Rave dropped the towel and jumped onto Andy’s back, laughing. He threw his arms around Andy’s neck and wrapped his legs around Andy’s waist, and when he did, the towel dropped from Andy’s waist. The older boy simply laughed and pulled Rave’s legs tighter around his waist. Then pulling open the door, he ran down the hall toward their room.

They laughed at the boldness of it, and at what they imagined Cheryl’s reaction if she caught them running down the hall naked. In the room, Andy didn’t even rush to close the door behind them. But then he did and fell backward onto the bed, pinning Rave with his back.

Rave howled and dug his fingers into Andy’s ribs. Andy howled and spun, digging his fingers into Rave’s ribs. They rolled up onto the bed and wrestled.

Angela heard them as she walked down the hall to the bathroom, hoping they hadn’t used all the hot water for a change. She almost went into the room; they sounded like they were having fun. But Rave would probably have a fit. And she loved her brother so she let them be.

Although she didn’t think of it explicitly in those terms, she would allow them a brother’s honeymoon… in random moments; times when they could come to know each other and develop their intimacy. They were boys and no doubt would be intimate with her and whoever else they could be intimate with. But she recognized something special between them, perhaps something that would ultimately be good for her that they had.

Andy and Rave had ended on their sides, their legs entwined, grinning at each other. And then Andy pulled Rave into his arms and kissed him, and then held him for a few moments.

They pulled back the covers and crawled under them. Andy spooned Rave, and pulled his smaller body back into his embrace. Angela found them sleeping that way when she snuck in later. She pulled off her shirt, and then crawled under the covers to snuggle up behind Andy before falling asleep with them. They were her brothers now, and she liked belonging with them.


Kyle scooted next to Davey and turned on his flashlight, shinning it up at Jason and Richard as they undressed. At only eleven and twelve, the two older boys were still short enough to stand upright in the tent. So with a spotlight of sorts on them -- Richard first and then Jason with him -- the two started swiveling their hips and dancing like strippers. Even in the glare of the flashlight, there was a contrast between them; Jason blond and naturally tan-skinned and Richard redheaded with creamy-white skin. They danced and slowly removed their shirts, socks, shorts… and then, they started teasing down their underwear.

The ten-year-olds cheered in whispers and muffled clapping. And when the underwear started to come off, they jumped up as well and began teasing down theirs.

When all four sets of underwear were off, they danced closer together, bumping hips and mingling flaccid cocks.

Outside, less than twenty feet away, Jon and Ryan had stopped in their tracks. Earlier, Jon had auditioned a terrific snorting noise for Ryan, and Ryan, who was slightly asthmatic, revealed a terrific wheezing noise of his own; a noise that if he did it right, sounded like the breathing of some strange animal. The two of them had intended to make stomping noises, snort, wheeze, and maybe scratch the sides of the two tents of the four boys to frighten them and “get them back” for teasing Ryan.

But as they drew close, they could see the upper halves of two erotically dancing boy’s forms through the translucent dome of the tent. They quietly edged closer and could hear the muffled cheering noises. They edged close enough that standing and peering down into the dome, they could now see the darker shapes of four torsos dancing.

They barely breathed as they stood there, absolutely quiet. Jon’s dark skin gleamed in the moonlight. Ryan’s pale skin almost glowed.

Jon adjusted the front of his pants. He was skinny, and a bit nerdy, but the best hung eleven-year-old in the troop. Ryan noticed the gesture. Those first few moments as they approached had been exciting; a wicked little adventure turning naughty. But with his buddy sprouting wood next to him, the sexuality of it started Ryan’s own ten-year-old cock stiffening.

Inside the tent, Jason had sprung wood, and the others moved closer to feel him up as they danced. And then they were feeling each other up and all of them were hard. The dancing slowed and then stopped; the four of them standing close enough for their shoulders and arms to touch, but back enough to fondle each other.

Then Jason grabbed Kyle by the hips and pulled the boy’s pelvis to his own, and rubbed their cocks together. Richard and Davey stepped up, pressing their bodies to Jason’s and Kyle’s, and their four forms rose and fell as they rubbed cocks and hands on each other, and warm breath flowed over bare shoulders.

