When Kyle told Davey that Jason and Richard set up their sleeping bags side by side, and that he wanted them to do the same, Davey shrugged. “We can zip them together, you know. We both have the type you can do that with.”

So now they were face-to-face in the dark, inside their zipped-together sleeping bags, under shared blankets. Kyle pulled off his boxers. Davey did the same. They moved close, reaching for each other’s cocks. Davey’s was still flaccid, but quickly began to stiffen.

Some ten year olds get frequent erections anyway, as their bodies prepare to grow their equipment. Kyle and Davey, however, once they discovered the joys of playing with each other’s 'stiffies', had been helping each other get erections every chance they got. Perhaps as a reward, their cocks were no longer pencil thin; they definitely seemed to be growing.

At that moment however, Kyle was thinking about how much bigger Jason’s cock was. “On the bus,” Kyle whispered as they started to stroke each other, “I sucked Jason’s cock.”

“No shit?” Davey whispered. “Why?”

“Duh,” Kyle replied with a frown.

“Was it big?” Davey asked.

“Well yeah! Hell of a lot bigger than ours,” he said, sliding his fingers down the length of Davey’s shaft. “Maybe not a hell of a lot bigger.” He grinned. “Not at the rate we’re growing.”

“So did you like it?” Davey asked.

Majorly liked it.”

“Did he like it?”

“He squirted.”

Davey gasped. “No shit! In your mouth, dude?”

Kyle nodded. “I swallowed it.”

Davey’s job dropped. “No shit! What was it like?”

Kyle paused. He and Davey had been sucking each other’s cocks off and on for months, but he wasn’t sure what Davey would think if he told him what he really thought -- that the taste of Jason’s cum was OK, but the idea of swallowing Jason’s cum, the cum of another boy, was incredible. “It was OK,” he said.

They always started this way, whether standing up or on their sides. They always started face-to-face, stroking each other’s cocks – at first they used a thumb and a couple of fingers, but lately they had been trying to get their entire hands around each other’s slender shafts. In the beginning, they always started by stroking in order to get their boy cocks good and hard. These days, they got hard pretty fast anyway, but they still liked to start the same old way. After stroking, sucking each other in a sixty-nine was usually what came next --sucking until they both had the feeling.

They had stumbled on to their own version of a sixty-nine, almost from the beginning-- on their sides with their arms around each other’s waists and their heads between each other's legs; faces buried in each other’s crotches, sucking like babies at breasts. They didn’t know about bobbing, but gently pumped their hips, and they had discovered things they could do with their tongues. They hugged each other’s waist and sucked until they came to shuddering dry orgasms; often at the same time and usually more than once.

“How are we going to do this in a sleeping bag, dude?” Davey asked. “Who’s gonna put his head down in the sleeping bag and stick his legs out the end?”

Kyle shuddered. “Not me! It’s cold.”

“We could try something different,” Davey suggested. “You wanna try fucking on each other like you said Jason was doing to Richard?”

Kyle grinned, though Davey could only sense it in the dark. Kyle had been thinking about them doing it like that ever since he saw Jason on top of Richard. “Sure,” He scooted closer. Davey did the same.

They tentatively extended their arms, trying to decide how to wrap them around each other. They pressed their erections together and tried moving their hips to rub them, but that didn’t’ work well on their sides. Kyle pushed forward, rolling Davey to his back, and then Kyle moved up over him.

They managed to keep their thin, erect cocks pointed up between their bellies, but struggled with their legs, uncertain where to put them. Then Kyle’s legs settled between Davey’s, and it flattened the contact between their cocks and balls, making it easier for them both to thrust with their hips.

“This feels good,” Davey murmured, his hands running over the smooth, warm skin of Kyle’s back. The weight of Kyle’s solid little body on his was an entirely new experience – a great experience. His hands drifted down to Kyle’s firm little butt, and he grabbed it with both hands while at the same time spreading and pulling up his knees for Kyle's hips to settle between – it felt good... it felt great as they ground together.

Kyle was surprised by how Davey’s hands felt on his butt – he liked it! He liked the feel of them grabbing his ass as he pumped his hips. He pressed his cheek to Davey’s and grabbed hold of Davey’s shoulders. Their quiet grunts began to fill the tent as their ten-year-old bodies bumped and jerked and ground..

