Timeline – Saturday night…

“Denver’s family has a pool,” Kyle pointed out as the bus was coming back into the city. The guys of the Cocoanut Butter Gang were sitting and lying around on the equipment stacked at the rear of the bus. “All those who want Denver to invite us all over…” Kyle said, raising his hand.

Seven other hands went up, including Denver’s.

“Sometime when your parents aren’t around,” Richard suggested.

“Or at night when they can’t see what we’re up to,” Denver said with a grin.

“Hey, Andy’s house would be perfect,” Jason suggested. “His mom’s at work all day. All we have to do is figure out how to get his cousins out of there. For his initiation we can sex all day.”

“You going over there tonight?” Kyle asked Jason privately.

Jason shook his head. “Nah. My parents probably won’t let me since I’m just getting back. I’ll call him, though. And I’ll go over there tomorrow.”

Kyle nodded and looked away.

Jason smiled and mussed Kyle’s hair. “You wanna get together tomorrow, too, Tener?”


The surveillance controller used a combination of Tivo type technology and DVD recording to allow seamless playback between DVD’s (it held three that could be overwritten or swapped out in sequential recording mode) and live surveillance. Cheryl switched the controller to playback, turned on the monitor, and switched through the different camera views.

It cost, but when Richard showed her the advantages of two camera angels, she had him put two cameras in each of the kids’ bedrooms and in the living room. In each of the bedrooms, one camera angled down from above the foot of the bed (from new “smoke detectors”) and another angled from the side, from new radio alarm clocks. In the living room, a camera angled down from one end of the room and another from lower down; from beside the VCR. There was one camera in the kitchen and one in her room.

Cheryl set the time index to that morning. Then she slowly took off her clothes preparing to watch.

Nothing was happening on the monitor; the house was empty. Cheryl fast forwarded. Angela showed up on the living room cameras at the time index of 10:24 AM, evidently was just getting home from Krystan’s. She grabbed a T-shirt from her room and went down the hall to the bathroom.

Cheryl cursed under her breath. She had almost asked Richard to put a camera in the bathroom. She wished now she had.

Andy and Rave came in the back door at 11:04 AM. Both were carrying skateboards and Cheryl wondered who the second one belonged to. The boys looked through the rooms. They appeared to be calling for Angela. She came from the bathroom in her T-shirt, drying her hair. They greeted each other, not with the embrace that Cheryl anticipated, but only with smiles.

They sat around talking on the couch. They went to the kitchen and Andy showed the second skateboard to Angela; he looked animated. Cheryl decided she needed to ask Richard about getting sound added to the surveillance cameras.

The kids ate sandwiches. Then the boys headed for the bathroom. Once again, Cheryl cursed under her breath. Why did she leave out the bathroom?

Angela sat on the couch and read her book.

A half-hour later, the boys came from the bathroom in just towels and sat on the floor in front of the couch while Angela combed out Andy’s hair and then Tommy’s. Cheryl hoped that would start something sexually, and then thought she should be ashamed for wanting that.

The kids seemed to be simply talking. Then the three of them got up and walked back to the boys’ room. The boys took off their towels and Angela pulled off her shirt; all three children were naked. Cheryl hit ‘Pause’.

She studied the screen, advanced the video slowly, admiring the children’s lithe bodies. The two boys really did look alike, Cheryl thought, and found herself smiling. They were both going to be stunners when they got older.

And Angela – though her coloring, long hair, and slender, prepubescent body looked like her brother’s and half-brother’s – Angela had lines and movements that were distinctly feminine, girlish. The three of them crawled onto the bed and pulled a blanket over themselves, Andy in the middle.

Cheryl frowned, disappointed that the blanket hid them. But nothing happened. Tommy and Angela each cuddled up onto one of Andy’s sides, and they all fell asleep.

Cheryl reached again for the remote control. The kids were probably tired from staying up late on their sleepovers. She smiled. They really did reminder her of puppies … the way they slept all over each other. Cheryl fast forwarded.

