Timeline – Saturday morning…

Brandon hated to wake them. The two were sleeping so soundly; Andy lying; draped onto Brandon’s left side. Rave curled up under Brandon’s right arm; his back against Brandon’s side and his head on Brandon’s shoulder, hugging Brandon’s arm between his. Rave’s legs were parted, and Brandon’s hand was over Rave’s small package, keeping it warm.

They’d been that way so long, Brandon’s arm was past numb. But having two boys… no, make that two beautiful, naked boys, sleeping against his own naked boy stirred feelings Brandon never remembered having before. He was tired, but unable to sleep; not wanting to sleep; wanting to enjoy every last moment of their companionship.

But it now it was after dawn and the night was ending. He needed to get the boys back to Neal’s room before they were missed and before early-rising Lindsay came out from her room. Maybe he would go for a run, clear his head, wear himself out so he could sleep.

He kissed the top of Andy’s head. “Andy,” he whispered, patting the boy’s butt with the arm he had behind Andy’s back. “You need to go back to Neal’s room. “Rave,” he said, kissing the back of Rave’s head and gently fondling the boy’s cock and balls with the fingers he had there.

They barely stirred. Reluctantly, Brandon extricated himself from them, sitting up. He popped both their butts. “C’mon guys. Get up.”

He rose from bed. Andy sat up, rubbing his eyes, and sleepily, he shook Rave.

Brandon pulled on running shorts and sat down to pull on shoes.

“Are you gonna go running?” Andy asked.

“Yeah,” Brandon answered. “I like morning runs.” He smiled at Andy. “You want to come?”

Andy shook his head, and rising from the bed, pulled Rave to his feet. The two boys stumbled out the door and toward Neal’s room, still naked. Shaking his head, Brandon picked up their shorts and followed them.

“Andy,” he said, stopping the older boy at the door to Neal’s room. Rave stumbled on in. Brandon pulled Andy’s slender body to his, wrapping his arms around the boy’s shoulders. Andy’s head dropped onto Brandon’s chest. The man smoothed the boy’s long, black hair and kissed his head once again. “Thank you,” he whispered. “Thank you.”

Andy didn’t respond and Brandon realized that Andy was out on his feet. With a smile, Brandon lifted Andy in his arms and returned him to the bed the way he had taken him from it.

Laying Andy down onto his back, Brandon noticed that Rave had draped his naked body over Neal’s side, wrapping an arm across Neal’s chest and a leg across Neal’s legs.

Brandon paused, wondering whether he should think again about putting these two naked boys into bed with his son. But inexplicably, it also excited him to do so. Quietly, he pulled the bedcovers up over them and backed from the room, pulling the door closed.

Brandon took a deep breath. He really needed a run. Quietly, he left the house.

Lindsay’s room shared a wall with the entrance hall, and she heard the front door close. She glanced at Jenny who was sleeping on her stomach, her mouth slack on the pillow. Lindsay got up from bed, deciding she would go to the boys’ room and see if any of them were awake.

Silently stepping into Neal’s room, Lindsay closed the door behind her. She found all three of the boys sleeping. Neal and Rave were sleeping together on the other side of the bed. Andy was asleep on his back on the near side of the bed. Lindsay pulled back the bedcovers, and her eyes widened with surprise. She grinned.

Andy was naked. Lying out toward his hip was his long, flaccid penis. Farther under the covers, she could see Rave’s naked bottom.

Laying the covers aside, Lindsay leaned over Andy’s middle to study his penis. It was as long as Neal’s and Rave’s penises when they were stiff and pointy, but Andy’s wasn’t stiff at all. Lindsay pulled off her night shirt and panties, dropping them to the floor. Then the seven-year-old climbed up onto the bed with the boys and straddled Andy’s hips. Grabbing the covers up onto her back, she laid down onto his twelve year old body, her mound resting on his soft penis, and she pulled the covers over her.

Andy opened his eyes and lifted his head.

Lindsay grinned up at him, and then laid her head down onto his chest. He wrapped an arm over her back under the covers and laid his head back down, failing quickly back to sleep.

Lindsay dozed off as well.

She woke later. She woke, rubbing her little mound on Andy’s penis; a penis, she realized, that had grown stiff.

Lindsay sat up astride Andy’s hips, backing down his body to get a better look. Her eyes widened the length of Andy’s penis and at its deep, pink color. She glanced up at Andy. He was still sleeping.

Her mouth hung open as she drew a finger down the thick looking underside of Andy’s penis. His skin was soft; very soft. She marveled at it. It seemed to her, a wonderful thing.

She wondered what Andy’s penis would feel like inside her – it was bigger than Rave’s and Neal’s. Lindsay felt a little, hungering twitch between her legs. She glanced at the other two boys in the bed. They were still sleeping. She looked around the room, wondering where Rave put the tube of slippery stuff.

