With a start, Jason reached for his cock, but not in time. His clear, watery cum pumped out furiously hard, soaking the front of his sleeping shorts. He was panting in the dark, slowly realizing that he’d had the second wet dream of his life.

The first had been a dream about Andy, who he’d had serious hots for forever. No surprise he’d be Jason’s first wet dream. But moppy-haired, redheaded Richard as his second dream wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for earlier that day.

Harold, their scoutmaster had set the two of them to work packing the back of the old school bus that Harold owned and used for scouting. The back seats had been removed to make room to store gear, and the scouts loaded it through the rear door first; a steady stream of boys handing in tents, suitcases, and duffels in the order Harold thought they should be loaded. Inside the door, Richard and Jason stacked the gear starting in the back corners.

It was a young troop, only one year old. At fourteen, Denver, the senior patrol leader was the oldest of them all by two years. Jason, Andy, and Jon Alexander were twelve. Richard was one of nine eleven-year-olds, and there were nine ten-year-olds. All of them -- all but Andy -- were going to Camp Swift Arrow in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Denver, his chestnut hair stringy with sweat, came up to the back door carrying a large duffle. He was shirtless; his pecs and biceps flexing as he tossed the bag up. Both Jason and Richard paused a moment to watch him walk back toward the Scout shed. They glanced at each other, and Jason smiled, somewhat embarrassed to have been staring at Denver’s bare back. “Denver’s a seriously cool dude,” Jason said, defensively.

“And he knows it!” Richard said, laughing. He pulled off his shirt, revealing a short waist, tight hips, and a long torso. Against his white skin, his tiny nipples were a deep red, like his moppy hair. Jason looked him over and wondered what Richard would look like at fourteen… way, seriously cooler than Denver, he bet.

Jason pulled off his shirt, and noticed Richard watching him from the corner of his eye. He glanced down at his body. Jason had dark skin for a blond guy; darker than Richard’s or Andy’s; almost like a natural tan. His nipples, though as small as Richard’s were pink, not red. He wore his pale blond hair shoulder length because he felt his neck was too long. He’d always felt skinny, and had admired other boy’s bodies for as long as he could remember. But in the last year, he’d begun to develop actual bicep and shoulder muscles. He tried to flex them for Richard to see as he lifted duffels, crawled over tents, and stacked bags. And he surreptitiously watched Richard’s slender body as they worked together.

“Ok, guys,” Harold said with his hand on the back door. “We’ll load the rest through the front.” He closed the door, and soon boys were streaming in from the front of the bus; now carrying primarily sleeping bags, pads, and blankets. The level of the stacked gear climbed above the tops of the seats. Jason and Richard scrambled around on top, stacking rolled sleeping bags in layers.

The bedding spilled over into the rear seats before the last were stowed away, and the two boys collapsed atop the gear, with dramatic groans.

“Hey, this is comfortable,” Jason announced, rolling onto his back and throwing his arms and legs out. “I’m going to ride back here.”

“Me, too,” Richard said from where he lay between Jason and the back seats. Jason gave him a shove with his foot. “Nah… all mine!”

With a howl, Richard slid off the front of the pile, but quickly rebounded, climbing back up. Jason was ready, though and tried to push him back off. Richard darted to the side, trying to get past him. Jason wheeled, grabbing him around the waist. They rolled, and then as Richard rolled to his back, Jason grabbed for his wrists, his bare chest sliding onto Richards.

Laughing hard as he struggled to scoot away on his back, Richard’s legs parted, and Jason’s legs dropped between them. Jason bore down with his hips as he struggled to pin Richard’s wrists, and then realized that Richard’s grin and laughing grey eyes were less than two inches from his own… and that their crotches were pressed together… and he, Jason, was starting to get an erection.

But before he could even think about getting away, Richard wrapped his legs around Jason’s hips and tried to leverage Jason’s weight off him with his hips. Resisting, Jason bore down harder with his own hips, unwilling to surrender the advantage.

