Cheryl laid down the pen and rubbed her eyes. She glanced around the small back room that served as her office for the shop. The previous day’s conversation with the case worker kept running through her mind -- not that she was really worried about the kids. Maybe she should worry, but what kept going through her mind were memories. The conversation had started her remembering how her own sexual activity started.

She remembered those early times as she tried to fall asleep that night. And then she dreamed. Andrew came to her -- not her son, not Andy, but Andrew. In her dreams before dawn, he came to her like the first time, when she was fifteen and he was fourteen. She woke from the dream, aroused, excited. But it was too near to the time she had to leave for work for her to indulge herself with any kind of release.

And then when she arrived at the shop, it was to find Abel with his sexy morning-hair look. And his young nephew, Jesse, was there wearing one of his painted-on T-shirts. At sixteen, Jesse was working cleanup in the kitchen for the summer. He had a broad, flat nose and dull eyes; he wasn’t a bright kid. But he lifted weights and had a ripped young body. And he had long, black hair that he wore pulled back in a tail. Still aroused from the dream, her eyes had dropped to the boy’s full pouch and tightly pack jeans.

It took a deep breath and force of will to get her mind on to work that morning. Then when the morning rush was over, her mind wondered once again. Abel took off to the local Sam’s club to get things they needed, and she retreated to her office to work on the work schedule for the coming week.

But she couldn’t concentrate. Her mind went back to Andrew and the summer he turned fourteen. He was always a beautiful boy. There wasn’t another like him. He was her brother, and she was proud of him. But she also sometimes looked at him the way a girl looks at a beautiful boy. She couldn’t help that.

Her father ridiculed Andrew’s slender frame, quiet demeanor, and elegant mannerisms. That always angered her mom. “He’s going to make that boy queer the way he carries on,” her mom would complain. “He needs to just leave the boy be. He’ll turn out fine.”

Cheryl’s mom had her shortcomings, including a fondness for bourbon, but she stood up for the kids. “My tribe of blue-eyed Indians,” she called them because all three of them --Cheryl, Andrew, and their younger sister, Gracie – had straight black hair that they wore long, pale blue eyes, and thin faces with prominent cheekbones.

The Christmas before Cheryl turned fourteen, her mom chased off her dad. And then it was just her and her three, blue-eyed Indians. While her mom worked as a waitress, Cheryl did her best to keep an eye on her siblings.

It kept her busy; busy enough that she made it to the age of fifteen still clinging to her virginity. She turned fifteen in January, and Andrew turned fourteen in June. “Adorable” was the word she used most often for him that year. His voice hadn’t even finished breaking yet. For his birthday, an aunt gave him a gift certificate to the local video store.

Andrew went early the next morning and tried to rent three, old X-rated movies. When they didn’t let him, he rented Back to the Future and Indiana Jones… and The Blue Lagoon.

That afternoon, when his mom was at work and Gracie was over at a friend’s house, he popped The Blue Lagoon into the VCR. When it started, Cheryl, who had been cleaning in the kitchen came out to watch it with him.

Andrew was stretched out on the couch in a muscle shirt and baggy shorts. She took a seat in her mom’s easy chair back behind him, comfortable in short shorts and a halter top that tied between her breasts.

Not long into the movie, Cheryl could see the long tube of Andrew’s cock grow thick out toward his hip, and her attention became torn between the movie and her brother’s lap. Each time Brook Shields showed her breasts, Andrew got fully hard and made only feeble attempts to cover his lap.

They were both quiet as the movie ended. “What’d you think Cher?” Andrew asked.

“Brook Shields really is beautiful,” she said.

“Ha!” Andrew replied, rolling onto his stomach and looking back at her. “You’re as pretty as she is.”

Cheryl frowned and looked away. “Yeah, right.”

“You are,” he insisted. “And you’ve got much prettier boobs.”

Her eyes locked back on his. “Have you been spying on me?”

“No,” he said, laughing. “But I can tell you’ve got nice boobs.”

She couldn’t suppress a smile.

He scooted up on the couch, closer to her, leaning forward conspiratorially. “Let me see ‘em, Cher. Then I can tell you for sure that they’re better.”

She crossed her arms over her halter top, frowning. “Oh, sure.”