Seeing Rave’s bag on the floor, she climbed off Andy and went to the bag. The tube was inside. Lindsay climbed back onto the bed with it and straddled Andy’s hips once more. She unscrewed the cap from the tube and carefully squeezed some on to her left hand. Then Lindsay set the tube down and lifted Andy’s cock in her right hand. Holding it up, she carefully spread the KY over it. Andy’s breathing grew shallower.

Lindsay knelt up, spreading more lube at her vagina. Then she moved up over Andy’s belly, his slick penis rubbing under her as she moved forward. She lifted Andy’s stiff penis behind her butt, and twisting back to see better, she pointed it at her slit and backed up.

It didn’t fit at first, but she pushed back harder.

Andy’s eyes popped open and he lifted his head in surprise just as the head of his cock slipped into the little girl’s vagina.

Lindsay chewed her lip in concentration as she wiggled back onto his penis, working it in deeper. She saw Andy’s eyes were open and grinned at him, wiggling back. She started to sit up, settling three quarters of the way down on to him before she felt pressure from his glans at her tiny cervix; at the head of her vaginal canal. She leaned forward onto her hands, taking the pressure off, and began rocking back and forth on Andy’s belly to feel his penis slide in and out. “This feels good,” she whispered, grinning at him.

Andy rested his hands on her rocking, wriggling, little butt and laid his head back on the pillow, wondering if he could ever get any sleep. But he did enjoy what Lindsay was doing. The tightness of her vagina certainly felt awesome. He relaxed and just let Lindsay do her thing.

But then she started rocking faster, her snug insides tugging the skin of his cock up and back. He gasped and his eyes popped open once again. He started to move his hips with her. But he was exhausted, and as good as what Lindsay was doing felt, he drifted back into sleep.

Lindsay rocked and wiggled on him for a long time… until Andy gasped once again and his head jerked up. He grabbed her bottom and pushed his cock so far into her that she caught her breath. She felt his cock throb, and suddenly Andy’s penis felt all slippery inside her. He slowed her down, and Lindsay laid her head back down onto his chest.

She’d already had some very good feelings herself. Now since he was holding her butt so firmly she decided to just lay down on Andy with his penis still comfortably inside her.

Andy was asleep almost instantly.


Brandon thought about leaning into the boys’ room when he returned from his run, but he desperately needed to take a piss, and then decided to shower, and then decided to sleep without dressing.


Neal woke up to a stiffy… and to Rave sleeping naked on his side. Neal knew that Rave was naked even before he was fully awake because he had a hand behind Rave and had been rubbing Rave’s butt in his sleep. Neal also woke to an urge– the urge to roll up onto his side, hold Rave in his embrace, entwine legs, and press his stiffy against the naked boy’s crotch. He did just that.

In his sleep, Rave wrapped his arm behind Neal’s shoulders.

Grabbing Rave’s smooth little butt, Neal began to rock his hips, rubbing on Rave, hoping to get Rave hard as well. Their noses almost touched on the pillow. Barely waking, Rave did without thinking, what was becoming habit for him. He kissed Neal, and when Neal’s mouth opened in surprise, Rave probed in with his tongue, giving it a good swirl through Neal’s mouth. He kissed the surprised boy for several seconds before nuzzling in under the side of Neal’s face to go to sleep.

Neal’s first kiss with tongue was immediately overwhelming; blowing coherent thought from his mind. And then, when Rave nuzzled in under his cheek and cuddled to him, the intimacy brought myriad other, pleasant sensations. It was then he noticed his little sister Lindsay laying naked on naked Andy. Her face was toward him and her eyes were closed, her little brow furrowed in concentration or sleep, and she was rocking up and back on Andy’s belly – when Andy’s penis had stay hard inside her, and it still felt good, she had simply started up again.

Neal glanced up at Andy’s face. He appeared to be sleeping. His arms were lax at his sides. Neal propped up to try to see if Andy’s cock was inside Lindsay. He pulled back from Rave, getting up and off the bed, coming around to the foot of it.

Grabbing his cock through his shorts, Neal looked up between Andy’s parted legs and his mouth dropped. Lindsay lay draped over Andy’s belly and chest like a kid asleep on a barrel. At least half of Andy’s cock was inside Lindsay’s vagina and her stretched labia were all wet looking. As Lindsay rocked, about an inch of Andy’s cock went in and came out.

Neal pulled off his shorts and grabbing his cock, glanced once more up at Andy’s face. Andy’s mouth was wide open in sound sleep. Neal stepped to the side, looking at Lindsay. Her eyes opened sleepily. She saw Neal, smiled, hugged Andy tighter, closed her eyes again, tightly, and kept rocking.

