“Has Angela acted out?” the case worker asked.

Cheryl didn’t like the lady. She had walked into the shop just before closing time, wanting to conduct a “follow up interview.” Cheryl gave her a cup of coffee and took her to a table in the back. “What do you mean by acting out?” Cheryl asked.

The worker took a sip of coffee. She set it down, clasped her hands, and leaned closer to Cheryl. “Even very young girls can become highly sexualized when they have been victims of repeated sexual abuse. They can become aggressive and seductive around males.”

“No,” Cheryl said, with a frown. “Angela has not acted out. Besides, there aren’t any males around my house. Just my twelve-year-old son and Angela’s nine-year-old brother.”

“A twelve-year-old boy could be vulnerable,” the worker said with a raised eyebrow. “And how about the brother?” She glanced down at her paperwork. “Tommy. How is Tommy behaving? If he was involved in the abuse, he could be sexualized as well.”

“No, no,” Cheryl said, waving her hand dismissively. “He’s only nine-years-old for pete’s sake.”

The case worker shook her head. “You need to be careful, for your son’s sake.”

Cheryl thought about the way the children lay on each other when they watched TV at night. She thought about how the children liked to wear only their underwear around the house. She thought of the obvious affection she saw between Andy and Tommy.

And then she shook her head. It was all so innocent. She wasn’t going to disrupt the lives of her niece and nephew yet again, and she wasn’t going to distance Andy’s new brother and sister from him.

“The children are fine,” she assured the worker.

The case worker nodded. “I hope you’re right. Maybe we got to the children in time. And certainly a loving home is exactly what they need right now. But you and your son need to be careful. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need any help.”


Andy turned Rave’s back to him, and gently scrubbed the back of his shoulders with the washcloth. Then he worked his way down. Andy was starting to enjoy their daily showers together as much as anything they did, including the sex. It had become his refuge; away from Angela and a runaway sexuality that in the last few days had his twelve-year-old head swimming.

In the warm shower, he took care of his new little brother, scrubbing him clean, usually with kisses to the top of his wet hair. And Rave took care of him, soaping him up, usually with grins and playful tickles.

It’s not that the showers weren’t sexual. They were. Both boys were hard off and on, and they fondled each other. But the shower was warm with affection as well as hot water. Their scrubbing and playing was punctuated by naked hugs that seemed somehow more innocent than what they did with Angela, and now did with Krystan.

The sexual things he did with Rave were entirely different. In some weird way, what he did with Rave cleansed his young soul. They were pure together, innocent. Underlying the sexual things they did was a genuine affection. That affection surged up in him in the shower now, and he pulled Rave’s wet body back to his, hugging him from behind, squeezing him, kissing the side of his neck.

Rave turned in his arms, grinning, and threw his arms over Andy’s shoulders. Andy kissed his upturned face and they embraced. And then, while holding Rave in his arms, Andy thought of Jason, not for the first time in the last couple of days. He wondered what Jason was doing, and he wondered how his best friend Jason and his brother Rave were all going to fit together in his life when Jason came back.


“A half hour after we come back from campfire,” Denver said. The six of them were huddled together beside the trail to the fire ring; Jason, Richard, Davey, Kyle, Newt, and Denver. “Meet us behind the pool house.”

Jon and Ryan watched from farther back on the trail. “Do you think Denver and Newt cornhole, too?” Ryan asked in a whisper.

“Yeah… maybe,” Jon said nodding.

The six turned up the trail toward the evening campfire, Denver leading. Jason threw his arm over Kyle’s shoulders. He was thinking of Kyle more and more as his special, little buddy. He took a deep breath of pine scent mixed with the smell of the campfire and thought about Andy. He felt sorry for Andy, stuck at home. It would have been so much better if Andy had been there. Not that it hadn’t been great with Richard, Davey, and Kyle. But it would be perfect when Andy was included in their circle.


All the way home, Cheryl thought about her conversation with the case worker. There was one thing she was absolutely certain of, and that was that there was no way she would let the state put Andrew and Gracie’s children – or any members of her family – in foster homes; not when she could take care of them.

She watched the children more carefully that evening. They seemed fine. Like the night before, they laid on each other while watching TV, but it all seemed innocent enough to her.