It was 2:43 PM on the time index when Tommy got out of bed. He pulled on shorts and grabbed a long, narrow box – like a toothpaste box – from one of the dresser drawers. Then taking his skateboard, he put the box in a bag and left the house.

Ten minutes later, Andy sat up in bed, glanced at Angela’s sleeping form, and then got up and left the room without bothering to put any clothes on. Cheryl picked him up on the monitor again when he came into the living room. He moved with an easy gate, like the little athlete he was. Andy turned his head to look toward the front door and his black hair brushed his angular shoulders. He stared off in thought, laying his hand on his flat belly; long, elegant fingers; long, graceful forearm. Cheryl smiled again. Her son was a beautiful boy.

Andy turned on the TV and lay down on the floor, stuffing a throw pillow and both hands behind his head. His long, slender cock lay out across his crossed legs.

A few minutes after that, Angela stirred. She got up from bed, grabbed her T-shirt without putting it on, and came out to the living room. Seeing Andy on the floor, Angela threw her T-shirt onto the couch and lay down on her side next to him. She leaned up to kiss his cheek and reached between his legs with her hand, cupping his balls and rolling his cock.

Cheryl’s pulse quickened.

Andy pulled an arm from behind his head and wrapped it behind Angela, laying his open hand on her bottom. They kissed and Angela began to grind against his hip. He smiled; they laughed.

Andy rolled up onto his side. They tickled each other and wrestled back and forth; all prepubescent arms and legs. Andy rolled on top and Cheryl could see his balls dangling down on Angela’s thigh. They rolled back and Cheryl saw his erection wave up his belly before Angela rolled on top of him, and then Cheryl could see the bottom of Angela’s hairless little mound flatten against Andy’s thigh. Despite Andy’s erection, their wrestling reminded Cheryl once more of puppies; puppies at play.

They rolled to their sides and Andy wrapped his arm behind Angela’s waist, pulling her belly hard against his; their faces smiling, laughing. And then he kissed her and their bodies melted together, legs and arms entwining. They smiled at each other and kissed again.

Angela rolled to her back and Andy leaned over her, kissed her, and reached between her legs to fondle her. Cheryl leaned forward toward the monitor and reached between her legs.

In the monitor, Andy jumped up from the floor and ran from the room, his cock wagging. Angela reached between her legs and stroked her bald mound, much like Cheryl was doing as she watched. Andy quickly returned, carrying the same kind of toothpaste-like box that Tommy had carried out earlier. As Andy opened his, Cheryl realized what it was… lubricant. Where was Tommy going with his? Was there another girl? Was Tommy having sex with another girl?

Andy was kneeling between Angela’s legs now. Cheryl switched from the overhead camera to the one that angled from the side where it was hidden with the VCR. She watched as Andy stretched out his slender legs and angled his long spike of an erection down between Angela’s legs; and it struck Cheryl that if Andy was an adult size male, his erection would easily be ten inches. And thick? It looked like it would be thick when he got older.

Angela held open her arms and once Andy had eased the end of his cock into her, he settled down into her embrace, his cock sinking in, wrapping his arms over her head. Cheryl switched back to the overhead monitor and watched as Andy began circling his hips.

They began a little awkwardly, clumsily, even stiffly – not with the heat and passion Cheryl and Andrew had as teens – but Angela and Andy were eleven and twelve, so Cheryl wasn’t surprised. Perhaps a little disappointed.

Cheryl switched back and forth between the overhead and side monitors as Angela and Andy kissed, caressed, tickled, and laughed. They played. Andy’s cock was inside Angela’s vagina… and they played. Cheryl found herself envying their happiness, and the unpretentious way their juvenile play mixed with sex.

The whole time, Andy’s hips slowly circled or rose and fell. He pushed up on his hands and they circle hips together, grinning at each other at how good it felt. Andy lifted his hips and drove in hard. Angela’s mouth dropped open and she tensed. A surprise smile spread across her face, but then twisted to an impish grin, and suddenly Andy’s body tensed and his little butt clenched. Cheryl grinned, guessing that Angela had clamped down on Andy’s cock with her pelvic muscles.