Neal glanced at Rave. He wanted to try more kissing with tongue, but Rave had rolled to his stomach. Neal’s eyes traveled up the other nine-year-old’s slender, white legs. They were apart and Neal could see the little wrinkling of Rave’s ballsack between them on the bed. He could see the midseam that ran up from Rave’s ballsack; straight up the middle of Rave’s creamy, thick perineum and right into his butt crack. And then there was Rave’s butt, small, firm, rounded, exciting even to another nine-year-old boy.

Neal climbed up onto the bed, straddling the backs of Rave’s thighs. He lowered his hips, laying the length of his cock down on Rave’s butt crack. Then he lay down onto him. He slid his palms under the front of Rave’s shoulders to grab on and stretched his legs down on the outside of Rave’s legs. Pressing his open mouth to the muscles at the back and side of Rave’s neck, Neal began to rock his hips.

He glanced at Lindsay. She was watching him. Their eyes met. She smiled. They watched each other as the brother and sister pumped on their guests in near silence.

Soon, Neal began to pump faster. He buried his face in the back of Rave’s black hair and closed his eyes, enjoying the scent and feel of his new friend’s body under him.

The feelings got better, and better. Suddenly Neal was shuddering and whimpering. And then he slowed. Dazedly lifting his head, he gazed down at Rave whose eyes were closed and whose mouth was slack. Was he sleeping? Neal felt the urge, so he kissed Rave’s cheek as his pumping slowed to a pace like Lindsay’s. Rave smiled without opening his eyes.

Neal kissed the side of Rave’s neck; the nine-year-old liked kissing. He glanced at Lindsay again. Her eyes were closed once more and she was still rocking. Neal realized then that Jenny must be alone in Lindsay’s bed.

Quietly, he got up from on top of Rave. His cock was still hard and he stroked it. He grabbed up his shorts, saw the KY laying beside Lindsay and Andy, and grabbed it too. Cautiously, he peeked out the door.

Neal stepped out, quietly closing the door behind him. He tip-toed down to Lindsay’s room, opened and closed that door quietly as well, and then climbed into bed with Jenny.


Brandon lifted his head from the pillow with a start and glanced at his watch. Nearly eleven. He climbed from the bed, pulled on his shorts and a shirt, and left the bedroom. He stopped at the boy’s room and peered in. Andy and Rave were asleep beside each other. He went out through the living room where he found Lindsay watching Saturday morning cartoons. She looked sleepy. He smiled at her and stopped to kiss her head.

“Where’s Neal?” he asked. “Bathroom?”

Lindsay nodded without really hearing; her eyes on the television. But then when Brandon passed in front of her on the way to the kitchen, she noticed how his shorts were pouchy in the front like the boys were when they were just walking around. And it dawned on her that her daddy’s penis must get stiff and pointy when he played, too.

“I’ll fix some breakfast, honey,” he said to her as he left the room. “And then we’ll wake everybody.”

But he didn’t have to wake Neal and Jenny. They came from that side of the house a few moments later.


Harold glanced at his watch. They were getting away later than he had hoped. He wanted to leave just after an early lunch, but it was almost one-thirty. He glanced back down the bus. It seemed like half the boys were on top of the equipment at the back, asleep on each other. It was mostly the same boys who had been hanging together – he heard them call themselves the Cocoanut Butter Gang… appropriate because the bus fairly reeked of it.

He turned forward in his seat and leaned his head onto his pillow. It had been a good camp. The boys had bonded well; better than any camp he remembered. Of course, he had been worried that the one group – the Cocoanut Butter Gang – might be forming a clique, but that didn’t seem to be the case. The boys weren’t aloof or stand-offish; they simply seemed to like each other. And he was particularly pleased that the different ages all got along so well.

But what really eased his concern about cliquishness happened that morning. He saw Jason throw and arm over Donovan’s shoulders. Jason was grinning, and Harold couldn’t hear what he said, but Donovan grinned in response and had the happy look of a boy surprised by friendship.

Beside the road noises, the bus was silent. The kids were exhausted, which was why they were so late getting away. All of them, especially the cocoanut butter guys, had to be prodded and pushed to break camp and load the bus.

He smiled. It had indeed been a good camp. Several of the boys asked if they could come back for a second week before the end of the summer. He’d never had kids ask for that before; not as a group. It might be hard to break away from work again, but he might give it a try.


Rave stretched, back home in his own bed. He was still groggy but didn’t want to sleep any more. Sitting up in bed, he glanced down at Andy and Angela. Their afternoon nap had consumed all of the afternoon that Rave was willing to give it. Without disturbing his siblings, he rose from the bed and pulled on his shorts.


