Timeline – Late Sunday afternoon…

Kyle hung back, but Jason waved him up onto the porch and put his arm over the younger boy’s shoulder. “I told you. You’ll like Andy,” Jason assured him.

Kyle nodded uncertainly, thinking that would depend partly on whether Andy liked him, and partly on whether Jason ignored him when Andy was around.

Jason knocked and rang the doorbell.

“Come in!” Andy called out from inside.

Jason opened the front door and the two of them walked in. They heard Andy’s, “Oh, shit!” as their eyes adjusted from the sunlight. And then they saw Andy on the couch, leaning back against one arm. Leaning back against Andy’s chest was Angela. She held a throw blanket over the two of them so that it covered her chest. Her shoulders were bare. So were his.

“I didn’t know anybody was coming with you!” Andy exclamed as Angela, laughing, tried to hide under the blanket by curling up sideways in Andy’s lap. “We were gonna blow you mind,” Andy explained.

Angela managed to get under the blanket, pulling it down from Andy’s bare chest.

“Whoa!” Jason said, taking a seat at the other end of the couch. “Are you guys naked?”

Kyle’s eyes widened as he took a seat on the floor beside where Jason sat.

Andy grinned. “Sorta.” His eyes dropped to Kyle.

“Kyle came over and helped me mow my yard,” Jason explained, glancing at Kyle. “And he wanted to come along.” Jason turned back to Andy. “He and I… well he was in on things at camp, and well, he’s my Tener.”

“Your what?” Andy asked.

“I’ll tell you about it,” Jason said, with a glance at the blanket under which Angela was hiding.

“Ugh!” Andy jumped and Angela giggled under the blanket. He jumped again and popped the top of her head through the blanket. Angela laughed, and there were small movements under the blanket. Suddenly Andy gasped, his head dropped back and his eyes rolled up.

“Dude,” Jason said, his mouth dropping, “You guys are definitely blowing my mind.”

There was another movement under the blanket and Andy gasped again.

The blanket shifted and Angela’s head popped up with a grin.

Jason’s eyes met Angela’s. She was pretty. He smiled.

She smiled back, and her smile became mischievous. “I’m going over to Krystan’s,” she said, getting up off the couch and taking the blanket with her.

That left Andy uncovered and with a wet erection pointing up his belly. “Whoa!” Andy called out, and reaching out from the couch, he grabbed back the blanket, jerking it off Angela.

She squealed, covering her chest with one arm and between her legs with the other. All three boys watched her run from the room, her bare little butt flexing as she ran.

“You’ll get yours, Angela,” Andy called after her, his face red. He arranged the blanket over himself.

“Damn, Andy,” Jason said, adjusting his pants. “Damn!”

Kyle was still looking toward the hallway door where Angela had vanished.

Andy grinned.

“I can’t believe you guys were out here naked like that,” Jason said. “Where’s your mom? What if somebody besides me had walked in?”

Andy shrugged. “I knew it was going to be you… So tell me about camp.”

“Well,” Jason said, with a glance toward the hallway and then down at Kyle. He leaned forward and Kyle scooted closer. “It sorta started last Saturday when we were loading the bus. Richard and I were in the back of the bus, and we had taken our shirts off ‘cause it was hot, and then we started wrestling and sprung boners and we sorta started dry-humping each other when Kyle here and Davey come onto the bus.”

“They weren’t sorta dry humping,” Kyle said with a grin. “Richard was like on his back and had his legs wrapped around Jason and they were like with their tongues hanging out…”

“Not hardly,” Jason objected.

Andy laughed. “I bet you were, dude!”

Angela came back into the room, dressed in shorts, shirt, and sandals. “Goin’ to Krystan’s,” she said. She bent to kiss Andy and then snatched the blanket away with a grin. She tossed it to Jason and dodged out the front door.

Jason’s and Kyle’s eyes dropped to Andy’s lap. His cock was still thick.

Andy sat up, grabbed the blanket back, and spread it over his lap. “You are going to be soooo sorry, Ange!” Andy yelled after her. He turned back to Jason and Kyle. “Go ahead. What happened next?”


“What we need is a brother-sister sleepover,” Neal said as he and Rave rested for a moment. They were leaning against a loading dock ramp at the abandoned warehouse where they had been skateboarding. “We’ll get Lindsay to invite Jenny and Kimberly,” Neal explained. “Jenny can be your little sister. And I’ll invite Larry to bring his little sister. And then as soon as my parents are asleep…” he grinned.

“Or we could go to my house,” Rave said. “During the day it’s just me, Angela, and Andy we can tell them to go screw each other in Angela’s room.”