The boys were taking a long time in the shower again. But that didn’t mean anything. Kid’s played in the bath. Maybe they played in the shower, too. She wasn’t going to start imagining things.

Then she heard the boys’ laughter from their side of the house. It sounded like they were running from the bathroom back to their bedroom. It was a happy sound. All the more reason to ignore the case worker.

“Time for your bath, honey,” she said to Angela who was still lying on the floor.

Angela sat up and nodded sleepily. She was just a girl; a pretty little girl. He long black hair had such a sheen to it. Her pale eyes were as striking as Andy’s and Tommy’s. She looked so young.

Cheryl took a deep breath and sighed. It was hard to imagine the children getting into anything like that, but if they did… maybe because of her own background, it was easy to think that there were worse things than kids becoming sexually active, even if they were still young. One worse thing would be separation from their family.

Still, she would try to keep an eye on things. But there was only so much she could do since she was at work all day. She couldn’t help that. She laid her head back on the chair. Shit, there was a lot to think about.


He loved Rave’s grin; the way Rave smiled up at him even now when Rave was on his back and they were making love. Andy kissed him and pumped his hips slowly, moving in and out of Rave’s bottom. Rave ran his fingers into Andy’s long, black hair as they kissed, and he wrapped his legs around Andy’s waist. Andy lifted his head and smiled. “Little bro,” he whispered.

“Big bro,” Rave whispered back. And then his grin faded and his closed because Andy’s belly began rubbing the underside of his cock as Andy pumped. He ran his hands over Andy’s flexing back and pressed up with his pelvis so that Andy’s rubbing would feel even better.

Angela came in quietly, and pulling off her shirt, she crawled into bed. But she didn’t interrupt them; so focused on each other.

Andy took his time. He just wanted to enjoy being with Rave. When Rave came the first time, Andy made his belly hard, rubbing it on the nine-year-old’s erection. Then he kept going and when Rave came the second time, Andy came with him, the two of them whimpering beside each other’s ears.

Andy stayed inside him, all wrapped up together, even as he grew soft. His cock was long enough, even soft, that he stayed inside Rave. They dozed off that way. But finally Andy’s cock grew so completely flaccid that Rave’s butt expelled it. They stirred, Andy sliding to the side and pulling Rave to him. Later, Angela spooned up behind them.


Denver reached in carefully and found the latch. He released it, and slid up the window with Jason’s help. They boosted Newt up and inside with hands giving extra squeezes to his little butt. They boosted Kyle up next since he was next smallest, and Jason goosed him. Kyle howled and Denver shushed him. Next was Davey, and he wiggled his butt a moment before going over, and Denver popped it. Then Richard climbed through, followed by Jason, followed by Denver – these last three in order by age; all three of the older boys were about the same height.

“OK,” Denver said as the others gathered around him in the dark pump room. “You guys gotta be quiet, OK? And nobody drowns or I kick their butt.”

They laughed.

“Shsssh! Not so loud,” Denver said. He pushed past them and led the way into the pool area.

It was quiet. The only windows around the pool were high up on one side. Light from the full moon streamed in and fell along the side of the pool closest to the windows. The surface of the water was absolutely still.

They stepped up beside the pool as a group, looking around to make sure no one else was there. Jason pulled off his shirt, and then everyone was stripping. Kyle was first with his clothes off, followed by Davey. They both had stiffies. Grinning, Kyle grabbed Davey by the hips from and rubbed his cock on Davey’s butt in a parody of fucking. Laughing, Davey wiggled his butt. Then Jason had his clothes off, and he was sprouting wood as well. Davey pulled away from Kyle and leapt onto Jason’s back with a banshee cry. Jason grabbed his legs, holding him up, and Kyle couldn’t resist popping Davey’s white little butt.

The other boys pulled off their underwear to reveal hard-ons; pointing up, point out, all six of the boys, cut. The cocks belonging to Kyle, Davey, and Newt, the ten-year-olds, were all thin, but long for their age. Newt’s was the shortest of the bunch, but even his looked respectable on his small body.

Next in size, both body and cock, after the ten-year-olds was Richard, the eleven-year-old. Denver at fourteen and Jason at twelve were of similar heights and if anything, Jason’s cock was slightly longer. But where Jason was slender and willowy, Denver had the developing muscles and stature of an early teen. And he had pubic hair.

