A Second Chance
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This is a story of love between two men. As such there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 11

Well, that phone call changed our plans; Greg and Carrie would take Cowboy and go to Munich later, and I would take care of the meeting in Honolulu. My crew would be Richard, Carl, Clyde, and others. We would be taking Buckaroo.

I turned toward JC and said, "Sorry, but there's some unexpected business in Honolulu. I have to attend a short business meeting this afternoon." I hated doing this to JC.

JC smiled at me; I could tell he was thinking, and then I said, "How do you plan on going? Taking one of your planes, I'd think?"

"I'm taking Buckaroo with my flight crew, and I'm hoping you'll join me. I know a fabulous restaurant in Honolulu where I'd love your company. Would you like to go?" I hoped he'd say yes, and I was sure he would; but would he? Flying's nothing special for him.

With a surprised snicker, JC said, "Do you think, for one minute, that I'd stay here without you? How could I refuse such a tempting offer?" He poked me in the ribs, smiling flirtatiously at me, which did not go unnoticed by Clyde, who was laughing hysterically at our antics.

Then Clyde spoke, "You two look like lovesick lovebirds." He was still laughing. "Well, I best get some things together for the flight. What time are we leaving, Charlie?"

"So we're lovebirds, are we?" JC asked.

"Yes, we are, Clyde. I'd think one o'clock this afternoon, but until I talk to Richard, I won't know for sure." I thought, 'I have to call Richard,' but then, the phone rang again, and guess who ...?

It was Richard. "Charles, we have to depart Casper by no later than 1:30 PM today for you to make your meeting on time."

I simply said, "Ok; the rest of us will be on board by 1:15 PM; is that ok?"

Richard answered in a friendly manner saying, "That's fine, and the trip should be a smooth one; the weather seems to be good."

I looked at Clyde and said, "Clyde, don't worry about dinner tonight. I'm gonna take lovebird," I pointed at JC, "out to my favorite restaurant for dinner." I kept an eye on JC for some reaction, but it came from Clyde.

Clyde smiled from ear to ear, saying, "See, I told you, you two were lovebirds."

JC was thinking, `Maybe he really has fallen for me; God, I know I've fallen in love with him.' Then he said, "So, I'm your lovebird, am I?" He had the cutest little evil grin on his handsome face.

"Oh, yes!" I said, looking deep into JC's beautiful dark blue eyes.

JC said, "But I don't have any ... clothes to wear."

I knew better, but before I could say anything, JC spoke again, saying, "Sorry; my mouth was working faster then my brain; forgot I had a roomful of new things." He then got up and headed into his room to pack.

I said with a questioning look on my face, "Where you off to?"

JC replied, "Gonna pack some clothes and my personal stuff to be ready for the trip."

"That's not necessary." I told him, "you'll have all you need on Buckaroo." I had another surprise for JC, as Greg and I had already prepared for such an occasion.

JC stopped, turned back, looking puzzled, and said, "What? I didn't put anything on any plane ... not that I can remember, anyway, or did you drug me, Charlie?" He grinned, but I could tell he was still uncertain of what was going on.

I said, "NO!! Make mental note. Tell self, when I want JC! Drug him; that's a good idea. I'll have to remember.' I was laughing at those thoughts, almost to the point of tears. "But I have a few surprises for you that you don't know anything about, and you'll just have to wait."

About that time Carl came in, saying, "Your knight in shining amour has arrived, and your chariot awaits your presence." His face was shining with a huge grin.

"You're such a joker when you want to be, Carl," I said, laughing at him.

I asked him, "Like what?" JC still wanted to get some things from his room.

JC jokingly snapped back, saying, "I want my wallet, for one thing, and maybe my shaving gear. Is that ok, Charlie?" He then snickered at me.

I gave in and said, "Ok, but that's it. I don't want you to ruin your surprise." I gave him an evil eye ... and then I smiled at him.

Clyde had already left for the airport in his company car. Carl was waiting for us. JC returned with his shaving kit and wallet. We got into the car and headed for the airport. Upon arriving, both Cowboy and Buckaroo were standing tall, and shining in the sunlight. Richard was standing at the bottom of the stairs, with clipboard in hand, as we got out of the car. I said, "Looks like the pair of them are in ship shape."

Richard turned around to face me as I spoke, and said, "Yes, sir, Charles, they're both ready; Mark and his crew will be taking Cowboy to Munich, and Buckaroo will take us to Honolulu. We have ten minutes before we have clearance for takeoff. Anything special you need?"

