His mom had lied. Andy had heard her. On the phone with case workers from Wisconsin, she told them that Mrs. Davis from two houses down helped watch Andy and would be glad to help watch Thomas and Angela. Truth was Mrs. Davis hadn’t looked after Andy since he stopped checking in at her house after school two years before.

“I’m not having my niece and nephew living in foster homes,” Cheryl Littleton told her son. “So don’t you say anything about having to watch them.”

Andy had grumbled at the time and gone off to sulk. His mom owned a small sandwich shop-eatery downtown. That meant that she left early every morning, Saturdays included, to drive downtown and get her place ready. And though she closed when most downtown offices did, she was always the last to leave and normally got home between seven and eight every night. The shop was doing well, and she could afford to hire a good manager. In fact, she had one; Able. She might let him close more often on his own if she wasn’t staying late to screw with him most evenings after everyone else was gone.

So now Andy sat on the living room couch waiting for his mom to bring home two cousins he was already thinking of as his ball and shackle from morning till night. He sat up; he heard his mom’s car in the driveway. His mom told him to be friendly; he’d be friendly. He went to the back door to let them in.

And then he saw Tommy standing on the gravel path, looking toward the house, and Andy paused. He didn’t remember the kid being that cute. Tommy had the family jet-black hair -- shoulder length like Andy’s -- and light colored eyes. He looked like a three year-younger version of Andy, though Andy failed to see that right off. If he had, he might have thought Tommy less beautiful; but he did think Tommy was a beautiful boy.

Tommy had paused when he saw Andy on the back step, but now continued toward the house in his cargo shorts, sleeveless-T, and arms full with a backpack and a well-used skateboard, while Andy’s mom helped Angela out of the back seat along with two armloads of her belongings.

Tommy stopped in front of Andy and their eyes met, and since Andy hadn’t started his growth spurt yet, he was only a half-head taller than Tommy. But Tommy was thinner, much thinner. He extended a long, slender hand “Hi!”

Andy took the hand and shook it. “Hi Tommy.”

Tommy frowned. “I go by Raven now,” he said as his sister and Andy’s mom came up the gravel path.

“Raven?” Andy asked, cocking his head to one side, releasing Tommy’s hand.

“That’s the name Ben gave him,” Angela said, coming up behind as Andy held the door open for “Raven” to go inside. “Because of his Raven-black hair,” Angela explained.

“Who’s Ben?” Andy asked as Angela smiled and looked him up and down. Andy noticed her too. In short-shorts and an almost see-through white blouse, she was still prepubescently flat-chested, but as tall as Raven, and slender with eyes as blue as a photo of the Caribbean and skin as white as cream. And she too had the family raven-black hair. It had a sheen to it in the sunlight.

“Ben is Eddy’s son,” Angela explained with a smile. “He calls me Dark Angel.”

At least Andy knew who Eddy was – his aunt’s boyfriend.

“Just go on into the living room, guys,” Cheryl encouraged, coming up behind Angela.

Andy had kept the door open for Angela – he wasn’t ready to call her Dark Angel just yet – and she brushed past him going inside.

Cheryl stopped beside Andy and leaned close. “Ben is who they had to get Tommy and Angela away from,” Cheryl whispered, then added out loud, “there’s more in the trunk, sugar. Help bring in some things.”

Andy nodded, letting the door close after his mom, and headed for the car, somewhat puzzled. So it wasn’t his aunt’s boyfriend beating them up, Andy reasoned, but his son… and yet, they didn’t just talk about Ben like he’d been beating them up. Andy shook his head. He was sure he heard his mom talking about them being abused. Why else would they take Angela and Tommy… umm, Raven from their home? And then Andy remembered that there are other types of abuse besides physical abuse. For one, he thought, there’s sexual abuse. He glanced back at the house.

“Ok,” Cheryl instructed, standing over the pile of belongings now stacked in the middle of the living room floor. “Andy, you help Tommy take his stuff to the boys’ room and I’ll help Angela take her stuff to her room.”

