A Second Chance
By: Tickie
(Copyrighted by the author)
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Re-write Editor: Gerry Young

This is a story of love between two men. As such there is some sex but it is really more about their relationship. If you're into romance, I hope this story pleases you.

The following story has to do with graphically explicit sexual descriptions of sexuality between consenting adults. It is intended for the entertainment of mature adults, is entirely fictitious and is only intended to be a fantasy. The names are fictitious as well. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. If you are not at least 18 years old please do not read any further down in this story.

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Chapter 14

We awoke in the morning to the sound of a phone ringing; it was Mike calling for JC, to let him know that he could come up Friday night and spend the weekend, which was only a few days away. I told JC to call Greg and get things lined up for his transportation. After that was completed, JC returned to the bedroom to find me still in bed. So he dropped his robe, and climbed back into bed. We were both still naked as we were the night before.

With sparkling eyes, JC said, "Good morning, sweetheart!"

"I'm your sweetheart, am I?" I rolled over to hug him.

JC planted a loving, passionate kiss on me, saying, "Oh, yes, my wonderful sweetheart; oh, yes!"

I kissed him back saying, "It's play time again! But what we had last night, was wonderful, wasn't it?"

JC kicked the covers off. He was hard and ready. He reached out, took my manhood in his hand, and started stroking it, ever so slowly and gently. I reached over and took his in my hand, and returned the favor. We were still kissing passionately, our tongues pressing into the depths of each other's mouths.

JC said, breaking our kiss, "Yes, love it was, but right now I want you inside me. Please?" He rolled over onto his stomach to give me easy access to his most private spot. He hoisted his ass up, giving himself to me.

I moaned as we broke the kiss, saying, "Are you sure, Hon? We've never done it like that before." I looked into his beautiful blue eyes.

JC smiled back at me, as his gazed into mine, and, said, "Those wonderful crystal-clear blue eyes, oh, God, they are so beautiful my love ... Yes, Charlie; oh, God, yes; I want to feel you deep inside me; I want us to be one this morning."

"Okay, my Li'l Cowboy! I want to feel your love, all your love."

JC looked over his shoulder, with the sexiest smile, and licked his lips, saying, "So I'm your Li'l Cowboy, now, am I?"

I quickly said with love, "Yes, but only in name. That tool of yours is far from little." Then I took the KY out of the nightstand, and lubed up JC's ass with my fingers. I worked them in slowly, making sure to pay attention to the love nut. I massaged it ever so softly. Each time I touched it, JC gave a little moan.

There I was, with a finger up his ass, and my other hand stroking my self, when Clyde yelled down the hall that breakfast would be ready in about thirty minutes. We both yelled back in unison, "Okay," but I never missed a stroke.

After working his ass until I had three fingers up it, I got into position behind my love, and for the first time, pressed my manhood into his oh, so private spot. I pressed hard at first, and then the tip slid in. He jerked a little. He pushed his butt back toward me, hard and fast, onto my cock. He drove it in about half way, moaning loudly as he did so. Then JC started rocking slowly back and forth, in rhythm with me, making the sensation ever so wild and passionate. I reached under him and began stroking his cock as we made love, I could feel him rocking faster and faster. I was so close to my high, and JC was tensing up.

JC murmured, "Faster, love; oh shiittt, I'm gonnaaaaaa shoottt."

I was so close now, that I felt my nectar building deep inside me as JC shot his semen onto the bed and into my hand; his rosebud twitched and constricted so tight around my cock that I burst into total release, sending my semen deep within his bowels. There we were -- both spent. He collapsed onto his stomach, with me still inside him, collapsed on top of him. We lay like that until we could breathe normally. Finally, we came down from our high. It felt like we had just consummated our union.

I said, "That was so wonderful. I wish that feeling could last forever."

"Oh, God, yes, that would be so great," JC said as he lay on the bed under me.

After a few minutes, we got up and headed for the shower. As soon as we finished our shower and got dressed, we headed into the kitchen. We saw Clyde there, still preparing breakfast. I said, "Good morning," smiling at him.