One tent over, Jason’s naked hips were between Richard’s naked thighs, and Richard had wrapped his legs around Jason the way he’d done on the bus. The two of them started with their arms stretched over their heads beause that was the way they were the day before in the back of the bus, when they had circled hips and ground their boners together. But it was cold now, with their arms out from under the sleeping bag, so they pulled them back in and wrapped them around each other’s shoulders as their hips ground and pumped.

They hadn’t said a word since crawling into the sleeping bag together. They simply reached for each other, and in the dark, closed their eyes to the feel of each other’s skin. Jason’s cock filled Richard’s hand, warm, soft, and twelve-year-old thick. At a year younger, Richard’s cock was thinner, but long for his age and beginning to grow. Jason stroked its length between his thumb and two fingers. They put their foreheads together and stroked, their breath warm on each other’s faces.

Then with a hand on Richard’s bare shoulder, Jason pushed him to his back. Silently, they moved into the position they had been in the day before with Jason on top. It was sort of understood that they’d be picking up where they’d left off; only naked this time.

They pumped and Richard gruntly softly. Besides the hardness of their newly-developing cocks between firm bellies, Richard felt the warm, silky skin of Jason's legs between his, and... Jason’s loose ballsack draping his own. He liked how that felt... a lot.

They ground against each other and in the dim light, their eyes met. Their faces were so close... Richard's lips were dark against the white skin of his face... and Jason remembered his kiss with Andy... he wanted to kiss... did Richard. They ground their cocks together, and Jason lowered his mouth until their lips almost touched. They felt each other's breath on their faces, and Richard closed his eyes.

Jason touched his lips to Richard's.

In his wildest dreams Richard had never thought about kissing a boy. He’d never even kissed a girl. And he had never imagined kissing a girl when they were both naked. The touch of Jason's lips on his own, the feel of the Jason’s weight between his legs, Jason's balls resting on his balls, the hard pressure between their cocks, Jason's naked belly and chest on his own... it all overwhelmed his senses. Richard moaned softly at the warm, sensual shock of it.

Mouth on mouth, they ground and thrust with their hips. The tip of Jason’s tongue pressed between Richard’s lips, and Richard was surprised again – was Jason wanting to French kiss? He opened his mouth to Jason’s tongue, and Jason probed in.their bodies grew hot and their movements became thrashing. Now they were both moaning and the sounds made by each boy excited the other.

Richard’s legs tightened around Jason and his hands slid up and down over the smooth skin of Jason’s back, delighting at the feel of the other boy's body. He never thought of a boy’s skin being warm and soft; or how taut it would feel over firm muscles.

Naked boy on naked boy... they were eleven and twelve years old, and together they felt their first sexual fire. Their tongues wrestled and explored. Jason, on top, circled his hips while Richard pumped upward with his. Jason slipped the palms of his hands under the back of Richard’s shoulders, and he grabbed on at the same time Richard grabbed on to his own butt. The inside of their sleeping bag grew hot in the darkness.

In a tent in the center of the camp area, Denver heard Newton’s teeth begin to chatter. In the faint light, he couldn’t really see Newt’s face; a face he loved to look on. Newt was one of those boys with incredibly beautiful eyes. He had long, thick eyelashes and feathery eyebrows over dark brown irises. Newt was a small boy for his age and had delicate features. Somewhat short himself, Denver was stirred by Newt’s small body and the beauty of Newt’s face from the first day he’d met him.

“You cold Newt?” he asked the ten-year-old.


“Wanna crawl into my sleeping bag with me?”

“Yeah.” Newt quickly crawled from his bag and slipped into Denver’s, backing up to the older boy. Denver wore only boxers. Newt was in briefs and a long T-shirt. Denver pulled the boy’s small body back to his body to warm him. Newt’s shivering began to calm.

He grew warmer and relaxed back into Denver, enjoying the comfort of the firmly-built, fourteen-year-old. Then he felt Denver’s hardness against his butt. “You got a boner?” Newt asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, sorry,” Denver confess apologetically. “In a year or two, you’ll find out. It just starts happening sometimes.”