Kyle and Davey were drawn to that pubic hair like a magnet. Davey climbed off Jason’s back and they stepped up on either side of Denver. “Whoa, dude,” Davey said, running his fingers into Denver’s pubic patch. He glanced at Kyle. “It’s wiry.”

Kyle thrust his fingers into Denver’s pubes, and then laughing, scratched the way he’d seen Harold scratch through his boxers. Then he closed his hand around Denver’s thick-looking cock. “Whoa, it’s hot!” he said.

Davey grabbed on. “Whoa!”

With a huge grin, Kyle thrust his crotch against the side of Denver’s hip and played like he was stroking Denver as if he was stroking his own cock.

“You wish yours was that big,” Davey teased.

“Let me feel,” Jason said, running his fingers into Denver’s pubes.

Richard reached in to get a feel as well.

Denver rested his hands on Davey’s and Kyle’s shoulders, enjoying the attention of four sets of hands.

It was Jason who first turned his attention to Newt. The little guy was standing beside the pool, his little erection pointing up from between spindly legs. Jason stepped up with a smile and rolled Newt’s small cock between his fingertips. Richard joined him, running a hand over Newt’s butt. Suddenly, with a howl, Kyle and Davey pushed the three of them – Newt, Jason, and Richard – into the water, coming in after them.

Denver jumped into the pool too, telling them all to shut up.

Kyle splashed him, and that started a splash fight. And then they noticed that Jason and Richard had drifted away from the others. Denver peered closer at them, and his cock twitched. Richard had Jason against the side of the pool. Each had one hand on the other’s shoulder and one hand down between their bodies. They were open-mouth kissing while stroking each other.

“They’re kissing,” Newt whispered, his jaw dropping.

Kyle and Davey went after them, diving under and coming up, goosing and ball grabbing.

“Yeow!” Richard howled, jumping to one side.

Jason backed down the side of the pool, trying to hold Kyle off.

“Kissy, kissy!” Davey called out, coming after Richard.

“Kissy, kissy!” Kyle echoed as Jason came off the wall, trying to get away. Jason pushed off onto his back, and when he leveled out, his cock broke the surface.

“Up periscope!” Kyle yelled, grabbing for Jason’s cock, but Jason twisted away, and back onto his back again, his cock rising once again above the surface.

“I know, I know!” Kyle said. “You’re a submarine and I’ll be a destroyer. If I get your periscope, I win.”

In moments, they had it worked out, submarines and destroyers. The three older boys were submarines, the three younger boys, destroyers.

For the next twenty minutes they grabbed at each other, horse fought, splashed, wrestled, grabbed butts, even sucked cocks underwater… naked boy bodies, erections coming and going. And then when Newt gave Jason a butt grab, Jason turned on him. And seeing Newt’s happy, pretty face, Jason pursed his lips and came at Newt with arms extended. “Kissy, kissy!”

Newt backed up laughing, but Richard stepped behind him, blocking his retreat, and the larger boys sandwiched Newt between them. He tried to get away, but they wrestled him up onto the hard rubber decking on the side of the pool. By the time they had him up on the side and were up on the side themselves, all three had stiffies pointing up from their narrow boy-hips. Richard pinned Newt’s skinny, thrashing legs, and Jason pinned his arms. When he kept struggling, they lay down on him. They held him, laughing, struggling, arching back under them. Their cocks rubbed on each other’s wet bodies. And then Jason covered Newt’s pretty mouth with his own. Richard slipped his hand over Newt’s cock and balls. And the struggling slowed.

The other three boys watched with growing arousal. Kyle glanced at Davey, nodding his head toward Denver. Denver saw and started to back away, but they came for him. Kyle grabbed Denver’s cock under the water. Davey grabbed a hand full of pubic hair. “Ow! Guys!” Denver protested.

“Shssh,” they said, laughing, not letting go. They pressed their cocks against his hips, and worked him toward the bank with their bodies, over beside Newt.

Denver didn’t fight much. They had him by the cock and pubes, but he could have fought them off. However, Newt’s predicament was enviable. Denver let them wrestle him up onto the bank, two skinny boys trying to wrestle down a tightly-muscled little teen. Nearby, Newt was quietly thrashing while Jason and Richard silently licked and sucked at his middle.

