your Tener wants to sex with you, you promise to be there for him, too. And like you stick up for each other. And like we’ll all be friends but your Tener is like a little brother for sexing and stuff and you’re like his big brother for sexing and stuff.”

He looked over the older guys. “If you guys are cool with that, we’re gonna do somethin’ special.” He looked up at Jason. “Jason’s already said he he’ll do it.”

Jason put his arm over Kyle’s shoulders. “Dudes,” he said. “Our Teners are cool, right? They’re the best.”

“Right!” Richard and Jon, answered loudly. Denver shushed them.

“So like, I get Davey then, right?” Richard asked.

“And Ryan’s my Tener,” Jon quickly said.

Denver stepped up beside Newt, throwing his arm over the small boy’s shoulders. “And I got the coolest, Tener,” he said.

“I do,” Jason said.

“We all do,” Richard said, standing up. He stepped forward and pulled Davey to him, belly to belly. “We’ve sexed around and all, but shit, if Davey’s willing to be my Tener and promise me those things you said, well I’m gonna be his older guy and I’ll promise those things, too.”

“Me too,” Jon said, standing and pulling Ryan to him, belly-to-belly like Richard had done with Davey. Cocks began to rise again among the boys.

“What we’re gonna do,” Kyle said, “to make this official like, is…” he reached down and picked up two black markers off the floor. “This is indelible ink. It takes like forever to wear off. You older guys are gonna write your name in a private place on your Tener and he’s gonna write his name in a private place on you, and then you guys promise to take care of each other and all, and then you sex together to make it official.”

“What private place?” Richard asked.

“Here,” Kyle said, motioning for Davey to lay down on his back. Davey complied, pulling his knees up to his chest. Kyle knelt beside Davey’s bottom and pointed under his balls. “Here’s the place we figured we should write our names. Right here on the thick part between your balls and your asshole.”

“That’s your perineum,” Denver pointed out. “It’s where your cock is anchored and all.”

“Yeah,” Kyle nodded. Right there. He offered the marker to Ricahrd.

Richard took it and knelt at Davey’s bottom. He looked down at Davey and grinned. “OK, dude. You’re my Tener. I promise to stick up for you and sex with you whenever you want, and take care of you and all.”

Everyone looked down at Davey.

“Me, too,” he quickly said. “You’re my old guy and I promise to stick up for you and sex with you whenever you want and all.” The he grinned. “It’s just really cool that I get to be your Tener.”

Richard grinned back. “Likewise, dude.” He pulled the cap off the marker and then kneeling to the side of Davey’s bottom, he bent and carefully wrote “Richard” in letters just large enough to fit in a line along the seam from Davey’s tiny balls to his asshole. Then he handed the marker to Davey and lay back on the pool deck himself, pulling up his legs.

Davey knelt up and carefully wrote, “David” on Richard’s perineum. Then he handed the marker to Kyle and fell down laughing into Richard’s arms.

Jon glanced at Kyle. “Is that gonna even show up on me?” he asked.

Kyle looked down at the black marker in his hand and then at Jon’s black skin. “Sure. But even if it doesn’t, you and Ryan will know it’s there.”

Jon looked at Ryan. “You really willing to be my Tener?” Jon asked.

Ryan grinned. “Sure. I wanna.”

Jon grinned, and taking the marker from Kyle, he handed it to Ryan and then lay down onto his back and pulled up his knees. Ryan bent over to start writing. “Remember to promise, dude,” Kyle reminded him.

“Oh, yeah,” Ryan said, straightening back up. “What do I say again?”

“You promise to sex with me whenever I want,” Jon said with a grin.

“And stick up for him and take care of him,” Kyle reminded. And then while Ryan began to make his promise, Kyle handed the second marker to Newt.

Newt looked up at Denver. “You sure you’re cool with it being me?” Newt asked. In answer, Denver laughed and pulled him into his arms, squeezing him really tight.