Newt nodded. “You can put it between my legs if you want. My brother does that sometimes when he gets a boner.”

Denver’s breath caught for a moment. “Really,” he asked, softly.

“Yeah,” Newt said. His brother had always told him that a cock between the legs was no big deal; guys did it all the time. Newt just wasn’t supposed to say anything to anybody about it. Funny... but Denver sounded like it might be a big deal.

“My brother’s your age,” Newt said, feeling a little proud that he had done something sexual that impressed Denver. “He gets boners and likes to put them between my legs when we’re naked,” Newt explained, trying too sound off-handed about it.

Denver took a deep breath. “Can we do it naked?” he asked in a whisper.

Newt nodded and shimied out of his shirt and underwear inside the sleeping bag. Behind him, Denver pulled off his boxers. Newt backed up to him, and Denver held the boy’s hips while working his cock into the space between the top of Newt’s legs, just under his butt and balls. Denver’s cock was average size at best, but it was long enough to come out the front, just under Newt’s nascent ballsack.

Newt liked when his brother held him, and he liked being held by Denver. He snuggled back and pulled Denver’s arms around his chest. Then he took Denver’s hands – hands noticeably larger than his own -- and pushed them down between his legs. “My brother puts his hands there to keep me warm,” Newt said as Denver pressed his hands over Newton's crotch and found a three-inch long erection jutting up from just above where his own cockhead extended from between Newt’s legs.

Newt had fudged the truth. His brother never put his hand there to 'keep him warm'.

“Does your brother move his cock back and forth?” Denver asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, but he rubs my dick at the same time,” Newt said, snuggling back into the older boy. “It feels real good.”

Denver had jacked off with boys before. He had sucked their cocks. But mostly, he had only dreamed of doing things. He had been sucked himself only once, by a younger boy whose heart wasn’t in it. Now, to actually hold the small body of a younger boy in his arms and fuck between his smooth-skinned legs… Barely daring to breathe, Denver began to move his hips forward and back, and his mind surrendered conscious thought to long anticipated feelings as he tightened his arms around Newt.

Newt closed his hands over Denver’s hands on his cock. “Don’t forget to move your hands,” Newt murmured.

Denver pumped at a languid, enjoyable pace. He concentrated on feeling; not just the feelings on his cock, but of the smaller body against him; the warmth of Newt’s back against the skin of his belly and chest; the soft skin over Newt’s hard little erection and marble shaped balls; Newt’s boy scent and the scent of Newt’s black hair, even blacker in the dark… and Denver let himself go – he let himself simply relax and enjoy what he dreamed about for so long -- a willing boy.

He nuzzled into the back of Newt’s hair. He hugged the younger boy back against himself. He didn’t just stroke Newt, but caressed his little cock and balls with his fingertips. He felt over belly and inside his legs. He brushed his lips over the back of Newt’s head. He brushed his lips behind Newt's ear. He pressed his hips forward with each slow thrust until Newt’s firm little butt was warmly in his lap.

Newt closed his eyes. His brother had never been like this; feeling him everywhere, giving him pleasure, enjoying his body. He settled back into Denver’s embrace, warm and comfortable. Denver brushed his lips inside of Newt's neck and under his ear, and then he kissed him there.

Newt murmured softly. He was being treasured, cherished, and though it was actually his body that was being cherished, he felt cherished, and he liked that feeling a lot.

Denver kissed the side of Newt's face freely now, even licking under the younger boy's ear, holding him tightly as he pumped more firmly, and a little faster.

“You have something to catch your cum?” Newt asked in a whisper.

“Hmm?” Denver murmured.

“My brother uses his underwear to catch his cum so the bed doesn’t get messy.”

“Oh,” Denver said, pausing. He let go of Newt’s cock with one hand to search behind himself in the sleeping bag. Finding his boxers he held them in front of Newt’s legs.

Newt took the boxers. “I’ll hold them. You keep rubbing me.”

Denver nodded, reaching for Newt’s erection. He began pumping again, and soon was pumping faster.

When Denver’s orgasm came, it came hard. He almost cried out on the first squirt, but suppressed it to a high-pitched whine; an “Eeeeeeemmm!” that lasted through three squirts and ended with a gasp for breath.