Kyle and Davey didn’t even pretend to wrestle. They got Denver onto his back, feet toward Newt’s feet, and immediately dove for his middle.

And in the shadows beside the the pool, two boys lying on their backs thrashed their legs while four other boys bent over their middles with hungry mouths.


Jon and Ryan listened carefully outside Denver’s tent. It was quiet just like the other two had been. They retreated silently away from the camp area. “Are they all asleep?” Jon asked, disappointed.

Ryan shook his head. “It’s so quiet. Maybe they went somewhere.”

“Where?” Jon asked.


The two of them looked around, searching the trees for any movement. Finally, Jon shrugged. “Wanna head back?”

“Yeah,” Ryan nodded. Then he smiled. “We had fun last night on our own, right?”

Jon grinned and threw his arm across Ryan’s shoulders. They turned back toward their tent.


“We need to do something to initiate these guys,” Kyle said, sitting up from Denver’s middle. Davey sat up as well, leaving Denver’s cock suddenly naked and needy.

Denver’s hands, which had been on the other boys’ backs dropped to his middle. “Geez, guys! I thought that’s what you were doing,” he complained.

Richard and Jason sat up from Newt’s middle. “Like what are you thinking?” Jason asked Kyle with an interested grin.

“We could cornhole ‘em,” Richard suggested.

“Or they could cornhole us,” Davey countered, his eyes dropping to Denver’s crotch.

Both Newt and Denver lifted their heads. “You guys been cornholing?” Denver asked in surprise.

Richard’s eyes dropped to his. “Last night we did for the first time.”

“It’s awesome,” Jason said, wriggling his eyebrows.

Kyle’s eyes went wide. “We could all cornhole each other!”

“Is cornholing what I think it is?” Newt asked in a quiet voice.

“Dude!” Richard whispered, bending to rub Newt’s belly. “It’s awesome… like Jason said.”

“How would we all do each other?” Jason asked, intrigued.

“Yeah?” Denver asked, stroking himself. “How?”

Kyle thought about it. “We could form a line, you know, like all facing the same way and each guy could hook up with the one in front.”

Jason glanced at Richard. “Whoa!”

“C’mon, guys,” Kyle encouraged. “Stand up… C’mon!”

He urged them all to their feet, and then lined them up Jason in back, Denver in front of him, Richard in front of him, then Davey, then Kyle stepped into line and pulled Newton in front of him, pulling Newt back to him with an arm around his waist. Holding Newt, he backed up, backing the whole line back up against each other until all their cocks pressed up between bellies and butts. “Like this,” Kyle said.

“When do I get to do somebody?” Newt immediately asked.

“We’ll trade off,” Kyle assured him.

“We need cocoanut butter,” Jason said.

“I brought mine,” Kyle, Davey, and Richard all said at the same time.

“Stay put!” Jason commanded. “I brought mine.”

He stepped away, and Denver took the opportunity to rub his cock up and down in Richard’s crevice. Richard rubbed his butt back against him, while pulling Davey’s butt back against his own cock.

“Here,” Jason said, handing the container to Kyle. When he did, everyone else stepped out of line to come forward to watch. Kyle stepped back from Newt, opened the container, and spread some cocoa butter onto his cock. Then he rubbed some into Newt’s little butt.

“Hey,” Jason said, “Newt’s losing his stiffy. Let me get him ready again.” Jason dropped to his knees in front of the little ten-year-old. Bending, he took Newt’s semi-hard spike of a cock into his mouth.

Newt’s eyes dropped closed and he grabbed the sides of Jason’s head.

Behind him, Kyle rubbed his fingers in Newt’s crack and then down under his perineum, getting Newt loose and warmed up at the same time. “Just bend over,” Kyle said quietly, “and like relax. The cocoanut butter makes it slip in easy.”

With a hand on Newt’s back, Kyle bent him forward, and Jason stepped back from sucking him. Then with the others watching and stroking, Kyle grabbed Newt’s hips and squared up behind him. He worked his cock into the right spot and pushed.