That’s when Richard’s jaw dropped. “Dude,” he whispered, a grin spreading across his face, “you’ve got a woody.”

There was no sense denying it. “So what?” Jason asked. “Woodies are cool.”

Richards grin went a little sideways. “Yeah, I know.”

“I’m still not letting you up ‘til you agree that I own this bedroll pile,” Jason said, with a determined grin. And then he felt something stir against the inside of his hip, and his smile widened. “Dude, you’re getting a woody, too!”

“So?” Richard said laughing. “Woodies are cool, remember?” Then he made a sudden lunge with his hips to try to roll Jason off again, and the struggling rubbed their erections through their shorts.

Releasing one of Richard’s wrists, Jason dug fingers into Richard’s side. With a howl, Richard finally managed to roll them, but the roll continued and Jason was back on top, laughing triumphantly. As they continued to struggle, Jason ground his erection on Richards while trying not to seem like he was doing so. Richard did the same. Their laughter quieted to giggles. Jason glanced toward the front of the bus. Richard did the same. They were alone.

Jason grabbed Richard’s wrists again, pinning them, and Richard tightened his legs around Jason’s hips. Grinning, they circled hips, rubbing, while Jason held Richard’s arms pinned above his head, their bare chests pressed together, bellies pressing lightly with their breathing.

There was the sound of laugher and running feet. Kyle Banneker and Davey King, two dark-blond, ten-year-olds charged onto the bus. They stopped when they saw Jason and Richard, shirtless atop the gear. “Whoa,” Kyle said with a wide grin, Jason’s fucking on Richard.

“Fuck you!” Jason said, quickly sitting up, but bending forward so that his erection wouldn’t be that obvious. “Richard and I were fighting.”

“No you weren’t,” Kyle said. “You were fucking on each other.”

“We were wrestling, shithead,” Richard said, rolling to his stomach. “We’re riding back here tomorrow, and we were wrestling to see who gets to pick his spot.”

Davey King’s mouth dropped as he looked over the mound of gear. “Sweet. We’ll ride back there with you.”

“No you won’t,” Jason said. He liked the idea of him and Richard riding in the back alone, and he didn’t want Davey and Kyle messing things up.

“There’s plenty of room,” Kyle pointed out.

“You wouldn’t like it,” Richard warned. “Jason might want to wrestle you.”

“Asshole,” Jason, mumbled under his breath, poking Richard’s butt.

Davey eyed Jason with a doubtful look, but Kyle laughed. “If he tries to wrestle us,” Kyle said, “he’ll be sorry.”

“I’ll help him,” Richard threatened.

Kyle walked boldly up to the stack of gear, leaning up to look around. “There’s plenty of room.”

“Forget it,” Jason repeated.

“OK, everybody,” Harold called from outside the truck “gather up!”

“Fuck you, we’re riding back here too,” Kyle said, turning on his heel. Davey followed him back toward the front of the bus. “Don’t let anyone else take our places,” Kyle called back.

Kyle had a little bubble butt and Jason watched it as the two boys walked away.

“So if Andy’s not coming on this trip,” Richard asked as they slid off the pile of gear, “who are you sharing a tent with?”

Jason shrugged. “You wanna?”

“Sure,” Richard said with a grin, and laid his hand on the middle of Jason’s bare back as they walked toward the front of the bus.

“Ten in the morning,” Harold was telling the guys. “Be here.”

So now Jason was stripping off his cum laden sleep shorts in the dark because he had dreamt that he and Richard were naked on top of all the gear in the bus; rubbing their cocks while Harold drove and all the scouts watched them and Kyle kept yelling that “Jason was fucking on Richard.”


Andy cocked an eye. Morning light streamed through his bedroom window. He woke to find he was clutching Raven sideways to himself like a child clutches a stuffed animal; well, with a difference – they were naked, and Andy had a piss hard-on pressed to the side of Raven’s hip.

He thought back to the night before. In the light of day, it all seemed a little unreal… especially the emotions he had felt for Raven. Andy leaned back to see if Raven was awake. The younger boy’s cute face was slack in sleep, his mouth open. Andy grinned. He really did like the kid.