“No, come on,” he said, moving off the couch and onto his knees. He scooted forward to kneel in front of her chair, his eyes on her chest. “C’mon, Cher,” he whispered. “We used to take baths together, right? Let me see what they look like now. I bet they’re tons more beautiful than Brook Shield’s.

She hesitated. Cheryl had let boys feel her up before, but no boy had seen her breasts. She was proud of them, played with them, and admired them in the mirror. They were smaller than Brook Shields, but firmer, and prominent enough to be noticed. She liked how boys looked at them. She had wondered for a long time how a boy would react the first time one actually saw them.

Andrew was encouraged by her hesitation. “C’mon, Cher,” he whispered, gently pulling her arms away from her breasts. “Let me see.” He tugged lightly at the knot tying her top together and she didn’t stop him.

He untied it and laid it open, sliding its support strings off her shoulders. It fell behind her, and Andrew’s eyes went big. “They are beautiful, Cher,” he said in awe. He closed a hand over each one and her nipples grew instantly hard.

He bent forward, burying his face in the hollow between them. He caressed them and kissed them. Cheryl shivered.

“Let me see the rest of you, Cher,” he whispered, kissing a nipple. He looked up at her. “I bet you’re beautiful everywhere.”

Her heart was racing. Her face was flush. He stood to his feet, extending a hand to pull her up. The front of his baggy shorts was tenting out. She reached out and put the flat of her hand on the tent. The touch was electrical under her palm; it was big, and so hard inside his pants.

Andrew smiled. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he said.

She pulled her hand back.

He kept smiling and tugged her up by her hand. She rose. He reached for the button on her shorts and fumbled with it, but then smiled again. “You do yours and I’ll do mine.”

She’d gone this far; she reached for her button, and Andrew pulled off his shirt. He slipped his thumbs under the waist band of his shorts, and they pushed their shorts down together, letting them fall to the floor.

“Oh, Cher,” he said, his eyes dropping to her middle.

Her eyes were fixed on one thing. Pointing at her was an erection that looked huge on his fourteen-year-old frame. It was certainly bigger than she had imagined they got. And it was pointing right between her legs. It was long and thick; the foreskin pulling back from a pink, moist head. She had nothing to compare it with at that stage, but she learned later that Andrew was very well hung compared to other boys; a trait he passed on to his two sons.

His small patch of pubic hair looked strikingly black against the white skin of his flat stomach. His legs were long and hairless. The skin of his flat belly and chest was as smooth as that of a marble statue, and his torso, with all the seams of his muscles clearly showing, looked as hard as a statue’s. But unlike a statue, his white skin looked warm and soft to the touch.

He stepped forward, bending to kiss her right breast, and then her left. He sucked her nipple gently, and she shuddered. Then she jumped because the fingers of his left hand brushed against the lips of her vagina. She looked down between their bodies.

Andrew was holding his cock in one hand and with two fingers of his other hand, he had reached between her legs. “Your skin is so soft down there,” he murmured. His fingers probed into her crevice and she went up onto her toes, grasping his shoulders for balance. He found her opening and probed in with a fingertip. “Oh,” he breathed. His eyes rose to hers. “You feel wonderful inside.”

Her mouth was hanging open. She was barely breathing. Her head dropped forward against the side of his face and her eyes fell to his cock once more. Dropping a hand from his shoulder, she wrapped it around his thick-feeling shaft. He paused in his probing, and his knees went weak.

Cheryl’s breath caught once more. The feel of a boy’s erection in her hand was like nothing she had imagined. She closed her fingers around it. The skin was so soft, and warm, but it was so hard under the skin. She pointed it up toward her and was surprised to see that it was drooling from the slit in the end; at least it looked like drool.

It was another thing she would later learn was unique about Andrew; that he produced copious precum. She guessed what it was, remembering lessons from school when they separated the boys and girls. It was precum and she knew what that meant… he was ready to mount her.

Her breath was coming fast now. Because she was damp between the legs and she knew what that meant… she was ready to be mounted. But she would have known that without the dampness.

Wordlessly, she took the damp end of his cock, and pointing it between her legs, rubbed her slit with it. It was Andrew’s turn to clasp her shoulders and rest the side of his face against hers; his slender, fourteen-year-old frame shaking and his breath hot and ragged on her breasts.