I answered with a smile, "No, just get us there in time."

Then, to JC, I said, "He'd get us there if he had to flap his arms." JC and Richard both laughed at the remark.

JC looked up and noticed that the bucking bronco emblem was on the tail of each aircraft, and remarked, "I don't remember seeing the bucking bronco on Cowboy in Denver, or did I miss seeing it?

I looked up and said, "Well, that was one of your surprises." Telling him that, was a way to hide the real surprises I had in store for him, and it was only a little white lie.

We boarded the aircraft and took our seats in the lounge.

JC was looking at the painting of me in the lounge and said, "That's you, Charlie, when you and James were together; right?"

"Yes, JC, The paintings were made from portraits we had taken the day we became partners for life. Now, I look at those paintings, and they remind me of just how long ago it was that this old man looked that good." Those paintings still had deep sentimental emotions attached to them, and they always brought tears to my eyes. Those emotions didn't go unnoticed by JC, who had a very sincere expression on his face.

With the look of love in his eyes, JC said, "Charlie, don't say that; you're still a gorgeous hunk, and I love you just as you are." His emotions seemed to take him over as much as they did me, for we both had tears in our eyes. JC was thinking, `It seems that, if he's hurting, so am I; these sensations are new to me; is this what love is?'

Carl, Clyde, JC, and I were all buckled in when the public address system came on.

Richard's voice boomed, "Tie yourself down back there, we are about to depart; next stop, the South Pacific, or more precisely, Honolulu, Hawaii."

Buckaroo turned and started to roar, rolling out onto the taxiway, then onto the runway, turning into the wind, and we could feel the thrust of the mighty engines as we moved faster and faster until we could feel the weightlessness of being suspended in air. It was only a few minutes until the 'Fasten Seatbelt' light was turned off, and we were free to move about. Clyde went into the galley, and Carl went behind the bar to make some drinks. I asked JC if he'd like to join me on a little trip to the back of the plane.

He got up and followed me, saying, "What's on your mind?"

In reply, I said, "Nothing, I just wanted to show you a few things." That was the perfect time for the first surprise I wanted to give him.

As we entered the master bedroom, I took him into the walk-in wardrobe, and on one side were all my clothes, and on the other side were a duplicate set of clothes all in JC's sizes. From tuxedos, to casual, including Hawaiian style shorts and shirts. From shoes to sandals, if we wanted to dress as twins, we could have, from formal to casual. I loved it, and I loved doing it for him.

JC was in total shock and said, "My God, Charlie, where in the hell did you get all these clothes? Why are you doing this for me? I don't understand?"

I replied with a grin, "Because I can, and because I enjoy lavishing you with nice things." I then realized I'd have to be careful not to overdo it.

JC looked into my eyes, thinking to himself, `Oh, those beautiful eyes, those deep dark blue eyes,' and then said, "You make me feel uncomfortable, Charlie."

I was concerned and said, "Sorry, JC, I just want to make you happy; I have more than I'll ever need or want. So, please, don't be uncomfortable; just let this old man spoil you; please?"

JC answered with a sly grin, "Ok, Uncle Charlie, if that's what you want. But you don't need to do it; understand that please. That's all I'll say." He reached out to hug me.

I opened my arms to hug him back, and we kissed, and the sparks started to fly; our tongues pressed each other looking for space to play. We kissed a deep passionate kiss, moving toward the bed. JC held me tight. He started to lower me onto the bed.

I broke the kiss and said, "Not now, love. Clyde will have food for us soon; can this wait for a while?" I gave him a sexy little smile, for I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

JC answered, "Oh, Charlie, I want you now, but if we have to wait, I can put my passions on hold; you're making me use all my willpower; putting it to a test, is that your plan?" He gave me a very evil grin.

I smiled and answered, "Oh, no, that's not my plan; I want you, too, as soon as we can be together without interruptions! You turn me on so much that I can't concentrate on anything but you." I brushed the hair out of his eyes.

JC simply said, "Is that a bad thing?"

"No, it's a good thing, a very good thing!" I kinda' giggled back.

JC gave me another quick kiss and a hug, saying, "Ok, love, I can wait."