Larry answered the door and smiled uncertainly when he saw Rave. “I brought you somethin’,” Rave told him, holding up a plastic bag for Larry to see.

“Come on in,” Larry said, opening the door. He closed it behind Rave and then led him through the short entrance hall and into their family room. A boy, who Rave figured for Larry’s younger brother Kevin, was sitting on the floor with action figures arrayed around him in mock battle. Close by was a little girl that Rave assumed was the younger sister whose cherry Larry had popped. She was watching a Beauty and the Beast DVD, but looked up at Rave as he walked in. Rave smiled at her. She was cute.

Like Larry and Kevin, Kimberly had the Asian eyes of her Japanese heritage, but her eyes were large for her small face. Like her brothers, and like Rave, she had jet black hair; hair that her mom had pulled back into a pony tale. She watched Rave because he smiled at her, and she thought he had pretty eyes… and a pretty mouth.

Kevin looked up as well, and Rave smiled at him, too.

A woman, who was obviously Larry’s mom, came to the doorway from the kitchen, drying her hands on a dishtowel. “Mom, this is my friend, Rave,” Larry explained. “We’re gonna go back to my room.”

The woman smiled and nodded at Rave. “You’re a new friend,” she said. “I haven’t seen you before.”

“We met at Neal’s party, Larry explained.”

Rave tucked the bag under his arm and smiled at her. She smiled back. She asked about his name, his age, his family, and if he liked video games as much as Larry did. Rave answered her questions politely, and she liked him. She even forgot to ask what was in the bag, before the boys headed back toward the bedrooms.

Rave followed Larry, and Kevin followed them. Larry closed the door after they were all inside the room. “What’d ya bring?” he asked.

Their bedroom had two, twin beds separated by a nightstand. Rave and Larry sat down facing each other on one bed. Kevin leaned back against the other. “This,” Rave answered, removing the box from his bag. He handed it to Larry.

“You can have it. My cous… my brother bought a bunch of those yesterday. Always before, Rave had been a little jealous when he talked to brothers; but he had one now, too. Rave smiled at that. Then he pointed at the box in Larry’s hands. “It’s KY… it’s…” he pointed with his finger to the words on the box, “personal lubricant. You put it on your dick so it’s slippery before you put it into your sister. That way, it works better.”

Kevin stood up and came closer to look at the box. “We’ve been using Neosporin,” he said.

Rave glanced up at him. “The medicine stuff?”

Kevin nodded.

“It’s slippery, too,” Larry explained.

Rave nodded and tapped the box. “Yeah, but this stuff is made for sexing. That’s what it’s for. You oughta use this.”

Larry and Kevin glanced at each other. “She said her pussy’s sore,” Larry said. “She wouldn’t sex with us this morning ‘cause she said it was sore. Do you think it’s ‘cause we used Neosporin?”

Rave shrugged. “I think girls just get sore. She’s sorta little, you know. And there are like two of you guys and just one of her. Have you been sexing too much?”

The two brothers again glanced at each other, and then grinned. “We’ve been sexing a lot,” Larry said.

“Well… like what’d ya expect?” Rave asked with a grin. “Go screw each other and give your sister a break.”

The brothers laughed and poked each other.

“Seriously, dudes,” Rave said. “Suck each other off or cornhole each other, ‘cause she’s like a little kid and you guys oughta give her a break.”

“What’s cornhole mean?” Kevin asked, rubbing his crotch.

“That’s when you fuck each other’s butts,” Rave said.

Kevin looked blank.

Rave leaned closer. “You put your cock up your brother’s butt hole and fuck him instead of your sister.”

Larry swallowed hard and Kevin made a face. “That’s gross!”

“No it’s not,” Rave said, shaking his head matter-of-factly. “There’s no shit in there unless you’re about to go to the bathroom. And it feels really cool, I mean, like you can really fuck. And not only that,” he said as he thought of him and Andy, “it feels good to have it done to you, if you do it right.”

The brothers looked at each other uncertainly. Kevin rubbed his crotch again. Rave rubbed his and glanced at the brother’s bodies. “I can show you guys how to do it,” Rave volunteered.

Larry looked at Kevin. They had just learned the joys of having their cocks sucked. They were game to try more. Kevin shrugged. “We can try it.”

“You gonna lock the door?” Rave asked.

“You mean now?” Larry asked, his eyes getting big. Like the other two boys, he reached for his crotch.

“We oughta go to the clubhouse,” Kevin said. There aren’t many big trees in Phoenix and certainly none in Larry and Kevin’s back yard. So instead of a tree house, their dad, who was often traveling with his work, built them a clubhouse on stilts.

“Bring the KY,” Rave instructed.