She turned them, and backed toward the couch, pulling Andrew along by his cock, only releasing it to lie back onto the couch, her legs spread. He knelt down between them, his long-looking cock jutting up from between his legs. Holding his cock once more, he stroked it while probing her again with his fingers; looking from his cock to her vagina as if figuring out what to do.

Then, it was like he figured it out. He leaned over her, pointing his cock down. She lifted her hips, wanting to meet him. And then she felt his damp crown press low between her lips… and then he was pressing in... too fast! He felt so big! She was suddenly afraid and wanting to go slow but he was sliding in.

A surprising number of girls have little or no hymen, and Cheryl was one of them. He was all the way in before she could stop him. She felt so full, and she could feel his balls resting down under her labia. She arched, tense.

“You OK, Cher?” he asked, glancing down at her.

She nodded, her eyes half closed.

And then he lowered himself onto her, pressing the side of his cheek to hers. He clasped her shoulders, and she laid her hands on the backs of his slender shoulders. He began to move his hips and she felt him slide back and then forward inside her. She moaned.

He began moving; he began to pump… and it started to feel… wonderful. She planted her feet in the cushions of the couch, and soon her hips were pumping to meet his.

That night, when the house was quiet, she left Gracie sleeping in their shared bed and silently made her way to Andrew’s room. He was waiting for her.

They became lovers. She made Andrew wear condoms until she could get birth control pills from a woman she met at Planned Parenthood. But condoms didn’t always hold up well for Andrew; they sometimes shredded. And she didn’t always remember her medicine. She became pregnant just before Andrew’s fifteenth birthday.

Cheryl didn’t know for sure at first. She was into her third month before she took a pregnancy test. She cried. She was afraid. She talked to the lady at Planned Parenthood and they arranged for her to get an abortion.

Meanwhile, Gracie had guessed what Cheryl and Andrew were up to, and had managed to spy on them without them knowing. Then one day when Cheryl wasn’t around, Gracie pulled off her shirt and knelt before the couch where Andrew was lying. His eyes dropped to her budding breasts and then back up to her face. She took his hand and put it on her breast. “I want you,” she said, “to do to me what you do to Cheryl.”

And he did.

Cheryl didn’t know for a while. She was distracted. She skipped the first appointment for an abortion. Not only was she afraid; her heart wasn’t really in it. She just knew the baby she had made with Andrew would be a beautiful baby.

Andrew was terrified when he found out. He was afraid his mom would kick him out… or worse. But Cheryl refused to tell her mom who the father was, and at first, her mom was furious; especially since by the time Cheryl told her, it had grown late for an abortion. But then her mom found out that welfare would help with expenses for the baby, and she slowly warmed to the coming addition.

And then Andy was born, and he was as beautiful a baby as Cheryl knew he would be. If her mom was suspicious because she named the baby after her brother, or because the baby was another blue-eyed Indian, she didn’t say anything.

Gracie saw the attention that Cheryl and her baby received from everyone, and she saw how Andrew looked at his baby. Gracie managed to get pregnant by him within two months of Andy’s birth. Just after she turned fourteen, Gracie gave birth to Andrew’s second child, Angela.

Their mom pretty much threw up her hands after that. And actually, if they hadn’t been screwing with Andrew, there would have been other boys. Andrew certainly did other girls; sometimes bringing them home to his bedroom.

The summer after Andy was born, Andrew brought home a boy; Jeffery Cates, a friend from high school cross country. Gracie wasn’t around that day, and the two boys took Angela to Andrew’s bed. Jeffery had a runner’s body, more tightly muscled than Andrew. And though his cock wasn’t as long, it was a good cock, and when he laid on her and pumped into Angela between her legs, it excited her to one of her best orgasms yet.

Andrew took his turn and brought her to a second climax. And then as she rested, Andrew and Jeffery began to kiss, and she could tell they had done that before. Jeffery moved over Andrew and settled between his open legs. They rubbed cocks and kissed until the both came a second time, and then the three of them dozed with Andrew in the middle.

Gracie got pregnant by Andrew once more, this time swearing it was an accident. She gave birth to Tommy two months after a car ran down Andrew and Jeffery as they were running beside the road. Andrew was killed instantly, and Jeffery was left with a broken body. It had been their senior year in high school and hundreds of kids came to the funeral.