Neal grinned. “That’d be so cool. No adults around at all. When you wanna do it?”

Rave shrugged. “We can do it this week when Cheryl’s at work.”


Andy had listened as Jason and Kyle went back and forth giving him a detailed narrative of their scout camp adventures. He laughed at parts, and reached under the blanket to hold his erection at parts. He liked the whole Tener thing and asked questions.

“Kyle made a couple of extra bead necklaces,” Jason said. “For when you join the Cocoanut Butter gang… I mean, you said that you and Rave were getting it on. He could be like your Tener.” Jason looked around the living room. We could like… have all the guys over this week for an initiation when your mom’s at work, and we can ask Angela to go visit what’s-her-name.”

Andy frowned. “I’m not sure about Rave and me doin’ the gang thing.”

“We had fun, Andy,” Jason quickly said.

“It was awesome,” Kyle added.

“You’d like it,” Jason said. “I mean, damn… all that sexing with eight of us… it was wild.”

“Sorta like team sex,” Kyle said with a grin.

Jason grinned. “Yeah, extreme team sex, and like… everybody scored a lot!”

“Well…” Andy started to say.

“Dude,” Jason quickly interjected before Andy could give him an outright ‘no’. “You haven’t told me about what happened here. You got it on with Rave and Angela, dude. How’d it happen?”

Andy told them; Kyle, too. After all, Kyle had been in on telling him about everything that happened at camp. It seemed natural enough to tell Jason stuff while Kyle was there.

Andy told them about Rave and Angela, and about Krystan, too. He told them about doing both girls. He told them about the Nintendo game and Matt and about Rave doing Neal.

He didn’t tell them about Rave and Neal doing Lindsay and Jenny, though. And he didn’t tell them about Brandon – that wouldn’t be right; not yet. Whenever he did tell Jason about these other things, it would only be Jason. In fact, he might never tell Jason about him doing Lindsay – she was only seven after all. There was one thing, though, that he would tell Jason when he had a chance; he would tell him about Cheryl knowing about Rave, Angela, and him sexing together.

“So you’ve mainly been getting it on with Angela?” Jason asked.

“And Rave… pretty much every day with Rave.”

Jason was relieved. Finding Andy naked with Angela had him worried that despite what Andy said, he wouldn’t be interested in messing with Jason or other boys. But if Andy was doing Rave every day...

Jason reached under the blanket and rubbed Andy’s calf muscle. He was about to ask when he and Andy could get together when the front door opened. Rave came in with Neal, shirtless. “Hi dudes!” they said. Setting their skateboards down, they headed for the kitchen. The boys in the living room then heard the sound of opening soda cans.

“Hey, you guys want some pop?” Andy asked.

Jason and Kyle glanced at each other. “Sure,” Jason said. Their eyes went to Andy’s middle as he tossed aside the blanket.

“Better get my shorts,” Andy said, dashing for the bedroom. “In case my mom comes home.”

They watched the muscles in his rounded little white butt as he left the room.

Rave frowned when the other three came into the kitchen. Though he didn’t think of it in those terms, he felt threatened by Jason, because Jason and Andy had been friends for years. And Jason was an alpha-boy type. He had an honest smile, even features, and the kind of simple good looks that other boys envied. His wiry body and budding twelve-year-old muscles made him a great looking, pale-blond match for Andy’s athletic body. They were the same height and they were grinning, arms over each other’s shoulders as they came through the door. Kyle followed.

Rave suppressed a frown. He needed to be cool with Jason, but he didn’t have to like the other kid, who Andy introduced as Kyle. That kid was cute too, and Rave didn’t like the idea of him sexing with Andy, too. Rave’s frown returned without him realizing it.

Kyle didn’t notice it either as he approached the two nine-year-olds. “You guys into skateboarding?” he asked.

Rave threw Neal a what-a-dork look. Kyle did notice that.

Neal grinned. “No, dude, we just carry skateboards around so we look cool.”

Kyle retreated a step. Andy’s brow furrowed as he handed a cola to Jason, and had one in his other hand for Kyle.

Jason cleared his throat. “You three guys oughta hit it off,” he began to say.

“Why?” Rave asked, looking Kyle in the eye. “You got little sisters?”

Neal guffawed.

Kyle only nodded dumbly, surprised by the other boys’ hostility.

“Little sisters, huh? Cool,” Neal said with a sly grin at Rave.

“What’s wrong with you assholes?” Andy asked angrily.

Rave met his gaze, defiantly.