Brandon tossed in his bed. He kept remembering Andy’s face as he turned away. Only now was he realizing that the firmness with which had had dealt with his feelings might have been misinterpreted by the boy. Andy may have thought he was being sternly rejected. They boy may have even thought the whole things was his fault.

Brandon groaned out loud with regret. All he really wanted to do was just take Andy into his arms and kiss the beautiful boy’s face, and hold him… and yes, make love to him… however you make love to a twelve-year-old boy.

He kept thinking about how his wife wasn’t home tonight, but she would be by Sunday. If he was ever to bring Andy to his bed, it would be now or possibly never. But what would the boy think if he tried to do that after he had made the boy cry; after he had hurt him?

Brandon rolled to his stomach, straightening his erection under him. And he tried to sleep, even while his hips involuntarily rubbed his cock against the sheets.


There was a lull as the first round of sexing quietly ended with Teners and their old guys – their eleven, twelve, and fourteen-year-old old guys -- entwined in a variety of positions. Denver stood up and retrieved a bag he had brought with him. He moved toward Kyle and Jason and waved the others over to gather around.

“We’ve got something special tonight too, Kyle” he said, looking down to where Jason still lay on top of Kyle, his softening cock just now slipping from inside Kyle’s rectum. “You gotta get up.”

Jason grinned at Kyle and got up off him. He stood up and extended a hand to Kyle, pulling him up and onto his feet. The others gathered around.

“We bought a present for you, Kyle,” Denver said, grinning. “Because you planned all this neat stuff for us to do this week and taught us all how to be sexing machines.” The ring of boys chuckled.

Denver reached into his bag and pulled out two large containers of cocoanut butter. Kyle laughed and reached for them, but Denver jerked them back.

“No, dude,” Denver said. “We aren’t going to just give you this butter. We’re going to spread it all over your body and rub it in. We’re going to make you the most cocoanut buttered guy in the whole gang.”

Kyle laughed nervously. Jason stepped up behind him, wrapping his arms around Kyle’s belly from behind. “Let’s grease him up guys,” Jason said.

Denver and Jon opened the two containers and passed them around, each boy taking a gob out onto his fingers. Then six pairs of hands reached for Kyle’s body and Jason stepped back, grabbing up one of the containers.

Kyle giggled and laughed as his seven friends spread cocoanut butter cream over every inch of his body, over his nipples, his arms, his legs, up his crack, under his arms, between his legs, up over his throat, and even into his hair.

With a huge grin and a rock-hard little erection of his own, Newt took charge of buttering Kyle’s cock and balls. And when they were well-buttered, it just seemed natural to grab Kyle by the hips and rub his own cock and balls against Kyle’s buttered ones.

Kyle grabbed Newt’s hips as well, and soon Newt and Kyle were rising and falling against each other, buttering Newt’s belly and legs with Kyle’s.

Hands scooped out more cocoanut butter and soon there were eight bodies rising and falling against each other. Newt slowly turned and his body bobbed up and down against Kyle’s so that he could butter his sides and backs against Kyle’s constantly buttered belly and chest.

They all buttered themselves on each other’s bodies. Gradually, butter spread over chests and bellies and arms and legs and butts and backs and even hair of all eight boys… as they did a standing rub against each other with Kyle in the very center. And then, when Newt had thoroughly buttered himself against Kyle, he turned his butt to Kyle, backing to him as they rose and fell.

Kyle held him with buttery arms wrapped over chest and belly, and Newt’s little buttered butt slid around in Kyle’s lap and against his greased erection. They slowed and paused while Kyle guided his cock up into Newt, and then holding Newt by the hips, he began to pump into him.

Ryan stepped up to Newt from the front and they embraced, kissing, rubbing their cocks together, even as Kyle thrust his spike of a cock into Newt’s little behind. Davey worked his way in the press of bodies to Kyle’s backside and pointed his well-greased stiffy up between Kyle’s butt cheeks. He entered him and then matched Kyle’s bobbing, rising and falling with him.