There in the back office of her shop, Cheryl remembered these things. She remembered the feel of Andrew’s body in the night, their teen-aged passion, and his beauty on the pillow next to hers. She remembered back to the countless times they made love when their bodies were young and every orgasm was incredible.

She realized that her hand had dropped between her legs. Her panties were damp. Cheryl rose from behind her small metal desk. She pulled off her panties and tossed them to one side. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled off her bra, tossing is aside as well.

Abel wouldn’t be back for probably another hour but she was ready now. Holding her blouse closed, she stuck her head out of the office door. Only Jesse was in the back room. He was washing dishes with his back to her. The girls were out front on the counter or cleaning tables.

“Jesse,” she called. “Come in and give me a hand with something.”

The young boy quickly came in to her office, drying his hands on his apron. He froze when she closed the door behind him and he saw her open blouse. “Take off your apron,” she commanded, removing her blouse completely.

At first, numbly, then with a smile spreading across his homely face, Jesse removed his apron, and then his shirt. He was ripped, and Cheryl delightedly looked him over, feeling over the hard muscles of his chest and shoulders with her hand. She dropped her skirt to the floor and backed to the old couch she kept in the office for her and Able to use.

Jesse pulled off his boots and quickly stripped off his pants and boxers. He came to her with his cock thick and wagging under his body. When he knelt between her legs, Cheryl reached down and grabbed his cock firmly. “You say one word to your uncle and I’ll cut this thing off,” she said, looking dead into his eyes.’

Jesse froze, his mouth dropping.

Cheryl smiled. “Just don’t ever say anything to him.” Then she leaned back on the couch and spread her legs.


Once more behind her desk, Cheryl was dressed again except for her panties. She was sitting on a towel; the kid shot a hell of a lot of cum… both times. She thought once more of Andrew, and now that she had spent some of the passion those memories stirred, she allowed herself to feel the sorrow she usually pushed away.

But only for a moment. Whenever she got close to that ever-present grief, there was real pain.

She shook it off. Then picking up her pencil, Cheryl erased what she had written earlier on the schedule. Instead, she penciled Jesse’s name down to help her open every day, and scheduled Abel in later to help her close every evening.

The phone rang. It was Tommy. “Remember Matt?” her nephew asked.

“Sure, the blond boy you had over the other day.”

“Yeah, him. He’s got a friend, Neal, who’s having a big sleep over tonight ‘cause like… he had a birthday two days ago and his mom’s gone tonight and his dad said he could have guys over, and Matt want’s me to come so those guys can meet me, and they’ve invited me to go…”

Cheryl squirmed, Jesse’s cum oozing out. “Sure, Tommy,” She said, cutting him off. “Do you need to take a present? Get Andy to take you to buy one. I’ll pay him back.”

Moments later, Angela called. “Since Tommy is sleeping over with Matt, can I invite Krystan to sleep over at our house?”

“Sure, sure. Just check with her mom. And what about Andy? Is he going to want to have someone sleepover as well?”

“No,” Angela replied. “He said that all his friends are at scout camp. And Cheryl… can we have pizza tonight.”

“Sure,” Cheryl answered. “If we don’t have any left at the end of the day, I’ll bake up some to bring home.

Kids, Cheryl thought, shaking her head. It was fun to have a family, even if she was only twenty-eight years old and too young to have so many kids. All of Andrew’s kids were now hers to keep. She would make a family of them all; her own tribe of blue-eyed Indians. And she would hang on to them, no matter what.

She paused. The kids seemed so young for her to have to start worrying yet about them getting into the same things that she, Gracie, and Andrew got into. Still, it would never do for Angela to get pregnant by one of the boys someday. The word “interbreeding” came to mind. The last thing she needed was grand children with extra fingers and toes.

Cheryl had a new appreciation of her own mom’s predicament. Working all day, there was little she could do to control the situation. She would keep an eye on the kids, and if it looked like it would be an issue someday, well then she’d talk to them, and if she had to, she’d get Angela contraceptives. Shit! she thought. The kid is only twelve!