Andy frowned. It wasn’t even his room anymore! It was the boys’ room.

He noticed that Raven – he decided the name fitted Tommy somehow – Andy noticed that Raven was watching him, so he forced a smile as he picked up Raven’s backpack and skateboard for him. “C’mon, bro Raven. Follow me.”

Inside the room, Raven paused beside the double bed, staring at it.

“Sorry, dude,” Andy said, setting down the backpack. “Gotta share with me. I didn’t want to give up my bed.”

Raven nodded and looked around the room as he set his bag down on the bed. He looked at the desk, the shelves, the books and magazines, the guitar, the TV, Nintendo, games, the dresser… And suddenly Andy felt badly. He’d made no room for Raven, willing to let him fend for himself. But he decided he liked the kid, and there was something indefinably sad about Raven.

“Here,” Andy said, opening his top drawer and removing the contents to the bed. “I’ll combine this stuff with another drawer. You can have this top drawer, and I’ll make room in a couple more. And there’s room in the closet as well.”

“Thanks,” Raven said softly with a half-smile, and then his eyes dropped.

Andy was more sensitive than most twelve-year-old guys, and he found his heart going out to his young cousin; uprooted from his home, flown all the way to Arizona from Wisconsin. But then, his heart also went out to Raven because the kid was so damned beautiful.

Andy laid a hand in the middle of Raven’s back and gave it a pat, meaning it just as an encouragement. But Raven instantly melted into his side, wrapping his arms around Andy and laying his head onto his shoulder. Andy awkwardly wrapped an arm around his cousin’s narrow back and just held him.

Was Raven crying? Andy wondered. And then he felt dampness through his shirt, right at his collarbone. He wrapped both arms around Raven and just held him. Andy was glad to try to comfort him, and he tried to ignore the stiffening of his cock. That wasn’t the reason why he had his arms around Raven… and shit, Raven was just a kid!

Eventually, Raven stepped back, wiping his eyes on his shirtsleeves. “Sorry,” his quietly said.

“We’re cool, Rave,” Andy said and Raven smiled at the shortening of his name. “Let’s get the rest of your gear.”

After supper, they sat on the edge of Andy’s bed and played NBA on the Nintendo; Andy claiming the Suns – there was only so much sympathy he could show his cousin; letting him take the Suns would overdo it.

Angela lay across the bed behind them, watching until she could take a turn, and she played well for a girl. She kept watching Andy more than the game, though, and let the side of her leg press Andy’s when she was playing the game with him. When it wasn’t her turn, she let her blouse fall open as she lay across the bed; not that there was much to see. Andy pretended to not look.

When the two boys stripped for bed that night, Raven didn’t put on pajamas, and he didn’t leave on his boxers like Andy did; Raven stripped naked. And he wasn’t at all modest like other guys his age sometimes are. He simply pulled back the covers on the side of the bed Andy had given him and prepared to crawl in.

“You sleep naked?” Andy asked, trying not to think too much about that, or look too long at Raven whose long, thin boy-cock dangled down at least three soft, uncut inches. Even at nine-years-old, Rave had absolutely no body fat. But he wasn’t so skinny that all his bones showed; just a couple of ribs and maybe his hipbones. Mainly, he was slender in a willowy sort of way, like young, tall boys sometimes are. And his skin was as white and clear as his sister’s.

Raven looked down at his body and shrugged. “I can wear boxers if you want.”

“Suit yourself, dude,” Andy said, and then smiled at the possible double meaning. He pulled back the covers on his side of the bed and crawled in, in his boxers. Secretly, Andy was happy for Rave to sleep nude; he just needed to get under cover before sprouting a boner.

“Night, Rave,” he said, turning off the beside lamp and lying back under the covers.

“Night, Andy,” Rave said, and then on his stomach, moved closer so that his shoulder was against Andy’s. Andy didn’t move away.

