When Angela tried to sit down to supper in just a T-shirt and panties and Raven tried to sit down in just boxers, Cheryl chased them out. “You two might have been able to dress like that at your Mom’s,” she said, “but when you sit down for supper here, have some clothes on. Afterward, if it’s just us and we don’t have any company over, you can dress like that.”

They did. After supper Jason stripped back to boxers and Angela stripped back to her T-shirt and panties. When Andy took a blanket and laid down on the couch to watch TV, Angela took the other end of the couch, and the blanket. Rave studied the two of them on couch for a moment, and then climbed in to stretch out behind Andy under the blanket, resting with his arm over Andy’s side and his head on Andy’s shoulder where he could see the TV.

Normally, Andy was a boxers-at-home guy too, but tonight he was glad he had stayed dressed or he’d be sprouting wood for everyone to see. Espeically when Raven squeezed up and down Andy’s bicep the way kids feel the muscles of older boys they admire. Raven did that and then dropped his arm over Andy’s side again, and with his palm flat on Andy’s belly, pressed his abs while cuddling up to Andy from behind.

Cheryl came into the room and saw the couch full of kids. She smiled to herself, glad that the cousins had so obviously adopted Andy as their big brother. She decided to fix them popcorn. It was Saturday night, and since she was off on Sundays, she liked celebrating on Saturday nights.

She brought the kids bowls of popcorn and sodas. Then put on put on the first of two movies she had rented, and made herself comfortable in her recliner with a book.

Andy liked it on the couch, his legs tangled with Angela’s and with Rave draped over his back. He was comfortable; so comfortable that the lack of sleep from the night before began to take its toll. He dozed off. Behind him, Raven did the same.

“Maybe you ought to go to bed,” Cheryl encouraged when the movie ended around eleven, and Andy stirred. She smiled. “And take your new, little sidekick with you. Angela and I are going to watch a chick flick.”

Andy got up and nodded sleepily. He poked Raven awake, and then shuffled off for the bathroom. Rave followed him and came up to the toilet beside him, pulling out his dick to take a piss with Andy.

Andy’s eyes dropped to Raven’s cock. Soft, it wasn’t a whole lot shorter than Andy’s, but thinner. Andy wondered how long Rave’s cock was when it was hard – it was impossible to tell when it had been pressed to Andy’s hip the night before. But Andy quickly took his mind off Raven’s cock before he got another erection himself.

They stood next to each other at the sink to brush their teeth, and Andy thought to himself that it wasn’t bad having a little brother, even if it was just for a short time.

Andy crawled into bed in his boxers and then waited to turn off the light until Rave, naked, crawled into the bed from the other side. Then, he turned off the light and lay back on his pillow. To his surprise, Rave cuddled up to him, resting his head on Andy’s shoulder. He threw his arm over Andy’s chest and cocked his leg over Andy’s legs. But unlike the night before he didn’t press his crotch to Andy’s hip. “We slept like this last night,” Raven murmured, settling in comfortably.

“I know,” Andy said thickly, his cock growing despite his willing it not to.

“Was that Ok?” Rave asked. “I like sleeping this way.”

Andy nodded, breathing shallowly. “Yeah, it’s Ok.”

“Ben and I slept this way sometimes,” he whispered.

“Oh,” Andy murmured. He wrapped his arm up behind Rave’s back; there didn’t seem much else to do with it.

“Of course,” Rave said. “Ben sleeps naked like me. I learned from him.”

Andy stroked the smooth skin of Rave’s back with his fingertips. It just seemed the natural thing to do. Raven murmured appreciatively and then did rub his crotch against Andy’s hip. Rave had an erection. When Andy tensed, Rave gently rubbed his belly and then edged up the leg he had cocked over Andy’s middle. When he did, he felt the underside of Andy’s erection through his boxers, and Andy jumped.

Rave chuckled, but kept rubbing Andy’s belly lightly, and then he kissed the older boy’s shoulder. “Ben taught me how to do things,” Raven whispered. “Cool things to do.” He kissed Andy’s nipple. “I’ll show you.”

Andy’s head was swimming. He felt frozen, unable to move; not wanting to move.

Rave kissed over Andy’s chest, moving his smaller body up over Andy’s. Andy felt the smaller boy press his hardness against Andy’s through his boxers, right before Rave looked up at him with a grin. Then the smaller boy, slowly pumped his hips to rub his erection on Andy’s. “Feels good, doesn’t it,” Rave asked.