Carefully, so as not to wake Rave, Andy climbed from the bed. He really needed to piss. Pulling on shorts, he padded down to the john, relieved himself, and padded back. Returning to the room, he glanced at the clock. There was still time for more sleep.

Pulling off his shorts, he climbed into bed. When he did, Raven snuggled up to him, laying his head on Andy’s chest and rubbing his hand over Andy’s belly. Then, sleepily, he felt down to the remnants of Andy’s morning erection, closed his hand around it, and looked up, sleepy-eyed at Andy.

“Morning wood,” Andy explained. “Had to go take a piss.”

Raven nodded, but left his hand around Andy’s shaft and slowly stroked it as he kissed Andy’s nipple and laid his head back down on his shoulder. He wrapped a leg over Andy and snuggled his crotch onto the twelve-year-old’s hip.

When he grew hard, he moved up over Andy, throwing a skinny leg over to straddle his hips. With a sleepy grin, he pumped his hips to rub the underside of his shaft on Andy’s.

“Umm,” the older boy murmured, grinning back. He plumped the pillow behind his head and then slid his hands down Raven’s sides to grab the younger boy’s flexing little butt. “Wanna do this all day?” Andy asked.

“Uh, huh,” Rave said, leaning forward to rest his hands on Andy’s shoulders, while circling his hips to rub their cocks together. The two of them watched their cocks, big and small, rub and wag over each other. Andy held Rave’s little hips more tightly, circling the boy’s underside on his cock.

Rave grew thoughtful. “Andy,” he said, looking up, “will you let me do you sometime?”

Andy glanced up. “In the butt? Sure… sometime. Did you used to do Ben?” he asked.

“No, he never wanted to.”

“Hell, that’s not right, Rave,” Andy said with a frown. “He did you; you should be able to do him. Fair is fair. I mean… like… I did you. You can do me.”

Raven smiled and leaned forward to kiss Andy’s chin. “Can I do you now?”

“Whoa, dude,” Andy said, pulling Rave’s middle snug to his. “We get going like this and then want me to stop?”

Raven laid all the way down, kissing into the nape of Andy’s neck. His pumping hips slowed.

“Oh, hell,” Andy said. “Go for it.”

With a grin, Raven knelt up, his long thin cock wagging cutely up from his narrow nine-year-old hips. “Oh, the Crisco,” he said, and bent over the side of the bed. When he did, Andy ran his hand over Rave’s smooth little butt.

Rave sat back up smiling, the can cradled in his lap, just in front of his up turned cock. “We can do it some other way than like we did last night if you want,” he offered. “Like doggie or something.”

Andy shrugged and pulled up his knees. “I’m already on my back.”

Raven glanced up from smoothing Crisco onto his cock. “Put a pillow under your butt. It works better.”

Andy complied. “We’ll have to hide that Crisco can today and put it back tomorrow when Mom’s at work,” he said as Rave scooted on his knees down to Andy’s butt.

“We can just keep it in here,” Raven offered. He glanced up with a twinkle in his eye. “I’m going to need it again.”

“Or me,” Andy answered with a glint in his eye. “Maybe Mom has a spare… oh…” he said as Raven’s thin fingers spread Crisco into Andy’s crack. It felt soothing. Andy’s eyes drifted closed as Rave rubbed. Then Raven smoothed Crisco onto Andy’s cock, and Andy looked up in surprise.

Raven simply smiled, happily smoothing the Crisco up and down Andy’s shaft, then lightly over his balls. Andy’s eyes rolled up and he shuddered. “You can do that as long as you want,” Andy said, pulling up his knees to give Rave’s hands better access.

But Rave had finished with the Crisco. He moved up on his knees, placing his small cockhead at Andy’s opening, and even that felt good to Andy in a way.

“Just relax,” Raven said, laying his palm on Andy’s cock and balls. “You’re going to like this.”