Larry returned the box to the bag and tucked the bag under his shirt. But the KY reminded him of Kimberly. “Rave,” he said, leaning the side of his hip against his bed. “Could you like… take a look at Kimberly to make sure she’s OK?”

Rave thought a moment. He had no idea how to tell if things weren’t OK, unless Kimberly’s privates looked really different than girl’s privates looked when they were OK. “Sure,” he said with a shrug.

Larry looked at Kevin. “Let’s get Kimie to go out with us first, and get her to let Rave make sure she’s OK.”

Kevin nodded.

The traced their route back through the living room and Larry knelt down beside Kimberly. “Kimie,” he whispered, leaning close. “Come out to the club house with us.”

She looked up at him and frowned suspiciously.

“We’ll play ships,” he offered with a smile because her favorite was to play like the clubhouse was a ship sailing on the ocean.

“Boys,” his mom called from the kitchen door, and they all jumped. She grinned. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m gonna run down to your aunt’s house for a few minutes. I’ll be right back. Keep an eye on Kimberly.”

“We were gonna go out to the clubhouse,” Larry said as his mom turned away. “Can she come out there with us?”

“Sure,” his mom said. “Just be careful climbing in and out of it.”

“See, Kimie,” Kevin said. “We’re supposed to watch you. Come on out with us.”

“OK, but remember I’m sore,” she warned, getting up from the floor and picking up one of her dolls.

Larry took her hand and they filed out to the clubhouse. In turn, each of them climbed the five feet up and through the trap door. Larry closed the trap door when they were inside. The clubhouse was big. Their dad, who wasn’t much of a carpenter, simply laid down two eight by four sheets of plywood for the floor and that determined the size. Kimberly went to one of the windows and looked out, pretending she was in a cabin on a cruise ship.

“Kimie,” Larry said, glancing at the two other boys. “If you’re really sore, you oughta ask Rave to look at it for you. He’s sorta like a kid doctor for sex things.”

Kimberly looked back at them, then directly at Rave. He shrugged. “I can look and see if it looks OK.”

Kimberly frowned.

“Just so we can make sure you’re alright,” Larry assured her.

She frowned, indecisively.

“We’ll get naked, too if you want,” Kevin offered.

Kimberly hadn’t even thought about getting naked. She was only considering pulling down the front of her shorts and panties. She looked at Rave. She wondered what he looked like without clothes; he was pretty. “You get naked first,” she told them.

Careful to stay back from the open windows, the three boys pulled off their clothes and knelt side-by-side in front of her. All three of their penises were stiff, and she noticed that Rave’s was longer. She wanted to touch it, but held back.

Kevin noticed Rave’s longer dick as well, and stared at it.

“OK, Kimie,” Larry said. “Your turn.”

Slowly, Kimberly set down her doll. She pulled off her shirt and then her pants and underwear. True to her heritage, she was small-boned and thin; a younger, female version of her brothers. Her pale olive skin was paler under her one-piece tan line. Kimberly held both small hands over her little crotch.

“Now lie down and let Rave take a look,” Larry said, patting the wooden floor.

Still covering herself, Kimberly knelt down. Then she lay back and taking her hands from between her legs, she spread her legs for Rave to see.

Kneeling between her legs, Rave bent to study her and saw that her labia were indeed pink. He touched them gently with his finger tips. “Is it real sore?” he asked.

“A little,” Kimberly said, spreading her legs a little wider. Rave bent lower, blowing gently on her. “How does that feel?” he asked.

“OK,” she said quietly.

Larry and Kevin knelt on either side of their sister and bent to watch as Rave gently pressed the right side of her slit. “Does it hurt here?” he asked.


He pressed her left. “Does it hurt here?” he asked.


He stroked his fingers at the bottom of her slit. “Does it here?”

She nodded. “A little.”

He put two fingers flat on the top of her slit. “Up here?”

She shook her head, ‘no’, and moved her pelvis under his fingers.

Rave bent, his lips almost on her labia. She felt his breath again. “Poor little Kimberly,” he said softly and then kissed Kimberly’s labia lightly.

“That feels nice,” she said quietly.

He kissed them again, and then brushed his lips on them, back and forth, back and forth. He drew his tongue up the length of her little slit and she caught her breath.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

She nodded.

Gently, he pulled her labia apart at the top and saw the tiny point of her clitoris. With infinite gentleness, he touched it with the tip of his tongue. She tensed.

“Is it sore there?” Rave asked.

Kimberly, eyes wide, slowly shook her head ‘no’.

Rave sat back on his haunches and glanced at the brothers. “My sister taught me,” he said, as if instructing a class. “Girls are different. You can’t just stick your peter in them when you sex with them. Girls have to get ready first. And you don’t always have to stick your peter in. You can suck on each other just like you and me did the other night,” he said to Larry. “Look at this,” Rave said, bending back down over Kimberly.