Cheryl wondered… what kind of pelvic muscles does an eleven-year-old girl have? Considering how young female Olympic stars were, she decided those muscles could be pretty good.

Andy drove in again, and Angela retaliated. They laughed and wrapped their arms around each other. They rolled back and forth. Their smiles faded and they pressed the sides of their faces together. Andy’s hips began to pump.

His pace slowly built and increased until his hips were fast pumping like a rabbit’s. Cheryl’s mouth dropped. She’d never seen a boy… a man… any guy moving like that.

Angela pawed at Andy’s back; her legs thrashed. She dug her heels in behind his thighs and writhed under him as his hips became a blur. Cheryl could barely breathe, her hand rapidly rubbing her mound, trying to keep pace with Andy’s hips on the monitor.

Angela’s fingers dug into Andy’s back, and planting her feet on the floor, she arched back under him. Andy arched back as well; the muscles in his back tightened into ridges, he drove his hips forward, and his thigh muscles went ridged. Cheryl watched the small globes of Andy’s butt clench rhythmically with the throbbing of his orgasm, and her own orgasm hit.

The kids’ orgasms lasted longer than Cheryl’s. Andy pulled back and drove hard again, impaling Angela. He pressed in, butt clenched; then pulled back and drove again, and held it. Angela arched higher and pawed at his back.

Andy buried his mouth in Angela’s neck and drove his hips forward hard; and it appeared that a second, smaller orgasm hit him like an aftershock. He threw his head back, mouth open, and Cheryl wondered if he had cried out.

Then, slowly, the children relaxed, and Cheryl realized that she was panting and out of breath. How did a twelve-year-old learn to screw like that? she wondered. Since Cheryl didn’t become sexually active until her teens, she was surprised by the stamina, sexual intuition, and athleticism natural to sexually active pre-teens. All Cheryl knew was that not even Andrew had made love to her like his son just made to Angela… his daughter.

On the monitor, the children weren’t moving. Cheryl switched to the side camera. They were brushing noses and smiling at each other, and kissing. She was surprised by their affection.

Angela was running a fingertip over Andy’s face. They talked and slowly, his hips began to move again. Andy took Angela’s two hands in his and stretched both their arms up over their heads, stretching their bodies so all that moved were their circling hips and their tongues, exploring each other’s mouths.

They rolled and Angela was on top. She pushed up to straddle him, her hands on his shoulders as her hips rocked back and forth. Her back swayed. She pressed her naked pubic mound flush to his and grinned down at him the way an eleven-year-old does when she’s being nasty with a boy. From the overhead camera, Cheryl could see Andy’s cock appear and disappear back into his sister as she rocked.

Cheryl glanced at her watch. The kids would be wondering soon about how long she was taking in her room. She fast forwarded the DVD and watched the children continue their love making at high speed. According to the time index, it was another ten minutes before Andy rolled Angela to her back and his hips began to fly again. Cheryl slowed to normal speed just to watch.

The children climaxed a second time, and then rolled to their sides, legs entwined, talking. Cheryl turned off the monitor, and decided she needed to shower before going out to the kids… shower and calm down.


“Hi, I’m Richard,” he said. “Davey and I shared a tent for a while at camp and I accidentally packed his bathroom stuff in my bag. I figured he might need it and so I thought I’d bring it by.”

Davey’s mom smiled and held open the door. “That was really sweet of you. Come on in.”

Richard stepped inside.

“Davey’s back in his room; down at the end of the hall there.”

“Thank you,” Richard politely said. He found his way down the hall and into Davey’s room.

Davey was waiting as prearranged and leapt from the bed, wearing only boxers. He pushed the door closed and locked it, and shimmied out of his boxers, giggling, while Richard quickly pulled off his shirt.


“Hey, Andy.”

Andy grinned into the phone. “Hey, Jason. You home?” He took the phone into his room.