“Let’s go, dude,” Neal said to Rave, stepping toward the door to the living room.

Andy grabbed Rave’s arm. “Hold on.”

Rave glanced at Neal who didn’t wait, and then back at Andy. “What?”

“What’s the matter with you?” Andy asked.

“Nothing’s the matter with me,” Rave said, tugging his arm, but Andy held it tightly.

“Something is,” Andy said. “You’re being a prick.”

“I’m not being a prick,” Rave said, trying to tug his arm away.

“Yeah, you are,” Andy said. And then he pulled Rave close and leaned to whisper in the younger boy’s ear. “Look, Kyle’s cool. And he’s like… he’s like to Jason the way you are to me… special.” Andy squeezed Rave’s arm. “Jason feels about him like I feel about you, Rave. And Jason’s my best friend.”

Rave frowned. He wanted to be Andy’s best friend. But it was as if Andy read his mind. “Rave,” Andy whispered. “You’re my brother. I wanted Jace to see how cool you are. I like, wanted to show you off, dude, but you’re embarrassing me. You’re being an asshole.”

Rave was becoming a bit embarrassed himself. He glanced at Jason, and then at Kyle as Andy released his arm and handed Kyle his cola.

Kyle had backed toward Jason, the way a younger kid backs to an older for protection.

Rave began to feel like an asshole. He glanced at Andy and away. He started toward the front door and Neal, but then stopped. He’d fucked things up, and he didn’t want Andy mad at him; not when he was already worried about Jason being a better friend.

“Go ahead, Neal,” Rave said. “I’m gonna stick around here for a while.”

Neal looked as though he would stay, too, but then thought better of it. He waved. “Cool, dude. I’ll see ya later.”

Neal left, and Rave turned back to the others. Kyle had backed to Jason who had thrown an arm over Kyle’s shoulders. Rave leaned against Andy, glancing at him. Andy simply met his gaze.

Rave sighed and looked at Kyle. “Look, dude. I’m sorry, OK?”

Kyle nodded, but looked skeptical.

Rave glanced back at Andy, then hung his head. “I really am sorry, dude.”

Andy did put his arm over Rave’s shoulders then.

“We’re cool, dude,” Jason said. “Like you just moved here and all… all the way from Wisconsin. That’s gotta be scary. And it’s really gotta be scary moving in with Andy.”

“Yeah, we’re cool, dude,” Kyle said, stepping forward. He held out his fist.

Rave rapped knuckles with him.

Nobody said anything for a moment. Kyle cleared his throat. “Can I like… see your skateboard?”


Newt and his fourteen-year-old, older brother parked their bikes beside the front door and knocked. Denver opened the door himself and came out onto the porch in shorts and a sleeveless muscle shirt. “This is my brother, Glen,” Newt said.

Denver nodded. Newt had told him about his brother; the brother who liked to put his cock between Newt’s legs. Fourteen years old, like Denver, he was a small guy like both Newt and Denver. Though an inch taller than Denver, he was thinner.

Denver and Glen rapped knuckles.

Newt looked at Glen who nodded encouraging.

“Glen and I wondered if you could sleep over at our house tonight,” Newt said. Then he leaned closer to Denver. “I told him that you and me tried lots of stuff.” Then Newt leaned even closer to whisper. “But I haven’t told him about the gang yet… Anyway,” Newt said, stepping back. “We were thinking maybe you could come over, and we could try stuff together.”

Denver glanced at Glen’s slender body. His eyes dropped to Glen’s package. It looked thick. He felt his own begin to thicken. Denver’s eyes rose to Glen’s.

“Sure,” Denver said with a smile.


Cheryl came in the back door, saw Jason and Andy standing in the kitchen, and gave Jason a hug. “Hi Jace,” she said. “Did you have fun at scout camp?”

“Where’s Brandon?” Andy asked.

“He didn’t want to leave the girls in the car,” Cheryl said, walking on to her room. “I’ve got to put these wet things away.”

“Mom,” Andy called after her, “is it OK for Jace to sleep over tonight?”

There was only a moment’s pause before she said, “Sure!” She reappeared at the door to the kitchen. “We can order out pizza if you want.”

“Cool,” Andy said.

“Excellent!” Jason agreed.


Cheryl tossed her wet things into her bathroom and lay back on her bed and smiled because of Brandon. She hadn’t had that much fun just being with a guy in ages. What a neat guy!

Cheryl sat up… if she was going to order pizza for supper, would Brandon want to come over with his kids? Would asking him be too forward? It might be. She shrugged and got up from the bed. She was still in a good mood. Maybe she’d go rent movies for the kids.