But then she had a momentary vision of Andy and Angela naked together and surprisingly, it excited her. She bit her lip, ashamed of thinking of her kids that way. Too many hormones were stirring in her body that day, she thought, and she wondered how long it would be before Abel made it back to the shop.


“What’s the problem with you guys?” Harold asked glancing up and down the long cafeteria table at his scouts. “You’re all dragging around like zombies, and I know it’s not from working hard on merit badges. Do I need to start making bed checks at night to make sure you guys are actually sleeping?”


Several of them said at once.

Harold’s eyes narrowed. “Maybe you ought to take naps after lunch.”


“What are you guys going to do?” Kyle asked as they left the cafeteria.

Jason shrugged and glanced at Richard. “Take a nap?”

Richard nodded. “I can handle it.”

Kyle glanced at Davey. Davey nodded. “I’m sleepy.”

They shuffled off to their tents, and unzipped the doorways halfway so that only the screen was up for the top half, letting the breeze through.

Richard pulled of his shirt and lay back on his sleeping bag. Jason pulled of his, and lay down with his chest on Richard’s and then he gently rested his lips on the redhead’s. They kissed lightly. Richard opened his mouth and Jason probed in while running his hand over Richard’s smooth belly.

Then he lay his head down beside Richard’s on the pillow and left an arm over Richard’s chest.


Matt’s mom drove them, and when they got there, at first Rave stuck close to Matt. But there was a tall, slender boy there named Larry who was a few months older than Rave. He was of Japanese descent, and Rave liked his eyes and thick black hair; and Larry liked Rave. They hung a little.

There were nine boys there for the sleepover, along with Neal’s dad who realized too late that he had possibly bitten off more than he could chew with this gang. But when his wife was going to be in Flagstaff with her mom for a few days, and his son Neal wanted to have a few buddies over for the night, he decided to take some time off and give Neal a son’s night out. There was, however, one female there; Neal’s seven-year-old sister, Lindsay.

She was a small quiet girl with curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her brother and the other boys kept telling her to go away, and Rave, not really knowing anybody there either, felt a little outcast himself. So when all the boys gathered around Neal’s video game, Rave took a seat on the living room floor beside Lindsay to watch TV with her.


Cheryl picked up Krystan on the way home, and the young girl helped her in with leftovers from the shop. Andy and Angela met them in the kitchen, and for a brief moment, Cheryl saw in their young faces, Andrew and herself at that age.

“Andy, Krystan’s overnight bag is in the back seat of the car. Will you bring it in for me?”

He nodded and ran out to the car. The girls took off for Angela’s room.

“Andy,” Cheryl cautioned when he returned. “Be sure to let the girls alone tonight. I know all your friends are at camp, but you need to let the girls just be girls. Krystan is Angela’s friend, OK, honey?”

He nodded. “Sure mom.”

Cheryl smiled and popped his butt. “Be an angel and take Krystan her bag, and I’ll get out supper.”

Andy knocked and opened the door to Angela’s room. The girls were sitting on the bed facing each other, talking. Angela turned to him with a grin. “We’re going to have so much fun tonight!”


“Are we meeting up tonight?” Denver asked, toweling himself off. Like most of the scouts from their troop, Denver had showered before supper.

Jason smiled. “Hell yes!” Then he frowned. “But not too late. The little guys are tired.” Which was true enough. Of course, Jason was tired himself and not feeling up to another night of sexing like the one before. But still, standing naked next to Denver, he felt his cock thicken a little. “Meet at our tent after the campfire. Your’s is too close to Harold’s”

Behind them, Jon had been watching the two of them from the communal showers. He turned to face the wall before his cock grew any harder.


Neal’s family had a covered back porch, and for a late supper, his dad ushered the boys out there, and grilled hot dogs for them.

Rave took a seat beside Lindsay at the picnic table. She smiled at him. He grinned back. Then Larry took a seat on his other side and they grinned at each other.


“I’ve got work tomorrow, and I’m tired,” Cheryl said. “I’m going to watch a movie in my room and then go to sleep. So behave. Keep the noise down. Andy, let the girls do what they want and don’t bother them.”

She kissed Andy’s forehead, and then Angela’s. “Good night, kids.”

“Good night,” they replied.