Clyde turned and said, "Good morning, you two; you both enjoy your night?" His question was said with a big grin on his face and a chuckle in his throat.

JC replied, "Oh, God, yes! We proposed to each other last night." His face was gleaming with excitement as he snickered to Clyde.

Clyde was pretty startled at the remark, "You did what? Really? Thank God! You two are meant to be together."

I said, "Thank you," then looked at JC and said, "We can have the ceremony here at the ranch on Sunday." I was a bundle of nerves, but with great feelings of being together with my love.

Clyde asked, "Is there anything special you want prepared for the ceremony, Charles?"

I turned to ask JC, "Is that day okay with you? Sorry, I should have asked before saying anything." I looked deeply into his eyes for any sign of displeasure from my remarks.

JC was so excited about everything he was giggly sounding. He said, "That's as good a day as any, for me, and the only person I'd want here will be here." The smile he gave me was the most beautiful one in the world. My heart pounded with pure love at what he had just said.

Clyde asked, "Will you both just leave it up to me?" He was thinking, `I hope they will, 'cause, I wanna do something special for them -- more for Charlie, as he's been alone for so many years.' Then he continued, "The last few weeks have changed you both for the better in so many ways. Charles, I've known for a long time that you needed someone, and it looks to me like he found him." He smiled at both JC and me.

"I think so, too, Clyde. No, that's not right! I KNOW so, too," I replied to him, and then with love in my heart, I looked at JC and said, "Thank you, my love; you are the most important man in my life and always will be."

Then I turned back to Clyde and answered, "Of course, Clyde, I'd love for you to do that." I looked first at JC, then at Clyde knowing it would be a wonderful ceremony.

JC grinned and said, "From what I've seen, Clyde, I'd have to agree with my love."

With a wide grin on his face, Clyde said, "Thank you both; I'll do my best for you."

After breakfast, Greg and a contractor came out to the ranch. JC and I joined them outside to check the site of the new buildings that would soon be built. After all was settled and Mr. Samson, the contractor, left, the three of us went back inside.

"Hon, do you want your bracelet engraved? Do you want it done before or after the ceremony?" I wanted mine done beforehand, because I wanted to make it part of the ceremony, but JC could do whatever he wanted, and I'd be happy. I was so happy, right then; nothing in the world could spoil the day for me. JC thought about his answer for some time.

Then he smiled and said, "I'd like it done before the ceremony, 'cause there's something special I want on it."

I looked at him with love in my heart and said, "OKAY then; you get your message ready and so will I, then Greg can take them in for us."

Greg had a big, warm smile and told us, "Don't wait too long; I know the Jeweler well, but he can only work so fast, if you want a good job?"

I said, pointing at the kitchen table, "Okay, Greg, have a cup or two of coffee while we get'em ready."

I returned first, and handed my bracelet to Greg, with a note containing what I wanted on it. Then JC came in with his note and bracelet, and handed them to Greg.

Greg just said, "Okay guys, I'll get these into town and have them ready for Sunday. By the way, Charlie, what time do you want the party to start?"

I looked at JC, and asked him, "What time do you think would be good?"

JC answered with the warmest smile, saying, "Well, Mike will be here and has to go back home that afternoon sometime; why don't we start at noon, if that's okay?"

I beamed with a big smile at JC, saying, "Sounds good to me."

Greg grinned and said, "Okay you two lovebirds, I'm so happy for the both of you. It's all set then for noon, this Sunday." He then looked over seeing Clyde and said, "Clyde, do you have the food and set-up under control?" He was thinking to himself, `I know he will, but I don't want this to fail. Charlie really needs all our support.'

Clyde answered calmly, "Of course, Greg; you just get everyone out here on time!"

"Okay will do." Then he turned to JC and said. "Richard and I will be going to pick up Mike on Friday; we should be at the airport by 5:30 PM if you want to call him and make sure he'll be there. Just let me know if there are any problems; okay?"