She paused by her TV/monitor. She had intended to go back over the afternoon’s video to see what Andy and Angela got into after she left. Maybe later, she decided. Now was the time for pizza and movies.


“Hello,” Richard said, answering the phone.

“This is Davey.”

“Cool,” Richard said, leaning back on his family’s couch.

“I found out that Ryan’s sleeping over at Jon’s house and Denver’s sleeping over at Newt’s. I asked my mom and she said I could invite you to sleep over with me tonight… can you? My dad’s gonna grill steaks.”

“Hell yes,” Richard answered immediately. “Just for the steaks, of course,” he added with a chuckle, then considered. “I guess I oughta check with my mom, but she’ll say yes.”

“Watch out for my sister, though,” Davey said. “She thinks you’re cute.”

“Really?” Richard asked, sitting up. Davey’s sister was Richard’s age. And cute, herself.


Leaving the kitchen, Andy and Jason found Kyle and Rave in the boys’ room, standing at the end of the bed, examining Andy’s new skateboard. The two of them looked up when the older boys came into the room.

“Can Kyle borrow your skateboard sometime?” Rave asked. “So he can hang with me and Neal?”

Andy’s brow furrowed.

“He’ll be careful,” Rave promised.

“How come you guys are getting along so well now?” Jason asked, surprised. “I mean, it’s cool and all…”

Kyle and Rave exchanged glances. “We have a lot in common,” Rave said, and both laughed.

“Like what?” Jason asked.

Rave shrugged. “Well, I found out that Kyle lives only two blocks away. And we’re both into Sci Fi, video games, movies, and…” Rave smiled and exchanged meaningful glances with Kyle. “…a couple of other things.”

“Like what? Us?” Andy asked.

Kyle grinned. “Maybe.”

“So… what about letting Kyle use your skateboard?” Rave asked, not to be dissuaded.

Andy nodded. “Yeah, OK, until he gets himself one.” Andy didn’t want to say that the board was special because Brandon gave it to him, but it was.

“Come on, Tener,” Jason said, waving Kyle over. “Gotta go.”

“Hey,” Rave stopped him. “Is Jason coming back to sleep over tonight?”

“Yeah,” Andy answered with a nod.

“Then Kyle’s staying, too.”

Andy and Jason exchanged glances.

“We know you guys plan to sex each other,” Rave said with a dismissive wave. “Kyle and I are gonna, too, right?” He looked to Kyle for confirmation.

Kyle nodded and smiled at Jason. “I’m gonna give Rave some Tener training.”

“And I’m gonna give Kyle little brother training,” Rave added.

Andy’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Like what does that mean? What would you teach him?”

Rave shrugged. “Like how to take a shower together.”

Kyle grinned. “He says it’s like bathing a dog.”

Andy raised an eyebrow. Jason laughed out loud.

Rave cocked a mischievous eye at Jason. “Kyle says that having an ‘old guy’ is sorta like having a pet, too.”

Jason frowned. The two older boys looked at each other. “Let’s take ‘em!” Jason said.

The skateboard dropped to the floor, and the two younger boys turned to get away, but in a flash Andy and Jason had them wrestled to the floor. Andy had Rave in a headlock and leg lock, and Jason had Kyle the same way.

“What should we do with ‘em?” Jason asked.

“Torture by tickling,” Andy immediately answered in his best, most diabolical voice.

“Screw you!” Kyle exclaimed, trying to get away.

“Sounds like he might be ticklish,” Andy observed.

“Very,” Jason confirmed, digging his fingers into Kyle’s ribs.

Kyle howled. Rave’s howls joined his. When there wasn’t breath left for howls, the older boys paused in their tickling. “What else should we do to them?” Andy asked.

“Bite me!” Kyle managed the breath to say defiantly.

“Yeah,” Andy said with a nod. “We could do that.”

I didn’t say that!” Rave quickly pointed out.

“Still a good idea,” Andy said.

“We could give ‘em maximum strength wedgies,” Jason suggested, maneuvering to get a hand into the back of Kyle’s shorts.

“Can’t,” Andy said. “Rave and I haven’t been wearing underwear; just shorts.”

Jason and Kyle paused in their struggling. “No shit?” Jason murmured.

“Course, I could give him a shorts wedgie,” Andy said.

“You could suck our cocks,” Rave suggested.

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed. “You could suck our cocks till we can’t stand it anymore… that’d be torture.”

Andy glanced at Jason, who had been aroused by the thought of Andy and Rave without underwear. “Let’s see his dick,” Jason suggested. “

Since Andy had Rave from behind, it was simple to reach in front and pull down Raves shorts. Rave had a semi.

