The upper edge of the sun cleared the mountain, and its golden rays spilled into the campsite, sparkling across an unseasonable sprinkling of light frost. Already a wind was stirring from the southwest. During the day, it would bring increasingly warm air from Mexico and the Pacific. The only movement was a cardinal hoping across the top of Kyle and Davey’s tent.

Inside, the two ten-year-olds had kept each other warm through the night, and now were sleeping on their stomachs beside each other. Kyle was on the right, they were both facing left, and Kyle’s arm was over Davey’s back.

In the next tent Richard was spooned behind Jason, his arm over Jason’s side. He stirred briefly, and snuggled closer, nuzzling into the back of Jason’s red hair, while rubbing the flat of his hand over Jason’s firm belly. Jason smiled in his sleep, wrapping his arm over Richard’s. Richard didn’t even think twice about cuddling another naked boy; not after what they had done together. It was warm and comfortable in their shared sleeping bag, and he fell asleep once more.

In his tent, Denver opened his eyes. He was on his back, looking up. The white dome of the tent was bright in the morning sunlight. He lifted his head and looked down toward his feet. Newt’s head and arm were over Denver’s chest and the ten-year-old’s thick black hair was almost all of Newt that was out from under the sleeping bag. Inside the bag, Denver’s arm extended down Newt’s bare back and cupped the boy’s small butt in his hand.

Newt was a little heater in the night. Denver had kept him clutched close and they both stayed warm. Now Denver needed to piss, but there was no way he wanted to get up; not with Newt sleeping on him. He closed his eyes and gently stroked the soft skin of Newt’s butt with his fingertips.

Harold crawled out of his tent, pulling his jacket around him. The boys were sleeping in this morning. They were probably all comfortable in their warm sleeping bags. He decided to let them sleep a little longer and headed to the bathhouse they shared with three other troop campsites, to brush his teeth and get ready for the day.

“We heard strange animal noises in the night,” Jason said with a meaningful grin at Kyle’s reflection in the mirror. “Sounded like they were close to your tent, dude… like almost inside it.”

The two of them were brushing their teeth at adjacent sinks in the bathhouse. At a next sink next to them, Ryan Chesterfield, paused while brushing his teeth.

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed with a twinkle in his eye. “We heard strange animal noises, too, but we thought they were coming from the direction of your tent.”

Ryan spat out a mouthful of toothpaste foam. “What kind of noises?” he asked in alarm.

“Man eaters, for sure,” Kyle assured him with a deeply furrowed brow.

“Or boy eaters,” Jason said, and Kyle suppressed a laugh.

Ryan frowned. “Assholes!” He washed his toothbrush and walked away.

Jason grinned and winked at Kyle’s reflection. “You might have heard us,” he said. “We were rubbing two sticks together all night, trying to get a fire going.”

Kyle frowned, and then broke into a grin as he grasped the double meaning. “You musta started a fire,” he said. “Sounded like someone got burned.”

Jason laughed. “Yeah, well what were you guys up to?”

Kyle thought a moment, then grinned. “We were practicing first aid; what to do for a snake bite. We were sucking out venom.”

Jason laughed again, and the two of them washed off their toothbrushes putting them away.

“You know, they say not to try to suck venom out of snake bites,” Jason said, laying a hand on Kyle’s shoulder as they walked to the door out.

“That’s OK,” Kyle said. “We couldn’t seem to suck any out anyway.”

“Ha!” Jason threw his head back and laughed out loud.

They stepped outside. “But there are snakes around here with venom,” Jason warned with a wide grin. Ryan who was standing nearby, putting away his toiletries, lifted his head.

“Yeah,” Kyle said. “I ran into one of those snakes with venom yesterday.”

As they walked away, Ryan watched them with a frown. They were trying to get to him; he knew it.

Kyle leaned closer to Jason as they walked. “If we hear those animal noises again tonight, we might come to your tent so you older guys can protect us.”

Jason put his hand once more on Kyle’s shoulder.

Ryan saw Jon Alexander, the one black kid in the troop, walking ahead of him on the path and ran to catch up. “Hey Jon, did you hear anything in the night? Like wild animals?”