JC was so excited, knowing that Mike would soon be at the ranch, and that he would be able to attend the party. He was almost giddy with anticipation. Finally answering Greg, he said, "Will do, Greg and thanks for the help"

I asked JC to follow me into the house, and then into James' old office. Greg and Carrie had set up a brand new computer, giving access to all the company's networks. They had also cleaned out all the old files and cabinets.

If you can believe it, the presents from the Christmas when my mom and dad died, were still in the closet; I'd never opened their gifts to me, 'cause they'd never been able to open my presents to them. Greg had asked me what to do with them, and I'd asked him and Carrie to take them all home with them and open them. If there were anything special in them that they felt I should see, I wanted them to save it for me; otherwise they could do with them as they saw fit. Later, they said that only a Class ring for me was anything of importance. And that ring is now in my jewelry case. I cherish it but I only wear it on a few occasions.

Entering the room, I looked at JC and said, "Love, this is your office now; enjoy it. Do whatever you like in here."

JC had never had an office before, and now he had one with four outside phone lines, and a data T1 line connected to a great computer. All he could say was, "Thank you, Charlie; thank you, my love; it's so nice."

"Would you like to go out for dinner tonight, love?" I hoped he would. We needed to get out a bit, before the weekend. It was going to get hectic around here very soon.

JC warmly answered, "Sure, that sounds nice; where are we going? Do I need to get dressed up?"

I pulled him into a tender hug, and then kissed him; he of course returned the kiss. Then I said, "Just put on some western style clothes casual, ya know! We're going to the Corral for dinner."

I called Carl; "Hello, I need your services for the evening, bud."

Carl simply asked, "What time do you need me, boss?"

I was still thinking about my love when I answered him, "7 PM until ... who knows how long?" I chuckled into the phone.

We went to dinner at the Corral Restaurant, now called the Corral Steakhouse, same owners, who just changed the name to fit the times. It was outstanding as always. They sat us at my favorite table; JC and I talked and held hands in the privacy of my secluded spot in the restaurant.

I said, "JC ... a penny for your thoughts?" He looked like he was a million miles away, staring right through me."

JC looked at me, still thinking to himself, `How wonderful and nice the rest of my life is going to be.' Then he said, "Sorry, love, I was just thinking how lucky I am, to have found you ... by some impossible chance ... on that flight to Paris."

I had a hard time keeping the tears from coming, as I said, "How lucky you were? My God, love, I'm the lucky one. You're a young man and gorgeous as hell; some lucky guy could have stolen you from me a long time ago." I really felt blessed, having found him that day. I had to brush the tears off my face. But before I could do it, JC took his napkin and tenderly did it for me.

JC then squeezed my hand and said, "That's not likely, love; some older man -- maybe. But you're the only one who could've stolen my heart. And you did!"

We had a wonderful dinner of T-bone Steaks, with a scrumptious dessert. After dinner, we had a couple of mixed drinks, and then Carl arrived. He drove us back to the Ranch.

As we left the car heading into the house, JC spoke, "Oh, crap, I forgot to call Mike." He looked at his watch then said, "Excuse me, Charlie, I need to make that call; should be back soon."

I grinned at him and said, "Okay Love, I'll be in the living room." Then JC headed back into his new office.

JC <><><><>

I went into my new office, picked up the phone and dialed Mike's personal number and it began to ring. I waited for the answer.


"Mike, is that you? This is JC."

"Yes, I thought you weren't going to call me. I was somewhat worried, afraid something went wrong. I'm sure glad you finally called..." Mike said.

"Sorry bud, but Charlie and I went out to dinner," I said with a warm tone to my voice.

"It's alright. I was just worried that something might have gone wrong," Mike responded happily.

"Well, we wanted to celebrate tonight, before this weekend gets hectic," I said with passion.

"Celebrate? What's the occasion?" Mike asked with excitement.

I said with excitement in my voice. "Well, today Charlie asked me to become his life partner and I accepted!"

"Oh, shit, congratulations! Are you gonna have a party?" Mike asked.

I answered him saying, "Yes, we sure are, and you're gonna be here for it."

Mike said, "Oh, my, that sounds terrific. What time will you folks be coming after me?"