“Let me see,” Kyle said, struggling in the headlock to get a look.

“Damn, Andy! He’s your cousin alright,” Jason observed. “He’s gonna have a big one.”

“Actually, Rave’s my brother,” Andy said, closing his hand over Rave’s cock and balls. “We found out that we’re actually half-brothers.”

Jason’s eyes rose to Andy’s to see if he was serious. “You’re shittin’ me!”

“Nope. Really. We just found out today.”

“But I knew it,” Rave said, trying to twist in Andy’s head lock. “I knew it right from the start.”

“No wonder you guys look so much alike,” Jason murmured. His eyes slipped again to Rave’s cock. “I could torture your brother for you by sucking his cock and you could torture my Tener for me by suckin’ his.”

“Sure,” Andy said. “Show me Kyle’s.”

Jason pulled down the front of Kyle’s pants with a little more difficulty since he had to undo them and pull down underwear as well. It was Rave’s turn to demand to “see.”

“Not as big as your brother’s,” Jason observed. “But we’ve had a lot of fun with it.”

Andy nodded. “Yeah, I’d like to torture him.”

Andy’s and Jason’s eyes met. “Exchange?” Jason asked.

They made a show of wrestling the two younger boys into each other’s grasp while at the same time wrestling the younger boys shorts off, though neither of the younger boys was struggling anymore.

In moments, Rave and Kyle had been de-pants and the two older boys were lying on their bellies between the younger boys’ legs, fingers pointing upright stiffies toward open mouths.

“Tell us when you can’t take any more.” Andy told them.

“Wait! First,” Jason said, “we gotta do this.” Pointing away Rave’s stiffy, Jason buried his mouth beneath Rave’s navel and gave him a belly raspberry.

Rave’s knees jerked up and he squealed.

Andy did the same, and both the younger boys had their knees up, howling and laughing. Each was gripping the older boy’s heads in both hands, trying to push him off. But then the raspberries softened and worked their way down two little bellies. The howls died down to moans. Holding the older boys’ heads in both hands, knees still up and out exposing everything between their legs, the two younger boys closed their eyes and moaned.

Their moans mixed with the older boys’ quiet slurpings. When Jason groaned softly in his own enjoyment, Andy echoed with a soft groan of his own to say that he was enjoying Kyle as well.

Before long, the younger boys’ bodies began to squirm and tense.

Andy lifted his head. “We could stop right now and leave ‘em like this,” he suggested.

Jason lifted his head long enough to say, “No, they haven’t suffered enough.”

And so the two older boys continued until the younger ones had writhed and whimpered through dry, boy orgasms.

Andy knelt up, rubbing the saliva from his mouth with the back of his hand. “Let that be a lesson to you!” he said with mock sternness.

Jason knelt up from between Rave’s legs. “And remember what we can do to you if you get us riled again.”

The two younger boys nodded dazedly and their hands went to their still hard little cocks.

“Well,” Andy said with a grin as the two older boys stood to their feet. “We sure showed them.” He threw an arm over Jason’s shoulders and they moved toward the door. Behind them on the floor, the nine and ten year-olds quickly moved into a sixty-nine and continued.

At the door of the room, the older boys paused. Jason’s eyes met Andy’s. They turned to each other, stepping up belly to belly. Jason wrapped his arms around Andy’s shoulders, moving his mouth slowly to Andy’s. Andy wrapped his arms around Jason; one high, one low, pulling their bodies together. And at the age of twelve, the two best friends kissed for the first time.

It came as a stray thought in Jason’s mind, but became an immediate conviction; this kiss was what every kiss that week had been leading up to.

Their mouths opened and their tongues probed. And Andy, whose feelings had been stirred that week for both his brother and sister, now felt them stirred once more; this time by a feeling of rightness and by a natural, easy, intimacy with his boyhood friend. This first kiss with Jason felt to Andy as comfortable as something that was always meant to be.

Andy pushed the door to the room closed with his foot and pulled off Jason’s shirt. Jason pushed down Andy’s shorts, and Andy did the same to his. They fell naked onto to the bed. Jason rolled to his back, spreading his legs for Andy’s hips to settle between.

They grinned at each other, surprised by shared feelings that were both unexpected and exciting. Jason chuckled and Andy grinned. But only for a moment before Andy lowered his mouth to Jason’s. They wrapped each other up in arms and legs and gentle moans… and their hips began to move.