Andy woke later, still on his back, faint light coming through his window. He was aware of several things all at once. Rave was asleep with his head on Andy’s shoulder. His slender body was draped over Andy’s side with his arm across Andy’s chest, and his leg across Andy’s middle – right across his balls and the tops of his legs. Andy’s cock wasn’t under it, because it was pointing straight up his belly. And against his hip, Andy was pretty sure he felt the hardness of Rave’s erect penis.

Then he realized that his one arm was behind Rave’s back and his hand was resting comfortably on the incredibly smooth skin of Rave’s little butt. He couldn’t resist moving his hand over that soft skin, and when he did, Rave pumped his hips once in his sleep, grinding against Andy’s hip.

Oh, shit! Andy thought as he wrapped his free hand around his hard cock. How the hell am I supposed to sleep like this?

He tried not to think about Rave’s warm breath blowing across his chest and the intimacy of Rave sleeping protected under Andy’s arm. And he wanted to protect Rave. He realized that he felt that. Whatever Ben did to them, he would try to help them recover. He would try to be their protector.

He squeezed his cock. But what if it was sex that Ben had with them? Would Andy want to protect them from that? Or would he want to do what Ben did?

Andy took his hand from his cock and tried to relax.

But for over an hour, his mind moved from near sleep back to wakefulness as he tried to doze off, but kept waking to the feel of Rave’s body on his, or small movements of Rave against him. Until that is, Rave shifted and the inside of his thigh slid up across the underside of Andy’s erection. Andy shot off almost instantly into his boxers, and then, finally had to roll from Rave so his erection would go down enough for him to try to sleep.

Before long, Rave moved up to spoon in behind him, an arm over Andy’s waist and the front of Rave’s body conformed to the back of Andy’s. Rave was hard again, at least for the moment. Andy could feel Rave’s hardness pressed to the back of his boxers. He wondered how long Rave’s cock was… certainly as long as or longer than Jason at that age.

Andy finally fell asleep to the rhythm of Rave’s warm breath on the back of his neck.

He woke in the morning when Rave crawled from the bed behind him and came around to stand in front of Andy. He knelt down beside the bed, and simply stared into Andy’s eyes.

Andy smiled. “Morning Rave, bro.”

“Can I play your game?” Rave asked.

“My Nintendo?”

Rave nodded.

“Knock yourself out,” Andy said, stretching onto his back. “I’m gonna take a shower.”

“Can I take one, too?” Rave asked, standing up from the floor.

Andy had to think about that question. After the night before, he didn’t fully trust himself to not spring a boner. But hell, taking a shower with another guy wasn’t like sleeping naked with him. “Sure,” Andy said, climbing from the bed. “There are towels in the john. Just come on in when you’re ready.”

Andy didn’t bother taking clothes. He always came back to his room in the towel he dried off with to change there. In the hall, he realized that Raven was following him, without having bothered to put on clothes. Andy started to say something, but then decided that his mom was gone already and he didn’t see Angela around. She must still be sleeping. So he didn’t say anything.

Once in the bathroom, he closed the door. “Towels are there,” he said, pointing to the linen cabinet. “You can shower up while I take a piss and brush my teeth.” He turned the water on for Raven who chose a towel and hung it from the rack over the toilet, and then took a piss himself. Andy spread toothpaste onto his toothbrush and glanced at the reflection of Raven’s back in the mirror that hung over the sink. Raven almost looked older from behind, his body tapering nicely to a narrow waist and a tight behind. And he had long, slender legs. Andy liked Raven’s legs, and then shook off that thinking, quickly starting on his teeth before he sprung wood.

The tub had sliding doors, and Raven stepped in, closing the door behind him. “What kind of shit are you into?” Andy asked after spitting out his toothpaste.

“I like Nintendo,” Rave said, loud enough to be heard over the shower.

Andy leaned back against the sink and watched through the translucent glass of the tub enclosure as Raven scrubbed himself.

“I like reading.” Rave added. “I like boarding. I’ve just started getting into it.”

“Yeah, I guessed the skateboard part. What do you like to read?” Andy asked.

“Dunno,” Rave answered, rinsing off soap lather. “Stories. Books. I like sci fi.”