“Yep. I’d come over, but it’s sorta late and I’m tired. I am coming over tomorrow, but I’ve gotta mow first. My lazy brother didn’t do it while I was gone because it was my turn. I’ll be there after lunch... Dude, you wouldn’t believe the stuff that happened at camp.”

Andy smiled. “You wouldn’t believe the stuff that happened here. I’ve got a wild Nintendo game to show you.”

Jason chuckled. “Forget the video games, the guys and I have a new leap frog game that’s gonna blow your mind. And I gotta club for you to join.”

“Leap frong, huh?”

“Andy,” Jason said, lowering his voice. “Some of us… well we tried a bunch of stuff… you know the kind of stuff you and I talked about.”

“We did here, too,” Andy said.

“No shit?” Jason asked surprised. “Who with?”

“Well with Rave. And it’s cool. Like… I’m sorry I didn’t want to try stuff with you earlier.”

“Yeah, no shit,” Jason said.

“And Jace,” Andy continued. “I’ve also messed with a couple of girls… well three if you count… well with a couple of girls.”

“Fucking?” Jason asked in a surprised whisper. “Your cousin?”

“Yeah, but like… don’t say anything.”

“Dude, you know I won’t.” Jason said, and then paused. “So… are you gonna be into girls now.”

“Maybe,” Andy said. “They’re cool, Jace. But I still wanna try stuff with you, and Rave and I… we sorta did stuff with another guy… sorta,” he said, wondering whether Brandon counted as ‘another guy.’


“Look, Jason… I’m just saying it’s cool if you still wanna do stuff with me. I mean… I’ll like it.”

“I want to,” Jason murmured quietly. “The whole time at camp, I thought about you and me. Tommorrow… I’ll be over.”


Denver closed the bathroom door and pulled the underwear from inside his rolled up pajamas; the briefs that Newt had given him. He held them to his face and took a deep breath.

He quickly stripped and then leaning back against the bathroom counter, he rubbed the briefs over his cock and balls and closed his eyes, picturing Newt.


Cheryl returned to her room early that night, but didn’t go to sleep. Instead, she watched the monitor, waiting for the kids to do something. But they only watched TV and then went to bed not long after her.

Angela didn’t even pretend to go to her bedroom. The three kids went to the bathroom together, then to the boys’ room. They undressed and crawled into bed together; Andy in the middle once more. And they went to sleep.

Cheryl watched for a while, and then gave up on the idea that they might do anything that night. She thought about watching the video from the afternoon again, but decided she was tired and pulled back the covers on her bed.


She woke before dawn, at about the time she usually did for work. Cheryl went to the bathroom, and then took a seat in front of the monitor. She turned on the monitor and dialed the index back to the time she went to bed.

The children slept. The moved in their sleep, rolling back and forth, lying on each other. And then just after two in the morning, something was happening. She backed up the video. Andy was on his back. Angela was sleeping with her back to him. Tommy was sleeping draped over Andy’s left side. It began when Tommy started to rock his hips. Cheryl could see the nine-year-old’s hips moving under the bed covers.

Legs were moving as well, Andy’s legs included. Slowly, Tommy moved up over him, but it was impossible for her to tell if they were even awake or not. In the eerie glow of the high-spectrum light, their eyes never appeared to open.

Tommy was squarely over Andy now, his hips still pumping. They must be rubbing their cocks against each other. Andy pulled his knees up on either side of Tommy’s hips and she could tell that under the bed sheet, Andy had grabbed Tommy’s butt. They were both moving… Ah! and now they were kissing; they had to be awake.

Angela wasn’t, though. She appeared to still be sleeping soundly.

The boys moved together, kissing, for several minutes. There was a final flurry of pumping, and then they were motionless; Tommy’s body still lying on Andy’s and his head on Andy’s shoulder and pillow. They appeared to fall back asleep that way. Puppies! Cheryl thought once more; sleeping on each other like puppies.

She forwarded again. Nothing else happened. An hour later, Tommy rolled off Andy, and Andy rolled up behind him, spooning him. In her sleep, Angela backed up to them, her butt and spine to Andy’s. They slept that way up until the time Cheryl had gotten up.