Ryan had always liked Jon’s little brother, Alex. At nine, he was only a year younger than Ryan, and Alex had always hung around with Ryan and Jon whenever Ryan was over. Alex was skinnier than Jon, but almost as tall. He wore big eyeglasses that constantly slid down his nose, and that gave him a deceptively bookish look. Ryan liked it when Alex didn’t wear his glasses because Alex had pretty eyes, and because Alex wasn’t bookish.

They had bathed together before, though it had been a while. So that night, with Ryan sleeping over, it wasn’t a surprise when Alex wanted to bathe with them after hearing that Ryan would be bathing with Jon.

Alex was the one surprised, when the three boys undressed and the other two had stiffies. “Boners are cool,” Jon assured his younger brother.

“Yeah,” Ryan agreed. “Want us to show you some things you can do with boners?”

Alex’s hand dropped to his dick and he gave it a squeeze; he already knew that stiffies felt good. He looked from Ryan to Jon and nodded.


Krystan, already bathed and in her night shirt, lay on her stomach, watching TV. Matt watched his parents pull away from the front of the house, headed for a night out with friends. He glanced back at his older sister on the floor and his eyes fell to her rounded bottom. It surprised him how much he noticed her ass lately.

Matt walked over behind her and then knelt down astride the top of her legs, just behind her butt. He pushed her shirt up onto her back, and laying his palms down, one on each globe of her ass, he circled them in opposite directions. At eleven, Krystan’s bottom was still firm.

He slid his hands under her shirt and up the smooth skin of her back. She sighed and laid her head down onto her arms. He pushed her shirt all the way up to her shoulders and then ran his hands over her back and side. And then he laid forward, down onto her, his erection pressing down onto her butt. Sliding his hands up her sides, he found the slight bulging of her breasts, flattened on the floor. He caressed them and kissed high up her back between her shoulder blades.

“I thought they’d never leave,” Krystan murmured lifting her chest from the floor as her brother slid his hands under her small breasts.


Lindsay climbed into her dad’s lap… again. Brandon was sitting in the den recliner in his running shorts and singlet, having fallen asleep while Neal was watching an old Indiana Jones movie. He had dumped Lindsay from his lap twice while he was still awake when she had begun wiggling too much. It never occurred to him that his seven-year-old daughter was curious about how big and pointy a daddy’s penis got.

So while he slept, she crawled into his lap one more time, leaning back against his stomach and chest. Brandon stirred a moment as she settled in, but went quickly back to sleep. Then Lindsay began moving her bottom around slowly.

Neal glanced over from the couch. “What are you doing, Lins?”

“Shssh!” she put her finger to her lips.

“What?” he mouthed.

“I want to see…” she tried mouthing back, but Neal didn’t get it.

“What?” he mouthed again.

“I want to see how big it gets,” she mouthed once more, and this time, Neal got it. His mouth dropped and he sat up. He started to tell her to get off their dad’s lap, but he suddenly wondered, too.

Biting her lip in concentration, Lindsay moved her little butt around. Neal glanced at his dad’s face. Brandon’s mouth was open in sleep.

Lindsay grinned at her brother. “It’s happening,” she mouthed.

With one eye on his dad, Neal got up from the couch and came to silently kneel beside the recliner.

Lindsay wiggled and grinned wider. She leaned forward and tried to look behind her butt.

“Get off,” Neal mouthed, waving her off her dad’s lap.

Carefully, she climbed off and knelt beside Neal, looking down into her dad’s lap. His erection was clearly outlined by the thin nylon of his running shorts. It pointed up from between his legs out toward his hip, directly under the eyes of his children. Lindsay reached out and before Neal could stop her, she closed her hand over the outline of Brandon’s cock. Brandon didn’t stir.

“It’s big!” she mouthed, her eyes wide.

Neal glanced up at his dad, and then carefully replaced Lindsay’s hand with his own. He gave a tentative squeeze. It felt as big as it looked… and hot through the nylon. “Wow,” he mouthed.

Lindsay reached back in and closed her hand over Brandon’s shaft just under Neal’s hand. They both squeezed.

Brandon snorted and started to wake. The kids dove for cover. Brandon stirred, waking from a dream that disturbed him. His kids were in the dream.


The door to their bedroom opened from the bath they shared with Kimberly; Larry and Kevin froze and lifted their heads from their sixty-nine. The bedroom door was locked and their mom and aunt were in the kitchen, talking and would be doing so for hours. Still, the two boys breathed a sigh of relief when they saw it was only six-year-old Kimberly.

She closed the door, came to the bed, and shimmied out of her pajamas before climbing up on the bed to kneel beside the boys. “Where’s the KY stuff?” she asked in a whisper, fingering between her labia.