“Cool,” Andy said. “I’m not good at the skateboard shit, but I’ve got books you’ll like.”

“And you’re hot,” Rave said, pulling back the shower enclosure door and stepping out. His eyes met Andy’s, who looked surprised. “At Nintendo,” Rave said. “You’re hot at Nintendo.”

Andy nodded, bemused, as he pulled off his boxers in order to climb into the now-vacant shower.

Toweling off, Rave partially blocked the way, and unabashedly looked Andy’s body over as he maneuvered to get past. Rave smiled. “You’ve got your first pubes,” he said.

Andy nodded. After being looked over that closely, it took some concentration to keep from getting hard. Rave’s eyes followed him, even into the shower.

“Will you teach me guitar?” Rave asked as Andy closed the enclosure door and moved under the shower spray.

“Sure,” Andy replied, “but I’m just learning myself. We can learn together.” Andy grabbed the soap and began to lather up under his arms, pulling at the soap film under his armpits to see if he had any hair there yet. He did that every time he took a shower.

“Are we going to be… like brothers?” Rave asked casually as Andy moved on to soap up his belly.

Andy paused. All along, he figured that Rave and Angela would just be around for a short while. That’s what his mom led him to believe. But maybe they hadn’t told Rave and Angela that. He supposed that it wouldn’t hurt to act like Rave would be around for a while. “Do you want us to be like brothers?” Andy asked.

Rave had stepped away from the shower and Andy opened the door to look out. Rave was at the sink, simply looking at his reflection. Their eyes met in the mirror and Rave nodded, just slightly. “Ben always said we were like brothers, but he’s a lot older. You and me could really be like brothers.”

Andy nodded. “How old is he; Ben… how old is Ben?”

“Seventeen,” Rave said, combing his hair with his fingers.

“You can use my brush, dude,” Andy said. “You can use any of my stuff.” Andy closed the enclosure door and stepped back under the shower. “All the stuff in here is mine. Mom’s is all in her bathroom.”

The enclosure door opened and Rave leaned in. “Thanks!” he said with a grin. “Sharing like brothers… cool!” he reached in to high-five Andy, and then his eyes dropped down Andy’s wet body. “Thanks,” Rave said, his eyes rising to Andy’s again with a twinkle. Then he leaned back and closed the door.

Andy stood there for a moment, trying to remember if he ever looked at anyone that way when he was only nine years-old. He wondered what all Ben had gotten Raven into.

Andy turned off the water and stepped from the shower. Rave watched as he toweled dry, and then the two of them returned down the hall to their room, wrapped in towels. Angela was in the hall. When she walked past Rave on the way to the bathroom herself, she pulled off his towel with a laugh, and then passing Andy, she pulled off his as well. Both towels fell to the floor. Andy glanced back to see Angela take a final, grinning look, before stepping into the bathroom. She didn’t close the door behind her.

Andy was tempted to go back to see just what she was planning on doing with the door open, but chose in the end to follow Rave into the room. They dressed, and when they came out, the bathroom door was closed.

Jason stopped by at mid-morning and both Rave and Angela looked him over when Andy introduced him. Andy almost laughed at Jason’s confused smile. No one is used to being looked over like that by kids Angela and Raven’s ages.

They played Nintendo. At one point, Andy noticed that Rave and Angela had disappeared from the room. While Jason continued to play, Andy looked around from room to room and decided the two must be in Angela’s room since the door was closed. He tried the handle, but it was locked, and he stepped away deciding that the brother and sister probably needed time together to talk about things. But as he did so, there was a momentary pause in the noise from the game in his room, and Andy thought he heard the faint, rhythmic squeak of bedsprings. His heart skipped a beat. But the game noise picked up again, and he continued back to his room thinking his imagination had gone into overdrive after sleeping naked with Raven the night before.

He thought about telling Jason about the night before, but figured there would be no way to try to describe it.