Reluctantly, Cheryl returned to bed.

Perhaps because she was resigned to nothing more happening, Cheryl slept late. She woke thirsty and hungry, but she went to the bathroom and returned to the edge of the bed to check out the monitor before heading for the kitchen.

She switched through the live feeds. Angela was back in her bed. In the boys’ room, the bedcovers were off. Andy was sitting up; back propped up on pillows that were stacked against the headboard. Tommy was sitting astride Andy’s lap, facing him, his arms on Andy’s shoulders and their foreheads together.

Cheryl switched to the side view. Andy’s hands were on Tommy’s little hips. The boys were smiling, rolling their foreheads together. They kissed. They smiled. They talked; a thin, little nine-year-old in the lap of a slender twelve-year-old. Cheryl was struck once more that they were just boys; just a couple of young boys… and she was surprised by the affection she saw.

Tommy rocked his hips and Cheryl glimpsed his erection as it rubbed up Andy’s belly. They laughed about something, and Tommy wrapped his arms over Andy’s head and kissed him. The kiss warmed. Andy slid his hands up Tommy’s back and pressed up with his hips.

Cheryl could see Tommy’s long little cock clearly now as he rubbed it up and down Andy’s belly. But where was Andy’s cock? She switched to the overhead camera that angled back from the foot of the bed. She could see Andy’s loose-hanging balls, but not his cock. Then Tommy rose up a little on his knees, and Cheryl did glimpse about half of Andy’s cock as it slid from Tommy’s butt and then slipped back in when Tommy sat back down. She gasped.

Tommy’s hips began to rock faster. Andy pulled his knees up and out to the sides; up over Tommy’s ankles so that the backs of the smaller boy’s heels were locked under the backs of Andy’s outstretched thighs. From the overhead camera, Cheryl could clearly see Andy’s balls and occasional glimpses of his long, thin cock as is slid in and out to Tommy’s rocking.

The boys kissed. Tommy ran his hands over Andy’s head. Andy ran his hands over Tommy’s body, and pulled the smaller boy to him. Tommy kept his back deeply swayed so that his cock pressed Andy’s belly as they rubbed.

It looked like they came almost at the same time, and Cheryl cursed once more under her breath for not asking about audio. Their bodies slowed. They were smiling again. And rubbing foreheads, and kissing; much like before. And once again, she was impressed by the affection she saw between them. If she hadn’t seen Andy and Angela together, she might worry about Tommy and Andy making each other gay. Instead, she was glad to see how much they liked each other.

Tommy began to rock his hips again. Cheryl was surprised. Little fuck bunnies, she thought. They keep going and going.


Her sister called while Cheryl was fixing breakfast for the kids. She spoke to Angela first, and then asked for Tommy. Angela came into the kitchen with Cheryl.

“So how’s your mom?” Cheryl asked.

Angela shrugged. “She misses us.”

“And you guys miss her,” Cheryl said, knowingly. She handed a glass of orange juice to Angela.

Angela shrugged again, and took a sip of juice. “Sure, I miss her, but…” she glanced at Cheryl, “I like it here. Rave’s here with me. And now there’s Andy… and you of course,” she quickly added.

Cheryl smiled. “You really like Andy, don’t you?”

“Sure,” Angela said. “He’s a cool big brother.”

Cheryl smiled to herself, thinking big brother, yeah, sure. She flipped the frying eggs… thinking. Perhaps it was time to tell the children the truth about themselves.

“Honey,” she said to Angela. “As soon as Tommy’s off the phone, call the boys in here for breakfast.”


“Hold on,” Cheryl said, when the children started to leave the table after eating. “I think it’s time to have a little talk.”

Andy swallowed hard and the kids glanced at each other, wondering if Cheryl’s tone meant she had an idea of what they’d been up to.

“I want to tell you about your father.”

“My father?” Andy asked.

Cheryl looked at each of the children in turn. “Andy, Angela, Tommy… it’s time I told you the truth about things. Babies, you all have the same father.”