He slowed and stopped, but managed to keep stroking Newt while the younger boy used his boxers to clean Denver's sensitive head and the bit of dampness between his cock and the inside of Newt’s legs.

Denver would have liked to stay like that; to simply fall asleep holding Newt. But he wanted it to be good for Newt as well. He wanted Newt to want to do this again. So he slid down in the sleeping bag; twisting Newt’s hips with his hands so that the boy rolled to his back. And then Denver curled up beside him and took Newt’s cock into his mouth.

Newt tensed, his hands clutching the top of Denver’s head and the back of his neck. Newt’s brother had never done this!

In Kyle and Davey’s tent, both of their heads were inside the doubled bedroll. And from the inside came the muffled, small cries of Davey’s second dry orgasm of the night; even more intense than the first. A few moments later, it was Kyle’s whimpers that were muffled.

In their tent, Jason was hard once more. He was finding it difficult to fall asleep, spooned to Richard’s back, Richard’s butt in his lap. Jason carefully pressed the underside of his cock lengthwise into Richard’s crack and began to slowly pump his hips.

Richard was still awake as well. “How does that feel?” he asked.

“Roll to your stomach,” Jason said.

They maneuvered in the sleeping bag until Richard was on his stomach and Jason lay atop him, his cock once more lengthwise in Richard’s crack. Jason let his legs fall to the outside of Richard’s and reaching under the front of Richards shoulders to hang on, he began to pump more firmly, the length of his cock sliding forward and back.

“Does it feel good?” Richard asked.

Jason assayed the feel of Richard’s legs between his, Richard’s firm butt under his loins, the warmth of Richard’s slender back under his belly and chest, the smell of Richard’s hair in his nostrils, the tightness and warmth and softness of Richard’s crack around his cock… “Oh yeah,” Jason murmured, kissing the back of Richard’s shoulder. “It feels great!”

“Then I get a turn next.”

Spooned once more, Denver clutched Newt’s smaller body to him. And in his heart, something happened that sometimes happens to fourteen-year-old boys who’ve just had a great first time experience – he felt a surge of affection for his first-time lover – his fourteen-year-old heart filled with affection for Newt.


“Shush,” Angela whispered her hand traveling down Andy’s back to his smooth butt. Tommy’s legs wrapped around Andy down there. Her hand told her that Andy was lying naked on top of Tommy, his hips between Tommy’s legs.

“Go away,” Rave said, wrapping his arms more tightly over Andy’s back.

Angela’s hand slid down between the backs of Andy’s legs and her thin fingers pressed in behind Andy’s balls.

“Whoa!” Andy murmured, spreading his legs for her.

“What’s bothering you, Tommy?” Angela asked in a whisper. “You never minded when we did stuff together with Ben.”

“That was different,” Rave complained.

“I don’t know why,” she said, kissing Andy’s bare shoulder and tickling the back of Andy’s balls.

For his part, Andy was in the mood. He was hard as a rock, and really, really, really wanted Rave not to mess up him doing something with Angela; his first time with a girl. “It’s cool,” Andy said, and he gave Rave a kiss to reinforce it. “We bros now, Rave. That’s not changing, remember.”

Rave nodded. “She’s still going to spoil things.”

Despite his horniness, Andy knew what Rave meant -- it wouldn’t be the same with the three of them as it was with just him and Rave. But he really wanted to do his first girl. “No she won’t,” Andy insisted. “We’ll still be cool, you and me.”

“I know you’ve got, like a crush on him, Tommy,” Angela said, impatiently. “But we had fun together with Ben, didn’t we?” Then, wrapping her arm over Andy’s back, she leaned in and kissed him, and then kissed Rave, and smiling, smoothed back her younger brother's hair. “It’ll be OK,” she said, trying to sound sensitive when inside, she was as horny as Andy.

She gently pushed Andy off Rave and onto his back on Rave’s other side. She followed, moving over both their bodies, and she slid down their inside legs until her face was level with their two cocks. She took one in each hand. They were identical except for their size; same long arch up from between the legs, same thickness to length, same amount of foreskin back from the crown. Andy’s was long for a twelve-year-old. Rave’s was long for a nine-year-old. Angela's eyes had adjusted to the meager light in the room, and she thought the boys' cocks looked wonderful.