Andy nodded speechlessly, thinking Rave was damned cute in an honest, enthusiastic, nine-year-old way. “Check this out,” Rave said with a twinkle in his eye, just before his head dropped to kiss and suck the older boy’s nipples.

Andy gasped, grasping Rave’s shoulders, not to push him away, but to hang on as Raven’s lips and long hair brushed his chest and nipples. Under his fingertips, Andy noticed that the cool, bare skin of Raven’s shoulders felt soft and smooth.

Raven sucked and kissed, and Andy’s breathing almost stopped as his nipples grew hard and his cock even harder. When Raven began backing down Andy’s body, the older boy opened his legs, and Rave settled and slid down between them.

Sliding farther down Andy’s body, Raven kissed down his belly and drew his tongue in rapid little licks down the midline of Andy’s stomach; his black hair tickling the skin of Andy’s belly. When Raven’s face reached Andy’s middle, he reached into the fly of Andy’s boxers, and Andy shuddered as Raven fished out his cock.

“Turn on the light,” Raven instructed as he lifted Andy’s erection in his hand. Dreamily, Andy reached for the bedside lamp and turned it on.

“Oh, yeah,” Raven murmured. He stroked Andy’s cock lightly. “Yours is longer than Ben’s,” he whispered. “And you’re like, a lot younger. I bet yours gets big.”

“I bet yours does,” Andy said breathlessly as he looked down his body to where Raven was pointing his pink erection pointing straight up from the fly of his boxers.

“Yeah,” Rave said with a smile. “Ben says so too.” He held Andy’s cock firmly in his hand, looking it over, and then kissed the head. “Yours has really soft skin,” he said. “Your skin feels thick.” He glanced up at Andy. “I like that. I like that you aren’t circumcised like Ben. I like that you’re like me.”

Andy shook his head. “Granddad… our moms’ dad, didn’t let them do that to us,” he said, propping up on his elbows to better see what Raven was doing.

Raven knelt and tugged at Andy’s boxers. Andy lifted his hips, and Raven pulled them completely off, tossing them to the side. He knelt, bending over Andy’s middle, and Andy propped up higher on his elbows, his abs tensing. He spread his legs wider for Raven, knees way out to the sides. It was sorta fun to have Rave down there doing things.

Raven ran his hands and his eyes over the inside of Andy’s thighs. “This is so cool,” Raven said, glancing up at Andy. “Ben’s all hairy down here, but your skin is really smooth and white.” He lifted Andy’s balls on his fingertips and lowered his face to within an inch of them. He sniffed. “You smell a lot better than Ben.” He glanced up at Andy again, rolling Andy’s balls on his fingertips. “Ben’s even got hair on his balls, but your skin is soft and sorta…” he searched for the word, “moist… and it’s like your ball skin is thinner ‘cause I can see your balls perfectly.” He lifted them on is fingertips again, and lightly licked Andy’s scrotum, and then pressed it to his lips like a warm washcloth, letting the balls slide to the sides.

He looked up once more with a smile, and even more than the sensations, Andy enjoyed the attention. He enjoyed being explored.

Rave’s eyes dropped once more to Andy’s cock and he grinned once more. “You got a two-fister, Andy!” He said, and to illustrate, he wrapped both hands on Andy’s shaft, one above the other. “Ben had me do this and said he had a two fister, but not with his hands; his cock wasn’t that big. But I bet yours will be. I bet you can put both your hands on it now, can’t you?”

Andy nodded, in no mood to demonstrate because he really liked Raven’s hands there.

Raven kneeled up and leaned forward, lining up his cock with Andy’s, underside to underside. Supporting himself on one hand, he wrapped his other hand around their two cocks to hold them together, and he pumped his hips so that his underside rubbed on Andy’s. The grin never left his face as he watched their two cocks.

Andy watched them too, the two shafts of disparate thickness, Raven’s thinner one paired with Andy’s thicker one; they looked identical except for size, their pink crowns extended past foreskins.

Then Raven let go of their cocks and sat back on his haunches. He smiled at Andy once more, and then bent down closing his mouth over Andy’s thick crown. Andy tensed. Raven sucked, and Andy pulled his knees up more, reflexively, his mouth pulling into a grimace. Raven swirled his tongue over the crown. “Oh, geez,” Andy gasped.

Raven lifted his head with a laugh. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Andy’s head dropped back to his pillow and lolled. “No, shit!” his said, breathlessly.

Raven bent again and kissed down the underside of Andy’s shaft. He licked Andy’s balls. Then he closed his mouth back over Andy’s crown and began to bob.