Glen got up onto all-fours on top of the bed. Denver knelt up behind him and Newt passed him the cocoanut butter. Denver spread it over his cock and then into Glen’s crack. His eyes traveled up Newt’s brother’s back. He liked Glen’s back. And he liked Glen.

Normally he didn’t get into guys his own age as much as younger guys like Newt, but Glen was small like him, and quiet. Denver liked that Glen was quiet. And now, looking at Glen’s butt and long slender back, Denver decided that he liked just about everything about Glen.

He pointed his cockhead in between Glen’s butt cheeks and pushed until he found the depression of Glen’s sphincter with his sensitive crown. He pressed in, and he and Newt watched his shaft disappear inside Glen. Denver glanced at Newt who looked up at him. Newt smiled and leaned forward. They kissed as Denver grabbed Glen’s hips and ground in


“I’m tired guys,” Brandon said, coming back into the den from the kitchen. Neal and Lindsay were lying on the couch watching TV. They were on their sides, Neal lying behind Lindsay, the two of them covered by a blanket. Neal smiled. The two of them had been more affectionate lately. It was sort of sweet. He wondered if it was some kind of subconscious reaction to the problems between him and Linda.

He bent and kissed them each on the head. “Go to bed as soon as the movie’s over, kids,” he said. He straightened up, and for a brief moment, thought about Neal being the same age as Rave, and Rave was into sex. He glanced down at his son’s form spooned behind his daughter’s. But then Brandon shook his head, clearing it. They were little kids. Neal was only nine and Lindsay was only seven.

His mind had been on sex all day after kissing Andy and then being with Cheryl – Cheryl-in-a-dynomite-bikini Cheryl – at the pool. He had to get over it, he decided. Turning, he headed back toward his room.

Behind him, Neal’s hips began to move once more, and the boy once more reached his hand down in front of his sister; down between her legs. Lindsay rocked her hips back to take Neal’s slender cock deeper inside.


It was dark in her room. Angela was sleeping on her side. Andy quietly crawled into her bed behind her. Jason crawled in to the bed from the other side, but held back.

“Ange,” Andy whispered behind her ear. He ran his hand over the smooth skin of her bare butt and kissed under her ear.

She murmured in her sleep and rolled toward him onto her back. Andy ran his hand over her belly and then down inside her thighs, pressing his mouth to the side of her neck. Angela moaned softly.

In the dim light, Andy gave Jason a nod and Jason moved closer, tentatively reaching under the covers to lay a hand on Angela’s flat chest. Andy slipped his hand between her legs while rubbing his lips softly on her cheek.

Angela murmured again and her legs parted.

“Ange,” Andy whispered. “Jason’s with me.” He closed his hand firmly over her mound. “He thinks he’s gay Ange,” Andy whispered, pressing his lips into the hollow under her ear. “I want you to make him bi, like me.”


When the three of them went to bed on the doubled day bed, Jon took the side by the wall, Alex took the middle, and Ryan took the outside. They stripped off their boxers under the bedcovers and immediately picked up where they left off in the bathroom.

They worked their way into a daisy chain with Ryan sucking Alex, who was sucking Jon, who was sucking Ryan. They sucked themselves through a couple of dry orgasms, even reversing the sucking order, before they paused, and talked, and arranged themselves once more for sleep.

Jon dozed off, but Alex and Ryan kept talking; Ryan telling Alex about scout camp and the gang, and Alex asking questions. They were facing each other on their sides, almost nose to nose. Alex’s dark skin looked even darker in the faint light. Ryan’s eyes were animated as he told Alex all that happened.

And then Alex reached under the blanket and rested his hand on the side of Ryan’s bare hip. Ryan stopped in mid sentence. Alex moved closer. “Teach me to kiss,” he whispered, “like you kissed Jon earlier in the bathroom.”

Ryan swallowed, and then leaned forward. Their lips touched, and then touched again. Ryan pressed forward and Alex rolled onto his back. Ryan came with him; his face over Alex’s.

Alex opened his mouth, expectant. Ryan opened his, extending his tongue. Alex’s tongue was ready and their two tongues immediately began to dance. They breathed through their noses but kept their mouths open, barely touching while their tongues danced and wrestled and probed around and around.

Ryan slid his hand down Alex’s belly, finding his hard spike of a cock; long like his brother Jon’s. Alex wrapped his arms over Ryan’s neck. Their breath flooded through noses and mouths. Tongues danced wildly.