The other two boys leaned over as well; their three heads over her middle. Rave spread her labia once more. “See that little bump at the top?” he asked.

They both nodded.

“That’s her clit,” he said authoritatively. “It’s real sensitive like the tip of your cock, and girls like to have you rub around it, but you gotta be gentle and not do anything to it that you wouldn’t want done on the tip of your cock.

They nodded.

“Have you guys licked her down here?” Rave asked.

They shook there heads.

“It’s really cool,” Rave told them. “Go ahead and do it, but be gentle.”

Larry went first, while Rave continued to hold the six-year-old’s labia apart. Larry probed gently with his tongue, noticing a little girl taste, something like what he smelled after she peed in the bathroom. Then Kevin went next, probing more thoroughly into her slit and then down, probing where he had been putting his peter.

Rave looked over Kevin’s head at Kimberly. “Do you like that?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Does it feel better now?”

She nodded.

“Kimberly,” Rave said, “will you let me do to you like we’re doing now, and you can play with my peter, and we can show your brothers that we can have fun without having to put my peter inside you?” he asked.

Kimberly nodded her head; though she didn’t dislike the thought of Rave putting his peter into her… she was feeling a lot less sore.

Rave got up and reversed his position over Kimberly on all fours – and over-and-under sixty-nine position. Rave knelt astride Kimberly’s head, his cock pointing up his belly right over her face, and his small scrotum a little wrinkled ball at the bottom – like the dot at the bottom of an exclamation point and his cock as the exclamation point.

He bent to kiss her labia, and then glanced back at her. “You can tickle and play with my peter while I tickle and play with your…” he looked up at Larry, not sure he should call it her pussy.

“Her pee-pee,” Larry informed him.

Rave glanced back at Kimberly. “While I tickle and play with your pee-pee.” He said. Then he lowered his face between her legs and began to gently kiss and lick. Supporting his weight on his elbows, Rave also stroked inside her thighs with his fingers and his long hair brushed lightly over her skin.

Kimberly pulled her knees up and out reflexively, and her gut tensed. She grabbed onto Rave’s butt and pressed her face up between his legs like she might press it into a pillow or warm blanket, as feelings shot up from her middle that were different from what she’d felt before; different because what Rave was doing was different, and different because it wasn’t one of her brothers doing those things, but a pretty boy with a nice smile and a body that a little girl found wonderfully beautiful. It seemed natural to suck on the skin of his penis since her mouth was already there. He smelled like boy. His taste was just a little salty, like the back of her hand sometimes was… but his skin was much softer than the back of her hand.

Kimberly sucked around on him and brushed the insides of his thighs with her cheeks. His skin there felt as soft as her cheeks.

Kneeling to the side, watching them, and stroking their little spike-like cocks, the brothers’ breath had become shallow and their faces flush. They glanced at each other. “I wanna try that cornhole thing,” Kevin said.

Rave lifted his head. “Spread some of that KY on your cock,” he said, looking up at Kevin. Then he looked at Larry. “You can just get on your hands and knees and ya’ll can do it doggie style.”

“Doggie style?” Kevin said, laughing as he reached for the KY. He knew instinctively what that meant, as does any boy who’s seen dogs mating.

“OK,” Larry said, “but then I get a turn.” He maneuvered onto his hands and knees, butt back toward his little brother.

Rave buried his face back between Kimberly’s legs.

Kevin spread KY over his cock the same way he had been spreading Neosporin. Then he knelt behind Larry. His target was easy to see. Putting his little cockhead at his older brother’s pucker, Kevin held the base of his cock between his thumb and two fingers and pushed in. He slid in easily and felt the little ring of Larry’s sphincter pass over his crown and down the length of his peter. He rocked his hips and felt the tightness go up and down on his skinny shaft.

Kevin laid his hands on Larry’s hips and began to pump his own; moving the tightness of Larry’s sphincter up and down over the mid-part of his shaft. He pulled his hips back and moved the tightness up and down over the end of his shaft, almost to his crown. He pushed his hips forward and ran the tightness up and down at the bottom of his shaft. And then he began really pumping his hips and running the tightness over the length of his shaft; bumping himself into Larry all the way, and he liked the feel of that – the bumping – and of Larry’s tightness going down low on his shaft.

A puff of hot wind came through the clubhouse windows. Their four bodies picked up a gleam of perspiration. The neighborhood was quiet in the afternoon heat, and the only sounds were the breeze and the squishing of KY-coated children’s parts, and the occasional grunt of a kid having sex.