She looked up the length of their bodies at them; their faces more visible now. “You can kiss him some more if you want to, Tommy,” she whispered, and then moved her face closer to Andy’s cock. She pointed it upward. “Oh, nice,” she whispered. “Your’s is longer and thicker than Bens.”

“He tastes a lot better, too,” Rave whispered. They both looked at him. “Well he does,” Rave said.

Andy grinned and kissed him, just as Angela’s mouth closed over the end of Andy’s cock and he almost bit Rave’s lip.

Rave pushed Andy completely to his back. The younger boy was hard, and a boy is a boy. He might not want Angela to take his place in Andy’s affections, but he was just as horny as they were. So while Angela worked low, Rave worked high, kissing Andy; running his hands over Andy’s chest and fingering his hardening little nipples.

Angela’s hands roamed Andy’s legs, his balls, and his belly; without her ever taking her lips from his cock or stopping the sucking and bobbing she was doing. Ben had taught the brother and sister how to please Ben, and now they pleased Andy; but they worked harder at it now because they really liked Andy; and they really liked his young body – slender, hairless and smooth, white skinned -- so much closer in size and development to theirs.

But what had given incredible pleasure to seventeen year-old Ben, now absolutely overwhelmed a near-virgin twelve-year old. Andy began to writhe under them, gasping whenever Rave let him take a breath.

Andy’s responsiveness excited Angela, and she grew damp between her legs. She hadn’t been able to take Ben, and Andy’s cock was bigger than Ben’s. But Rave had been loosening her vagina, and Angela really wanted to feel Andy’s cock inside her. Even if Rave hadn’t been getting her ready to take a bigger cock, she’d want to try it with Andy anyway.

She knelt up and straddled Andy’s middle. He sensed her movements and broke off kissing with Rave to look down his body to where Angela, in the dim light, sat astride his hips, holding his cock in her right hand and rubbing his crown up and down the wet slit of her nearly bald vagina.

Rave turned on the light, and all three sets of eyes went to Andy’s cock in Angela’s hand as she rubbed it up and down her slit. Andy gripped Angela’s legs tightly while she guided the head of his cock to her opening. And then she lowered herself.

His cock bent just slightly before his crown slipped into her damp warmth. She felt tight and wet to him as her labia eased over his crown. He watched his cock disappear into her and felt her insides slide down his shaft like a warm mouth until she sat completely down onto his lap, pressing him long up into her. Andy moaned and Angela sat there for a long moment, her eyes closed.

Then she began to move. Andy gasped, and letting go of her legs, he grabbed Angela by her narrow hips as she started to rock, and with his hands, he helped her rock on him.

She rocked, and he rose to meet her, lifting his hips, thrusting up each time she rocked her hips forward. She was tight, and warm, and wet, and soft inside… and beyond anything Andy had imagined it would feel to be inside a girl.

He watched down at his cock. Every time Angela rose on him, the stretched lips of her small labia dragged on his shaft like lips of a closed mouth. And when she sat back, her vagina tightly sheathed his entire length.

Angela fell forward onto her hands, resting them on Andy’s shoulders, and she watched his face as she rode him; watched his eyes roll and grow glassy, watched his lips part with his shallow breathing. She bent down and kissed him, and when she did, Andy wrapped her up in his arms.

He rolled them to put Angela on the bottom because he wanted to be on top; to drive with his hips. She was his first girl and he needed to move his hips as he always dreamed he would; he needed to be the one doing the fucking. They kept each other wrapped up, and he covered her mouth with his, much like he had Rave the night before.

He pumped his hips; Angela making quiet little grunts as each thrust hit home. Then he felt Rave’s hand on his butt, his fingers sliding over Andy’s flexing muscles, down between the backs of his legs. And he parted his legs because Rave’s fingers felt good there, tickling behind his balls as they slapped against Rachael’s perineum.

Andy hit a rhythm; every muscle in the loins and legs of his almost-teen body flexing in pleasure, feeling alive and strong. He bounced the bed with his thrusts, the mattress making squeaking noises, and then he realized his mom might hear and he slowed, but only a little.