I explained, telling him, "Greg Carlson, our personal Secretary, will be in Phoenix at the airport's General Aviation Terminal at 5:30 tomorrow night; just be sure you don't miss him. Just wait in the Terminal lounge."

Mike replied saying, "Okay, will do that. Mom's gonna drive me to the airport at three, tomorrow afternoon, and she's excited for me, about the job and all. Will I have to go through the airport security?"

"I don't know, but be sure you're there in plenty of time to do it, if you have to. Greg's gonna talk to you about the job. Make a good impression on him, Okay?" I reminded him.

Mike just said, "Okay, JC, and thanks!"

"Hey bud, you're the greatest. And I know you'll do a great job for us."

"I'll do my best; that's all I can do. When's the party?" Mike asked.

"I know, bud. The party's this Sunday at noon; take care now. I can't wait to see you again."

"Thanks a million, JC; I really owe you if I get this job!" Mike said excitedly.

I said quickly, "Don't even go there, bud; if you want this job, and you think you can handle it, it's already yours. Just remember, I'm the one who'll make the decision."

"Thanks again, bud. Catch you tomorrow," Mike said as he hung up the phone.

Hanging up, I went back into the living room. I found Charlie sitting in his easy chair reading a book.

Charlie <><><><>

I asked, "Well, how'd your conversation go?" JC was all smiles and seemed to be excited.

He answered, "Great, love; I'm excited about seeing Mike again." He thought to himself, `God, I hope Charlie doesn't think there's anything going on between us. I'll have to make sure that never happens.'

"I'm rather excited, too. I wanna meet this young man of yours." I just knew he had to be special for JC to be so radiant about his coming to the ranch.

JC turned on the TV and watched a little news with me. Then we retired to the bedroom where we both took a long hot shower together. Each of us sported an erection again, and again we took care of each other before we got under the covers, curling up in our usual position, both naked, of course, and my cock resting in the canyon of my love.

The next morning brought a new day, with our anticipation of the morning love making, again with me inside JC, and it was so wonderfully special. This time, I was on my back and he sat on my tool, riding me like a bucking bronco. All I could say was, "Li'l Cowboy" and "Buckaroo," and I said them more then once. It brought back many memories, but those days were behind me, and those old feelings were fading with my newfound love. No, ... they weren't `fading' (they neither would nor could EVER fade); they were supplemented with the new feelings, making the new ones even better.

We spent the day preparing for the party, and we talked on the phone with people we wanted to be there. The day was fun, but the time was flying by so fast. I guess that's what happens when you're in love and in a hurry to make everyone aware of it. Before long, Clyde served dinner ... prime rib, French fries, and our favorite dessert, apple pie. I asked Clyde to make some cold sandwiches for our guest who would be arriving later. I needn't have asked, because I know Clyde wouldn't leave with a guest coming, and not have plenty of food prepared in advance.

The phone rang and I answered it, "Hello, Charles Lambert speaking."

Greg said, "Hi, Charlie, we're in Phoenix, with Mike Hendricks on board, and we should be in Casper in a few hours."

I simply said, "Okay, hope he enjoys the flight."

Greg couldn't help laughing aloud on the phone, saying, "After seeing Cowboy, and the inside of the plane, he's acting like a little kid with a new toy."

"Okay, Greg, call us when you arrive in Casper." I told him.

Greg responded saying, "Okay, boss, see you in a few."

We hung up and I turned to JC, telling him, "Well, you heard part of it, but your young man seems impressed with Cowboy." I was just grinning at JC.

JC smiled and said, "Well, I hope so; I don't think he's been on too many jets before. He's kind of a hometown boy."

We went into the living room to wait for Greg and Mike to show up. We both started watching some silly, easily forgotten movie, but we got into it, and the time passed quickly. It seemed like we had just finished the movie when the phone rang. This time, JC answered it.

"Hello, JC speaking."

"Hello, JC, Greg here; we just landed in Casper, and Carl's on the way with Mike. I think I'll just go home from here and see you all tomorrow, if it's Okay?"

"Sure, Greg, see you tomorrow. And thanks for fetchin' the young'un for us."