From outside the tent, Jon and Ryan could make out the four forms bobbing up and down. Jon struggled to keep his breathing quiet.

“What do you guys like to do?” Richard asked in a whisper.

In answer, Davey tugged him by the hand and when Richard stepped from the others, Davey gave him a little shove and motioned with a movement of his eyes for Richard to sit down. So Richard did sit, cross-legged. Davey knelt in front of him, pulling Richard’s legs out and apart. Richard spread his legs out to the sides for him, and Davey lay down onto his stomach between them with his face at Richard’s crotch. Grabbing Richard’s upward curving cock in his hand, he pointed at his lips and closed his mouth over it.

Richard tensed and laid his hands on Davey’s shoulders. His head rolled back and his eyelids dropped.

Jason and Kyle were still standing, hands grabbing each other’s butts, cocks pressed together. But then Jason let go and dropped to sit beside Davey’s outstretched body, propping himself on one hand and extending his legs out to the side. Kyle dropped to a similar position on the other side of Davey.

Jason’s eyes traveled up and down Davey’s ten-year-old body, and then he laid his hand on Davey’s smooth butt; the white skin of which looked soft in the light of the one flashlight. He ran his hand over the little grapefruit-size butt cheek. Kyle did so from the other side. They ran their hands over Davey’s bottom, the back of his thighs, down between the back of his legs.

“Have you guys ever tried cornholing?” Jason asked in a loud whisper.

Outside, Jon heard “cornholing,” and rising on his tiptoes, he tried harder to see down into the tent. But with them all down on the floor now, he could only see the arm and side of one boy’s profile against the flashlight. Beside him, Ryan grabbed his arm, trying to pull himself taller.

Kyle’s eyes rose to Jason’s with a conspiratorial sparkle. Davey pulled off Richard’s cock, and holding it in one hand, twisted to look back at them. Richard, opened his eyes as well.

“Wanna try it?” Jason asked, looking to of them.

Richard nodded.

“No shit!” Kyle whispered with a grin.

“Yeah,” Davey and Richard echoed.

Jason’s hand dropped to his cock and he stroked. “Who’s gonna go first?”

They all glanced at each other.

Davey thought about letting Jason do him. After all, Jason still had one hand on Davey’s butt and his hand felt good. Also, Jason could squirt inside him and Davey wondered what that would feel like. But Jason’s cock was bigger than Richard’s and he wondered if it would fit. Besides, he liked Richard. “Richard can do me as long as I can have a turn, too,” Davey said.

Richard, looking down the length of Davey’s form stretching from his lap, swallowed. That’s what he had wanted to suggest. The other three looked to him. “Sure,” he quickly said.

They sat there a moment, thinking about how to do it. Then Davey settled it by kneeling up, reversing his position, and backing on all fours to Richard.

Richard quickly knelt up, his upward jutting cock, a deep pink even in the light from the flashlight. He had one of those little sway-bellies that prepubescent boys sometimes get -- not from fat, but because of the curve of his back; the kind of sway-belly that invited fingertips to feel the hairless skin of the lower abdomen down to the base of his cock.

Kyle and Jason quickly knelt up beside Davey’s bottom to watch as Richard pointed his cock down into Davey’s crack. Outside the tent, Jon and Ryan strained to listen.

Richard pointed the crown into Davey’s crevice. Spreading Davey’s butt cheeks with his hands, he positioned his cockhead at Davey’s pucker and pushed. Despite the thinness of Richard’s long, little cock, it didn’t go in.

He grabbed Davey’s hips and pushed again. His cock started to bend. “It’s not going in,” he whispered.

“Maybe you need something slick,” Kyle whispered, the three of them kneeling and exchanging glances as if working on a class project together. “I watched once when my dad gave my little brother an enema,” Kyle explained. “He put Vaseline on it and I asked why and he said so that it would go in without it hurting.”

Richard glanced down and tried once more to press in. The head started to make it in, but then Davey tensed and pulled away, with an “ouch!”

“Do you have any?” Richard asked. “Any Vaseline?”

Kyle shook his head. “Do you guys?”

Richard and Jason glanced at each other and shook their heads.