So Andy relaxed; his knees, hands still on them, falling out loosely to the sides. He felt mellow; relaxing was easy. And since Raven’s cock was still thin, and because Andy didn’t even know that anal could be uncomfortable, it didn’t feel bad at all as Raven eased in. He did feel it, though, a pleasant little thickness.

Raven pushed all the way in, his eyes on Andy’s which were closed. Andy’s cock and balls were flushed; dark looking against the pale skin of his outspread thighs. Rave laid his hand on them and circled it as he pulled his hips back, and pushed in again. The tip of his cock brushed Andy’s prostate for the first time.

Andy’s eyes flew open and he gasped. “Oh, wow!”

“Uh, huh,” Rave softly said, nodding. “Told you, you’d like it,”

Rave wrapped his hand around Andy’s cock and pressed his thumb to the underside before beginning to stroke. Andy squirmed and gripped the sheet on either side. Raven smiled and then his eyelids drooped as he moved his hips up and back.

Andy eyes cracked open and he watched Rave pumping stiffly. “How about you, Rave? You enjoying it?”

Raven’s eyes opened and he nodded. “Yeah. It’s good.” With his one hand, he continued to stroke Andy. With his other, he fondled Andy’s balls. Andy responded, circling his hips to meet Raven’s jerky thrusts.

And then Raven’s cock started to feel really good, and he grabbed onto Andy’s dick with both hands, like he was grabbing a saddle horn, and he began to ride. Andy gasped and grabbed the sheets again.

When Raven’s dry orgasm began, his narrow hips pumped furiously and he gasped for breath… and for one crazy moment, it seemed like the cum flying from the end of Andy’s cock as the older boy whimpered was his own.


Since he would be sharing a tent with Ricahrd that week, it wasn’t the end of the world for Jason to not be alone with Richard in the back of the bus. However, Kyle and Davey had made it on to the bus before them.

“We saved your places back here,” Kyle told them proudly as he and Davey slid back to make room. “Some of the other guys wanted up here, but we told them you guys had already set it up for just the four of us.”

“Thanks,” Jason had grumbled at the time as he and Richard climbed up. But he decided there was probably no way he and Richard could have hung onto the back all for themselves anyway. And now Richard, Davey, and he were lying in different directions on their stomachs atop the stacked bedrolls, heads together, playing a card game, Spinnaker.

Kyle had dozed off, but now he woke and stretched.

“You want in the game?” Richard asked.

Kyle shook his head and sat up, looking around the bus. Harold was driving. Denver was sitting in of the seats toward the back so that he could help Harold keep an eye on things from that end of the bus. Kyle bent down to look out the windows… still desert; they hadn’t traveled far yet.

Jason was trying to decide which card to play when Kyle climbed astride his butt. Kyle stretched once more, and then he lay down on Jason, scooting forward to examine Jason’s cards over his shoulder. His crotch slid forward to the small of Jason’s back. “Play the eight of diamonds,” he suggested.

“Ya think?” Jason asked, enjoying the weight of the smaller body on his back.

“Yep,” Kyle answered, and then scooted back so that his crotch rested once more on Jason’s butt; he preferred it there. He crossed his arms over the back of Jason’s shoulders and settled in to watch the game from that position for a while.

Glad he was on his stomach, Jason sprouted wood.

The swaying of the bus, and the occasional bouncing it made down the highway could especially be felt in the back, and Kyle’s body bounced and swayed on the back of Jason’s. When Jason felt the younger boy’s erection on his butt, he flexed his butt under it reflexively. Kyle laughed.

“What’s funny?” Davey asked.

“Nothing,” Kyle said, grinning. “Just felt like laughing.”


Cheryl always slept in on Sunday morning, which for her wasn’t all that late. After coffee while reading the Sunday paper, she did some of her weekly housekeeping, fed the kids cereal while they watched Sunday morning cartoons, and then cleaned in the kitchen.

She heard the boys laughing, and leaned out to see them wrestling on the floor. Andy was tickling Raven. Cheryl smiled and returned to her work.

When she came out later Angela was watching TV by herself. “Where are the boys?” Cheryl asked.