“Wild animals?” Jon asked with a frown. He was tall for eleven, with very narrow hips, wide set eyes, and an attractive face. His tight black hair was cut close. And down between his legs, he had the longest cock of anyone in his class. “What animals?” he asked. “Deer or something.”

“I don’t know.” Ryan kicked a rock. “I think Jason and Kyle were trying to scare me… fuckin’ assholes.”

“Could be,” Jon agreed with a nod.

“Assholes,” Ryan repeated.

“We ought to do something to them,” Jon said thoughtfully. “Maybe tonight we can make some scary animal noises outside their tents.”

Ryan grinned. “Excellent! But we gotta make it good.”


Rave opened his eyes; he had been kissed. Their bedroom was full of mid-morning light and Andy’s face was right over his. Andy smiled and bent to kiss Rave again, sliding his hand down over the smaller boy’s flaccid cock and balls. He opened his mouth to Rave’s; Rave opened his mouth to Andy’s and threw his arms over Andy’s shoulders.

Rave’s cock began to stiffen under Andy’s rubbing hand and his hips moved responsively. Andy moved his body over Rave’s and the smaller boy opened his legs for Andy to settle between. “Hey little brother,” Andy whispered.

Rave grinned, his arms still loosely circled over Andy’s shoulders. “Hey big bro,” he whispered. Andy lowered his mouth to Rave’s again and their hips began to move.

Angela stirred beside them, looked over, and frowned. “You guys going at it again?” she asked mildly surprised.

They didn’t answer, but just continued kissing and thrusting with their hips. Angela sat up beside them, her hand drawn to Andy’s flexing butt. She caressed the warm, smooth skin on Andy’s bottom and watched the little muscles working at the base of his back. Keeping her hand on his moving butt, she knelt up and pressed the fingers of her other hand to the developing dampness between her legs. “You guys going to let a girl play, too?”

Reluctant to move from the snug warmth his cock found between Rave’s legs, Andy nevertheless lifted his head and smiled a little sadly down at Rave. “Are we?” he asked.

Rave’s brow furrowed. “Let’s both do her,” he said decisively. Andy smiled, and they both looked at Angela.

“What?” she asked.

With a yelp, Andy sprang from on top of Rave to push her back. Rave was right after him. They pushed her to the back and both dove headfirst for her middle. “I’ll show you how to drive her crazy,” Rave said. “Start licking her here.” He pointed at her slit.

Andy had never seen a girl’s slit up close before, much less put his mouth to one. But he was game to try, and her young girl scent was mild. He extended his tongue, licking into her slit. Angela tensed. He licked between the lips of her labia, and found her opening with his tongue. She shuddered.

He licked and didn’t think it was bad, even though he could taste remnants of his cum from the night before. When Angela moaned and moved her hips, obviously excited by his tongue, he liked it even more.

“Do my clit,” she whispered.

“What’s that?”

“Right here,” Rave said, pointing to the top of her slit. “Where it’s hard.”

Andy licked there, and her hips rose to meet him. “Oh, yeah.”

Rave began finger fucking her and Angela’s hips began to buck under their dual attention. “Her clit is real sensitive like the end of your cock,” Rave explained. “So don’t suck too hard.”

Angela grew damp. She moaned, rubbing the nipples on her flat chest. Rave moved up between her legs on his knees. Andy lifted his head out of the way and watched as Rave pointed his thin cock into her crevice and slowly shoved in, falling forward onto his hands. That left room for Andy to reach between their bodies and continue to play with Angela’s clit with his fingertips, and room for him to bend over to suck on her small nipples.

“Ah!” escaped from her lips. And then another. “Ah!”

Rave began pumping fast. “She likes it fast,” he said through clenched teeth, and then his brow furrowed and his eyes rolled. “I do too.”

Andy leaned back from them to watch. Rave’s cock on his nine-year-old body probably wasn’t any bigger proportionally than Andy’s was on his twelve-year-old body, but it looked long the way it arched up from Rave’s butt and hips which looked so small between his older sister’s legs. It looked long as it appeared and disappeared inside her. With Rave’s weight forward on his hands, almost all the movement was in Rave’s fast pumping little hips.