"No problem, just part of the job," Greg answered back.

"Night, Greg; see you later"

JC hung up the phone, and turned toward me. "They're here in Casper, and Carl's on the way from the airport now; they should be here pretty soon."

Well, it wasn't too long after JC hung up, that Carl pulled in the drive and helped Mike with his suitcase. As they came into the house, JC got up, went over to Mike, and shook his hand; then JC headed him over to me for introductions.

"Mike Hendricks ... this is Charles Lambert, my partner."

Mike reached out to shake my hand, and I said, "Pleased to meet you, Mike." God, he was gorgeous; about six feet tall, with dark blond hair, and emerald green eyes, and a swimmer's body that looked tanned. He was dressed casually, in jeans and a tee shirt, with University of Arizona printed on it. He was quite a hunk. I almost began to feel jealous of him, but shook it off, remembering what JC had told me, and I believed my love completely.

As he shook my hand, Mike said, "Nice to meet you, too, Charles."

I said, "I bet you're starving." I looked at JC, then said, "JC, why don't you take him into the kitchen and feed him?"

Giving me a loving smile, JC said, "Okay, Hon, will do." Mike first looked at me, then at JC, and then grinned.

JC took Mike into the kitchen and helped him get something to eat. I joined them and we all sat at the kitchen table with a platter of sandwiches and some beer.

JC took Mike toward the guest room and said, "Mike, you can put your gear in the guest room; just follow me." They excused themselves, then left me for a few minutes.

Mike simply said, "Okay."

They returned a few minutes later with Mike saying, "That's some plane you have Charlie; it's fabulous; and Greg's a really nice guy, too. He made me feel so welcome."

I said, "Well, thank you, and I hear a lot of good things about you, too. JC seems to think you're the one he wants. I'm letting him make the choice." I wanted JC to more or less run the ranch. I just wanted to enjoy it, somewhat selfish of me, but I enjoyed watching my love do things for me.

Mike responded, "That's what JC was telling me."

"Good; it sounds like JC's filled you in on everything, then?" I asked.

Mike answered, "Well, not everything; for one thing ... what's the name of the ranch? It's dark out, and I didn't see the sign."

"The Lazy L," I answered, then said to JC, "Love, why don't you take over with this. Remember ... you're now as much in charge around here as I am."

"Thank you, Hon." Then he said to Mike, "Hey, bud, can we finish this talk in the morning? I'm tired and you look like you are, too."

Mike replied, "Sure, is it alright if I take a shower tonight?"

JC smiled as he answered Mike's question. "Of course, you make yourself at home." After a short pause, he continued, "Charlie and I are gonna hit the sack as well."

JC looked at me with the cutest grin ... I said, "Okay; goodnight, Mike; see ya in the morning when you can get a good look at the ranch."

Mike said with a warm smile, "Great!"

We all headed for our respective bedrooms as JC turned out the lights in the rest of the house. JC said a few words more to Mike, in the guest room, then he came into ours and began to get undressed, as did I.

With a loving smile, he asked, "What do you think of him?"

"He seems to be a very nice young man," I answered with an even larger, more loving smile.

JC continued, "I think he'll be great here, with him being fresh out of school, soon, and a new job; with no tradition, or past, to deal with, he would be breaking new ground."

I looked deep into JC's beautiful eyes and said, "True. If you want him ... hire him, love. I'm gonna leave the job of running the ranch up to you."

JC smiled back and began to chuckle, saying, "Now remember, love, I don't know crap about running a ranch, farm or anything like that." Then he seriously looked into my eyes.

"To be honest neither do I. So maybe Mike will be the ideal manager. Let him find a foreman," I said, smiling at my love.

JC simply said, "Sounds like a great idea, but let's get some sleep now, Hon, okay?"

By then, we were both in bed cuddling up to each other. I reached over and turned out the light, and embraced my love. We wanted sleep; both of us were very tired. We both knew that the rest of the weekend was going to be `trying,' to say the least. I said, "Good night."

JC pulled me close, gave me a wonderful kiss, and mumbled, "Thanks for a wonderful day, love."

To be continued...


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