Angela glanced up. “They went out with Tommy’s skateboard.”

“And left you by yourself?” Cheryl asked.

Angela shrugged. “This is one of my favorite shows.”

“Well,” Cheryl said, kneeling on the floor beside her, “as soon as your show is over, let’s look at your room and see what we can do to make it a real girl’s room.”

The boys were back in just over an hour, calling out for Angela. “In here,” Cheryl replied.

They came into the room, the two boys and two other children; blond-haired children. There was a boy about Tommy’s age, more thickly built, but not chunky or fat. He simply looked like a solid little guy; the kind that played a lot of sports. Cheryl recognized the girl with them as the boy’s sister. She’d seen them around the neighborhood. The girl looked slightly younger than Angela.

“Angie,” Rave said, “this is Krystan, and that’s Matt, her brother. They only live two blocks over.”

“Hi,” Angela said.

“Hi,” Krystan replied in a shy voice.

Cheryl smiled encouragingly. “We’re fixing up Angela’s room, Krystan. You want to help?”

Krystan nodded, and the boys turned to leave.

“Where are you going, Andy?” Cheryl called out.

“Just outside,” he called back. “We’re teaching Matt how to skateboard.”


Richard and Davey, like most of the bus, had fallen asleep. Richard had backed to the windows on one side, and Davey had fallen asleep lying across the front of the gear pile. Jason had intended to sleep. He’d rolled to his side facing toward the back to do so. But Kyle crawled over him, and scooted up, face to face with Jason, his eyes dancing. “So like… do you have hairs yet?” he asked in a whisper just loud enough to be heard over the road noises.

“Pubes?” Jason asked.

Kyle nodded.

“A few.”

“Cool,” Kyle said, his eyes twinkling. “Are they blond?”

“No, they’re dark,” he said with an amused frown.

“How big is it?”

Jason shrugged.

“Andy has a really big one, doesn’t he? Have you seen it hard?”

Jason frowned for real now and shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah.”

Kyle sat up and looked around, then dropped back to his side, his face close to Jason’s. “Can I see yours?” he asked in a whisper.

Jason’s eyes went wide.

“No one’s looking; they’re all asleep,” Kyle whispered. “C’mon”

“Show me yours,” Jason countered.

Without hesitation, Kyle enthusiastically unsnapped his shorts and pulled down the front, along with his underwear. His little cock pointed a couple of inches up his body, the pink crown larger than the shaft.

With a glance back over his shoulder to make sure Richard and Davey were sleeping, Jason unfastened his jeans, unzipped and pushed down the front of his boxers.

Kyle’s eyes lit up, and without asking, he simply reached out and wrapped his hand around Jason’s erection. Jason’s eyes drooped and he caught his breath.

“This is so cool,” Kyle whispered, maneuvering Jason’s cock around so he could see the sparse pubic hair and feel the older boy’s cock moving in his palm. He leaned up, not letting go of Jason’s cock, and put his mouth over Jason’s ear. “Davey and I have been sucking each other's dicks to make them grow longer.”

Jason stifled a loud laugh, and Kyle shushed him, pulling back with a frown and letting go of Jason’s cock.

“No, dude,” Jason said with an apologetic grin. “That’s what Andy and I used to do,” he whispered.

“Oh,” Kyle replied, the grin growing back on his face. Then he bit his lip, sat up to look around again, shifted a couple of sleeping back up behind Jason’s legs to screen things and then slid down to where Jason’s body and the bags hid him and his face was level with Jason’s crotch. He wanted to try sucking on a bigger cock; Jason’s cock. He pulled it down and into his mouth.

Jason tensed, but was careful to stay like he was, hiding what Kyle was doing from the rest of the bus.

But Richard was watching through the slits of his eyes, pretending to be asleep. He knew what was going on, though he’d only heard about cock sucking before. His pulse was racing, and his cock was really, really hard.

Farther up the bus, Denver sat back down after stealing another glance toward the back. Jason and Kyle, he made a mental note, mildly surprised. Kyle was a little hottie and Jason had a nice body for a twelve-year-old. Denver started to think about how they could get together.