Andy moved around behind them, watching Rave’s little butt tighten and relax, over and over. He stroked himself, and just as Raven had done to him the first time they sexed with Angela the night before, he rubbed his hand over Rave’s clinching butt and down between the back of his legs.

“Go for it,” Rave murmured.

Quickly, Andy retrieved the can of Crisco off the floor and spread some over his cock. He set the can back down onto the floor and spread the remainder into Rave’s crack. Moving up on his knees to behind Rave, he grabbed Rave’s hips and the smaller boy stopped pumping. Holding Rave by his hipbones, Andy pressed his cock up into the smaller boy’s crack, finding his hole with his cockhead. Then he eased in and they both fell forward. Andy began to pump, and his eyes met Angela’s; they saw pleasure in each other’s eyes.

Andy was glad Angela was there with Andy sandwiched between them. It was like Angela’s female presence completed things somehow.

He liked it being the three of them, and he watched her eyes as his pumped into Rave, driving Rave’s cock between her legs. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled up as he began to pump. He laid his body down onto Rave’s back, supporting most of his weight on his elbows, but letting his chest, belly, and especially his loins press the smaller boy’s back.

“Ummn,” he murmured, nuzzling the back of Rave’s hair. “This just keeps getting better and better.”


“Oh yeah, they’ve been for real fucking on each other,” Kyle whispered to Davey as they followed the two older boys.

“You sure?”

Kyle frowned. “Yeah I’m sure. C’mon. I wanna hang with them.” They picked up their pace.

Davey eyed the two boys ahead appraisingly. The night before, when Kyle told him that he had sucked off Jason, he acted so cool about it, like he’d done something Davey hadn’t -- Davey was jealous, and more because Kyle had one-upped him than anything else… one-upped him in something sexual, something exciting.. Kyle had sucked off Jason. Well Davey didn’t want to just me-too Kyle with Jason; not if Richard was into doing stuff, too. They caught up to the older boys, and Davey chose to walk alongside Richard.

At first they stuck together, the four of them. They hit it off well, sharing something secret, something cool. But when Richard wanted to work on a water safety merit badge and Jason wanted to work on archery, Kyle went with Jason and Davey followed Richard.

They grabbed their suits and headed to the pool together. Several boys were in the changing room, getting ready for the next session. Richard and Davey began shedding their clothes in a back corner.

Richard’s eyes traveled over the naked and semi-naked bodies of the boys changing to their swim suits. He hadn’t ever looked at boys that much; not any more than other boys who admire a good body or a long cock. But it was a new day for Richard, and cocks were a lot more interesting to him now. So were boys’ bodies. Now their little butts and skinny limbs were beginning to excite him.

Davey watched him and guess what Richard was thinking; especially when Richard suddenly turned his back to the others and Davey saw that the older boy’s cock was stiffening. Looking around quickly, Davey thought he saw an opportunity.

He tugged Richard’s elbow as the older boy was pulling up his swim shorts. “C’mon,” Davey encouraged, and led Richard behind the wall that divided the benches and lockers from sinks and johns.

The wealthy benefactor who put up the money to build the pool/gym complex had supervised every detail, including long doors over the toilet stalls. Part of his fond memories of scouts involved things behind closed doors.

Davey tugged Richard into one of the stalls and closed the door behind them, his breath coming rapidly. It was risky and exciting. And it was exciting because he was about to suck off an older boy like Kyle had done.

He leaned up to Richard’s ear. “Let me suck you,” he whispered.

Richard’s mouth dropped, at first in surprise, and then because he felt the sudden need to take a breath as Davey tugged at the button that fastened his swim shorts. He helped, unfastening them and pushing them down off his hips. They dropped to the floor and his cock began to climb.

Davey closed his hand around it. It was bigger than Kyle’s and his, but not hugely so. And yet Davey wasn’t disappointed. Richard was an older boy like Jason, and his cock was cool. Davey dropped to his knees.

Holding Richard’s cock in his hand and pointing it toward his mouth, Davey decided that maybe it was bigger than he first thought. The pink crown was definitely thicker than Kyle’s or his and much redder. The shaft looked fatter in the middle, curving up. And the slit in the end was parted and open, like a little mouth.