Andy’s barely-conscious thought was that he and Jason never did anything that felt as good as this back when they were sucking each other. He ran his fingers into the side of Raven’s hair, partly to slow him down. Andy still didn’t last long, barely keeping from crying out as his cum shot into Raven’s mouth and his crown became sensitive.

Raven swallowed it all, and then licked him clean. He sat back on his haunches and grinned at Andy. “You taste a lot better than Ben.” Then he moved up Andy’s body, straddling his chest. “Will you do me?” he asked, his cock pointing, long and thin, up at Andy’s mouth. It was at least four inches long, Andy decided; maybe five. And it was thick like a man’s thumb. The upward curve, the pink crown, they excited Andy, even though he had just come. So he nodded and Rave moved forward, his knees just under Andy’s arm pits as he rose on his knees and leaned forward.

Andy opened his mouth and took Raven in. He didn’t even think twice about it. All of this was so easy to go along with because Raven was so natural and relaxed about it. He gave it all a boyish quality.

Andy grabbed Raven’s hips and began to suck. Those narrow hips felt good in his hands; compact, muscular, tight. He felt over Raven’s flexing butt muscles and up his sides. And Raven, for his part, closed his eyes while rising and falling on his knees; moving his cock in and out of Andy’s mouth.

Andy kept sucking, even after Raven came to a shuddering dry orgasm. He remembered how he could come several times when his orgasms were still dry and figured Rave would be good for another. He liked Rave’s cock in his mouth. And it was exciting to bring the nine-year-old to a climax. Andy kept sucking and brought Raven to a second.

Andy was hard again by the time Raven collapsed onto his head and pulled from his mouth. Rave slid back down on Andy’s body. When he felt Andy’s erection, he slid off to the side, laying his head back down on Andy’s shoulder. He snuggled Andy, and closed his hand loosely over Andy’s erection.

Andy nuzzled the smaller boy’s hair and once again rubbed his back. “Ben taught you what we just did?” he asked quietly.

Raven nodded.

“Is that why they moved you guys out,” Andy asked, and it suddenly dawned on him that they would want to move his cousins again if they found out what he’d just done with Raven.

“Sorta,” Raven said.

Andy thought back to Angela’s sunburn lotioning. “Did Ben do stuff with Angela, too?” Andy asked.

“Yeah,” Raven said, absently rubbing Andy’s cock. “But he never fucked Angela.”

Andy thought about that a moment. “Did he fuck you, Rave?” he asked in a whisper.

Raven was quiet, then nodded his head on Andy’s shoulder. “Yeah… And he was going to fuck Angela.” He circled his fingertip on Andy’s right areola, wondering if Andy disapproved. But Andy didn’t stop stroking Raven’s back, and he did rub his cheek on the top of Raven’s head; so Raven continued, his voice growing softer. “Ben’s girlfriend didn’t want him to do Angela, but he was going to anyway. He tried one night but said Angela was too tight for him. So he had me do Angela so she’d start getting bigger inside for him. He had me do her that night, and he did me at the same time.”

“He did you while you did Angela?” Andy asked in a whispered.

Raven nodded.

“Sorry,” Andy said softly.

Raven lifted his head, looking up at Andy. “It was OK,” he said, and laid his head back down. “But then Angela told her friend, Debbie the next day, and Debbie told her mom. And her mom called Child Protective Services.”

Andy was sorry for Rave and his sister. But he liked being like this; naked with Rave, the weight of the younger boy draped on his side, the two of them just talking. If Rave had simply left off caressing Andy’s cock as they talked, it might have gone flaccid. But Rave continued caressing it.

“Did Angela tell her friend because she didn’t want to do it?” Andy asked.

“No,” Rave said. “She wanted to. She was bragging to Debbie. Ben’s really cute.”

And then Andy remembered the afternoon, the noises he heard from Angela’s room. “Were you doing Angela this afternoon?” he asked.

Rave nodded on his shoulder. “Now she wants to get ready for you.”

Andy’s cock twitched in Rave’s hand. The younger boy lifted his head again, looking at Andy’s cock. He released it, and glanced up at Andy. “You can do me,” he said.

Andy frowned.

Raven moved up over Andy, throwing a leg over him, straddling his waist and pinning Andy’s cock under him. When he did, Andy clasped his waist, and moved under him in a natural response. Rave leaned forward and took the older boy’s face into both hands. “Andy,” he said, bending over so that they were almost nose to nose, “I mean it. You can fuck me. I want to you.”

Andy vaguely knew that Rave was making his offer because he wanted to please Andy. But that didn’t keep Andy from wanting to do it. He held Rave by the waist and moved his cock under him with a moan.