“I’ve got cocoanut butter,” Davey said, his head down on the sleeping bag. “I get eczema and my mom makes me wear it for sunscreen. It helps. And it’s slick.”

“Let’s try it,” Jason suggested.

“It’s in my green bag,” Davey said, and Kyle quickly moved to retrieve it. He handed it to Richard who removed the lid, which he laid upside down at the base of Davey’s spine. Then he scooped some out on two fingertips.

“Rub it on your cock,” Kyle instructed. So Richard did, handing the container back to Kyle, who put the lid back on.

Once more, Richard grabbed Davey’s hips and the three of them watched as he pressed forward. This time, his crown popped in right away, and then they watched as Richard’s entire shaft steadily eased in.

“How does it feel?” Jason breathlessly asked, glancing at Richard.

“OK,” Davey, head down, murmured before Richard could answer.

The three of them grinned at each other. “It feels good.” Richard said. All three pairs of eyes dropped back to watch as Richard pulled his hips back until almost his whole shaft reappeared, and then he slid forward again until he was all the way in and his sway-belly curved up from Davey’s butt. He nodded. “It feels real good.” And then slowly, he began to pump with his hips. His creamy cheeks flush red. And then he doubled over Davey, wrapping his arms under the smaller boy while thrusting from his hips.

Outside, Jon and Ryan could only hear a soft, rhythmic, squishing sound.

Jason’s eyes met Kyle’s. They were both stroking and aroused. “You can do me,” Kyle offered. Jason nodded and they moved to the side.

But Jason had a different idea. More than once in Barnes and Noble, he had snuck to the section with the books on sex, and in a book on gay sex, he had seen guys cornholing other ways. “Lie down on your back,” he told Kyle.

Kyle handed him the cocoanut butter, and with a puzzled look, lay down on his back as instructed.

“Now pull up your knees,” Jason said as he opened the container.

Kyle pulled up his knees, and then he got the idea. A grin spread across his face. With a hand on each knee, he held them up and wiggled his butt side to side teasingly as Jason lubed his cock. Jason couldn’t help but grin back, though he was as aroused as a twelve-year-old could get.

He set the container down and scooted up on his knees to Kyle’s bottom. Kyle lifted his head and spread his knees out to the sides so he could watch as Jason pointed the head of his slender cock, slicked with cocoanut butter, into Kyle’s crack. Next to them, Richard’s body flexed and flattened repeatedly as he thrust into Davey’s bottom. Davey’s hand had dropped to his own erection, fondling it.

Jason pushed forward with his hips, and his crown slipped into Kyle. He grabbed Kyle by the sides of his butt and pulled him back while pushing in, and he watched his shaft slide in between Kyle’s butt cheeks until his pubic mound and the very few pubic hairs he had pressed onto Kyle’s pink perineum. He looked up at Kyle whose mouth was hanging wide open.

“It feels good,” Kyle said, looking up in surprise.

Jason pulled back his hips and felt Kyle’s tightness slide back up the length of his shaft. “Me too,” he said, and then pushed all the way forward. He paused then, buried in Kyle, and maneuvered so that Kyle’s butt was easily snug in his lap and the tops of his thighs were under the sides of Kyle’s butt. Then he leaned forward onto his hands, placing them outside Kyle’s shoulders, so that he had room to pump.

Soon the boys outside could hear a double, squishing rhythm and against the light, they could see the upper torso of a boy moving in a way that made it clear his hips were pumping.

Kyle’s mouth still hung open, and his breath became shallow. Jason pumped and felt how good it was to pump with his belly and butt and leg muscles all at the same time. He could see down into Kyle’s open mouth and had the sudden urge to push his tongue into it.

He dropped the rest of the way onto Kyle, wrapping his arms under the smaller boy’s shoulders, his waist settling between Kyle’s slender thighs. Kyle let his legs fall to the sides and wrapped his arms over Jason’s back; and the two of them flattened themselves into a tight, pumping ball.

The light was close beside Jason, and he reached for it, turning it off. Moonlight suddenly flooded their tent through the translucent top. Jason flattened with Kyle again and covered Kyle’s mouth with his own. The smaller boy fit under him well. He began to teach the ten-year-old about kissing while still pumping his hips.