Ryan moved his body onto Alex’s, his legs falling outside the younger boys, slender cocks pressed between tender boy bellies. Alex wrapped his arms even more snuggly around Ryan’s neck while Ryan wrapped his arms over the top Alex’s head.

Ryan began rocking his hips and their bellies rubbed, but all their focus was on their tongues; their madly dance tongues. Their breath grew shallower. Ryan’s hips moved faster and Alex pressed up from under him.

Tongues slipped behind lips, behind teeth, under each other; tongues hungrily licking in boy mouths. Nostrils flared. They were breathing each other’s air; panting, grunting… and then whimpering and shuddering, their tongues alive to each other, their bodies vibrating together in a shared, electric, boy-ecstasy.

They clung to each other and their bodies rocked… and then tensed… and then slowly relaxed.

Ryan rested the side of his face against Alex’s as they gasped for breath, bellies heaving. Ryan swallowed. Alex swallowed. And then Ryan moved his mouth once more over Alex’s, and once more, their tongues began to dance.


They had been wrestling on top of the bed and ended with Rave on top; his hips between Kyle’s legs, belly on belly. Rave had planted an elbow on either side of Kyle’s head and propped his chin in his hands, looking down at Kyle as they talked.

They’d been talking that way for some time, and were both growing drowsy. “I sleep on top of Andy like this sometime,” Rave said.

Kyle smiled up at him. “Really?”

Rave nodded. Then scrunching the pillow up onto Kyle’s shoulder, he laid his head down and nuzzled into the side of Kyle’s face, wrapping an arm up the other side of Kyle’s head.

Kyle wrapped his arms up over Rave’s back and spread his legs just a little wider for the nine-year-old to settle better between. “This is nice,” Kyle murmured.

Rave nodded.

They grew quiet. Their breathing grew regular. Kyle’s arms slipped from Rave’s back and fell to his sides.


Cheryl’s breath was ragged. She turned from the monitor, looking for the phone. Andy, Angela, and Jason had been going at it for almost an hour, the most recent position being with Angela on her back and Jason between her legs. Jason’s cock was buried inside her while Andy was behind Jason and his cock was buried in Jason’s butt. On the monitor, the three of them were pumping against each other and laughing at the awkwardness… but pumping, and then mouthing each other’s necks and shoulders.

Cheryl didn’t want to simply bring herself off. She didn’t want her hand. She was desperate to be held, to be fucked royally and endlessly, to feel a male body writhing between her thighs. She heard the receiver lift at the other end of the phone line. “Brandon?” she asked.

“Yes,” he groggily replied.

“This is Cheryl. I know it’s late, but… could I come over?”

At the other end of the line, Brandon cleared his throat and he sat up in bed. He’d been restless since the dream he had in the recliner earlier that evening. Suddenly, he was fully awake. “Please,” he almost begged.


Denver woke. He was on his back. Glen was asleep on his right hip and Newt was asleep on his left, their faces on either side of his. Their hands were flat on his chest, and their breath washed down his chest. Their legs were entwined, and Denver had an arm behind each of them. He hugged them to him and nuzzled into the top of Newt’s hair… and returned to sleep.


They had made a tight ball with Davey on the bottom, his legs around Richard’s waist. The older boy pumped slowly now, moving his cock in and out of Davey’s bottom while they kissed and Richard rubbed against Davey’s perineum and cock with his belly.

They paused for a breath and Richard pressed his cheek to Davey’s. They hugged each other hard and Richard pressed in deeply. He kissed under Davey’s ear and then on Davey’s cheek. And then, once more, their mouths met.


Brandon opened the door as soon as he heard her tapping. Cheryl stood there a moment, her chest rising and falling. Holding the door open, Brandon extended an arm to her and she came into his embrace.

She pressed her body to him and felt his erection against her belly. He closed the door and wrapped her in his arms.


Angela was on her back. Andy lay on her right side, his balls splayed over her hip. Jason lay on her left, his balls splayed over her left hip. The boys were running their fingers over her face and over each other’s features. They ran their hands over each other’s shoulders, backs, and butts, and over her chest and throat.

First Andy, then Jason, leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. The boys’ eyes met, and they kissed. Then they kissed Angela. Andy wrapped an arm over Jason’s back and they relaxed onto Angela. She stroked their backs as they fell asleep.


The DVDs rotated in the surveillance controller sequence and since Cheryl hadn’t removed the oldest, the one that in its last few minutes showed Brandon kissing Andy; because she hadn’t removed it, the machine recorded over it.

The End

This story continues, with a slightly different perspective, under the title, A New Family, in the Bisexual/Incest section.