Davey licked the slit. He licked the end of Richard’s cock. He looked for hairs, but didn’t see any. He just hoped Richard could shoot. It wouldn’t be as good if Richard couldn’t shoot.

Richard held his breath. He’d never been sucked. In the night, he and Jason had only jacked each other and rubbed cocks together.

Davey closed his mouth over Richard’s pink crown and looked up at him. Richard gasped and cradled Davey’s jaw in both hands. His knees started to buckle.

Davey and Kyle had sucked together enough that he knew what he was doing. While sucking Richard, he slid his tongue up and back under Richard’s shaft and jacked its base.

Richard backed against the wall, gasping for breath. The first mouth ever on his cock was a ten-year-old boy’s and the feelings were instantly overwhelming. He grasped the sides of Davey’s head; involuntarily doubling over him. And he stood bent over him until the first waves of his orgasm hit. He gritted his teeth, he whimpered, every muscle tense. He gasped; a deep, dragging, ragged breath.

He spent himself. His knees sagged and slowly he fell to them, dropping to the floor, face-to-face with Davey. He was flushed, his breath was shallow. Their eyes met and Richard took another deep ragged breath. “Dude,” he whispered. “That was awesomely awesome.”

Davey grinned. Richard hadn’t squirted, but the effect was great anyway. And then Richard made it really good… “Stand up, dude,” he whispered. “And I’ll do you.”

Davey scrambled to his feet and pushed down the front of his swim suit. When Kyle sucked Jason, Jason hadn’t sucked him back. But Richard was going to do that for Davey. He looked down just as Richard took almost the whole length of Davey’s thin cock into his mouth, and it was Davey’s turn to grow weak in the knees.

Richard did something else Davey hadn’t expected. When Richard stood up after bringing Davey off, he wrapped his arms around the smaller boy. Taking Davey into his arms, he covered Davey’s mouth with his own and showed him kissing the way he learned it the night before. It took only a moment for Davey to melt into him.

It was another half hour before they left the stall. When Richard opened the door for them to leave, Denver was reaching to open the door, and Newt beside him. The four of them stopped in their tracks. Richard’s and Davey’s eyes dropped to the noticeable bulge in the front of Denver’s swim trunks, then darted to the front of Newt’s. All their eyes met, and Richard smiled, stepping out of the way. “Your turn, guys,” he said with a broad grin.

“Wow,” Davey said as they walked away. “Denver and Newt, too…”

“Yeah,” Richard said, looking back over his shoulder. “And Newt’s dangerously cute.”

Davey nodded, but he was thinking how cool Denver was. He was pretty sure that Denver squirted when he came. He too looked back over his shoulder. That’s when they saw another one of the stalls open and a blond kid from one of the other troops came out, saw them, and backed into his stall again, pushing someone who was with him back in as well.

“Busy place,” Richard said in surprise.


Matt and Krystan’s mom finally agreed when Andy assured her that there were always life guards on duty; she agreed to let them go swimming with Andy, Rave, and Angela.

When they changed at the pool, the boys checked each other out the ways boys always do, and they saw that Matt’s boy cock was shorter than Raven’s, but thicker looking.

When they met the girls beside the pool, they checked them out as well. Krystan’s blond hair was up in a pony tail. At three inches shorter than Angela, she looked smaller, younger, and more petite. However, her hips, though narrow, were nicely rounded and she had two small bumps where her breasts would soon begin to grow – they were obvious through the fabric of her two-piece, nylon swim suit.

Now that Andy was more intimately familiar with girl parts, his eyes dropped down her flat belly to the smooth space between her legs. He realized she was watching him, and he blushed. She smiled.

“How old is Krystan, again?” Andy asked Angela in a whisper as they walked toward the pool.

Angela smiled. “Six months younger than me.”

In the pool, the boys horsed around. The girls mainly talked and checked out boys. Three different times Andy glanced over and saw them looking his way. Once they were laughing and talking together while they watched him.

When Rave and Matt left for the john and the snack bar, Andy took dive off the low board. The girls drifted over to watch from the rope across the deep end. So he dove again.