Each time he pumped, the hardness of his pubic mound, of his pubic bone, bumped into Kyle’s perineum. His belly rubbed the underside of the smaller boy’s cock. His crown and shaft moving inside Kyle, rubbed Kyle’s prepubescent prostate. And the smaller boy enjoyed all those feelings, and moved with him, rubbing up against Jason’s belly with his cock.

They paused from kissing to take a breath, resting the sides of their faces against each other.

Davey and Richard had been watching in the moonlight, even as Richard pumped in and out. They watched Jason’s butt rise and fall in the moonlight and they could see Kyle’s body moving beneath to meet him. “Does it feel good that way?” Davey asked.

“Ummm,” Jason murmured in a sexual blur.

“How about you, Kyle?” Davey asked.

“Ummm,” Kyle murmured.

“I wanna try it that way,” Davey said.

Outside, Jon and Ryan stepped carefully back from the squishing noises, quiet murmurs, and the now dark tent. They quietly retreated, their plans for a prank now completely gone from their minds.

They reached the main trail and walked silently along it, their hearts racing.

“They were cornholing each other,” Ryan said, stating the obvious.

“Yeah,” Jon said, nodding in agreement.

“Do we need to tell somebody?” Ryan asked, partly to test Jon’s reaction to the whole thing.

Jon turned to Ryan with a surprised, alarmed look on his face. “No, dude. That wouldn’t be cool.”

Ryan nodded. They walked silently a few more steps. “You wouldn’t wanna, like… umm, try…” Ryan started to ask.

“Yeah,” Jon answered before he could finish. “Don’t have any cocoanut butter, though.”

“I got suntan lotion,” Ryan offered.

Denver lay on his back. Newt was straddling his face facing down-body; his cock and balls entirely inside Denver’s mouth. The smaller boy was on all fours looking down at the older boy’s erection which pointed up above Denver’s belly, almost directly at his mouth. Ryan wrapped a hand around Denver’s cock, but it was hard to concentrate with what Denver was doing to him. Inside Denver’s mouth, his tongue was working over Newt’s cock and balls.

But Newt tried. He stretched to lick Denver’s crown with his tongue. There was a bead of precum on it, and Newt was surprised at the taste. He licked again. It had a slightly salty, slightly acerbic taste; pleasant on a boy’s taste buds. Newt closed his mouth over it and tried to suck more from the slit in Denver’s crown.

Davey had lain down on his back beside Kyle, and now the butts of the two older boys over them rose and fell between their legs in tandem. They weren’t watching each other, though. The younger boys were learning about kissing from the older ones, and all four were learning the differences between messing around together, and having sex.

They stood naked inside their tent, Jon’s dark skin even darker in the moonlight, Ryan’s pale skin almost aglow. Both were considered nerdy by their friends, but with their clothes off, the sight of their boy-skinny bodies and cocks jutting from very narrow hips aroused each other. Jon’s cock was thicker and longer with an upward curve that his foreskin pulled back from. Ryan’s pointed straight out, incredibly thin, but long for a ten-year-old. They reached for each other.

Kyle and Davey had tried it the same way the older boys had, with the older boys on their backs. But the smaller bodies of the younger boys didn’t fit as well. Kyle and Jason were the first to switch back to doggie style, Kyle pushing in with his slender cock from behind. Richard and Davey switched as well.

Then Richard lay down on his stomach, Davey going down with him. The smaller boy’s legs dropped to the outside of Richard’s and he held on to the older boy’s shoulders as he ground. “This feels good,” Davey said.

So Jason lay down as well, Kyle’s legs dropping to the outside like Davey’s had. Kyle held on to Jason’s shoulders just like Davey did with Richards. And now they did watch each other’s bodies as they moved, and their tiny butts clinched and relaxed.

Kyle’s butt felt slick from cocoanut butter and Jason’s watery cum inside. “It feels weird inside-- your sperms do.” Kyle said. “Sorta good.”

Davey frowned for just a moment, feeling like Kyle had one-upped him again. He really wished Richard could squirt.