Newt immediately jerked his head back, reaching back with a hand to slow or stop Kyle, but Kyle was already sliding in, in one smooth motion. “Just relax,” he encouraged. It’ll even start feeling good in a second.

“Oh, shit,” Denver breathed, watching as Kyle pressed fully in and conformed his small body to the back of Newt’s smaller body. Kyle wrapped his arms under Newt’s chest and belly, and then began pumping his tight little hips. Behind Kyle, Davey started lubing his cock.

Davey handed the cocoanut butter off to Richard. Then grabbing his cock at the base, he squared up behind Kyle, and guided his cockhead into Kyle’s crack.

“Oh, shit,” Denver breathed again, dropping his hand from his cock because he was about to cream just from watching the ten-year-olds.

Richard lubed up.

“We can switch off every couple of minutes,” Kyle suggested. “The guy on the front can go to the back.”

“If Newt’s cock can reach as high as my butt,” Jason said with a laugh and a pat to Newt’s bent back. He gave Kyle a wink, but then blanched as Newt gave his cock a hard tug. “Ah!”

Newt laughed. “I’m going to cornhole you, Jason, even if I have to get a stool!”

Jason, Kyle, and Newt laughed.

Richard squared off and pushed in to Davey, and now there were four boys all bent over in a line, loins pressed to butts.

“This isn’t working,” Kyle said.

“Why?” Jason asked, pausing beside him as he was about to step to the end of the line.

“I just came out of Newt. Davey pulled me back too hard. Oops! Davey just slipped out of me.”

“Keep trying,” Denver said, desperate now to get his cock into Richard’s smooth butt. His cock was already resting on it, oozing precum. Richard’s butt was so eerily pale-skined in the reflected moonlight; so soft feeling.

“Hold on,” Kyle said, easing forward into Newt, again.

“Hold on, Rich,” Davey said, trying to line up on Kyle. He pressed in.

“Alright. Nobody move now,” Richard said, taking his turn to press back in.

Finally, it was Denver’s turn. He pushed Richard over with a hand firmly on is back. Then he pointed his cock into Richard’s crack. Probing, he found Richard’s opening and pressed his lubed cockhead against it. Almost immediately, Richard’s tight ring slipped over Denver’s crown and clinched tightly around the top of Denver’s shaft. Denver froze for a moment, barely breathing. His eyes rose from his cockhead buried between Richard’s butt cheeks, up over Richard’s gently flaring butt, up over his long slender back. He grabbed Richard’s hips and slowly pushed in, savoring his first entry into a boy, into anyone. The tightness passed deliciously all the way down to the base of Denver’s cock… and he shot off like a water canon, pumping semen hard into Richard’s butt. “Oh, shit.” Denver gasped.

“What?” Jason asked from behind.

“I think he came,” Richard said.

“Yeah… sorry… I did,” Denver said between clenched teeth. Then, reluctantly, he started pulling out.

“That’s OK,” Jason assured him with a hand on Denver’s back. “You’ll get hard again real quick.” He stepped into Denver’s place, already lubed. He positioned himself behind Richard and pushed into Richard’s semen-slicked hole while Denver took a cross-legged seat to the side to watch.

“Ok,” Jason announced. “We’re all hooked up.”

They all began to move at the same time, and all but Jason came unhooked.

“Shit! This is not working!” Richard said.

“Hold on!” Kyle said. They all stood up, coming completely detached from each other.

“Bummer,” Jason said, wrapping an arm over Richard’s shoulder from behind. He pulled Richard back to himself in a friendly manner. Davey did something similar to Kyle, patting Kyle’s butt reassuringly. Denver saw both gestures, and was impressed with their easy, naked, friendliness. He caught Newt’s eye and waved the small boy back to himself. After all, Denver had his own little buddy. Newt sat down into his lap, crosswise and Denver wrapped his arms around him.

Kyle studied the situation a moment, glanced at Newt in Denver’s lap, glanced at Richard leaning back against Jason, glanced at Davey whose face was beside his own and who had thrown his arm over Kyle’s back. And it occurred to him that doubling up would work better. He clapped his hands. “I got it!”

“Dude,” Denver said, “why don’t we just relax and do what we want?”

“No, no!” Kyle insisted. “This will work! We can all do each other after all. C’mon, get up. C’mon!”