Raven bent, touching his lips softly to Andy’s, and Andy’s breath caught at the touch. Their eyes closed. Then Raven opened his mouth and pressed his tongue between Andy’s lips. When Andy opened his mouth, Raven probed in with is tongue and Andy went mindless.

Raven’s tongue probed, his head working back and forth over Andy’s mouth, his hair hanging down about their faces. Andy’s hands roamed up over the smooth skin of Raven’s sides, over his back and shoulders, and then up to his head; holding the back of Raven’s head while Andy took his turn, probing into Raven’s mouth with his tongue.

They paused for breath. “Whoa, Rave,” Andy whispered, his eyes still closed. “Did Ben teach you that, too?”

“I never liked it before,” Raven said quietly. He gave Andy’s lips another peck. And then, still holding Andy’s face with both hands, Raven kissed over Andy’s cheekbones, nose, lips… a little like a puppy licks a face; his movements back and forth rocking on Andy’s cock.

“I want to,” Andy whispered, sliding his hands down Raven’s back to his butt. “If it’s really OK, I want to.”

“Wait here,” Raven said, climbing off Andy. “I’ll be right back. I gotta get somethin’.”

Andy let him up, and then gasped as Raven rushed naked from the room, stiff cock wagging. He only hoped his mom was still watching the movie or on her side of the house.

In moments, Raven was back, carrying something. Andy saw that it was a can of Crisco as Raven turned to close the door behind him.

Raven grinned at him. “We’ll need this,” he said. “It makes you slick so you can slip it in, OK?”

Andy’s cock twitched again. He started to sit up, when Raven sat down beside him on the bed, but Raven stayed him with a hand to the chest. “Just wait. I’ll get you ready.”

Raven climbed up onto the bed and knelt beside Andy, and Andy watched as the thin naked boy bent over the Crisco can, his long, black hair falling about his face. Raven removed the lid and dropped it to the floor. Then with a grin at Andy, he dipped his fingers into the can, lifting a small glob of shortening on his fingertips. He bent over the side to set the can on the floor, and when he did, Andy admired the roundness of Raven’s small butt and the way his slender body moved.

Then Raven sat back up; sitting back onto his haunches. He shook back his hair, and smiled at Andy watching him. He gave Andy a grin as he bent over the older boy’s middle.

Andy’s cock twitched once again as Raven reached for it. Raven jumped and then laughed, lightly.

“Sorry,” Andy whispered, rubbing Raven’s back with a hand. “My cock’s so hard, it’s gonna bust out of it’s skin… I’ve never been so hard in my life.” He gave Raven a cockeyed smile. “Lifetime achievement,” he said.

But Andy’s smile quickly faded when Raven smoothed Crisco over his crown. He gasped and his belly clinched, as Raven smoothed it down his shaft. His pulse raced partly from the sensations, but mostly because of what was about to happen.

Then Raven rose on his knees and reached behind himself to rub the last of the Crisco from his slick fingers into his crack. Andy watched Raven’s stretched form and his breath grew even shallower.

Raven’s eyes fell on Andy. “Ben always did me from behind,” Raven said “He called it playin’ dogs. But one time we did it different.” Raven’s eyes grew serious. “That’s how I want to do it with you… at least this first time… the different way. OK?”

Andy nodded and his cock twitched once more as the words, “first time” registered.

“Kneel up,” Raven commanded as he lay down onto his back and shoved a pillow under his butt. Andy sat up. Raven grabbed under his knees and pulled them up.

Looking down at Raven’s slim form, knees in the air, butt elevated, Andy instantly grasped what was required and maneuvered up onto his knees and around to Raven’s butt.

“You can play with my stuff while you do it,” Raven said with a smile. “Ben did, that one time we did it this way.”

Andy nodded, barely hearing, as he pushed his incredibly hard cock down toward Rave’s butt. He could see the hole, all pink and puckered and small looking against Raven’s white skin, white even into his crack. Andy pointed his crown at it, and then moved forward until his crown came in to contact. He looked up at Rave whose eyes were on Andy’s body. Rave looked up and smiled. “Go for it!”

Andy pushed forward with his hips, felt resistance, pushed harder; and with a sudden pop of sensation, his crown disappeared inside Raven whose sphincter closed tightly around Andy’s shaft.