After a while, Kimberly started to squirm and her body tensed. She grabbed on to Rave’s hips tightly, pressing her face against his long, thin cock, whimpering.

Rave gentled his licking but didn’t stop, and Kimberly had her ‘feeling’ for nearly forty seconds before she began to relax. Rave changed his licking to kisses. He liked little girls; he liked them a lot.

Kimberly laid her head back down onto the wooden floor and opened her eyes. Above her, Rave’s cock pointed up under his belly. She reached up and felt over it, and rubbed her hand on it. She still felt good between her legs. Rave was still doing nice things. “Rave,” she said his name in her small voice for the first time. “You can put your peter in me if you want.”

Rave moved his hips from over her head, turning around over her. Kimberly saw that Kevin was on his knees behind Larry and was doing to his bottom what Kevin had done to her pee-pee. Both her brothers were watching her. “Just Rave,” she told them firmly. “Only him!”

Rave knelt between her legs and smiled at her, his cock pointing at her now. She smiled back; he was pretty.

Though his saliva had her thoroughly wet, Rave lubed his cock with KY just to be safe, and then he lifted her legs. Gently, he aimed himself in, and pushed in slowly. Kimberly’s six-year-old vagina sheathed him even more snuggly than Lindsay’s and Jenny’s had. She felt good.

They watched each other as they hooked up, and exchanged smiles. When Rave was all the way in, he grinned at her, and then tickled her arm with one hand. She laughed, delightedly and wiggled on his cock.

Her brothers looked at her, surprised. It hadn’t occurred to either of them that you could laugh while you were sexing.

Rave lay down onto Kimberly’s small body, supporting his weight on his elbows. Grinning, he kissed her and then rubbed his cheek against hers as Kimberly looped her arms around his neck. “Wrap your legs around my waist,” he suggested in a whisper.

Kimberly wrapped her thin, little legs around his low little waist, and Rave started to move his hips, careful not to bump into her tender labia. She tightened her hold around his neck and he held her firmly as he pumped very slowly and enjoyed the feel of the six-year-old girl who clung to him.

Next to them, Kevin was pumping hard. Every little bang into his brother’s butt was sending increasingly aroused pleasure up through his tight little loins. It wasn’t the same as Lindsay, but it wasn’t bad. His hands explored Larry’s sides; he’d never really thought that much about Larry’s body, but he liked it. In face, part of what felt good was the feel of Larry’s body as he pumped into him.

Kevin’s hips became a blur, and Larry was surprised as the feeling inside made his peter really hard. Then Kevin grabbed his brother’s hips and pulled Larry’s butt back really hard, pulling Larry back into his lap as Kevin rocked back on his haunches. And then he was rising again and shuddered as he drove his little cock as far as he could into his brother. He could be rougher with Larry; they could be boys… and that felt really good.

He froze for a moment. An intense, boy’s-orgasm passed over him, and then he began to move slowly.

“My turn,” Larry said quickly, pulling away.

Rave lifted his head. “You can do it this way, too,” he said. “You can do it like Kimberly and me. Just have Kevin lie on his back and lift his legs up.”

The brothers glanced at each other. Kevin looked at the wooden floor and frowned.

“Please?” Larry asked. “Can we at least try it, and then when you get another turn, you can try it, too.”

Kevin nodded then, and got down onto his back, lifting his knees up and out. Larry smoothed KY onto his dick, and then kneeling at Kevin’s bottom, he aimed his cock down at Kevin’s pucker and pushed in. Like Kevin before him, Larry felt the tightness pass over his crown and down the length of his shaft. He lay down onto his brother and was surprised by the feeling of intimacy with another boy – though he didn’t know what to call it – as they wrapped arms around each other and the sides of their faces brushed… and they felt each other’s breath… and their chests came together.

Kevin was surprised, too… by how good it felt to have Larry inside him… and Larry’s belly pressing up between his legs and pressing down against Kevin’s own cock as they flattned together. Kevin wrapped his arms over his brother’s slender back and Larry grabbed on to Kevin’s shoulders… and he began to pump.

The sides of their faces brushed and Larry let his lips brush the soft skin of Kevin’s cheek. “When Kimie is sore,” he whispered, “we can do this. It feels good.”

Kevin nodded. “Rave was right. It feels good this way, too… the way you’re doing it.”

They held each other, and Larry slowly pumped his hips. Their coupling didn’t look all that different from that of their six-year-old sister and nine-year-old friend beside them; pale, little boy butts rising and falling between thin little legs at almost the same rhythm. Kimberly held on, rubbing her cheek against Rave’s.


Andy and Angela had taken their time on the living room floor, making love… Can a twelve-year-old boy and an eleven-year old girl… make love?