Jason and Richard sank to the floor, their legs entwining. Jon rested his hands on the rising and falling shoulders of Kyle and Davey while Denver entered him from behind. Squishing sounds and moans echoed in the midnight quiet of the pool house.

Denver had been wondering how they would all get together after they were home, and it suddenly occurred to him as a stray thought while he was watching his pink cock appear and disappear into Jon’s dark chocolate butt, that they could always get together like this in twos and threes. It occurred to him that he could always count on Newt to sex with him when he needed it. He glanced past Jon to Kyle whose head was back and whose mouth hung open as he and Davey bobbed in unison.

“Hey, Kyle,” Denver said.

“Yeah?” Kyle answered dreamily.

“The Tener, old guy thing. That was cool.”

There was a murmur of semi-distracted agreement, and Richard said, “I second the motion.”

Denver grinned. “All those in favor of the motion, say Ahhh!”

Eight boys said, “Ahhhh!” in unison.

Denver wrapped his body over Jon’s and reaching under, grabbed Jon’s cock to stroke as he pumped his hips into him.

It was several minutes after that, when Jon clutched Kyle and Davey’s shoulders tightly in his hands and he pushed his butt back. Denver was pounding his butt hard, and Denver’s hand was jerking Jon’s cock all around. High, loud whimpers escaped from Jon’s mouth.

Denver distractedly tried to shush him. Several boys looked his way. Jon’s right hand dropped to his cock and he stroked hard, and he watched in disbelief as clear, viscous semen oozed from his cock for the first time. “My first cum!” he gasped, even as he was still ejaculating.

Everyone except Denver, who was coming, too, looked down at Jon’s cock. He heard several, “Awesome”s, and a couple of “Cool”s. Kyle and Davey paused in their bobbing and each reached fingers to the end of Jon’s cock to taste his first cum.

“Does it taste like chocolate?” Richard asked with a grin from the floor.

Kyle shook his head. “Cocoanut butter.”

Guys laughed. Kyle grabbed on to Newt’s shoulders again, and Davey grabbed on to his as their bodies once more began to bob. “When we’re done,” Kyle warned Jon matter-of-factly, “We’re all gonna dunk you to celebrate.” And then he quick-pumped his hips between Newt’s butt and Davey’s cock.

Jon nodded. “Dude. I just wanna come again.”


Brandon had jacked off and still could not get back to sleep. His cock had barely deflated at all before he was rock hard again, thinking of Andy in the next room. Andy the beautiful. Andy the willing… at least he had been. Andy whose slender body Brandon had felt over with friendly pats and swats.

He rose from the bed and pulled on his shorts. Would the boy be willing? What would Andy think? Was it fair to jerk him back and forth emotionally like this? Brandon cared, but he was rock hard for the boy.

Quietly, he opened the door to Neal’s room. The Xbox was still on, one of the characters was frozen on the screen in mid-explosion. Brandon stepped to the bed, his shorts tenting ahead of him.

Andy was close to the edge, on his side, spooning his little brother, clutching Rave back to him like a kid holding a teddy bear. On the other side of Rave, his own son lay, sleeping on his stomach facing away.

With a gentleness that belied the tumult in his gut, Brandon pulled back the bed sheets. Andy and Rave were nested like a larger and smaller version of the same boy; the same beautiful boy. He hated to wake Andy. He hated taking him from the comfort of holding his brother. But he wanted him… he wanted to heal his heart and Andy’s; to heal them both by pressing them together, however briefly, as one.

He couldn’t talk to the boy here, though; to see if he would still be willing. To see if he had hurt the boy and their relationship beyond repair.

Carefully, with a hand on Andy’s shoulder and one on his hip, he tugged Andy onto his back. The boy’s pale blue eyes opened and looked up at him, expressionless.