They had heard Jason tell Kyle to lie on his back, and so Ryan lay on his back, pulling up his knees like they heard Jason tell Kyle to do. Jon knelt at his butt, his cock looking dark against the white skin of Ryan’s bottom. He pressed forward and they both froze when the head of his cock slipped in. “Oh,” Jon whispered.


There was light in the room.

Rave woke the same way he had awakened the day before; he had been kissed. And when he opened his eyes, it was Andy once again smiling down at him. Andy kissed him again, and once more reached down to fondle Rave’s balls and cock.

This time, they were quiet, and when Rave was hard, they moved quietly to the floor where they curled into a sixty-nine.

When Angela woke, the two of them were sitting on the end of the bed, playing Nintendo with the sound down. They were still naked and bent forward over the game controls. The long muscles on either side of Andy’s spine were showing. She stretched and pressed one of those muscles with her big toe. It was surprisingly tight.

She sat up, tickling the back of his neck where his hair hung down with her finger. He laughed and shrugged, but didn’t stop the game. Angela frowned. Boys and video games! she thought, slightly put out. She rose from the bed and padded naked to the bathroom.

“Krystan’s coming over,” she announced a few minutes later, after pulling on her shirt and calling her friend.

“What about Matt?” Rave asked.

“He’s over at some friend’s house,” she said, and then frowned. “You guys need to put on some pants or something.”

“Ok,” Rave mumbled absently.

She turned to go unlock the front door and wait for Krystan. The boys continued to play the game.

As she waited, she idly rubbed herself. She hadn’t sexed with Andy and Rave since yesterday. She remembered Krystan’s naked body from the day before when they changed to swim. She wanted to see it again.


‘This if funny,” the older teen behind the counter said. “I worked here at the trading post last summer and we sold hardly any of these. But you guys are like the fourth and fifth this morning.” He lifted the two containers of cocoanut butter in his hands, looking for the price.

Jon and Ryan glanced nervously at each other.

“It isn’t as good as regular suntan lotion,’ the guy behind the counter pointed out.


“See,” Angela said, lifting her shirt to show Krystan that she had no panties on. She let her shirt back down. “It’s almost like being naked.”

“That’s all you wear when you’re at home,” Krystan asked, disbelieving. They were in the living room, and she glanced around nervously, afraid that someone would overhear Angela’s secret.

“The boys just wear boxers,” Angela said. Then her eyes brightened. “Hey, I can get Andy worked up and you can see how big his thingy is.”

Krystan’s eyes widened and darted to the hallway back to the kids bedrooms.

“But you gotta wear just a T-shirt like I do when you’re here.”

Krystan bit her lip.

Angela leaned close. “It feels good,” she encouraged. “It’s like being naked, but nobody knows that you’re naked as long as you keep your shirt down.”

“My shirt’s too short,” Krystan protested.

“I’ll loan you one of mine.”

Kyrstan bit her lip.

“C’mon,” Angela encouraged in a whisper. “And then we can go bug the boys and I’ll show you how big Andy’s penis gets.”


“Let’s go somewhere else,” Ryan suggested when he saw that Kyle, Davey, Jason, and Richard were at the canoe livery.

“Why?” Jon asked. “Just because they teased you yesterday?”

Ryan shrugged.

“Ok, dude,” Jon said, throwing his arm over Ryan’s shoulder. “We’ll go somewhere else.” Ryan and him had been buddies for a while, but now he had additional incentives for being buds with him; he wanted to do Ryan again.

Newt watched Denver pull back the bowstring. Denver was shirtless, and the muscles in his chest and arms tightened. Newt admired the muscles. They were awesome.

Denver noticed Newt looking, and tightened his pecs, shoulders, and arms even more.

When Jon and Ryan arrived, they stepped up to the two targets next to Denver’s, their eyes darting to Denver’s shirtless body. Newt was shirtless as well, and Jon’s eyes were drawn to the small boy’s angular torso… then up to his beautiful face. Jon wondered what it would be like to someday do with Newt what he had done with Ryan the night before.


“Is that a hair?” Angela asked.

“What?” Krystan asked, holding the shirt up at her waist and sucking in her tummy, trying to see the spot where Angela was pointing, just above her slit.

Angela dropped to her knees and leaned close to Krystan’s middle. She slid her open fingers under Krystan’s labs and lifted, pretending to look more closely for pubic hair.