The children exchanged surprised glances.

“You aren’t just cousins,” Cheryl continued. “You really are brothers and sister; half-brothers and sister.”

For the next hour, Cheryl related the story of her, her brother, and her sister. She didn’t see any reason to not give them the X-rated version, complete with dripping precum and wet vaginas. She wanted them to understand the underlying passions that sucked Andrew and her in. But she also told them about the love and the devotion. She let herself weep, and she let them see the ache that would always be in her heart for her lost brother and lover. Andy came behind her when she finally broke down. And then Tommy and Angela did as well; the three children surrounding and hugging her.

Cheryl let herself cry. She hadn’t done that in a long time. Angela brought a box of tissues, and Cheryl thanked her. “Sit down, kids,” she said, composing herself. “We still have a little more talking to do.”

The children returned to their seats.

Cheryl blew her nose and dried her eyes. “I know that you have been having sex together,” she said bluntly.

The three of them looked like they’d been hit in the gut. “How?” Andy started to ask.

Cheryl had a lie ready. “I had to come home yesterday afternoon for a key I forgot, and I saw you and Angela in the living room. And then last night, I looked in on you and saw the three of you sleeping together… naked.”

Andy swallowed hard.

“Look, kids,” Cheryl said, leaning forward. “I know the horse is out of the barn with you guys, and I can’t stop you. And I can’t be a prude about it simply because Andrew and I were older than you guys when we startred. We’re all a family now and we’re together, no matter what! But you have to be smart, OK?” She turned to Angela. “You have to tell me, honey, when you have your first period. We’re going to have to do something about birth control. You’re way too young to get pregnant, and it just wouldn’t be good for one of your brothers to knock you up. You three are already children of a brother and sister. It wouldn’t be good for you to ever have children together. That’s why I told you about us.”

Angela nodded numbly. She hadn’t even thought about kids.

Andy grabbed Angela’s hand under the table and wondered… what if someday he wanted to marry Angela? Did that mean he couldn’t? Not that he really thought he would, but did it mean that?

Angela glanced at him, and smiled; squeezing his hand.

Cheryl saw it and her brow furrowed. “I’m not giving you children carte blanche to go crazy, OK? You guys are still really, really young. For now, I’m just glad you love each other.”

The front doorbell rang, and the children glanced at Cheryl.

“It’s OK to get the door,” she said. “That’s pretty much what I had to say. We can always talk more, later.”

At the door were Brandon, Neal, Lindsay, and Jenny. Neal had his skateboard. “Dude,” he said, stepping up to Rave. “Grab your Black Label. I’ve got something new stunts ;o show you.”

Brandon noticed Cheryl right off… well right after noticing the two, shirtless boys. He noticed Angela as well. But his eyes returned to Cheryl. It was obvious to him where the children got their remarkable looks; at least their coloring. He smiled and extended a hand. “I’m Brandon, Neal’s dad.”

Cheryl took his hand and smiled. He was an attractive man; athletic looking, thick brown hair. “I’m Cheryl.”

“Well,” Brandon said with a smile for Andy. ”I’m taking Lindsay and Jenny to the pool for a swim, and since Neal was coming over here, we offered to drop him by… Hey,” he said, trying to make it sound like an idea that just occurred to him, “would you guys like to come swimming with us?” He looked directly at Andy.

“Can’t,” Andy said, shoving his hands into the waistband of his shorts and shrugging. “Jason, my best friend is back from scout camp and he’s coming over later.”

Neal nodded and then glanced at Cheryl. Partly because he felt like he should not withdraw the invitation simply because Andy couldn’t come, he raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

She grinned. “I take it you aren’t married.”

Brandon frowned and shook his head. “I’m married.” Then he grinned. “But I’d love to make my wife jealous; a beautiful woman like you might do wonders for our relationship.”

Cheryl raised an eyebrow of her own, grinning uncertainly.

“It’s a long story,” Brandon said. And then he cocked his head. “It might be nice to tell a stranger about it. How are you at listening?”