Brandon slid an arm under Andy’s knees and another under the boy’s back, and he lifted him from the bed. His eyes locked on Andy’s, he turned and carried the slender boy from the room.

Waking at the sudden cool air on his back, Rave looked back and saw Brandon step out through the doorway carrying Andy. He quickly woke up, wondering what he could do to protect Andy.

Brandon carried the boy into his room and quietly pushed the door closed with the back of his heel. He carried Andy to his bed, to his own bed; the one he shared with his wife… but he wouldn’t think of that. He laid Andy down onto it and onto his back and then knelt beside him on the floor.

Stroking Andy’s hair back from his forehead, Brandon bent over him, gazing into the boy’s eyes. “I do want to sex with you,” he whispered, using the boy’s phrasing. “I want that more than you can imagine. I’m sorry for earlier. I’m sorry I hurt you.” He bent and kissed the boy’s full lips. “I want to make love to you, if you’ll let me.” He took a shaky breath. “Will you let me?”

Andy hesitated a moment, and then nodded.

Down the hall, Rave climbed from the bed, angry, afraid… very afraid of a man he didn’t trust or really even know. But Andy was in danger. Steeling his courage, Rave walked from the room and down the hall to Neal’s parents’ room. Boldly, he opened the door and walked in, preparing to confront Brandon.

The room was lit by a beside lamp. On the bed, Andy lay naked, his legs out to the sides. Brandon was also naked and lying on Andy. The man’s body made Andy’s look so small…. small and frail. But they were kissing and Andy’s arms were around the man’s neck. They both looked up at Rave and the man froze.

“It’s OK, Rave,” Andy said. “He wants to make love to me.”

Rave frowned. He could put himself in Andy’s place. Andy might be so happy to have the attention of a man in his life that he’d do anything. He could be in danger. Rave was afraid to leave him alone with the man.

It was as if Andy read his mind. “Join us,” he said. “Close the door and take off your shorts.”

Brandon’s breath was shallow, his head a muddle. Less than twenty-four hours ago, he didn’t even know these boys, and now he was in lust for the naked boy under him; nostril flaring, heart pounding in the ears lust for the boy… the slender boy whose surprisingly long erection was beside his between their bellies. And now a second naked boy was climbing into his bed.

Brandon looked down at Andy again, and they kissed, open-mouthed. Rave lay down beside them, watching. He was less concerned now. The man was being gentle with Andy, and there was, even in the way he kissed Andy, a tenderness underlying whatever lust drove him. Rave glanced down the man’s body. He was lean and strong. Rave ran an appraising hand over the man’s shoulders and back and down his butt, much like someone might admire a horse. There was a beauty to the man’s masculine form.

Brandon glanced at Rave and smiled, glassy eyed. Andy reached up and touched the man’s cheek. “Do you have any KY?” Andy asked quietly.

Brandon’s breath caught and he looked back down at Andy. He wanted the boy in the worst way. Brandon nodded and got off the boy in order to reach the drawer of the nightstand on the other side of the bed. When he did, both Andy’s and Rave’s eyes dropped to the man’s cock which pointed up thick and long-looking under his belly.

In reality, it was only a couple of inches longer than Andy’s long, thin erection. But it was the first time either boy had a grown man’s erection and it looked incredibly thick and long.

Andy had seen it when Brandon pulled off Andy’s shorts and then pulled off his own, and stood for a moment at the foot of the bed. Andy had seen it, and he wasn’t sure it would fit, but he wanted to try… for Brandon.

Andy pulled a pillow under his butt while Brandon retrieved the lubricant. Beside him, Rave’s cock grew hard despite his concern for Andy. He rubbed Andy on the belly and leaned close to Andy’s ear. “Are you sure you’re OK?” he asked.

Andy nodded and pulled Rave’s face down to kiss. Brandon watched the boys with their long black hair, kissing as he returned to kneel between Andy’s outstretched legs, and it excited him even more. He lubed his cock.