Cheryl closed the door to her bedroom behind her. Then reaching for her purse, she took out the movie she had rented, The Blue Lagoon, and put it into the old VCR player she kept in her room. She took the vibrating dildo from the bottom of her lingerie drawer and laid it on the bed, and began to undress.

They met back in the living room, the girls in sleeping shirts and Andy in sleeping shorts. Angela put The Sixth Sense into the DVD player and the three of them stacked pillows in the middle of the floor. Then Andy got out one of the two large blankets that Cheryl kept in the living room and they spread it over themselves; Andy in the middle between the two girls.

The two girls cuddled onto his bare chest, throwing their legs over his, and Andy realized that neither had panties on.


The boys, in their various styles of pajamas, crowded around Neal’s new XBox. Rave wore only sleep shorts like Andy had. One other boy wore only flannel pajama bottoms. Larry wore pajama shorts and tops.

Since Rave was the newcomer, it would be a long time before he got his turn to play, so he drifted away, looking for Lindsay.

He found her dad in the study at the back of the house. Grateful that the boys were occupied, hopefully for the evening, he was sipping beer and watching a Sun’s basketball game.

Going back through the house, Rave opened a door off the hall toward the front and found Lindsay in her bedroom. She had taken her bath and put on her nightshirt and panties, and crawled in to bed. She had a small TV/DVD combination of her own. The lights were still on, and she was watching Lion King.

Rave closed the door behind him and came up to stand beside the bed. “Can I watch with you?” he asked.

Lindsay nodded slowly, and Rave crawled into bed with her. He lay down next to her under the bedcovers and smiled. She was a beautiful little girl. Her brown eyes were big and her mouth small.

Lindsay stared at his face because even seven-year-old girls like to look at pretty boys. She grinned.

Rave grinned back and tickled her ribs. Lindsay squealed, delightedly. “You like tickling?” Rave asked.

She nodded, tensing, expecting more. So he tickled her ribs again, and she laughed. He tickled her tummy through the night shirt, and she pulled up her knees, giggling. He moved up to straddle her middle, pushing her legs back down out of the way with his butt. The bedcovers fell off his back and away from them as he held his fingers over her ribs like little claws, wriggling them.

She squealed and squirmed under him. His little cock was growing hard, so he angled his hips down to press it to her little mound because that felt good, and he dug his fingers into her ribs. She laughed out loud and squirmed harder, her struggles rubbing his cock on her mound.

He knelt up off her and started tugging up her nightshirt. “I’m going to tickle your tummy skin,” he warned with a grin.

Lindsay laughed and squirmed and tried to hold her shirt down. But she didn’t try very hard and he soon had it up to the middle of her belly and was tickling her bare skin. Lindsay laughed and swatted at his hands. He tickled up on to her chest and lightly over her pinpoint nipples, the whole time, rubbing his little erection on her mound.

“Now,” he warned, “I’m going to give you belly raspberries.” Ben had given him belly raspberries… that first time.

“What’s belly raspberries?” Lindsay asked, her eyes twinkling.

“This!” Rave said, backing his butt a few inches in order to dive into her belly with his mouth. He pressed it to the soft skin of her stomach and blew a farting sound, the vibrations of which tickled. His long, black hair tickled her belly as well.

Lindsay squealed and tried to push his head away. He blew again and again, and she laughed hard, struggling to push him away. He let her push his head lower to her little inny belly button. He licked in it and she squealed. He blew another raspberry over her navel, and another.

“And now,” he warned, glancing up at her, “here’s where it starts getting really tickly.” He pulled the front of her panties down enough to blow a raspberry square in the middle of her lower abdomen.

Lindsay gasped, reaching for Rave’s head. He blew a gentler raspberry, and then kissed her belly.

He glanced up smiling. “It sorta feels good, doesn’t it?”

She nodded.

“Check this out,” he whispered, and pressed his mouth to the front of her panties, nuzzling her. Then he looked up.

“You touched my privates,” she whispered, surprised. No one was supposed to touch her there.

“So?” Rave asked with a disarming grin. “Girls liked to be touched there. Didn’t it feel good?”

She hesitated only a moment, then nodded.

He pressed his mouth once more to her little mound and rubbed his face there. Lindsay’s hands dropped to her sides and holding her head up, she watched Rave’s head with his dangling black hair move around between her legs and give her good feelings.