He eased his cock over inside his shorts and closed his eyes to consider it. He’d come from his old troop to help with this one partly because he liked younger boys. But nothing had happened yet except for dumb stuff like rubbing his cock on Jon’s butt one night on a campout when they were sleeping on top of their bedrolls because it was hot. He rubbed his cock on Jon’s butt while the other boy slept; rubbing on him through their boxers until Denver came in his.

Denver glanced once more toward the back of the bus, just wishing there was some way to go back and join them; but guys would wake up. He turned back to the front, his hand dropping onto the lump in his pants.


Angela had stolen glances at him during cartoons that morning, and she had sat so that he could see her panties under her T-shirt; he could see right up between her legs. Now she pressed the side of her leg to Andy’s as they all rode together in Cheryl’s car to Wal-Mart.

It happened quickly. Angela called out, "Krystan's got shotgun," and shoved Krystan into the front, passenger seat. That left Andy in back with the rest of them. He’d taken the door seat behind his mother and Rave claimed the other door. That left Angela next to Andy and Matt between her and Rave.

Angela smiled and laid her hand on Andy's thigh as they rode and talked. He had on shorts, and her hand began slipping up slowly up his thigh, her pinky finger going up the inside of his shorts leg, then inside his boxer leg.

Rave frowned from his side of the car. Matt didn’t seem to notice what was going on, though Krystan’s eyes went big at one point when she was turned around from the front, talking to them, and her eyes dropped to Andy’s lap.

The tip of Angela’s pinky made it to the side of Andy’s scrotum just as they arrived at the store, and he had to walk in with his arms hanging awkwardly in front of him, trying to hide his erection.

Cheryl and the girls went to buy linens. Andy and the boys went to look at video games. Andy glanced back at Cheryl and the girls as they walked away. Angela was glancing back at him. Rave was frowning at them both.


Camp Swift Arrow had been around for a many years. But recently, thanks to a wealthy benefactor who had many fond memories of his time in the scouts, they had added a twenty-five meter pool in a natatorium/gym combination. Between that and the lodge and the cafeteria, even on cold days in the mountains, there was plenty for scouts to do. And on warm days, there were hiking trails, archery ranges, playing fields, and merit badge venues. There was even an agreement with a neighboring horse livery for boys who wanted to spend the money to be able to take short trail rides.

The weather was cool, and not even Denver took his shirt off as they set up camp. When Jason and Richard set up their tent on a pad at the edge of their assigned camping area, Kyle and Davey set up theirs on the closest one to it.

Denver noted where they set up their tents, but felt obligated to set his up closer to the center of the area, not far from Harold’s tent. Denver had chosen for his tent mate one of the ten-year-olds; a painfully shy boy, small for his age, but with a beautiful face and thick black hair that fanned out over his ears when he wore a ball cap, which he always did. His name was Newton, and the guys called him Newt.

Instead of setting up their sleeping bags apart, Jason stored his gear to the side of the tent, placing his sleeping bag toward the center. “More room this way,” he explained.

“That’s smart,” Richard said, nodding his agreement. He stored his gear to the side and moved his sleeping bag up against Jason’s.

“We’re gonna explore the camp,” Kyle said, leaning into the tent. “You guys wanna come… whoa, that’s cool – the way you set up in here. Hold on... Davey and I are gonna rearrange our tent, and then go exploring.”


Andy set the table for supper. When he did, he saw Angela move over to sit beside Rave on the couch. They leaned their heads together to talk, glancing at Andy. He wondered what Rave had told her.

Andy liked what he and Rave did a lot. And he liked how he felt about Rave and how Rave seemed to feel about him. But then, he was also a twelve-year-old boy whose juices had begun to flow, and he was keenly aware that Angela had something special for him, down between her legs.

As Angela and Rave talked on the couch, Rave frowned, not looking at all happy. And Andy thought he could guess why. Rave probably didn’t want her messing up things between him and Andy.