Cheryl smiled, not sure what to make of Brandon.

“The girls and I really would enjoy it if you came with us,” Brandon said. He glanced at the girls and then back at Cheryl with an imprecatory smile. “I would really appreciate it.”

Cheryl laughed. “I think you’d just make your wife mad instead of jealous. Why didn’t she come with you?”

Brandon looked her in the eye and was honest. “My wife is with her mom in Flagstaff… again. She’s been spending a lot of time over there lately.”

Cheryl bit her lip and glanced at Andy and Angela.

“Ange and I have some stuff to talk over,” Andy said.

Cheryl bit her lip, making a mental note to watch Andy and Angela’s discussion later. She turned to Brandon. “Sure. I’d like to go swimming. I’ll get my suit.”

As she left the room, Brandon turned to Andy. “Could I talk to you a second?” he asked.

“Sure,” Andy said with a nod. He glanced around. “Umm, you wanna come back to my room a second?”

Brandon nodded. “Girls, stay with Angela a second, OK?”

Lindsay and Jenny nodded and looked up at Angela. “You look a lot like Rave,” Jenny said, “And like Andy, too.”

“They’re my brothers,” Angela said with a smile back toward the hall where Andy and Brandon had just disappeared.

Andy closed the door behind them because he could guess what was coming. Brandon pulled him into his arms and hugged him hard. They kissed.

Andy felt Brandon’s hardness and it stirred his own. Brandon clutched the boy to him. “You know I’ve fallen in love with you,” he whispered in Andy’s ear.

Andy nodded. He didn’t understand all of it, but he could sense Brandon’s hunger, his need.

“Do you mind?” Brandon asked. “Does it bother you?”

Andy shook his head. “I like you,” he said, simply. “I like being with you and sexing was fun. This is nice.”

Brandon nodded. “I can’t ask anymore of you, though I would,” he whispered, pressing his lips to Andy’s soft cheek. “If I could, I would ask you to come away with me.” He squeezed Andy’s small butt. “I wish I could get away… I wish I had a week of days and nights with you… just a week away from everything with you.” He kissed the boy once more. “But for now,” he said, stepping back. “Your mom is probably waiting.” He grinned. “And she’s almost as beautiful as you are.”

Andy took Angela’s hand as the front door closed and the others left. They looked at each other and grinned. “Sister,” Andy said.

“Brother,” Angela answered with a grin. She grabbed his hand and dragged him back toward the bedrooms. Angela pulled off her shirt in the hall. Andy pulled off his shorts. She pulled off her panties just inside the door of the boys’ bedroom and jumped onto the bed, laughing. She rolled to her back, and Andy leaped onto her, laughing as well.

He straddled her hips and pinned her hands at the side of her head, grinning down at her; his cock growing in length up the mid seam of her belly. “From now on,” Andy said. “You sleep with Rave and me every night, all night.”

“Except when one of us is having a sleepover,” she pointed out.

“Nah, all your girl friends can sleep in bed with us, too.”

Angela frowned. “You wish!” She bit her lip. “When is Jason coming over?”

Andy slid his hips back, and still pinning Angela’s hands, he bent and pressed his mouth to the side of her neck. “We’ll hurry.”


Lindsay and Jenny were playing in a fountain at the shallow end of the pool. Brandon was sitting on the slope down into the water. Cheryl admired the tight muscles of his tanned back as she took a seat beside him. ‘Do you work out?” she asked.

Brandon looked down at his belly. He was proud that he had tight abs. “I run,” he said with a shrug. “I do pushups and sit-ups.”

Cheryl sighed. “I should work out. It’s hard to find the time.”

Brandon looked her over. “Yeah, right. Like you’d ever need to work out.” He smiled. “So why can’t you find time?”

Cheryl ladled water onto her thighs. “If you want to talk to a stranger, maybe we better talk before I’m not a stranger any more.”

Brandon laughed and ladled water onto his thighs as well. His laughter died away, and he looked off to the other side of the pool. “My wife is having an affair. I don’t think it’s her first.”


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