He pulled down her panties a bit more and licked into the top of her slit. Lindsay gasped once more.

“Let me take your panties off,” Rave whispered. “I can make it feel a lot better.”

She hesitated.

“I’ll take off my shorts, too,” Rave promised. “We can be naked together.”

She wondered if Rave looked like Neal without any clothes on. “I have to take off my shirt to be naked,” Lindsay said, laughing nervously. “Naked means no clothes on.”

Rave gave her a conspiratorially naughty smile. “Take off your shirt, too. We’ll be naked together.”

Lindsay gave a naughty smile back. It was starting to be fun, and she wanted Rave to do more raspberries. He pulled down and off her panties and she pulled off her shirt. Rave bent back over her, studying her little, pink slit. It was so tiny compared to Angela’s.

“You have to take off your shorts!” Lindsay reminded him.

Quickly, Rave squirmed out of his shorts and knelt up between her legs. Lindsay’s eyes locked onto his upward jutting little cock. “Your penis is different than Neal’s,” she said, pointing to it.

Rave knelt up so she could see better, and stroked it between his thumb and forefinger. He liked her calling it his penis. “Neal’s does this too,” Rave assured her. “Boy’s penises get hard when they’re playing with girls.”

“Why?” she asked, her eyes big.

“It’s for playing together,” he said. “It gets hard so I can put it into you down here,” his fingers tickled her little labia and her eyes went wider. “You have a hole here,” he said, slipping his fingertip into the bottom of her crevice. “My penis gets hard so it can go here.”

“No way…” she started to say.

“Yeah, really,” Rave assured her. He bent down at her middle once again, lowering his mouth to her now naked labia. “Check this out,” he whispered, and then snaked out with his tongue.

Lindsay gasped again, her knees jerking up and out as she reached reflexively for Rave’s head. His tongue pressed into her crevice and slid up to her tiny clitoris. It was hard.

He licked and lapped. Rave wanted to put his cock inside her. Besides that primal urge that even young males get, he thought Lindsay might feel different inside than Angela. But she wasn’t wet like Angela often got and he had nothing with which to make his cock slick, so he licked on her and let his mouth water, getting her really wet that way.

With his hands inside her thighs, he held her legs flat out to either side as he worked. Soon, the lower end of her crevice parted a little with the attention he was giving it. He spread it wider with a thumb and finger and could see her opening. It was pink, moist, and smooth inside like the skin inside his cheek. He pushed in with his tongue and she squirmed.

He looked up at her. “Wanna see what if feels like when I put my penis in?” he asked.

Lindsay’s little face was flushed and her eyes were wide. She nodded.

“Here,” Rave said. “This works better.” He took a little throw pillow from atop the covers and stuffed it under her butt. Then holding her legs apart again, he tongued in a little more spit. Her pink opening was showing all on its own now.

Rave scooted forward and pointed the dark pink head of his cock into her light pick opening. He pushed in, her tightness pressing back his foreskin. He hit something and then slid past.

“Ouch,” Lindsay said out loud.

But then he was all the way in. Kneeling at her bottom, he stared down to where his firm, bald pubic area flattened the little lips of her labia. Her insides were warm, moist, and snug on him. He moved his hips up and back, and then again. He glanced up at Lindsay. “Is it starting to feel good?”

She nodded.

He lay down onto her and slid his hands under her shoulders. “Put your arms over my back,” he whispered. She did. He pressed the side of his cheek against hers and started pumping his hips.

“Have you ever heard of fucking?” he asked in a whisper.

“Uh-huh,” she murmured, though she knew of it only as a forbidden word.

“That’s what we’re doing,” he said, grinding his hips to rub the soft skin of his balls against the soft skin of her labia. “Do you like it?” he asked.


“If we do it long enough,” Rave whispered. “Something awesome happens. Wait till you feel it.”

Back in the study, it was the third quarter and the Suns were down four points. Lindsay’s dad took another sip of beer.

In the game room, Larry looked around, wondering where Rave went to, and decided to go look for him.


With their hands under the blanket on the living room floor, Angela and Krystan’s hands roamed inside Andy’s sleeping shorts and over his cock and balls. He moaned and squirmed.

Angela glanced across at Krystan. “Let’s take him to my room,” she suggested.


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