Reluctantly, Denver got up. It had been nice holding Newt’s naked body, and he had actually started getting hard again.

“OK,” Kyle said. “Newt, you get down on all-fours here.”

Newt glanced at Denver who shrugged. So Newt got down onto his hands and knees.

“And you, here,” Kyle said, pushing Denver down to his hands and knees at a right angle to Newt’s feet. “And you here,” he said, motioning to Jason and pointing to the floor. He lined them up like three sides of a square, Jason on all-fours toward Denver’s feet. Denver on all-fours toward Newt’s feet.

“Now, Davey, you stand behind Jason. Richard, you stand behind Denver, and I,” Kyle said, moving behind Newt while stroking himself, “will start here. This is what we’re gonna do, guys… it’ll be like leap frog… only like… umm,” he grinned. “We can call it leap fuck.”

Denver looked up, his face scrunched, critically.

Kyle saw the look. “No, dude, it’ll be awesome,” Kyle insisted. “We’ll start with the smaller guys doing the cornholing since Newt didn’t sex with us last night, and it’ll be easier for him to have the smaller guys do him first. So I’ll do Newt. Davey will do you, Denver, and Richard will do Jason. Then I’ll call to change – or one of you guys can – and we’ll do like leap frog. I’ll get down there,” he said, pointing to the fourth side of the square, “and Richard will come up to do me, Davey will do Newt, and Jason will get up from all-fours and do Denver. And we do that until we switch again.”

“I’m not sure everybody does everybody that way,” Davey started to say.

“Just do it,” Jason said. “Sounds cool to me.”

“Except that we aren’t all hard anymore,” Richard said.

Without being asked, Denver knelt up and turned back to Richard so they were on their knees, face-to-face. He dropped his hands to cup Richard’s balls and cock in his hands. “I’ll help,” he said with a grin. Then the grin faded and his voice dropped to a whisper. “Kiss me like you did earlier.”

Richard nodded and laid a hand on the side of Denver’s handsome face; and leaned in to kiss him while Denver stroked his cock.

“Good idea,” Kyle said. “Let’s get each other hard.” He knelt down beside Newt, who knelt up. They reached for each other’s cocks and Kyle bent forward for them to kiss like Richard and Denver were doing. He wrapped an arm behind Newt’s shoulders and pulled the smaller boy closer, opening his mouth to Newt’s. Newt readily opened his mouth in return. He was learning quickly.

“Hey,” Jason said, quietly as he stroked Davey’s semi. “The cocoanut butter stuff makes stroking sweet, doesn’t it?” Davey nodded, and they bent together to kiss.

The three kneeling pairs of boys worked their hands and their kisses. Somewhere, something dripped, and the sound echoed.

Jason was the first to get back onto his hands and knees, Davey quickly mounting behind him. Then Newt was down on his, and Kyle pressed in behind. And then Denver was onto all-fours, Richard kneeling at his bottom.

They watched each other eyes moving from copulating boys to copulating boys, narrow little hips pumping behind soft little bottoms, in the shadows beside the pool.

Kyle bent down over Newt and wrapped his arms under him as he pumped. “You, OK?” he asked in a whisper. He was concerned for Newt. He’d been sorta quiet and the little guy was almost like a troop mascot.

“Yeah,” Newt said.

“Feel, OK?”

“Yeah. It does.”

Behind them, as he pumped Richard ran his hands over Denver’s sides and back and hips, admiring Denver’s muscles and his youthful build. Behind them, Davey held on to the back of Jason’s shoulders and pumped his hips hard enough to flatten Jason’s butt cheeks on each thrust..

“You gonna change?” Newt asked before long. “I’ve gotta wait a long time for my turn.”

“Yeah, dude… Time to switch,” Kyle called out.

He pulled out of Newt and moved to the fourth side of the square. Richard pulled off Denver and came forward to Kyle who, instead of getting down onto all-fours, rolled to his back instead, and pulled his knees up and out. With a grin, Richard knelt at his bottom.

“What’s he doing?” Newt asked Davey who had come up behind him.

“We tried it that way last night,” Davey said. “It works good if the guy on top is taller than the guy on the bottom.”

“You’re taller than me. Can we do it that way?” Newt asked, watching as Richard entered Kyle and then folded his body down onto the smaller boy.