Andy was inside her still, gazing down into her eyes, and Angela was brushing his cheek with a fingertip as she returned his gaze. She smiled, a sad kind of smile. “When I wanted you to do Krystan,” she looked away, “when I wanted you to sex with her,” her eyes returned to his. “I wanted her to be like me… I mean,” her eyes dropped to his lips, “doing boys,” she whispered, “doing you… Krystan couldn’t really be my friend if we weren’t both doing boys … but…”

She raised her eyes to his forehead and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling his length down into her. Her eyes and her finger tip traveled over Andy’s features; over his eyebrows, along his hairline, down his nose. Her eyes met his and she smiled. “Brother,” she whispered; the word on her lips like the name of a beloved. “I like Krystan,” she said, “and we’ve even sexed together, but you and me,” she said softly, her brow furrowing. “I…”

He smiled and brushed her lips with his own; and then he softly whispered, “Sister,” the same way she had said brother. He pressed his lips to hers and slowly moved his hips. Their mouths opened to each other, and they began once more… to make love.


“Brandon, it’s me,” she said.

Brandon changed the phone to his other ear. She didn’t have to say, “it’s me.” He recognized his wife’s voice. “Hi Lins,” he said uncomfortably, as if she could tell over the phone that two boys spent the night with him in their bed.

“Honey, I’m going to need a few more days out here with mom. She’s still not feeling well.”

He sighed. It was the third time in four months. The few times he had spoken to his mother-in-law, she didn’t sound sick at all. His stomach knotted.

“How long do you think you’ll be?” Brandon asked.

Suddenly, Linda giggled and abruptly covered the mouthpiece. Brandon could hear her muffled voice as she said something to someone else. The knot in his stomach tightened.

“Bran?” she came back onto the line. “I’m sorry. It’s hard to say. You can keep working from home a while, can’t you?”

“I really need to get back to the office,” he said.

“Honey, you’re an accountant, and it’s your company,” she reminded him. “You can work from home.”

“I still need to see clients.”

“The kids will be OK for an hour or two if you have to run down to your office… or just take them with you. They’ll be fine in a back room.”

“Lins,” he said, “we need you home.”

“Nonsense, Bran,” she said. “You guys do fine without me.” She laughed, a forced laugh. “I guess I should be worried that you guys do so well without me.”

“I love you, Lins,” Brandon said quietly.

She was silent a moment. “I know, Brandon. You’ve always been a doll,” she said quietly. But then she cleared her throat and her voice grew less soft. “Honey, I’m sorry, but mom needs me.”

They talked a little longer before Linda said she had to go.


“Hello,” answered the boy’s voice at the other end of the phone.

“Andy?” Brandon asked.

“Hi, Brandon,” Andy said.

“I’m just calling… I just wanted to,” Brandon paused, twisting the phone cord. For some reason there were tears in his eyes and he had to clear his throat. “I just wanted to make sure that you and Rave are OK… you know… after last night.”

“We’re OK,” Andy said. “It was cool.” He sounded happy. Brandon wiped his eyes. Was there any sound a wonderful as a boy’s voice?

“Are you sure?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah,” Andy said.

Brandon twisted the phone cord again, suddenly feeling like an awkward teenager instead of a guy in his early thirties. “I was thinking that we could work on your skateboarding again, maybe tomorrow.”

“I dunno,” Andy said. “Tomorrow’s my mom’s day off and my best friend is gonna be back from scout camp.”

“Oh,” Brandon said, wiping his eyes once more.

“How about Monday?” Andy asked.

Brandon smiled, and he felt foolishly happy. “Yeah,” he said. “That’d be great… I mean, I have to work of course, but I’ll be working from home again, watching the kids. You can just come over… maybe in the morning… first thing.”

“And bring the skateboard?”

“Well sure,” Brandon said with a delighted laugh.

“I can bring Rave, too.”

Brandon nodded. He thought about holding the two boys… just holding them. And then he thought of his own children. When he got off the phone, maybe he would just hold them. But he couldn’t cry. He mustn’t cry.


Cheryl hurried in through the back door. All three kids were in the living room reading; the boys in their shorts on the floor – Tommy on his stomach reading one of Andy’s science fiction novels and Andy on his back, using Tommy’s butt as a pillow behind his head while he read another novel – and Angela, in her long sleep shirt, on the couch, reading a teen magazine. The TV was on, but they weren’t watching it. Cheryl leaned in from the kitchen. “I brought you guys some supper. Go ahead and eat. I’m going to take a nap and maybe a shower,” she told them. She started to step away, but then leaned back. “And no, you don’t have to put on more clothes for supper; it’s just casual.”

Quickly, she went into her room and closed the door. Her mouth was dry; her breath was shallow. Had she caught anything on the cameras?


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