When a twelve-year-old boy fucks an eleven-year-old girl they may not be graceful, but they are enthusiastic. Andy and Angela were very enthusiastic.

Angela’s hands pawed Andy’s back, and her legs thrashed out to the side. And then it registered in Andy’s mind that Rave’s fingers were damp and he realized that Rave was spreading Crisco in his butt. “Not now,” Andy was ready to say, but just then, one of Rave’s fingers pushed up his rectum and new sensations from that intrusion seemed to multiply all the other sensations he felt.

Then Rave was kneeling behind him, and Andy remembered that Ben did Rave while Rave was doing Angela. Was Rave planning to do that to him? Wouldn’t that spoil his first time? Wouldn’t it mess up how great it all felt with Angela?

But Andy liked Rave, and when Rave leaned forward to insert his cock into Andy’s crack, Andy paused for him. Rave pushed in, his thin cock slick with Crisco filling Andy like a long, thin finger that stretched right to Andy’s prostate. The older boy gasped. And then when he tentatively thrust his hips, new sensations shot up his gut from deep inside. Rave’s cock poked Andy’s prostate and It triggered a thrusting frenzy on Andy’s part; everything feeling so incredible all at once; everything from inside out.

Rave, his hands gripping Andy’s twelve-year-old strong shoulders, held on tightly for the ride. That is, he did his best to hang on; his cock repeatedly poking Andy’s prostate while Andy supported both their weights on his elbows and knees, and under them, Angela thrashed and thrust her hips to meet Andy’s wild pumping.

When they were older, the sounds of their sex would be more graceful, almost musical. But tonight the room filled with the rawer, more primitive grunts and gasps of kids having sex and the quiet slapping of hairless genitals and bodies.

Suddenly Andy arched back, Rave hanging on tightly to his shoulders, and he drove deeply with his hips, pumping real cum into Angela’s vagina for the first time in her life; watery, youthful cum. She felt Andy’s body tense to a rock hardness and felt the sudden warmth and slipperiness between her legs and she knew it was his cum inside her; Andy’s cum. With those sensations, she arched back under Andy in her own responsive orgasm, and he pressed himself deeply inside her, squirting over and over. Rave pounded into the suddenly fierce tightness of Andy’s clenched butt… and pounded… driving Andy’s orgasm on, making it last long past any Andy had ever had before. And Andy’s hardness, pressing hard and deep into Angela, impaled her on the peak of her own climax.

In the next moment, Rave’s dry orgasm hit and he pounded with a frenzy of his own. Andy gasped, and gasped again as Angela responded to the increased pressure by clinching down on Andy’s cock with her insides. Andy’s body rocked with shudders… every pounding thrust of Rave’s triggering a fresh one.

Then Rave started to slow, and three sets of young muscles of began to relax. It had been electric and athletic and utterly overwhelming in ways only prepubescent bodies could be overwhelmed.

They collapsed onto each other as limp as three warm, damp, rags. Andy was inside Angela and Rave was inside him, and he was sandwiched comfortably between their two bodies. “Shit, we gotta do this again,” Andy murmured.

He didn’t mean right away. But pre-teens are resilient, and a short time later the room filled once again with their grunts and gasps.

They fell asleep with Andy on his back and Angela and Rave asleep on each of his shoulders; her hand on his chest, Rave’s hand on his belly. But when Andy woke in the night, he was spooned to Rave’s back, holding him comfortably to himself with Angela asleep on her stomach behind him. He nuzzled the back of Rave’s hair and softly kissed the back of his neck. Andy enjoyed the sex with Angela; but he liked sleeping with Rave in his arms.

It was after five-thirty in the morning when Cheryl grabbed her car keys and headed for the back door. It was still pitch black out. She wondered if she should look in on Angela before leaving for work. She rarely looked in on Andy. She never had privacy growing up, especially from her dad, and she always tried to give Andy his. The last thing she wanted to do was walk in on him sometime when he was masturbating; something she was pretty sure he had started doing.

But she hated leaving the kids before the sun was even up. She glanced at her watch. She needed to hurry. Maybe she’d look into getting an alarm system so she could set it when she had to leave the kids alone.


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