“Angela,” Cheryl called from the kitchen. “Can you give me a hand a second?”

Reluctantly, Angela rose from the couch, but smiled at Andy as she passed on her way to the kitchen.

Andy had pretty well finished with the table and walked over to sit beside Rave on the couch. “Hey, dude,” he said, draping an arm over Rave’s shoulders. “you and me are tight, right. And we’re gonna stay tight, no matter what… OK?”

Rave smiled uncertainly and nodded. And then because Rave looked vulnerable, and because he really did like Rave, Andy uncharacteristically gave in to a dumb impulse and kissed Rave full on the lips right there in the den. It was dumb, he thought, because he could have been caught. But it was a great thing to do as far as Rave was concerned. He smiled happily and gave Andy’s back a quick rub before Andy got back up to finish at the table.

After supper, they watched TV and the boys started wrestling on the living room floor. Their laughter was contagious and Cheryl found herself chuckling. She wasn’t surprised when Angela jumped in on the wrestling match; they were having so much fun, Cheryl was tempted to herself. She made a note though, to talk to Angela sometime to explain to her that she had to be careful wrestling boys. Especially when she got older, she’d have to be more careful where she grabbed and how she tangled legs.

Cheryl wondered for a moment if she should worry about Angela being precocious, maybe even a little aggressive sexually for her age. After all, she wasn’t sure what all Angela had been through. But then she reminded herself that Angela was only eleven and that maybe as a mom she was just being a little protective of her son. Nevertheless, she broke up the wrestling match and sent the boys on to shower up before bed.

They were both hard by the time they had their clothes off. Andy stepped up to Rave, and with both hands behind Rave’s little butt, he pulled Rave's smaller body to his own and opened his mouth over the younger boy’s. Andy may have just started kissing with tongue the night before, but like most boys, he didn’t need practice to be instantly good at it; and he liked it, a lot.

Rave kissed back, wrapping his arms over Andy’s shoulders. All day, they’d only been able to sneak off to kiss and grab at each other three times. And even though Andy thought it might be better to wait until they were back in their room, he was horny now.

He grabbed up Rave by the butt, lifting him from the floor, and Rave wrapped his thin legs around Andy as the older boy, holding him by the butt, lifted him up and down so that their cocks rubbed together.

Andy knelt down onto the floor and laid Rave back onto the carpeted bathmat; and then lay down onto him, hips between Rave’s legs, cock on cock. He ground with his hips as they kissed and Andy breathed deeply of Rave’s boy scent.

They ground and kissed and Andy lifted his hips to poke his cock down into Rave’s crack.

“Get some lotion or something,” Rave suggested.

Andy looked up and around the bathroom, then scrambled up to retrieve the baby oil he remembered they had in a cabinet. Rave in the meantime got up onto all-fours. Andy knelt back down beside him with a questioning look. “I thought you liked it the other way.”

“This way’s, OK,” Rave said “The floor isn’t as comfortable on my back.”

“OK, cool,” Andy said, moving back behind Rave. The boy looked smaller somehow, there on his hands and knees. His legs looked thinner, his butt even tighter and smaller. The skin of his back looked warm and soft. Andy’s eyes traveled back down over Rave’s butt. His pucker was a dramatic pink between his white butt cheeks. His perineum and puffy little ballsack were pinker than his white skin as well. Andy ran his hands over them and then down under, cupping Rave’s marble-sized balls and rubbing his fingertips up Rave’s erection which pointed up under him, almost like a dog’s would.

He poured oil onto his fingertips and spread it into Rave’s crack, then over his cock. Moving behind him, knees to the outside of Rave’s, he set the oil down, and then pointed his cock once more between Rave’s butt cheeks. He worked it into the hole and then grabbed Rave by the hips, pulling Rave back as he pressed forward with his hips. Andy hit bottom with a sigh.

He pulled back and pushed in. Grasping Rave’s hips, he began pumping, and picked up speed. He bent over Rave, conforming his body to the back of Rave’s, wrapping his arm under the smaller boy’s belly, kissing the back of his neck while driving forward with his hips. “Oh, bro,” I’ve been waiting for this all day,” he murmured.