We returned to the lounge and Clyde was about to lay out an exquisite lunch/early dinner. The entire crew ate, but in shifts. JC and I just watched and ate, not saying a lot, knowing what was going to happen in a little while. Things settled down in the main cabin, and Clyde went back to the galley to clean things up while Carl fixed some more drinks. He handed JC and me fresh ones that we carried back to the rear of the aircraft. I picked up the phone and buzzed Carl.

"Carl, JC and I will be resting for a while. Wake us an hour out of Honolulu, please," I told him on the phone.

Carl said, "Ok, Charlie, will do!" He thought to himself, `I knew those two lovebirds weren't gonna get a lot of sleep.' Then he just smiled to himself.

JC planted a warm loving kiss on my soft lips. Pulling me into a tight bear hug, he said, "Charlie, I'm falling in love with you. God ... falling? Hell! I AM in love with you!"

I thought for a few seconds, then said, "How do I say this? I'm in love with you, too. But is it right? I'm still over thirty years your senior. I'm afraid I won't be here for you, for as long as you deserve." I was fighting back tears, which was useless; I was truly in love with him.

Seeing me cry, JC asked, "Why are you crying? I love you. And I don't care if it's only for another day or fifty years. I'm in love with you, ALL of you! I'll BE in love with you for as long as either of us lives." He was sniffling, and then he began to cry, trying to hold back as many tears as possible with very little success.

Here we both stood, sobbing on each other's shoulders, knowing we were both in love. Again we started kissing, with deep passion. All the while, unbuttoning each other's shirts, then pulling the other's off. Then reaching for the belts, then the zippers, and down they fell, both pairs of trousers. We parted just long enough to remove our shoes, leaving on only our socks. We moved to the bed and JC lowered me onto my back, and began kissing me from head to foot, then up the other side, until I wanted more, I wanted him inside me. Oh, how I wanted him there.

I told him, "The lube is in the head board, and I want you inside me." He reached up and got the KY, then slid down between my legs, lubing up my butt, first putting in one finger, and working my prostate driving me wild with pleasure, I could feel every nerve ending in my cock as he massaged the inner me. With his other hand he stroked me slowly. Then he worked in the second finger, making me relax with pleasure.

I then told him, "Now, put it in NOW, love, please, before I come."

I spread my legs allowing him access to my rosebud, he got up on his knees and wiggled into place between them, guiding his hard, silky smooth manhood into place, then pushing ever so gently, yet firmly, until, OH, YES! I felt the tip enter. Slowly, ever so slowly, he began pushing, in an out. With each thrust he moved in a little deeper, until I felt his balls bouncing against my butt.

I shouted, "Kiss me love, now! Kiss me, please."

He leaned over me, pressing my hard cock flat onto my stomach; he planted a deep passionate kiss on my lips; our tongues were again dancing together. All the time his rhythm never changed; just a steady motion, I was approaching that point where I could feel my eruption building deep within me.

"Oh, my love, I'm goinggg to comeee! Oh, shit, it's too lateee." I mumbled out of my covered lips he just kissed harder, if that were possible.

JC began to moan softly, "Meee, too, ohhh, yes, love." My climax, and the tightening of my muscles brought him over the edge, "ohhh, I'm cominggg."

I felt every jolt of love juice JC shot into me. I wanted more. I knew there would be more, but for a split second I was thinking; `I said that once before, with James, and lost him'. That thought scared the hell out of me and I started shaking like a leaf. JC was scared I could see it in his face.

With such a terrified expression on his face, JC asked, "What's wrong, Charlie? What's wrong? You're shaking; is there something wrong? Answer me, please?"

I felt terrible that I had scared him. "Nothing, love, nothing's wrong!" I didn't want to tell him about that thought. It would pass; God; I hoped it would pass.

"You scared me, love!" JC said with a worried look.

We took a quick shower, and got into bed naked. I curled up in a spoon position behind JC. I put my arm over his side resting my hand on his stomach. I whispered in his ear, "I love you."

JC whispered back, "I love you more!"

We both fell into a deep peaceful sleep.

I felt something warm on my manhood. But it was dark, and I knew who and what it was, but the feeling was one of total pleasure, I was again hard, and for me that was a feat, at my age, having two erections in the space of a few hours was incredible. I just let JC work on my cock, and, my God, was he ever working on it! I said, "Would you please turn around, so I have something to suck on, too, love?" I felt the hot mouth that was on my manhood come off and JC spoke.

"It's ok, you just lie back and relax, I'm enjoying myself!" JC said with a loving tender voice.