He did his forward one and a half pike. Then he did a half-gainer. When the line at the board started to get long and he drifted over to the girls.

“You’re a really good diver!” Krystan said with an admiring smile.

“Nah, I don’t get to practice much or I’d be a lot better.”

“He gets good when he practices at stuff,” Angela said with a suggestive grin that caused Andy to turn red. Just then, Rave and Matt cannon balled in beside them. They swam rapidly away, and Andy gave chase.

“Andy,” Angela called, waving him over. She and Krystan were at the side of the pool, halfway between the busy shallow end where the little kids were and the deep end with the busy diving boards. The lifeguards were at the ends of the pool as well; Angela and Krystan were by themselves.

He swam up to them and Angela threw an arm over his shoulder and pulled him into a tight circle with them. “I told Krystan that she could feel your thingy.”

“You what?” Andy asked with a gasp. Krystan looked away and blushed.

“C’mon. I told her you wouldn’t mind. I told her you’d like it. I mean, you wear those tight little speedos so girls will stare at the way your stuff sticks out in front and want to touch it, right?” Angela encouraged. “You’d like her to touch you, right?”

Andy swallowed, his eyes darting to Krystan and back. She glanced at him, smiled nervously, and looked away.

“C’mon,” Angela said. Keeping Andy close with her arm around his back, she grabbed Krystan’s hand with her other hand and guided it to the front of Andy’s speedos. Looking away, Krystan let Angela press her hand to Andy’s pouch. It filled her hand.

“Put your hand inside,” Krystan encouraged.

Krystan’s eyes dropped down to the water and the three of them drew closer together. Angela pulled at the front of Andy’s suit. He quickly pulled the drawstring to loosen it. And then Krystan reached in. She felt around, finally closing her hand over his thickening member and her eyes grew big. She glanced up at Angela and then at him. He smiled apologetically. “You’re making me hard.”

“I told you he’s got a good one,” Angela whispered. Then she turned to Andy. “You want to feel her?” Angela asked. “That’s only fair, right?”

Krystan quickly withdrew her hand and her eyes went even wider.

Angela did the reverse of what she’d done before. She took Andy’s hand and guided between Krystan’s legs . Krystan looked away, but she didn’t pull back. Andy reached into her swimsuit bottoms and with his fingertips, felt down to Krystan’s little, bald slit.

She gasped and instantly leaned forward toward him, grabbing his arm in her two hands. She clutched it as he felt over her labia, and placed his finger at her hole.

“Here come Matt and Tommy,” Angela warned, and Andy pulled his hand back. Krystan collapsed like a deflated doll.


“You both slept in the same sleeping bag?” Kyle asked as they walked toward the canoe livery.

“It was cold,” Jason said.

“Yeah, right,” Kyle said with a chuckle. Then he laid his hand on the middle of Jason’s back in a friendly manner. “Davey and I slept together, but we zipped our two bags together.”

Jason glanced at him. “You’re kidding! You can do that? Does that make a bigger sleeping bag?”

“It makes it twice as big,” Kyle said. “We could probably all four sleep in it… hey,” he said, grabbing Jason’s arm, “why don’t you guys bring your pillows over tonight and we all four could sleep together. Then we’ll really keep warm.”

Kyle’s grin was infectious and Jason returned it. The day had warmed and they were close to sweating, but he went along with it. “Yeah, don't wanna get cold tonight. I’ll talk to Richard,” Jason said.

“You have a hard-on?” Kyle asked, glancing down at Jason’s crotch.

The older boy grinned. “Yeah.”

Kyle looked off into the woods on either side of the trail. “Want me to suck you again?”

Jason threw his arm over Kyle’s shoulder. “In the worst way.”

They turned off the path and headed into the trees.

“I’ll do you, too,” Jason said as they passed out of sight of the trail. “At the same time.”

The ball bounced across the surface of the pool, bounced off an equipment rack, and through an open side door. Denver climbed from the pool and went after it. Going through the door, he found the pump and filter room. The ball had rolled to a back corner. When he straightened back up from picking up the ball, he noticed that a pane had been broken out of one of the painted-over windows on the outside wall. It struck him that a person could reach in through the missing pane and release the window latch.