Rave broke off the kiss and then laying beside Andy, cradling the older boy’s head with an arm, both he and Andy watched as Brandon set down the tube of lubricant and moved up between Andy’s legs. Andy lifted them out and to the sides.

Brandon looked down at the boy, the incredibly white skin, the deep pink of the cock that pointed up his belly – looking so big on the narrow-hipped boy’s slender body – at Andy’s loose ballsack, at his incredible leanness, the seam of every muscle showing as the boy breathed… and he looked down at the boy’s opening; a rosebud lying right under the crown of Brandon’s man-sized cock.

Brandon wiped the last of the lubricant from his fingers onto Andy’s opening, Then spreading his own knees to the side to align with the boy, he held his shaft and pressed Andy’s rosebud with his crown. He pressed and slowly it opened to him; slowly opening over his glans and slowly closing down on his shaft after his crown vanished inside.

Andy’s head was back, the muscles in his long neck straining, and he was holding Rave’s hand. Brandon very slowly pushed forward until his shaft was two thirds of the way in. He leaned forward over Andy whose eyes were closed. Rave glanced up at him.

“Are you OK, Andy,” Brandon whispered.

Andy nodded, and then reaching up, wrapped his arms over Brandon’s neck. The man settled down onto him, and the weight of his taut belly pressed the underside of Andy’s cock. The boy sighed.

Brandon began to move his hips and at first the boy tensed, but then began to relax. They kissed. And then because Rave was right there, lying beside them, Brandon reached around him and pulled Rave’s body to theirs, and he kissed the younger boy whose lips were as red and full as Andy’s.


They were all yawning as they returned to their tents; Denver and Newt to theirs. Jon and Ryan to theirs. The remaining four didn’t even discuss it. They all returned to Jason and Richards tent and the four of them crawled into the doubled-up sleeping bag. Jason and Richard each took their Tener into their arms and kissed, and held them, and entwined legs, and fell asleep… their last night at camp.


Brandon lay on his back, a boy on either side of him. Andy’s head was on his left shoulder and the boy was plucking at Brandon’s sparse chest hair. Rave lay with his head on Brandon’s belly, and he was flopping Brandon’s thick, semi-hard cock around.

Brandon grinned. It felt funny. The boys seemed fascinated by his size and manhood, something his wife hadn’t felt in years. He shifted his legs with a satisfied smile and pushed Andy’s crotch harder against his hip with the hand he had behind the boy’s back.

Andy lifted his head and smiled at him, and then leaned up for a kiss. Brandon kissed the boy happily. Since he first decided to get Andy from Neal’s bedroom, each time even a trace of guilt or worry tried to raise itself in his heart, Brandon pushed it away. Not tonight. In the last twenty-four hours, his world had turned on its ear, and he didn’t want to think it through; couldn’t think it through. Not yet. For now, he could only feel.

There was something incredibly relaxing, being with these naked boys… something boyish and young and… natural. His heart still swelled for Andy, but that seemed natural, too, and it was perfect that Rave was with them; it kept it all from being too intense.

Andy was still hard. He had come once when Brandon was on top, making love to him. And then Andy came a second time when Brandon was on his back with his legs up – Andy had grabbed Brandon’s cock with both hands like he was gripping a saddle horn when he fucked the man. And while he was doing it, Rave knelt on Brandon’s shoulders and the man held the nine-year-old’s narrow little hips and sucked the boy to two, distinct orgasms before shooting his own cum up his chest and onto Rave’s back.

Brandon grinned, remembering his own ability to stay hard and keep coming over and over at their age. He grinned because he had come twice tonight, and it was ages since he had come twice in a night with his wife. And he grinned because Rave was making him hard yet again.

Rave closed his hand around Brandon’s cock and gave it a couple of strokes. He lifted his head and looked up at Brandon. “You wanna try fucking me, too? Do you think it will fit?”

Brandon’s cock grew almost instantly hard.


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