I still wanted him in my mouth so I said, "It's not fair, I want you in my mouth, too; please, oh, please, love."

He answered me by turning around on the bed until I felt his hard penis hit my face in the dark, and oh, was it hard! It was like that red rider rifle. Just a few inches one way or the other and he would have put my eye out. I chuckled out loud, and said, "Careful with that thing of yours, you almost put it in my eye."

JC mumbled with my cock in my mouth, "Woould that be a baad thing?"

"Not really!" I then reached out to find that hot, hard pole. I guided it to my hot, warm mouth. Then I sucked it, oh, so lovingly; we were now in a complete sixty-nine position. Each of us worked frantically on the other's manhood. I was using saliva to moisten my fingers so I could slide them into my lover's ass, working ever so gently on his love nut. He began to do exactly what I did to him, playing the copycat game. It was fun, oh, God, yes, it was fun, I reached up and squeezed his balls, gently, when I did, I felt my balls, likewise, being squeezed gently; if I squeezed harder, I was rewarded with the same increase in pressure. This went on for a long time, and I was amazed at how hard my manhood was, and that I was able to sustain the hardness for anything close to that long. I could feel JC tightening his rosebud around my fingers as he passed the point of no return. Then I felt his semen shooting into the depths of my mouth. With his jerking and twisting on the bed, he sucked even harder on my penis, until I shot my second load. It wasn't as much as the first one, but I did it. I was in disbelieving shock.

JC said with surprise, "Love, you did it again! Oh, my God, do I turn you on that much?"

As JC spoke he turned around on the bed again and planted a huge deep passionate kiss on my lips. Again, we exchanged our love juices, and, wow! Did that ever taste great! "Yes! My God! It felt great. No," I corrected myself; "it felt, fucking fantastic!"

We curled up in a spoon position again and went back to sleep for the second time on the trip.

I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. I fumbled around, waking JC, and then, finding the phone, I answered, "Hello?"

Clyde spoke, "Charlie, we're about an hour out of Honolulu; this is your wakeup call."

"Thanks, Clyde. We'll be out soon as we get cleaned up," I said, then hung up the phone. I turned on the overhead lights, looking into some beautiful blue eyes that were looking back at me, with a glitter of the sandman in them. I said, "Time to wake up, sleepy head; we'll be there soon."

JC sleepily replied, "Ok, my love, what should I wear?"

"I WISH I could say `nothing', but, I think they'd kick us out of the restaurant if we were to try that," I answered, smiling at him broadly.

JC laughed at me, saying, "Well, screw'em then!"

I laughed, saying, "Now that would make me jealous!" I poked him in the tummy.

Then we both got up and headed for the bathroom, did nothing but take a shower together, not having time to do more. 'I probably couldn't have anyway,' I chuckled at the thought.

I told JC, "Just dress casual. A Hawaiian shirt would be just fine for dinner, love."

JC held up a mostly light blue shirt with red orchids and green leaves. It was short-sleeved, and he showed me a pair of white pants. "Ok, how about this?"

I nodded saying, "You'd look great in anything, but that looks very nice." As gorgeous as he is, he WOULD look good in anything, or, for that matter, without anything at all.

I got dressed much the same, only with a mostly light green with yellow orchids, and green leaves, short-sleeved shirt and black pants. I was going to a thirty-minute meeting. And I AM the boss, so who would dare say anything about what I wore.

We both headed out to the main cabin; we noticed Clyde standing there with hot coffee and some sweet rolls, saying "Didn't want to spoil your dinner, but thought you might want just a bit to tide you over."

"Thanks; looks good," I said; I patted him on the back as I passed him.

JC looked at him and said, "You're always handy, Clyde, with just what the doctor ordered." Then he smiled at him.

We sat down and buckled up, knowing we were getting close to final approach.

Then Richard came on the public address, saying, "We're a few minutes ahead of schedule due to some good tail winds. We should be at the General Aviation Terminal in twenty minutes. Buckle up or tie yourself down, whichever you prefer; we're on final approach."

We could feel Buckaroo turning and loosing altitude as we approached. We then heard the wheels drop, and then the flaps. The next thing was the reverse thrusters breaking Buckaroo.

I told JC, "Richard keeps amazing me every time we land. I almost never feel the wheels hit the ground. I swear, he could land this thing on top of eggs and never break any."

"He's a good pilot, Charlie. I remember the bad storm we were in, and he was fabulous."

To be continued...

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