Denver told the pool manager, a young guy in his early twenties, about it. “Yeah, been meanin’ to get that fixed,” the guy said. “Kids from town sometime come out here before camp starts up and they break in to skinny dip.” The guy smiled. “Just don’t tell anybody till I get that taken care of.”


They walked Matt and Krystan back to their house, and then had come back home. It would still be a while before Cheryl came home for the evening. The boys relaxed on opposite ends of the couch, shirtless in boxers, watching music videos on MTV. Angela, in a long T-shirt and with a magazine under her arm, walked in with a studied casualness. She knelt down onto the floor, facing the TV with her back to the boys. She bent over the magazine and Andy’s eyes went wide; she had no panties on and he could see the pink lips of her labia peeking back between her legs. His cock instantly began to stiffen.

Rave noticed and gently poked his toes into the fly of Andy’s boxers. Finding Andy’s thickening cock with his big toe, he pressed against it. Andy’s eyes drooped, then opened again to Angela’s butt. She had it high in the air, gently swaying it back and forth, her head down over the magazine.

His face flushed; Andy slid from the couch onto his knees behind Angela. With his cock rising from the fly of his boxers directly behind her, he pressed his fingertips to Angela’s labia and rubbed gently.

He rubbed, circling his fingers, spreading her lips, sliding a finger in her crevice. She was soft down there, and moist just inside. Andy pushed his boxers down to his knees, leaned forward, and brushed his sensitive cockhead up and down the soft skin of her crevice. He started to push into her, but she was tight and not as ready as she had been the night before. Angela tensed. “Wait,” she said.

Angela handed back a tube that she had carried in the fold of her magazine. At first glance it looked like a toothpaste tube. Andy read the label – KY Personal Lubricant.

“Ben gave it to her,” Rave said from the couch. “Use it like Crisco.”

Andy removed the cap and squeezed a dab onto his fingers. He rubbed it between his fingers and thumb. He smelled it. Then he squeezed out more and rubbed it up and down his cock. Then he spread it into Angela’s opening.

He grabbed his shaft and pointed it down into her crack again. He pressed forward and watched as the puffy, pink lips of her labia parted and his even darker pink crown vanished inside. He pressed forward and watched the entire shaft slowly slip in, the slick KY making it slippery and incredible feeling. Grabbing her hips, he began pumping and soon was pumping furiously.

Rave’s thin cock rose from his fly as well, and he stroked it, watching Andy’s hips flex and his cock appear and disappear from inside his sister. He liked watching Andy. He liked watching much more than Ben.

He rose from the couch, removed his boxers and sat with spread legs in front of Angela face, moving her magazine out of the way. He scooted his butt forward and Angela took his jutting little cock into her mouth, working to keep it there as Andy began to bang.

Rave’s eyes traveled up his sister’s slender back and narrow waist, up Andy’s flat belly and chest, up to his face. Their eyes met.

“I think we’re going to have a lot more sex than we did with Ben,” Rave said quietly.

“Umm-hmm,” Angela murmured around his narrow shaft.

That evening, the kids were on the floor to watch TV. Andy was on his stomach, his head on his crossed arms. Rave was on his back, using Andy’s butt as a pillow. Angela was beside him, on her back, using Andy’s back as a pillow.

Cheryl smiled. They reminded her of a litter of puppies sleeping on each other. She had been so worried that the kids wouldn’t get along and that it would be difficult for her and Andy. She was relieved. She just didn’t need any more complications in her life.

They really had taken to each other, much like brothers and sisters should. She shouldn’t be surprised, she decided. All three had the same father.


Kyle unzipped the back door of their tent; the door away from the rest of the campsite. Cool air came in, but nothing like the night before. Inside, the tent had actually been getting warm. He leaned out and in the light of the full moon, saw Jason zip up the back door of their tent and trot across the narrow space between their tents followed by Richard.

The two older boys tossed in their pillows, took off their shoes, and then stepped into the tent. Kyle zipped up the doorway again and even before he turned on his flashlight, they could see in the moonlight that made it in through the white nylon tent roof and fly that Kyle and Davey were already stripped to their underwear.


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