Andy’s head swam, and his eyes drooped for an instant. He took a breath and moved forward with his hips once more, watching his shaft disappear into Raven’s tight hole; at the same time, feeling the smaller boy’s tightness travel down his shaft until he was completely buried in Raven and the tightness was around the base of his cock. Swamped by sensations… snug tightness almost at his balls, balls resting on Rave’s butt, cock stretched long inside Rave, feeling long, feeling male and long.

Andy moved his knees forward and Raven let his legs fall out to the sides, almost flat on the bed on either side; the back of Raven’s legs resting on the top of Andy’s. Raven’s balls and cock lay right in front of Andy, almost like they were being served up to him. He laid the flat of his hand on them, gently caressing, and Raven’s eyes closed and he pressed his head back on his pillow.

He grabbed Raven by the hips and pulled him snugly into his lap, and held him there as he moved out and then in, sliding Raven’s tightness up and down his shaft. His eyes rose to Raven’s heaving belly, the leanness of Raven’s torso, the whiteness of his soft skin, and then to his eyes, so pale in contrast to his black hair. Their eyes met, and Andy watched Raven’s as he pulled his hips back and pushed forward again.

Raven’s eyes half-closed and his mouth went slack.

“You OK?” Andy asked throatily.

Raven nodded. His eyes closed completely and his head arched back when Andy slowly pumped again, and then again; awkwardly, getting the feel, enjoying the feel. .

Andy leaned forward, planting his hands on the bed on either side of Raven’s ribs, just under his armpits, and he began to pump faster… for the first time in his life, actually fucking. His eyes closed savor the sensations of Raven’s tightness sliding up and back on his cock.

Raven grasped Andy’s biceps, feeling and down Andy’s arms, feeling Andy’s twelve-year-old muscles. Andy opened his eyes again, and looked down into Raven’s. The smaller boy grinned up at him happily, even though Andy was ‘doing’ him. It surprised Andy for a second, but only a second. Raven’s happiness seemed natural somehow.

Andy grinned back and dropped his body down onto the younger boy’s, wanting to hug him. He wrapped up Raven in his arms and pressed his cheek to Raven’s, noticing how soft it was. Raven wrapped his arms over Andy’s angular shoulders and opened his legs wider for Andy’s weight to settle between. Their bellies pressed each time Andy pulled back his hips, and their embrace tightened each time Andy began another delicious slide of his cock into Raven’s tightness.
They moaned softly in each other’s ears. Andy’s gut clenched, reflexively and he ground in. “Oh, Rave,” he murmured. “This feels so good.” And then, much like Rave had done to him earlier, he kissed over Raven’s face, while his gut churned deep inside and he wanted to press in so deep that he could rub his balls on Raven’s ass.

With their differing heights, the fit was good, and Andy covered Raven’s mouth with his own while still pumping. They made a tight ball of their bodies, hugging each other tightly, mouth-to-mouth, boy tasting boy. Andy slid his knees slightly back to go flatter on Raven, and when his firm belly pressed down on the underside of Raven’s erection, the smaller boy murmured appreciation, and then began to rub his cock up against Andy’s firm belly as they moved.

“I don’t have to come again if you don’t want to,” Andy whispered. “It might take a while.”

“It feels good,” Raven said, grabbing the sides of Andy’s waist for leverage as he ground up against the older boy’s belly.

“No, shit!” Andy murmured and then covered Raven’s mouth once more with his own. Their mouths opened and Andy probed in deeply with his tongue.

They moved faster, then slower, then faster. And then finally, Raven began to tense. “I’m getting the feeling,” he said in a whisper. He gasped and clutching Andy’s sides, he arched back, grinding his cock up against Andy’s belly. Andy began pumping fast and hard, and they managed to come almost simultaneously with quiet moans and shudders.

And then they relaxed, Andy’s cock slowly throbbing down inside Raven. But they kept kissing, tenderly now; even affectionately.

A twelve year old boy’s first sexual encounter is rarely tender, rarely affectionate. But Andy and Raven had liked each other from the start. Raven had fallen for Andy the way a younger boy sometimes falls for an older boy, and Andy had been feeling what an older boy sometimes feels when stirred by a younger one. And beyond all the affection and boyish sex, there was something else -- they were two fatherless boys filling an emptiness for each other.

Something happened to them that night that often happens to older couples who have sex together; it bound their hearts.

While he was still inside Raven, Andy lifted his head and smiled down fondly at his young cousin. Raven’s eyes twinkled as he returned the smile. “Like brothers,” Raven whispered, and ran his fingers into Andy’s hair.

Andy nodded, and driving his semi-hard cock in all the way, he hugged Raven tightly, cheek-to-cheek. “Like brothers,” he whispered in agreement.


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