“Sure,” Davey said.

Newt rolled to his back and pulled up his legs.

“Are we changing positions?” Denver asked.

“If you want,” Jason said, rubbing Denver’s hard back and tight butt.

Denver glanced at Kyle and Richard, who had made themselves into a tight ball. They were silhouetted by the pool behind, and he could see Richard’s butt rising and falling between Kyle’s legs. He glanced at Newt, and Davey, the bodies of the two small boys forming even a smaller ball. “Yeah,” he said, rolling over.

Jason knelt down at Denver’s bottom and paused. In the ambient light, he could see the seams of Denver’s belly muscles. He stopped to admire the beauty of the young teen’s body and face. His eyes lingered at Denver’s beautifully thick cock pointing up from his thick little pubic patch.

Denver’s eyes rose to Jason’s, whose hair was almost silver in the reflected moonlight. Denver had never really thought about how low a guy’s erection was on his body. But Jason’s slender torso looked really long, stretching from his cock down at Denver’s butt up to Jason’s prominent collar bones. It struck Denver that boys were really beautiful… really beautiful.

Jason pressed in, and Denver closed his eyes, stretching back as he felt his insides fill. Then Jason fell forward onto Denver, and Denver ran his hands over the smooth skin of Jason’s back.

Denver thought that the first sensations of Jason’s body on his were surprisingly pleasant. But then Jason’s belly pressed the underside of Denver’s cock and the angle of their connection pressed Denver’s prostate, and things went beyond pleasant. Denver’s mouth dropped open and his breath caught. Jason stretched forward and kissed that open mouth. Denver responded instantly, wrapping his arms under Jason’s arms to pull him higher. Their mouths met, and joined. Jason’s tongue probed in at the same time he began grinding his hips.

Across the square, Kyle’s fingers clung to Richard’s back and he pushed his cock up to rub on Richard’s firm belly. Richard covered Kyle’s mouth with his. They moaned together.

Newt looked up into Davey’s eyes. “They’re kissing,” he whispered.

Davey nodded, and lowered his mouth to Newt’s.

There were pleasant murmurs from the three sides of the square; three pairs of boys in each other’s arms, pelvises pumping.

But then it was time. “Sorry,” Kyle said with an apologetic smile. “Time to change!” he called out.

Richard gave him a parting kiss and then moved to the open side of the square that Jason had occupied when they started. Davey moved up to Richard, and since they knew from the night before what worked for them, Richard dropped to his stomach and Davey lay down onto him. Jason moved forward to Kyle who stayed on his back. Jason grinned while entering him, and then fell forward onto him, kissing him hungrily, warmly. In the last couple of days, it was like Kyle had started to belong to him somehow.

Denver knelt at Newt’s bottom, and his hands came close to shaking at his pointed his cock into his little lover. He entered him slowly since Newt hadn’t taken a thicker cock yet. But Newt had been loosened up, and Denver was quickly bent over his small body, his eyes gazing down into Newton’s. Newt smiled and wrapped his arms up over Denver’s strong shoulders. Denver grinned back, and settling onto Newt, wrapped his arms under him. Denver felt like the little guy sorta belonged to him. Their mouths met, and they flattened to a tight ball.

Kyle almost forgot to call another change. But then Newt hadn’t had a turn on top yet, and Kyle would be the one Newt would get. “Later,” he whispered into Jason’s ear. “We gotta do more later.” Then he called out, “Time to change!

Davey moved off Richard and onto his back. Jason moved up over him. Denver moved up and Richard rolled to his back under him. And Newt grabbed up the cocoanut butter and moved up to Kyle.

“Told you you’d get a turn,” Kyle said with a grin. “How would you like to do it?”

“This way is fine,” Newt said.

Kyle sat up and took the container from him. Taking some cocoanut butter onto his fingers, he spread it onto Newt’s cock. Newt closed his eyes. Kyle smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. Then he lay back. “Go for it, dude.”

Newt moved up. His little cock had never felt so hard. He had to bend down as well as push down on his slender cock to angle it downward enough. Kyle held his knees up and out for him. It was easy to see Kyle’s pucker, even in the dim light. Newt put his cock there, and for the first time in his life, pressed it into another person.