Flames from the bonfire rose ten feet above the floor of the fire pit. On stone and wood seats around it, boys were singing “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” just like a generation or two before them had.

Jason sat close to Richard, mainly for the warmth – it was difficult to be horny when you were cold. To his other side, Kyle scooted closer, and Davey scooted closer to him.


When the boys were done, and came from the shower wearing only boxers, Cheryl didn’t fuss. It was their home; the kids needed to be comfortable. She had always let Andy wear just his boxers in the house when it was just them. In fact, when they were first on their own and Andy was still a preschooler, she often lounged around naked. But now there was another girl in the house.

She sent Angela on to bathe. But when Angela came back from her bath in only panties, and Cheryl saw how Andy looked at her, she sent Angela back for a T-shirt. It was OK, to be comfortable, but everyone needed to be comfortable.


Cheryl's household had doubled in size, and it was noisy now, and she was tired from worrying over the kids. She wanted a little time alone before heading to bed herself, and sent the kids off to be a little early. She was almost surprised that the kids didn’t argue.

“Is it still sore?” Rave asked as they shucked their boxers for bed.

“A little,” Andy replied, twisting to get a look at his right butt cheek. It was still bruised.

“You wouldn’t believe all the bruises I’ve had on my butt skateboarding.” Rave said, trying to sound experienced as he crawled into his side of the bed.

“Yeah, well you were supposed to be teaching me so that I wouldn’t bust my ass,” Andy said, crawling in from his side of the bed. His cock was still thick from their earlier lovemaking; or thick again. “At least mine can’t be as sore as Matt’s,” Andy observed.

They met in the middle, grinning, entwining legs. “I bet Matt would do stuff with us,” Rave said.

Andy bit his lip. “Maybe. But we need to be cool about it… maybe bring him back to our room here and play Nintendo… why are you grinning like that?”

“Because you said our room,” Rave said.

“Well, duh!” Andy said with a grin of his own. “Brothers… remember?”

Rave laughed and kissed him. And then kissed him again.

Andy rolled them so that Rave was on his back, arms over Andy’s shoulders and his legs around Andy’s waist. Andy liked them that way. He slipped his arms under the back of Rave’s shoulders and kissed him again, and this time, he opened his mouth and Rave opened his. He didn't think it in specific words, but Andy realized then, that he loved kissing Rave.

They paused for breath. “I’m going to turn out the light,” Andy whispered. “Don’t want Mom looking in to see why we’re still up.”

“Does she do that?” Rave asked with a creased brow.

“Nah,” Andy said as he stretched to turn out the lamp. “She hardly ever comes to this side of the house. And she doesn’t open my door without knocking – she’s always said she ‘respects my privacy.’” He returned to Rave’s arms and they wrapped up tightly again. They shifted so that their stiffening cocks pointed up between their bellies.

The door to the room opened and quickly closed. They froze. There was the faint sound of a T-shirt being pulled off, and then the covers pulled back and a naked body snuggled up to the two of them. “Angela!” Rave said, not sounding happy.


“Damn, it’s cold,” Richard complained as they sat on their sleeping bags to pull off their shoes before zipping up the tent. “I’m not sure I brought enough blankets.”

“We can share,” Jason offered. “You can sleep in my sleeping bag with me.”

“Won’t be crowded?” Richard asked, his tone suggesting he hoped not, he pulled his feet into the tent and knelt up on his sleeping bag, hugging his arms to himself.

“Well we don’t need to sleep in all our clothes,” Jason said, kneeling up to zip up the tent. “Our bodies will keep each other warm.” He moved on his knees to face Richard.

Richard grinned. “Yeah, like I read they do for hypothermia when you can’t get somebody warm.”

Jason nodded. “Yeah, you strip and keep each other warm.”

“Naked?” Richard asked, his eyes twinkling.

“Gotta be warmest that way,” Jason said with a grin and a shiver.


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