Krystan caught her breath.

Angela looked up innocently. “Oh,” she said with a disarming smile. “Heh, heh, I guess this feels good doesn’t it.”

Krystan nodded, her breath still caught in her throat.

Angela rubbed her fingertips on Krystan’s soft labia. “I like to do it this way. How do you like doing it?”

“Doing it?” Krystan asked, breathlessly, her legs involuntarily spreading.

“When you rub yourself, you know, for the feeling,” Angela said. “Do you do it this way.”

Krystan nodded without thinking. Angela asked so casually that Krystan didn’t think to lie.

“Has anyone ever done this to you?” Angela asked, and then pressed her mouth to Krystan’s slit. Krystan went up onto her toes, clutching the top of Angela’s head with both hands.


“What’s that smell?” Harold asked just after he took a seat at the lunch table beside Davey and Kyle.

“What smell?” Kyle asked.

Harold sniffed, turning this way and that. “Smells like cocoanut.”

“Oh,” Davey said, blushing slightly. “My mom has me wear cocoanut butter instead of regular suntan lotion… for my eczema.”

“Does it help?” Harold asked.

Davey nodded. “It helps a lot.”

Kyle snickered and Davey kicked him under the table.


Angela stood up. Krystan was flushed and breathing hard. “That feels good, doesn’t it?”

Krystan nodded.

“Do it to me,” Angela said, pushing down on Krystan’s shoulders.

Krystan knelt down, and when Angela stepped up to her, spreading her legs and pulling up her shirt, Krystan tentatively stuck out her tongue.

Angela encouraged her, laying her hands on Krystan’s head, pulling her mouth to Angela’s crotch.

She wasn’t sure why, but Angela really wanted to see Andy fuck Krystan. She had wanted to since Krystan first talked about how cute Andy was. Angela had gotten the idea then, and thought more about it after she got Krystan to reach into Andy’s swimsuit. Maybe once Andy fucked Krystan it be like she and Krystan could do anything together.


“One of you guys have eczema?” Harold asked as he stepped up beside Jason and Richard at the rec hall. The two boys were checking out ping pong paddles.

“No, why?” Jason asked with a puzzled smile.

“You guys smell like the cocoanut butter Davey says his mom makes him wear for eczema.”

Neither of the boys said anything for a moment, then Jason nodded. “Yeah, Davey gave us some to try for suntan lotion. We like it.”

“Dude!” Richard whispered as they walked away, and both snickered.


The boys hadn’t seen the girls when they went to the fridge for apples, so they pulled their boxers back off when they returned to their room. So the girls found the two of them lying naked on their stomachs at the foot of the bed, playing Nintendo.

Krystan froze and stared. But Angela smiled at her encouragingly and climbed up onto the bed. Lifting her shirt, she straddled Rave’s naked bottom with her own. Krystan backed to the wall, her eyes wide.

“C’mon,” Angela encouraged. “Sit on Andy this way. It feels good.”

Krystan held back. It occurred to Angela that maybe sitting on Rave would be less intimidating. “OK,” she said, moving to sit on Andy’s butt. “I’ll sit here. You sit on Tommy.”

Andy paused the game. “Keep playing,” Angela quickly said.

So Andy resumed the game, but they all three glanced back at Krystan.

“C’mon,” Angela encouraged with a smile and a pat on Rave’s bare little bottom.

Shyly, slowly, Krystan left the wall and climbed onto the bed, coming up behind Rave. Lifting her shirt, she straddled him and lowered herself onto his firm little butt. It did feel good. She rubbed her bottom back and forth looking for the most comfortable place, but the rubbing itself felt good.

Angela grinned and rocked her hips. “It’s like riding horses,” she suggested, and with a western style “Yee-haw,” she raised an arm and waved it like a bronco rider while rubbing herself back and forth on Andy’s smooth bottom.

Krystan joined in, and though the boys pretended to continue playing, their scores went to pot.

Even Angela had never done this and it felt better than she expected. A slow warm desire began to rise from between her legs. She backed up and rose on her knees. “Turn over, Andy,” she said, poking his bottom. “I told Krystan she could see how big your penis gets.”