Across the square, Jason’s butt began pumping faster into Davey. The hardness of Davey’s cock rubbing up on his belly was exciting; that he was rubbing Davey’s cock with his belly was exciting. And he pumped, Davey’s tightness traveling up and back on the end of his cock.

Davey felt Jason’s body tensing, growing harder. He could hear Jason’s ragged breath. He was pumping faster, and it excited Davey as well.

“I’m gonna cum, I can’t help it,” Jason cried out. Davey clutched at his back, and the thought that Jason was about to squirt up his butt excited Davey even more. And then Jason pressed in all the way, hard, and his belly tightened like a rock and pinned Davey’s cock. Davey arched, a dry orgasm hitting right between his legs. A gasp escaped his lips.

The noise and flurry of thrusts from Jason’s orgasm also triggered off Denver who pumped quickly to his second orgasm that night inside Richard.

The two older boys slowed, and then stopped.

“Sorry,” Jason murmured. “Guess the game’s over.” But he didn’t move to get off of Davey. Instead, they kissed and stayed in their embrace.

“Awh, I didn’t get much of a turn,” Newt complained.

“Dude, don’t stop,” Kyle urged. “We’re still going.”

Denver slowly unwound from Richard and rolled off to his side. “Need to do me?” Denver asked.

“I will,” Newt quickly volunteered, pulling from Kyle.

Denver grinned and waved him over.

“Get on your stomach, dude,” Richard encouraged Denver. “It’ll work better with him being smaller.” Then Richard rose and came to stand over Kyle, stroking himself. Kyle, stroking himself, looked up, hungry. He was ready to come. They both were.

Richard didn’t bother trying to cornhole Kyle. He just lay down on him, cock to cock. They wrapped each other up and opened their mouths to each other… and ground their cocks together.


Jon stirred, listening. He could hear guys moving past their tents. Was it the six they’d tried to find earlier? Jon yawned. Then he realized that his cock still hadn’t slipped from inside Ryan. He pulled it out, afraid that the circulation would be cut off or something. And then he pulled Ryan’s back to his chest.

Richard and Jason walked with Newt between them, arms over his shoulders, and they guided him into their tent. Behind them, Kyle and Davey led Denver by the hand into their tent. “Honest guys,” Denver protested in a whisper. “I don’t think I can get it up again, and I’m really tired.”

Davey grinned and winked at Kyle. They were tired, too, but not ready for sleep.


Newt stayed on his back when Richard finished. Richard moved off and Jason quickly rolled onto Newt replaced Richard. Newt wrapped his arms over Jason’s back and pressed up with his pelvis to rub his cock on Jason’s belly. He had a dry orgasm doing that with Richard, and he wanted to try to get the feeling just one more time as Jason took his turn.

Newt liked the way the older boys felt on top of him. He liked how it felt to have them inside his butt and squashing his cock at the same time.

Jason made even a tighter ball with him than Richard had, and covered his mouth more hungrily with his own. Richard watched. Jason was only twelve, and not that big, but he looked big lying on Newt. They looked damned hot together. If he hadn’t been so tired, he would be hard again.


They had swum and washed after their last sexing at the pool, and it wasn’t bad at all, Denver thought, as lay on his side and sucked Davey, and Davey sucked him. Behind Denver, Kyle pumped furiously into his butt. And Denver decided that having a third orgasm that night was not out of the question.


Andy had been sleeping on his back, Rave sleeping on his left side and shoulder. Angela returned from the bathroom and climbing into bed, snuggled onto his right side. She lay her head on his right shoulder. Andy nuzzled her hair, and she leaned up to kiss his cheek. Then she lay her head back down on his shoulder and they returned to sleep.


“I’m surprised we have any of that stuff left,” the clerk at the trading post said as Jason, Denver, and Newt each put a container of cocoanut butter on the counter to be rung up. The clerk glanced at Jason. “Didn’t you just buy one of these?”

Jason shrugged. “I let other guys use it, too. We used it all up.”

Nest smirked and Denver goosed him.


My email address is jnuanced@gmail.com. Now skinny-dipping boy orgies may be a dime a dozen on Nifty, but this chapter was a departure for me and took a bit of work to try to pull off. Please let me know if you liked it. Thanks - Jack.