Rave and Angela eventually drifted back in. They all ate lunch together, and then decided to head over to the community pool, taking their suits. Rave walked close to Andy, and Angela walked close to Rave. Andy decided that for all their seeming self-confidence, the two were probably still unsure, and maybe a little afraid. He wrapped his arm over Rave’s shoulder at one point in an attempt to be reassuring and kidded about Rave teaching Jason and him to skateboard to mask his motive. And then at the pool, Andy patted Angela’s back when he directed her toward the women’s changing room.

The three boys changed together, eyeing each other as boys do. Rave pulled on board shorts over speedos. Jason and Andy just wore speedos.

“Gonna have to be careful, bro,” Jason said, laying a hand in the middle of Raven’s back as they stepped out to the pool. “That white skin of yours will burn.”

“I like ‘em,” Jason told Andy when they paused from a three-way wrestle and Rave swam over to Angela. “Angela is gonna be hot when she get’s some boobs,” Jason explained. “And Raven’s sorta strange, but cool.”

“I like Jace,” Angela told Andy when Jason and Rave got into a splashing match and they stayed out of it. She watched Jason’s shoulder and back muscles flex as he fought, and glanced at her cousin, Andy. “He’s almost as cute as you.”

“Ok, dude,” Jason said as he left that afternoon. “I can’t come by tomorrow because the troop is getting stuff together for camp, you know. So I’ll see you when I get back next week.” Jason, laid his hand on Andy’s shoulder. “I’m really sorry you aren’t coming.”

Andy nodded. “Me too, Jace. At least it won’t be as bad here as it could have been. Rave’s into some of the same stuff we are, and Angela is OK.”

Jason grinned. “Just remember, she’s your cousin.”

Andy punched his shoulder. “Fuck up!” But as he turned back toward the door to the house, he wondered if Angela remembered that they weren’t cousins.

Cheryl called to say that she wouldn’t be bringing left over food from the shop that night, and Andy was at the stove fixing Tuna Helper for supper when he heard Angela’s voice behind him. “You guys have any sunburn lotion?” she asked.

Andy turned around and froze. Angela stood in just her panties at the kitchen door. Her body was a softer version of her brother’s. She was almost as flat-chested. The seams of her belly muscles showed. Her long legs were more lightly muscled. His eyes dropped to her panties. They were sheer enough to be able to tell that she had as little pubic hair as Andy did. He could see her slit.

“What are you looking at?” Angela said with a smile. “We used to bathe together when we were little, you know.”

Andy swallowed and nodded, still staring.

“So?” she asked. “Do you have any sunburn lotion?”

“Yeah,” Andy said, stirring from beside the stove. He had to pass Angela to leave the kitchen, and she barely stepped aside so that their bodies brushed. And then she followed him to his mom’s bathroom and watched as he looked over the shelves in the linen closet.

“Here,” he said, offering her a tube of aloe vera sunburn treatment.

Angela didn’t take it, but turned to face the vanity mirror; turning her back to him. “Could you spread it on for me?”

Andy nodded dumbly, and spread lotion onto his fingers. He spread it on to her right shoulder, and noticed that it was so thin, so smooth, so angular. But her skin didn’t look pink. “Are you sure you burned?” he asked.

“I feel it,” she assured him.

He spread lotion over the back of her neck and her shoulders, and down her back; she had worn only a string top. Angela closed her eyes and sighed as he moved his hand over her soft skin. And then with her eyes still closed, she murmured, “Down my front, too.”

Andy caught his breath for a moment, and then spread lotion onto her collarbones and then lower; down onto the smooth skin of her flat chest. She sighed and backed to him, her panty covered butt pressing back against his erection. He stopped.

“Keep going,” she murmured.

So he rubbed down, right over her left nipple. It was hard. He caressed it, then moved his hand over her right. He noticed Raven, standing behind them in the bathroom doorway, watching, shirtless like his sister. And then Andy smelled supper burning.

“Oh, shit! The tuna casserole!” he exclaimed, dashing for the kitchen.

His mom came in while he was still trying to salvage some of the casserole. “So… did you get sidetracked playing Nintendo again?” she asked.


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