“Well,” Andy said, rolling to his back under her, “it’s gotten pretty big.”

Krystan’s eyes grew big again as she saw Andy’s long, thick cock flop up onto his twelve-year-old belly. Angela scooted forward, settling her labia onto Andy’s balls. She wrapped her hand around Andy’s shaft and pointed it up toward the ceiling for Krystan to see.

Krystan saw. And her eyes went even wider.

Angela moved her hips forward and pulled Andy’s cock up against her cleft, and rubbed herself on its underside. “Tommy,” Angela said, her voice emphatic. “Roll over and let Krystan see yours. Let her see what one feels like.”

Krystan glanced down at Rave and he looked back up at her, saw her nervousness, and smiled. She backed up, rising on her knees. Rave rolled over onto his back under her, and his proportionately smaller cock flopped up on his belly the same way Andy’s had. Krystan’s eyes locked on it, and she slowly moved forward over the nine-year-old, just like Angela had on Andy. And like Angela had done, she lifted Rave’s cock, pointing it upward. She looked at it wonderingly. Such a large thing on such a small boy. And the skin was so soft, but it was rigid underneath the skin; hard like a little steel rod. She felt over it with the fingertips of both hands.

“Do this,” Angela instructed, rubbing the underside of Andy’s cock in her crack. “It feels good.”

Krystan glanced at Rave’s face. He looked expectant. He was nine and she was ten, and he didn’t intimidate her. He had a cute face, she thought. And he had a cute boy’s body. She lifted his cock and scooted her hips forward, pulling the underside of Rave’s cock to her hairless crack, its soft firmness to the little hardness of her clit. She closed her eyes and rubbed herself on it.

They moved quietly against each other for several minutes, the boys lying with their hands on the girls’ legs, moving their hips to rub against the girls.

Angela leaned back and retrieved the tube of KY from the nightstand where she had left it the day before after brining it back from the living room. Now she spread it on to Andy’s cock.

“This feels good to him,” Angela said quietly, her eyes on Andy’s. She rubbed the excess gel into her crevice, closing her eyes for a moment. “And this,” she said, opening her eyes again, feels really good.” She rose on her knees once more, pointed Andy up into her crack, and then slowly lowered herself onto his shaft. She settled down and closing her eyes, began to rock. Andy clutched her legs, and closed his eyes as well.

Krystan watched, spellbound.

Rave stroked the inside of her legs with his fingers and then tickled up over her mound while gently moving his hips to rub his cock on her.

Angela opened her eyes, looked at them, and then handed the KY to Krystan. “Use this. It makes it feel good.”

Krystan held the tube dumbly in her hand. This was fucking, she thought vaguely. But she was hot the way even a ten-year-old girl gets when her little pussy is rubbed. She looked down at Rave’s cute face, and then down his small torso and heaving belly. And she opened the tube.

She squeezed, tentatively, and clear gel came out onto her fingers. She set the tube down and rubbed the gel gently over Rave’s cock, which was much longer than her hand was wide. She rubbed extra into her labia and looked up. Andy, Angela, and Rave were all watching her.

She rose on her knees and scooted forward. Holding Rave’s upturned cock, she moved it around as she lowered herself, finding her opening. His crown eased into her opening and she froze; not from fear or pain, but from the sudden pleasure of it entering her.

Then she lowered herself, but hit her hymen.

“It’s your cherry,” Angela said. “You have to pop it. Just lift up and sit down real fast. It’ll hurt for a second, but then feel real good.”

Krystan eyed her speculatively for a moment. She really wanted to feel Rave all the way insider her. She rose up and sat down hard, gasping and clasping down on her insides when she hit bottom.

Rave gasped too as he felt her constriction and clutched at her legs. They sat there, frozen for a moment while Angela rocked up and back on Andy’s cock beside them.

“Move it inside you,” Angela encouraged. “It’ll start feeling good.”

Krystan began to move, and under her, Rave moved up to meet her.

“Tell me before you squirt,” Angela said to Andy. “I want her to see.”

“I’m about to squirt,” Andy gasped almost immediately.

Angela quickly backed off and pointed Andy’s cock straight up while jacking it. “Watch Krystan. He’s going to squirt sperm.”

Andy’s gut clenched and he grabbed the sheets on either side with both hands. He gasped and arched and cum shot up from his cock into the air and down onto his chest and belly.

Krystan bounced even harder as she watched.

Angela climbed from the bed, retrieved Andy’s boxers from the floor, and wiped his belly and chest. But Andy stayed mostly hard, watching Krystan and Rave.

Angela laid the flat of her hand on the underside of Andy’s cock and rubbed. His hips responded. “You wanna do Krystan?” she asked Andy.

Krystan glanced over at Angela, and then at Andy who was watching her. Andy nodded.

“Hey, Rave,” Angela said. “We’re trading. You’re going to do me and Andy’s going to do Krystan.”

Andy opened his eyes and watched impassively as Krystan crawled off and Angela crawled on. Angela did so quickly, before Krystan could see the little spot of blood there and freak.

She knew what Rave liked and began moving her hips that way to make up for taking Krystan off him. “Lay down on your back, Krystan,” Angela instructed. “You’ll like it that way.”

With nervous glances at Angela and Andy, she laid down onto her back beside Rave. Andy moved up, his cock arching up from between his legs with a renewed hardness.

“Use more KY” Angela instructed.

Andy retrieved the tube from between them and quickly lubed himself. Krystan was already hot from riding Rave and she rubbed herself, her hips moving, as she watched Andy get ready.

Then he spread her legs apart with his hands and scooted up between them. He tried to point his cock down, but her opening was really low.

“Put a pillow under her butt,” Angela instructed.

Andy reached back for one and then lifting her with a hand under Krystan’s butt, he shoved the pillow under with the other. He leaned forward over her again, pointing his cock down once more, and this time the angle was better. He worked his well-lubed cockhead into the bottom of her crevice and finding her hole, pushed in.

She was tight inside, and tensed, clutching his arms. He waited until he felt her opening ease just a little and pushed in farther. She tightened again and he waited, then pushed in slowly again. In that way, he eventually made it all the way in, and then lowered himself down onto the ten-year-old girl, his cock squeezed impossibly tight inside her.

He pulled out slowly half-way, and then pushed slowly back in.

Next to them, Angela was bouncing, enjoying each shove of her brother’s hard little cock up into her.

Krystan began to loosen and Andy began to move his hips more easily, eventually pulling out almost all the way each time. Beside them, Angela started whimpering. She came, and then because Rave hadn’t, she kept going, riding on to another orgasm of her own.

Andy had wrapped his arms under the back of Krystan’s shoulders, and Krystan’s hands began to roam Andy’s back as she loosened inside and the pain from her first entry began to subside. Andy kissed her; then opened his mouth over hers and plunged in with his tongue. And their moving became less urgent, more languid.

Rave came, clutching at Angela’s legs, and they finally began to slow. She pulled off him, and lay back on the bed. The two of them rolled up onto their sides to watch as Andy’s butt rose and fell between the ten-year-old girls long little legs.

They kissed and she felt over the muscles in his back. He reached a hand between them and felt over the small mounds that would become her breasts.

And then she was gasping and clutching at his back, her legs spreading wider. “Ah, ah!” she gasped, and Andy pumped faster.

He began squirting inside her and her insides grew even slicker, easier to slide in and out of. So he kept pumping until his crown grew way too sensitive. They slowed gradually, and Andy collapsed onto her, his cock still tightly clamped inside her.


Davey swam up beside Denver who had paused a moment from the game and was leaning against the side of the pool. Davey grinned. “Yesterday… when you and Newt went into the toilet stall together, I wanted to go with you.”

Denver felt his cock stir. He cleared his throat. “So um, like… are you and Kyle doing stuff with Richard and Jason,” he asked point blank.

“Yeah,” Davey said, grinning. “Do you squirt cum yet?”

Denver reached down to re-arrange his cock inside his swim suit. He nodded. “Yeah, sure.”

Davey leaned close. “Can I suck it sometime?”

Denver’s throat constricted, and he nodded. Then he had an idea. “You guys wanna go skinny dipping tonight? I know how to get into the pool here.”

A grin spread across Davey’s face.


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